Do The Magyar people (Hungarians) originate from the middle east?

Do The Magyar people (Hungarians) originate from the middle east?

So i was reading and watching stuff about the Magyars, and they say (The Patriots) that the Magyars came from the Middle East to Pannonia (Modern day Hungary) from what is todays the Middle East.

Their history (If it goes after the Nationalists) says that the Magyars are the descendants of the Sumerians.
The Magyars have the country filled with statues of Nimrod (Who they call their King of the Kings).
They (The Nationalists) say that, they broke away from Sumeria, and built their own country Subartu.

You can still find ancient Sumerian words in the Magyar language, as well as ancient Persian words.

When you look at city's and place names in countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran you will find a lot of Magyar named ones (especially in Iraq and Iran).

I am not a Magyar (I am German), but this interests me a lot, because the Magyar history is very mystical, like their unique language.

Their main myth is the best of them all, after the Magyar myth the ancient Magyars came with flying Horses and ships from the planet Sirius to earth where the crashed.
And their mother their Goddess (Their ancient god is a women) was called Ishtar which then turned into Isten modern day word for God (Spoken Eshtan in English).

The more you read about them, the more you realize that the whole Western Asian theory is a hoax (The Jews are the main people behind the Magyars are Asiatic people lie).
Magyars are R1a.

The Magyars where part of the Huns as allies, but only in a militaristic way (As for example being part of Nato).
The Magyars where the so called white Huns, because they where not Turkic nor of other Asiatic backround.

The reason why they left was because, their old home was turning into a desert.

If you know a bit more please share, especially if you are a Magyar.

ME =/= 100% Arab or Jew
Do your research and don't buy the notion that the cradle of civilization was a construct of Semitic blood. Semitic language, maybe, but not blood.

Nimrod was the one that lead the construction the tower of babel. What a wonderful thing to glorify. These Hungarians may be correct about their ancestory and are desperate to find an example of a powerful man in their past to embolden their nation to fight against the European Union. However, the European Union is just babel rebuilt. Wrong example to follow. These people are confused.

Ancient aryans also lived in the "Middle East" and left.

Babylon was a city so glorious, the Eternal Jew was stricken with an envy that possessed (((Him))) and made them write up such slander in their holy texts against the Babylonians that enslaved (((them))). Same thing happened to Egypt in the false Book of Exodus, except the Jews weren't even enslaved there.

Hungarians are genetically indistinguishable from other central European populations

Persia ring a bell? Assyrians? Kurds(?) Not sure about Kurds myself tbh


Their language is close to Finnish. Their genes are close to central Asians.

Foreign words in a language mean nothing. The English language is a complete bastard which takes words from almost every other language. The German language allows you to construct new words easily from smaller component words. In English and many other languages we just steal someone else word for something, especially if it was Greek or Latin.

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Very wrong, the Magyar and the Finnish language only share about a dozent words, where as the Sumerian and the ancient Persian share about 20 to 40 times more.
Also as said before the Asian DNA is almost not existent.
They have as much Western Asian DNA as Polish or Norwegians.

Stop believing the lies of the Jews!

The Sumerian language wasn't Semitic. It wasn't Indo-European either.

Also check out the story of Hunor and Magor, who where said to be the sons of Nimrod.

Pic related the old statue of Magog in the Buda castle Labyrinth.

Slavs came out of Asia. Vikings sailed up all the rivers of what today is Russia reaching as far as Persia.

You seem like a shill. Hungarians have taken the toughest stance in Europe against Middle-Eastern migration. Here you are want to make out that they're Middle-Eastern themselves and that the right shouldn't trust them. All based on specious arguments about language.

I did say "maybe".

Hungaryans are mostly central european genetically and speak some steppe chink language that is all there is to it.

Dunno, I lived there (German) and most look like sickly mystery meat (no offense Hungarians).

They vary between dark skin, dark hair from ??? to slavs with sickly palor and dark blone hair.

it's just populism, budapest is full of jews, the place is impoverished and people generally don't have much to loose

the salaries are lolbad and welfare leaves you starving

they'd overthrow a cucked gov in a heartbeat

This. They are based descendants of Attila the Hun.

