USB drives full of redpills intensly trigger autists

Allow me to show you something that just recently happened in my own, personal bit of hell.


Other urls found in this thread:>>7712988 flash memory drives.html!YwgCgRQL!pwzvh5qGIUtcoZAhQ1IIG5fX_wLZwG2hTTIZOd35cwo!Y7ZGyYLY!jK9k4xFwqZNZlGGLcXOkHOiFwLYCDAZPIDSJ-8GUBjs

Some funny and notable posts from the plebbit thread.

the infographics are pretty good


Does anyone know who made these btw?

That's a Holla Forums project, can't remember the /name/ for the life of me.

Looks like something anyone could make with basic css knowledge.

Pretty good, though that 4th pic.
Reference the actual book, you mongoloid.

So now that they have gone full kvetch mode those evil redpill usbs have been given the streisand effect. People will be more curious now. So now more need to be scattered around.

Would be fun watching some innocent sperg with the same drive get shit on for being the evil nazi leaving them everywhere

We can also try using pirate boxes.


I need hentai of the girl in the pic.

I remember when we discussed doing this here on Holla Forums some years ago, glad someone actually did it

We should be using Star Wars to spread this.

a better strategy would be modifying university texts to include hate facts then upload to filesharing sites.
students pirate books like crazy.

Not really a fan of giving kikes money.

hahahaha fag

This guy has the right idea.

Would have been a perfect time for the shoahware pooter locker. Drag the redpills up on screen then lock them in place.

Thread needs a little more salt. It's just slightly bland.

Would be really useful if we could make the media read only so faggots wouldn't just go around to collect and wipe them.

Kek will be pleased

It's called butthurt, nigger.

.t Portland State Department of Electrical Engineering


It was /redstick/ and is where the Holla Forumsknot came from.
t. one of the anons who helped with it before interest dwindled and it fell apart
I'm surprised someone actually finished the idea and put it in practice. Good on you, user.

Something tells me shit like that would be easy to find second hand, especially considering SW merchandise is mostly worthless now.

I want to put some usb computer killers in those and leave them around


Should revive this. It's clearly effective.

Don't do this autism or people will get the authorities to rape your boipussy.

I had this idea a while ago with plastering links to a gross abundance of Holla Forums knowledge, we should do it again

but we want them to plug in random flashdrives, spreading the computer killing flashdrive meme runs contrary to that objective

Best fix that one up, user.

I feel like there are probably more cost effective ways of spreading red-pills. Why not print small pieces of paper with truth facts about race/jews/etc, and hide them inside every book in the library?

Want the source code for the files on the drives?

The whole this is designed to be modular, so it should be easy to add more files. I can also write a manual on how to do it all (where to buy drives, good places to put them, ect) if you guys want.

Do it faggot.


Not bad for a lone user.

I honestly wish I could do half as much towards redpilling normies as that reddit-cunt.

Any way to make them not usable if the files are deleted?

Quads compel you. Spread em.

Use a write only DVD/CD. You can't format those.

Good taste
Go ahead friend

Did you read his comments on imgur? he cherrypicks the ones he doesn't like and ignores actual fbi statistics, and ofc doesn't even open the links.

He also asked for a source on the David Reimer case in the album comments because none is provided on the stick, which should be changed for further usb sticks.

Doing god's work
Please proofread your shit before you try to redpill the NPCs next time, you dingus.

Checked and keked, this shit is genius, good job posting this, as well as the salt!

This could work. You couldn't hit ever book in the library though. I would focus on the books that get checked out the most. I am sure someone keeps statistics on that.

If you find something to write a page on that starts with H, I will do it.

By the way, if anyone wants to flood the bias incident report system:

I think I saw some on aliexpress, I'm sure they don't pay anything for the license

Hitler's struggle.

That might have worked… in 2008. Optical disc drives are rather rare these days.

Are libcucks this stupid as a bse line?

Holocaust, obviously.

Come on, everyone has one of those, every PC comes with one.


H could be Hate, and be used to show the clearly derogatory and insulting way media portrays whites now.

If an 'H' were to be added you could spell "GLITCH" as in "a GLITCH in the system" or something.

Dubs demand it, twice so!

It will be done.

user shall not forsake the repeating digits.

THIS. Best one I've seen, fits perfectly.

Plenty of work to be done here, but the digits seem to be all for it.

Seems to me like smartphones, tablets and various netbooks, ultrabooks whatever the hell you call them are more common now and big clunky laptops with disc drives aren't very popular. Even recent desktop computers can lack a disc drive, it comes down to a choice the user has made to keep that piece of almost legacy hardware now that everyone relies on online distribution for everything.
At any rate it can't hurt, you can still get a big pack of CDs and DVDs for the price of one flash drive.

Think about it though, someone finds it 5 years later and sees how things have come to pass and the redpills were real. You would have to put a date on the pieces of paper though.

The idea is great and already succesful, re-posing everything from the usb into something anons can use to repeat the process.
H for Hate is an excellent new category especially if it is found by other whites.

the good thing about books is you can glue the poster on the page and the whole

it would be hilarious to target the harry potter books

KEK, check out others.txt in /content

- All of the alternate names for Mike "acdc for lgbt" Pence
- Dicky Spencer's secret homosexual history
- the full script of the plane scene from batman
- A full list of the best waifus from dark souls
- Reveal: hitler was secretly a nazi.
- Leaked Smocaine 4 script
- [redacted]'s folder of ebola-chan lewds
- Cupons for free helecopter rides
- "No step on snek" flags
- Is anime redpilled?

truly /ourguys/

>mfw normies see something is restricted h8facts and only want to see it more

That's fucking hilarious. This thread deserves so many bumps.

Man, if only.


IUFag here
Just made a account to spread conservatism on campus. What should I post?

The best thing is that its using their own tactics against them.
Leftist love spreading their messages in the open to intimidate the public and have conditioned the normies to react to them.
Now the normies are going to eat the forbidden fruit and they can do nothing against it.

No, they don't. When's the last time you bought a laptop? They're very thin now, no room for a disc drive. There's also everyone using tablets and 2-in-1 laptops, which again are very thin. If your laptop does have an optical drive slot, you can replace it with an HDD caddy and give yourself more disk space, which again means the optical drive is removed since it's almost never used anymore.

You are stuck in btown as well?
Email me? fullmoon[at]

Holy shit, it is our project. One of us finally finished it.


Somewhat related I think this place would be much stronger / more effective if all the Holla Forumsacks with good doxxing etc skills would write a brief write up to educate those of us who are more "rifles and pitchforks" than "tor and haxxor" become more technologically sophisticated. And vice versa although I do see fitness and aesthetic write ups all the time

Sent, Did it go through?

This would be counter productive, you autstic fuck.

kind of wondering how in the fuck op even forgot to include anything holocaust or even jew-related in the first place

Lurk two more years cuckchan refugees.

The fruits salt harvest of the USB plan. This is delicious.

basic css can be learned for free
pretty much anything can be learned for free
this is the world we live in
part of the world we live in involves (you)
what (you) are good at is different than another
there's specialty fourms
there's so many things, user
it's just up to (you) to find where your autism takes you
when they tell (you) to lurk 2 years, it isn't a no-new-niggers thing but more of a you-dont-know-you-look-at-so-don't-speak-yet-for-the-wheel-is-still-in-turn

nigger you what

I have been here for about 3 years.

i have no idea whether to learn Css C+ Java or fucking HTML last one was a joe to be 'helpful' to Holla Forums. I am not saying "Spoonfeed me the internets" What I am saying is like some sort of guide outlining what skills to learn first / in what order and maybe a few good resources for learning them online.

i don't know why when I bring this up I am getting shilled sofucking hard. This is a good idea that well strengthen 'our' and I use that word lightly our ability to affect the change that 'we' want.


H is for Hitler Did Nothing Wrong.

shiggy the diggy

Very checked.
I must remember this every single time I hear about an uptick in hate crimes.

He probably wanted to keep the redpill, big as it already is, somewhat managable.
The first steps are the most vital, kikes and child sacrifices are advanced stuff no need to rush that part, as important as it ultimately is.

Nice work, OP. Today, you are definitely not a fag.

They're trying to phase out any kind of media that doesn't have a full computer built into it. CD-Rs make it too hard for CIAniggers to spy on innocent people.

These are the enemies, whom choose to doublethink and ignore any contrarian viewpoint.

I'm out of sympathy for them. Whatever happens, happens.

Clickable link to the images on the drive. Ho-hum-tier stuff.

Look guys, if you're going to do a little outreach, can you at least be sure to spell and punctuate everything properly? This cache, for example, uses "plane sight" in the intro paragraph. This kind of thing gives normie-fags all the excuse they need to write off whatever you've written.

Are these people special retarded?

To the normie:

I think "retarded" is in perspective. Isn't this the whole of society now? They're no more stupid then the rest of the contemporary.

See . Scroll through the 10 or so images and pay attention to the poster's snarky rebuttals under each. It's like a glimpse into a Down's Syndrome kid's head when his bicycle gets stolen. In response to the "Hispanics are 19 times more likely to be in a gang" hate-fact, the redditfag wrote: "Fun fact: if the judicial system didn't try to imprison immigrants so that they could get money from their private prisons, then none of this would happen."


I might make a reddit account just to show that is not only stupid, but fucktarded. Anyone know what major this person is? Obviously not "Logic".

I'd use w3schools to pick up some basics, life's been a bit busy lately to get through it myself.
More important than mastering the delivery medium is having skills to produce quality memes, propaganda, redpills. The big blocks of text will only ever be read by people with already very Holla Forums like beliefs. Images with optional text will work far better on the common bluepilled idiot.
Basic image editing isn't very difficult to get into, video takes a bit more effort.

w3Schools is a cancer though, user. Holla Forums here, so I can tell ya. You should learn from other sources, such as a coursebook in HTML markup. Otherwise, you're making broken websites and understanding the format in a very stupid manner. Lot of people hate w3schools.

nah fam it's funny

His comments on the imgur are hilarious!


who knew?

Right, sometimes i forget the wall normalfags have constructed to keep out anything "anti-semitic." Having anything Hitler or holocaust related would be an automatic dismissal of the facts that are on that flash drive to anyone who is thoroughly brainwashed. And the people finding these drives are almost guaranteed to be extremely bluepilled/liberal prog/far left as OP is dropping these drives on a college campus. The info he has on there now will at least be met with curiosity to anyone of even average intelligence and not insta-dismissed. Most normalfags are literally scared of Hitler and Hitler accessories.

I kind of want to see the HTML now. The color scheme is nice too.


Anyone reading the fucking thread/his posts? pure cancer.

I think he is some sort of shill tbh.


