Sweden: The Collapse Has Begun


The army may be called in to halt a gang surge in immigrant areas.

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So what is the military going to do? It's Sweden. They sure as shit won't be allowed to go full RWDS on the muds.


This is "Communism has never been tried" levels of denial.




They are the military. If they haven't figured out that they are the ones who decide what is "allowed", then they aren't the right guys to be handling military equipment. Which means you kill them and take it for yourself.

That shitty meme promotes nihilism and apathy



Wew, they need to be very careful when using the word "superpower". Do they even have a navy?


OP here.

It was nearly unbearable to type this entire article from behind the paywall, i expect reading it will be the same.

I'm going to cool off now.

There's a part of me that wishes it was this bad in the U.S as there's nothing that would redpill a white man faster than the image of some young niglet posturing with a kalishnikov. Granted we have our nigger and spic gangs, but they don't openly roam the city streets with assault rifles, yet that is. Once it gets this bad the conditions for the formation of the white ethnostate while the national guard and military are focused on the niggers and spics will be optimal.

Lest we be accused of believing fake news, can you post the original article paywall or not. A redpill like this requires absolute certainty to be at its most effective.

I literally saw a video of niglets carrying a pistol and some gang member driving by talking to them loved it.


Look at this fucking kike.

Oh no my fellow white females are getting raped!
It's the patriarchy!

Or just do a google search you lazy nigger.

What could force these poor people into such state of despair?

Noooooooo, you think so?

Import Somalia, get Somalia.

The way things are going, the media will be calling them teens right up until the blast wave comes.

Clearly not enough diversity.

Seems like the immigration policy is working as intended.
Bomb-throwing terrorists and a militarized police force to keep the goyim in line. A nice addition to the Feminists and Antifa.

Even the graph is on fire.

Not just that, what about the retarded reasoning? It's the feminist government (muh matriarchy) that imported the problems, so who's the real problem here?

Nice catch, haha.

That's exactly their end game.

Exactly this. Shitskins destroy our nations and replace us either through children or murder and the governments pass new laws to try and fight their violence. All while constantly pushing the propaganda to keep us feeling conflicted and guilty.

Their leaders have said flat out their intent is to breed us out.

CIS white males? Always name them, white males fear this most.

There are plenty of niglets openly running around with guns in places like Detroit, Palm Beach and Baltimore. They just tend to do it at night and take pains not to be seen because they know that police in America will fuck their shit up if they get the excuse.


Fuck you, Sweden.

Nigger, at this point I'd actually feel safer being in Albania, or Kosovo.

So even the media admits now that they're building fortresses and dodging explosions, but still refuse to call it a war.


also by the way if you hadn't noticed

"Nothing's happening">"something maybe happened">"it was your fault" is pretty much the media playbook when it comes to stuff like this.

Fuck off nigger, many of us came here intially because of gamer gate. Stop being a faggot.

Where do they have rifles from?

What's interesting is that the shitskins are further along the progressive stack, and even being one of the tribe isn't enough to get away with criticizing muds anymore. If the kikes don't start backing some controlled opposition they're going to find themselves facing down 30% white former western countries armed with ten years out of date military tech in the name of jihad, it's fascinating to watch this play out in a way. Though it all comes together to make me suspect that they're trying to kick off world war III in order to hedge their bets and clear out Europe once and for all.

The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

Checked… And they will go out with orders to not shoot no matter what. The nogs will take their guns to arm themselves then start to shoot. It is a way to give guns to nogs. Whilst getting your military killed at the same time.

Smugglers, usually from places like Albania

Without all of the assault, destruction and death how would Sweden's mental health institutions, construction companies and morgues ever stay solvent? Checkmate, goy.

Dont worry, goy. The cancer is only stage 2 and not in any of YOUR vtial organs, yet. Carry on as normal.


They usually beat the US-troops in exercises they have out in the archipelagos. I mean they have gutted the army to be barebones but they would still if tested slaughter a whole ghetto of immigrants who barely can't shoot straight.

I mean, we are talking about the retards of the shitskins here, those are the ones who goes into crime and pretends to be gangsters. I know because i had the misfortune of going to school with them all, just a bunch of retards. In a war-situation i would even bet on the Boy scouts to beat them.

Archive please.

There are three men in a room.
One man is a politician.
One man is a religious leader.
One man has a fucking machine gun.
Who has the power in that room?

Archive, and some user out there seriously needs to accelerate the Dorsey Plan.

Swefag here, things are indeed looking rather grim but to be fair, at this point if you are:

1. Ethnic swede or behave like one
2. Live outside three major towns
3. Part of mainstream society culturally and economically

You are safe from the experience described above and elsewhere. At this stage its exclusively immigrants killing other immigrants. The rape epidemic is somewhat different though and i wouldnt want to be a tiny young white girl out late at night in any of the big three cities. I myself are a large white male and ive never felt threatend or anything, to me Stockholm feels safer than many other big european cities but that might be because of familarity or something like that.

Sweden has China-tier propaganda.

It's not about being able to (if you armed a white suburb with rifles and gave them a week to train, they could cleanse the muds), it's about the government not hampering them with retarded rules of engagement as the US did with their guys in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whoever the guy with the machine gun thinks has the power.>>11173331

Teens or )))Teens(((?

Translation to American: Urban Youths

This sounds eerily similar to what an American would say back in the 80's. As long as you weren't in ground zero, it wasn't too bad, and as long as you didn't let your wife/daughter/favourite prostitute out into the major cities things were safe enough.

It's a dangerous stance to take user, you can see what it led to there, and things seem to be moving MUCH faster in Europe.

Okay. So niggers/shitskins. Gotcha.

We can only pray user, I had the exact same thought. You and I know exactly what we'd be doing if that shit was going on over here. I can't understand why the Swedish have cucked themselves as hard as the Germans have. Okay, I understand all the WW2 Jew Killer guilt the Deutsch have burdened themselves with from from the mountain of lies (((they))) laid at their feet and lapped up like kitty cats to warm milk….But what the fuck is Sweden's excuse??!??

Every time I read one or these SWEDEN YES articles it just pisses me off more and more because it's all so truly unbelievable, and lately my anger is starting to be directed at the Swedes themselves instead of the invaders. I know there are a few good men left…..I've seen them posting on chans defending their inaction….but they literally have no more excuses. These desert scum are bombing your police stations, so they not realize this gives them the go-ahead to start killing these fucks?? Are they really going to never wake up?? What is it going to take for them to realize that their ancestry and their land is more important than their own life?? Blood and Soil Swedes, Blood and Soil. Give your life for your nation and your people or watch it perish.

I probably have distant cousins/relatives over there….please find it in your heart to do what's right brothers. I know it's not easy, but (((they))) have destroyed your country, it's time to burn it to the ground and arise again reborn like the phoenix. The world watches you and now waits swedebros, will you answer this call to war and reclaim your lands or forever be just a canary in a kike mine?

