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So I watched this documentary that someone on pol recommended on the pyramids.

Essentially, this person argues that there's a line that can be drawn from the pyramids of giza across the earth to south america and india, essentially making an equator of a different shape and angle than what we use.

I have a map of pic related and I noticed there's a flat equator and an arched equator (I assume its some sort of equator).

I'm asking, or trying to get input on, what is this separate line? I tried looking it up and I got linked to some Graham Hancock.

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Admittedly I've not read much about this stuff….

But there are literally thousands of pyramids on earth, and you can draw a line connecting as many or as few of them as you want. Doesn't mean it means anything….

Scott Wolter covers this, iirc.

Hancock is a loonie. I agree with him on some things but he always wants to shoehorn in some ayyliums for no reason and he NEVER takes responsibility. He constantly parrots out "i'm not scientist just a reporter hurrrr"

I don't put much faith into the sacred number nonsense either.
The equator thing you're referencing is of course considered a conspiracy, but it does seem to line up with an old equator, which has given ammunition for earth crust displacement theory among others. It is obvious history as we know it is wrong and the mainstream is controlled, presumably be the kikes as well.
You're on the right track OP, keep digging, theres much to learn. I would reccomend looking up Randall Carlson, Charles Hapgood, Lloyd Pye, David Childress, Michael Tellinger, and a few more names you'll stumble upon as you journey.
Don't settle for magic though. There is a metric ton of bullshit you have to sort through as mainstream "science" won't touch the stuff because of their jobs, belief system, and social stigma. Plenty of people offer evidence, sometimes its very faint, but truth has evidence, and magic aliens never has any. Keep an open mind also, even the Nazis were running across the world looking for this stuff thinking it would give them a tech advantage.

Does the first pic mean to suggest some kind of relation between these triangle arches?

Could it be explained by the fact that this triangle arch building style is very stable when holding up large amounts of weight and also easy to build and impressive looking?

Given the nature of the directionality, the line that was laid out by the First Civilization is perpendicular to where the magnetic north pole was at the time of their civilization's construction (it moves around, so it's different today). The First Civilization is what I've taken to calling set of settlements found around the entire globe which share age, architectural design, and local legends about their creators. The First Civilization was white. We know this from the DNA of "ancient" Egyptian royalty, the fact that one of their largest cities was the source of the Vedic civilization on the Indus River, and the "myths" passed down by the mesoamericans about the white "gods" who came from across the ocean and built civilization. The First Civilization existed up to about 10,500 BC, and it fell when the last ice age ended, flooding the entire world 400 feet deep and 200 miles inland.
And the Bible isn't the only source for it; plenty of nonwhite tribal groups and other civilizations have a "myth" about a global flood. It's because it happened.

Watch Hancock's Quest for the Lost Civilization and also Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age. Neither of those documentaries get into any shitposting about aliens. It's all scientific and all grounded.

It does mean to suggest a relationship. You obvious haven't looked into it, because just being triangles wouldn't be a serious mental problem. But you need to also explain the clamps, the jigsaw stone working, and shared iconography among others.

I came here to post this. Good work, user.

Hancock says very clearly he doesn't think it was ayys.
He thinks it was a civilization that existed before being destroyed around 12,000 years ago by a big fucking space rock. some of those oldfags survived and then tried to reboot civlization by passing on info.
There is a huge amount of evidence for the big fucking space rock by the way. All kinds of impact proxies from nano diamonds and micro spheres to mass extinction events and icecore samples. The evidence is stacking up for a pretty much global catastrophe which included Giant floods funnily enough.

We have some pretty good evidence now that the Younger Dryas Event actually happened, not the least of which because there's a comet cataloged in the rocks at Gobekli Tepe.

I just picked up pic related and it is a very good read. Talks about strange maps and one made in the 1500s with Antartica on it.
If you are new to those stuff, prepare to go down a deep rabbit hole ranging from millions of years old nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons in Indian mythology, and maybe even a sattelite still in orbit that was put up their by a lost civilization.

I'm not saying hes wrong. ayys would be the wrong term with hancock i admit. It just gets swept up with the annunaki stuff you will inevitably stumble into.

