Antifa tries attacking a patriotic rally in Greece. Fails miserably

Pics related.

Top photo: Antifa showing up to counter protest.

Second photo: How their banner ended up afterwards,

Third photo: Where antifa used to live getting burned down by flares that were launched by Golden Dawn members and supporters.

Video: The video of it happening on a news report. Notice how the anarchists are cowering behind police.

Ζήτω η Χρυσή Αυγή!

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Godspeed Greek user.

Golden Dawn is still around? What have they been up to?

collecting ngo paychecks

I remember when they were the next big thing, then the media black out hit after their leaders were arrested. There was some mention of corruption allegations and a split, but that's from a while ago. I assumed they went controlled opposition like everything else and disappeared. If they're legit and active, I'd like to hear stories.

They are still the 3rd largest party in the parliament.

Looks like today has been a bad day for antifa.

Antifa entered a CasaPound area to put up flyers and try to jump locals. Thankfully some brace patriots chased them and stabbed one in the back.

Antifa tried to protest this later but got beat by police. Video of this below the first picture.

And in more news, in America, Matt Heimbach and members of the Traditionalist Workers Party protested a women's march in Knoxville, Tennessee.

what's the building on fire? The Antifa house?

It was called libertatias I think. It was an antifa squat that they used to house leftists and refugees

Made my day. Good luck Greeks

FYROM stronk


These kinds of things usually happen in bunches. I'm not saying to be ready for trouble in urban areas in the US, but I am saying that it's probably going to result in some displays of power.

Shame it's not summertime, else we'd already be seeing hostility from BLM groups.

I don't really get why the greeks are making a fuss over the name, just wait 50 years. Macedonia will be renamed to Little Albania. and they deserve it, fuck you for stabbing us in the back - Serbia

The police should have beaten them all up.

skopja, now known as fyrom, isnt macedonia

Southern Europeans don't fuck around.

I want a strong southern european to breed my wife

Hey guys, OP here. Here is the new thread of what's been happening since their flat got burned down.

Kek I just knew it when I saw the house. Looked abandoned, they usually live in such buildings


I'd hate to be seen with such a group of misfits.


The spergs and manlets aside the most revealing part of that picture is Heimbach posing for a picture, striking a pose but failing miserably.

So who are these guys?

I can't name a single city in Tennessee that isn't beyond saving and reeking of piss other than Chattanooga but that's mostly because it reeks of shit what with all the Indians owning most of the real estate.

Alright JIDF

Sounds like some Commie shit…