Paul Nehlen's Twitter Army: Active but Impotent

This Jew-Hater Has A Twitter Army. Will It Help Him Win A Real-Life Election?
The Jews are reacting poorly to level of internet support for Paul Nehlen's campaign. So they're doing what they always do. They're turning out article after article about how little effect it has on the success of his campaign. Herein lies an excerpt from the latest article from the Forward:

'By Laura E. Adkins and By Sam Kestenbaum'
'January 16, 2018'


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Boy, the kikes can set up any narrative they want, can’t they?

Paul has been calling out kikes for months now. Have you been against kikes since you took your first breath? Give me a break, jew faggot.



This is the best shill you can afford, kikes?

Nice strawman, blackpill shill. Reported.

ROFL. Paul is a faggot and a Neocon.



Voting is the only way true change can prevail.

Based on statements he made a long time ago? Name some things he said less than six months ago that would make you think otherwise.





Wow, this thread is getting shitted pretty hard.

He praised Trump's embassy move last month.

Sadly, the first post wasn’t kike-free….

t. retard

This "jews don't want you to vote, goy" shilling is one of the most autistic things I've ever seen. Why would they not want us to vote for political parties they control and candidates they own?

There's only one reason why that would be the case. Even someone that didn't fully trust his motives would embrace his outright opposition to the Jews. The Overton window does not move itself, love him or hate him, it is necessary.

I never said he's perfect, but he is certainly calling out jews on twitter openly. No one else is pushing the borders like this, despite his other failings (WAIT FOR HITLER GOYIM) he is still the most right wing we have. He is the step after Trump. Trump was never the last step.


"muh overton window" is just a way to shut down any criticism, because shills will supposedly make legitimate opposition more acceptable, and release valves don't exist. It's bullshit, no surprise it was something pushed hard by Kike Eunuch.

We didn't vote the jews into power, and we aren't going to vote them out.


Oh by there's my queue to point out Nehlen is a fraud

Paul getting elected would give us a guy in the house calling out kikes..


Nehlen sucks israel's cock and married a spic. That's all anyone needs to know he's a fake. Well, a real shabbos goy, but a fake pro-white.

There's no way the cuckservative retards who make up the base of the republican party are going to vote for someone who said "racist" things on twatter and appeared on a fake White nationalist podcast.


but is he better than the alternative?





There you go reading lines from the script again. I didn't even notice fucking Richard Spencer was shilling for Nehlen. That alone is enough to prove he's an absolute fraud and in with the same group of controlled opposition as Spencer and Enoch etc.



I don't know if your spergout is ironic or not but filtered either way

Kill yourself already.



It's always the same strawman from aut-kikes. He praised the embassy move on Dec. 6, then a couple weeks later he transformed into an "anti-Semite". You don't think that's even a little bit suspicious?



Fuck shit that he SAYS. Name some things that he DOES. Hes a cuck. A neocon, free-trade, israel-loving zionist cuck. Go fuck yourself.

His heuristic is to support Trump first, seems like. I like Paul, he's definitely doing good by naming jews left and right and have them kvetch hard. Having him in the house could be no worse than whoever Ryan intends on taking his seat.


Unlike Nehlen, Trump isn't claiming to hate kikes. Now answer the question: is that turnaround at all suspicious to you?


Pic related




So many triggered Shariablue faggots here tonight. They really don’t want Nehlen anywhere close to winning. Seems like we need to meme him into the Senate.

Your shilling is pointless, my glow-in-the-dark friend. You're never going to make anyone buy the idea that a literal race-mixer is legitimately pro-white. Nehlen's no different than a coalburner except that he sticks his dick in a bean goblin instead of a nigger.


weak d&c, you really think they'd teach you shills to emulate native posting styles, you stand out like a slimy kike



Wait, by the same token you would imply Trump is a kike too right? Since he was the one who actually moved the embassy and all that

When has Trump claimed to hate kikes or be pro-White?


He's certainly surrounded by a lot of kikes. His daughter married one and converted to their religion, and his mentor (((Roy Cohn))) was one of the tribe.

I haven't said a word about the embassy. But I will happily point out that Trump doesn't claim to be pro-white while racemixing with a beaner like Nehlen does. He had children with his beaner wife too, so that's actual miscegenation.

Wow, Nehlen's so pro-white amirite? :^)


I love how these kikes call us "jew haters" rather than antisemites. They know they are fake jews.

Are you that shill who denies that jews are biologically driven?

Wew lads this got shilled harder than ever.

The only thing Trump has got going for him is that he's better alternative than Hillary, and his win was great in a psychological warfare way. But that's about it.


Do we know she's a bean and not spanish?

I guess building a wall, refusing to give 3.6million DACA illegals citizenship, and mass deportations is literally nothing.

Why won’t you leave the thread then double nigger?

While Nehlen is still slightly better than his opponent, this is still the 8th thread on the guy. Just use the damn catalog and bump the old thread instead of making a new one every time he says something or MSM puts an article out about him

It is. All it does is make the road to Brazil a little less steep.

Find where I said "don't vote". You can't, because I didn't. I'm just here because I hate controlled opposition with an autistic level of fury and Nehlen is such controlled opposition that he's incandescent.

Look at her picture. That creature isn't anywhere even close to being a white. It doesn't really matter if she's technically a non-white from Mexishithole or a non-white from Spain. She's a non-white either way.


Learn how to read, yid.

Fucking kill yourself.

Kek, things have never looked better than they look now.

Do these used up middle-aged journalist roasties have any insult that isn't based on their holes?

Because I don't like controlled opposition and ruining shill threads for said controlled opposition makes my dick hard

I didn't say that. I just don't want people to see Trump do some good things and relax and say "it's all good" instead of READING SIEGE!!!


Spaniards aren't white then? Only bavarian phenotype politicians? Not even Hitler would quality kek. You childish niggers are fucking stupid.

Weak. Get better strawmen. Now here are some fun facts that prove Nehlen is a fraud and you can't do anything about them: he's a racemixer, he says it's okay to be jewish, he wants you to pray for Tel Aviv, he's thrilled to appear on (((TRS))) podcasts, he's shilled by Richard Spencer and™

Why do these threads gain so much shouting and autism? All he has to do is push remotely white policy stuff here and there and he's a still worth picking. Voting is just rocking up to the polls and marking a piece of paper on one day, then you can keep going with your civil war perp. Its useless to throe away easy oppertunity for some moderate gains, plus who do you think is going to be better to have while getting shit together? A CIA fag plantwho has to pretend he's on your side or a Shrill neocohen or demoshit who is actively trying to impede you?



So did I, it was funny. Didn't help the kikes geopolitically one dot by doing it when he did.

Except Nehlen is an absolute fraud so he isn't going to push pro-white policies.




Because the shills are fucking pissed about Nehlen and only know how to do the same old spiel full of over-the-top anger. They do the same every time someone goes against their narrative.

Are you okay? You seem to be getting pretty frustrated that your strawman isn't working. Nehlen's wife is absolutely, positively, unambiguously a shitskin. This makes Nehlen a racemixer and you can't do anything about it :^)

Yeah, the shills are pissed that their controlled opposition golden boy isn't working and the ebil nazis are calling him out for being the israel-loving, racemixing fake that he is.


Keep it up guy, ya almost got us convinced!




Go on, Agent Smith, start your violent false flag. Faggot.

