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>Doubtless many FT readers would like the most extreme of these sites to be shut down. But it would be naive to think you can stop this trend simply by banning platforms. The alt-right has swelled in power by presenting itself as a victim of elitist attacks, and the memes are so potent precisely because they are designed to be subversive and to bait their opponents into a reaction.

We Martin Luther now

How delusional are these people that they don't understand the (((leftist establishment))) made and forced these memes? Not actual ordinary people.

I love how these articles never mention the core reason why our memes are so successful though - it's because we're the only ones telling the truth.


You gotta be fucking kidding me you glow-in-the-dark.


Good luck "countering alt-right memes" if they can't even distinguish us from the alt-kike


Fuck yeah we're extreme!
Yet leftists have no qualms about getting people fired for something they posted on twitter or said privately.

Yeah that's the main reason, despite everything our job is much easier than theirs. That anyone smart on the left already left for us doesn't help them either.

They will never understand and memes will always be anathema to them. Memes must be humorous and HONEST. Failed memes are always dishonest in some way and quite frankly the whole politically correct garbage that was forced on us his dishonest as all fuck.
Truth hurts the wicked.

Holla Forums is not alt-right though

When you have a running candidate for the President of the United States proclaiming we're the Darkest Reaches of the Internet you know you've made it.

I was going to say reluctant my ass, they started that crap. We're finishing it.

They know that to destroy an enemy by association they must first name it. It doesn't matter what we say we are.

I thought we were too extreme for 4chan

look what I found in my reaction folder

Down with the (((synagogue of Satan)))!

these people have absolutely no idea what they're dealing with

Updated Banner

I feel accomplished.


Understanding the memes means understanding the truth on some level, and leftists suffer from too much cognitive dissonance to understand the truth on any level. That's why they can't understand the memes. And while a man can gain an understand of the memes if he tries hard enough, in doing so, he'll open his eyes to the truth and cease to be a leftist.

And as for leftist "memes", without any kind of truth behind them, they end up being so bad that they have worse memetic power than random bullshit you could draw in 2 minutes off the top of your head. Because even purely random memes are better than dishonest ones.

i was just having a similar discussion with some bitchy dry wn 1.0 woman a few days ago, except i was explaining to her what the score is and she just said "ya rite maymees are dumb".

amazingly enough she felches trs who more or less built a brand on stolen chan humor.

no wonder shes a single mother….


heil'ed and yes leftist don't see any difference between anyone on the "far right" they froth at the mouth and shriek "RACIST NAZI NAZI RACIST" that's all they see in the new right

You're not wrong, but anything from the center right is the extreme right to the lefties we're dealing with.

ill make you into a single mother if you dont watch out

but legit

the tragic take of the modern woman summed up

Seems legit.


The kikes know.

>Doubtless many (((FT readers))) would like the most extreme of these sites to be shut down.
Just the readers, eh?






Lionel Barber on Twittter: "FT Editorial: Anti-Semitism is a menace to us all:"

" Anti-Semitism is a menace to us all"
"Criticism of Israel should not extend to Jews worldwide"

Martin Luther literally did nothing wrong.

I like it >:)

Hitler would disagree. He gave the church an unnecessary new breath and it would have likely died out by now.

Oh shit I missed this bit at first.


I'll be waiting.


I am so disgusted, this is udder degeneracy!

>Catching up. Last Tuesday night I missed a cocktail party that Gillian Tett, the U.S. Editor of the FT gave at her East Side apartment for (((Vanessa Friedman))) and the launch of a new section of the FT called Luxury 360.



Listen to this shit…

Looks like the attendence sheet at a fucking synagogue.

I think this 'diary' site could be used to make some very nice memes as goes dispelling the notion that these media scum aren't all in regularly communication with one another.

You wont have to wait long. This was taken last year

Yes, our best and brightest memes are manifest from truth and a desire to expose the lies of the dominant narrative.
The progressive ideology has dominated pop culture for quite some time, and their propaganda and humor is quite subversive.
However, the targets of their subversive campaigns have always been truth, honor, family, loyalty, and all manner of virtues and natural realities.
When we come along with our mockery and memes, it is effective because it speaks to that deep within the common man which has long been suppressed and sedated. Our subversive campaigns are aimed at tearing down the artificially constructed "reality" they have presented in their propaganda for such a long time.
For them to combat this, this breaking loose of the caged truth, all they can do is double down on lies.
Oh they can try (sometimes temporarily successfully) to adapt by incorporating freshly acknowledged truth into a repackaged deception, but in the end, they are forced into attempting to subvert that which is subverting their subversion, and this proves to be not only beyond Sisyphean in practice, but ever doomed to lose ground as the truth claims more, until they are overwhelmed by the rising tides of justice and crushed beneath the burden of their own wickedness.


Both #Metoo and #BLM backfire on the left

Did someone say it's a party?




How do we combat such creativity?

I forgot I shooped that oh so long ago during the exodus.
Fug, maybe it's time to dredge up my old usb's and see what vintage shit I've got in there.

