Schumer Admits taking the Govt hostage with Shutdown

Schumer Admits taking the Govt hostage with Shutdown

Schumer Admits taking the Govt hostage with Shutdown

Schumer Admits taking the Govt hostage with Shutdown

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He has literally become a meme

Every morning when I wake up, I have my breakfast, get my day started and after about an hour or so, I wish I could just go back to sleep and wake up again with clown world all having been a horrible nightmare.


This kike is such a fucking retard. Reminds me when he threatened Trump with deep state actors. This mother fucker ahould have been tried for treason then.

The Israeli agent needs to be gitmo'd.

Remember, if it comes to civil war again we aren't fighting a gentleman's war. Their (((officers))) get no quarter.

So he's the de facto leader of the Dems now. Fascinating.

This will not be a brother war.
This will not be a Gentile Man's war.

This will be a full exto war. It has taken all of history to fully identify the problems. The one saving grace of modernism is that we have tried with good faith to integrate all these muds and convert them to our ways. They have all failed. Now they all die.

I'll be sleeping like a baby.

oh wow

Yup, he had his fucking posters already printed up. (((Negotiating))) with a kike is always dealing in bad faith. Even the libbiest of of shits should see how fucked up that is and acknowledge it.

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

The asshole should be hung from the rafters in the senate floor as a reminder to all traitors.

Who did he betray? Feinstein? Sanders? He has never been on America's side.

Shadilay. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

The nogs are frequenting shooting ranges at unprecedented rates. They are gearing up to show whitey who is top dawg. Antifa and leftists are also showing up in record numbers. It is spooky. At some point the powder keg will pop. Don't make me do this alone, anons, we need to work together and work hard.

Sigh. I just wanted to live in a peaceful society, enjoy a career in science, raise a beautiful family, and make things amazing. Now I can't even go outside without my head on a swivel. I now have to subject my carefully-curated brain cells to blunt force trauma as I train in boxing so that I can beat the fuck out of angryniggers when they inevitably come for me. It shouldn't have turned out like this, but now we're stuck with it. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

The jews will cease to exist if we can forge the world that we want. We have to try.

You're fucking retarded. Why did he meet with Trump in the WH before the vote?

Trump told that little bitch Schumer that the government will be shut down.


Members of congress do not have immunity to arrest if the government is shutdown.

"10 days of darkness". How come 44,000 US Marines have not been disclosed where they are?

During the shutdown, our god emperor Trump, will order mass arrests by the military. 10,000 sealed indictments. All these arrests will try to be done within 48 hours.

Buckle the fuck up for the State of the Union. It's all going to come out and finally, once again, our MIGHTY WHITE RACE, will eliminate these kikes, niggers, pedos, liberals and globalists.


Goddam I love myself.

After slamming the GOP for 'hostage-taking' under Obama, senator says shutdown 'our ultimate card' with Trump





When the day comes, we win either way.
We either escape their hell and ascend to Heaven or we remove them and create a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We win either way.


Nah, as much as id like to see that, that just isn't Trumps style. He likes to win by the rules, without cutting corners.
This will be a snowball of a happening but the climax will be a reckoning that will be immortalized in history.

but playing by their rules they put in place he's allowed to

Trump can play by the rules all he wants. In the end our enemies will ignore all of them in their dealings. And yes, it will be glorious what comes next.

Only a satanic creature like a Jew woulds suggest taking a family hostage as part of negotiation.

The rules granted to the president by the constitution will ensure Trumps victory. There is nothing they can do to stop this short of assassinating him.

That is will.



It's pretty uncanny actually.

Impeach it. Send it slithering back to Israel.


I'm going to need a source on this. I believe you, but remember that congressional immunity also does not apply in the case of FELONY, treason, or BREACH OF PEACE, so if the charges are what we believe them to be, it shouldn't matter (and the shutdown would simply be a means to keep congress corralled in one confined space).

Also, holy shit. When did the sealed indictments reach 10,000?

I just love how there's something about his visage that warns the onlooker, here be a liar.

Even babies would grab their lollies extra tightly if shown a photo of him, it's that clear.

But user its Drumpf fault :^)


Physiognomy (((israel)))!

If the (((greatest))) generation knew then what we know now this greasy fuck would never have been an issue.

if the same Jews attempted the German communist revolution in American,the Jews would have been all sent to camps along with the japs.

You'd think so but no, the New York Jews funded the Bolsheviks as well as the German commies, and the NYT was running articles about how "grand it was that everybody is equally shabby" in the USSR.

People were even dumber and more blue pilled back then oddly.