I remember an old topic involving the Hitler film "tgsnt" but on CDs
someone should put the sandy hook archives and most importantly the webm where the guy was laughing as fuck before trying to (((mourn)))
another stuff

buy USBs in bulk from aliexpress since chink usbs can only be written with files once (assuming you didn't get the usb wire inside usb shell)


Post that webm now.


How about kind guy wording? They see NatSoc as evil but if an user words the facts kindly, i think they'll at least consider NatSoc an empathetic ideology.

H for Hitler and the positive things he has done. For example, He cared for the animal.

1; We need better sources
2; We need more facts (Jews, Zionists, Seth Rich, Holahoax etc.
I'm willing to collaborate on making this if anyone's serious

Had this exact thought. Thankfully scrolled over your post. Now I don't have to do anything.

Absolutely not. Hitler is the N-word of history. No matter how hard you work at composing redpills I'm talking about someone else. I get the feeling you, personally, will never do anything useful, the second You-Know-Who gets mentioned, you're a holohoax exposer, and nothing you say is ever going to be valid, period.

Save the Hitler Did Nothing Wrong stuff for later. It's actually a joyous day when a new /ceno/bite discovers that on his own.

my net is shitting so here you go>>7712988

He either "had one job", or that was some of the most subtle baneposting I've ever seen.
"Hate" maybe? Use the race-on-race murder stats to show who really hates who. Also give examples of hate speech laws and some of the more insane trials (non Germans arrested in France by German cops for questioning the holocause in Brazil, or wherever it was). Or you could use the category to tie everything together with a "is it really blind hatred if the facts bear it out?" essay.

You guys are being too autistic. You can't start with the Jewish question and just undo decades of daily hardcore propaganda at the core of their worldview instilled by their most trusted family members and authority figures. Not to mention they risk losing their social circle from adopting these beliefs. We need to find a common ground such as the activities of the bank's or the Israeli lobby (leftists also hate Israel for the Palestine stuff). Also leaving random flash drives makes it seem conspiratorial and Larpy. I commend this user for actually DOING something though but I think the optics are wrong. Most people who would be swayed by that information are already on our side. We need to chant olololo at our enemies now.

Any time a leftist proclaims to hate something other than themselves they are actually projecting.


His plan was to send them back, user. He was murdered by a Jew before he could complete the off-continent return shipping of the Jew's economy.

So? put a sublink to, and include this file on the stick. That will convince him. also should include a few webms of white beauty and accomplishments and awesome shit, and in the crime section should include lots of videos of niggers nigging, kicking cats, jumping old people, robbing stores, and stupid fucking shit with their links to worldstarhiphop so normalfag can start watching vids in the sidebar.

The worst part about Lincoln's death was the audacity of the kikes to have the final broadway showing of the play he went to see be shown at the family theater of the man who killed him. If that isn't rattling the shield then I don't know what is.

Where is "(((J)))". I'm not seeing "(((J)))" which is one that ties it all together.

And here's the actual youtube link:

If you think you can drop that on a normalfag and not have them immediately write you off then you are retarded.

People have already linked to his wikipedia page to show the dumb lefty the truth

I hate to say, but you are better off using emotional arguments, and telling the story like a joke, with the punchline adding int the detail that lights up the new circuit you've created. like this cap.

Even if you give them facts, they still disregard it, but it's important to list them.

The entire medicine industry is poison.

The problem is that there is a culture of accepting this disregard as normal behaviour. Once that is gone, they have to refute the truth with "facts". Once they research and see that these facts the would like to bring up, are in fact lies (which is the beauty of truth, a leftist cuck learning about truth will become natsoc. But a natsoc reading kikish lies will never become a leftist cuck) they will automatically change. Such is the power of truth. But how to get them to even consider using a brain and common sense.

Nice trips, I was a liberal feminist who turned NatSoc because of those sources. I only started looking when I got falsely accused of being right-wing. Same should be done to them.

Trips of truth, I reccomend highly Hammer of the Patriot >>>/pdfs/1271 it's full of emotional counterarguements to sway an audience listening to you, using the feminist SJW as an unwitting prop good cop bad cop style

BTW we had a project like this before but it died due to lack of manpower or something.



Funny how these cretins' reaction is not even "omg hate speech" as one would expect, but actually "stay away from this info". Really activates the almonds, doesn't it? And the best rebuttals they can come up with are either "hurr it's fake" or "durr these sources are not sources". Even on Imgur, one of the internet's cesspools of normalfaggotry, there are people starting to call out these creatures for what they are.
To be honest, I am surprised that we ever saw these mush-brained, scaredy-cat cultists as adversaries.



Posting to confirm another downloader and I will distribute in some form here in the near future.

Beforehand I'll try and do some adjustments though, such as proofreading. (The LGBT section spelling of "Straight" for example.) Other solid examples I'll consider adding to it eventually. Would also be interesting to add in a bit about Gramsci and the history of the idea cultural marxism. For people doing their own additions: follow the hello-kitty rule, keep it simple and it'll be more easy to take it in chunks at a time. Could add a "Further Reading" section too.

Cool, Brett Stevens (, is the guy who got me critically thinking a long time ago. Before that, as low-level tier as it is, that first Zeitgeist movie was probably the closest thing, then I watch Fight Club the first time, read it's wikipedia page and then learned about nihilism the first time, then after searching about that on my own I found Brett's work, which took me awhile to get into due to his elaborate style, but I started making more sense of it after the years. I'd say coming here has helped more too.

Fuck, that idiocy makes me want to bash some SJW skulls.

Beautiful salt.

Superglue or remove the write lock after locking it. Obviously need a lockable USB.


This is gonna be good.

One plan is to put these on SD-cards and plant them in jewish-written books .

Religion of Cuck™kikes have been spreading koran-verses on CD's, use USB it is more subtle and not outdated in the eyes of normies in the first world.

This is the biggest part I cannot do on my own quickly, Count on me to include the whole truth on my version!

This is why I include sources on my version

This is not the original one, but I encourage anyone to use any template and help our cause.

Project Redstick, the board got shoa'd in the hack and I didn't bother to revive it since Hotweels is likely to sell the data and trace this hatecrime back to me (I use proteciton but still). (I see in that it has been revived now)

I continued wotrking on the Redsticks too (pic related, I'm at version 3.9) but completely on my own. I coded the design but wasn't supposed to work on the contents. No user answered me on tox after the shoah, so I took it upon myself to finish it on my own no matter how long i would take.
I posted sometimes to gather anons to work on the content, I took care of the form and code. No one who answered stayed.

If anyone wants to still work on this, I'm open to it. I just need extra content and the correct source-links (I download them and include them for offline viewing).
I believe that with like 10-20 minds focussed on different topics we can deliver the ultimate Redstick withing weeks.
Fully bulletproof, believable and launchable worldwide without anyone knowing about it.

I took a different approach to the content:
I limited the use of text to an absolute minimum and compensate with images and videos to keep normies entertained while showing the world we live in.
I don't focus on numbers, I focus on narrative and clear deception.
Even plebbitors wouldn't be able to ignore this fuckery as I stay neutral in the beginning.
Everyone has different levels of tolerance towards ideology so I first point out the tricks, and planned on revealing the man behind the curtain only at the end (mine is chronological). THis way the reader can reject the (((Final Connection))) and STILL be armed against kikery.
The reader would eventually come at our conclusion if they see what we have been seeing for years: that there is ALWAYS a kike connected in a dangerous way and trying to deceive us.
Normies won't just accept that "it's the kikes", they have been exposed to years of emotional reprogramming and blackmail.
So exposing the typical tricks would still be useful even if they don't accept the ultimate redpill.
Statistics are not forever, ideas and unveiling the mechanisms is FAR more useful in this age of deception.

I've been with the project from the start, ask me anything except for the actual code (I won't share that publicly).
Content isn't very developed, I stopped advertising for gathering anons to work with me on that (anons that stayed at least, I got some replies sometimes).

**If anyone still wants to work on my version, add me on Tox:

Also heil to you. I'm glad I can put my html/css shit to good use for once.

I'm editing this right now. I'm also fixing those typos and other misspellings.

Wrong one.

You have exploited the natural tendency of the Communist to steal.

Hey zit je al bij medehal?
Referring to

to bundle forces, let's work together

as said to get to to bundle forces


Indien je gelijksgezinden wil meeten, laat maar weten aan de bovengenoemde persoon ;)

Stop dutching the fuck around tripsman.

Just write "White is OK. White is OK. White is OK. White is OK. White is OK. White is OK."

Sure thing, dubsman!

Glad you're still going strong. I was one of the original ideaguys and I'm glad the board is back up, too. Is I Are A Klutz Am still around?
In any case, I don't think it's practical to have only one definite version at this point. Since this is a decentralized project, people will make edits. Adding everything together and maybe anons adding local incidents and other specific information for their part of the world would be good edits.

Also, after all this time, I have to confess something. I feel guilty for being one of the anons who pushed to have the project be moved to another board. I thought it would help deter the shills and help bring the project together more, but it was probably one of the main factors for everyone falling out. I inadvertently caused the death of the project by splitting our forces. We should have kept continuous threads here. I'm sorry, Holla Forums. I've been carrying this guilt ever since.

Stop crying and start working. We all make mistakes.

To what extent is it possible to make a drive read-only? :^)

I know if you image USB drives with certain apps/options they're read-only, but of course they can be reimaged. Ideally it would be impossible to repurpose.

Reminder to replace (paste over) any removed (defaced) signage until it stops being changed.
Never fucking let up. This isn’t a one time thing. These signs must become a permanent fixture.

Kill yourself porn addict

Klutz is alive and well and talking to you right now, he forgot his tripcode for the moment as he changed computers.
I agree, we should bring everything together and make the flickering flame it is now to a blazing hotfire again.

That's fine man, you did what you thought was best and you were partially right. The project wasn't dead, the problem was anons dropping out. Not moving it to another board.
But this is how it always goes with great things (look at Hitler's spirit finding life again), they almost die out and are kept alive by some lone sleepers only to be revived again, stronger and brighter than ever before.

OK, I found a typo in the "open if found" file.


Got any other nice caps like that user? I've been wanting to save some.

The CIA has recently been using various methods to implant thoughts of suicide in the WN movement. Here is an example of a real CIA agent in action:

I think we discussed ordering Read-only USB-drives from China, I haven't looked into it properly but I believe there are drives that exist that can be written on only once.

Software-options probably exist already but a hardware-option is even better imo.

Good idea. Just keep pasting. The truth, told relentlessly, becomes a mast one can hold to in the storms of life.

Thx I'll fix it in a minute.