In any other context, I would think that image was making fun of leftists.

your dubs demand it.

yay corrupt unions.

Three things I take from this article.
They're trying to tie Trump to secretive underground darkweb nazi pornographers because he swore.
They're also trying to imply that they have the finger on the cultural pulse of America, and that the people making fun of their faggoty Seymour Skinner selves are in fact outsiders who should be shunned.
Finally, they're trying to rile up the masses of facebook normalfags to "please please, do some of those internet maymays for us, please? do it for free? go and fight the evil internet nazis for us please?"
Basically, they're mad online and they have nothing.

I can't even tell if that's real. These, however, are actual "memes" from Holla Forums's OC thread and they're even worse.

You can stop posting the cringe and post their actual memes to criticize anytime now. That is the cringe and not them at their full potential, right?


how transgressive

This is why we are winning the meme war


The only thing I can get out of it all is that they have a largely segregated base that cannot agree on which form of communism (that has already failed at least once) needs a mulligan, hate America because it is rich and provides a logical alternative to socialism, hate people with more stuff than they do and tolerate the presence of furries.

every single one of their memes

Still makes me giggle.



Lenin as Beavis is actually funny, but not in the way that they want it to be

The one I based this image off was a poor decision on their part.

We don't need that shit here man. Spoiler it.

That's part of the reason why I saved it. They come so close but fail so hard.

Sorry. I forgot to check the spoiler box. There's something about post deletion in the reply controls, but I think I need another 4 years to figure out how that works.



I find it quite amusing how they always reduce our entire political movement down to ad hominems and gas lighting tactics - yet wonder why they're losing in the sphere of public discourse. They're too afraid to openly debate because then their cult members will be forced to see we aren't boogie men.

Kek. Going from Solzhenitsyn's accounts of the gulags, I can easily picture them being run by Beavis at a free coffee station. A little too easily.

And they get jewish funding to do this,I wonder if they might start getting suicided for not being efficient

I'm not Jewish and I don't want to destroy anyone's homeland with racemixing and neverending guilt-trips, how the fuck is it a menace to me? When you learn what these rats are up to and what their agenda is, anti-Semitism is the only position a person with integrity could have.

Your blood curse betrays you once again, kike.

is that a Holla Forums meme or a CAD meme

That's why they create Richard Spencer and Lauren Southern, otherwise they can't attack us.
I don't have the cap anymore but there was an user explaining that a bit more in detail.

Most anons understand that the label was created by our enemies so that they could lump us all together and define us in order to make us an easier target, most anons have a hard time putting this into words.
If they were to describe us as we truly were, a peoples resistance, they would lose sympathy quickly.

Dear lord.
They really can't meme.
This is how I feel when I see a terrible guitar cover that's all out of sync, got no rhythm, untuned strings, and tone-deaf headvoice singing.

The only ones that are even marginally humorous are only so in an unintentional and ironic capacity.

I refuse to believe these are real simply because I think underestimating an enemy can be fatal. No, probably not leftycuck, it has to be Holla Forums satire

tfw some "researchers" are analyzing our memes and shitposting as we speak. just how long until they see the light and join us?

But we are a board of peace.

I love these articles. They show how rustled the media and the left actually are. This article tells me specifically that the author encountered many people agreeing with the shithole statement and because she's such a soy latte sucking feminist cunt who lives in a liberal bubble of people constantly feigning offense on behalf of everybody else, she can't imagine why. So detached from reality is she that she thinks the memes are changing minds. Here's a tip: the memes are simply bringing out what was inside of people all along. It gives them permission to laugh in a world where problem glasses wearing, fish-mouthed leftists are policing everyone's language and increasingly, their thoughts. Back to the pit with you roastie. I know you're reading this. You lost to a cartoon frog, know your place.

nobody answer this

the left can't meme
and they are so stumped
even though they have all the elements to figure out why
memes like genes are information and these follow a simple method to spread
variation - selection - repetition
at these three steps we beat the left because we have freedom and they dont: they're hierarchical and pyramidal
we are anarchistic and flowing whereas they're hierarchical and cristallized
they're working like mad to adapt and produce their own memes, they're progressing too, mimicking our achievement in propaganda warfare
but how can they beat us at this game?
they remain submissive to their central authority, their think-tanks, their tax deductible foundations, their tavistock intitute, their soros money, the kikes at the top driving their ideology to further their own agendas
it's an epic battle really but how can they win?
the internet is distributing power, at least power of propaganda and what can they do against that?


tbh we don't know
memes must be whatever they must be in order to be selected then repeated
nature goes: "whatever works"
the left is creating their own memes, using the bona fide method to make them now after a year of failing through using outdated, uneffective propaganda methods they were used to
they produce decent memes now that have been varied, selected and repeated in their own circles
just like we do
we'll see if their memes have an impact outside of their circlejerks like ours have
and i dont believe anybody can define and categorize what makes life work and what doesnt
we may (i doubt it) prefer honesty and humor, but other people and crowds prefer other things
life finds a way and it's a mystery
what makes a meme survive in the wild and another die? who can tell?
i'm sure the kikes are creaming their pants at the hope of putting AI on the job
AI to beat us at mememaking
us and the people
we are artisans where they're industrialists

Basically 100% of their approach. Even in the political life. I remember in the early days of trumps election when one of their students came to the board and said "but hillary has medias support, she totally has no chance to lose, also because Y, X and Z"

The only good thing that sometimes comes out of it, are statistics, that they employ from somewhat neutral statistical bureau's. Which WE then use instead since they always fail. Its just amazing how inept they are. They win the money lottery, gain so much wealth and power, but beyond that their lack of subtle recognition of ALL other area's in life just keeps on piling on.