>Meanwhile some girl is getting (((culturally enriched))) but there are no units available to help her because everyone is busy visiting shitposters

Be careful user, this is how these muslims conquer. First, they infiltrate as refugees and poor "women" and "children" when they are mostly fighting age males. Then, they encircle a town, populating all the poor, less off areas around the city. Once the city is surrounded, they start to swarm into the center of the city, usually enabled by liberals saying "they are only poor and filled with crime because they live in a rough area, and if only they lived in a nicer area, they would behave themselves". And once they move in, it's all over. Third world status achieved. It is always a matter of "well it doesn't affect me, it's not my problem", until it's too late and you have no where else to go, because they've ruined everything.

Lots of cities in Europe already have third world immigrants shitting in the middle of the street in the middle of the city. It's just a matter of time before Sweden ends up the same way. Police have already established that they can't stop migrant crime by losing control of these suburbs. What happens when they move into the center of the city? Police already can't do anything. You think that is going to change when the center of the city is surrounded by no-go zones the police can't control? It's just going to get worse. And every step of the way you'll have leftists telling you it's all the local's fault for not accommodating the invaders.

Swedes are have been stereotyped for decades, maybe even centuries now, as being the sort of people who find any sort of violence to be beneath them, even if it's in self defense. My guess is that they've been fed paradoxical Viking guilt propaganda, think "vikings sacked churches and are evil also churches are evil too" type shit. As far as I'm aware they were also never really big on 15th and later century colonialism so the adventurous spirit isn't nearly as present in them.


It's not just surrounding the city, every town they capture is used to breed, more which means every victory gives them even more industrial capacity, as it were. Look at any demographics map of the so called "rust-belt" you'll see how it spreads out from the city centers like an actual plague, and then look at the time stamps and you'll see it spreads exponentially and accumulatively. I mean that in the most concrete sense, what started as 100,000 niggers become 1.5 million niggers in a little over a decade, and then that became a little over 10 million niggers a decade after that. Now just think what happens when not only does this bleed out into the suburbs, but the kikes start bussing them around to live in new subsidised housing projects. Each batch of a few thousand they plant in a white community not only chokes that community and spreads on it own, it also provides new seeds for planting in more and more remote areas.

Let me know when they start building bombs and blowing up police stations user. Niggers in America all inherently understand there is only a certain level of nigging that will be accepted by the whites/society before its race war and we go full open season RWDS on them. Whether they are intelligent enough to actually formulate this thought or not it's a subconscious truth all nigs that nig come to know. It's why statistically blacks will usually only fuck with other niggers. Obviously black on white crime exists but we all know the numbers.

As long as they don't chimp out too hard on us they know for the most part we'll just keep giving them gibs and letting it ride. They have no reason to truly advance their modus operandi because they realize doing so would actually make things worse. Niggers are comfy and that's just how (((they))) want it around here. Slowly destroying our culture and people without ever giving us a socially acceptable excuse to exile/kill them all.

I don't understand why things are moving so fast in Sweden, it's almost like it's out of (((their))) hands at this point. I think it has them a little worried and maybe scared. Remember that article a few months back about the proposal to dose everyone that was a xenophobe in Sweden on oxytocin so they'd hate less? lol that's some pretty far out shit/I see it as last minute scramblings like they tend to do when panicking.

At this point Sweden is going to be one of the biggest red pills for everyone in the world with Anglo/Aryan heritage over the next few decades. No matter how it plays out as far as I'm concerned, those snowfags are fucked. Either they surrender their country and people, willingly erasing themselves from history, or they rise up and kill the invaders. Any richfag anons wanna wire me 100K? I'd happily go over there and start lighting fires under asses.

>I don't understand why things are moving so fast in Sweden, it's almost like it's out of (((their))) hands at this point.
Two reasons, Aremica was the trial run, they were still ironing out the bugs. On top of this there was never a time when there were whites in the new world without shitskins being there too. They've got centuries of dealing with them to build off of, and even with the media screeching nonstop about enrichment, there's an underlying culture of "hey, you don't want to let your kids go play in that neighbourhood, they go missing over there all the time". There just isn't a friendly Greek merchant to pull you aside and tell you the score, so when you hear your sister just got raped you believe what everyone tells you all the time, it was an isolated incident. They inflicted this biological weapon on a people who had zero defence against it, and backed the attack with some of the most advanced physiological engineering the world has ever seen, and they've got the data from both the soviets and the Americans of exactly how hard they can push things before there is any pushback.

Great, now lets make sure people stop fucking demoralizing everyone by saying "it's ova goy, cuck, swede" etc and that "it's too late it's doomed". It is not doomed until there are 0 swedes left.

The one that pays the man with the machine gun.

Interesting, thank you for the analysis user I appreciate it. Do you think having been such a non-violent people for so long they'll be able to see the light and stand up for themselves? I certainly hope so.

These are the fruits of (((feminism)))

Im not gonna argue with that, things are deteriorating fast. No country is under as much pressure from the cabal either than sweden and germany, its like they are hell bent on annihilating our bloodline. Its fucking disgusting but i reckon no real opposition will come forth until its reslly fucking bad

They're the fruits of women. They run Sweden now, what you see is what you get.

Im not gonna argue with that, things are deteriorating fast. No country is under as much pressure from the cabal either than sweden and germany, its like they are hell bent on annihilating our bloodline. Its fucking disgusting but i reckon no real opposition will come forth until its reslly fucking bad

Huh, it really is that bad isn't it? I still kinda think (((they))) made a mistake in Sweden and the acceleration is faster than they expected. But of course the native people have not yet risen with pitchforks and calls for blood so your analysis is probably closer to the truth. I'm just a dreamemer and like to have glimmers of hope sometimes. (((They))) do make mistakes though right? What else could Vegas have been?

I'm interested in what you think of the stranglehold they have on America and the history of it. I see the end of the gold standard and the creation of the federal reserve as the major cementing landmark of when they really started to steal our country from us. Bernays, aka the creation of "public relations", and the formation of yidsrael were the framework and finish on the job and they've been enjoying the fruits of having us as a vassal state ever since.

My question, or what I'm curious about is how far back do you think their planned kikery for America went? I've read some quotes on the founding fathers regarding the jews and they obviously new what's up, but then again many of them were masons. I know the masons got kiked by the jesuits but I'm not sure of the timeline on that.

Essentially, I'm just hung up on when you say "America was a trial run", how far back do you mean? We were founded with good intentions and then subverted right? I just can't see Benjamin Franklin being a kike, that crazy froglover loved this country like it was his own non-bastard child.

You're a complete dumbass with no understanding of history, swedish history is particularily violent and the reason they had no colonies is because they were busy with real wars against Russia, Poland and Denmark while english were slaughtering dindus.