I am a firm believer the younger dryas and the world flood happened, not int he bible christfag sense though. Its very clear the entirety of the bible (sans the jesus saga) was a direct plagiarization of the Sumerian texts. (See Zacharia Sitchin with caution)

I also don't think it was a meteor/comet. I've been following Wal thornhill and the electric universe theory lately and a plasma bolt from hell would easily provide the energy necessary to melt the icecaps ten times over and there is evidence of such events (Grand canyon could be an electric scar) I would love to see Randall and Wal get together and powwow over it, they could be arguing the same event with different terms.

This one kinda hits close to some new info. The moon itself may very well be fake. Crow777 (before youtube nuked his channel) had timelapse videos of lunar waves happening. Taken with the (((NASA))) account of the moon ringing like a bell, the scientific evidence the moon is just too perfect, too light, somehow has all this reflective titanium dust on the outside instead of the inside, various legends of people coming to earth in an "egg" and the countless amounts of scrubbing nasa did of moon photos; I'm starting really question the moon.

Not to mention that neato eclipse feature set.

There was an acient civilisation that stretched across the globe, they were human, they existed before Mesopotamia, and they were wiped out by a catastrophic event.
It is no coincidence that everywhere these types of monuments are found, you see language become written, rather than just spoken.
It isn't and never was aliens. People existed in a previous form.
It also shows that the line is more like an equator around the land mass under antartica, there are also too many numerical coincidences in the placement and creation of these sites that these were placed by chance.

I am convinced this global civilization existed.
Here is some more interesting evidence in the Doco on hidden NZ history. There is an Maori elder of the ngati hotu tribe who says that her ancestors came from ancient Persia 165 generations ago to escape a war. They traveled from Persia (Indus Valley civilization) across to central America, down to Peru, across to Easter island and then to new Zealand. She had a DNA test and has Persian DNA and America's also. Also on Easter island is the rongo rongo script, this script is very similar to Indus Valley civilization finds. This elder is blonde, her grandmother was redheaded and green eyed and very fair skinned.

The answer was written by Plato in the Critias 2300 years ago. The next question could be what causes these periodic cataclysms, and the answer lies in the precession of the equinox, and a certain star the Egyptians held in high significance (and the Maya, Vedic priests, etc). The only star that remains fixed across the precession, implying our system and it's system orbit about a mass center. This star system would have his own Kuiper belt, exert massive gravitational distortions relative to our baseline. Just some thoughts.

Funny tidbit here. the heads aren't always heads. The oldest ones have full bodies under FEEET of soil. This would be thousands of years of soil layers, or maybe one giant flood. I don't remember which one the report claims.

Easter Island also isn't(wasn't) an Island. If you reverse the Younger dryas flood back 400feet of sea water, Easter Island becomes quiet large.



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Those heads are called Moai, In nz myth Maui discovered new Zealand. Anyone know the truth as to why our history has been covered up?

Also this subject can be linked to the mound builders of the Americas and 7-8 foot Skeletons dug up by there 100s. A red headed people with six fingers and double rows of teeth.

Skeleton in picture measures 8 foot 4 inches tall, found in San Diego California, was on show until someone from the Smithsonian bought it for 500 bucks, and it's gone missing. Like the rest of them.


To be fair, a lot of stuff gets misplaced or lost in the Smithsonian Museum.

Probably has to do with the Jewish desire to spread atheism, can't very well say religion doesn't real when artifacts from before the flood are found.

Can you point me to some information about these giant skeletons?

1000s of 7-8 foot Skeletons, any clues to a history that doesn't match current accepted history. I'm hoping it's a Raiders of the lost arc situation but I think they are ground up, destroyed and disposed of. What evidence? You have no history slaves, back to work goyim.

What the actual fuck are you talking about you disinfo kike? Kill yourself.
This genuinely pisses me off. Even my dad saw this shit before he read Hancock. "Pseudo-scientific" my ass.

This guy does a presentation and it's pretty awesome stuff on the history. All the sites, buildings etc watch all of it.

T. Never read Hancock and has no idea what his argument is.

Why do people do this. If you don't know something then just don't open your mouth

Antarctica used to be in a temperate zone. A cataclysm shifted the equator (forget the figure, 17 degrees or something like that), causing the end of Antarctic civilization due to the continent now being in the frigid wastes. The wavy line is the old equator mapped onto a sphere.