This is excellent work. Although I was not originally involved, with the current renewed interest this project seems to have the potential for national outrage and redpilling. I would advise you continue to make threads on Holla Forums with unique pictures and threadnames dont just post numbered general threads

As for the software method, on Windows, one way is with this app, Rufus:
I haven't had an interest in doing this before, but just use another app to make an ISO (as in, for burning to a bluray or whatever), save the ISO, and image your USB using Rufus.

But hardware is the holy grail…

Done, pic related.
I wonder if it was proofread / how young the author was making this.

Nice, looks like we now have one way to do it already.

I'll probably do that, perhaps without metioning the Redsticks themselves if shills are too active.

Forgot pic.

If you guys remember, we talked about making stickers with QR codes to spread awareness of the 'With Open Gates' video a while back. One could simply set up some kind of repository of redpilling images then make a corresponding QR code and IRL shitpost it.

You highlighted the wrong word, you fucking trip code dipshit. Plain sight.

Added titles to every page so it doesn't say "the cache" constantly

Removed one dividing line, added "Recommended Material" which links to youtube and hooktube.

And sorted the sources on the Crime section.

Thanks. I'm inspired by this, about to sleep however.

Yeah, I noticed that too. The typo's are not too bad.

Well fuck.

Couldn't we link QR codes to the same GLITCH project in development? The problem with infographics is they are too dense for most normies. Gentle reminder the first stage of resistance is gathering support via disseminating propaganda from the shadows, which is why this work is so valuable.


so rudely points out, "site" should be "sight". Sorry I didn't notice earlier.


Fixed now, it's fucking late now here now so I'll take it as a hint I should go to sleep.

Np user
Well, this part of the website is the hatebox that brought me so much truth through "rude" comments like that, so I don't really give a shit about the tone of the reply as long as it is truthful.

For any into tech, you could use an esp8266 chip to create captive wifi portal powered by a 9 volt. It would cost less than a usb chip and run for months. Or you could own the only wifi connection on the subway and feed everyone redpills during their commute.


Gr8 tip user, I'll look into it.
I made a piratebox back in the days for this project, but this option is much cheaper and easier to conceal.

I like this. We should continue to improve our redsticks.
OP's version is testing the waters, but I quite like that it's very brief and to the point. Klutz, did you manage to make yours like an unfolding story with the nose at the end, or a link to tgsnt, like we discussed before? I remember we were designing it like a rabbit hole, or secret path to knowledge where things were unlocked after reading certain pages or watching certain videos.
If we could find a way to do that, maybe adding in the H here could be an unlocked thing, too, after reading the rest that leads to Hitler or tgsnt or a story like or something. That way normalfags won't dismiss it until after they unlock the H.
If I were designing it like a video game, I would have GLITC scrambled like they were originally, then after reading them all, something happens that allows the page to "glitch" the letters in order, and H would appear at the end.

In any case, like the Nazi Sozi vs Mein Kampf, there should be one targeting the masses, and one made for those people like us. That way, all "classes" of people are targeted. The one for the masses should be placed in various public places while the bigger one should be placed at libraries, colleges, and left at targeted people's houses or something.

Sent you a tox invite. Thanks for taking the brunt of this project on your shoulders all this time.

I'm at IU. why haven't they sent an email out about it like they do with everything else?

You could script it so that a cookie gets stored. However I think the worst thing is to keep back information. Just plain html and css makes it better because people can spread misinformation and so "hur dur dont open its a natzee virus" or whatever wont happen. I think the redpilling shit be light weighted. As much as we love Hitler we all can relate that jumping into that rabbit hole is something that should come natural, it also makes reddit dipshit go less "ITS MUH NATZEES". I think the extreme hate campaign against whites is a better place to start.

This is actually a good idea…Have cheap USB's laying around with episodes of Europa: The final battle, The Greatest Story Never Told, and facts about immigration, the jews, etc.

This shit needs to be revived and revamped. It would be like It's Okay To Be White, but with much more redpills that a USB can carry.

This needs a reboot

Because the goyim can't know.

Its typical of the left to deny reality, their entire ideologies are built upon illusions and deception.

I like this idea of H being locked until the end, however, ideally it would be visible at the landing page but not immediately accessible. Gotta tease the reward or you'll lose people who otherwise would have followed the breadcrumbs.

did you see the retards holding "HONK IF YOU SUPPORT IMMIGRANTS" signs by Sample Gates? I hate this place.

Anyway to make USB's read only? I wouldn't want them deleting it and using it for other shit

Been too busy lately so no I missed that shit.

I have the structure, but the content is still lacking.
I know how to build up some parts though.

One example:
At the end of the "mediamachine"-section I end with a Clinton e-mail blackmailing an someone to publish an article, which got published. After that I expose how the media is woned by just a few companies and point out that thos controlling the companies pull the strings. Later I'll refer to it again with a fuckload of kikes with important positions in companies (infographics of the unfinished project mentioned a couple of times last months about I think Jew York Times and the others).
I haven't written any code to "unlock" the next section but this shouldn't be hard work. I kept it in mind though!

The GLITCH-thing sounds nice, anything like that could look cool and strengthen the emotions built-up.

We can indeed make one for people like us, even make them into different languages.

Which is why my version for now only has HTML/css, it will run on anyhting and won't give a virus-alert.
There is one exception: zipped archive-files containing the source of certain websites but I don't mind this one too much.

What is the specific meaning and origin of that symbol? I've seen it associated with Holla Forums for a long time, 5 years or more, even before the second exodus. It clearly references the Celtic knot, and the number 4 is an obvious reference, but I was just wondering if there is a name for it.

Search for USB sticks that you can only write once to. A regular USB to read only can easily be formatted and be used as originally intended again.

Is it just a stylized 4 of clubs?

It's a swastika.


You are a jew. Kill yourself.

This is what happens to nearly every single topic that gets pushed to another board. This is why GO TO OTHER BOARD REEEEEEEEEEEE for actual Holla Forums topics is a shill tactic. And no, I don't mean MUH BOOKS, I mean things like IOTBW and this.

I guess I should have figured that out. We should ascribe a name to it, though. like 'swastika of clubs'. I like the allusion to the celtic knot, though.

You're doing God's work user. Perhaps with all these new eyes and minds you'll be able to complete this project. We have always lacked a comprehensive, decentralized propaganda front for Holla Forums. Seeding infographics on social media was the first step but compiling all our accumulated rhetoric and information on a decentralized distribution platform has massive implications if executed properly. Of course imageboards have existed, but they're practically a labyrinth for the uninitiated.

It came from the Shield-knot symbol (not the one from Solomon, that one is not infinite and may be not even Aryan or it was stolen) with a hidden symbol in it.

Some other user on /redstick made the red one into another one, which already seems to exist now that I look it up.

It has been kept alive, so we can take this as a lesson for other topics. Make another board for organising shit, but don't stop talking about it on Holla Forums .

I have one. Should I try it out?


Doubledubs demand that you do!

Thx user.
Nice sauce there, wasn't included yet.
2 anons already contacted me on Tox now, with some more and the necessary dedication from each of us it will be finished in no time.

With those double fucking dubs? Of course, checked & heil'd!

I'll go to sleep now, cya tomorrow anons.

We've been using it since at least 2013. We being Holla Forums, I mean. Thanks for letting me know about the shield knot, though.

We could take a small wifi router and host files like these on them label the SSID something edgy like "Connect to the truth" or something like that.

because you're digits user i'll remind you: OPSEC.
never post your hands.

You are actually retarded.

H for Hitler or Holohoax
Thoughts? may be a little too extreme for its intended purpose. But makes a good last letter (have them go through the easier to swallow red pills first) and don;t label the H until after you click on it eg I box says immigration below, H would just be a big hwite H with a another capital H in the small red rectangle below.

I know user, the noise in the image ruins my prints though. No worries.

the image isn't of sufficient resolution to have concerns over your prints. even a blocky image however is sufficient to recover reliable hand geometry bioinformatics.


Where are the facts on the Jew

H is for Hate.
The story of how the world has been conned into hating society and whiteness in general.
Hitler and the Hoax only make it easy for normies to dismiss the entirety of the redstick, n o matter how well sourced.

Pretty much this, but the average normies wouldn't know how to do reformat.

Could be either, when you talk about Hitler you talk about the Holocaust.

I think it would be a toss up to be honest. The Holocaust is a huge topic that takes alot of time to mire through. I think the overall effectiveness of the redstick would be better if we focused on more current problems, THEN dovetail into the JQ.

Then just ask the reader, who have you directly harmed because of their race? "no one" Then 'no one' should hate you for your race.


I've done this with unlabeled cd's. Just left them about the university, library, gym…

I used a cd copier. Not connected to internet. Can do six at a time.
Cheap usb copier would be the way to go.

I think it is important to have elements of sympathy for whites. For example, H should discuss about Wiemar Germany and how it almost subverted traditionalism in Germany, and how it gave rise to homosexuality, prostitution, loss of faith, and (((freedoms))) for the populace.

While adding to this, instead of directing naming the files/videos as it's intended names "TGSNT, Europa, mass immigration, etc" name them something else, so that way the average person wouldn't look at it and go "hey, it's some white supremacists nazi propaganda lol better delete"

It would catch people by surprised, at first it would look like some misnamed documentary when the video's name was something like "Fury" or "Defiance", but by the time they realize it, it would be too late the the redpill would be deposited.

You can see the evolution of the symbol here. >>>/redstick/198
I hope I formatted that right.
It's a shield knot, which is indicative of protecting something. By turning it 45 degrees, the swastika inside appears like on the NatSoc flag. Additionally, from a distance, it looks like an X within a circle, which a the universal symbol for "No More".
All these ideas are present within the symbol, and someone here dubbed it the Holla Forumsknot at one point, which is what I've called it since.

If you're going to throwing hatefacts at them you might as well jump the juicy stuff in there
tbh I went from nothing to knowing the holohoax is a lie as my first redpill

The JQ isn't a current problem
Israel creating wars across the world isn't a problem
The majority of bankers, Holywood, and political influencers being Jewish isn't a problem?

I thought this over and I think it's fine as-is for university-tier cucks. It's redpilled enough to catch them off guard but not enough to make them disregard everything on there as nazi propaganda. Just needs to have some sort of continuation after it, like a link to a bigger redpill depository at the front page to learn more, and I think it'd be enough

Read the thread. We've been talking about this.

Some swallow it well, most dont. Keep that in mind

Well keep in mind that is possibly easier for a lot of them to swallow that the cause of a lot of things their against are the Jew and the reason why they see them as (((White))) is because they're being misdirected by Jews


did you stop reading at commas?

I clearly typed;

I'm saying you don't OPEN with

I was thinking about this, too. OP's version could be for the masses, while the Klutz version is for people more like us who like to dig. I'm not sure about linking the information from one to the other, though.