Sweden was probably the foremost military power in 17th century europe, atleast quality wise. No countries have fought as many wars as Sweden Denmark throughout history etc etc.

Or to summarize: You are a stupid yank mouthing off about shit he knows nothing about(surprise!).

Stop projecting your cuck fantasies please, USA is full of coalburners, not Sweden.

Mudshark nation pays coal toll

Hey, there's sex tourist, so why not call them sex migrants?

you're not too good at this. -1 demerit.

They probably will in the future.

Collapse? More like prolapse

Everybody with common sense saw this coming.

If you're the one with all the guns, fighter jets, tanks, APCs, MANPADs, mortars, and you're letting someone else tell you what the "rules" are, you're doing it wrong.

It was a joke by the guy, I have him on twitter.
Literally nothing happened.

I really do encourage you to look at the maps of any rustbelt city, one day I ought to make a .gif of the census information spanning 1960-2010. Here is what (((they))) have to say on the matter:
The point of interest is in how quickly the small "seed" population can explode all on it's own.
Jury's still out on that. But that's microscale stuff, nobody has gotten them to so much as flinch on the macroscale yet, and that's telling.
It was there for the taking. They got in at the start (though made sure to let whites kill off the reds first) and just built on that. Nothing but outright and direct action against them would have made a difference. They can come in any color and with any name, no round about method will ever keep them at bay.
The kikes are good at playing the hand they're dealt, it's how they always dodge the killing blow, and the eugenic effect these semi frequent purges have suit the kikes just as well. They didn't really have an over arching plan, they saw shekels, took them, noticed nobody even tried to get in their way, and kept at it until Hitler tried to shake them off in Germany. From there they took a far more hands on approach, but they were still winging it, playing the commies and the neocons, whatever worked. They're more than happy to flee the sinking ship if it comes to that, but until then they ride their pet empire shifting the pieces on the global stage as it suits them without any kind of real long term plan in mind outside of subjugation of the goyim.
Who knows, but once it was in their hands they did a stress test just to see how this whole machine works, and what it can handle, and now they know. They can hit relentlessly and wipe out a people in a single generation now, and a big part of that was the data they got from the American experiment. The end goal data they got from the soviets is interesting, particularly they learned how to handle collapse of their host, without it hurting them, or even dispelling them.

Of course they would not do anything against them, however if swedes ever would dare to put up a fight, then we would see the military be used.

The swedish people (like most white people, what a (((coincidence))) ) are the true enemy of the state.

Go read about the warring states period of China. Right now you're being an infantile retard.

no m8.
If the government calls the army to do their job, the army becomes the government.

You're comparing a conflict that happened half a planet away to a civil war.
Believe me that in a civil war the politicians are going to shut the fuck up or get shot.

``GOYIM`` remember that it's all just lack of integration :^) Look up Sweden migrants unemployment rates! Your high time preference parents probably of European descent who made sure to bring you up safely would be juggling AK-47, raping people in the streets mercilessly, and having 666 babies if they were put in a similar situation!

Sweden, a society free of hate, prejudice and racism.

Oh vey, poor jews, such right wing ant-semantics.

“there’s a resurgence of anti-semitism because Europe has not learned to be multicultural. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews ar going to be at the center of that. They are now going into multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of their leading role.” Barbara Spectre

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
@OhMyVolcano What is the white race? define it for me? it's an 18th century social construct invented by privileged aristocrats.

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
@Barbett5 @PaideiaUSA being jewish is a tangible unbroken form of identity going back 3000 years, whiteness is a construct from 200 ybp

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
@Craig_Harvey they're xenophobic racists scared of competing in a multicultural society,when they become the minority the world will be free

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
@JOYOURPAPARAZZI You just haven't yet learned how to be tolerant, jews are just resented for our leading role in spreading tolerance. #love

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre Sep 6
@MajorFredS Israel is a tiny nation with only 8 million people. We can't take too many immigrants since we depend too much on aid as it is.

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre Sep 1
#Australian #activists shut down nazi style visa check stop operation

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
Sweden's nazi party now most popular party, we should be concerned for sweden's jews and minorities,dark times ahead

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
@BarackObama If you really cared about the jewish people you'd make anti-semitism illegal in the US, US policy is failing the jewish people.

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre
Religion of Cuck™ is not 2 blame 4 #CharlieHebdo xenophobic racists using this to attack multiculturalism,we are one.#JeSuisAhmed t.co/b6GA5ZKBei

Barbara L Spectre @Barbara_Spectre Sep 17
@marvellous997 It's modern day slavery, europe is descending into an abyss of nazism and antisemitism, we need to unite and end intolerance

a three-day academic conference marking the 10th anniversary of Paideia, which was founded with a grant by the Swedish government as a high-level educational institute to help rebuild Jewish life and culture in Europe.

Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American-Israeli educator who is the founding director of Paideia, has coined the term “dis-assimilation,” referring to those who are choosing to identify as Jews, embracing their Jewish identity.

How did you notice it?

KEK pisslamic emirates of britania


I'm a swefag aswell and i say you're wrong. I live out here on the countryside, i've tons of friends from all over Sweden and judging by posts over at flashback i would say the problems are high all over the country, even in small little villages that got an influx of shitskins aswell. Rapes, burglary etc. In some cases they are hidden and not reported by police and media because the immigrant-offices, the ones hiring out the housing and the politicians running the municipality are in the same boat and that's how they are turning a profit because of free money from the state for running these immigration-centers.

Grown up in Skåne though, so i was already redpilled about this shit back in elementary school like most of my mates. I've seen Malmö turn into an absolute shithole with niggers selling hard-drugs in the middle of the city without any problem, the police looking the other way. I've seen a nice little village where i grew up turn into a paranoid shithole that gets pillaged everytime everyone leaves for their jobs basically, and we used to laugh off the alarm-sellers 10 years ago.

And that's not all, i hear Örebro or Vivalla is the main-base of recruitment in Europe for Isis. And Östersund put a curfew for young people up last summer because of all the rapes that happened.

Sweden is truly fucked and i have an immense fucking rage over it. I truly hope someone (Hi Säpo) kills the politicians, the journalists and the hoebags that sold their people out for monetary profits. We truly are fucked and what worries me is that even people who live close to the situation just puts their heads in the sand and pretend like it's nothing.

Checked aaaaand checked. Spot on user

No, i'm talking about an era that saw generals with gargantuan armies under their command, they commanded so much military might that the rulers of their own nations couldn't ever hope to stand up to them in armed conflict. And yet, they would think twice about turning on their rulers, even when the nation was in troubled times. There are good reasons for this and you should find out what they are, because they haven't changed.

I really hope Sweden gets it's shit together, it's a beautiful country with beautiful people and culture

This is what they did in the US as well, pushing them around the map in the name of equality and diversity. It was done intentionally to prevent enclaves from forming, and I suspect to make it infeasible for any kind of secession to happen as no one particular areas will be entirely ethnically Swedish this way.