The Olmecs were almost certainly a type of nigga

Just to add, we know that humans were around while Antarctica was green because of the Admiral Piri Reis's map, which is a conflation of ancient maps now lost.
The shape of Antarctica on the Piri Reis map matches recent radar imaging through the ice sheet.

i bet jews are somehow to blame for the equator shift

Was there ever any tree fibers found on the island?

There were two races, apparently, already in NZ before the Maori arrived. The media drone on about Maori being here before white men were and Maori culture deserves the utmost respect.

I noted with interest a passage I read a while back indicating early white settlers in NZ wanted to use many large skeletons they were finding for industrial purposes so approached the local Maori chief for permission. The chief gave not a single fuck because the bones didn't belong to his people. I made a mental note of the chief's disdain for another culture and have realigned my sympathies accordingly.

One of the races had predominately red hair and was quite large, the other race was smaller in stature and took to the hills living in caves to escape marauding Maori warriors.

Anyone interested in how long mankind has been on the planet should have a look into Michael Cremo's work on youtube.

What I think has happened over billions of years is the Earth gets trashed by the cosmological body approaching us right now (as luck would have it, all planets warming up) every 3600 years or so, sometimes the planet takes a massive beating and life only survives in tiny pockets and we must start over again, sometimes Earth doesn't take as much damage and some communities survive to continue functioning until such a time as they get hit really badly again.

There's that word again. Pseudoscience is not unconventional theories, it's when you make a claim, but you refuse to allow access to the data. Or when you keep pushing a certain data set and ignore all others. Fucking kikes.

those aren't very convincing. all of this comes down to simple and effective solutions to problems.

Look up "the code" by Carl Munck and get brain fucked.

Since this is a pretty comfy thread, let me reveal a big secret.

Those are leylines blocker (or leyline blockers).
They must be destroyed. If you practice black magick or white mhagic all of them will mostly fail with a possibility of 99.999..% at most. Very thin hairline possibility that magic would work in dense places this is why the unenlightened NWO-pill still needs human sacrifice in rituals, killrooms, or golf.

Maybe if you live where the leylines are very dense you'd get higher chance but that only happens on remote or 3rd world places - also why there's lots of spooky or /x/-tier unexplainable events and many similar superstitions or 'monsters' in places like that.

Those formations main purpose are to block leylines. It also, in turn, protects people from supernatural beings and miracles that is why many people's lives only get worse and worse and the less 1% gets better and better even if they have too much karma debt. Jesus probably wrecked one of the leylines blocker (also receiver which only the royals or elites can use freely) that's why they killed him and censored in the 'acceptable bible' where he actually died.

They just masked it as ancient heritage or tourist spot that's nothing when the truth is it's still up and functioning from beneath and possibly manned and guarded. Maybe try a very deep earth metal detector and go there yourselves to find out but be careful though, don't blame me if you get vanned for life.

It's reassuring with whom i share this board, every time reading something like this.

ty, explains so much but infuriating at the same time with the coverups


t. combat wizard user

Isnt it far worse and the Smithsonian was established specifically to hide away giant mummies? And vid related for anyone into math, they appear to be a gps system of sorts. And further on the fact he's using feet as a measurement, imperial and metric system aswell as the egyptian cubit and megalithic mile seem to come from the same source. Can't confirm it myself tho I'm bad with numbers.

I think, and call me retarded if it sounds retarded, but jews where put on this god damn earth to fuck with us with shit like this and just cause pain and misery


Check out Jim Viera. Vid relatedThis is his TED talk on this that was subsequently banned.
Steve Quayle is someone you'll see a lot when looking into this too. Has lots of resources and good research about the giants but there's something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe the biblical shit. Still worth looking at. Here's his site:
Also there's a good interview on Red Ice back when it was actually good that is worth checking out as well:

Ayys is the first thing people go to when trying to discredit Hancock. They know when people hear that most of them will tune it out.
Fingerprints of the Gods changed my life when I first read it in the late 90's. Honestly. He is absolutely worth reading, I'd even say requisite if anyone is exploring the topic of ancient civilizations, pyramids and the connection between them as most authors since have referenced his work in some way.