You mean they don't enjoy being miserable and it isn't just part of their culture? We have been lied to all these years? Where's my fainting couch.

he looks like a guy who would play an evil nazi dr or hitler adviser or some shit in a 'ww2' movie

No and here it is just as I predicted. EBT outages are being reported.

Time to start looking for happening streams.

They were reporting them up to two weeks ago, though. We’d have to hope for the shutdown to last to February 1st (it won’t) to be able to determine if SNAP/EBT outages are related.


However much you think you hate this kike, you don't hate him enough.


Should we start reporting outages and calling out the color of our skin? Make sure if your neetbux works and you're white you let them know. kek

We should all take to social media and claim to be jews. Complete with the "my fellow jews" memes, but then push for innocuous-sounding things that are obviously bad for jews.

Oy, the deli in my neighborhood only has a manual reader and can't run the ebt, it would be so much easier if you allowed us to take it out in cash so I can have my lox and bagels.


That's a dude.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
9 Prospect Park W #10B
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1741
(718) 622-4222 - Landline
(718) 965-5400 - Landline
(315) 423-5067 - Landline
(516) 965-5400 - Wireless
(718) 375-2575 - Landline
(718) 627-9700 - Landline
(917) 375-1229 - Wireless

she looks like a chink downie

I can't think of a person that makes me 1488 harder than Schumer.
He's the jewiest fucking kike to walk the earth

(((schumer))) gets the rope

Rope is far to nice for him. We'll have to think of something better before the day comes.

Feed him a ham sandwich then throw him in hog pen?

Scaphism tbh.

Breeds lots of disease we have to contend with later.

Question, since I'm a FUCKING LEAF and don't know shit about American government

If the goverment shutdown is a mechanism that is written into the legal system, what's the "big deal" about shutting it down? I mean yeah it's obviously a stupid thing to do and it amounts to jews throwing a temper tantrum, but wouldn't republicans have done it to Obongo if they had the chance? If it's a legal mechanism, then why not actually use it?

End his whole family in front of him.

My question is; How is he still alive?

The big deal is that dem/leftist oriented policies which are focused on making people entirely dependent on the gov't get fucked. The left try to drum up as much hysteria and artificial chaos as they can, and deflect the notion that they were responsible for shutting things down.

I'm sure Trump and Schumer can work this out. After all, they both want the government funded, and they both want DACA.

Spread it far and wide so everyone can see what a two-faced rat Schumer is

This is going to one of those moments where a Jew tells the truth for once, but it backfires anyway because it's such a stupid idea even other true believers might doubt it, isn't it?

Kikes have made quite a problem of themselves, haven't they?

Kikes believe that all of their past bullshit and claims will be forgotten.

I would gladly pull every one of his teeth out with my pliers.

Well, they've gotten into the habit of controlling the media. This will remain, until we have devices (hardware) and apps that don't have the kike backdoors preinstalled. But after this there will be a flowering of discourse. And it will be entirely fascist, because fascism always rules intellectual settings. The faggots have to use anti-think strategies to shut down discourse.

This reminds me of some guys I overheard once talking about the JQ

-he screwed my family over so bad I dream about pulling his teeth out
and killing him
-no, you don't want to do that.
-*lots & LOTS of swearing & shouting* 'why the *ing *k not?!'
-otherwise you can't make 6 gorillion clones to help you with advanced oven research!
-*intense laughter*

This is something that needs to get out.

Daily reminder that Trump has literally nothing to do with the government shutdown as the congress has complete control over US government finances. The democrats are trying to blame Trump for something that he literally has no control over.

Their base only buying into this because they are ignorant and stupid and don't understand how the US government operates.

And as always, the media is trying really hard of never to mention about it.

There is a bunch of nogs at my range too, I enjoy watching them place targets at the pistol range at 10-15 feet and still somehow manage to have 14" grouping

>(((CGP Grey)))

You are FBI for saying this. Anyone who tells whites to perform any physical action is FBI.

Schumer is just a sandnigger, Zaheed. He is used to bribing or threatening, not negotiating.

Oh god dammit, I wanted my national chimpout.

They STILL think it is a negotiation.


Best part of this is the more they delay this daca shit, the more it impedes on their re-elections. Pretty much everyone who chooses DACA as their hill to die on (besides politicians from Cali and NYC) will get physically removed during the midterms later this year. That's why they really wanted to get a DACA deal last year, so that it wouldn't be fresh in people's minds during primaries/elections.

It also prevents GOP politicians from cucking, especially.

He'll try it again in a few weeks.

Holy fuck, what is that thing? Is that a person, a demon? Just looking at it is corrupting my view of reality.

This. That's the ultimate crux of it. Because this shadow is but a small and passing thing.
We either win, or they do. But the fight itself has worth, because the ideals do. So fight above all else.
saging for going off topic