Nigger try to fuck with a statue.

Just got off the phone with my family in Italy. They don't care one bit to solve these problems. I don't live in Italy, but if the people there have been so demoralized what can I do?

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You see a nigger fucking a statue, I see a rocket scientist.

I don't know man. Good luck.

is there a more complete video anywhere, with the city employee beating the nigger to make him stop plz?

Ive been visiting northern italy frequently, driving over from germoney. Spending a day in venice about a year ago was one of the most depressing things i ever did.

Used to be one of the most unique places in the world, literally streets paved with marble, drawing in millions of tourists, but they let it go to shit, overrun with niggers and similar garbage.
Mussolini was an incompetent fuck but he wouldnt have let this happen…

This. My family members really think they're poor refugees who dindu nuffin and should be allowed into Europe. They get the rope too!

You let them die. Niggers are like natures flu virus. They infect the host body and kill off the weak and apathetic cells (whites) until only the strong and driven cells remain to flush out the virus and restore order to the body.

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Art seems to imitate life

That never happens. Even China can't just gas everyone in Tibet and they don't give a shit. Our only hope is if shit hits the fan, otherwise we'll be suffering with niggers forever.
Niggers are like AIDS. Once infected either you die or half you paycheck goes to keeping the infection from killing you.

Are you saying naked statues are not art? Michelangelo's David isn't art?

so progressive

Your family are cucks, but Lega Nord grows daily.



untermensch implies he is a mensch

In the future all statues will be equipped with a fleshlight to better accommodate diversity appreciating the arts.

WTF is happening? I'm not sure I quite understand the funny.

Let's not forget the nigger that smashed a (500-year-old?) statue of the Virgin Mary in a church. My folders are disorganized, does anyone have an mp4 or webm?

Millennials will defend this. On another note how low does your IQ have to be to think this is funny?

That was in rome

Nigger is the most dangerous creature on Earth, because he create more devastating effect than even nukes. After nukes you can rebuild itself but after nigger there's only eternal ghetto.

I’d like to amend your statement.

After a nuke hits your city, you can rebuild. After niggers hit your city, YOU HAVE TO RAZE.



Lmao, I remember this video. It's a 10 minute truth bomb.

Holy shit. Holla Forums makes a phone call.

Me again, I'll tell you another story about my cucked family.

I went back to Italy a few years ago, it was a shithole. Vid related is a video I took at the base of the tomb of Agrippa. I can't believe how quickly Italy is disappearing beneath the waves. I am filled with nothing but anger as to what's happening. My family is lackadaisacal, completely inured to any arguments because they are uber christcuckolds and love our kike pope.

My uncle was talking to me one time when I was home about some guy he met. He kept going on and on about his muscles which I thought was very strange. My uncle, being the biggest christcuckold of the family, then calls this guy and invites him over. Here's my reaction when it's the blackest of coal niggers ever. He just starts gushing over him and all the Holla Forums cuck memes started rushing to mind. I can't believe it hit so close to home. This guy used to be a playboy during his heyday. Now he's literally drooling over some African nigger leading us all to believe he's letting him fuck my aunt.

Christ, I can't stand that side of my family anymore. I don't deal with them much anymore.

Your digits don't lie, your uncle is indeed a cuck, sorry about that.

Sometimes, i get angrier about indians than mudslimes. They are like passive agressive nigger-turks.
They think so high and mighty of their nigger-tier culture, always talk about their beautiful india and then they want to lecture one of their own country.

Where do you live right now?

niggers only operate in two modes: 'muh dick' and 'destroy.' this one was currently set to the former

Italian here. There's not one word of Italian to be heard in OP's video and nobody talked about this in the news (shit like this normally would be reported) and a cursory google search similarly reveals no online sources for it either.
Also, the worker in the top right is a nigger and you can see nigger hands taping the happening, so I conclude this must be happening in some African shithole. Not saying this couldn't happen here but I'm not sure why somebody would report this as happening in Italy, except for views or deliberate disinformation. Here's something that looks more like the original source, video related, and it's posted on a Ghanaian youtube channel.

OP is also a nigger for not checking his fucking sources or deliberately attempting to poison the well, reported.

I live in JewSA

No goats around.