The Obama Administration’s ‘Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton’ Starting To Leak Out, According To Former Fed Prosecutor

A former federal prosecutor says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy,” according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Starting? We’ve known since the campaign season that they colluded to ignore law and keep her out of jail. What’s confusing is why they bothered, because she’s not fucking going to prison or be punished in any way for her crimes, ever.

Wow, everything Holla Forums said is true? What a fucking shock.

Keep in mind it's the left, desperately painting the right as pedophiles and perverts, abusing women and children. Shitty "pizza gate" will break next hopefully. (I pray that it will be called "child sex ring at highest levels of former government.") And then, day of the rope.

Yes , that sounds good
Jimmycomet will be used as a pinata. Upside down and such

Did Trump manifest the greatest reality TV show of all time? His presidency?

Might as well say national enquirer. Normalfaggots will shoot this down on the source alone. Need to force kike media to report on this.

Yes. Yes, he did.

Even though Daily Caller is very good in my experience


Seriously asking for brainstorming, not blackpill

Call me when the noose is tied and her neck is about to go into it. I've got blue balls from all this "Happening" LARP

He's a shill. No one complains about the Daily Caller. Leftists are butt hurt over its connection to Tucker Carlson.

Get articles written about smaller pieces of the puzzle. Elements that dont directly call out the connection until there are too many dots to prevent drawing a straight line. Quality investigative journalism used to be about finding the truth,in theory, now its about justifying a position or narrative. Changing minds is about leading the horse to water not forcing it to drink your conclusion. Red pills dont get swallowed by overwhelming your audience who is too stupid to understand more than a couple leaps ahead.

OP is a faggot for not providing interview

The interview you faggots

Still saging for blue balls.

user, you can watch the interview on the DC's website. Stop sperging out.

can you watch it there after it's been shoah'd?
always useful to have another link

Except no evidence exists in whole. It (((mysteriously))) (((disappears))), and nothing is done about that.

Nice subtle little blackpill you tried to slip in there rabbi.
Holla Forums has already punished her user. We took the presidency from her, we changed a timeline. Think about that shit. We got so inside her head she tried to call us out on national television….a few thousand autists shitpostings have forever altered human history dude.

I know, I'd love to see her in jail too - to see her publicly fall and every brainwashed idiot that supported her have to eat crow….and we may still get some of that. Personally I think she'd kill herself before ever entering a courtroom. Just think about what we've done to her. To her mind. How she must fixate randomly at times and fume with rage over how something so small and unexpected could have had an effect of such magnitude when we are just anonymous shitposters and memecrafters. It's pretty heavy dude.

And we're just beginning my man. Don't let yourself get fixated and drawn down with frustrations over something that in the long run will be trivial. I'd trade 100 hillarys rotting in jail or being hung and the saltiest of salty liberal tears for the jew to be named. When the real bosses are falling it will be impossible for the world to ignore. When the real enemies of our people, our future in the stars…..when those enemies are bleeding beneath our hands none shall think of small fish like her.

So forget about proper justice or vengeance or whatever for now. Holla Forums served that bitch up a dish of what she deserved. From here on out anything coming out regarding their fucked up legacy will only serve to redpill normies. user, you know if the real truth came out behind them and their decades of corruption, how deep the swamp really is…..we wouldn't be able to avoid another revolution. Be happy that cunt isn't in jail yet, every moment they try and keep the truth from everyone it just serves to redpill more and more normies, and gives us time to get even more ready. Get /fit/. Get gear. Make a list. Be ready for RAHOWA son.

Hillary not becoming President is hardly an appropriate penalty for her crimes. America is officially a clown country devoid of any seriousness until she sits inside the gray bar hotel for the rest of her days.

That's right drumptards!
She's not even president, get over it!

Someone's been trying really hard to make leftist-sympathizing Pepes recently. Their inability to comprehend the power, function, and application of memetics is astounding.

This started just around the time the general began when CTR was still quite a wieldy force. Now theyre just posted ironically.

kek it's not even threatening in any way
all we have to do is not save it

Reminder that the newest shill tactic is "nothing ever happens" posting, trying to meme against us, believe in it and it will come.

Thas rite! Hilldawg will still be president, bitches! #ShesMyPresident

Oh fuck off cunt. First of all your syntax blatantly gives you away, secondly I never used the word "appropriate" at all. I was merely calling out what I suspected might have been a kike first post, or trying to get an user to see that there are always 2 sides to every coin, and that fixating on her being punished as if she was a commoner like us would be unhealthy.

I'll not argue that america is a puppet state, but pretending like hillary being charged with treason and sitting in jail would suddenly fix all that is ludicrous. Until we name the jew and retake the USD from the shekel lenders and start minting our own money again this country will continue to have cancer. We ain't dead yet you kike bitches.

I am always amazed about how they managed to make pepe look so fucking miserable even while smiling. Nevermind the fact that they are always badly drawn with unnesessary text, whenever they put the hillary wig on him they also make him look like he is holding back incredible pain.

In things like pic related he just looks sad, so how the hell did they fuck up SMUGNESS?

I thought it was ironic

Theyre miserable people. Their memes reflect that.

Memes are the window to your soul.

Fuck off LARPjew

The day of the rope is nearly amongst us lads! Even sooner than we expected.
Thank you, Kek, God of Chaos! And may you continue to bless Donald Trump, and all of us, with your meme magic!

Impeached? Such a shame there's a shutdown. kek

I'm posting in this thread as a gift to them and the other shills here.


Funny how you kikes seem to think we won’t see through this.
Not even remotely sufficient. It either ends with her corpse burnt on live television or the extermination of whites.
But all liberals do this. It’s how their minds “work”; they HAVE to delude themselves on a daily basis otherwise they either kill themselves or become one of us. It’s not special for her, and I really don’t like the idea of her slipping into anonymity like she has since losing. An eye must be kept.
Are we? What are we even doing? What have we done since Trump’s election except run damage control for him, which is the exact opposite of what we had planned to do in 2015. Where are the overt Holla Forumsacks running for state and federal congresses in 2018? Where is our effort to push Overton so far to the right that we can start to think about changing immigration law back to the racial quota system of the 1920s? Or to end all foreign aid to all nations? Or to break free trade ties and pare back the UN? All this shit from the election is coming out and what has come of it? Not a goddamn thing. California is now automatically registering illegal aliens to vote. No one is doing anything about it. And when you come here and say to do something about it? You get called FBI.
You’re FBI for saying this, obviously. No one here would ever want to actually do these things or physically act to enforce the Consittution in any way, shape, or form. Any attempt to organize to do so will result in a ban.

You're fucked in the head.

We don't need a honeypot to organize. When the bullets start flying white men will know what to do.

No dental school videos?

More plebs are aware of the full truth of pedogate than I would have ever expected. Also, do not forget how memes work.. There has been a significant watering down of what a meme is lately. Do not let your memes be dreams! Make them happen! And newfaggots, lurk more god damn it.