So I'm wondering if any of you have explored the idea that Saturn was once our sun as some ancients seem to have claimed? I always ran across this idea reading occult materials over the years and recently I found this interesting video on how it is possible in an electric universe model. Considering that Saturn and Jupiter are more like dying stars than actual planets, is it possible that earth was once part of a system with Saturn as it's sun before getting caught in the pull of our current Sun? Maybe the names given to the planets aren't mere names but indicators of a cosmological tale told through mythology. Really has my almonds activated lately. Vid related.

His Saturn lectures on YouTube are fucking mind blowing. SO much info professionally presented in a rapid and concise fashion.

Only thing that Hancock is right about is the black sea deluge causing the indoeuropean migration

Most of his books are disinfo

But at the same time, Holla Forums is saying Egyptians and the First Civilization were Aryans.

Replace Atlantean(or equivalent) with aryan in many of these hidden history claims and everything kinda comes together like that.

Perhaps, perhaps not. His underwater work is very solid, though, and blows most "official" archeologists right out of the water (no pun intended).

Disagree. In most videos he doesn't mention ayyls at all.

Yes, of course - that's exactly how it should be. This enhances his credibility.

One has to differentiate two things here - what ancient cultures thought about the topic, and what we, as moderns, think about it. All ancient high-cultures, without exception, practiced some form of number mysticism.

Good post.

No, that's not clear at all. Parallelism ≠ plagiarism.

>The moon itself may very well be fake. Crow777 (before youtube nuked his channel) had timelapse videos of lunar waves happening. Taken with the (((NASA))) account of the moon ringing like a bell, the scientific evidence the moon is just too perfect, too light, somehow has all this reflective titanium dust on the outside instead of the inside, various legends of people coming to earth in an "egg" and the countless amounts of scrubbing nasa did of moon photos; I'm starting really question the moon.
Yes, a very fascinating and at the same time unsettling topic.

Yeah, (((misplaced or lost))). Manipulating history is the fucking job of that institution, the direct spiritual successors of the Jesuits in that regard (who missionized not by fire and the sword, but by inculturation, i.e. the re-writing of history).

Have any more fragments?

There's plenty of history catalogued here. Use discretion to sort the BS from the truth anons.

Where is this picture taken, what is it?

Another interesting link to this anons is that Dinosaurs or dragons were around up until very recently, 1600s Chinese emperor still had them.
Here is a passage from Marco Polo when he traveled China in 1271-1298, "Leaving the city of Yachi, and traveling ten days in a westerly direction, you reach the province of Karazan, which is also the name of the chief city….Here are seen huge serpents, ten paces in length (about 30 feet), and ten spans (about 8 feet) girt of the body. At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, having three claws like those of a tiger, with eyes larger than a forepenny loaf (pane da quattro denari) and very glaring."

Alright, look. I was mistaken saying Graham claimed ayys. Not once does he claim ayys, this was my fault. My point for the loonie tag wasn simply because he always.has to force the transfer theory in with little reason. The interview he did with Joe Rogan and some sceptic i forget the name of was rather infuriating in that aspect.

I do not disagree with Hancock entirely. His underwater theory crafting is solid and many researchers agree and provide evidence with him.

In don't see how being anfanfic writer gives you more credit than someone specialized in the field. I will take a geologist opinion on the sphynx with higher regard than Grahams's guess. (They both agree kn its age though) he is a good aggregate service and has done great work shrinking it down into a package easy to digest but hes not the source material as much as he tries to be and then shifts away from once hard questions pop up.

You will also have to explain your bible defense. I am veey biased against christians in general, but all the myths in the bible as explained in greater detail in the summerian texts. Things attributed to jesus and moses assigned at random in the bible but have a specific timeline by the summerian account and its thousands of years older. I don't see how its a parallel, its a paraphrased retelling with some fanfic at the end


Your pic related is a bad example user. That is a normal animal with a lotus flower behind it. There are other animals on that wall with the same flowers.
This guy does a pretty good job pointing it out.

That being said Ankor Wat isva fascinating place and highly relevant to the thread. The entire"temple" complex mirrors the constellation of Draco pre flood

Ok, very forthright of you.