Never said that.
Well apparently he married this thing which isn't much better.
Never advocated that either. But political aspirations in "shifting the overton window" seem to have the suspicious side effect of pushing formerly pro-white people (on Holla Forums for example) into the camp of deluded neocons. So I'll take your advice with an Uluru-sized grain of salt. If I lived in Wisconsin, you bet your ass I would take 15 minutes out of my day to vote for this guy over a repulsive worm like Paul Ryan. But I'm suspicious of any attempt to shill for him on here, given that he's clearly controlled opposition.

Paul Nehlen is a racemixing, israel-praising, Spencer and Enoch associating, controlled opposition fraud and Holla Forums isn't falling for it. Does this upset you?




Checked. Fuck voting. I'm going full innawoods.

Then we agree, Nehlen is better than the alternatives, not a perfect candidate

Explain how Paul Nehlen is more of a Zog than Paul Ryan and explain why waiting for Hitler is the best option.

All im seeing is the same shit shills pushed on Trump late in the primary.

You agree that Nehlen is controlled opposition? lel


He's controlled opposition so he's precisely the same level of ZOG as Paul Ryan is, just in different packaging.

I don't know, but definitely not the guy who LARPs as pro-white while racemixing with a shitkin and saying there's literally nothing wrong with being jewish.






We really aught to get some Holla Forumsacks to run where ever we can during the midterms. Even if they don't win they still force things further right.

Its voting for eating dirt vs eating poison at worst.

I foubt he's going to start shilling for DACA the second he's elected.

Also to the dipshit spamming the allcaps and red. Knock it off, you look like a faggot and are adding NOTHING to the discussion.



>a (((CIA))) shill or a (((neocon)))
user, please.

Really it's the wrong way to go about this shit
I'd say watch as all the alt-kikes attempts to win elections fail while Sustainable Australia will do extremely well there and show an actual model on how to do shit
Remember our goal at the end of the day is not to antagonism some pathetic lefty but rather to make our countries white and not surrender to Judiasm


Where the fuck have you been in the last year
Trump has completely proven himself to be kiked and has done nothing of use

Yes, one is an enemy you can still use and the other os actively working against you. Just dump the useful one at the next election once you have a non cucked option good to go.Maybe run yourself.


As long as he doesn't go into a war with Iran and doesn't depose Assad then he has served his purpose

Which he'll do anyways
Well at least go to war with Iran, tbh not much can really stop Assad especially now which is why (((they're))) shifting to Iran now

Fresh memes coming up

They can't get Iran without Syria

they're still gunning for it more than ever
You remember that (((Revolution))) the other week

Didn't that fizzle out in a week? They tried that once before a little before the arab spring happened.

Yes but it got put down pretty quick as you saw. They've tried to upend the Ayatollah many times. Iran is not an incompetent state.

Holy shit, the kikes are really afraid of this guy.

And they're going to keep ramping up attempts while when as soon as there is chance for a war in Iran, best goy America will be the first to leap in

They probably aren't tbh as that whole alt kike side of things has been pretty weak as of late

Iran will be a nuclear state soon.

Wasn't the Nuclear deal the thing stopping them from being a Nuclear state

Please. This guy can barely get more than 500 likes on his tweets. You can probably thank Twitter's suppression algorithms.

No, the nuclear deal gave them 100BN$ that we froze in assets. They gave up nominal oversight provisions which can be worked around i.e. they have to give two week notice before an inspection which means they can move their production around playing hide the egg with the IAEA.

Nope, that doesn't work in defense of a racemixing philosemite LARPing as pro-white.

Why? He's a fraud, so honestly why wouldn't he start shilling for DACA? His wife is a fucking beaner after all. They're his kind of "people".

What's the difference between Paul Nehlen and a communist liberal, other than the fact that unlike Nehlen, the communist liberal might not praise israel?

Only difference is he may vote on the wall, which doesn't really matter anyways since he's in the heavily republican congress and not the Senate

Let's not say things that aren't true, user

He would likely vote for the Trump agenda for one. But you're likely one of those le drumph touched the kike wall types.

That's a case of the fear of Trump's electoral promises rather than any action of Trump himself

JANUARY 17, 2018 / 1:13 PM / 4 DAYS AGO
U.S. signals open-ended presence in Syria, seeks patience on Assad's removal

What makes you think that? Again, Nehlen's "pro-white" position is a total lie. You absolutely cannot be pro-white and a racemixer or pro-white and a philosemite. So what basis do you have to day that he'd vote for Trump's agenda? Pretty words that Nehlen says and doesn't mean?

lel I just defended Trump

Well whatever, I think Trump has done an amazing job of doing what he can from within an utterly kiked system, but I'll agree to disagree. I'm ITT to go full autism over Nehlen not debate about what Trump has or hasn't done.


He could of taken all of the senators that would of opposed him at every step and created no power departments and had them stay there

That first picture really activates the ol' almonds. Fucking kikes, they're a goddamn cancer among the human population.

He's a green nigger psychopath. Rubashkin is obviously worse, but neither should be released.

He did nothing wrong. DNA linked those dead kebab to IEDs.

Here's source. Lorance did absolutley nothing wrong you fucking nigger fuck you.

jesus christ, what kind of mental gymnastics do I have to be on to understand this level of shilling?

President Trump isn't Election Trump
the sooner you realize that and the sooner you realize shit like this is a dead end the sooner actual tactics can be discussed

Also this
You're a fucking faggot kike and I want nothing so badly than to beat your fucking frontal lobe in.

You are one stupid mother fucker.

Eat shit and die faggot.

yet I have still yet to hear a single suggestion that isn't "go blow up your local synagog goy, its for the better good", because thats really going to help the white race somehow.

Where is the wall faggot
Why was McCain not shifted into another department, and in general why did Trump make no effort to actually be able to do the things he "supposedly" wants to do

Look up the Sustainable Australia party, that's how you do it, you don't scare the masses, you play on concerns from both sides and ane never suck Israels dick

What part of eat shit and die do you not understand nigger?

almost just like Trump has been doing, kinda fucking weird isn't it

makes no difference if you are already doing the first part retard, lip service means nothing.*
did not mean to green text that

Nehlen did nothing wrong.

Vote Nehlen.

Where'd all the don't vote fags go?

Except for marrying a shitskin and spawning mongrels with her, being a philosemite, and being controlled opposition. Fine guy other than those minor details :^)

No. Ryan won 85% to his 15%.
He fucked up and revealed his cloak he's never going to get a cent of funding.
Ryan won 2016 in a landslide and the tax cuts seal the deal this time.
Nehlen lost before he even started.

Nehlan doesn't need funding tho. The guy is worth hundreds of millions.

For more specifics, demographics matter and the AltKike are too stupid to get this.
Without boots on the ground your social media support for Nehlen? It means nothing.'s_1st_Congressional_District_election,_2016

In 2016 Primaries,
Nehlen 15%
Ryan 85%
That's a fucking landslide

It's old white and (((white))) cuckservatives who vote in primaries.

Paul Ryan Incumbent 84.1% 57,364

Paul Nehlen 15.9% 10,864

Total Votes 68,228

Unless you can figure out how to overcome that? You stand no chance.

You need funding from the (((right))) people or the (((media))) won't fucking touch you

Embed related was Ryan's 2016 ad

And this one was Nehlens ad

Nehlen will be destroyed after the tax cuts, period.