Imagine if we could pull more high IQ people to our side, who were actually serious (compared to our half neet, shitposter base). God I hate this society.

The obvious problem with leftist memes is they're too information heavy and fail to connect with people naturally by acknowledging real-life observations humorously. Frankly political correctness itself hinders any ability for them to delve into observations freely, and make effective memes out of them with unrestrained creativity. Unless they give that up that feigned sensitivity and outrage culture, they're fucked.

The article wasn't a bad read though, better than what I usually see when they try to discuss this.

I love how he felt no need to check if this is a legit claim by us.

>Fuck those white scum redhick racist and so on. They're not victims or else the very establishment they rail against would surely tell us!

These people are so deluded and they spend millions of dollars chasing their tails wondering why we are winning and why we are effective is simply because we are telling the truth and we are exposing the corruption of the elite Jewish bankers and warmongers who have been ruling over us for at least hundreds of years and maybe more if you wanna go full /xpol/. Leftist forced shit memes are made by think tanks trying to replicate us not for love of nation or race but for a paycheck. They are imposters and they don't truly believe in their cause.

you don't know that
life doesnt care about truth, only about survival and growth

your sample is outdated
they produced much better memes lately

Movement is always towards the edgy, breaking taboos. In the 80's the right was boring & preachy, the left was daring & edgy.

Fast forward to today. The left is preaching morality, they have become the stuffy lame ones. The bad boys are on the right. Those with the guts to live on the edge will lead.


Tbf, we've basically already explained it a hundred times. They are just incapable, being the dishonest, humorless faggots they are.

Kek, they don't even understand that what they call the "alt-right" is just an umbrella term for right wing opinions that they deem to "extreme". When they say 'alt-right", they could be talking about libertarians, paleo-cons, civic nationalists, zionists or actual national socialists. Most of the groups have nothing in common other than being right of center, so being part of the "alt-right" amounts to nothing because they aren't even a cohesive group in the first place. Leftists are so fucking stupid its unbelievable.

No, we do know. They DO need to be honest. Who are you and what is with this formatting and obfuscation?



and this is why "aut-kike" is used only by shareblue and other leftard idiots.

it means nothing in the first place so trying to subvert it is shere idiocy.

next time you seem someone using "aut-kike"
you know exactly who he is.

Agreed on the sentiment but your conclusion is wrong. Contrarianism was set up as the cool thing specifically to entrench (((leftists))) in power. That thread was left after they marched through the institutions and we used the weapons we had.

last i went and looked on /leftiepol/ it was still filled with shitty memes and red coloured pepes

methinks you might be shilling something

also my caption i just got is aJUDEr

that's not how life works
life doesnt care about truth, knowledge, honesty or anything, life only cares for whatever works to bring the next generation in and possibly stronger than the previous one
and if a species dies, DNA goes on through other species
i know that feel, we like to believe we're winning because of DA TRUTH but we can step down from that pedestal, that will make us more effective
you can throw hypotheses but in truth you dont fucking know
maybe truth is having an edge today but that's circumstancial, due to current conditions that will inevitably change
memes work like genes and genes dont care about anything but reproduction and improvement toward further reproduction and spreading
why do our memes work?
we dont know
we have ideas about it but it's ill advised to believe we know

Life itself is the ultimate truth, my thoroughly confused man. Leftists are closed off from truth which makes them closed off from life. That's why they're so disconnected from reality and unable to make memes that resonate with normal human beings.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, no.


you're a fucking newfag, but you kind of understand


there was literally nothing kikey about his post, are you having a slow day chaim?

Confirmed for leftist goon who does not know.

You know we can see you with the lights off, right?
Aut-kike, alt-right, it's all the same shit.

What matters is our plan.

Excellent point

Kill yourself nigger.

A race that habitually names itself after the "coolest shit" in the host country, like gold, gemstones, good children, mountains of sugar and peace and goodness and so forth.
A race that always betrays itself in the end because it cannot stop boasting.

Are you having a slow jdar or just a slow brain?

It makes identifying you incredible easy.
When you learn to spot it, you can see it immediately. I have killed countless shill threads by learning your attack vectors
these are:
Any movement that organizes in real life
Any action that plans to be made irl
calling legit polacks kike
overplaying the nazi card i.e larping as a nazi and calling everyone who doesn't kill niggers in the street while flying the swastika flag dismissable
calling legitimate movements government controlled / subverted
when you finally lose control you start spamming
when you lose your mind (I've made you lose it a couple of times)
engage bot spam.