Memes are the dna of the soul


The people who want to throw peaches at Trump are more fucked up than me tbqhwu

Damn dude, sorry for pissing you off. I wasn't sure if you were just a blackpill shill or a frustrated user….I was only trying to make you feel better bro. But I agree 100% with you man…..I just, I just have a little hope that justice *might* be served. she's not dead yet anyway.

I caught a ban last year for sarcastically suggesting Holla Forums takes a camping trip in Idaho after those paki rapists got off nearly scott free. Would have been fun though, sitting around the fire playing guess who the federalfag is.

I know it seems like all is lost user, but please try and keep hope for a while longer. Imagine all of our fallen brothers that gave up and foolishly took their lives so many years ago that might have been shitposting with us today if they could have caught a glimpse of the maymays.

And we are doing something, be it esoteric and slightly quantum. Climb down the rabbit hole and read about meteors, I've got to run. You're a good man user, we must be patient, but we're definitely not waiting for hitler.

That's just called a lie. "False facts" is an oxymoron. THEY LIED, SETH RICH DIED.

I hope this upcoming memo release fucking destroys these people forever.

Lulzy how they accidentally pizzagated this one:

Please God, let there be justice, preferably public executions, for the guilty.


Wear a trenchcoat.

Hitlerdubs confirm the white man is destined to destroy the jew.

Didn't happen. The libshits were all couched in their little safe space infobubble. Corrupt the Record never amounted to shit.

That's nothing! I have info on how Jeb(!) and Boynie can still win. Someone match my donation of $1k to the ADL and I'll start posting.

I get this is a shitpost, but goddammit…the fact that people actually believe this shit, it just astounds me tbh. How brainless people are I mean.

Their religion is the government. Their deities have been dethroned. That's why Steve Paddock killed all of those Republicans in Las Vegas last year. Democrats are a violent Communist cult.

I get what you mean. I spose I meant more of an inconvenience than weildy. Their shilling would get bretty fuggin ridiculous at points. Even now, with amnesty Don shills and the like you can see they're not altogether done for.

I honestly hope they do and they try to. Its obvious they are going to gridlock any legislation Trump wants to get through the house/senate. If they start trying to impeach him it will galvanize white america and maybe people will start fighting the fuck back.

No, they were, are, and forever will be a joke.

Not denying it friend. But to say they weren't at least mildly an inconvienance is a bit cocksure.

No it isn't. It was lulz fodder.

Checked, I've never understood why public executions aren't held anymore. Especially for the most deserving of people. All these fucks are those people, dirty kikes all of em.

You must have never ventured of 8ch then.

So nothing, then.

Even CTR's restructuring into ShareBlue had them publicly admitting that they got FUCKING CLOBBERED in the "digital space." They were as effective as cutting bone with a wet noodle.

The media will totally bury this any nobody will hear about it. Unless the elite media responds to it and tries to say it isn't true, which will cause a Streisand effect, or if Trump tweets and makes announcements about it. He can't stay silent. Trump is the one person who can spread this info to everyone.

Look you're plainly trying to prop the memory of that worthless bunch up. Probably fair to assume you're at the least favorable to them therefore. Since that makes it obvious you aren't from here, I'd like to point out a little rule we have – lurk for two years before posting. Please follow that. Also, since you're attempting to turn this little charade into a tête-à-tête, please sage you're posts out of consideration to followers of the thread.

This counterfeit pepe looks more retarded than smug.

Slow and steady wins the race.

To be fair, they had the herculean task of making sure hillary isn't revealed as the babyeating, half dead, psychotic cunt.
An almost impossible task, especially for a bunch of faggots and soyboys.

I'm not denying they were shit but to say they weren't even mildly an inconvenience just isn't the reality. I'm even half convinced that hyper blackpill posts, like such as itt, have their fingerprint on them. That and just innocuous bullshit posts meant to cause infighting and derail threads using the vaguest of frature points. I see it too often for it not to be co-ordinated.

every time.

Wrong fuckhead, they still exist and the more they are exposed the better.

Fuck off nigger.

fucking mexicunt shitskin filth they will all suffer the inoccent will be avenged

Conspiracy theories abound
The clinton cartel could have paraded this religious cuck pope around and turned the easily swayed to their war with Russia and beyond because hey
There were so many pieces in place that could have been a death stroke for rightness and sovereignty, basic American freedoms that would have helped in the coup and communist push and eventual fall of America
Glad somebody knew and acted
This fucking ride isn't over yet either


Why is this a promotion article? If Trump has evidence then make arrests seize assests. Do something with your evidence and act.



Because Trump is convicting them in the minds of the public before he has them tried by the law. You see this with the memo regarding the Obama administrations FISA warrants. This is a crescendo of a happening.


Plus, season 2 can't start out with tra la la everything is fine. That's never how any successful TV series has done it.

This people need a wakeup call of historic proportions. Let's hope they get it.

Kek, I was actually thinking about how Trump was conducting this as a reality tv series.


tfw I now know too.

They're also using greenlip Pepe that faggot furie made up after the fact and that kike's has been spamming these while trying to force it as an ironic meme, ie "I was just pretending to be retarded"

It's irrelevant user just relax. Libshits have no souls, and therefore have no ability to organically meme. It will fail just like all their other laughable attempts at memery.

Fucking snake language.

Every time the blackpilled goat fucker kike shills come out and claim that "nothing will happen" you can be sure that they're worried.

Shills only shill against shit that worries them.

This is correct. You're above the law when you own the system


THIS the new buzzword is blueballs

I knew it the instant I saw it too.


stop this right now. no more. not cool.

guys my penis is bigger than his.

I want it to happen, but having a ton of money means that the law doesn't apply to you. There could be a video of Hillary murdering someone in cold blood and she'd get a slap on the wrist and house arrest.

if you were an actual user then you'd understand stand alone complex

centuries user

What difference would it possibly make anyway drumphy?

Great job kikes, derailing with muh dick, soon MUH PROOFS.

Keep feeling the bern, faggot.

Your low key request for dick pics is denied, faggot. That and the thread has been derailed for a while.

Not much, given that

That's a nice simulation of a green phosphor monitor. But Steve Jobs ended up stuck with white phosphor monitors after he pissed off the only source of tiny color monitors in Japan.

They should have gotten a younger more attractive puppet with a cleaner track record. I don't know why they pushed for Hillary. Sanders was a better puppet to use and had organic support from cucks.

Hillary is untouchable, you said so yourself given you're a drumpftard I don't expect you to recollect though.

Need that memo released, and we need the kikes to run it on MSM

This isn't news to any of us, but it has yet to be (((validated))) by them

The Clintons have dirt on everybody, they might not be at the top of the world evil totem pole but they're closer than most.

well-put, torpedo

I was commenting on how the court system is rigged in the corrupt's favor. You don't go directly to jail and stay there forever when you get arrested, jerkass. She'll get a trial and pull whatever strings she can to buy a jury that will let her off the hook. What she need is mob justice.