There is also a conspiracy among Hungarians that the Jew wants to destroy them and the Germans, because the Talmud writes about that.
Something like that the Germans are Wotans children, and that Magyars are Sumerians (The Planet).

Yeah it sounds a bit far fetched, but if you look who suffered the most in Europe, then you can see it.
I mean look who suffered the most the German and the Hungarians teretorium wise.

The Hungarian people suffered terribly after WWII (as most Europeans did). The question is, (((who))) is responsible?

Yes, they are semites through and through.

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This. It even goes further with the original Babylon being a mental fragment of lost Atlantis before it was destroyed, which was where its originated from in various names representing the same concept of "Babylonia" as tribute to their ancient heritage when the Atlanteans who fled the disaster that Atlantis to restart civilization. (Atlantis, Edda, and the Bible, Hermann Wieland)

The one commonly referred to is that which was in Iraq, which we know damn well the Aryan presence in the Middle East now is as vitally important to us as every other culture. Babylon was where the jews became enslaved by Nebuchadnezzar II, which is also where the Third Sargon prophecies come from as a warning that he had failed to destroy the jewish menace (again too kind like Hitler, Romans, etc.). It would grow like the plague and lead to unbelievable chaos in the far future until divine intervention destroys them and pulls the people of the gods back up from under slavery by lower races and restores the land of the gods (Germania) and recreates Babylon their as the center of the world for what we call the 1,000 year golden age, or in Hitlers own words, A 1,000 year Reich.

It is known that the Sumerian language was neither Semitic nor Indo-European because both Semetic and Indo-European linguistics wanted it to belong to their language group but were not able to prove jack shit. Later it was determined that the Sumerians spoke an early Uralic language.

Nope Chaim, all i wanted to say was that the Magyars are very old indo Europeans.
You should know that the middle east was inhibited by Indo Europeans before the Arab invasion.

The reason is that you met Gypsys not Hungarians!


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Certain """"coincidences"""" have made up all sorts of lies about Hungarians being Mongolian, gypsies, etc.

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German is a smorgasboard of different dialects and local tongues. it is logical at it's core, but because it is such an old language there's a lot of baggage, it's almost like old chinese.

There are also the Szekely people, who speak a older Hungarian with more Sumerian words.
They aren't Asiatic either, but they aren't Magyar either.
Their culture traditions and history is more connected to the Scythians.
The only thing they have in common with the Magyars is their language.
They are also more blonde.
There is an old saying there, The Szekely isn't a Magyar, and the Magyar isn't a Szekely.

Their flag is also very interresting, it looks similar to what old Germanic tribes where using on their shields!

Pic: The Szekely flag

Here is the picture of the Germanic shield that they where using that has the same type of moon and star (same form and numbers of spikes), as the Szekely flag.

There's a theory that they're the remnants of the Huns.

Well i think its true, but so are the Magyars, Bulgarians and so on.

The point was that they are even more mystical, than the Magyars.

There are even pyramids in their Mountains, where its said that a secret society (Protectors of their people), hold meetings.

Also as far as i know, the Szekelys are very Pagan, and one of the least Christians in Europe.

They still hold ancient Skythian rituals (Like the Winter ritual), and sing old songs.

Here is also the Szekely Runes

The Hungarian tree of life looks cool!

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Assyrians aren't Aryans

Which words?

Which cities and places?

Sources please

Semitic is a language group, not a blood type. Assyrians, Arabs, Jews and Ethiopians are technically all Semites, but we're genetically distinct.


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Meaning that in Hungary it's popular to be anti-immigrant.

As are all capital cities everywhere.

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I'm hungarian and I have no idea who fed you this garbage OP. Our origin myth is that we come from Magor, one of the sons of possibly Nimród, but Menrót is more his name in the ancient legends.

Anyways the brothers Hunor and Magor and their hunting parties were following a golden stag in a hunt and got carried away. They split and we went west.

As for the sumerian thing it could be an interesting theory but sadly it got overrun with retarded nationalists spouting nonsense. If we're descendants of the sumerians then so are all other finno ugrics too, so the sumerians or their fringe groups must've moved very far north a very long time ago for that to work.

Or maybe the sumerians were a finno ugric tribe that went down south, because it's unknown how the sumerians got to their place. They did live in a swamp after all and almost all finno ugric people live in swamps if you take a look.