Well, once one accepts the hypothesis of there having been antediluvian high civilizations, the transfer theory as you call it forces itself automatically into a prominent place, especially given that we, as Holla Forumsacks, don't trust that various brown peoples have developed much themselves.

I don't see the contradiction here. Despite having performed original fieldwork (which would automatically qualify him as at least a semi-professional archeologist) he's honest in saying that much of his stuff depends on the work of other researchers, which is of course completely normal in academics. If he would style himself as some great guru of pre-flood civs it would seriously undermine his credibility.

Props btw for not holding his Dravidian wife against him.

The Bible is the source book of Western civilization and an inexhaustible supply of theological, philosophical, historical, mythological and anthropological knowledge - independent of the fact if you believe in Jesus Christ or not.

No, for the simple reason that according to sumeriologists an estimated 90+% of the Sumerian literary corpus hasn't even been surveyed or translated yet. Of course there are some parallels, e.g. the flood myth, or the tale of the primordial twins, but there a many sui generis elements as well (e.g. figures like Enki).

The deeper you study the Bible, the more you will find that very few or even no things therein are "random" (a concept that is not applicable to ancient literature in the first place). Don't bash the book before at least a cursory study.

I need you to provide a source for that claim.

Yes, but that is not ipso facto proof that the Old Testament and especially Genesis are simply "a paraphrased retelling". It's equally possible that both go back to much older sources, especially given that the Sumerians weren't that old in a pre-/post-diluvian context (~ 15K BP vs. ~ 4K BP).

It's not even that. A claim is pseudoscientific only if you present it as science. What the word effectively means to "I fucking love science" types, is something akin to what the word "heretic" meant to Catholics during the inquisition.
Entire domains of human knowledge and experience are not well understood by science, but the people who do understand them are slurred as being "pseudoscientists" if they maintain that the phenomena are real.
As a practical example, let's do a simple mind experiment:
Suppose for a moment that music had not yet been discovered. user sitting at home hits up some sweet notes on a line of partially filled glasses and discovers music. He notices that different combinations of notes evoke different feelings, some of the people he plays his music to even become elated or are reduced to tears by the evoked emotions and memories.
user goes to Reddit (he's a normalfag) and starts a thread "I've just discovered that various combinations of sound wave can modulate human emotions!"
Immediately he will be shot down for promoting "pseudoscience".
But the claim is true and ubiquitously known, some music (combinations of sound waves and silence) can evoke joy, sadness, motivation, depression, yet there is no scientific explanation for what is actually causing this other than mechanistic observations of changes during the process. The actual mechanism and "purpose" remains a mystery to science.
To fedora militant atheist super-materialist types, this means that music is a "hoax", a pseudoscience and something else for them to scoff at and use as a way to ridicule anyone who has figured out how to exploit it.
Something can be real but not based in science, that doesn't make it pseudoscience. The same now applies to arts such as NLP, they are called pseudoscience.

Just to add, you can't win ultra-materialists over by showing them your evidence, as they will:

atoll islands (the user you replied to)
google maps won't show you anything

A pterosaur was shot and killed during the American civil war.
Picture on the left is a recently created fake, presumably made to discredit the original. Pterosaurs/pterodactyls are probably where the arrow nigger "thuder bird" myth stems from.

Well, I'm not saying that the picture on the right looks like a shop, but the picture on the right looks like a shop.

Too bad for you that it's an original photograph held in a museum.
The only question is whether the creature is a mock-up. The photo itself is 100% legit.

Essentially, the Egyptians were white, before they got mixed over thousands of years. In popular history the time between the building of the pyramids of gizeh and the time of cleopatra were longer than the time between cleopatra and the building of the empire state building. eventually the gizeh pyramids were built way earlier. the egyptians were white back then and the persians were white before the arab invasion and the near east were white once. Bhudda had green eyes and what (( (they) )) are trying is to destroy all and every evidence of aryan influence.

Yeah, it’s ludicrous to think that no one on Earth had ever dug into the fucking dirt until the Victorian Era, particularly when the myth of dragons existed in both Europe and China for centuries. Obviously “dragon bones” were just dinosaurs that people had found.

You’re 100% retarded.