Come on, man. You're even sadder than Maddow poster. At least the subject of his obsession is still somewhat healthy. Yours hasn't appeared in public in months. Face it, her body is shutting down.

I can't believe you guys have funding again, and after all this time none of you have learned

Try it you rural retard.

Pretty much Obama had left the Democrat party in severe financial distress and had essentially put a stop it developing its up and coming talent.
During the Obama years, advancement in the Democrat party came only through proximity and access to Obama.
So when the last election came around they were not only near bankrupt but had a very thin crop of potential candidates.

Hilary solved the first problem by paying off the party's debts. In return for considerable control over the party.
A very crooked deal.

The second problem gave her a fairly easy run overall until Sanders inexplicably gained momentum.
Though normally Sanders would not have even been a contender, thats how bad the Democrats situation was.

I will say that the Rothschilds' multiple meltdowns on Twatter do show that they're involved too, as people suspect.

Rods from God when?

Is this the ctr meme thread?

Shut the hell up you loser. Owning the system and those in power makes you immune. The system is broken and nothing is going to happen. You have a plethora of historical data and incidents, none of which support anything you think will happen. You need a reality check and get off your delusional soap box of everything someone says that I don't like is a rabbi or shill. How moronic could you possibly be?

The Left never knew how to manage money properly, it seems.

Nice try CIA-san.


It wasn't the party but Obama.
He'd been using the party coffers to pay his absurdly expansive staff. And cover any costs he had that he couldn't pin on the taxpayer.

It's quite funny actually.
The first nigger president almost bankrupted the Democrat party.

That's right drumphies. Your orange Jesus will be impeached.


So President Gibsmedats was good for something afterall. Rich nigs have a bad habit of losing all their money.

How can you possibly post presidential pro-Hillary memes after she lost? I mean, besides not being funny, she lost. Don't you have new memes? Or is that over budget?

You realize that if Clinton were to try and raise her arm like that nowadays, she would need someone to hold it there for her, right?

That would be too kind. Why not just let the prions do their thing? Even if she gets locked up, it's unlikely she'll even notice.

Or in Oboingos case he has a bad habit of losing other peoples money

fucking casual. i dont even care that i'm giving you this information because my portfolio is already plenty diversified

Would you kindly stop trolling these retards, Satan? Those retarded, sickly failed clones of once organice memes hurt the eyes and mind too much.

Hmm, who won the popular vote sweetie?

I swear some of you really concern me that you can't read ID's
notice how this one is different from the one you replied to.

including or excluding illegal votes?

That's not a bad habit user.

Why are there so many retards present?

Why do all clinton pepes look like they have down syndrome?

I know, you're in a cubicle maze with the other guy.

The part about losing five months of texts from anti-trump agents is currently trending on facebook, which has a left wing bias. People are waking up.

I pray day of the Rope happens in my lifetime.

Among US citizens?

Not to discredit anyone new, but those who've been on chans for a significant amount of time would've seen this posted every now and then.

Lots of lefties still remember a time when they were against state-level surveillance as it burned them hard in the radical '60s. Others have a fresher memory, lots of greenies remember how Earth First was tracked down.

I imagine many of them still buy the agitprop that everything there is, is bad for mean old Drumf and think this will help them, too.

Oh hai faggot. Stay awhile. You'll learn something.

Memes invariably tell the truth and submit to no masters

go back to cuckchan faggot.

Really? I had originally encoded that particular webm (long ago), didn't knew it was commonly posted. It was the only instance I found of a girl singing while getting fucked in the ass muh dik

because cuckchan coopted the meme when it was forced there.

Ive seen the term Potemkin used several times over this past year, but havent thought anything of it. If I knew how to dig proper I would start looking for references

Anyone who still works for CTR is a cuck.
Everyone thinks so low of you, even your allies.

This. Hillary, onigger, any of those fucks going to jail solves nothing. Even they aren't delusional enough to think they were ever in charge or going to be in charge consult the hillary email asking the kikes what penance was needed for her infraction of interfering with their dinner plans The kikes and their crimes being named is of utmost importance, without that we will never secure victory. And, to the newfaggots who refuse to lurk, the crimes of the kikes aren't them being greedy, swindling the economies of the world, nor subverting white nations. Their crimes run MUCH deeper than merely that. They are not all powerful, or all knowing, in fact they are weak and stupid as shit, what they are is devious. They are kind of like an ambush predator, their deceit masks the truth and anyone not observing things from an autistically observant perspective will not notice the lie that is strangling the truth.

The truth is, more so than any other race, they are not like us, they are different. They are our complete opposite in every way. And it is impossible to share this earth with them.

no shit?

5 months of text messages from anti-Trump FBI agents accidentally lost.

Right up to the day Mueller was appointed.

What an amazing coincidence.

Hillary won't make it through the trial, the stress of the election nearly killed her and she ain't getting any younger

And neither is Soros.

I want to see her shit herself to death at her hearing at the very least.

Kek, you probably like the pee pee poo poo, please do this.


It's a joke, but maybe that's why I didn't get dubs.

All this buildup is stupid. They were just using a giant syndicate of traitors and their allies in deep state–either blackmailed or profiteering–to stop the outsider from coming in and exposing massive treason. When you have a giant treasonous syndicate selling nuclear weapons material for over a decade to literal Taliban/Al Queda terrorists as well as sharing highly classified know-how to help those terrorists dump a dirty bomb on the US (and I mean actual rogue non-state actor terrorists, not fake CIA ISIS, for example, but actually Pakistani/Afghani 9/11 types) you cannot have that info go public because thousands have to hang. They'd do anything to stop an outsider president.

Anybody who tells you things are fine and will be taken care of on their own is full of shit. They are either stupid or in on the scheme. This means we the people have to do something. Good time for a white nation to arise. Network, arm yourself, go to the range, read about tactics. All that. Get ready for shit hitting the fan.

Quasi-related question. Is burning alive too good for these people?

Yup. War is the answer. The system is totally rotten.

By the way, all the niggers, spics, and misc other shitskins put into place in dot gov by kikes. Well, that's a big reason for the total rottenness now. Create an unassailable army of affirmative action animals in important positions and look at the horrors that ensue. Our government is done. It's pretty depressing. same way it is infuriating. This is what tolerance hath wrought.


This shitposting is beyond kike shill skills, unless they somehow hired a non soycuck strayan

While this is likely misdirection it probably deserves it's own thread.

They're the shitposts that rachposter only wishes he could pull off

do it faggot, just means you get to die by mob justice and i can wear your ass as a hat to attract other fags to kill roflmao

Listen, Mr. Spic, or whatever the fuck kike or nigger you are, I don't give a fuck and nobody does what you think.

If a thousand people don't hang, including HRC, you may be surprised at what we the people are capable of. Maybe we the people come for you, too. Who knows what the future will bring.

Best advice for you, low level blackpill kike nigger shill, is shut the fuck up. Amazing how the shills never stop.

