Greeks rally against use of "Macedonia" in name dispute with Skopje

About 300000 Greeks in the northern city of Thessaloniki rallied on Sunday to protest against the use of the name “Macedonia” in any solution to a row between Athens and Skopje over the name of the former Yugoslav republic.

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Here's a video from today's rally





Better late than never.



3k+ people


Of course (((they))) were also there at an antirally creating disturbances.

However, there were too few compared to the people gathered to cause any actual problem to the rally.





So, what's the problem with slavs mixed with ancient greek saying they are Macedonia?
Why do turks mixed with ancient greek get so upset about shared history?

Because they aren't mixed. They are just slavs. Also greeks didn't "mix" with turks because of different religion during those times. Macedonia as a name could allow propaganda from Skopje against the Greek Macedonia .
It could allow for them to be seen as liberators of the lands of Great Alexander.
Which is a lie.

Nice bait.
The problem is that in Skopje, they teach in schools that Greece holds their ancient "macedonian" territory. Everybody knows that slavs decented in the area around 7th century and have nothing to do with Macedonia. Macedonia is 100% proved to have originated in Greece and later expanded towards Albania (Illyria), Skopje, Bulgaria.

All these are known to the scientific community. The rally is not really directed towards Skopje, but towards Greece's (((leftist))) goverment. The (((goverment))) and the (((media))) downplayed the topic of renaming Skopje and tried to pass it without any discussion. (((They))) even tried to dissuade people from going to the rally. The gathering of 3k+ people is a huge FUCK YOU towards the (((left))) and a slow rise towards nationalism.

Looks like more than that TBH. If that was a rally of pussyhats in the US the (((media))) would be calling it the million woman march.

Some are speculating that half million people gathered from all over Greece, but i can't be sure.

We also had a visit from (((antifa))). They wrote the graffiti in pic related

(((They))) want it to seem like an unimportant event made by (((racists))) in order to deem any opposition useless.

Trips of Truth.
At least 3k people on the streets are far from unimportant, but that was their goal. I wonder how they are going to play it now…

No matter what country they live in, what language they speak or system they live under, commies are always the same.

Trips of Truth AGAIN!
We have an area within Athens called Eksarchia. It is the traditional home base of (((anarchists))). Since the election of our (((leftist))) goverment, they attack police almost every day with molotov bombs and the police are ordered to never retaliate.


Lie about the number. Brag about their intellectual superiority , and continue like nothing happened.

The "become" part is written in a derogatory sense. Sorry, rough translation.

Ha ha. There is another rally planned at Feb 4th in Athens this time. Get ready to see EVEN MORE PEOPLE!!!


Because of the very, very bloody civil war in Greece after the second world war, Communists sponsored by Titos Yugoslavia which coincidentally had named one part of their country Macedonia.

I'm impressed by the breadth of your historic knowledge.


Oh you mean the like Angles, Saxons, and later Normans displaced the Britons in Great Britain?


(((United kingdom)))



Do you blame them?

Stop perpetuating the wet dreams of degenerates from the modern era.

Antifas have so far:
-Attacked two young 15 years old girls who were going to the gathering to take away their flags.
-Attacked an elderly man with his motorcycle who was advocating to people in the streets to come to the gathering.
-Attacked several busses with coordination going from Athens to Thessaloniki.
-Threw stones at several people with their cars going to the gathering.
-Tried to cause damage to certain areas of the gathering to force the policemen to intervene.

I swear to you guys here, i swear we will take revenge on the paid Soros shills. A few days before the gathering, our local Open Society received a hefty sum of 4 millions in donations.
I swear on my life, we will destroy them. Expect more Greek happenings, and great ones in 2018. The fire rises.
Sieg Heil. Χαίρε Νίκη.

Also, these images are from an attack to a local "self governed building for refugees". The attack happened a little before the official gathering of the people and was performed by our strongest Nationalistic muscle, the AME, the independent Greek Nationalists.

Okay, to be fair those are valid reasons. A mix of old hatred, technical political terms and plain old lies


If only. There's nothing really left of Constantinople to take back though.

I like it.

This is a huge opportunity for nationalistic movements in Greece.

I fucking hate graffiti. Can't they do this shit on their own houses or buildings?

I don't disagree

Tzanakopoulos quote(spokesman of SYRIZA goverment)
Spot on.


(((Hollywood Movies)))

Macedonia is fucked one way or the other. They have a sizable Muslim infestation that is growing larger with every year. Ethnic Macedonians are either emigrating to greener pastures or live in poverty and don't reproduce. In a couple of decades it's going to be Kosovo 2.0: Albanian Boogaloo.

You mean slavs?

Did you just assume Xir's ethnicity?

Not quite right.

check out my own
translation in

Eksarxia was alsways like that. They always attack police long before Tsipra ever appeared They attack them when the Police especially the ones in green
show up there.
The solutionhas always been to fucking ignore the niggerlovers.
Any Greek who lives there knows what it is like even if Eksarxia has some really comfy apartments so they can deal with the lack of policing themselves.

Nice piece but there are dozens and hundreds of Legends concerning the Gods and human behavior, so even I will need more than that.

that looks closer to 15k

Did you count them?

That was after the kikes infiltrated with their (((democracy))). With your logic history will remember America as a nation of moloch worshipping pedophiles.

this is pretty stupid, they are just wasting time on irrelevant bullshit. Look, Macedonia is slowly but surely getting overrun by albanians, they just recently declared albanian as an official language, in 50 years the country will change it's name to something like Little Albania, so this is just unnecessary, wait it out greeks, you should be protesting against the EU or something

statistically for every one person that attends something you can assume that there is atleast one other who could not make it.