Jesus Christ. Past few days virtually no thread I've entered has been free from two (minimum) D&C shills flirting back and forth through the entire thread.
Y'all suck cock all over my leisure time.
That next exodus can't come soon enough.
On the actual stated topic though- Nehlen's either a newly enlightened normalfag or a newly rebranded shill.
Voting is not completely pointless, but it is pretty close. Democracy will not bring us out of this mess. Democracy is part and parcel to the mess. True change of the system will only come in inevitable war. Not "meme war", actual war.
Of course, I'm not encouraging anybody to be violent, but if war comes, you better be ready to fight to win.

Last time his stance wasn't outing the new either. The debate will be interesting come election time. Jake Tapped retweeted Nehlan, they'll take the bait again.

I believe their new tact is to push multiple agendas at once. Create division, and subvert. Unfortunately all of the halfchan fags that are swarming this place are jumping on-board with one or more of their agendas and pushing them as well. I'm hoping the mods are collecting some ranges to ban, because this place has gone to hell.

To clarify about voting- the only use we have in voting is to mitigate certain problems and buy ourselves time.
Yes, the voting system can be rigged, cheated, etc. and the party system is an abysmal mitzvah, but we can temporarily stave off certain evils through the influence of certain kosher pawns.
Then one day- rope.

Boy, have I got some news for you. It's called playing both sides and is as old as the jew himself. Lurk 2x + 4 years before posting (x is how many years you've already lurked).

Shut up retard.

Oh, and
You can complain about the fags from cuckchan (a real issue), but are you sure you aren't one of them?

Says the torpedo.
Get fucked.

believe it or not, Spain is part of Europe and Spanish is a form of modern Latin.

the problem is with abos and those of african descent.

I'm spot on, aren't I? :^)))))))))))))

This. he went too far associated with the swastika crew. Every tweet of his is full of Nazi LARPers in replies. Face it, he's toast.

Kill yourself.

Not an argument.

Because you're argument claiming everyone is mods is.

When did I ever claim anything about you being a mod, dear friend? I merely stated that your mannerism echoed those of someone who, more likely than not, was not from around here. In simplier terms, a rapefugee.
The only thing I said about mods was that, in order to believe they are decent on here (and Holla Forums in particular), you'd have to not be from around here. But, I'll leave it at that: both you and I know you're not from around here.

I know. I'd be the first to report any yid claiming that actual Spaniards aren't white. Unfortunately, not everyone from Spain is an actual Spaniard.

Specify how I'm not from here. Please, let me know the ramblings of a retard.

The kikes really are terrified of Nehlen.
Just look at how hard they're shilling this thread trying to convince us not to vote for him.

As solid an endorsement as any. Nehlen 2024.

End yourself, you fucking loser. You're either demoralized or retarded.


The votes at this point in time come from old boomer cucks and the jew stuff is too edgy/ideological for them. They've been raised on the scofield bible.

A big part of why Trump won was all these old boomer cucks watch the electric jew and saw him on the The Apprentice.

People should still support Nehlen of course, he moves things in the right direction but be realistic about the current political environment.

t. nonwhite

Are you okay, user? Do you need to lie down?

You think controlled opposition leads anything in the right direction? Controlled opposition exists to prevent things from being lead in the right direction, which is why Nehlen is very careful to specify that while some jews may not be doing nice things, kikes are great people overall and israel is a great country. His job is to misdirect racially aware whites and keep Uncle Schlomo out of the oven.

Also, and I love pointing this out, Nehlen is a racemixer

I'm better than OK, user. I'm a #cruzmissile now.

I'm not getting those lost brain cells back.

Talks like a faggot and his shits all retarded.

That's a winner.

I just wanna point out "paul" in gaeilge is "pol"

This Jew wise politician isn't perfect therefore you shouldnt support him. ;^)

Just wait for Hitler. It's better for mainstream conservatives to win rather than a person who lines up with Holla Forums on most issues. ;^)

Is it just me or are kikes simply rotating their tactics once in a wihle? It's like they never come up with something new, if something fails they just redo something else like a dysfunctioned bot. Just look at the shills of this thread, instead of posting Trump-Wall.jpg like some time ago literally all of them have now gone into "you've already lost goy" mode, and not just this thread but nearly every thread.

These guys must be near suicide from the constant losing kek.

be careful just incase this is a reversed release the memo meme being used on us.

Nehlen isn't "jew wise" and he doesn't align with Holla Forums on most issues. He's a tool of the kikes and a racemixer. Nice try, though. not really

He publically promoted Kevin MacDonald's "Cultural of Critique". Only a shill would do that!

Paul Nehlen is a CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative. And I have the proof.

The WN "leaders" are promoting him because they're all CIA/SOCOM intelligence operatives too.

Forgot picture. The proof that Paul Nehlen is a CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative is contained within this image. It took me all of five minutes to find the evidence using a simple Google keyword search.

Alt right is controlled opposition.

How many people do you think read the 500+ page book after seeing him tweet it out? If the buttslammers from TRS would have produced the audiobook of it that they collected donations for, maybe it would have accomplished something.

The first piece of I noticed in the image doesn't even require a Google keyword search at all.

See that first item listed under the Volunteerism and Board Membership category heading? It's your first clue to Nehlen's Dept. of Defense connections:

1. Operation Homefront Advisory Board Member Midwest Region
For Families of Active Duty Service Members

*piece of evidence

Where's the proof?

I'm sure many became aware of the book's thesis thanks to him. Some likely sought out interviews conducted with MacDonald.

And? Does that undo the fact that he's a racemixer, a proponent of israel, and trying to lead whites away from the actual jewish question? Nope. Don't play dumb and act like you don't know what controlled opposition is and how it works.

no it isn't, shareblue.

Kevin MacDonald is another CIA intelligence operative. He works directly for CIA intelligence operative William Regnery II.

Kevin MacDonald wrote two extremely pro-Jewish books in the early-mid 1990's and then suddenly wrote an "anti-Jewish" book in the late 1990's. That's highly suspicious.

In addition, Kevin MacDonald lived and worked in Jamaica from 1972-1974 teaching math to Jamaican high school students. This was a cover job for his real activity: spying on the political attitudes and activities of the parents of these Jamaican students for the CIA.

I'll collect the evidence in one place and make a new thread for it later this week.

Nice work user. Obviously it's getting too easy because if it's out there and being promoted, 99.9% of the time it's them. Negative or positive opinions must be controlled for their hegemony to continue.


I don't feel the need to explain the significance. It's obvious.
That belief is based on a poorly lit photo. You have proof she's hispanic. Even so I'd rather a nationalist, Jew aware conservative who happens to have a hispanic wife in office rather than a typical cuckservative with a a white wife like Paul Ryan.
What does this mean? That he wants Israel to continue to exist so the Jews will have a place of their own to live? So did Hitler. That doesn't mean he supports the United States subservient to Israel.
I don't agree. It seems like you have impossible standards. No one is perfect. Trump wasn't perfect, but he was the best choice. So is Nehlen.
You're right. He doesn't call for the gassing of the kikes like authentic National Socialists like Harold Covington. He's a shill!

That's right! It's hopeless. We might as well just give up, even though the idea of a congressional candidate naming the Jew would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. We're up against an invisible, omnipotent monster, the CIA, who controls everyone and everything.

A congressional candidate without a shot at winning naming the jew isn't anything new.

I wonder who's behind this post?

Ahahahahahahahahaha oh come on, can't you do better than that? His wife is an absolute, unmistakeable spic. You can't deny that fact by crying about muh lighting. It's light enough to see her, and to see her is to know that she's utterly not white.

And now you're trying to argue that racemixers are acceptable. I expected nothing less. Yeah let's accept racemixing. Why not accept faggots too? And niggers? Hey, as long as they're pretending to be "nationalist, jew aware conservatives" then it's all good, right? :^)

It means he prays for Tel Aviv.