DWS seen hobbling away with ankle monitor






Don't get worked up by the cruelty of animaldom, this video is no more brutal than a cat toying with its prey.

yeah, this

Most of the local news pages have tons of people who have taken the redpill, I love reading their comments as they're all turning.


I'm pretty sure that user is trolling.

This tbh.

until the day there's just one or two comments like "wtf look outside oh shit niggers hanging everywhere kikes gassed wtf the power's going out oh fuck oh fuck.." workout and work on your shootin skills. and network. gonna need militias.

trolling or not, i agree with the sentiment

Even worse, strayan jew.

Coughing fit, pants of shit,
Every time she tells a lie
shit runs down her inner thigh.
Pee pee pee poo poo poo.
She won't make it to the loo.
By fire monkey, kek and Trump,
live in court she'll take a dump.

lol'd out loud

They all need mob justice. All of them.

The problem is the system is run by amoral biglaw lawyers who do not respect anything but force. Any legal shit they can game.

Hundreds or thousands of traitors need to be strung up and shot on national TV. Amoral biglawyers who run the government will never, ever care about legal consequences. The only thing that might deter treason going forward by such people put in charge is absolute pants-shitting fear.


And it is nothing new either, not even remotely. The earliest recorded interactions between white nations and the kikes inevitably involved them tricking people into lowering their guard to outsiders. And after they topple a civilization they assimilate the parts of it that are useful to them and further deface their name as they walk around wearing its skin. Greece is a perfect example of this. The kikes tried their shit with them "hey goyim we are just like you we believe in the same g-d, heh you call him zeus thats cool we call him moloch and he is the only g-d all the other ones arent g-ds." The greeks were smart enough not to fall for that and shoahed them. But then the kikes pulled their 'why do you persecute me so' bullshit and the Greeks settled on merely exiling them. Eventually they swindled their way back in through trading on the outskirts of Greek territory and the Greeks relented and allowed them to start entering as merchants. And thats when the kikes came up with their most devious bullshit.. democracy.

The real sad shit is this has all been written for all to see and so many ignore it.

Try New York Post.

Yes, they are outstanding on a lot of things. Particularly the Awan saga and nuke/classified info sales saga. It's hilarious how massive, nation-altering stories with factual basis in the public record are somehow limited to a "fringe" publication that normies shut down immediately.

Lol america

sounds like a union job

Yep. History repeating itself. I think people ignore the history because kikes figured out that they also have to control information flow through mass media, publishing, academia, etc. It's literally Holla Forums and (formerly free) Twitter that helped break it.

I hope we can get a clean break and never forget not to let them back in. Maybe that's too hopeful. I hope for a clean break for a while. A few generations out, they'll probably get tricked, but all we can do while we're alive is all we can do. So let's do it.

Having a bunch of themed maymays doesnt make it good shitposting.. Its just a bit more dedicated than normal. It must be pretty painful to be autistic enough to make a bunch of themed jaypegs but too stupid to understand what is going on in the world around you.


Looking forward to the fresh hell that awaits us

Whites are better at autism. We channel it into a superpower. Those fucks it corrupts and twists altering their very DNA because their weak wills cannot handle the awesome forces the tism channels.
Kikes thought making a bunch of autists would make controllable retards and they would be right if they kept it to non-whites. Now they are working on a stem cell cure to take back what will be their destruction.

works for me. leave your castle, grab a chainsaw and a hottie, and go to war

Speaking of which it is fucking retarded how little anyone talks about Elsevier. They have (((officially))) been operating as the worlds largest academic publisher since the 1600's. If you actually dig into it they have been going at it since before the moors invaded spain. And for a time they were going around under the name Helschevier which is flemish iirc which translated to "four from hell" technically four women from hell, but in the context of the times sche meant woman along the lines of 'not of man' which alludes the the kike myth of lillith

In 2014 the publishing company Elsevier grossed more than Apple… And yet so few have heard of them.

Yup. Im convinced now that the whole g.a.t.e. program was designed to suss out the kids that would likely have the strongest almonds. What I dont understand now is… Why was it abandoned? Did they fail at figuring it out? Did they mistakenly think themselves successful? Was it successful and everything happening right now part of that plan? Or was the entire g.a.t.e. program the result of deep cover /ourguys/ trying to build the foundations that were needed for us to rise up?

Btw, the almond is quite the interesting 'tool' isnt it? I get the impression its capable of something more.

Their real mistake was making autists but then ruining the hobbies that autists latched on to. Now the autism that would have been spent on arguments about what would win in a fight, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D or a Star Destroyer, is now spent on planning how to best slaughter the kikes down to the last child.

They probably figured out they couldn't control any of them because of the natural imbalance of tism. Extremes and black and white thinking makes them difficult to control. They don't have the grey thinking required to deceive oneself against their conscience.

I'd like to know what this guy did in order to get this treatment. mexico < brazil ???

It didn't have to be like this. Perhaps it was our destiny to free our people.


So, information related to who controls information is itself a tightly controlled piece of information? That can't be. You're a kooky antisemite lunatic.

And ironically the idea of slaughtering all the kikes is something that they themselves came up with and instilled in the minds of everyone. Their endless treachery and evil will ultimately sow the seeds of their own demise, even though they came so close to total conquest.. As a certain man said. Your sins will find you out.

This is Spicland, I'm pretty sure "puta madre" is only a spic slur.

Actually, I've heard about Elsevier, by the way, although it may even have been here on Holla Forums. The outside world is astonishingly ignorant of simple observations if you ever work in law, finance, acounting, or media. Yes, kikes do, in fact, pull the strings that matter in a big way, and kike mind control to get us to accept that paradigm pretty much starts on day one in kindergarten. Maybe earlier with children's TV brainwashing. The fucked up society they've created in America is absolutely crazy and WILL destroy whites as a people. It must stop. People need to understand the true root of all evil, though, to begin to address it.

I used to hear a lot of whites that had to deal with beans use it. Mother fucker is kind of universal.

just a bunch of kikes and dumb nigger leftists following kike orders. problem is kikes even try to outjew God with shabbos elevators and light switches. examples of how arrogant they are. supremely arrogant. brainwashing is what they do endlessly in media and academia, publishing, you name it–the aim is total info control–so something like a brainwashing program like gate, which is basically to force acceptance of niggerdom and race mixing to weaken whites in the smart white kids who might be leaders of the future–that's well within kike parameters. the fatal flaw of gate programs is the same that will cause every man woman and child kike to get gassed very soon (i'm optimistic). supreme unending belief in their own superiority causes them to make mistakes.

tl;dr gas em all

Periodically, the duty to save your people falls on a generation.

Grandpa what did you do when the kikes niggers spics and misc shitskins overran the country and enslaved us?? did we always get brutalized like this?

I got called out by more than one teacher for thinking in black and white too much during school. I've always had long and torturous moral arguments with myself and have been unable to really be at peace in crowds of debauchery. I've tried to erase my inner self over the years to become normal but the core of me Still Remains no matter what I do. What I have been told was my curse has been a gift all along…

I call this one "Shitskin-Nigger-Nipples.jpeg"

Where's should I hang these up?