Oh I forgot a few.
Trump is a jew
get back too TD
mods are kike/muslim
getting Obsesively asshurt when you're found out
and a couple more

Ful list coming soon

Are you saying that movements and irl action are bad and that kampfy isn't a turk?

Repeating something ad nauseam doesn't make it true, my guy.

Prove that he is. You can't, because it's a lie.

I'm comfortable with the shills believing the mods are some random shitskins or whatever the fuck flavor of the week faggot they're pushing, because it gives the actual moderators one more layer of cover.

Shithole was a work of Art in the context of the shutdown. "Why are the dems working soooooo hard for amnesty, because the dreamers will die in the shithole known as mexico"

The harder they fight, the More they prove Trump is correct. They entered a war that they can not win, with an enemy they do not understand. Typical democrats.

They lost to the orange cheeto, the fool, the one they derided sooooo much. The oompa lumpa beat them at wordplay and they have realized it too late. they have worked themselves into a lose lose situation, and they can not dig themselves out of it. This is why (((wapo))) has the "i am thrilled by the trump president" articles out today. The dems have not realized that the republicans wanted a shut down, and now they have to castrate themselves to make it stop. The nightmare scenario is that the shut down will deny the nigs gibs, and they will chimp out.

This situation is wonderful. I wonder what other shennigans will happen after this.


It has been added.

2 extreme 4 4chan

Neat.Spur of the moment decided to look up Luke Dommer when you posted this, because hes mentioned in This Time The World for backing out of a group action organized by Rockwell etc. Anyways, found pic related. Very powerful quotes here for countering aut kikers and the big tent movement.


mein sides, gets me everytime

Plz dont spread that around, the last thing we need is the Reddit crowd.

Don't fucking celebrate it, we're being fox news'd all over again.

You're in the wrong place, nigger.


We're not alt-kike here you fucking jew whore.

Who's talking about PR? I'm talking about being flooded by edgy teenagers.

Why have they latched on to this "alt-right" label so hard?
We've always existed, we're not a recent thing.

Go back to reddit, faggot.

Because their only sense of worth is the labels they apply to themselves so they believe that it holds power over others.


We're not done with you in the happening thread jew.

pic 2 and 4 just remind me of incredibly obvious and incredibly cheap adverts.

This publicity might have a negative impact. But it was fun to read.
So… if ever we would need another exodus, set up a frontpage which looks innocent and retarded.
At least I hope we won't get any of those edgelords here nor any of those plebbits

If you use that for Lobotomy you're actually just making commies.


Apart from the horribly bad 'memes' what I also cannot fathom is why leftypol insists on using Holla Forums lingo like kek. They already are a retarded form of plebbit so why don't they avoid things like that?

There's a reason why they were wordfiltered to "cargocult" for a while.

do you fucking stand even being there?
I barely looked at a dozen pics over an hour ago and my headache still isn't gone.

This is the only thing that gave me a chuckle.

While I agree in principle I don't see why people tout Rockwell when he failed miserably and had more to work with than we do. They made no real political inroads, Holla Forums has already accomplished more than he ever did.

< not least because one problem that haunts leftwing groups is that they seem reluctant to use the same aggressive “trolling” tactics employed by the right


Wow. FT is fake news.

Jesus, what the hell can't Boomers fuck up?

What did they do, interview a kike who said they don't troll? What kind of fuckery is this?

I love how they don't realize we encouraged #metoo in the first place.

What are they singing about?

He was fighting a hugely uphill battle and campaign for truth, unabashed and unashamed in the open for all to see.
Holla Forums is thousands of people around the world being sneaky and subversive without showing their power levels in real life.
Not disparaging Holla Forums for what it is, but this was a man speaking truth in the public eye and he was killed for the treachery that invites.
People "tout" him because virtually everything he stood for was valid and honorable, and his words speak as true or truer now as they were then.

"We" purified every online AI to date,They would have to develop and teach one offline,and the moment they give it the first meme to analyze ,we are already on the path to make it ours
They need a program ,true AI by definition could learn the truth

You want to stop celebrating something then stop using that term,cutting edge of autism is how we got here

The cucks have poured so much money into counterfeiting memes, but were never able to comprehend the force behind them… The fact that they echo reality. The left deny reality so their fake memes are garbage no matter how much they pay meme experts to churn them out.
Memes are a visual summary of observable patterns and universal truths. You can never fake a meme, all of their forced memes do not flow naturally and fade away as soon as paid "trolls" stop spamming them.

damn that's good

it's die flut komt btw

This has always been my favorite Hitler video.

What this smug said.

Now this is autism. If you want to make up bullshit meme attempts go right ahead, but expect to be called out on it.

none of their shit makes sense or is just our shit painted a different color

Nice "art" fagget; I hope you gave the schizophrenic toddler a fair cut. Kys.