Here's a more contemporaneous idea I just had. Why not make an .epub composed of redpilled images and text, then label it something super bluepilled or SJW and upload it as a torrent? Using similar thought processes, one could edit films and upload them as torrents.

I have example code running, do we have a repo with the source code?

That's a fun idea. Get it going and make a thread if you want to do that instead.
We're doing /redstick/ ITT.

There's a thread in the catalogue full of redpills, it's a good idea and I would suggest taking the initiative yourself.

Both sides nigger
Not only (((Who))) controlled (((communism))) but also the Jewish (((Capitalist))) Cartel we also have to deal with

talk about bankers manipulating currency
the wish to make the world better
I admit this is hard, I honestly can't think of any common beliefs we have with groups like ANTIFA

Aren't niggers technically animals too?

The Jewish Capitalists is the harder redpill to swallow, but it's just as important.

I'm just brainstorming. I'll put it in my notebook of ideas and save it for later. Do you know if they finished the project of making wi-fi stickers yet? I forgot the name of it. It might help you with /redstick/.

If we have the development anons necessary to code and design a locked content/ progress based system, we could link to it at the end. I'm assuming the Klutz version doesn't make a big deal of this board but probably namedrops it somewhere, that could be a functional rabbit hole.

Started reading this. My instincts tell me to finish it and put it into practice.

There are virtuous animals and there are pests. Niggers are a pest. You wouldn't feel empathy for a mosquito or a rat.

Is this what you're asking about?

Oh, Zeiger's book. Thanks!

Quite literally sub-human.

Klutz version is more visually focused, and he said he has somewhat of a progression system in place already.

Name dropping 8/pol/ somewhere inconspicuous towards the end might be a good way to get them here. However, that potentially breaks rules 1 and 2. The only way I see this working to our favor and not throwing us under the bus is if we do make the Klutz version for leaving at targeted individual's houses and such instead of public places like I mentioned here.

Stop preaching to me, I know more about this than you. And you're not even addressing the thing we're talking about.
I'm trying to talk about / compose a way to give this to normies in a concentrated time saving manner.

If we took your strategy and just named them as "jews". It would come across as racist / bigotted. which is what (((they))) want, they invented the word 'racist' for that purpose

I'm saying, you introduce a problem;
show how its a problem
state facts
ask where this came from, (((who))) promotes this?
You're going for the long-game, you take the emotion out of naming the jew. By doing so you let the person think about it themselves, instead of outright rejecting what you say.

George Soros is a great example
are people of the same country supposed to fight and kill each other?
state facts
ask (((who is promoting this)))
ask why a foreign billionaire Fracture Points is financing these things
Jewish Billionaire George Soros

see? now I've equated "Jews" with "Billionaire" without saying; "Hurr its all da joos falt"

The red pill should be soft, and dissolve slowly!

usb duplicator

not cheap, but creative acquisition methods may apply

I do think that the redpills that need spreading are far more than just 'hatefacts'.
Consider files on
1. Judaism and its lies lies lies
2. Religion of Cuck™ism and its lies
3. corruption in modern society
4. foundational modern myths, such as the Judeo-imperative of white race-mixing, imploded
5. and of course dank memes

White people do. That's why we many times choose humane methods of extermination instead of the most efficient one.


Not really, just different pills for different people
Your anti-Religion of Cuck™ might be harder to sway but you need to let them know the reason we are getting Religion of Cuck™ists is because of wars created by Israel

Soros gets written off as a plain boogeymen even more so than the Jews by those people

cheap flash drives in bulk flash memory drives.html

Or Holocaust.

Perhaps it's easier to misclassify the nature of a pest when you're not exposed to its maliciousness. Thus, a white man who grew up in a poorer section of New Orleans or New York will hate rats, and also niggers.

Reminder dropping virus laden USBs in parking lots is a super secret agent man tactic used to infiltrate secure computer networks. Never put a random USB you found into your computer unless youre a super secret hacker man who can make sure you dont get infected.


I hate to sound like a shill, but the current sources work because they're verified by a third party sources. There's not a lot of third party sources that cover the holocaust.
Better prices

I've been gone for a while, but I kinda like your new Religion of Cuck meme. I like Cult of Cuck even more, though. As for an idea to contribute to /redstick/ we could make giant images composed of smaller Holla Forumsster infographics and images. Like not even orthography or archives hidden in the image, but just a fucking huge single image that when seen on a macroscopic scale is a common meme but when resolved it's made up of all kinds of images full of information. This would trigger the autism children, imo.


What about census records that disprove the claimed population of jews in Germany or the ovens meme?

I personally think Hate would be a better topic, and Jews can be named in the more in-depth version we link them to at the end.

do it user the digits demand it

When the day comes, they will sell us the rope to hang them with.

tbh, I had been redpilled on a lot of smaller stuff before finding out Hitler was the good guy. It was both the icing on top, and the motivation to keep going.
t. GamerGate-era fag

Tox ID's?

Another thing you can do is remove stickers and graffiti of pro-kike agenda's.

I redpilled a gril in college this way, by pointing out that the pharmeceutical and health care industries actually PROFIT if people remain sick, and they stand to benefit financially if a cure for cancer is NOT found.
just pointing this out alone blew her mind.
this type of redpilling is the best, start off by pointing out how profits drive mechanisms in our society.
This is the kind of critical thinking you want to foster in someone who is bluepilled. get them to start questioning the constructs of our very society

Well I stand corrected, I thought this was a dumb idea that wouldn't do anything, but here we are.

Just to consolidate previous posts, H is for
Any of these should work, and are ample fodder for further redpilling

Also 'Hoax,' in general, could cover both fake hate crimes and Muh Shoah
sage for doublepost

The "H" idea is a must! Glitch in the matrix goes hand in hand with redpill origins.

I also mentioned doing this in the past but was constantly told people would never open them thinking they were computer killers. To me the low cost was worth it but fucking kudos to the user who actually took the initiative. Thanks from all of us. I also wanted to use pic related.


That could be quite a long game though user. More than a few books I checked out at my university, I was the first one to do so in 40-50 years.

You could use a small (64mb) drive. That way it is worthless to use it for anything else.
I like the idea of CDs. They are dirt cheap, $0.20 vs $1 to $3 for a flash drive. I would hide them in SJW books in libraries. It could be there for years, just waiting for someone to find.

I would tread lightly here. This is likely babbys first redpill. Maybe focus on why we can't question the gas chamber narrative rather than prove that there were no gas chambers.

It's called fucking Holla Forums's knot you goddamn newfag.

They hate (((rich and powerful """white""" men))). We do too, but we know exactly why, and without the envy or jealousy that is the root of their belief. Ironically, leftists are 90% there to the truth, they just need to know the true identity of these (((people))) and the key should turn.

From a marketing perspective let's nail down the target audiences. The most receptive demographic in different facets of life.

To start the ball rolling…

Target: Jocks/Chads/Stacy
Drop Location: Gym

"… I forgot strikethrough but where it says brevity it should say gravity of the consequences"
In screen 3.jpg

Images spoilered for a reason.


Millennials (after college)

Target: debt-ridden graduates/dropouts

Drop Location: Bars/craft breweries (bathroom drop)



good point

Millennials/Gen X

Target: young professionals

Drop Location: Bars/craft breweries (bathroom drop)



I like this idea. May I suggest we focus on groups with hobbies? Having pursuits suggests virtue to me, and thus more receptive to our message of Truth. Gun ranges, college libraries, gardening communities, places like that.

Any college anons can check what clubs are held on their campus, target what they suspect to be the most responsive and leave in the perimeter before their scheduled meetings. Bathrooms, classrooms where they meet, etc.

How about these ones?

Small healthcare clinics (nurses)
Physical/Occupational Therapy clinics
Large purchase locations (banks, auto dealerships, upscale apartment leasing offices)

Love it.

Share your knowledge

As we were discussing earlier in the thread, the logistical problem isn't obtaining flash drives, it's making them read-only. Wouldn't want people finding them and writing over the data.


Everyone pick one and analyze and come up with a reachout plan
Homebrewing/craft beer and wine
Etsy types - building nifty items to sell
Movie goers/critics
Collectors - stamps, coins, etc
Amateur radio
Spartan runs/mud runs etc
Interior design
Guns/target shooting

Holla Forumsster was used back in 2012 when some of us were rooting for Onigger to lose (its not that we were actually Romney fans)

Guns seems like the easiest one with all the kikes trying to ban them. Should be easy to make the connection with jewish anti-gun politicians and activists. Some of these might be kind of a stretch though. Like how the fuck do I link the jews with birdwatching?

Honestly y'all should be doing this.
Call it a free game and people will want to try it.

I'm going to sleep now but this is an excellent idea and I'll be back to contribute tomorrow. Are shills asleep? We're not even being derailed, I'm slightly spooked. I'd advise everyone to remain extra vigilant tomorrow for posters suggesting ways to waste our time or d&c.

include these too, one is a moloch worshipping kike pornographer declaring his intent to give everyone HIV, even your children, and the others are explanations for the mutilations…

One thing that just struck me for hiking is geocaching. Anons can enjoy a nice hike, find the geocache and leave some USBs. I'll probably personally utilize this one.

That's what the propaganda is for. We're trying to profile groups that would be responsive to it. Birdwatching is an excellent idea, that hobby suggests reflective thinkers with conservative values. Try to imagine the kind of person who gets up at 4 or 5 in the morning to pensively watch birds and later look them up online or in a textbook. That quiet, gentle atmosphere reminds me of gondola.

Goodnight anons. Rest well.

We have two versions so far. The GLITCH OP version and the Klutz version. GLITCH is for the masses, where Klutz is for people looking to dig and study, people like us. GLITCH is all there, with maybe an unlockable H and Klutz is a progression of topics to end with the JQ.
This goes in line with the philosophy of Nazi Sozi vs Mein Kampf. Targeted "classes" of people.

I'm glad someone finally took initiative with this. I was worried it would never happen.

Anyone got a good website for wholesale flash drives? Tax time is coming up, but I'm not looking to spend more than $50.

Shame on you, user. Nice thought though.

He cant keep getting away with it!

Just use really low capacity drives. Nobody wants a 64mb drive. That is useless for anything but big enough for our stuff.

What is the benefit of locking the sections?
Would this require making it an .exe?

The libertarian/limited government approach might be good. The government has lots of regulations on homebrew, especially distillation. That is all I can think of.
Hide CD in a history book.
put drive in telescope box in store.
tape drive under seat.
drop drive in parking lot.
Go to a music venue and put up a sign that says "take one" or something and a stack of CDs that makes it look like you are giving away your music. It will take a long time for anyone to realize that it is not music. You can even put a fashwave track on it for fun.