Sorry brah, i want to believe too, but while the men are crisp, the dino is unnaturally blurry in a few places (particularly: the nape). You see, I have seen quite a few shops in my time, i can tell by the pixels.

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Hancock has some fucked up beliefs, but the Flood basically DEFINITELY happened. You know how people say a warming earth will cause sea level rise that floods coastal areas? Because obviously less solid water and more liquid water is going to do that. That's not a conspiracy theory. Anyway, we had an ice age. Then the ice age stopped. All that ice turned into water and had to go somewhere. Of course, it didn't all happen at once, but there is strong evidence for super floods that would have definitely completely submerged inhabited areas.

As for pyramids being built around the world… for real guys, if you're going to build a big building it is literally the most stable and most obvious shape to use. Little kids don't pile up dirt into the shape of an elongated rectangle like modern skyscrapers. They put a lot of dirt on the ground level, and a little less dirt all the way up the pile.

Which of his beliefs are fucked up? Pretty much the only thing wrong with Hancock is that he doesn't connect everything to racialism. Everything else is more or less a rehash of what was already observed by the Germanic thinkers of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Or perhaps it's the other way around - what Western paleontologists started calling "dinosaurs" in the 19th century were, in fact, dragons and giants.

According to most of the evidence and the specific locales, the post-ice-age flood happened very quickly - a span of weeks and months, not millenia.

Why do you refer "Mythus"? Rosenberg doesn't talk about pre-flood civs at all.

He specifically mentions Atlantis and Hyperborea as ancient homelands of the Nordic race in the Arctic North where the single solar cycle of six months served as the basis for all sun worship in later civilizations.

I've watched most of Stargate. Does that count?

Well, it was years ago that I read "Mythus", but while he certainly was an ardent nordicist and traced the movements of Aryan influences through classical and post-classical history, Atlantis or the polar urheimat doesn't figure much at all, or only in passing.

He didn't really have much to say other than "that was the starting point," but the point is that Hancock's views on the origins of current civilizations were already explained by previous writers. Hancock just dances around the issue of race, except in pointing out how Amerindians identified their teacher-gods as Europoids. He'd be publicly ruined and subject to arrest in certain countries if he goes much farther than that though.

Well, "explained" is a very strong word given the lack of universally accepted evidence which continues until today - as far as I know, only Gobekli Tepe is real, hardcore evidence of higher civilization existing at the time of the flood, and more or less minor findings like e.g. Hancock's. "Speculated" might be a more appropriate claim for those old-timers (and I say this as an Evolafag).

Yes, not the least because he's married to a Dravidian, which personally I don't hold against him (they're childless as far as I know).

Yes, with the slight caveat that one has to be careful about Jesuit inculturation myths who spread such stories precisely to ease integration into the Spanish empire. Otherwise I concur, Wikipedia has actually a good overview:

Of course, and he isn't an abrasive or fighter type in the first place.

And don't forget that the moon plays a very odd role. The magnetic force of the moon not only affects the tides but also, depending on the phase of the moon affects the behavior of animals/people. Hence the etymology of the word lunatic. I've been digging into some really fucking obscure esoterics lately.. following some.. "hunches", if you will.. and Im finding a lot read:too fucking many of references to something causing us to be "trapped under the moon" with the moon generating the 'negative thought forms which act as prison walls keeping us stuck here.

Well, metaphysical types don't call our "normal", everyday world sublunar for no reason. Also in Kaballah, entering Yesod, the sphere of the moon, is the first step in transcending the mundane.

OP! What you saw was the censored and re-edited version, the contents are different! The original has a french woman as the narrator and is more tinfoil-y. But the lengths they went to in burying it (same name, similar content, …) speak FOR the document imo.

Here is a yt link:

Please watch it.

You've clearly never spent any amount of time looking at actual photos from the 1860s if you think that 'genuine' photo is actually from the 1860s.


I didn't think anyone saved any of those images.

I want to know more about this moon stuff.

Same reason they are forcing muddification of white nations.

they want a mud mix without a past, no history and no common ancestry.
That is why the kikes have ISIS running around bulldozing ancient buildings from Babylon and Sumeria.

They want a "no past" mud slave population with sub-par IQ.

I enjoyed these webm's, never heard of Thanks!