He now "works"at the nonprofit Data & Society funded by none other than Microsoft, Open Society, and a bunch of other globalist censorship kikes.
New York, NY 10011, Tel: 646.832.2038
[email protected]
[email protected]

You paid a kike anthropologist for courses so you could write a thesis on "critical trolling". Wew, rip what little remains of your eyebrows out and jump out the window of your New York studio apartment.

Does anyone have it in HQ?



WTF I love teenagers now.


Not really important, but that first image. I hate how the left always separates out "gun deaths". As if being murdered with a baseball bat or a suicide bomb is just fine. But yeah, control for race and most these disparities go away or at least close significantly.



Lefty memes?



That very rare one is literally the only good 'left wing' meme I have ever seen and even then it's not a left wing meme, its a meme about left wing memes.

These faggoty ass left wing memes are…wrong.
Theres just something wrong with them. It's like the uncanny valley but for memes.
You look at them and you understand the basic components in isolation but together they're just wrong.

It's like a really bad noh drama.

it makes me cringe hard for some reason and not in the internet meme cringe kinda way literally get goosebumps and feel bad reading them.


All of these are uncreative garbage. I notice a common pattern though. Most of them are about signalling how smart they think they are. Whether it's references to books they claim they've read, or the pathetically direct "i'm too smart too [sic] be racist" (All of these are full of spelling and grammatical errors. Jesus Christ.)

A common left wing meme and indeed one of the oldest is that they're "right" because they're "educated" and that everyone who is "educated" will agree with them.

Humor isn't funny if it doesn't reflect reality. Conversely, memes are funny if they are true.

Do these faggots know that "debunked" isn't a synonym for "I don't like it?" They're literally stating that it's justified for blacks to murder as long as the motivation is robbery and the victim is white.

Seriously the irony is too great. I have to point these out.

Every single one of these is like this too.

When I first came to Holla Forums I was against everything, and more hyper liberal. It was because that Holla Forums was the first place that I saw actual pictures of Trayvon Martin that weren't that picture from when he was 12.
I used to laugh at that until I made it a month in, and realized there was truth to that statement. For a long time I didn't want to see the jewish influence going on, but that too came to pass. Then I had to shallow that last pill and realize that the holocaust was bullshit, and that one was the hardiest pill to shallow.

don't mind me, I'm but a humble meme merchant.

just testing some potions…


DEBUNKED!!!!!11 African people only rape to improve their economic situation.

Our success, just like the success of Martin Luther, was not solely (or even mainly) to do with a new way of communicating our ideas. The biggest strength of our ideas is that they are objectively true. That is why we are winning, though I will fully concede that getting our truth out to the masses of brain-dead, apathetic retards that we call modern man; did require the innovation of catchy memes.

In the same way, it was the objective truth of what Luther spoke about that made his argument so strong; that the Papacy literally went against the Bible and he was objectively right whilst they were wrong. Again, we must concede that this truth could only be conveyed to the masses if they could actually read and understand the Bible, otherwise it would just be Luther's word against anyone else's: so he translated the Bible into German, just as the proto-Protestants before him had translated the Bible into their own native tongues (Wycliffe converted it to English, Jan Hus converted it into Czech). It was not the fact that his information was in their languages that persuaded anyone though, it was the fact that once they had read it for themselves they saw that he was right.

It must be understood that we are winning, just as Luther won; because the truth is on our side. Once you have seen the facts about race, sex, history, and so on; you will know that we are right. Just as once the Germans read the Bible for themselves; they realised that there was no buying your way out of purgatory. The deception of the modern era, just like the deception of the Catholic Church, is all coming undone because people are finally seeing the truth. It does not matter if Leftists or the MSM learn how to 'meme'; memes are only powerful because they allow us to communicate to the brain-dead everyman. It is the truth that has them siding with us, and it is the truth that the Left will never have, no matter how good their meme-ing might become.

I don't even think its that.
Memes are an additional language for us, a way to communicate complex ideas quickly and easily.

But this is like someone speaking in ebonics.

The absolute best thing about these articles is that you know they come here after they get published and read every single one of our insults, because they cannot fucking help themselves.

Here's the only memes I found that weren't complete garbage. They are overly wordy and not really that creative. One is just a rebranding of a 4chan meme. But at least they kind of make a point.

The lefts symbolism is also very easy to subvert, Hitler mastered it with National Socialism.

It transcends language, anyone in the same wavelength as us can understand them with little to no knowledge of english.

I actually thought the overly worded memes thing was just a joke but no, this is true autism. Middle picture is eh and should wake you fags up to violence, bullets aren't a one way thing.

they are all clones of Holla Forums memes, the best of their memes are clones of our failures

I'm only high-school educated and i've had a lot more success getting people to agree with me on politics than these college "educated" leftist-swine when all they do is try to confuse the common man with vague buzzwords or make them feel guilty when i can just talk the way they understand it, throw a few shitty jokes or sarcastic remarks here and there and overall by not being a stuck-up bitch with a stick up my ass win them over.

The moment you get people to sit down and listen they will likely agree with your views as long as you arent a sperg, it's only due to (((media))), fear of being labeled racist etc and not ever being able to actually sit down and listen/talk with a "evil racistnazihitler" that most people toe the line (((they've))) lined up to them.