The number OP meant is 300k . We are talking about 300000 people not 30000 this is historical.

gotcha. Yea that looks more like it being that it is a photo of a limited area and is definitely atleast 15k people in the frame.

I've been suggesting this for a while but Bulgaria and Romania are both well on their way too. And with the Austro-Hungarian Axis of Dankness things look real good.

And I was trying to buy a CZ pistol a while ago, it took me a fucking year to find one in a store. All the shop owners told me that the inventory is just not being shipped and that they were receiving far less CZ stock than they had in the past. I did some digging into it and the entire SP-01 line manufacturing capacity of CZ was ordered by the Axis of Dankness. Finally got my hands on one, it is a pistol more than suited for combat duty, would be hard pressed to find a sidearm I'd rather carry.

To really put it into perspective. Greece has 11mil citizens. Of them, 5mil live in Athens which is 600km away from were the protest took place . Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece with a population of 800k.
The official numbers stated by the police were around 100k protesters.
The number stated by the event managers was around 500k.
My personal belief is around 300k.

Sounds good.
Vandalizing centutiries old building is not good though.

If you need more proof, just look at what happens when the same fable is translated from Greek into Latin into French and then into English rather than directly from Greek to English.

And how (((publishing companies))) tend to leave out "problematic" fables.

I fucking hate kikes.

fucking hell, they slaughtered the fable

Won't it?

Retarded subhumans.
They can only acummulate debt and slack off work, while claiming connection to ancient greece despite being turk rape mongrels.

That sounds metal as fuck, requesting banner.

what are HellenicFags opinions on Golden Dawn? They seem like a modern day NSDAP. Is there any proof they're kiked or is it legit? Also what are Greek normies opinions about them or the crisis in europe in general?

Ignorant faggot here. Care to explain why is this such a big deal to the Greeks? I could understand that they want Macedonian greatness to be their cultural heritage, but don't they have a region called Macedonia themselves already?

Reminder that t*rks should be removed from the holy lands.

Make those two into your mottos. Make the first one imply that just because you're of Greek nationality, unless you hold Greek history and culture dear and fight for it you're worth less than a foreigner, and make the second one a Golden Dawnesque quote.

I bet you shills will claim this is "hating on other whites"
Bet you anything.

basically modern day Macedonians are Slavs LARPing as Macedonians and Greeks hate that Slavs are appropriating the country name and flag since it represents the old Macedonia that was basically THE Greek empire while Athens, Sparta, and other Greek city states were being faggots fighting among themselves while the Persians were gonna conquer them so King Philip united Hellas and Alexander took them all to conquer Mesopotamia, the Levant, Egypt, Anatolia, Persia and parts of India that's it I believe iirc I might be wrong on the order of history but I believe that's the gist of it

All Civ games post IV were a mistake, but at the very least Smug Alexander may be pretty great once someone rips the model off of the game.
Also thanks for the heads up.

If you think that's bad, just think about all the missing fables that and other scrolls that were burned in the Library of Alexandria.
Sometimes I wonder just how badly we were lied to about the burning of the library.

That one really activates the almonds.

This basically, It's a diplomatic conflict over the history and heritage of the Macedonian, and thus Hellenic, empire. Obviously the Greeks would get mad at having it claimed by someone else.

It's like if the Poles suddenly decided to name the old Prussian lands as the Prussian vovoidship and claimed they were the true Prussians and started LARPing as Frederick the Great. Any sane German would get mad at them.
Also please don't start a shitfling between Germans and Poles that was just an example

I've never played civ4 but I thought I heard it was one of the best been thinking of getting it somewhere around this year. The only civ game I like 5 the newest one takes fucking forever to build shit and the devs admitted they're going to bring more female leaders the ones that are currently in the game are mostly shit and takes forever to build units plus the money they charge for DLC for one civ is ridiculous

Civ V is shit, brev. Civ IV had functional espionage, diplomacy that didn't boil down to a guess game and the AI knew how to build doomstacks.
Try the base game, then either one of those mods that add a billion civs to a single game or one of the mods in the video. Preferably, Rhye's and Fall (since it's somewhat more historically accurate instead of leading to the BELIEVABLE WORLDS meme and you actually get to play as your nation in the time period it rose) or Caveman to Cosmos if you've got a couple of days to burn (since it lets you do all kinds of shit, from starting from Prehistory to building an utopian futuristic society), also it does much more for world building and attempts to keep different cultures about the same distance as they originally were in real life, so England isn't right next to the Chinese but the French are.

interesting I'll check it out as soon as I can thanks
Also hope civ crashes and burns after the shithole that is 6

oh fuck off. Civ 5's espionage was not a guess game. I've played Civ from 2+ and Civ 5 is still my goto (unless I'm craving another one specifically).

I actually like the removal of the "doom stack".

Civ 5's AI is shit though, thats definitely a valid criticism.

Are you faggots retarted?
>>>Holla Forums

Just be glad there's no drawfags around here anymore.

Interesting that sigma is used for the "sc" sound in Italian. I guess it doesn't exist in Greek.


I said diplomacy is a coin toss.

What are the chances that a movement in Greece could convince its people to long for lost clay?


Way to out yourself, newfriend.
A little advise if an ID has repeating 0000 then it's a tor browsing fag.

fuck greeks. they are just a shadow of helens. just like italians. fucking gypsies. i bet alexander is turning in his grave now

Triggered turkroach.


As expected, total media blackout in greece. Tolls on major north-south highway were mostly shut down in an effort to prevent even more people from attending. Estimated 600K patriots were at that rally.

Reminder that jews hate Greeks more than they hate Germans but think we're done for. Fact. The group I've found that hate us almost as much is Turks, Gypsies, Albanians, Fyromians and then after all those, brainwashed European normalfaggots.