H is for the Haavara Agreement of 1933 in which having hung the post-WW1 Balfour Declaration over Hitler's head, he happily bowed to pressure to send German jews to Palestine beginning the "settlement" which led directly to the zionist state of Israel we all despise today.

=lo-budget alternative:==

I don't think anyone uses QR codes but marketers. I've never seen anyone pull out a phone and scan one.

Fake/self-inflicted jewish hate crimes.


I would love to see a long list of all of the fake hate crimes. Especially seeing the major news corps report it.

For me, the red pill originally took the form of Hypocrisy. I believe that drawing attention to jewish hypocrisy and the difference in news coverage for whites/blacks will work really well in getting people to look closer.

could just print a misleading heading

could just print a misleading heading

Including videos is a great idea.

That second image. I have never had physical trouble reading something before; I feel nauseous, and am basically freaking out . . . I just thought I should be a man and finish it.

The funny thing about this is you can't even call it a """hate"""" crime because it is dependent on someone else committing the crime of steeling your flash drive.

I remember some user was saying a safer way to spread hate facts was to take a photo of a poster and post it on social media. Then act triggered and ask others to spread 'awareness'. This way campus security can't get up your ass and even more people are going to see a post rather than the actual poster.

Target X-ers, tbh. Millennials still have dreams.


Fatherhood videos???

Some OC


Video that looks a little too much like "Dominoes on Cheese" Podesta yelling at some warm and weird traffic. Found by some odd site called Worldcorp.

Well, Why couldn't you have two H's? One for Hate, one for Hitler.
How about after you look at all six of the letters it "Glitches" and reveals another H? You could also have it appear right next to the other H for that 88 appeal.

You could make the second H appear when having completed the locked H section, after which the HH turns into a link for TGSNT.

I never watched Defiance, but man Fury sucked. Even when I wasn't entirely woke to the real enemy that movie was shit. The climax was a bunch of Germans running at a tank like lemmings and getting mowed down.

You're not the only one, user-kun.

smh tbh

don't plug random usbs into your computer.

turns out those are good guys (idk about Hitler yet as I've not dug deep into his story)
just look at their famous quotes and even unfamous ones
they say wise shit
AFAIK Trump is also half-blood.
Let's just hope he's not a (((Jesuit Bloodline))) puppet and hope for the best.


I got this in a random nameless addressless email, I think they are spreading it around.

That's a retarded image.

Bumping for the AM faggots
Just know that there are lurkers waiting for the completed GLITCH(H). I haven't anticipated this much fun since the "Ok to be white" campaign.

A classic for computer labs is

Also restet the internet browser homepage to TGSNT.


That's actually a pretty clever attempt on their part to fuck up redpilling with garbage data. Either that or it's a classic case of any rebellious movement getting and having to deal with a bunch of damn crazies.

What a bunch of sick fucks.

no shit they were the good guys you newfaggot, this is common knowledge. The "lurk 2 years before posting" meme really is true.

Maybe add something on these drives that has some monetary worth (some form of cryptocurrency perhaps?) so they won't immediately go to Kill on Sight for these USBs.

My thoughts are that if this takes off, shills would try to run a bunch of similar USB's that would wipe computers on plug in. Need some way for people to want to take the risk of blowing up their PC.

Don't have anything as such nor am I interested.

Phase II could be basically rebranding ISIS propaganda for a western audience.

People will either develop a healthy apprehention, see degeneracy for what it is, or go snackbar themselves in a way that generally just makes them look impotent

These facts are overly wordy and not convincing enough for normies. Terrible spelling also and garbage CSS. Just use the library of hate. But don't call it "hate", it repels normies. Just let the facts speak for themselves. There's no need to put any kind of editorial or spin on plain facts.

Why the hell use a flash drive? Very expensive and people won't use them in for fear of viruses. Just print text on paper the old fashioned way. Use shortened links. And maybe a QR code.

This, though, there are VERY cheap MBs-sized flash drives on ebay.

Use QR codes if printing stuff on paper, and if you're going to do anything where you have to touch CSS/HTML PLEASE don't be stupid, consider checking out: (you can download fonts directly from here too)

I can just imagine some kid in calc i with his pirated textbook

The bearded bastard had given up on that before the war was even over you apologist.

This is some great fucking work, good job to all anons involved.

Checked. Lol'd at WARNING as if seeing some words on a screen would cause physical harm.

I honestly don’t know how you guys can take the doses of salt nowadays. It literally starts to infuriate me how people call for censorship as soon as their feelings are hurt.

The vector is here:

People don't read content heavy information without a reason. No one would care about your wall of text poster tbh.


We should include facts about feminism, female promiscuity, physical/biological/neurological differences between the sexes, facts about single mothers being the worst thing that could ever happen to a child and how females are becoming increasingly unhappy since the advent of feminism.
IQ and race too.

i second this, i only recently got my friend more open to the jewish question by making him ponder the fact that we can't research any of it
of course he responded:
so i told him

It's very important. It's better to be overwhelming than to be underwhelming.

this is wonderfull
Holla Forums could become like the SOX from Shimoneta
but instead of spreading naughty images, spread naughty facts.

Unlocked internet connections are infinitely more innocuous. You're aiming for a fraction of the population that'll willing to plug a random USB drive into their device.


Fury was shit, but it's hilarious that in trying to appeal to the rowdy, individualistic American masses, it portrayed the WW2 Americans as marauding rapists and thieves with no real sense of purpose or duty in the war, whose ranks were born from a multicultural race chaos. The main motivation for the characters was a sort of brow-beaten mentality of following their bureaucratic leadership in a dog-like way and a general lust for blood, booze, and sex.

Kelly's Heroes follows along similar concepts, except 'cleverness', selfishness, and individualistic materialism were the vices portrayed to win resonance with a morally corrupted viewership.

The movies both stoop so low for their borderline anarchist viewers, that they accidentally present the U.S. as evil. How broken can an anti-hero be before they are just a villain?

Criminally underrated.

I fucking almost forgot about redstick. Those were the days man.
Bless the user that finished it. I had tried to finish it on my own but it just fell apart

modern campus commies are used to stealing from others, that's the foundation of communism.

Can't even spell, you retarded niggers?

What did you accept from an user?


Oh shit I remember this too. Or something like it.

The LBGT parades do that already you filthy degenerate.

The real form of those types of statues actually had genitalia on them back in the day.
No limbs, no torso. Just the penis.

Greeks were mad men.

Good, because those fuck with the potential of the usb drive as a red pill machine. People are put off by simple mistakes as it shows a lack of intelligence or stability of mind.

wow, that's alot of dubs!

Hitler. Stuff about how he didn't want war, the German communist revolution, antifa and the nazis during the 30's. A great nazi redpill is that the piles of books you see the nazis burning is actually the transgender research done by jewish doctors at the berlin institute of sexual research. Deep down most normies think trannies are disgusting.

Pure genius

stop shilling for destruction of property, you're simply going to give leftists victim fuel if you do that.

So just extract the contents of the zip to an empty flash drive?


Even jewkipedia admits that the All-lies did the same thing (destroying German books and paintings) after the war. Might be useful to add.

If you destroy your enemy's property, they win.

Could you provide those infographics they seem really good, and redpilling.


NO!!! It's too much of a jump for these fucks, use HAPLOPHOBIA! Shows how gun rights are important , and the argument more relevant to modern times. These idoits don't know enough history yet to understand how the holohoax was used for forment international strife, but they will be more able to understand Gun Rights as it pertains more locally.

You have to step up your game.

What about business cards?

Seriously inexpensive, I think you can get like 500 for $20. Cheaper than printing at home with all the paper and ink, and also more durable than computer paper depending on the finish you choose. Also small enough to fit into books and whatnot.

Just print a hate fact or two on each and distribute them.

tbh that's a breddy good idea except for the fact that no company would accept such an order

Thanks for the almond activation

There is a reasonable chance online printers don't have filters in place or manually review. It's highly automated. Also you can print business cards yourself at home (be wary of security patterns that track to your printer) and also may be able to self serve at walk in print centers.

Yes they will. Run it through Zazzle.

Holla Forums is for whites only, flip.

Walk-in printers would definitely leak your information - printing patterns + video cameras + location info. Pay cash and don't carry a cell if you must use them.

I agree. Online and walk in printers are both high risk unless your project is low-risk, or you're open about your power levels and aren't doing anything that can be prosecuted. Or you want to be prosecuted to make a point (which worked for the left in the 60s but I haven't seen many of us getting that strategy right. It needs to be planned out with legal backup ready beforehand and a clear plan)

Safest to buy your own used printer with cash and get some cardstock to print on. Check lists of printers known to have tracking patterns to be extra safe, and so you'll have a printer that will be useful for future projects.

NO!!! It's too much of a jump for these fucks, use HAPLOPHOBIA! Shows how gun rights are important , and the argument more relevant to modern times. These idoits don't know enough history yet to understand how the holohoax was used for forment international strife, but they will be more able to understand Gun Rights as it pertains more locally.


Floral/flower gardeners tend to be old ladies or homosexuals.

Vegetable - edible - farmers - etc: No pun intended but very fertile ground as they're already actively rejecting Big Food.

Locations: Spring plant sales, heirloom seed trade posts, local cooperatives, CSAs, FFA events, 4H, county (not state) fairs, non-pozzed community gardens.

Honestly, most fishermen I have met, tend to be pretty redpilled. Just remind them that the jews are the ones that brought Asian Carp/Gobys into American waterways.

"Hey, we should protect our cultural identity as a way too ensure that we have tons of unique food!"

Just remind them that the IRS and Federal Reserve is mostly kike-ran. You really do not have to tell em' much. Good ol' boys find their own way.

You are promoting purity of nature. Remind people that nature is being destroyed by the threat of cartels using national parks as drug ops.

It's the last letter, it is the boss battle.

You know what's great? Anybody can walk onto a university campus. It's not like schools for minors where the campus is locked down and your presence would induce a SWAT raid.

If you're a community-college or university student, don't hit your own but instead the others. Be mindful of cameras, not just getting caught in the act but in being identified as being "recently present" if anyone ever did facial analysis on video feeds. A disguise isn't to hide your identity so much as it's to throw off the computers (or poor saps manually doing what the computer should be doing).

What I mean is, if you hit 5 colleges with USB drives or flyers, and you show up in all 5 video feeds because someone thought to run the footage from all five through a matching algorithm looking for common faces, then you'll have no alibi.

I really like this idea. Make a piratebox with redstick info on it, maybe with a chan chat feature. Hide it in a fake book and put it in the library in a really high or out of the way shelf. Nobody would find it and it would be easy to drop off and recover. Could be easily built for under $50.