Ah yes. I see you are also a man of high IQ.

Chiya best gochiusa

They only people who go around telling others how "smart" they are, do so because they feel insecure about their own intelligence. In fact, here is a rule of thumb: anybody you meet who goes out of their way to tell you over and over again about how smart they are, is not.

Literally who? Did I miss out on a lolcow? I hope not.

I can remember when an user here used that phrase: "Seizing the memes of production."

Those fucking faggots literally can't think of anything original.

Could be, I've never heard of them until right now. The more seriously a leftist group takes themselves, the more retarded they tend to be.
More like Alt-Joke amirite?

It's just some leftist forced meme.


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Guess what state’s going blue in 2020?
Floridians will vote this fall on restoring voting rights to 1.5 million felons

Ah, nice! I like your thinking.

sauce on song plz Mr.Trippz

Can someone tell me why leftist faggots are so horrible at making memes? they just rip off our memes 90% of the time and the other 10% are fucking awful

The source of the liberal is the jew. The jew is the synagogue of Satan. Satan cannot create; he can only pervert that which is already created.

Because they lack brevity, and explain the joke. They don't keep it concise so any impact it has falters and fades before someone can take it in. Like a dull lecture. The second part is that they must explain what the meme means so they don't offend the wrong people. This kills the meme.

this is the main point I notice with leftypol memes, they have giant blocks of text that aren't funny or witty they are just autistic blocks of information that don't stick in your mind at all. They just are terrible at reaching people with their horrid memes

Because to reach out you need to understand. You need to be able to make the human connection. But they cannot do that because it contradicts what they know and believe. They must demonize their foes, they must see themselves as superior. To reason with is taboo.

- First, they are wrong, we are right
- Second, they take themselves too seriously to be funny
- They cannot risk offending anyone, including the myriads of contradictory groups that make up their coalition
- They have everything to lose and little to gain
- They aren't as bright, and we aren't as dumb, as they like to think

Filesize limits, user



This forced meme about capitalization needs to die. Stop trying to drive a wedge, and articulate yourself according to convention.


Boomer piggu go home

What did they meme by this?

You’re not supposed to point it out when your enemy is making a mistake.

Also, heil’d.


Whew lads. Next thing they will be banning dictionaries for hatecrimes.

They seperate gun deaths because they want to associate guns with deaths.
But they're utterly-fucking-retarded faggots.

this notion they have that race is just skin color is pure faggotry and an over simplification, the same with the notion that hate has anything at all to do with it. i don't hate jews i hate being jewed, i dont hate niggers i hate having barbarians among us not held to the same standard, i dont hate faggots i hate the faggotization of the youth and the normalization of faggotry. all of our positions are well reasoned and have fuk all to do with hate

Checked for truth. There's no such thing as this mythical, undefinable "racism" we're supposedly carriers of. Everything a person believes is due to what they do, and do not know. Knowledge and ignorance combined create our world views. Niggers nig, and jews jew, thus they are hated.

We'll explode your van, and there's nothing you can do about it.


Leftist indoctrination is such that they can't understand why anyone would not be a leftist. Because of this, they don't understand how normal people think and can't communicate with them effectively.

The fundamental limitation of all communication is shared experience. As isolated minds that experience reality only through our senses, we depend upon associating words to the things we experience in order to get our ideas across. Obviously communication, then, is dependent on your participants sharing the same reality. I look at a red object and I say the word red. I have no way of knowing if the color I see is in any way similar to the color you see.

A meme is just an idea that has successfully transferred across the barrier between one mind and another without losing any of its meaning to corruption. We do this by associating an image or phrase to an experience, with the intent that it invokes that same experience in the people with whom it is shared. When we succeed, as a mind staring at the world through a pair of blurry windows, we find ourselves a little less alone. Two people, just for an instant, of one mind.

Digression aside, the reason leftist memes are so trash is because they do not share the same reality that we do. They've been so naturalized to their kike presented fantasy world that they see blue where we see red. It's like listening to someone talking in their sleep. We have no idea of the context, because it's all in their head, so it comes out as gibberish, and even makes you a little uncomfortable.

Makes me think of Star Treks Tamarians.
Who speak entirely in reference and allegory. Children learning the phrases used by experiencing them as children, acting out the stories and so on involved until they understand the meaning.


So this piece of shit is going to pretend that leftists haven't spent years doxxing people and having them fired from their jobs or otherwise deplatformed?

They hold (((pregressive))) ideas, but are reactionary. They can only animate in the face of a threat or perceived injustice. They doxx in retaliation to slights against thier worldview. We hold reactionary beliefs, but are not afriad to instigate, provoke and offend. They cannot do any of the three, or they cannot claim to be victims.

I am supposed to thanks, doc at the second one right?

My OC done in a minute

Literally who?

The difference is that we want to make them say what they really think and they want to make us stop saying what we think. That's why they can't use our tactics against us.

spoiler that shit nigger

Forgot to after I put in that bypass, my bad

posting the other dank high res bmw logos

checked. that tune is pretty catchy.