The neocon "I've got mine" attitude is what really drove the final nail in. Once you lost any explicitly white areas to fall back to there was nothing to do but accept the new status quo. White flight is the swan song of any western nation.


this will hopefully wake more people up to the shitshow going on

I would dearly love proper sources on these quotes.

The problem is to get organisation going. What are you supposed to do, just pick up a gun (where do you get one without landing in a registry?) and shoot people alone? By yourself?

We are not at that point yet, because the country is still highly functional in some cases that normalfags can still live their lives somewhat. And then you forget the amount of propaganda that has been going on since the world war 2. It's not like Sweden didn't enjoy a nice bit of (((healthy))) white guilt either. And since the media has been controlled by the kike families of Bonnier and Shibsted the last century aswell, that's what they rolled out. And they publish the school material aswell.

There was a big nationalistic movement in the late 80's and early 90's but it withered out due to infighting and probably (((controlled))) collapse from state-agents. There hasn't really been a big nationalist organisation for the last 10 years, the Swedish democrats have always been liberals/neo-cons with an anti-immigration-stance and has been the ones known by the populace and thus the ones you voted on if you don't want the immigrants. And it's evident there is a growing resentment from the people about immigration otherwise they wouldn't continue to double their votes with each election. The problem comes with the seven other regime-parties ganging up with eachother to purposfully block out SD from any power. so hard left-commies and environmentalist ganged up with conservatives and neo-cons to block SD from gaining power and stopping immigration last election, making it pretty useless to even vote since it's a two-party system basically and they decided the other "block" gets to rule next election.

But what gives me hope is how everywhere i go on the internet i've yet to see people for immigration in Sweden. It's usually one antifa-cuck getting beaten in debates against all from anti-immigration fags to nationalists. The largest forum in Sweden has always been Flashback with it's million users and around 40-60k active users at average and it has continously grown more and more nationalistic as the years have gone by. I helped trying to pull it in that direction back in 2008 where it was basically liberal/neo-conservative but it has gotten to the point where i don't even have to be there red-pilling people anymore, there is tons of users doing so already.

It's giving me hope but we still needs to do something.

As our great folk-hero and king Gustav Vasa once said:
"Everyone wants the axe to fall, but nobody wants to hold the handle"


The single biggest problem any of us face, anywhere. We could really learn from niggers in that sense. The way you get the ball rolling is to just go out and fuck shit up, any shit really, just to remind the kikes that you're not afraid to burn a whole city down if they don't give you what you want. They come down hard on whites when they do this, because we do it so rarely, so it's easy to keep us in check. Niggers really don't care if you arrest 10,000 of them, in fact it's just going to get more out in the streets, while whites would run crying at the thought of being part of that statistic.

And unless you're out tearing up the infrastructure and making the comfy lives so many depend on to keep them content, nothing can change. It's kind of the white man's paradox, we'd have to destroy all our nice things in order to have nice things. And we're not willing to live without nice things.


Fuck off kike stop spreading this myth. Dating outside of your own race is still very low for whites in both America and Europe. Many dating sites have done studies on this and shitskins get mad as fuck about it. No one wants to date niggers

Yes and what is sickening is how the government is paying off the small community-politicians with it. Then they sell contracts to hotels and bed&breakfast-places who becomes millionaires off of tax-payers money to house those immigrants, the community-politicians goes for a short period green economy-wise and like i overheard some northern politicians said "It's great, we take them in for two years, make money off of them and then they move down to southern Sweden when they are starting to cost us money". (I wanted to strangle them as i was sitting next to them).

But it's exactly like you're saying. They are actively paying off smaller communities to fill their little villages with shitskins. And 400 shitskins in a village of 800 people is a lot. Especially when they are given jobs aswell and the swedes have to move to get jobs.

Yes, it's a selfish way of living. And a very short-sighted one, especially for what you would call a "conservative" which the whole premise of the ideology is past-present-future and how it's all connected. I hate how this is affecting people though, how they just pretend it's nothing, while bombs just went off near my grandparents building. They know what's going on, i've had discussions with my grandfather but my parents pretends it's nothing. It's a fucking bomb in Sweden, it was unheard of before.

Trust me, everything is fine

It's true and the not to brag but we are the ones they are very afraid off. Heck, they are kvetching over us just using symbols and words and trying to participate in the (((democratic game))) they are running.

Would destroying cities be strategically sound though? Would be better to just start pick off random politicians and journalists working for (((them))) or better yet starting to execute (((them))).


Your point about jobs is a good one. Not only does it destroy the local economy when you import shitskins, but the dwindling number of jobs are now left to compete with the mudflood. The whole kickback thing was the same plan they used in the US, although instead of bed and breakfasts, they would put up huge thousand unit soviet style habblocks, sometimes completely outnumbering the local populations with just one or two of those alone. The locals run from this, which opens up more room for them to grow, they then complain about how shit things are, so they get the money to put up new hives in another white area, rinse and repeat, all the while the people building these things pocket tens of millions in kickbacks and skimming.

Their whole life is built on two assumptions. One that all bipeds are fungible. And two, that they are promised an easy life if they go to work for sixty years and retire. Nothing in their life prepared them for any kind of conflict, and they're not willing to throw out that pension at the end of the road, just to push back against their "equals". Fighting this war runs contrary to everything they base their perception of reality on, their fundamental world view would have to come down in order to even acknowledge this, which is why they'll ignore it until they lay in the street bleeding out looking at their legs laying just off to the left, wondering if this too was just an isolated incident.

So I guess the swedish media has decided that "gangs" are going to be their code word for muslims now. Kind of like how US media uses "teens and youths" for niggers committing crimes here.

Black inner city ghettos are not an accurate representation of America just like how most of Sweden doesn't have rape gangs but both our major cities have big problems with shitskins.

sure (((You))) do

>It's true and the not to brag but we are the ones they are very afraid off. Heck, they are kvetching over us just using symbols and words and trying to participate in the (((democratic game))) they are running.
That the elite are protecting the invaders from you, instead of you from them tells you exactly which side they're on. Normal people don't really like this argument as aside from being an occupied country, it doesn't leave them with many other explanations.

Let me ask you this, does that city standing contribute in any way to the existence of your people? Does that city standing hurt your people? Kikes need their factories, and you can't harvest shekels from ruins. We built this world, and we can do it again, but for now as the Japanese would say Mono no aware.

>Would be better to just start pick off random politicians and journalists working for (((them))) or better yet starting to execute (((them))).
There are no shortage of kikes, killing one or two wouldn't change anything. That's really the strength of democracy, the representatives are all very replaceable and largely inconsequential. You'd never kill enough of them to make a difference before they killed you. But even a few well motivated men could bring an entire city to it's knees with nothing more than a few hammers and a bolt cutter. Of course this is just arm chair theorizing, and not any kind of incitement to violence, shalom, my glowinthedark friends.