Uh uh. "Don't say nice things about kikes and israel, also don't racemix" are such impossible standards amirite?

Sorry nope, controlled opposition like Nehlen is always the worst choice. Your shilling is inadequate.

Tom Metzger admitted that he accepted large sums of cash from the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service).

Explain how his employment means he's cia lel.


Married to his wife Gabriela since 2015. They have no children.

Good place for them to go. Imagine if Orthodoxy went hard right and started holding their own (((fallen degenerates))) accountable.

Notice all (((Bolsheviks))) are atheists?

So long as we get a MAGA supporter AOK.


Why so much shilling against Nehlan; scared of something?

God damn, look at what the ABSOLUTE madman is retweeting. How can he possibly be controlled opposition when he's calling out legitimate Jewish orgs left and right?

What do (((they))) possibly have to gain from that?

i knwo you repeat your starts based on replies
so i reply to this obvious one to keep you stale

Nah, the issue is people like who scream that they're from reddit.
Implying that makes it ok, it makes it better, but not ok.
this is effectively stating that there will/are good jews. E.g. my based hard right orthodox jews.
How does that contradict that jewishness is a bloodline? If anything, it further proves it. Either way, do deny
proves you do not be from around here.
and thus, with the first part of your post making me know you're either a shill, from reddit, or other, I become wary of the things you say after. Consequently, you make me think you're also a MAGA/t_D shill, such that my perception of pro-Trump/MAGA people becomes that of controlled opposition.
tl;dr people like you shoot yourselves in the foot

Doesn't fucking matter, he's better than Ryan regardless.

Just go suck his cock back on reddit. The fact of the matter is that the bill he proposed–preventing websites from censoring speech–will now never, ever actually be a bill in any form, because it's "tainted" by his association.

I'd like a better choice, but honestly, anything that would get rid of Paul Ryan and make the rest of his (((associates))) kvetch endless about it, is probably a good thing. I get he's not Holla Forums's optimal choice, but if we're gonna get a Hitler into office, we need to start pushing the Overton window of political discourse. Getting Paul into office seems like a way to force several of the issues he's been bringing up into the spotlight of the American people.

The truth is that the JQ is a deep, philosophical subject, even uncle A knew that. There were no gas chambers then.
You're wrong about me on all counts. Which subtly suggests you're pulling the ol' accuse me of what you're guilty of.
In any case, Trump appears to be doing more for us than any president in our lifetime. The salt from the left alone is worth everything, but it keeps getting better and we keep winning.
Maybe you're not shariablue; maybe you're not even an edgy, confused all-talker; or maybe you are. Either way, I don't care to reply to you further due mainly to your WE CAN'T WIN UNLESS PERFECT 14/88. This is a marathon, not a sprint; in case you hadn't noticed.

B-but Holla Forums told me not to vote. That it doesn't matter. That kikes always win.

We don't have this legislation at all, so you're implying that the kikes are using Nehlen as controlled op to nip this potential (for them) problem in the bud…by proposing a convincing legislative archetype that would only do them harm if passed? How dumb are you?

More revealing for me, though, is that your tagline of poisoning by association is an old argument shills made in claiming that Trump wouldn't get anything done even if elected – so don't vote at all. Full NatSoc or nothing at all, am I right (((fellow white)))?

Just get the fuck out, dipshit. You're not a Holla Forumsack.
Learn what words mean before you use them.
How the jews operate, yeah.
No, that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with "poison by association" as a concept, you illiterate fuck.
No, that's the "wait for Hitler" shilling tactic. It's a derivative of the reducto ad absurdum fallacy.

The very fact alone that Nehlan married a spic means he goes in the trash. You don't seem to comprehend this. I could have sworn I read somewhere that he had two sons but oh well, guess not. That hardly changes anything.

Yes, and that also means he goes in the trash.

wew. Going a little overboard there, aren't you? Kikes are a racial group defined by their genetics, not their religion. And their genes must be wiped off the face of the Earth. Why do you think it's called genocide?

What did it for me was
that ID disappeared quick after getting his kike lies exposed.

America didn't get any (((refugees))) anyways, that's europe.
America gets legal and illegal immigrants from the third world, that's 98% of the nonwhite problem in the USA.

Are you high? I never listed something personal, I listed things that should be unanimous on Holla Forums. E.g., there are no good jews, married to spic is worse than not married to spic, etc.
Well, I can at least claim: I don't support Isreal, I am not married to a spic, and, unlike you, know that there are no good jews.
See, this is where you give yourself away. Implyiing that Holla Forums's outlook is just about "degeneracy". It's about all the plagues the jewish people have inflicted on the west, rightful retribution for said evils, and to secure the existence of future white children by means of removing that subversive group. You really have the air of a civnat.
Oh, wiggers are a thing, nevertheless, what are you trying to claim? I should ally myself with "based Jews", "based Blacks", "based Whites", all against the "degenerate menace"? Sorry, you can change views and cultivate a new generation that is not primarily (if at all) a group of wiggers, but you can't change race.
I'm not perfect, at least not as much as Hitler (I lack public speaking skills). I also never stated not to vote. All I have stated is that, instead of mindlessly following something, one should investigate a person's allegiances before voting for them (as opposed to just taking the person at face value).
How is that possible when I'm not the one who is claiming orthodox jews can be considered "ok"? Remember, "degeneracy" isn't the core problem (that is merely a misconception like how leftists think rich white men are the problem), the problem is the jews and the consequences of their actions.
I don't deny that at all.
It isn't that. I would just wish there'd be a person who is pro-white on anything they have a stance on, and neutral/willing to keep their mouth shut on anything else.
Yes, but each time it comes to one of these "have to pick someone who has some bad attributes", you end up having to take such a risk of the person undoing all you've worked for/betraying you. It's truly frightening since a single person might render all worked for in the previous years moot.
I truly thank you for that. Despite your mannerisms not being of the kind I like, I'm grateful you did not dafault to merely claiming me a shill. Therefore, I am sorry for presuming your position.

If he's controlled opposition, and he is, then beneath Nehlen's LARPing he is the exact same as Paul Ryan. Try again.

No it isn't. Kill them all.


>America didn't get any (((refugees))) anyways, that's europe.

America has a refugee program, user. We weren't getting Europe-tier numbers of them yet but it was really fucking bad.

If it's all so obvious to you, care to explain, using Nehlen as a case study? How does the proposed "Shall Not Censor" legislation aid the kikes, when no one was even thinking about anything like it before? How does repeatedly calling out Jews on their "fellow white" deception aid the kikes? How does acknowledging Jewish over-representation in politics aid the kikes? How does getting The Culture of Critique new exposure – and yes, there are people that are reading it that otherwise wouldn't have because of his row with Tapper – aid the kikes?

Twitter is dead. Everyone is banned.

It's obvious to all actual Holla Forumsacks.
Sure. Lurk for two years before posting. You'll understand completely.
Already did that. You were too stupid to comprehend it. Lurk for two years before posting.

I guess so, since they miscegenate with everything under the sun and yet they keep acting the way they do.

But the distinction hardly matters. Whether they are indoctrinated into the cult or not, all Jews must die. We can't let there be any chance that their vile ideology survives.

The "Shall Not Censor" legislation has no chance in hell of passing since Nehlen activated his controlled opposition mode and started pretending to be pro-white. Any legislation he proposes now is doomed by its association with him.