Problem is powering it.
The more you get it to do the harder it is to power.

you are right. I did some math on it, it draws up to 1 amp at 5 volts, so a 10 amp hour back up battery will last about 10 hours. Using lead acid batteries does not really help any. They are much bigger with usually less capacity. So a pirate box could last between 8-16 hours using a lipo battery pack.
I imagine that it would get some use in high density places where people are stuck. Such as: airports, subways, buses, sports stadiums, and DMV offices. These provide the benefit of keeping it on your person and nobody knowing where it is.

That would be effectively all of them that would be in a usable state for printing in color.

The most common means of tracing a printed document back to its printer is an extremely light yellow series of squares that match up to a serial number. I've never heard of such a means of tracking one of those black-and-white-only laser printers, so it might be a better bet.

Not necessarily.

Or just print on yellow paper, or use a printer you purchased second-hand.

Leave stuff about the Jews you fucking Jewish rat

The only reasonable solution is to enter the thread and claim you found one as well, and then proceed to post an album of the pics. Post the most mundane, indisputable, entry-level redpills that would rile SJWs but perhaps warrant a second glance by a curious, logical “classical liberal.”

Say something along the lines of, “Not sure what to make of it really, it’s mostly pretty harmless from what I can tell. I’d just ignore it”

Which will ensure that everyone will proceed NOT to ignore your album and will scroll through it on your own. SJWs will brandish innocuous normie level redpills with hysteria, and normies will wrinkle their noses at the hysteria and think, “geez, it’s actually kind of reasonable, man do these people overreact.”

Baby steps

ADDING ANYTHING Hitler related will cause redpill immunity in 2.2 seconds. You can not bash people with uncle Adolph right off. It took me years to come around.
"H" can be hate crimes as in the DOJ stats showing white people are attacked MOST and how other Hate crimes are faked. (Oh the ebil natzi grabbed the hijab…etc)

Do a separate attack for Holohoax.

One technique i use is to say i like debate and how a person skilled in rhetoric can defend seemingly indefensible positions. They nod. Not knowing they walked right into my trap. I emphasize take something waay out there like around 300,000 people died in camps mostly from Typhus but the holocaust was greatly exaggerated. Then i pepper them with facts. This works BUT i must set them up as if we are playing a game of "wacky idea"

Try creating a RAID array with a USB hub. Seems like it would do the same thing.

Could be worth considering finding a plug socket in some corner that isn't used. Or hiding it among a mess of their own computer power cables.
Camouflaging it even.

But that increases the probability of it being found.

A few years back helped a friend set up a network of small wifi repeaters throughout a city.
Hid them under official looking metal plates that I'd had made.
Just dressed up like your typical workman and screwed them onto buildings and pavements in out of the way spots.
People over time just ignored them assuming they were something to do with utility lines or something.
One guy even asked why I was screwing something onto the side of his building, just said it was a gas line marker. He had no problems with this and buggered off.

Despite the network running out of power many years ago and fulfilling the purpose for which it was built. Many of those plates are still there.

i know this is kind of going off topic, but i'm curious as to what it was built for.


Truth will stand the test of time.

Providing free wi-fi to idiots and then stealing bank account info and passwords.


There is no way you wouldn't have been caught. Cameras showing you screwing them up, actual workmen finding the damn things, you casually admitting having commited a felony… it would probably work but it's the sort of thing that can backfire spectacularly

It's not as amazingly difficult as you think.
And you think some random utilities guy is going to see these things and wonder about them? He shrugs them off same as everyone else because they're nothing to do with him and look sufficiently official/mundane.
Every day you walk by a load of markers for all sorts of utility related shit and you never see them.

You'd be shocked by how little people care about a random guy in overalls with a white van full of tools.

As for cameras. Those are only useful if they're either being monitored and you look out of place or if someone has the records and knows what they are looking for.
The key to it all is the concept of social furniture. Making yourself and the object in question into something that people are conditioned to ignore.

Get the fuck out, kike.


I understand the principle. The problem is that you claim to have done something so illegal as identity theft. If any one of the things got found, there would probably be an investigation of some sort. If people got their shit stolen en masse, someone must have connected the dots.

I guess it would be quite difficult to trace if it was just a few retarded normalfags, but if it ever got seriously investigated you fags would have been caught.

Not sure if it's a good idea, but we can surely discuss it further.
I don't like to break rule 1 and 2 and this place isn't permanent. So referring to it might do more harm than good as the tone of my version is very different than /pol.

This is a great idea!
I prefer Hoax though, we can put different hoaxes into this part and end this discussion (I start in mine with 9/11 and then transition to the ME wars, rapefugees and the EU)

This can be very useful as it can be updated, but mind your OPSEC.

Top kek great idea, false flag them out of their safespace by using their safespaces.

That would be awesome, but i can't imagine anything rn(see below).
However, if authorities say these USB's are harmful people are still going to pick it up if it comes from a trusted source.
A facecuck sticker on it or distributing in a bowl on campus during events will bypass this.

Heil'd, however I prefer using truth over deception on my version.
We can use OP's version to make one of these.
THis gave me an idea: we can use OP's redsticks with only one theme that people have to collect. This unlocks sections that should be viewed after easier redpills have been swallowed.
We can make this into some Cicada-like game that hides these drives around.
This gives an emotional reward and is more fun to do (see ). Especially for highschoolers with their friends.

I agree, but it can only improve.
I has shown us it is effective & those who worked on the project were right.
As said by another user, this one is testing the waters.
We'll deliver the ultimate redpill(s) from this one.

Always hide your IP, and TOR sometimes isn't enough and could give you away if not enough people around you use it.
go to >>>Holla Forums for more info.

Checked, this is why choosing a good drop locations is insanely important.
Good goyim will return the USB-drive to the lobby or someone in charge, it's exactly those people who need it the most.

It isn't finished user, this was only the first twitch of the dormant giant that is about to awake.
Join me on tox.

Holla Forums is for everyone allying with whites or at least those who want to preserve their own race and keep it pure, there's a huge difference you D&C shill.

Fucking this.

They posted a thread about this on >>>/redstick/ but their facts are not convincing.
The flat-earthers are a way into researching Antarctica which will inevitably lead to Nazi bases. But I won't include the flat-earth theory in my version as I don't have convinving evidence it is even true.

This, my family runs a microbrew in Texas and the general consensus is that regulation is how Bud Light peddles their soy water.

Fun fact, bud light is actually rice and soy fermented with added beer flavoring.

Information all got sold. While not as lucrative as using it, it is safer.
Plus it was a university town. So nothing but filthy filthy students who can't practice basic infosec. So this sort of thing isn't unusual for them and typically gets blamed on them being idiots going on dodgy porn sites.

And over the years it seems a number have been found. But nobody has given a shit far as I've heard. They've just been thrown away.
A few have wound up in landfill or recycling when the buildings they were screwed onto got demolished or the pavement dug up.
In one case the pavement got dug up and the sign was reattached to the new pavement in the same place.

These days you don't even need to go to such lengths with the yanks pushing RFID bank cards so heavily.
Just walk down the street with a RFID scanner in your bag.
If you wanted to go real hardcore dragnet you could probably do something REALLY crazy like a gate or something around entrances to popular buildings.

There are sociology teachers saying things like "the majority of pedophiles in the states happen to be whites", knowing the clear subtext it sends to the students.

Not realizing of course that a perfectly factual statement with an opposite sentence would be "The majority of non-pedophiles in the states happen to be white."

Also if you actually look at the per capita rates of child abuse and sexual abuse of children, blacks are about 4x more likely to abuse their children and nearly 2x more likely to sexually abuse their children.

So yeah, math is hard for minorities and SJWs. In fact most of the humanities majors seem legitimately terrified of math…no wonder they end up so fucking blind.

They finally posted the manual:

Ok so here's the big questions for this thread.

How big is this thing data wise?
And does anyone know a good place for bulk USB drives?

Reason for this is if this isn't a huge amount of data one could likely get a bulk order of cheap 512mb or even 1gb drives cheap from some chinkshit site.

USB drives are while not expensive still kinda pricey for several…and this will require ALOT of USB drives to be successful.

You can remove recycling bin by going to desktop item settings

This thread needs a BUMP.



I do recall seeing absurdly cheap "disposable" usb drives a while back

Quickly found it. Not sure on pricing though
More environmentally friendly too

Doesn't help anyone. Red pills can't be shared with others who refuse to accept anything their group doesn't say.

Also they branched out into business cards
With a sort of functional online store

Why isn't this thread stickied?

We actually need a new thread…and then THAT should be stickied.

Quick summary:
Distribution of RedStick: essentially a redpill primer. Not hard redpills, just enough to get people thinking.
Method of distribution:
CD: dirt cheap, can be hidden in books, given away at music venues as "free music", people may not be as afraid to put it in their computer as random usb drives.
USB: more pricey ($1.50ish each), easy to leave on campus.
PirateBox: a 10,000 miliamp hour battery will last at least 18 hours. Portable. total cost around $50. Use on subways, airports, sporting events, any large gathering. Impossible to get caught if you keep it on your person.

Thing that need to get done:
Better sourced info on redstick. There were a few items that did not have good sources. More redpills would be good. Add category for "hate crimes". There has been talk about a holocaust section, no consensus yet. If it is included my opinion is to focus on why we cant question it, not on questioning it.

Hypocrisy. Whites do not like it. Point out when it happens. This can be a good way to redpill people

if you are going to repost rule 34 of Wendy's please download it from Paheal so that it will have a searchable post number


Discredits the message and sticks out like a sore thumb
Telling your enemy what you do or do not want them to do guarantees that the enemy will do the exact opposite.

How many anons have done this?
It's been spoken about on here for over 2 years now.

you forgot a few white hobbies
long distance biking
rock climbing

A redpilling approach could be to focus on how shitskins have no respect for the environment. The massive amount of water pollution that comes out of china and india. Overfishing by these groups.
Just be careful to distinguish people polluting because they are poor and have no other options, and that they pollute because their culture is shit. People will try to use poverty as an excuse for everything rather than admit that it is due to culture.

That's it! We fill the remaining space on the /redcard/s with useful books, from textbooks commonly used at a targeted university to Mein Kampf and the murder/k/ube collection. The textbooks alone will make those weird red SD cards valued.

SD cards have a "permanent read-only" flag. You'll need a special device to set it, most readers can't issue the required command. An Arduino can do it. It'd be a huge waste to lock an entire 16G card with only babby's first redpills on it, so first fill the card with useful books, TGSNT (college students love movies), etc.

