Why do we fight?

This world, this society, does not deserve us.

What's the point? What's the point in fighting to save a degenerate society?

Trump was elected. So what?

The only solution it seems is to kill every single cuck, traitor, nonwhite, jew. And that won't happen.

So what's the point? Fighting is only dying for jews to be safe from muslims, for females to burn coal, for cucks to live another day to watch an anti-white movie, for niggers to leech on our work, for politicians to virtue signal.. fighting is to fight against us.

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We fight for this..

What's the point of spreading defeatism?

but what we get is this

Not defeatism. Individually, each of us should be strong. But collectively, why fight for NPCs?



Because you too were once an ignorant, crying, drooling baby that soiled his diapers.
They are human-beings and have the ability to grow and change into responsible adults. You're not without faults, so don't throw stones at the imperfect, because you're only stoning yourself.


Btw, it is strange that you'd mention cucks, feminists, muslims, niggers and anti-white movies as the biggest problems that we face today. These are secondary smoke & mirror problems created to get you to focus on these trivialities. These problems will completely vanish as soon as you and everyone like you fixes their self-mutilating mindset and focuses on root problems, because all of this nonsense will diappear as soon as Kikes, CIAniggers and ZOGbots are rooted out.

Don't know.. look at all what Trump did for them, and he's still seen as the devil. These animals will always be ungrateful, and even worse, they will do everything in their power to destroy what we create.

You could at least change tactics.

And how do you do that? There is no way to fight the system.

We fight for the 14 words. Heil Hitler.


So your children can be slaves for non whites?


Fight to create the world you want to live in, you pushover faggot.



We fight to preserve the human purpose - to create, to dare, to explore the cosmos.

We will never falter.

Women - without fail - always manage represent themselves as nothing more than holes.

you can't create that world on this earth

This is what I'm talking about. Why the fuck do we must be the ones responsible for the human purpose?

Humans failed us. Fuck them. We should fight to destroy humanity. Only then we could create something better.






The kikes deserve us.
They have deserved us for a long time, now.


We only are useful idiots if we fight. It would be wiser to let them do whatever they want and accelerate the degeneracy.

Kikes masquerading as white people:

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.


Kikes have betrayed Europe and America countless times.

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.

Only way to win the game is not to play.

Kikes have caused the loss and ruination of countless white lives in South Africa.


They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.

I think so

Kikes have lied and unrightfully parasitized European people for their own gain for decades.

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.


I fight because I hate kikes and I want to make every single one of them suffer.

Kikes have set Europeans against one another for their own gain throughout history.

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.

Maximum double digits.

Because we don't fight directly the ones in charge.

No one goes to kill the CEO of twitter or bomb google HQs or kill Hollywood actors or assassinate the whole family of democrat politicians. There is no real fight. The only fight is as useful idiots that the media and jews can use to get more shekels.

We are fighting kikes right now.
(( You ))).

4th pic, fag with the sign is a jew and the bitch next to him also a kike..look 4 the hook, the nose betrays them


Kikes have duped the world into thinking they are powerful, when in reality they remain the mutated weaklings whose only skill is verbal subversion.

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.

Kikes have used blacks as an imported weapon against us for centuries.
Using them as shields to blame their own crimes on to and as direct agents of our death and suffering.


They have created the ADL after one of them got served rightful and overdue justice.

They are using this institution to try and dictate what the West should regard as "love" by virtue of dictating what the West should regard as "hate".

They deserve to be punished for each and every infraction of this kind.

Someone wrote this in a thread where we were fucking up an antifa ring. user, this meant a lot to me. It still does.

I want to see a world of the same quality that my grandparents got to live in and raise my own parents. I want to see it for myself and possibly even raise my own in it. For a long while now I've helped other anons dox, harass, create and spread content and generally try to be as big a pain in the ass for every nearby leftist org I can. And on top of that I have managed to make it this far without being identified.

So much work yet it seems so little happens for me. It feels so empty at times. Like you're just fighting wave after wave of jewish shock troops with no end in sight. I wonder if this is what the germans felt on the eastern front, fighting the soviets trying to save europe.

I was feeling that when I saw this post. It resonated in me, and gave me hope.

user, whoever you are. Thank you. This rant sharpened my resolved, and reminded my of why I fight. We're pissed off. We want our lives to not be ruined by the jew. God damn it we will have our lands, our people, and our lives back!

Have some motivational Hitler user. Have some GLR. Sometimes, you just need a reminder that we need to do what we need to do. Getting everything back will not be a quick simple process. It will be mounds and mounds of bullshit that we have to blast out piece by fucking piece.

It's tedious, but must be done. Do not give up hope! Do not despair! Remember why we fight!


Time plays in our favor, anyway.
Kikes cannot stop being kikes, and we have finally a global network to tell one another about their crimes.

A thing that was never with us before.

Now we have all *their* bullshit in our palms, enough to bury these wretches several times over.

Each and every kike alive will see its just rewards.
There are no "kikes in charge" to focus on.

If a random kike child cries because of something mean it read on the internet then even such a thing is worthy of a gigantic feast and much merriment.

After all, the "every little fraction of an inch counts" mindset is used by our enemies.
And we invented these measurements. We are their masters.

And (((they))) will get everything they deserve for ever thinking otherwise.

The kikes have never been this afraid since the good old days and are now trying to flee to asia.

Already I have seen some of the gene stolen anchor mongrels that defile even the insect races from beyond the oceans.

They would do well to purge these larvae sooner rather than later.

Hail Victory!


I fight to transmute this world.

Damn straight.

Enjoy some of the fruits of our labors, anons. We are only getting stronger. How long before the jew feels our foot across his throat?