The oval office? kek Send it to Trump Jr.



yes user
don't want to show up to the day of the rope without rope

I would, I've never used Twitter though. As much as I'd love to troll on their, I have other more lucrative ambitions I'm pursuing currently to support our cause that need my attention. I never wanted to be complicit in a company that has what like 60% of it's shares owned by saudi arabia?

The Sons of Shem's key flaw is the lack of ability to see the Cananites deception.

Fix this, and we fix the world.


Lurk more faggot.


praise kek
a black soul can not reflect reality
they are cut off from the light of the universe


Only took fucking 15 months!

and I'm looking forward to Season 2 episodes.

Honestly your memes just suck.
And you're stoopid.

But that's okay, keep posting to Holla Forums. We don't like you. You just keep pissing people off. You are our call to action.

I thought that poster was shitposting ironically.

That was a Saudi hit. Paddock was a money launderer and running guns. The Saudis and clinton buds set him up. The target was a Saud. Unclear exactly who. But the issue was they knew Trump had given the green light to purge all the motherfuckers connected to the deep state nigger nuke and classified info scheme (among other criminal operations). Paddock wasn't political himself. Just did dirty jobs for the feds. They just fucking used him.

I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't shoot a single weapon from that room. He might just be the scapegoat.

This one made me laugh.

We've overcome this, but we must continue to plant the seed in others through our memetics.


We should have exterminated the Aztecs.

This is rachposter. He is a pizzagate-style rapist (literally):

The Saudis would have attacked something more military or financially -oriented. The victims tell you about the perp.

No, it's Rachposter. Rachposter is (upon evidence) a literal rapist, pizzagate-style.

Honesty tho, these two gave me a chuckle.

Don't disrespect shitting dick nipples like that

No they didn't wojakTears.jpg

I'm bretty sure based on and that that user is just havin a laff m8, calm down.

It was then I believed Q user's revelations. Also, the weather feels cool, doesn't it?

Go suck kike dick there.

Ha! Facts aren’t thoughts, motherfucker. Prove me wrong. Actually get off your ass and go DO WHAT MUST BE DONE to save this country. I can tell you motherfuckers to remember the Revolution. I can tell you motherfuckers to remember the Battle of Athens. I can repeat it until I’m blue in the fingers. You do nothing. Ever. I’ve been here since before there even was a here. My first time on Holla Forums was coming to from /new/ it at its creation. I left cuckchan in 2014 and have never visited the site again, because of what it had become. This place had PROMISE back then. I’ve checked in literally every fucking day since then, and the quality has never improved. So go on. Go kill the traitors. Get some military guys together, teach them what treason is (because they don’t know), teach them what our laws are (because they surely don’t know), and then teach them what the Founding Fathers did when faced with a situation a tenth as bad as what we face now. Be a literal fucking hero of the republic. Or just call me FBI. Do it, you fucking kike. Call me FBI for talking about the Battle of Athens. Call me FBI for repeating THE EXACT FUCKING CONTENTS OF EVERY GOVERNMENT “REVELATION” IN THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS. No one will be fired. No one will be arrested. No one will be executed. They will all, always, get away. Every one of them, every time.
PROVE. ME. WRONG. I fucking BEG you.
None will.
Doing absolutely nothing, like we have since WWII. I’m surprised daily at that.
Not sure how you’d do that; I’d be one of the operators with the deck of cards (for my state; there are too many people to fit on even 50 decks) where each card is the face of a traitor.
I know. It brings cowards and suicidal depression. Prove me wrong. My only happiness these days comes from children like you who still get yourselves hyped up at the “promise” of the ZOG arresting the ZOG. It’ll surely happen. Any day now. The ✡republicans✡ will release a memo that shows the ✡democrats✡ committed treason. And then the big bad ✡democrats✡ will be arrested and executed and nothing will ever be bad again because the good ✡republicans✡ will be in power. And there’s no chance at all that a democrat would release a similar memo about the republican traitors–of which there are an equal, if not greater, number–at the same time. Oh no, that would never happen. And with both parties exposed as having every single fucking member be a traitor to the republic, they surely won’t stand together and say, “There’s too many of them to arrest, much less kill! The government would stop working! Pardons for everyone!” Oh no, that wouldn’t happen. Jews don’t protect their own.
Fact is not a blackpill. The easiest way to out a shill? They say the things you do.
Translation: “Mommy, the bad man said something true that hurts my feelings; make him go away! I’m too scared to change my beliefs or the world to make this truth be better for me!”

yeah I thought that was from porn, thanks for verifying

Jesus Christ you are one whiny ass larpy faggot. Why the fuck don't you do something you fucking sperg?


So yep, just reply in the exact same way you always do. No answers, no action, just deflection. At least you’re consistent in your cuckoldry.

Yep just what I thought. Just some whiny ass larping sperg. All talk no walk, wanting others to do the work for him.

Literal CIA agent in action:

Yes, the CIA is a bunch of tards.

I have considered your position thoroughly. You are very right. All is lost. You may as well end it.

The CIA has recently been attempting to implant in the WN movement thoughts of suicide. This is as was used by the FBI against the magic nigger. A real CIA agent at work:

Yep, they're losers.

I can't tell if you're retarded or a shill. Either way you should limit your posting. For the sake of the board.

what a long winded way of saying lurk moar how quaint!


underrated post

An example of how the CIA operates. They go into places to stir up fights. They use insults and many other things to derail threads. Here's an example:

Excellent image.


Keep proving me right, sure.

Way to prove you’re illiterate, yid.

Well lookie here. Derailing the thread yet again. Trying to call names, start fights. Such a yawner. But clearly one who means the White Man ill:

You still have no idea how or why you are so fucking easy to spot.

Yea. You're just a harmless retard.

Reset this fucking thread, fucking hell.

What is interesting is how the CIA uses a pair of people to engage in a mock fight. They derail threads, but have a commonality not probable, which is to attack others, and to utterly lack an interest in matters which promote Whites. Observe the CIA in action. The main way they get away with their actions is that movies would have you believe that "007" has superpowers, when in reality he's just a loser of immense irrational conformity. For this reason, they are readily tossed aside, and casually, in any debate. However, they are persistent, using devices of training, which are generally to bad-mouth others, and make a scene. Making a scene out of tempo with ordinary human experience is what most people call "glow in the dark". Here's one in operation now:


In other words, sockpuppets X and Y engage in a fight, X-vs-Y, but can be observed as a disruption event, due to their "radiation" (again, the subconscious refers to such incorrect energies as "glow in the dark"):
X-vs-Z, Y-vs-Z, return to X-vs-Y
Now we see the net balance is:
Z (a true White Nationalist): -2
X (a sockpuppet): -1
Y (a sockpuppet): -1

This is, for them, an invauable tool of disruption. It's a raid that also removes intellectual matters from the pallet through the heat of the irrational, imaginary personalities X and Y.