How many of the eggheads in this thread are actually doing something about this?

You're doing nothing and letting kikes like Cernovich run the white nationalist cuck show.


Well, not all of the niggers are muslims, some are just niggers

The proposition was made they they weren't maurading down the street with AKs. This premise is false. In much the same way Sweden has no go zones America does too, and its spreading. Little towns in Texas where I would never see a nigger even 5 years ago are starting to swarm with them, as well as spics that don't speak a lick of English.

I'm not trying to blackpill but this is the reality of the situation. More white people will begin to realize this is not in their best interest.

Remember "Success Breeds Jealousy"?
I would give anything for Sweden to be able to return to that.

Within our grandparents life time many of the states in America were 90%+ white. Now only a handful remain that way and most are rural. This isn't a blackpill though if we deport enough mexicans and get the white birth rate up we can undo some of the damage

Wow, Mississippi actually went up.

You're completely right.

And about the jobs, it's correct and the government is even paying employers 80% of the shitskins wage if they hire them which makes it hard for swedes to compete (even though most employers actually hire swedes still because even the worst druggies are better at their jobs than most shitskins).

What is common though is that the shitskins are flocking to the major cities though, which makes it easier for smaller communities. However it's still a constant influx of men in their 20's sometimes along with their shitty awful wives, sometimes not, pretending to be kids going here. They are boiling the frog too quickly because maybe 100 000 non-whites in USA is not that much, but 100k in Sweden for a year, that's 1/3 of the 3 largest city you just brought in. It's very noticable and the youth are hopefully pissed off.

When syrians were shooting at government building with AK-47's in Södertälje in 2003, the jewish crime-expert Jerzy Sanecki called it "Youths who just wanted to have some fun". Immigrants shooting at government buildings with assault-rifles, imagine that. Now imagine if a white dude would do it.

Too hopeful, the cops/military on the streets aren't there for your safety.
They protect the (((plans))) and the (((government)))


And that's the truth. The swedish people are the enemy of the state. Which is not only an isolated situation to just Sweden. It's that way in Germany, it's in France, Italy, Spain, Brittain, USA, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Finland et cetera. One have to really wonder, why? I know why but most people don't even think about it and it's a point that really needs to be stressed more often. It's a major fucking red-pill and everything becomes so much clearer.

Not really, but running around destroying infrastructure is one thing. Getting arrested for it doesn't amount to anything compared to actually weakening their numbers. I mean, it's Sweden, there's barely any bodyguards around. The whole western world and it's infrastructure seems to be going away anyway, why fasten the fall when it's going to happen anyway? Why shouldn't we just organize to shoot of the ones laying out these plans and make the traitors and fools scared of doing what they are doing to our countries?

That is true, democracy is just a major divide and conquer-tactic. Truly mean't to bring countries under rule of the ones behind the (((information))) and (((education))). But we are at a point where something needs to happen and a low-energy gangfare war in some city with police and shitskins wouldn't resolve anything. At most we would need the police or military to back us up into taking over the government. It has been done before in white countries, nearly centuries ago. Remember the black shirt-march in Italy?

And your literal autism can get back in the oven where it belongs.

I really want these quotes to be sourced in such a way that I can quote them to lemmings.

There are, however, many quotes which are properly sourced, but those ones I never found sourced.

Do you have racial hiring quotas yet? That's how they fully killed freedom of associaition elsewhere. It wasn't enough to not hire niggers anymore, now you needed a certain number of them or you would get shut down. Couple that with groups like the ADL sending niggers to apply and then suing when you turn them down.

They always do, but it's enough to just have 10 shitskins to every 100 whites in a small community to ruin it completely. But that doesn't matter, the important bit is..
Like I said, those seed populations will explode. 100,000 became 1.5 million in a decade in the states, and that was without an endless stream from the ME to supplement it. In as little as 20 years you're going to have more than half of your country be non white if the numbers hold up as they did with niggers. It doesn't matter if they boil to fast, if they can utterly replace you in a single generation. They just have to use the police to keep you down until your under that 51% marker.

It'd need to happen as a riot, not isolated vandalism. The system can repair any amount of damage, up to a certian point. But if you're literally destroying entire cities at a time, the builders can't come out and patch things up, and the supply line gets cut which means the gibs dry up, which means more riots pop up all over the place.
To force the fall before they replace you.
Lack of access, really. You can't take them on without the resources on an entire state to back you. And you can't get a state until you chase them out. Keep in mind, even if Sweden woke up tomorrow and threw off it's chains, it'd be up against not only the entire west, not only the internal civil war, but also a repeat of the cold war where russia and the west pretend to be on different sides and declare war on countries to save them from the other.

I would have no problem if this would only affect traitors, kikes and others responsible for this, but we all know it will be the innocent who have to carry this weight. I really hope Sweden goes full Viking soon because that's the only way to end it.

No user, we can undo all of the damage. How did those white% stats look like in the XVI century?

What about the NMR? Is there potency in their movement? I have seen some videos and they sure do trigger bugmen and antifa a lot.
Are you a supporter?

speaking of 90% white

remember there are many people who wrecked america. Whether it was through importing rapefugees, promoting gibs, meatpacking plants, politicians. This is one of those situations where distinguishing enemies from traitors is not important, as long as they had a hand in it.

they don't even sound like they came from that period.

Which ones, the Ben Franklin ones? Henry Ford, Martin Luther (the good one) and others did speak those things.

The Ben Franklin one refers to the kikes as a race, which was not really done until the twentieth century/tail end of the nineteenth, as far as I know.

yes, I only meant the franklin ones. For some reason your images hadn't loaded when I typed that. this place has loaded slow as hell for me for a while now

Messing with some electrical systems during the traditional swedish new years shootout with firework could possibly do something. I dunno, sounds illegal tho, I dont recommend.

Even if you'd kidnap and race mix with a sexy Swedish girl your kids would inherit their weak failed traits. The only medicine spells Nuke. That would cleanse and heal the land.

Don't bother with something like that. And if you do, definitely don't talk about it. I don't mean tearing up a few power lines though, I mean something at least on the level of

Just pissing around will get you in prison and won't solve anything. You'd need an all out uprising to overwhelm the system and do any lasting harm, we're talking about thousands of people burning down skyscrapers and clearing out banks, proper biblical shit. Something whites don't seem well disposed to, but if you want to fix that, you'd need to adopt a culture willing to go to that level.

Remember shit like this when the kikes are begging for mercy

& etcetera
I reckon all it will take is for one White unit to stumble on some shitskin drug lord's basement harem of White girls and the gloves will be off, then and there.
What happens after that is 50/50 between DOTR and the rest of the military liquidating that unit and installing shitskin or kike commisars in all the others.
I'd say DOTR is more likely the longer the soldiers have had to put up with nigger bullshit on patrol before the find is made.