Try SD cards or microSD cards. Most not-complete-shit smartphones have a slot. Spray-paint the label side red. NOT THE SIDE THAT HAS THE METAL BITS! MicroSD cards will fit comfortably on masking tape with the metal bits (contacts) against the tape. Spraypaint the label side bright solid red, to advertise the redpills within. Use OSHA red, not Communist red.

Too bad "tor and haxxor" skills take an insane amount of time to learn if you want to know enough to actually evaluate Tor rather than just taking someone's word that its safe.

Start with Bruce Schneier's books, particularly Secrets and Lies and Data and Goliath. If you are willing to put in the effort, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is more than just a meme. Applied Cryptography is a classic in the field, but can be a bit dated in places. It's older than AES, for example. Read the entire run of Phrack even though most of it is totally obsolete and some of it was wrong when it was written. You need to learn the culture as well if you want to be effective. The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier is a good historical piece, get it from Project Gutenberg. The book tries to suck up to the FBI, but wow does "Fumbling Bunch of Idiots" fit. And yes, there is an Illuminati connection that I won't spoil. Read it.
Lastly, The Camel has Two Humps. If you just can't make sense of all this, that's ok. A revolution needs riflemen, too. There are things the cyberspace brigade cannot do. That's where you come in.

The W3C HTML standards are quite readable. The Mozilla Developer Center also has good CSS and JavaScript references.

This, just little does here and there of different red pills.

It's time.

Considering how these groups all operate, I don’t really give a shit what they think.

Homo-rape squads, attempts to force people to become radical Muslims to prevent them from competing economically. Using the government like a weapon by lying and fabricating evidence on competition.

CIAniggers everywhere..


I'm not shooting down your idea completely or anything, but while true that students pirate books like crazy, caching pir8 books that are not PD is one of those legal -> illegal border crossings. Don't pretend that (((they))) aren't looking for any excuse to investigate under color of law. If a resource on there isn't OC/PD, that could spell trouble, fair use or not.

USB drives have firmware that can be replaced, but that's alot of work and SD cards have a "permanent read-only" that's part of their spec. Most SD readers can't issue the command to set the card read-only, but an Arduino can be programmed to do it.

Flash media does not have hardware write locks any more. Guess (((who))) hated them so much. The "permanent read-only" flag on an SD card is the best you'll get.

Rufus makes bootable USB sticks. It just writes the ISO file and a bootloader that can read from it.

It'll be easier to use SD cards.

Normies can't into INFOSEC.

Use microSD cards instead. Can't fit a computer killer into that form factor. Also fits phones. Cheap Chinese counterfeits not a problem, just only load them to their true capacity.

You can get business card CDs that hold about 20 MB, just enough for this little bundle of redpills.

Easy section lock: don't put everything in a top-level index page, instead the rabbit hole is a link at the end of the page that unlocks the next. The links can still appear on the top page after they've been used once by using the CSS :visited attribute.

a.hidden-link { display: none; }
a.hidden-link:visited { display: inline !important; }

Load up each card with textbooks (ACTUAL textbooks, not redpill autismo special editions—-save those for online distribution) that are known to be used in the targeted university before locking it. Make the cards useful.

Yes, porn is also extremely popular on CURRENT YEAR university campuses.

Careful. Your PirateBox is a rogue AP. Newer WiFi infrastructure APs can pinpoint a rogue AP in seconds if they bought that feature. Have a subtle way to kill it if you notice someone who seems to be gathering measurements and circling you—-that's the old school direction finding.

Do you really think that (((they))) wouldn't do it as a false flag anyway?
Do what you think is best, but make sure to put some bait on there with the redpills. Know your audience. Pirate textbooks are merely one kind of very good bait. Porn and anime are also crazy popular… anime porn?
Make each /redcard/ different. Have a common babby-tier set of redpills on every card, a few random rabbit hole redpills that are mostly on each card but some are rares, and both common and "rare" bait on different cards.

Don't use Windows to write your cards, it tags every storage device inserted with a fucking GUID and splatters that all over the system. To observe: using Linux, format an SD card or USB stick and put some files on it. Note the folders at the root. Plug it in to a Windows box, remove it. Back on Linux, observe the new "System Volume Information" folder. Faking those tags on the /redcard/s could be fun, but never let a /redcard/ near your own Windows box.

Finally a use for all those old shitty phones.

USB drives can be had for around $2 each in bulk.

I am going to argue on this to a degree. There are certain things which can be done hard.
The important thing is that they speak without words. These are the things which once seen cannot ever be unseen, they sow the seed of doubt in the mind the best.

If you want to be nefarious about it, give a "password" and create a website that requires a login. Behind the password screen, provide a portal to more hatefacts.

Easy to track which areas are getting picked up, how you are doing, and this can be used in other ways as well, flyers, stickers, etc. A password is too tempting for many not to try. If they are a shitlib, it'll be the first thing they do to try and find a way to complain.

Third picture is actually a setup propaganda picture. You can tell because the "German" uniform is all wrong. The kit is missing standard equipment and there is no helmet. This is a dead giveaway that its fake.
another group of "Waffen SS Soldiers" executing innocent

I like this idea. Some user with web skills would have to do this. Using it to track effectiveness would be a great idea. Give an alternate password out here that gives access to tracking/maps of hits so that individuals can see the effect of dropping these in areas.
I do think that some things can be hard, but I would like to avoid making it easy to say "this is clearly antisemitic and made by a nazi so everything in here is just lies and I don't need to think about it." The goal is to get the ideas past peoples internal firewall.

Going to tip this fag boat over and drown you all in real chaos. You asked for this.

You get the idea though.
And yes, when the kit is all wrong, these are details that the normie does not know or care about. Anything that requires knowledge or research to understand isn't going to work.
The idea is the hypocritical and silly that the normal mind is incapable of accepting.

Shit up this is my thread now

Couldn't you just use one password that they can share on FB or Reddit, and have the server just use the IP of the requester and log it that way?

I doubt they'll proxy - its normalfags we're dealing with here

What a creative way to redpill.

Then don’t be a nigger with sending faggots after me.

yes. the password idea is just a draw to get people to go to the site.

If you are going to use a tripcode at least be someone whose identity is worth verifying.

Diversity is our strength!
If we have a way to track (password access), then it becomes easier to figure out what's working and what's not.
The Anglin approach has been to have a variety of news items and you can ignore things you're not ready for, but it eventually seeps in. Holla Forums's always been the go to place for news before it breaks, and the rest seeps in.

Make the website seem covert, mundane, what allows a normie to digest the first pills is the idea that they won't be discovered, they won't get in trouble. At the same time, it's "exclusive" as if they were invited to it, or they found it by happenstance. No cookies either. Let them generate new passwords for others too and track that as well.
The other thing to do, make them comfortable yet "found out".
Link those access codes to zip codes.
Display some number of "XX other users in XXXXX" and have that number increase.

Here's a great pic you'll really like.
It looks alot like the one titled; "Last Jew of Vinnitsya"…

For some reason the tailored HUGO BOSS suits worn by the German Officers didn't fit well.
AND, one of the men in the back is missing his belt…

I like it, I see through it, the normie sees it and just sees
It has to be more obvious.
Before/after photo edits are great, it brings to mind the vanishing people in soviet photos.

I have always wanted to have a kind of wiki for red pills. Not quite what we are looking for here, but related. A wiki or organized collection of red pilling information would be a good tool to have.

This idea of guerilla redpilling is great but leaving USB sticks (limited amount, costs too much money in effective numbers) in dens of libshits isn't really effective. Better use the pirate box method others suggested in places crowded by the average citizen. Like a mall or any other shopping areas with places people sit down and relax for a while. Use an eyecatching SSID like "THE BIG MEME BUNKER" or "INFO GOV DOESNT WANT U 2KNOW".

Metapedia is good. Haven't used it in a while though.

I'm not sure if anybody has posted this yet but here's an archive link to a massive collection of hate facts called the Library of Hate.
(((They've))) tried their best to purge it from the internet and the original librarian seems to be gone. Alot of the links are down now but many of them are still good.
Here's also a study detailing the affects of circumcision on a childs brain if you want to tie that into the Jews somehow

I hope you anons realize that projects like USB drops and IOTBW are the most successful maneuvers you can ever do. It allows you to anonymously drop the must controversial red pills in a curious fashion that some normies can't help but look into. Think of it like this way: Nearly every single major European revolution - was preceded by pamphlet and flier drops. I recommend you look into how this went down in the French cafe's to see exactly what I mean. I implore all of us to do this - by a bunch of cheap USB's in bulk on Alibaba and just drop em'. Don't overload them with red-pills, just keep it concise and pointed - the entire appeal of the USB is unlike a flier it has a curiosity appeal to it where in the finder will actively have to do something to read it.

The other appeal. Is they are useful. Even the shitlib that finds it and erases it, will remember what was on it. That alone is a seed. Make a template and engrave something esoteric on them.

That's my OC. (no sauce except 1st pic) Here is what I said about it back in 2015. (pic 2 related)

As other anons have said, it's derived from a Norse Shield Knot. I named it Holla Forumss knot.

I wanted to add just how happy I am to see the redstick project come to life again.

Brilliant idea. People love finding a good cache and taking the "prizes" left inside or around the cache. I actually like to do caches in my free time. THIS IS PERFECT.

I'll check to this!

tbh geocachers will setup a sting to find the ebil white mon and crucify him.

Inspired by this, I think I might do a Finnish language version of this and spread them around with the help of Ylilauta. They'll help if the fruit hangs low enough, meaning that I have to do all the work first.

This one looks interesting. If they pick up the USB-stick and it rolls around in their pocket as they stroll around town they have a higher chance they'll just throw it away. But if it's shaped like a credit card they might store it in their wallet, where it'll stay until they get home. Also I could have them print on it an image that feeds curiosity. Maybe pic related.



Fucking doubtful…but nice attempt at fear mongering.

Come contribute.

Get out.

This. H is for Holohoax.

I see they still aren't paying shills enough.
Also can't help but notice this has been desperately slid. Have a bumb…it's afraid


How oddly appropriate, Kek must have truly blessed your post because recently at work I’ve run into a problem where after imaging a computer several USBs that were used to update the BIOS became read only. The write privilege is permanently locked and the other IT guys (the ones who actually used the flash drives) cannot figure out how to fix the issue. I’ll ask for more information when I clock in today, I wish I had paid a little more attention when they asked me if I knew how to fix them.
Off topic: Yay! I get to help :^)

Why aren't these at Calarts? Oathy of the oathbreaker meme goes there. MFA

While I like your thinking, the average normie wouldn't know jack shit about history and would just assume that the guy in the military costume is an ebil nahtzi killing a poor jew.