But there is no X.

And there is no Y.

Not an argument. Where’s the memo?

Not an argument. Where are the arrests?

Where is the refutation to anything I said?

You’re a cocksucking faggot and everything I explicitly said you would be. The FBI and CIA should be disbanded and the agents executed. They can’t be left alive; they know too damn much. If we’re not going to have these agencies, we can’t have the rogue agents operating outside them, either. Now call me CIA again, you motherfucking yid. Answer my questions.


So no, you can’t prove me wrong. Keep listening and believing, goy.

You kikes always argue in bad faith which is why no one bothers with you anymore. Fingers in ears, kvetching up to 11, and therefore it doesn't exist. Pathetic really.

Objection: Multiple.


Your fallacy is: premature ejaculation

Holy fuck, look at all those nerves I touched.

Reported for spam.

How laughable.

tbh I have no idea what's got you so worked up. it's an IQ thing. You wouldn't understand.

Obama can't go to prison. But Hillary might.


How can real women even compete?


other tactics to consider, pic related.

these are commonly used petty and shameful shill tactics used by total losers who work for (((them))).
you will see these being used in almost every thread, on all boards, on all chans. their goal is simple, to use very basic and difficult to detect attacks and phrases and accusations over and over again to disrupt chan websites, threads, conversations, generate butthurt, force users to defend themselves "no, I'm not from reddit!", create arguments "No, YOU'RE from reddit!", you name it. simple stuff, almost too simple to detect unless you notice it.

here's a simple outline of what they do. don't avoid it, just call them out on it every single time. make sure everyone learns who (((they))) are.

and the opposite

sluggish schizophrenia:

>simply pick some random completely unimportant point about their post or anything they said and shame and attack it into the ground for no reason, similarly to how the mainstream media attacks trump for having two scoops of icecream, bigger salt and pepper shakers than everyone else, and drinking from a glass with two hands that one time. (notice how the shills and the mainstream media get similar tactics training from (((them)))
>Whoa he said "be me" what a cunt, holy fucking shit let me make the biggest deal out of this possible, hey everyone join in with me! mob mentality! peer pressure! whoa this is such a smart shill tactic, haha I feel soo good about myself. my life is so sad oh gosh (+1 sheckle)

there are plenty more of these. if you notice one that I missed, go ahead and reply to me with the suggestion and I might just add it in somehow. don't be shy.

Is this thread disappearing off the front page after it fully loads? I have to tap the link before the catalog loads or it's gonna. Also, the first post disappears in the thread.

With the present SCOTUS.

I was in the gifted & academically talented class from kindergarten till I dropped out. It's so the little nigglets & normalfags can 'learn' without the distraction of a child who already knows the answers.

muh waifu


God bless america

Autismo Holla Forums certainly didn't win the election. It was blue working class boomers, evangelicals and td who won the election. Hillary is not sitting at home crying about Holla Forums. She probably doesn't even know it exists. Also inconvenient realities are not blackpills and rejecting them is delusional.

Actually, Holla Forums did win the election. Hillary complained about the "Alt Right" and her faggot CIA lapdog complained about "childless single men who masturbate to anime".

That is, the debate is possessed by Fascism, naturally. And Holla Forums was the hands of Kek.

This season gun b gud

I'm pre-ordering the box set.

Along with the "nothing ever happens" blackpill, I've noticed them pushing the "You won't change anything from behind a computer, get out and do something" line on here and on Twitter. It's obvious what that's about. The Kikes are tearing their hair out about the rapid rise in Goyim knowing. Meatspace activity is much easier for them to suppress.

There may come a time for revolution, but first we have to win enough minds. Get fit, train for action, but bide your time and keep handing out red pills. When enough Goyim know, it will be 1933 again, the kike's power will evaporate. The military are mostly our guys, they will mutiny if asked to put down a popular movement of whites. The SJWs are mind-fucked zombies, not fighting stock at all. Whether serious conflict will be necessary depends on how effectively the kikes manage to weaponize the niggers. Either way, I'm game - when the time is right.


This is beyond fucked up

Is this relevant to the thread?

Kek wtf

Faggot just accept Holla Forums is the illuminati now

If there's an afterlife, CTR will surely have reservations in Hell.

baffled boomer spotted
evangelist cucks and stupid boomers like you voted blue
you also claimed the killary doesnt know that "we" exist in a reply to a post that pointed out the fact that she did, in front of a crowd, acknowledge the alt right. That was undeniably a huge factor in the outcome of the race.
Young folk won the election. Not shitty old set in their ways dumbfuck boomers addicted to talmudvision, beer, church, and football.

It feeds Moloch. That is reason enough to avoid it. In general, skip torture. Put two bullets in their head and move on to the next.

Watch out for psyops encouraging torture like burning alive or that scaphism poster.

Autocorrect capitalized moloch's name again. They're scared and trying to feed the corpse of their dead god.

Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure she's lip-syncing.

That's where you're wrong kiddo




Reported for blackpill.

https ://>>11173320


Okay. Your evidence is what?

Try the FUCK again.

the document is there 99 pages.look into it or not

Uh huh.
You can do better than that.

So no, it's not the document anyone is talking about.

Those pics remind me of Kim Jong posing for propaganda pictures looking at fruit and stuff.

And there we go.

The day will come kike, and we'll be too many and too well prepared.

The funny thing is they dont even seem to be able to understand their own book. Not working on the sabbath does not mean be an obscenely lazy shit all day, it means take a day off from your good works of creation. They are not creators, they are immitators.

The curriculum of gate was logic, mechanical reasoning, sacred geometry and fables. I have a manilla folder full of assignments that I was able to hold onto all of these years. And the whole thing can be described as esoteric redpills.

The bible is a curious thing. It contains the truth of the universe in metaphor, but there are truths which it does not contain. There are two major crimes described in it. 1) the woman lillith deceives eve into eating of the fruit 2) cain strikes down Abel and his blood cries out from the soil.

The names Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, etc are all races/nations. Abel is the only man mentioned in genesis who is not named as having had children, but it never explicitly states that he did not have children. The ancient root word for blood also meant kin/children and the ancient root word for soil was soyl which meant humanity as a whole. Cain fucked up Abels children so that they were scatterred amonst the mudbloods.

Mandrake is a kike witchcraft potion ingredient. If you google it you will find that while it is described as having roots that look humanoid all the very old drawings of it the roots look like a white child. It is described as a plant that cries from the soil when uprooted and its cry results in the death of any close enough to hear it, so it must be dug up by a proxy. After you have one you bury it in the grave of a dead man and force feed it for 30 nights nothing but cows milk that has had 3 bats drowned in it. spirit cooking

The memes are real and there are no coincidences. Activate your almond on this shit you will find I am right.

So easy to spot. kek

Kill yourself, you didn't do shit except beg to be changed.

My dad works for Nintendo. Hillary: the prison yard coming soon for wii

It's called grammar, nigger.

