MANHUNT: IED Detonated at Florida Shopping Mall, More Devices Found

MANHUNT: IED Detonated at Florida Shopping Mall, More Devices Found

Sounds less like a white male and more like a typical, slovenly (((white male)))

Do not waste a fucking second to remind the goyim that ultimately the kikes are to blame.

Happening? Or disgruntled fatass mall employee?

correct me if I'm wrong but my first thought when I saw this was that CNBC was caught attempting to smuggle "Improvised Explosive Devices" through an airport.
Thought there was a thread here on it but I can't find it now.

We need some fucking martial law already.

It was hours ago and nobody got hurt, so no, not really.

an explosion where no one, or few get hurt, is the hallmark of commie terrorism ala 1970's weathermen shit. This has all the hallmarks of a kike/commie action. Commies always fuck up and the kikes fuck up more often than not especially when it is a plan that does not involve shabbos.


Fat white guy flees scene.
in Florida, eh?

Btw I live in Florida, about an hour from where this happened. Winter haven is one of the go to kike/commie migrant cities and it is right near this mall.

Several things worth noting about Florida in general:

Also one last point

Just periodically fucking up police equipment with cheap explosives would cripple any police force. Really makes you think

In before it turns out to be a brown guy in his 20's named muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker.


(((white male)))

Spooky shit user. Better buy a gun, thousands of rounds of ammunition, toilet paper, the whole set-up. I shudder at the thought of how much looting might go on during hurricane season. Keep your family safe.

you both got it wrong, white male is euro-style newspeak for middle eastern

I've thought that about actual IEDs in the original sense (roadside bombs that are remotely detonated) making their way back here. Nowadays the definition has been expanded to mean any kind of homemade bomb is an IED.




Nowadays the definition has been expanded to mean any kind of homemade bomb is an ImprovisedExplosiveDevice.
any kind of homemade bomb is an ImprovisedExplosiveDevice.

It's now obvious to me why newspeak is becoming normal.

It's a good thing some of us have plenty of experience dealing with that shit. Bombland was a fun theater–be paranoid 24 hours a day or die.

Pasco here. We had a helicopter circling around right over my neighborhood for a good hour the other day, there never was any reports about it on the news. It was in the middle of the afternoon, my other neighbors even came out to look at it.

So, is this a durka, a disgruntled white guy or a disgruntled (((white guy)))

This place is what you imagine a dead, lifeless mall to look like. Last time I went, it was basically void of people

Grenades are classified as WMDs

I'm in WH and I really like it here.
Eagle Ridge Mall, though…
It needs American Eagle and Hollister. and Hot Topic.

My grandparents live there. It's really nice, thinking about moving there soon tbh

sage for off topic

Damn, I’ve been there. 15 years ago, before the town became an abandoned shithole, rather than the bustling oldfolks / welfare queen community shithole it once was.

so are pipe bombs now
infact i'm pretty sure IEDs are considered WMDs.

this sounds like some antifa faggot loaded up a backpack with some fireworks though.

forgot to take sage off

please tell me certain sort of frequent visitors were affected

There was a seriously low risk of killing anyone, by how abandoned the place is. Didn’t think it through.

Why is it that spics know about the kikes but never do a thing about it (or very little)?

white people don't go to malls anymore

5 backwards is 3.
322, skull and bones, psyop.

I hope you're only pretending.


Zim Zam at it again. Why hasn’t BLM taken him out?

He can't keep getting away with this.

No 17:22. 1+7 is 8, an eight cut in half vertically is a 3. 3:22. DEFINITE psyop.
Which you can prove by checking the gematria of Eagle, Ridge, and Mall.
Course if there were massive speakers playing recordings of gunshots and nobody died it's a different thing then.

Is how you work out if it was a psyop or not properly.

They use military newspeak in news now?
Becouse writing pope bomb would be too time consuming or because this abbreviation triggers people less and makes them more accustomed to this kind of desensitization techniques?

See the George Carlin sketch about "shell shock". It's basically true, wrap bad news in as many syllables as possible to make people switch off.

So wrong, that is a “unaccompanied child”.

Makes it sound more jihad.


Daily Fucking Reminder



It's going to be exactly that, just like the DC sniper

When I said huge amount of people waking up to the kikes I meant whites. There is a reason why spics seem to know about the kike but never want to do anything about it. They are sandniggers 2.0. When the spaniards came over a huge proportion of the ships manifest was kikes and kike accessories.

I had a couple of traveling construction type jobs send you to the other side of the state and put you up in a hotel where I was working with spics from nicarauga and el salvador, Needed to keep things cordial because the jobs were always set up to get you fired (like: here do x task with the wrong supplies, it has to be done perfectly) so if everyone didnt have the same cover story someone was getting fired.

Anyway these spics thought me their friend and confided some shit to me. One of them was a 55 year old guy fought for the government as a LT in the sandanista war. Told me only the wealthy could be officers and that the wealthy were all families who had to change to catholic because the commoners started to hate the jews too much. His last name was hasbani. He told me that nicaragua has a huge population with kike blood. Other spics told me similar shit but this guy gave me the most verifiable information.

The kikes are not strong or smart, but they have their noses everywhere.

I have a hard time believing home made explosives weren't a thing in the US before the Iraq conflict. They just decided to give it an official sounding name so dunecoons and meth junkies would feel more sophisticated when blowing shit it.

isnt it amazing what a 5 gallon bucket full of powdered coal and the biproduct of rendering lard can do? A 155 shell stuffed with crude hme sent my uparmored humvee flying through the sky. BTW, I used to love cic duty shitposting on siprnet with you lads. Nothing like seeing a wall of Marines restating the same fucking post until an OOD gets on and tells everyone to shut the fuck up.

the commies were throwing sticks of dynamite at police in the 70's.



what is a IED?

Improvised Explosive Device
Typically used by the military to describe roadside bombs, however now peple are calling pipe bombs, aka peace pipes IEDs.

yeah, but what exactly?

pipes with gun powder?

That's the thing with IEDs, they're so easy to create they just throw them all over the fucking place. Majority of casualties were due to those things and we still don't have a 100% full proof plan to fight against it unless we go at a turtles pace through the territory with leg pros on every squad.

Any sort of shit you can figure out that releases a lot of energy instantly.


Something explosive.

I guess the pranking TV crew found somewhere other than the Newark airport for their false flag.
Notice how the (((MSM))) are suddenly using the term "IED" where before they would say "explosive" or "bomb" - psychological conditioning in progress.

I thought I read here or somewhere last couple days that it was road flares taped together with electrical tape and shoved in a big piece of pvc pipe.

We've got catching up to do.
Look forward to it.

Yep that's Polk County FL just as I remember it. Probably more meth though. Dude tried to get in but not all his bombs went off, so he ran away. Failed robbery.

Yup. Know that feel.

I'd love to see that fucker explode.