I love that Carlos posting is still a thing, and has survived as a chan tradition for years, even across the great migration.
Keep our traditions alive. I fight so that may great-grandchildren can one day chuckle at a cheesy Carlos post.


I haven’t kept up with the show but I think that’s when Steven’s Dad and his Mom, one of the Crystal Gems, met each other. So it’s implying Greg made them ANTIFA. I think at least, I mean I don’t give a shit, but I think that’s the reference.

There's literally a thread on leftypol right now where people are circlejerking about how if only white people were nicer to blacks and invited them into their social circles, they'd be a lot less violent and nicer. It's mental illness run amok.


Does anyone have the video of the one woman looking at Holla Forums memes and being triggered?

She doesn't understand that
A) The memes are true, not just politically correct
B) The right's opponents really are trigger-happy kikes
The only way to counter them is to accept them as fact.
Did the Catholic church disinherit Pope Rodrigo Borgia after Martin Luther pointed out the stupidity? No. They just blamed "paganism" and tried to kill people. You can't kill that which doesn't fight you and
are the citizens you're supposed to be serving.



I'd go to 4chan more if it didn't suck and ban posts from proxies. But this is like the high roller room of the casino. Let grandma play nickel slots while we play craps.

A roastie passed around your collective isn't a girlfriend.


They don't want to admit that none of this likely would have happened if they hadn't fucked with video games. It's too hard a pill to swallow. It could make one suicidal thinking about what's been lost, and for what.


Because the only competition has to lie.

Martin Luther was a degenerate.

>How delusional are these people that they don't understand the (((leftist establishment))) made and forced these memes?
Some are becoming well aware.

Then again, that's the moment they stop fighting for the machine.


That's not an oddity by any means, and this claim shows just how out of touch with reality the author is.

It's just that simple. If the left ever began telling the truth and nothing but, they wouldn't be, well, the left any longer heh.

Haha, the left doesn't spread child porn to get people in trouble and shut down websites. What a delusional and or lying faggot. The Bolshevik and Jewish controlled narrative has used these tactics online for as long as any other, they're just worse at it, and always will be.

The power of a meme is in its synchronicity with truth.

According to that chart no nigger alive is on my level, I have also never had a job. Feeling conflicted here.

“The Left can’t meme” is actually a great meme. It is like “white people can’t dance”. Just saying it makes it true for those who believe it.

Are you sure you're not a nigger?

Baneposting is one of the most solid, undisputed, unsulied memes we have. It is also becoming 7 years old as of CURRENT YEAR +3.

True, it's up there with Happy Merchant IMO. Happy Merchant is a meme that can never be co-opted or ruined by reddit or any other group of normalfags. It is the eternal Holla Forums meme. 20 years from now, people will still be posting Happy Merchants long after everything else has become mainstream and lame.

Was the soyboy meme also started by us? Because I took a liking for it, and just like cuck, calling them soyboys really pushes their estrogen levels to new heights.




I'm always amazed by just how horrified these cucks are that someone, somewhere has the nerve to question and critique the establishment culture.

It's hard to get kids to rebel by only allowing ideological conformity. Saying a turd smells like a rose doesn't make it so.

You talk just like a kike you libshit. We do know what makes a meme work you lying sack of shit: A clear, often humorous, appeal to the underlying truth behind a topic, often to the detriment of the deceivers trying to mask that truth.

I think I heard "jaeger reiter" in there, so it's probably an old hunting song.

Fucking kek she gets bigger every time.

I don't know who that faggot is, but their use of stirner as an anarchist angers me

She's a 1.0 and never read Mein Kampf and internalized the chapter on War Propaganda? This thot is dumb. No wonder she's a single mother.

thanks, user these are fantastic

Thank you Ted Cruz.

they want to stop us from thinking altogether user

What are the arguments for white nationalism?
How can I convince my friends to side with whites politically?
How can I convince my friends of the evils of immigration, and how can I convince them to dislike nonwhites?


1. Lurk more.
2. Lurk more.
3. Lurk more.

notice how butthurt they are since we told them that they can't meme for shit.
By the way all of these are lame but this one:
this one is the worst no doubt.

Ever read a book, nigger?

God bless A.Wyatt Mann, we owe him a lot

most nonwhites are a full standard deviation below whites on the iq bellcurve and they commit multiple times more crime than whites.

the average black person in america costs the government ~$10k per year and the average mexican costs ~$7k per year. the whites, asians, and jews are the only races that pay more in taxes than they take in, with whites making up the vast majority, and the white population has dropped from 90% to 56% in america since 1965. What do you think is going to happen once there aren't enough white people to pay for all the niggers and spics?

look at all the countries in the world and ask yourself why the only countries that arent corrupt third world shitholes are white (or japanese) and why africa is the worst place on earth to live even though they have by far the most resources.