It took the kikes a long time to wrap their mind around how vowels work. moloch used to be spelled mlk. Ponder that shit for a second.

Yeah, the last one sure turned out well, didn't it?

The one where the FBI director pre-cleared her from wrongdoing?


I know it's all lies and propaganda, but seeing her like this makes me a bit sad. I wonder, if she hadn't been raised in the kike political machine and brainwashed by (((feminism))) in her youth, maybe she could have been…. /ourgirl/.

Interesting. Pic related.

You can see she was born to perform evil acts. Her very spirit is corrupt. Look into those eyes.

they are mischievous, and she does have a bit of the sanpaku eyes…

That is the mirthless smile of one who is planning on poisoning the puppies.


Columbus did nothing wrong

D = 4
E = 5
A = 1

I think their research on Holla Forums was treating chaos;head as a documentary

>I know it's all lies and propaganda, but seeing her like this makes me a bit sad. I wonder, if she hadn't been raised in the kike political machine and brainwashed by (((feminism))) in her youth, maybe she could have been…. /ourgirl/.

Dubs confirm /theirgirl/ genetically is corrupt

Zomg trips of truth on a leftypol faggot. What truth in this shitty meme is true?

All of these words, yet you failed to qualify what makes the Daily Caller on the same level as National Enquirer.

Daily Caller has been far ahead of the curve, stay salty mad.

I think you missed the point of my post.




My mistake. Carry on, polite sage.

This meme just sucks fundamentally. Really poorly done.



really causes an impulse of electrical activity to cross gaps in my neuronal structures


Fuck off back to half, nigger.

Oh, how I hope your computers all malfunction at once.

shoo shoo end-queer.

We know everything was made up, now the public gets to find out too.

I'd get your shekels together and flee the country now, people are going to be out for scalps once they figure out what's been going on, and shills will feel a tremendous amount of heat.

You'll be hounded out of your neighborhoods.

You don't own this board, you fucking cunt.

I'm just pulling your leg e-chan, you can stay :^)

Eat shit moshe.

They were never theirs. They are invading pests on par with muzzies.

Africans create these types of governments anywhere the have power.

Ah, the classics.



I had fight to get out of that shit. Had to repeat tenth grade math because I never learned anything; we were literally teaching the retards how to read. Peer counseling, saved the school money.

Made me realize I would never be a teacher. That summer (88) I got a modem and never looked back.

Biologicals, duh.

As another cars for yids commercial plays in the background.


The power of autismo

Checked for double non-ironic Trips


The witch is dead!!!


So many of these people need to be behind bars.


God fucking damn it.

Potemkin villages.

This is good quality.

i think you misspelled thousands need to be shot or we go to fucking war? is that what you meant??

holy shit


( ( ( Adam Schiff ) ) ) says Americans are too stupid to understand the FISA memo.

2400 baud connected to a 386. Used trumpet/Winsock to build a SLIP PPP connection through my BBS.

Either you "saw the Netscape ship" or didn't have a clue.

Good times.

And once more, Holla Forums was right again.


So funny thing.
Traditionally in the eastern spiritual mythos from which the whole levitating while sitting thing is taken from, it's a sign that you have let go of all your earthly desires.
Of everything that ties you to others and the earth/world.

So the dialogue alone shows that she has not forsaken anything. She remains bound to the earth, to others and to things.
She remains bound to her opposition to Trump and Sanders.
To the scandal of her emails.
But then "Below me, in the dirt" and those gay ass logos coming out of the ground?
All of it shows she remains as bond to this world as ever, that she has not achieved any level of detachment.

But it also shows that the guy who made this garbage not only fails completely to understand the visual imagery of the original but also the whole bloody fucking point of it.
In the page its ripping, we see Dr Manhattan walking across the surface of Mars as he contemplates his isolation from humanity and his continuing disregard for his fellow man.
The whole scene is about Dr Manhattan coming to terms with it and reaffirming his detachment from humanity. Letting go of that last connection he had to his humanity and thus "becoming a buddha"
Though said enlightenment proves short lived until he once again achieves it at the end of the comic.

So fuck the idiot who made this. He understands nothing.

I killed your god, kike.

Protect the egregore.




But rememba dah six trillion sealed indykements user!

Remember kids, if the post doesn't say "Jew Free", it isn't a 100% Kosher Free Holla Forums post.

My very first website was run off an ftp server.

Didn't you read about the sealed indictment against the guy who trucked Uranium out of the country for the Clintons? Yeah it got unsealed.

Stay salty nigger. If you dont know how to use dogpile to see what others think about sites, you have no business on 9gag.

i like that hilltown is a barren desert devoid of all life

I'll be checking those trips.


Call us when Hillary is swinging by her neck.

Crowdstrike would have used raw FISA data to track down the DNC leaker (Seth Rich).

school pic just looks like a cunt bitch faggot cunt shit eating whore shit eating grin socipath eyed walking evil fuck who sucks up to every teacher to get the a+/valedictorian

all scapegoating of one or two people or just an agency or two or whatever the fuck has to stop. that's a psy op. you have inner ring of a dozen or so who perpetrated mass treason–cash for nuclear weapons material and massive classified info theft and sales part, among other things–but then outside that ring you have thousands of officials, congressmen, big money financiers, lawyers, even fucking dipshit accountants, even a very few (very few) rando military fuckers in certain specific positions who profited or were blackmailed into silence and, at least among the thousands of government people who must suffer publicly, THEY HAD A CRITICAL DUTY THEY ABDICATED COMPLETELY to speak up against massive and unprecedented TREASON THAT PUTS US IN ACTUAL DANGER

among thousands of very serious crimes, they put the capability to put a dirty bomb on us in the hands of literal 9/11 terrorists. tons of bad people here–this is treason all over–and don't let these fuckers just put hillary and/or onigger in jail or hanging and call it justice.

that threat is very real and present danger but so is the blackmail situation (Awan Paki ISI with CIA participation) which means we don't have a functioning republic anymore. our elected representatives are answering to literal terrorists and their evil POS allies in this massive treason syndicate, not we the people, and this has been the case for a long time. that alone is an ongoing crime meaning this can't be fixed except by taking drastic, unprecedented steps. don't let them just draw this out and toss a few people under the bus, or we won't have a functioning government.

whites are responsible for our own destiny. whites have to look closely at this situation and our options and think realistically about a new nation. hanging a couple people or even a dozen is a distraction to appease that means we stay on the exact same path and inevitably have total authoritarianism and white genocide. whites have to understand what the level of treason was and the fact we no longer have a representative democratic government. they sell nukes to literal terrorists along with classified know-how to deliver those nukes. and they're all blackmailed. people have to get that. it's clear, for whites, that we have a government that truly, genuinely, actively tries to destroy us and will. whites have to understand all options need to be on the table now and not to be satiated by hanging the nigger or this bitch.


Got some solid trips there.