Ive worked with snowfaggot military units. They seemed respectably ubermensch tier.

I've no clue really, i hope so but they are weird with their whole Scandinavia-federation thing.

I support everyone ready to stand up for our country. Or for white people's survival in a time of active genocide.

Historically speaking, these things usually happen when one unit disobeys orders. Such as a standdown order during an attack, or an order to clear out white protesters. They'd fall back to a local headquarters, say a police station, at which point government level goons/the army would be sent in, and if it's going to blossom into a proper happening, they'd be swamped with local civilian support willing to go toe to toe with the soliders in defence of the local hero figure.

Yup and just like in Sweden it's a very similar issue in the states, only less extreme of course. The Sweeds willingly let them in, we were just dumb enough to not kick ours out when the war ended. As I was saying though America is very segregated and it happened naturally. White neighborhood gets overrun by nigs and spics, destroy the land and property value, so whites move out and build up a new area.

In the new town whites will raise the property taxes to a high enough level just to keep all the nigs out, and for the most part it works. The problem being that whites are paying far more in taxes than they would have if the country in general was safer and didn't have to be segregated. But then the whites read or see how things are in places like Detroit, but it's easy for them to ignore because it's not happening to them or their children. The nigs just continue to spread and destroy more and more land.

Where I live personally, I am sandwiched in like an oreo. All the surrounding towns are like 97% white, with the minority percentage being hard working Asians, but travel a little too far in one direction and you will end up in shitskin land, it's ridiculous. My dad became inherently racist because he grew up in a white area that got over run by shitskins. His entire teenage years were beating up niggers with his brother and saving up enough money to get the hell out.

I wonder who could be behind that post…

Go away muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker, you aren't welcome on this board

The difference is the boldness of the niggers and spics in America versus the boldness of the niggers and mozzies in Sweden. Whereas niggers and spics openly carry at night in America, niggers and mozzies in Sweden openly carry during all hours of the day. This is a remarkable difference as one extreme necessitates civil protection from the army, the case of sweden, versus the civil protection from the police, the case of the U.S..

I'll cede my point if you can point to the intervention of military forces in the U.S. in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

It's only memories of past police shows of strength that keep the niggers in line. If they really went all out now, I don't think there'd be much pushback, but then again it'd give us a definitive answer to where Trump stands. There's also the small matter of the American police being better armed than some European militaries, which is not a factor to be overlooked.

They use the national guard, not the regular military. The actual difference is a matter of debate.

The graph would seem to be more useful if it represented crime per capita, as it's hard to take into account the effects of population growth without getting more info and editing the map in your head.

Yeah the deterrence factor from the American police being armed is a major factor in keeping the niggers and spics in line. If they're using the national guard in Sweden then it is comparable to the U.S. as this has happened before in U.S. cities as shown in recent 2017 protests.

Sweden noooo!

To clarify, I meant the US uses the national guard. I don't think most European countries have a need for a similar institution, as the NG is each state's army. Sweden would have to use it's national army if SWAT teams were insufficient to quell a happening, as far as I know.

King nigger let them chimp out unopposed for about a decade, so I wonder how much detterence the police really pose to niggers these days, the BLM terrorists straight up went to war with them and killed a good few seemingly without repercussion or much media coverage.

When white people try to defend themselves from the invaders, it's time to roll out the tanks. When muslims build their own city-states within Sweden, it's uh progress.

Fuck off

If only people 50 years ago could see what was going to happen

History always repeats itself, It's the people who ignore it allow it to repeat.

at least they have an officer who instinctually knows the ways of efficient kebab removal.

I'm glad the Sweden shit-show is almost over

The issue with liberals is that they make every attempt to deny reality. They dismiss facts and the anecdotes that they experience. They need to get tired of it and realize that it's ineffective.

That pic needs bad kerning, a shitty font, and a sloppy photoshop job to be accurate

If only guns were even more banned.

blame white people

When the time comes all your hard work all your efforts will end. All your family members close and far, will end.

You think jews would allow their man ben franklin, who americans have honored for years to have a dislike for jews?

may? mudslimes are bombing police stations and stalking the streets with long guns. Get some armor rolling and clear that filth out.

It is opposite. It is highly effective. This how dialectics win political landscape. the more "liberals" fail the more people praise them. then win from losing. Try to beat that.

If Swedes weren't cucked they would know it's long past due for hunting season to clear this scum out, your police are a bunch of gagged pussies.
If these retarded subhumans can get all this Albanian stuff, so can you.
This shit will never escalate to this level in America because that's what would happen, the hives would be emptied if the authorities do not act.

stockholm syndrome carlos.jpg

polite sage for pun

k a w a i i d e s u



Swede genes aren't bad you dumb faggot. The same shit is happening in your country, just slower (maybe not, for now, if you're a slav, but only because they don't have the resources to be early targets). Also swedish media is heavily censored, they aren't allowed to know what is going on, same as krauts.


That's because the worst Lebs are in Sydney


You have plenty of cities, many being industrial hubs of the world in their hey day, having packs of negroes in bulletproof vests and dual wielding guns and chicken roaming the night
Detroit, Shitcago, Los Angeles, San Fagcisco, the entire Rust Belt area. You had the gov put lead and the gay in water, niggers roaming touristic sectors in Florida, an inside job with the Twin Towers, buddy there's tons of examples and the people never did anything to stop it.
Guns or not, you are cucked to death, not because you are cowards but because you are comfortable with it, the slow progression made it look natural.

And what is the population of Sweden
10 Million huh, If Sweden can do it that's no excuse

Those pics are fake news, right?
Sweden can't be that cucked.

Please, at least let the first pic not be true. If it is, no execution, only torture (no death, that's too kind).

the second pic about it being illegal to question immigration is already in effect in Sweden, Germany, UK, France. ==people have gone to jail for complaining about rapes of their family members by shitskins muslims on facebook== That is true. The first pic looks fake.

That can't be fucking real, every time i see some news story from the anus of europe it's just shocking how far it's degraded since the last story i read, at this point i wouldn't be suprised if the next news story was these no-go zones mobilizing Dshk armed technicals and invading the non-fucked parts of sweden like cancer cells.

If this was true there wouldn't be rape gangs, terrorism and NO-GO ZONES!

That one happened


Why fake? Plenty of places don't give a shit about history. I remember reading somewhere that in Israel if they find something of historical significance when digging to build a new building they have to report it, have it checked, etc, and it takes forever so what many companies do is not report it and just build anyway. The only thing worse in the swede one is it's a museum saying "fuck it, it's old crap anyway" instead of a company.
I don't know it's a lie, but it is on their website. It's a pua website though.


I don't know whether to feel even more angry and blackpilled about Sweden or happy that the acceleration create more nationalists who care about preserving their culture

The further people in Sweden are pushed the more angry the people will get and eventually they are just going to throw the muslims out or a war will break out

Yes, but part of being whtie is giving a damn about history, so it's depressing nonetheless. In particular, it's saddening because it's white history, the ever forgotten, ever currupted, ever destroyed and lost history.