Having a german costume, and indicating the inaccuracies would be better. Kinda like a before and after.

this entire thread is just making me radiate with esoteric energy,
i'm not experienced enough with computers and code to help but i will spread it when you have the full product.
this has atleast 2x as much potential as IOTBW, keep it up!



Godspeed user, we'll make them -ro

His spirit is rising up from the grave and the world will know he was right.
Sieg Heil!

There was a really good introduction text written in /redstick/, you could use that.

quit spergin on my brother. I am not asking to be taught autism levels of internet. I am just encouraging fellow anons to weaponize theirs.

Give me the gun and I'll shoot it. I will be happy to share my weapons with my white brothers for the good of the race.

Well thanks, autismo. No need to be a dick about it. I agree. The revolution needs riflemen and cyberforces.

I will take your useful knowledge and use it to improve myself. But you have the wrong idea about who I am.

Bump because fuck shills. Amassing ammunition currently.

bump/thread theme

Where a link to the actual site?

Gonna take this ideia to strike in my countries universities with other anons helps.

Glad to know you were the user who made it as well. I remember when you posted pic two and hoped it was the guy who edited it, and not some random asshole who came upon your work and stole it for some (You)s.

Read the thread nigger

also this:

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with killing Jews, and it's a shame that the Holocaust never happened

Fake and hetero. I'm sure it's OP pretending to be a triggered leftist rather than the leftist manufacturing his/hyr/xir own hate speech - which of course has never been done before, especially not on college campuses so quit your whining, boyim. So anyway, the phraseology of the "leftist's" commentary is identical to the USB author's own, as are some of the rather odd misspellings.

As an example, "straight" (heterosexual) is written as "strait" (as of Gibraltar) in the fourth image (labeling the grid in the lower left corner) in , and "Religion of Cuck™ophobic" is written as "Religion of Cuck™aphobic" in both the Imgur gallery's preamble ("…pages with blatantly Religion of Cuck™aphobic, xenophobic, and homophobic propaganda inside.") and image three in ("we are being "toxic" and "Religion of Cuck™aphobic.") Notice how Religion of Cuck™ophobic is not only spelled incorrectly, but also lacks the initial capitalization of a proper noun - something the single writer of both texts fails to distinguish.

P.S., the account that posted the original Reddit thread was created on January 9, 2018, while the thread itself is from January 19, and the account's first-ever post was made January 18. This indicates that the poster wanted to make it look like a legitimate normie found the USB drive; he registered the account, let it "get old", and even posted a few times before and after his big thread to make it seem as though the account were organic. Of course, now that his thread has died down, the account's gone dark; its last post was made on January 21.

Sage for absolute shit thread from bogus OP who probably made the Reddit thread himself.

Does anyone know if there are ROMs available in thumbstick form so they can't be deleted?

Consider that the USB flash drive itself needs to meet a few criteria as well. It needs to be cheap as FUUUUCK to put out en masse, so probably only chance is to get something from or something. It needs to be brightly colored and eye catching enough for people to see it on the ground(Nobody's gonna see a cool looking usb on grey concrete if its grey. lol), and it needs to be cool and useful looking enough for people to want to pick up a nasty street usb and stick it in their PC.
Here are a few that look like good candidates.

I think using a red USB is the best option. The files should be as lightweight as possible, to be able to use cheap USB.

or, it's more profitable to sell treatments for cancer that prolong life but do not cure. You die slower, and in great pain, and you pay your life savings to do it.

I've found that the 20 year olds today in the USA are very delicate. They are like little flower seedlings just sprouting their first leaves. They live in a caustic, cold, sea of darkness designed to corrupt them. You cannot start with even the mildest redpill.

You must first give them the ability to use critical reasoning. Even this has been denied them. We have failed our children so utterly it is quite shameful. It's frustrating and slow, but I start with basic logical reasoning and try to restore their confidence in their own ability to find the truth, or that a truth even exists! They have been crushed so completely and told they are not qualified to determine the truths of the world. Not only are they not given a rudder for life, but they are denied the tools and skills to even determine true North. It's pitiful and embarrassing.

we in the /mbmc/ discord are working on a version of redstick, and have some guys already commited to doing it. 5 for 20$ on amazon and we'll only do a few each.

we're going to start cuckchan threads by friday, you guys want to help us with an OP for it?

liberals are always so proud of being ignorant, really. They take pride in "not understanding racism". Not knowing anything about the arguments and reasoning for your opposition? That just makes you a good person :^)
Fucking brainwashed.

I would put this video on the flashdrives. Or something similar to it.
Normies are susceptible to feels, have a low attention span, and get offended easily. I think this is a good way to grease them up.

That shit makes my blood boil.

So this is something you do with apolotical normies? Cause leftists just screech when you enter anything outside of the narrow jewish paradigm they are allowed to think about.

"We investigate the anecdotal belief that end users will pick up and plug in USB flash drives they find by completing a controlled experiment in which we drop 297 flash drives on a large university campus. We find that the attack is effective with an estimated success rate of 45–98%"

Why you should not do a pirate box:
1. Triangulation
2. Getting caught with the box
Why you should use USB sticks:

i started a halfchan thread, to gauge interest over there:

also made a couple memes to help round out the op

This. I didn't trust the Jews when they were given a whole year of World History just to sell The Holohoax.

I have uploaded my personal redpill folder i have created over the years. Everything on Holla Forums that helped redpill me is in that archive. I hope this can be of use to someone.!YwgCgRQL!pwzvh5qGIUtcoZAhQ1IIG5fX_wLZwG2hTTIZOd35cwo

Good introduction to Holocaust, from the dual directions of Freedom of Speech and Immigrant Invasion

Thats the best tyrone yet. I laughed hard.


working on a race page, going with the Dog Breeds analogy. I've already fixed a bunch of typos and have added versions and making them available on MegaUpload. The race page will be available in version 0.11 but might not be linked to the hub yet.

version 0.10:!Y7ZGyYLY!jK9k4xFwqZNZlGGLcXOkHOiFwLYCDAZPIDSJ-8GUBjs

reworded intro, i like this twice as much

This is much better. I like the upbeat, positive view of race.

Update: we are running a 2nd /redstick/ thread. Good brainstorming of places to leave the drives, and more proofreading:

It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the leftwing in a single sentence, doesn't it?

nice. Gonna have to tardwrangle cuckchan for another event.

yesterday's thread hit bump limit! today's thread i'm asking for user's help in brainstorming although nobody has done it yet.

Fucking mental kikes and negroes. Why the hell would they take the US in the first place? It isn't theirs. Thieving communists.

the USB*, don't take the US just yet.






Someone needs to make one of these that responds to the whole 'hate' angle by just including dozens of examples of anti-white hatred with sources. People are emotional creatures. Making them realize they are hated will work better than statistics that can be externalized, rationalized, or just outright ignored. It's hard to ignore anti white hatred in its most bizarre examples.
This might be a good source. It is useful for the hypocrisy angle and will make people doubt claims of hate crimes.

Halfchan decided to try and revive this over the last month, if memory serves

Bump for great glory.

Just a reminder that (((Brett Stevens))) is pro-Israel and not an ally:

How retarded do you have to be to be this intellectually dishonest unironically?

Nice trips btw


Why on cuckchan?


The aesthetics of the drive contents are pretty top notch. If you're reading this, congrats on making hundreds of redditors cry, also there's a typo on the hub page(plane → plain sight). Might try something like this at my uni sometime soon, there are apparently already a few /ourguys/ in the student body, particularly among the freshman class.

I think OP could probably get away with showing the abnormal amount of jews in media, hollywood, etc. But going into holocaust or Hitler stuff will be a little overboard. That and commie stuff would be good. We can't be pr fags about it but normalfags still see hitler as literally satan and the holocaust as unironically the worst moment in human history.

AHahahahahaha, holy shit, that is
(Though, it will just create antipathy, also, fuck destroying things.
We have to be a force that is perceived as building things.
The only acceptable place to "loose" a USB-killer would be an Antifa meetup.)

Practice the principle primaire of forensics: when two things touch they affect one another.
When you plug in your flashdrive, make sure your UUID and so on aren't being left behind. Also make it read only after.

Hope you enjoy flourescent african americans.

would it be dumb to do mitm injection on these networks? there was this one hacker (dont know name) who spoofed cell towers and was able to get a whole bunch of data from app syncing (auth tokens, hashes, ssl info, or other metadata like what apps people use)
besides piratebox, also look into airdrop? :shrug:

off topique, but I think using lotr and star wars to countersignal reddit/tumblr/twitter soya bugs is good idee.

i'm being forced to read (((elie wiesel))) for school and im thinking of printing out little redpill cards and sticking them inside these books. good plan or nah? i may get punished.

search up pdf reader cve and see if you can get a rootkit ou keylogger installed on their ordinators


you are a fed. if you were smart youd put a binary payload on the computer.

if you were to do this, printers have light yellow dots that can track down to individuel printer, and people would throw it all away once people know.

how about double layer? have some basic info just in case no internet and get information by or href something from another server? then the sysadmin would probably just block it…

also camera association, fingerprints, and card scanners is bitches. much easier and less risquey to drop a usb drive.

don't bring up jq or hitler. this is an early redpill, ideally enough to bring them to white identity level or jared taylor level

its babby redpill

"kankerflikker" sorry my flemish is trash

right click reformat

this. its how izreal got into irans nuclear program

get a sysadmin techie internship. or volunteer or something. you need to be in a position where you can get privileged root access to the school servers. do what you need to.


Isn't real.
Those are just philosemites.

Adolf Hitler is the new Jesus Christ.
Except Uncle A wasn't a kike.

So as an user with little to no tech know-how, how would I go about setting up flash drives like this?

Holy shit I really want to do that. Op, post your collection I need to stock up so I can buy a bin of flash drives on ebay and either redpill the fuck out of some people and/or get some sweet libtard tears.

Wait never mind didn’t see the first posts.


There's a board for it, albeit a dead one. Perhaps we should repopulate it.

Just download the redstick file to a flash drive. Thats it.

How about not being oppressed by a government that works against the interests of it’s people or evil and greedy (((people))) wanting power? From what I gathered Antifa is full of three groups, the Jewish leaders, /trannypol/ pseudo-intellectuals, and, the biggest group, libtards who think they’re in dumbledore’s army and the rebels or some shit.

Fitting you posted a Frog (or toad it’s hard to tell based off the image) since they eat rats. Some even eat snakes. The king snake is also an excellent choice in terms of symbolism since they are known to eat both rats and other snakes, specifically venomous ones.

This guy has some talent at being wrong.

I remember this. Their inclusion of the John Money fiasco was especially nice, not nearly enough people know about it.

Bumping this for attention.

I think I found this funnier than it actually is; I can't stop laughing.