To explain for shills, in case they don't understand why the lambert glow in the dark charges are significant–Lambert was charged with the usual hooks the feds can get in somebody like money laundering etc., but his main job is to squeal on everybody. He knows a lot of stuff because he was a major connection between deep state and the horrific mass treason along with associated crimes (nuke/classified info treason being by far the most serious) that went on for over a decade.

Lambert shipped tons of uranium over the years. The TLI/Daher website proudly proclaims they did the Megatons to Megawatts shipping. A lot of that shit is totally unaccounted for and went to literal terrorists. "With strong focus and expertise on Russian-American trade, DAHER-TLI has managed the transportation of Megatons to Megawatts program since 1999, and continued to manage the program through its completion in 2013."

At least one NRC foreign export violation for TLI was for plutonium. That's weapons material. And idiotically and btfo for shills, this is right in the public record, so it's hard to argue.

TLI is at the same address in Maryland as Teneo, a major Clinton fundraiser. 8161 maple lawn blvd&t=ffsb&ia=web

To understand how Teneo is just a Clinton foundation money laundering fundraiser and literally serves no other purpose, yet is strangely located at TLI's office, the plutonium foreign export violator, Teneo explains its Clinton Foundation connections here:

Anyway, this is thousands of people blackmailed and then within the inner ring, you have guys like Lambert (former Navy intel/alphabet soup) completely stealing all possible classified Navy intel he could get his hands on, then you have the Awans taking everything they could get for over a decade from people on the intelligence and foreign affairs committees (top secret and sometimes above top secret if they needed it), etc.

You have people in that inner ring putting shit into public unsecure email and and selling passwords, and remember you have people like Huma who are literally associated with Al Queda (but of course the Awans are Pakistani ISI and CIA, so they take all of their classified info for over a decade to a country that literally helps terrorists–that means they have the know-how and material to administer at least a dirty bomb or tactical nuke, maybe, on a US city)

Then there's the thousands blackmailed into silence when they should have spoken. Many many others participated here with the direct help of the highest level people across the board in US govt. Treason across the board and govt still blackmailed including oversight people, so this situation can't even get fixed through any normal means.

I should also note that if they just toss one or two people under the bus and call it a day, we're doomed. This is the whole thing.

Whites need to think about our future in this country at a time like this and think about alternate political structures.


This is right, but I think some boomers can be properly redpilled. This situation is too important to be divided, and there are definitely good ones who, if they don't get it now, will get it soon. We should bring them around. That seriously means posting on kikebart, as shitty as it is, because a lot of boomers have money, guns, and influence, and if you get enough of them, it can swing things hard 1488. If whites ever have a shot at getting an ethnostate, a major unified effort is needed. Don't completely write off all boomers, and try to be patient with them, but redpiill any you can that can be redpilled. It's not hopeless on that front.

Killy Clinton took an axe,
gave her server 40 whacks
When she saw what she had done,
she gave her cell phones 41

pls show bobs

Jesus when terry davis was calling them glow in tbe dark I didnt even think he meant uranium levels

Okay now Im fucking scared guys

Okay now Im fucking scared you guys



Yes. As far as the nigger Loretta Lynch goes, there is simply no way anyone gives an order to shut down an enormous national security investigation of grave importance without approval from the tip top. It's gonna be Lynch in on this coordinating with FBI along with Obama signoff. There's no way something this important wouldn't end up with some type of president signoff, even oral, because it's too massive. Same deal with the earlier DOJ signoff on unloading U1 (to get rid of a big component of the massive nukes/intel for cash operation). Would have to be signed off by Holder and no way it didn't go straight up to Onigger.

Point is, all of this shit is so insane, all of it, and it went to the top. Literally thousands have to get hanged. I think the system is so criminal from top to bottom and side to side that whites need to think about a brexit and forming an ethnostate.

I think Uncle Joe's the one who did it.

What's in the box?

This is extremely important. Excellent job laying out the particulars, user.

Great post. I do question… why hasn't he been offed?

Seems people have been offed for much less. Only thing I can think of is he has a deadman switch.

Thanks. Just seem important for people to have an idea how irrevocably fucked up across the board our government is. Effectively we don't have a functional republic, because they're almost all serious traitors or blackmailed. This sounds ridiculous, but it approximates the truth.

Good question. I'd have to speculate. I think (but only a few can really know) that maybe from early on, possibly even well before the election, investigators of the investigators of the investigators at the top in the military may have been aware of the classified info/nuke sales scheme. No telling.

It's a good question because these people are evil and wack anyone who has any real evidence about them. They only act based on evidence. The inner ring of this treasonous syndicate was (apparently) offing TLI truckers and (again, apparently, but it's impossible to know for now) either offed or were responsible for allowing a hit to go through on a leaker, Seth Rich, even though the person who truly may have been informing military investigators could have been a big player like Podesta or Band. That wouldn't make either of those good people somehow, since somebody may have expained they're all facing the rope, and they better flip. Just speculating, though, since all of this is ongoing.

Editorial comment:
On the whole, this thing is too massively treasonous across the board for the system to fix itself. Probably just draw it out a while and jail a couple decently big names and call it a day. Won't fix anything. Trump can really just expose this stuff and maybe take down a few big people, but even a hundreds won't do. It's thousands. We don't have a functioning representative democracy because of all the blackmail, and everyone else is literally selling nukes and info to terorrists. Once Trump exposes a lot of this, we have to decide what to do. My belief is people need to join military, specifically marines and army, and form civilian militias, work to gain influence and get kiked out boomers out of meaningful positions in the system, and then the military force whites can build up will be leverage to force a vote or similar to leave and form a white nation. A clean reset and nation for whites. That's how I look at it, anyway.

Total armchair opinion, but….

Nothing is going to happen until the economy shits the bed. If history has taught me nothing else, it is that these revolutions or periods of civil unrest do not occur until food is scarce or expensive. The normie masses simply will not budge until their bread and circuses are interrupted. And that is usually due to a crashing economy - see Weimar Republic. I think one of two things will set it off - all of the unfunded liabilities and pensions being unpaid causing a domino effect or the petrodollar losing its global reserve currency status. Hell, China is buying up gold and (I believe) trying to partner up with Iran and Russia to unseat the petrodollar as the global currency. When that happens, all the dollars flood back to the US, and we know what happens when hyperinflation kicks in in white countries….

Yes to all that, and particularly on the pension issue. That's a massive bomb waiting to go off, especially given the stock market is topping the most ludicrous valuation ratios daily. It's recklessness at this point.

Tippist of top keks my lads.

Hanging Hillary when?


and justice for this fucking degenerate

We can't let him get dem codes!

It's time to look desperate and edgy while trying to appear collected and edgy.

Always wondered how [redacted] ended up as a weapons inspector.

Oh she's shitting herself in more ways than one these days.

Brazen, and sloppy. And stupid. I've said this years ago, long before OIanon said it. They relied on not only our ignorance, but fear. And there is no more fear. The pitbull is coming. Straight for the neck. May God forgive us for what is about to happen.