It's in Sweedish but it's more of a trusted source

this is horribly depressing


Literally just search him on twitter and ask him. Hes a chill guy. Autistic about swords tho.

Do something swedes.

That might have been a result of the niggers being driven up north to diversify the yankees

There are fundamental flaws with modern Swedish thought which have precipitated this nightmare climate. This is a nation that was already on the path to self destructive socialism when it removed the right of parents to administer ('66), then explicitly banned, spanking ('79). In the same decades there were immigrant arrivals from Somalia, a sexual revolution which permanently altered society; and most damaging, the development of a PC mindset that was imposed via pervasive propaganda and community based citizen self censorship.

this guy gets it

The age of information has quickly turned people into zombies.
The amount of reflection not being gained is probably why words are meaningless and everyone draws equal signs through synonyms.
polite sage for my opinion


wow, 64% of young Swedish women are fucking stupid.

What exactly did these fucktards think? That they would take in the entire 3rd World? No, clearly just enough to make sure every native was raped and murdered. I really don't know anymore. The prevailing attitude of every government except the Visegrad and the US seems to be "Our country sucks, white people suck, we need to be Africa / Arabia". I know it's common knowledge, but sometimes I look at this shit and the Twilight Zone reality of the world we are living in hits me and my common sense flairs up to rage levels. It's a hard psychological state to live in, when you see mass suicidal policies and nonsensical policies being the norm in the West.

I'm still curious as to how long this shit can persist before sweden collapses or goes RWDS.
Aren't native Swedes going to be a minority by 2020 or something? I'd say that would be a turning point since they'll likely have Sharia Law by then.

I have a feeling they will just take it. They'll become a caliphate. Christ, they are already willfully allowing their women to be raped and killed. "men" don't even exist anymore in Sweden. It's official policy to kill their own country. That sort of pure evil can't be reasoned with, and reason apparently can't explain why it's happening. If there was going to be a revolt, it would have happened by now. But the citizens of Sweden keep voting for an insane feminist government over and over. There are several reasons why Rome fell, but this is a completely different level of self destruction. It's willful and aggressive, like the foreign entity seeking to invade already has control of the government and it's one goal is to make sure the cancer spreads to engulf the entire country. Canada, the UK, France, Spain, etc are all coordinated in this suicide.

The apathy among Whites saddens me deeply. Gangs of fighting age males run around the streets of Malmo with bulletproof vests and assault rifles and our brothers and sisters do nothing. At best they talk. They protest here and there or give out colorful leaflets congratulating each other how good little revolutionaries they are, and how much has the overton window moved. On the other hand, muds gather weapons. They train. They infiltrate the police apparatus and the military. They stockpile explosives and preach violence from the minaret's towers. They intimidate and attack right-wingers. Blaspheme against the Prophet and you gonna get burn with acid. The right wing has lost its balls. Political violence is the only thing that leftists, niggers and muds understand. East Euro hooligans know it too. They beat up nogs every chance there is, and so niggers treat wisely in Eastern Europe. The system loves talkers and fears those that can get their hands dirty from time to time.

Yes, and that's never going to happen again

The swedish media isn't honest about anything, but these gangs are organized into ethnicity.
It's been going on there for many years now, so it's basically shitskins vs albinos vs bosnians vs somalis vs… you get the picture

Sweden has finally become the multicultural society free of hate they've always dreamed about!

In all fairness, the right can't get away with a fraction of the things the muds do, because the police state exists to empower the muds and suppress the whites. It's not like the situation is mud people vs. whites with a passive and impartial state in between them.

I'd like to hear what kind of organization are you part of that does the things you mentioned.

Any successful regime change starts with de-legitimizing of the old regime.

The population need to loose confidence in the administration. The normies must have the feeling the government and her agencies is failing is prime tasks, is corrupt, pervert, unable to protect the people and country.
This happened before the French revolution (Marie-Antoinette fucks her children, recommends cake for the starving, is a foreign agent), Batista (no explaination necessary), Shah of Iran (Godless puppet of the Anglos wasting the riches of the country).

This is the task of the propaganda, memes.
There is a reason why ZOG is getting nervous, realizing that there is now an alternative to MSM narrative.

So your task is to make sure people lose trust in police, government, press, are no longer willing collaborators.
If a significant number of people 10-30 percent, come to the conclusion that the state is not their friend, keeper of their interest, the regime starts to implode, is ready to pushed out of the way.

Keep it low profile. You don’t want to waste yourself before time is ready.

It's probably because sweden was neutral in kike wars 2. You guys made a killing selling tanks in those days so now for revenge of not sending your young to die in a kike war, the kikes want to wipe you guys out.

The former Yugoslavians in Sweden are all corrupted and in bed with the mafia that runs the gun and drug trade in Sweden.

Sweden was officially neutral but still you were free as an individual to go fight the war. Hence why still there is tons of swedes who had ancestors fighting for the Finns against the russkies or even fighting for the germans. There's tons of german war-relics in people's homes in Sweden from the war.

The kikes hates us because we are from Scandianavia, the most purest whites there is. They hate our blonde hair and blue eyes to death.

Yes.. and this is why Sweden must be destroyed first… and it has worked marvelously. Sweden neutral in the war and never being a colonial power was somehow convinced of it's own natural guilt, simply for being who they are. Weakness of will in the extreme.

At the very least, my weak will in my life was due to conflict with my immediate blood family. Sweden decided to cuck itself over feeling sorry for niggers. Straight out of The Tempest. Pity and empathy for the sub-human is the seeds of white destruction.

Note that under the tyranny of anti-racism any preference for your own is considered wrong (usually only if white). There are whites and Swedes around the world who could have used the help of Swedish aid, but no, only niggers and Muslims are deserving according to Sweden.

Sweden deserves it's own destruction just like Canada does now.

I happen to have connection to both countries and feel nothing but disgust for the people that allowed this to happen.

Yes the blackcubists are the prime cause, but the people of Sweden and of Canada are guilty for believing their lies pushed by the media they control. This is not the sign of a master race. Yet even if not a master race, I still value my people's genetic heritage.

Fool me once shame on you. (((Saturn's Blackcube acolytes)))
Fool me twice, thrice… shame on me. (The Aryan race and it's divisions, celts, germans, nords, romans ect…)

When will Finland let the Russians pass or hire the kebab removers to purge the shitskins and traitors? Sweden is a danger to the Europeans.

Translation: this is white peoples' fault for not being more tolerant


It is worse in the us if you look at amount of crime and severity. They are not openly roaming around with assault rifles in Sweden you misunderstand the text.

What makes Sweden dangerous is the fact that the deterioration has been very quick and the police is weak(because pc-bosses) and not adapted for this.