I'm with the other user, how do I hold hope for humanity when I know it just takes one stupid, selfish, or manipulative cunt to fuck up the entirety of future civilization for everyone else?

If I become successful I become a target for commies, If I become unsuccessful I become a tool of mediocrity and decay. If I stay silent nothing gets fixed, If I speak out I'm the bad guy who pointed out a painful truth.

I don't think I can function any more knowing everyone and everything is a trap laden shit fest.

Welcome to reality, nature never intended for human beings to be equal yet here we are in 2018 pretending like it. Our society has tried to unite people by creating ridiculous, conceptual bullshit such as “gender on a spectrum” and “one race” but all this has done is cast out people such as yourself and created more harm than good. Western civilization is on a downward spiral, either embrace the abyss or fight against it somehow.


It takes *many* stupid, selfish, manipulative cunts to fuck up a society. The damage a single one does is easily undone, but when you have a century of these cunts en masse fucking us up? We got our work laid out for us.

is right. Either fight with everything you got or embrace the abyss. Have some saga.


Someday… I'm going to remember to do an embed right.

You're being blackpilled. While it's true only women can destroy civilizations, you're missing the obvious truth: Only men can build civilizations.

Instead of spending time lamenting, do something. If you can't in your country, go to another country. It's so simple.

You're a fucking faggot. Life is filled with possibilities, if you work for it you can help yourself and your people. I still remember that 8/pol/ack who admitted to helping esoteric immigrants into the country after Trump because that was the only job he could get. The money he was making allowed him to provide for him and his son. Don't be a defeatist, and find your happiness!

I heard that Saga was recently confirmed to be stronger than Shaka…

just to be clear, those two are comments from 4chan that I agree with

Fuck western society. It needs to burn to the ground.

I get your point but you need to understand that we fight for nobody but ourselves. We do NOT fight either for women, or jews, or anyone else but us and our interests.

The reason WHY we fight is simple, logical and perfectly legitimate: to make this world ours.


People create societies
I'm planning to go to El Salvador after I save and moved enough money there. Once I have a house and gotten my residency papers completed, I'll probably borrow money from the (((bank))) and go to live there.

I know most spic countries are redpilled, but I'm actually picking el Salvador because their population density seems stable and is relatively close to the US. A friend of mine is already living there with his new family, so I have a good idea on how things are.

This, OP is a nihilist faggot.

Hello Edward, what made you go full dwarf in the flask?

That's what I've been saying as well, if things become better in the US than in el Salvador in regards to marriage laws, I would come back with my family.

Good news all around means they switch to making defeatism threads.

Sage. Report. Move on.

I bet this OP is the same shit shill that was posting about "numeric-superstition" in the Government Shutdown thread.

Sage for blackpill idiocy



would fuck grandmother


WW2 was looking too easy so surrendered and upped the difficulty up a notch this time round

These threads are literally copypasted and scripted. If anyone archived defeatist threads you will see the OPs are identical.

interesting observation..


But what?

Not saying that what you've posted isn't true, but it could also be that many anons come to the same mental wall, the same as one would during exercise or what not. And reach out to try and find an answer.

Also I don't think these threads should be shunned. If they are scripted as you claim then coming up with a 'scripted' set of answers to respond with to defeat the question should be something to aim for.

For instance. Why fight against it? Well, why not? It's fun, show me a greater worthy challenge, show me something that will test my mind as much as the seemingly unsolvable problem of where it is society should go and how should one go about achieving the end result?
Point me in the direction of a greater feeling then when you see that the msm has, yet again, misunderstood the memes and done another article on the chans. Retribution for what's been done and the lies that have been told. Revenge. Because it's the right thing to do. Because depending on where you choose your fight, it's easy, facts set most lefties into a tail-spin. The list of why never ends.

But at the end of the day, I think the greatest reason is because of it's unrealistic hilarity. It shouldn't be, but it is. A cosmic joke.

Also, because normal life for the most part seems empty. The fight may usher waves of defeatism, but it is infinitely more fulfilling then the life of the normies in the younger generations.

This mans quality of life is severely impaired after having his arms damaged so.

Good on him for keeping the struggle but… what did he get those injuries for?

It is good our kind have such spirit but it isn't used for our benefit.

Why the hell not?
Life is conflict. Prosperity is only ever fleeting, for this very reason, and its cost is always high.

Do not despair for want of a challenge user - here it is, here lie the challenge of the day, the fate which you have been granted and which you must rise to meet if you seek to uphold the glory of your folk.
Seek not to weather the storm, but rather, seek to be the storm that others must weather, and therein lies the rub.

Find a reason if not blackpill bait OP, if you do not have any goals for your life start a list and work towards them

For starters a home that you OWN, and starting a stable family, anything else is just a bonus.

Make yourself happy, or top yourself.

oh I own it

The kikes remain afraid.

Their only weapon, verbal warfare, is being pulled form beneath them like an old rug.

Blackpills are so $CURRENTYEAR-5, the "Oh us poor Ringbearers" mindset has been cast aside.

Instead, now, every day a new unquenchable flame is ignited in our people that sears away the unclean parasites that still think they can cling to us.

Hütet Euch, juden!
Wehe Euch, juden!
Eure Zeit ist endgültig vorüber!

Victory is ours and from now on we are on the offensive.

No shill, no kike can hold us back.
The tighter you try to grab the more painful your fingers will snap.

Es ist zuende, Moische.
Sayonara. Adios. Bye bye.
Nobody will miss you.

Learn to sage and report this threads, newfags, its obviously some leftyfag work.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

because once youve stepped out of the line or if youre a working class nobody its easier to be an opportunist in the antagonist countersystem striving fro power rather than climbing up the ladder in the current system