I'm not even in total disagreement with you. It's more that you're lacking strategy, organization, engineering, and systematization. Sure if the lights go out it's full on warfare. But while the lights are on we vote.
Tough subject. I understand your disgust. Still, could be useful under optimum conditions.
What you say isn't wrong. Yet genetics are guided by behavior. Behavior is guided by belief. Strong fathers guide towards improved genetics. Weak fathers, weak beliefs degenerate genes.

Confirmed for shill.
Double confirmed.

I know about that but am just pointing out that refugges aren't a thing in USA compared to legal and even illegal immigrants.
There were niggers from haiti and that's it, it's hard to transport ahmeds to america.
Decreasing potential refugee numbers is nice but's it's literally nothing when those numbers are 1/50th of the legal or illegal numbers

Wrong. You can accuse me of being mistaken, but not a shill.

So you're wrong. Stop cucking out.

I haven't said anything about voting one way or another. I'm just pointing out that Nehlen is completely fake.

Wrong. Behavior is governed by genetics and belief is a product of behavior. That's why the jewish holy books revolve around cheating their own god. This is also specifically why every kike has to die.

Replying quickly and with little thought. Gotta keep raking in those shekels, do you?

No one proposed anything remotely similar to this legislation before Nehlen. I maintain that if he was controlled op then that would be a pretty stupid thing to do. Since I'm not familiar with the proposal time line I will concede as a possibility that he's only recently been recruited by his handlers, and the dialed up pro-white rhetoric is to torpedo the bill by making him unelectable – though one could argue given Ryan's Cuck Radio loving District 1 that he was already unelectable.

He is absolutely pushing the Overton window in the direction we want and you're a fool if two or three standard cuckservative tweets over the last six months are enough to outweigh his Trump-tier political shitposting.

God dammit. Mostly meant for

King Nigger was resettling fucking "Syrian refugees" and specifically dumping them in the whitest communities he could find. And then there were the endless flood of Somalians. Seriously user, you really don't know about our refugee program. It covered a whole lot more than Haitians.

In fact they've been importing ReligionOfPeace® darkies all over, especially in solid German lineage areas, like MN. Illegals from the South are a YUGE problem to be sure. But Somalians. Just the mention of the name warrants h8. The PNW is also being hammered with ReligionOfPeace® and the Catholic church plays a huge part in that.

Thanks for admitting you were wrong.
K. And?
You're wrong and you know nothing about how controlled opposition behaves. We have told you this.
That's obvious.
So you openly admit to understanding the thing you claimed not to understand just minutes ago. Reported.

I guess you were replying quickly and with little thought. You should muffle your cries of pain next time.

It's called "making a realization", dipshit. Thanks for helping me make the connection.

I failed to proofread prior to posting. Totally different than the one-liners you're churning out.

Why? The "Shall Not Censor" legislation will go absolutely nowhere so it's completely harmless to the kikes. The only thing it's good for is tricking gullible retards into thinking Nehlen is legitimate.

No, saying it's okay to be jewish and praising israel is the exact opposite direction that Holla Forums wants the Overton window the slide in.

Whatever you say. Next time just read before replying and you'll understand things better.

Kek how can this even be interpreted when you have posts like
and pics related that btfo of this shit argument.

True but that's after conception. Epigenetics mentioned because behavior influences seed expression. Behavior of the Father determines the degree of expression passed down. Degeneracy is genetic; it's in the word itself. Rise towards blonde/blue or degenerate towards black/brown.

You're right, he mildly criticized some jews while also making sure to point out that there's nothing wrong with being jewish and that israel is a one swell country. Let's not forget the fact that he's a racemixer or associates with (((TRS))), either. It all adds up. There's no way he's a fraud at all :^)

Kek I'd tell you to eat shit but a kike like you would get too much enjoyment out of it

el oh el


Nehlans Twitter feed as of right now.

Everything I said about Nehlen is a fact proven by his own words and actions. Or are you going to claim his spic wife is white, he never made those pro-kike tweets, and it was all just a dream that he appeared up on a (((TRS))) podcast? lel

let's see you spin this one you fucking shill kikes. assuming everyone hasn't already filtered you all.

t. Yair

You're right in the exact same way that wiggers are (((white))).

Guess you turn into the most mutated, degenerate, physically inept lifeform by praising Yahweh, eh.

Fucking reported.

So, he constantly travels back in time to Germany circa 1933-1945 and says mean things to members of the NSDAP? Also, this fag couldn't troll his way out of an argument with a downs.

That's why it's so difficult to spot them.

I hate you kikes so fucking much

Your first posts were calling everyone a plebit fag.
Good. I hope you've produced more blonde babies than you can count on one hand, like me.
If they were Jewish they wouldn't be letting their women speak and they would follow the law.
Ally doesn't imply non-homogeneous systems. Not at all a civnat. We're more in agreement than not, believe it or not.
Simply that behavior influences the quality of genes.
Yes you can over generations. And that's the point, to elevate the precious blonde/blue genes and deter the degeneration to black/brown.
Evidently it's the core problem for every system. Laws are systems of behavioral control.
Agreed; except I'm repeating what was said in the NT; they aren't what they chayyim to be.
#MeToo - Watching Trump handle the media using patience makes me think we may see a gradual increase of pro-solidarity. I'm seeing it already.
I know. It's maddening. We still have doubts about Trump. But then that blackpill isn't worth taking because it goes against the survival instinct. Pragmatically we're seeing a full meltdown of the narrative, so I remain optimistic.
I understand. It's because I took the JQ to a point suggesting not all. I'm surprised I wasn't banned for it. What I was suggesting though was that if someone with Moshe genes is an "atheist" then they aren't what they think they are and furthering contaminating the gene pool. But I know very well that ALL of them claim to be jewish based on blood. Suggesting to (((them))) that they aren't jewish gets the same response this board gives for suggesting it.

Hahaha thanks user, those are worthy of some new memes


Gregory Cochran discusses epigenetics:

Understandable. But errant; you don't fully grasp what I'm getting at. You can be more clear if you're interested by reading my other comments in this thread, friend.

Believe it or not, we're not in disagreement at all about the genes, friend.

That you'd take issue with such an innocuous statement says a lot.

I see you've run out of arguments to defend your controlled opposition racemixer with. Not that you really had any to begin with.

You're certainly dedicated, I'll give you that. You've been posting ITT throughout the entire day.

Don't care. Jews are a race. Kill yourself.


Was meant for this meme forcing faggot. Why mods don't ban these obvious subversive elements is beyond me.

Not in the context of a guy who claims to be "pro-white". It's impossible to be pro-white and not be a white supremacist.

Autistic hateboners and insomnia are a hell of a combination

Get your shit together nigger.

If he's controlled op he still has to do some things favorable for us or he loses his value as controlled op. Meanwhile Ryan is a roadblock.

Hey, if you've got a problem with my memes tell Nehlen to stop giving me ammo for them.

You're taking the term hateboner a little too literally there

Nice leftist talking point you got there. And it's obviously a false one.

You gonna gas Stephen Miller in your American Reich?

Has Spencer done anything of value for us? Has Enoch or Jared Taylor? Controlled opposition doesn't have to do anything favorable, all it has to do is say the right things to fool and manipulate the gullible.

Explain how it's possible to be pro-white without recognizing that whites are at the top of the racial hierarchy.

Nehlan will win.