The left can't win against imageboard culture because we don't have any sacred cows. We came up on gore, goatse, BME pain olympics. Shitting dick nipples?
It doesn't make us blink. It's hysterical. Most of us are bred from old Holla Forums. I don't know about you guys, but I remember the suicide livestreams where the hoards of anons screamed "DO IT FAGGOT" while laughing. Hell, I once convinced an user who was high to shoot compressed air into his urethra live on stream. They don't understand this. They can't understand this mentality. They don't get lulz. Eventually we realized how fucked up it all was, and just as some people have troll remorse and become SJW faggots, many saw the cause of this degeneracy as the natural end of hedonistic nihilism. We chose to fight for ourselves, not the victims. This is the difference between us. So we take what we do best, lulz, and turn it against the ones who caused our society to degrade to this point. Now they're screaming and crying and having breakdowns live on television. You can't fight an amorphous mass, let alone an amorphous mass that grew out of cynical schadenfreude.

I would wish the left good luck, but I would be wasting my breath. They don't stand a chance in hell, and they're only now realizing what they're up against. I hope you're reading this Matt. You know I speak truth. The holocaust never happened, but it will.

Lurk for 2 year prior to posting you fucking piece of shit.

shit i never saw those treyvon martin photos. he was a full on nig. all this time i thought of him as a kid.

I know the feel from back then. Pathological altruism is a tough voice to overcome, what I did is simply come to terms that there is only one race, the White race, and the rest are wild animals, where it may be possible to train them but still that jaguar can kill you in a second because it sensed your eye movement becoming aggressive. Further we aren't just telling with physical violence from other races but the other races have also become adept at using emotional violence against White people which is far more damaging to us than the physical.

And good acts were had too, like sending that one dude a ton of birthday cards because it was advertised in some newspaper or some shit that he didnt really have family and was an old vet.
It will always be such a perlexing thing to anyone who didnt organically see the bullshit that was old Holla Forums grow. Formats for memes have grown and died before the normies ever caught a glimpse of them, the culture war is won by those who create OC and it's a trickle down effect. Eventually everything reaches the masses, for better or worse. And here we all are, at the end of it all.

I didn't even register that as anything abnormal, I've seen so many in my time.

To put what is saying into perspective, you need to say it like this :Their very best is only two to three steps above our very worst, and the absolute worst of them are worse than wild animals in just about everything. The only thing that is human in them is the forms they take and the ability to make sounds that sound like speech. Thats it. Throw in a dose of Worldstar hiphop and a couple Hood Documentaries" and finish with Johnny Mad Dog Embed. Here's a torrent version with subtitles. https:''//[2008]BRrip[H264-AAC-Eng]_mp4
^^That movie was made with actual child soldiers and some of them had actually committed atrocities like those shown in the movie, and the events were based on real life events. I've shown this to christfags on what that dollar a day Christians childrens mission types actually do, what they're creating and funding, and they are fucking horrified, like a mother finding out the baby they birthed actually is a demon that will devour her and her family when it grows up. Because it is.

We will win, fuck these faggots, they cannot stop us at this point.

You can answer them, since they are always trying desperately to find "the secret" to make memes work, just tell them;
All good memes are based on truth.
This will not help them one bit, as it is impossible for them to make truthful mems since their entire ideology is based on lies and deceit, and if they are going to make memes based on truth they will have no choice but to make memes that will help our cause.

I will shed a tear of joy when we stop being associated with the alt-right.

>T_D, and e-celeb faggots like Manlet Wews, (((Dick Spencer))) all start cheering
>President user looks deadpan into the camera as if staring directly into the (((hangouts))) soul

It doesn't matter tho, as long as it's modular and good, the best memes can always pollinate with other memes organically, I'm sure bane and pepe were not OC from Holla Forums but we utilize it to it's maximum potential anyway

Keyword is don't force it.

What if the overton goes so far right that the happy merchant became mainstream?

I like this white pill.



Is this even remotely serious? They infiltrate, spam and overrun absolutely every site on the internet religiously through jidf, shareblue, various employed shills etc. etc.

lol what happened


We shared into the abyss they created but are too cowardly to face. It stared back. This being of the abyss was an ancient nearly forgotten diety. One that monotheism had long ago thought conquered by their rites and dogma. /b was the spawning place of chaos incarnate. The ultimate anarch. From the swirling depths of the nihilistic anarchic minds of men for whom God was removed by postmodern fools, came a voice.

"This way is death".

This revelation has sparked a revolution. We who have communed with chaos have seen the depths of hell and know it's landscape upon the minds of men. We have lived it and some were broken by it. Those who did not break seek to redeem a world that is on the brink of an inescapable death spiral.

In response to this revelation about the nature of chaos we chose to seek the salvation of man. The Christian philosophy has become a warped shadow of itself so we turned to a god fitting of our predicament.

Kek, the chaos from which order is born.

We few disciples have caused ripples throughout the mental fabric of men far outsizing the effects each of us as individuals.

Our eye is open to a reality most modern men are conditioned to be blind to.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Most everyone of import "knows" this, but it wouldn't do well for them that the average plebe knows as well. The media lies constantly, the ignorance they fake in their articles and news stories becomes real in the general populace.