I didn't manage to grab a screepcap because I didn't imagine it would be deleted, but Q user posted (then deleted) this image in his dedicated thread.
This email is purported to be a fake as no credible source for it has ever been found, and it's been floating around since 2016.
Why would Q post this? Or an even better question…why would he DELETE it?
Beginning to suspect Q is just a brilliant fake.
Extremely disappointed, wanted it to be real.

Other urls found in this thread:


Oh man here comes both sides of the Q autism

Q's a Civic Nationalist shill at the very best. Even if he was legit to some extent all he does is push this unity bullshit that has done nothing for white america. Fuck this dude for contributing to civic nationalism and spreading his filth on Holla Forums of all places.

If half-chan had any sense about them they would have kicked him off much earlier.

I don't think there is a pro-Q side on here.

Show me one thing he claimed, not implied, that turned out to not be bullshit. One thing.

Even if you agree that this Q figure exists, his posts proves that the intelligence services are full of standard conservative reactionaries, that's all. The dude spouts basic bitch "dems r the real racists" bullshit and shills against Hitler.

Reactionaries are not on our side. Do not get trapped in Left vs. Right and instead take the third position.

Yeah, I got nothing, it was just a lot of stacked up coincidences that made it more believable with each additional one. But this is tearing it down for me. Wish I could find someone who saw and screencapped it. I was just looking into the validity of this email and by the time I found it was bullshit and went back to the board, it had been deleted.


Thanks!! I knew there had to be more people who saw it!

The real flaw I see with anything like Q, is that it made any pursuit of information guided by an person pied piper style with cryptic notes, instead of guided by principle a group organically follows due to mutual interest. That means Q is always the controller and weakest link that could sabotage themselves or be sabotaged by someone else. When the pin is finally pulled it'll leave a disorganized neutered mess in its wake. So there's still some interest to at least redpill Q followers in general, so some of them can function independently as diggers or coordinators should it fall apart.

I never go there but was bored tonight and snagged that from another user just in time. The mods are deleting everything tonight and the boomers are pissed. I was almost going to help you tards but the grandpa sleuths saw the file hash on that pic and went into a manic posting spree thinking the hash was a secret code and every reply was something like this:
and so on, it's so stupid I can't even make it up

This is true. Not to mention, following a fake, no matter who or how, is wasted take, energy, and effort. It keeps them chasing wild geese and red herrings instead of effecting real world chance.

Q is a larper from some ayy lmao conspiracy forum. I don't understand how anyone believes his shit.

I guess because it would have just been nice to have something to believe in. To have some hope that we could possibly know what's going on in this fucked up world and have some kind of assurance that it would turn out well. So much for that, though!! Back to pessimism and nihilism, I guess!

God damn you are a humongous faggot and you need to go back to cuckchan and stay there.

Kill yourself.

It is not a LARP! If I went to the Renaissance Faire and instead of guys jousting in medieval armor, I got a list of questions, I would be pissed.



I throw my giant roast turkey leg at you in disgust.

I honestly can't tell if people are hating on me because this is about Q or if it's because I'm providing proof that Q is fake. LOL

Don't fucking post this shit here. You'd know that if you weren't an absolute fucking newfag. "Lurk 2 years before posting" is not a joke.



Why must we be updated on everything some 4cuck tripfag does

He has his own dedicated thread on Holla Forums that the mods made for him. That's probably why, lol


You're a couple months late. Glad you larping niggers got forced off the board when you did.

larp or not, fits the M.O. everything is written in code and symbolism is heavily used. Pearls before swine in full effect in this thread.

see this image:

hence the name Qlarp. yes we were on to this long ago. lurk another two years please.

my bad that was intended for


This is genius.

Q is ram by Thomas Wictor. A Zionist Shill. Black Cube / Mossad. I'll be banned for saying this. They have multiple Twitter's with large followings. B. Wictor. Stealth Jeff. Imperator Rex. They are all Mossad.

This clearly isn't universally accepted. As many people are calling me a shill are as calling me simply late to the party/stating the obvious. If you already are aware of the info, good on ya, but it's here for those who actually think Q is real and aren't too far up their own asses about it to accept some truth.

Sage the thread, then.

Either provide evidence or fuck off.

Provided. Learn to scroll the thread before you screech at me.

Wow. Go post that image on >>>/QResearch/ and they'll fucking insta-ban

A bunch of them already put it there themselves. They totally believe it. No research done in a research thread. Sad.

Regardless of what Holla Forums believes about Q, it's Q discussion that has lead to a large decline in posting around here.

There's what, 5 Q boards now? And they're extremely active. I suspect some of them came from cuckchan. The qresearch is a hidden board so I can't see their post rate, but it appeared to be at least once every 10 seconds.

Well it looks like the mods are encouraging it.

When it was visible to the board list for a brief amount of time, it was around 4th place on average. It's quite active.

I hate q posters so fucking much


I think they're a lost cause…


Okay, so in actuality, what the fuck is Q posting supposed to be? As far as I can tell it's just some 007 LARPfags pretending to be some kind of cult or spy network, circlejerking their halfass code lingo and echoing stale memes.

Reminds me of the 4/pol/ tinychat thirdposition. Good fucking times man. Thanks for the reminder.

Who could have predicted it

That's exactly what it is. This thread needs to be deleted.

No real whistleblower or leakers write like autistic retards from glp. ALL CAPS CRYPTIC BULLSHIT WITH NO FACTS OR INTELLIGENCE??? FOLLOW THE RABBIT??