Are you just pretending to be retarded? Regardless of whether he is controlled op or not he will have to vote against pro refugee shit. It doesn't matter if he's pro-white or just saying he's pro-white, his vote will be constrained to the platform he runs on except on the most serious thing that kikes would need him to bend on. Meanwhile Ryan is free to vote against our interests on every single issue.

>b-b-but cut off their tails and mice offspring still have tails (((we))) win!
WTF does that have to do with behavior? That must be some of the worst comprehension of the subject online. (((member of USA TODAY))) the author is one of those highly touted useful idiots. Truly. Not kidding.

Thanks for the vid link. That man could use some inspiration. He's missing some fundamental direction, namely in sexual differentiation. He's not in disagreement with my thesis, only lacking core direction.

Epigenetics is a very simple model that observes if a dad runs marathons throughout his life his offspring is going to be predisposed to a higher degree of expression of the good runner genes than if the dad was a couch potato. This is why offspring often are found excelling in the fields of their parents. It's also why (((merchant))) genes gains momentum through generations as well as Asian math skills.

It's why those in the know here emphasize lifting, reading, training, honor, work ethic, modesty, morality, beauty, and all other great virtues for those of us still carrying high degrees of white genes.


Quints of Truth, we've got no choice now. Time to get behind him or fuck off.

Abso-fucking-lutely. Miller has to die for his cursed kike genes. But he gets gassed last and saluted as he goes down choking.

[REQ]: 77777777777777777777777777777777777 Trump will win.tiff


(((Who))) might be behind all of this?

Hell no. He's honorary. But why don't you know that yet?


You lose kike. In the end you always lose.

No, he doesn't have to. Since his whole "pro-white" position is a farce you have no basis to say he would vote against DACA, pro refugee shit, or anything really.

shut up internet aristocrat and go back to racemixing with your gook "honorary" gf


No, faggot.
Honorary doesn't exist. It's why Hitler lost WW2, he kept too many (((honorary Aryans))) around him who clouded his judgement.
Miller isn't a kike.

That's funny, because you're the one who seems to have given up even trying to argue for Nehlen. I guess it's too hard to stick up for a racemixer who just yet again claimed not all jews are bad, huh?


Subhumans with nigger tier IQ get the rope too. Controlled op must out of necessity keep up the pretense of being actual oppossition.

Fugging checked.

Cohencidentally that's what all the (((Bolsheviks))) claim too. Again, they are a race, because behavior determines the degree of expression of any given genes. What that race becomes is due to their behavior. When it rejects the best behaviors available and deliberately does the opposite for the want of power above all else it becomes an abomination. When it's doing the exact opposite of Good by design, even employing elaborate ritual, it deliberately seeks destruction of everything good. We're in agreement without you realizing it, except about the killing myself, which would be blasphemous since I've committed no unforgivable sins.

I prefer to lurk, but the amount of shilling here got me interested. I understand your loathing of any hint of supporting (((evil))) and ain't even mad at you, friend.

Honorary exists whether you want it to or not. And Miller's family had to leave a progressive kike temple in Santa Monica because he was too patriotic and outspoken.


Miller is a kike, not sure why you'd attempt to claim otherwise when he openly admits to being jewish.


Yup. Like I said, you can't even defend Nehlen at point. You've given up trying to because he's indefensible. You can't defend the racemixing, can't defend the praise for israel, can't defend his insistence that "MOST JEWS ARE TOTALLY COOL, GUYS". Sad!

Honorary whites don't exist whether you like it or not. There are whites, there are non-whites, and we're all competing for finite resources. Every single non-white is the enemy, it's just that some of them have to be exterminated much sooner than others.

Every. Single. Time.

I will call you "faggity faggot man" if I so choose to do.

Nice work avoiding the tweets where Nehlan identifies as a white supremacist stupid mother fucker.

A "White supremacist" with a bean wife.

Ok so who should we vote for instead?

Just five hours ago, Nehlen specifically said he isn't a white supremacist. I made a meme out of it. Do you want me to post it again?

You're implying that it's desirable to support controlled opposition under certain circumstances. That is incorrect.

Nehlen's timeline rn

fug chegged XDDDD



[oy veying itt intensifies]

The ones that don’t exist, you mean.


As long as a Nehlen thread is up, his tweets will be posted for the shills to ignore.


Being suspicious of the contradictions between his words and actions (spic wife, support for Israel), and the known shills he's associating with, doesn't make someone a shill. If you think there's nothing to any of it, then you're lying to yourself.

When he was on AnCap the Nation in 2016, he said Bannon referred to him as "their kamikaze". Is it possible that he's currently on a kamikaze mission to hijack Holla Forums and White nationalism on behalf of Bannon and his kike masters after Milo failed to do so?

Im not just gonna take your word for it. Post your claim friend.

it's almost as if the jew is immunized against all dangers; one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. but call him a jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back; “i've been found out.”

seriously, why do they keep proving goebbels right?


You could have just searched "Nehlen+kamikaze", some kike blog clipped it out and put it on Soundcloud.

Turns out it was 2017, not 2016.

Oh. Did they? Convenient for you. It's pretty obvious in the context is was meant as a term of endearment, as in Bannon liked his energy. And then he mentions how Bannon tests him on if he should run again, so your premise that Nehlen is on a kamikaze mission to hijack Holla Forums and White nationalism on behalf of Bannon and his kike masters after Milo failed to do so, falls flat at that moment.

That you don't know the answer to this tells me you're not one of us.

Wow that's a nice total non-explanation you've got there, your inability to explain your own argument really makes it seem right :^) I'm d09348. Regular internet is fucked, must phonepost

What I don't get about the "MUH CONTROLLED OP" shills and voting is this. They claim voting doesn't matter. Well if it doesn't matter, why in the ever loving fuck does it matter if Holla Forums decides to meme controlled opposition into a spot?

It's this idea that acceleration actually works and you can seriously get the people that would see Nehlen, or Trump, as a release valve to revolt if they don't get elected. If these people see the vote as a release valve, you wont get them to revolt by swearing in the other guy. They'll just quietly cuck until the next election cycle.
What matters are the percentage of non lemmings that every society has. And those can be convinced regardless of who is put into whatever office. Those people will look at decisions and actions rather than campaign promises or claims.

So if Nehlen gets elected and isn't Hitler, or even just pro-white, the people that could be convinced to revolt wont magically calm down JUST because he was elected. And those that wont revolt because he was elected, were never going TO revolt in the first fucking place.

See He recognizes whites superiority just as well as any one of us. Next argument please.

The people who gave Ryan a 68 point leader over him in the 2016 primary aren't going to magically elect him now that he made himself even less appealing to them by coming out as an ebul racist anti-Semite.

If you can't see the problem with following and wasting time with controlled opposition, then you aren't smart enough to post here.

See here's the thing

How the fuck is this a waste of time? It implies any effort is even required of you. Nobody's asking to go out and campaign for him, attend a rally, or donate, or anything of the sort. Just meme and go vote. There's nobody else to vote for anyways. Unless it's that much of a hassle to leave the house on the 6th to place your vote, there's no reason not to do it.

That's what gets me. The issue is framed as if any effort whatsoever need be expended. But that isn't the case at all. Most you could argue is that having this thread up bumps another, perhaps more useful thread, into 404…but really look at the garbage up right now and one thread isn't going to matter.

Though he may not win he will bring attention to his platform. Jake Tapper and other assorted journos cant help but take his bait. This works in our interest win or lose,.

It's funny how retarded the Nehlen shilling is getting as it becomes double, triple, and quadruple obvious that he's a fraud.

That's not an argument. Give an argument.

He's not working explicitly against our goals though. His overall platform is the exact same as Trump's. America first with heavy zogbot baggage.
You deal with it the same way you deal with Trump. You put him in and make him do what you want.

And again, that isn't even the argument I'm making. Assuming he was fucking cuckservative tier, he'd still be better than the option. But if you waste no resources to put him in place, why not do it? You can take a position for no effort. You can argue it's a low returns action, but it's also a low effort one.

Here's one, if he's controlled op, why did Bannon and kikebart drop his endorsement?
This is where you deflect and counter with his non-white wife, go ahead.

If he's legit, why did Bannon and Kikebart endorse him ever?

You mean before he stared calling out kikes? Hmm. I wonder. Why did they endorse Trump?

kek the kikes ALWAYS ALWAYS try to subvert any kind of nationalist movement. Just look at the absolute state of the (((Libertarian Party))). Or even what happened in Ukraine.

Saying it's okay to be jewish, not all jews, praising israel, and racemixing are all explicitly against our goals. Or did you mean he's not explicitly working against your goals?

Trump presented himself as a civic nationalist from the start of his campaign. Nehlen is presenting himself as a "pro white" messiah while fucking a spic and saying the majority of kikes are good people.

Ryan is a cuckservative. Nehlen is literally no different from the other option aside from his LARPing.

But why not? I mean he's controlled opposition and all, but come on, why not? lel the absolute state of your argument

My entire argument is based on the fact the main argument in any election is inaction.
Inaction wins you nothing.

It's the same argument as Trump. if not him, then who?

It's simply a means to set up his "why is not okay to be white" argument and it's effective.
Trumps never done that.
I was waiting for this argument. Nehlen is not a natsoc. Nehlen is not even a white nationalist nor does he advocate for a white ethnostate. Nehlen fills the role as a white advocate. He simply advocates on behalf of white people. Niggers and chinks can do that just as easy. He isn't beholden to an ideology that would make it morrally wrong for him to race mix. You can hold him to that standard, fine. But it doesnt make his message any less genuine.
Nope. He simply advocates for white interests a desperately needed position in the political sphere.
lel you have absolutely nothing to base this on besides screaming LARPER.
Implying yours is any better.

academics pls respond

fuken checked my dude

Tay-Sach's disease is common to all jew types.

lol. Your argument is getting sadder than "please clap".


the entire "Alt Right" movement is a psy-ops to gather intel

It's time!

That have all of the intel they could ever want. Every car, phone, computer, watch, and fucking microwave tracks our every breath. Die of Grids Heeb!

it's a social experiment, they are using these fake movements and fake Alt Right leaders to guage people's reactions, so they can then make plans in the future that won't fail.

You're right mr Kike, lets all go back to being centrists.

You yids really suck at fitting in. No wonder you constantly need to create turmoil.

Yeah, you do. You actually think you can make Holla Forums accept a racemixer who just can't stop saying jews are good people. Shilling for a guy who's as obvious controlled opposition as Nehlen is must be frustrating.

I accept what he's doing right now, pointing out the massive influence of jews on their host nations, and I don't see a single reason Holla Forums should act as a monolithic entity according to your wishes and make him an unperson. That's what I clearly expressed.
You're putting words in my mouth here, Herschel.

wew. You don't get it. Nehlen is already a complete non-option in the eyes of Holla Forums. Like I pointed out before, the racemixing alone makes him a total pariah here. I'm not fighting to make Holla Forums reject Nehlen. He's already rejected. I'm just doing this because I have an autistic hateboner for controlled opposition and enjoy butting heads with shills.

I think his handlers need to tell him he can be a little too sometimes

But he's not being antisemitic. What's your point?

That is my point.

Eat shit and die nigger.

Hey, don't get mad at me that Nehlen keeps undermining his own "pro white" facade. It's not my fault that he isn't good at the whole controlled opposition thing.


Nehlen doesn't need the Media's approval he needs Trump's. Acquiring that will give him the Media's unending hate which would work just as well for him if he is smart.

Wisconsinite here; Nehlen will never ever never ever never ever never never ever ever win as long as Ryan keeps running for reelection. His district is too loyal, too gerrymandered, too rock-solid to ever go for a fucking out-of-state fundraising, crackpot lunatic, anti-Semite like Nehlen.


That term again. With important case even.

Watching Nehlen is sad, he's gone beyond howdoyoudofellowanons.png and is making a fool out of himself and this board. Didn't any one of you retards DM him to tell him not to meme in real life, holy shit, he's become a fucking caricature.

I know some anons aren't that blind, this dude is way too obvious. He's shifty as fuck in interviews and and has all the facial tells of deception. He exists to insure Ryan another term and that he retains his 3rd in line seat to the presidency. This way Spencer/Enoch can stand down for a while and attempt to gain new fans on the current debate channels while Nehlen is out picking fights everyday with prominent twitterers and looking like the leader of the Anglin retard brigade. This is so embarrassing in every way.

Cut it out Nehlen, you're not helping you're damaging the credibility of all nationalists. And if you are shilling on instruction then that makes you a traitor.

awful get
t. Shapiro

Back to >>>/phalanx/ faggot

Really bonks the old noggin

Nehlen is so good at being controlled opposition that he got suspended from Twitter for 7 days by tweeting out pics related, which he was forced to delete.

B-but he touched the wall.

But seriously, look at this convo I came across on twitter.


Did he actually touch it?

wew lad

Could Nehlen's wife actually be Italian? This thread is filled with claims she's a spic.

I can actually buy the argument he's controlled op since this has made him unelectable, but the number of wailing kikes responding to his Twitter feed is just too good to dislike the guy

Not sure, its enough to be in Israel to be a kike slave apparently.
His wife is italian. Swarthy, but Italian.
I honestly dont think he is. He's a self made man worth hundreds of billions that created his own empire. He's got the fuck you money to do as he pleases and I don't think he actually expects the win. I believe his outting of the jew and advocacy of white interest is genuine as this past election season has been a redpilling experiance for a lot of ordinary folks

Plus look at that kikes twitter. He puts up the same arguments against Nehlan as the ones you see posted here
CoincidenceI'm sure

Full convo.


Very telling

Stacked against everything else itt.

Are you implying Nehlen's twatter account was hacked and his pro-jew, pro-israel tweets are fake, and that somebody shooped his wife to look like a spic? lel. I'm just pointing out the facts. I'll I've done in this thread is hold Nehlen accountable for his own words and own non-white wife.

Nehlen has been banned from twitter for posting and the pics have been removed you dumb kike.

Italians are white actual Italians anyway but Gabriela is plainly a spic. Her nose and mouth also look conspicuously jew-like, so she might be a spic-kike hybrid, but I'm being kind and overlooking that possibility. Being a spic is bad enough.

You know I filtered you like 3 days ago, right? I have no idea what you're saying

Guess I won't see you in the next thread.


Beautiful get.

I'm here to check these glorious digits. Nehlan, take my energy.


I'm naming the jew. I actually had the pleasure of talking to the owner of these posts. If you're wondering why the shilling is over 9000 it's have to be the degree of salt in the wound Nehlen left on Moarpheus' ripped asshole.

Everything you need to know about the shilling in this thread.

Fuck off morpheus.

See those corporations that Nehlen has worked for? They're all Dept. of Defense contractors.

Paul Nehlen is either a CIA or USSOCOM intelligence operative. I have no doubt about that whatsoever.

It proves that Nehlen is a CIA or SOCOM spook.

no one cares what you doubt, you're a faggot kike shill

Not even remotely an argument, yid.

For as commonly as "dude wait for Hitler" is known around here, it baffles me how little knowledge of the Overton Window is applied. Jordan Peterson? "HE'S A KIKE LOVER". Nehlen? "SUPPORTS ISRAEL" Trump? "HIS KIDS MARRIED JEWS"

No shit. We know. But you have to crawl before you can walk. By making these views acceptable and common, we are opening up the next era. We're drawing the distant window frame to within our reach. You can't rewrite society all at once; it doesn't work. At best you end up with a bunch of fractured ideas that don't make sense. There absolutely has to be a coherent progression.

Anyone who shills against the spearpoint either doesn't understand this or is intentionally trying to deflect it. When the spear becomes too dull for the job, you don't say it was useless. You cherish the victories it won you and then you choose a sharper spear. One made available by the previous one's successes.

Sorry, but you guys have fallen for another clever CIA/SOCOM agent.

These are very sophisticated psychological operations run by the very high I.Q. Jews and Irish at the Pentagon and CIA.

Fuckin' A, son. I wish more cunts realized this.

Oh, and for those of you who don't already know…

Holla Forums itself is owned by a CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative (Jim Watkins).

Confirmed for Nehlan.

So many shills ITT. It's fine to be disillusioned with democracy, but it's obvious that Nehlen winning would open the door for more Holla Forums types to take office. Breitbart already called him an anti-semite, so no matter what his actual stance is, him winning will make it possible for more people to call out the kikes. He's also definitely pro-Trump, which fits Holla Forums's agenda. It's obvious that the people against him are just shills. Simply ask "What else am I supposed to do?" and it will be obvious that they are coming from a liberal/neocon perspective.

Also he said that he's "neutral" towards the Jews, instead of giving them special treatment or outright hating them. That's the political equivalent of saying "6 million more." There's a chance he's not a mega anti-semite, but not giving the Jews a divine status is revolutionary under 21st century democracy.

>and it was all just a dream that he appeared up on a (((TRS))) podcast? lel

And the fact that Nehlen appeared on a TRS podcast with proven CIA agent Mike Enoch further solidifies the claim that Nehlen is an intelligence spook.

He wasn't proven to be CIA you dumb kike. He was proven to have a nigger brother, a kike wife and an admitted yid himself.
Learn the points you shill nigger.

I laughed, my neighbors probably heard me.
good post 8/10


This. Pic related.


Both Mike Enoch and his wife Ames Friedman have worked for several corporations that are proven Israeli government and U.S. government intelligence fronts.

Mike Enoch and Ames Friedman are definitely intelligence operatives.

This. The CIA and SOCOM are refining their tactics and strategies. They're in a very sophisticated state now.

Paul Nehlen is a lifelong Dept. of Defense intelligence flunkey. He's paid from the DoD's petty cash drawer.

David Duke is a 2nd generation CIA agent.

Very interesting metaphor you chose there.

Not a surprise. Alex Jones is Donald Trump's most enthusiastic propagandist in the entire American "alternative" media.

You're in good company.

The only thing I'll take issue with in your post. That's t_D's agenda. Holla Forums's agenda would be the actions the man takes, not the man himself (e.g. the wall, immigration reform, isolationism, etc.)

that cartoon actually disowns the alt kike, you need to get on with the times you cancerous boomer faggot.

Nehlan it is then. Checked.

Imagine being this bad at math.

The other stuff is probably consistent with other political accounts on the site. Who cares?

Very eloquently put. I find it disturbing that too many of the anons here shill for NOTHING IS WORKING MY FELLOW ANONS, WE MISTAKENLY VOTED FOR A KIKE, LET'S JUST GO TO CIVIL WAR GO - I MEAN GUYS! Even current Poland is not that stupid.

On a scale of TRS to GLR where does this Paul Nehlen guy stand?

The shilling against pro-white celebrities, politicians and ideological faction leaders is as follows:
Find SOME WAY, ANY WAY to call the person a Jew, or Jewphile.
Find SOME DIRT on the person which makes them a pariah to pro-white groups. This typically means miscegenation or homosexuality.

Thus, with the pro-white target destroyed, it serves as a reminder to others to NEVER SUPPORT pro-white interests. It makes pro-white ideology radioactive unless you want to be doxxed or harassed by the very people you mean to support.

Holla Forums should know better than this, especially since they came from a weeaboo and tranny-fap background. Recognize, pariahs that you are, the strategies that your enemies use to make your allies into pariahs.

Checking that beautiful get. Nehlen will win.

I still haven't gotten rid of all my degenerate habits but I wouldn't go as far as to equate a porn addiction to marrying a non-white. Leaders have extra responsibility, too. To themselves and to everyone else. Don't forgive or forget. Just bide your time and don't have knee-jerk reactions.

Paul Nehlen is a CIA/SOCOM intelligence spook.



I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?

Paul Nehlen was just on Infowhores a few days ago and said he is not an anti-semite.

Nehlen supports Israel and you have a problem with that? :^)

If we don't meme Pol Nehlen into office we may as well all fucking neck ourselves. This is a golden opportunity to force people to take the JQ seriously.

I'm taking more of a wait and see approach with Nehlen for now but I'm going to need more proof for that claim. In case you don't know DoD is about the only game left in the USA when it comes to manufacturing. Especially if he is in the precision machining/manufacturing field. Hell I handle QC for a sub-prime aerospace contractor and when I'm not at workand sometimes when i am I spread redpills. got a guy to read The International Jew the other day You need more evidence than he just worked in the industry.

Nehlen supports Israel.
What more are you waiting on exactly?


Try harder Schlomo


Low energy kike propaganda.


his wikipedia is getting hit with articles calling him disgusting, Religion of Cuck™aphobic, facist, neo-nazi.
he must be doing something right to get all this hate

He's digesting the red pill, that's what.

If you watch him on Cardillo from (((Rebel Media))) it's seems to me that he's not controlled opposition, but is just someone that is in the process of opening their eyes. During that hybrid interview/debate, Nehlen repeats his stance of "neutrality" regarding Jews, misspeaks on occasion, and circles the drain for painfully long periods of time, but often eventually gets to the right point (though admittedly Cardillo's belligerence and desire to turn the interview into a debate didn't help in this regard).

For instance, go to 16:07 where the discussion about Jewish over-representation and hear long it takes Nehlen to point out Cardillo's glaringly obvious base rate fallacy. It takes him until 19:38 to mention weighted averages, which kind of gets at the crux of the base rate fallacy, it's not explained too well. Nehlen could have delivered decisive knock out blows on several occasions but he needs to improve his debate skills. If I'm right and he's in the process of digesting the red pill, we'll see this happen in future debates.

Nehlen debate:



Don’t exist. Zionist or Christian; a combination means someone is lying.

these guys are gearing up for a punishment like they have never fucking seen. And they lived through the Holocost.

Guys, you have no idea what you're doing. This is bigger than twitter, facebook, and youtube metrics you think you can contain.

This is not going to end well for you. And I mean you, directly, the authors of this article and people working at the Forward. SPLC has their lists, but you by existing have given us our list.

Do people actually fall for this shit? You infiltrators make like a dozen of these images, all identical except for the text, for every public right wing figure. I almost wish our shills were more creative.

There seems to be a contingent of shills who don't believe you can be both a philosemite and pro white. These shills are a bunch of judeophobes who hate Nehlen because he supports based National Zionist Israel, just ignore em.


bamp :^)

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ban the fucking shills already