It's true - swedes are getting jobs faster then shitskins immigrate for now. White people work and pay taces so mehmet can get a house dor his 4 wives.

Swedens fall comes not out of guilt like the anglos. It comes from arrogance (we are the perfect people, we can civilize the shitskins)

That is literally what the British first thought. The guilt came latter.

The real question is why waste effort trying to civilize the niggers? WHY CARE.

The answer is (((Christianity))) and (((Communism)).

As soon as the people abandoned their Gods for Jewish ones, they were doomed eventually.

>The answer is (((Christianity))) and (((Communism)).

That kiked anti-Christian shilling here is has become quite intensive.

No difference from the kikes agitating among leftist against Christianity.
Facts be dammed, the fact that the kikes got in power the moment Christianity was fought, abandoned. French revolution, Italian Risorgimento, Bolshevik revolution, always anti-Christian and pro-kike.

Sweden isn‘t near the end because they are too Christian, but too left, too kiked and anti-Christ, pro-jewish, pro-muslim.

It's like being racist makes us psychic or something. We can see the future.

It's the "education" meme. As if two cultures that grew completely apart could understand each other better from a textbook over actual real life experience.
Also my guess is that the current state of Africa is kept like this instead of being let run by Europeans or Asians because nogs are too stupid to realize that their resources are being depleted before their eyes, look at how South Africa is now a few months away from a horrific drought.

Not even 1 month have gone by on 2018 and we have had at least 5 terrorist bomb attacks in Sweden against police stations, businesses and private persons.
And also several murders related to immigrant criminals.

Whats sad is that nothing really surprises me anymore with Sweden. They could change their flag to ISIS and announce their jihad on the western world and the native Swedes would still be cheering on tolerance as they are lined up for slaughter.

great post. i aint too worried about the last paragraph because i think there's a bit of "natural selection" going on inside of the immigrant community.

the christian god is a bitch. if she was a person she'd prolly wanna fuck allah because the muslim pimphand is legendary, and seriously, who doesn't wanna hang out with a pimp?

or the 88 in 1488 doesn't mean heil hitler… *stuffs more cocaine in the door*

Sweden tried the colonial game. Google Nya Sverige. Also, stop being a thin skinned faggot.

Like many other Europeans, Swedes spent a great deal of postwar energy chiding and lambasting Uncle Sam for treatment of blacks, alleged "genocide" of American Indians, etc. This was often in response to grandiose American yammering about human rights, Soviet evils, etc., to be fair. Typically it was the Brits and the Swedes and the Germans ("scheissAmi," etc.) who were the worst offenders in this regard.

I remember when I was growing up telling my brother "they should be careful what they wish for. It's easy to criticize the USA for treatment of minorities when your country is essentially free of minorities." He would nod his agreement and be like, "wait till they get some darkies of their own."

Well, now they have darkies of their own. And the schadenfreude I experience, while occasionally grimly satisfying, is heavily outweighed by my sorrow concerning what has happened to Western Civilization. But hope springs eternal. We must never give in.

Swedish genes ARE fucking flawed you dumb fuck, and this is coming from a Pole. And Slavic people are inherently superior to Nords, the migrant crissis is the clear example of that. And Resources have nothing to do with the fact that we don't have any niggers in our nations. We are preety much richer that Western Eurabia at this point, but its the patriotism of our people that keeps us save.

Also in Poland you can legally buy and carry cap and ball revolvers with no license needed.

They have some sexy looking stainless steel cap and ball revolvers that'd be as good as any modern cartridge (ballistics similar to .45 acp)

I am not even talking about Gun laws or anything like that. I am just sick and tired of pretentious Krauts/Scandicucks who still, despite being flooded with niggers and fucking literally dying out, think that they are somehow superior. They are not, and had Shitler treated Slavic people like human beings instead of cattle, Third Reich would hot have crumbled under Millions of Vengeful Russians. Europe would not even have shitskin problem now.

This is a comment made by a krautnigger on cuck chan:

''While we will purge the country from shitskins and traitors because we learned ffrom how the whole shit turned out, you will get mutted eternally.
So 40 years from now as the other German user already sais, we will be nearly 100% white while you will be the muttfaced shithole waiting to be wiped out by us.
Seen to the arrogance and batting on us Germans done by you kike landgrabbers, you should either not hope for mercy when we conquer back our rightful clay.
Watzlaff getting buttfucked.
But nontheless, i hope for cheap poles cleaning our toiletts until the time has come to purge you out of existence.''

Fuck them all really.

Honestly, fuck western civilization. If Europe wasn't civilized, the nigger-boats would get sunk, with everybody mocking the drowning niggers. But since we're civilized, we're obliged to help the poor nogs. Thanks, Judeo-Christianity and civilization! Only the race matters.

Poles are objectively subhuman when compared to Swedes. What's your blue eyes, blond hair ratio among natives? But since Slavs are less civilized (which is a good thing) they're less susceptible to the Marxist-kike programming. The difference in this case is in nurture not nature. I don't remember Swedes starting a revolution in 1917 and killing the Tsar in 1918. They have resisted kike programming for a century longer than than the Slavs.

I know how you feel. Its disgusting listening to nords and germanics yelling about their superiority while having no real empires and suffering from multiculti the most. And least we actually reclaimed our country and built an empire.

t. Spainard

No, Poles are objectively Superior to Swedecucks, and have much more blondes than a small nation of 9.5 million. Swedecucks haven't really acomplished much apart from slaughtering 1/3 of Germany's population in Thirty Years war, and then cowardly invading Poland when it was at war with both Russia and Cossacks. Then they got bitchslapped by Russia in early 1700's and that was the end of their little adventure.

And The only reason that 1917 Revolution even fucking succeded, was that Kraut nigger Prussian scum founded it entirely, because Krauts were too fucking cowardly to face Russia free of internal tumoirl. Oh, and communism was invented by Krauts Btw. Just like any other cancerous ideology.

Yeah I love pointing out to Protestant fags that suposedly 'inferior' catolics build their own Empire more than 150 years before Anglos even set foot on Jamestown, and at the height of its power, a single Spanish Shit transported more gold than England's entire crown's budget. Cortez basically brought down an entire Aztec Empire with only 300 men.

The word you're looking for is Kike, faggot.

Well to be fair they had a lot of things going their way, blessings from the crown, military might, small-pox/disease, being mistaken for the returned god kings of the realm by the natives…

>Implying that Kaiser and his clique did not support Bolshevik revolution hoping that it would pave the way for their genocidal invasion towards the East for their Lebensraum.

When Hitler invaded USSR in 1941 under the pretext of fighting communism he conviniently forgot that it was Germans who helped Bolsheviks establish their regime. FFS Lenin was a German agent.

That happened because they fought off hundreds of aztecs trying to kill them in a battle that lasted hours without a suffering a single casualty.

Fuck off Jew.


I am not even Jewish…
Stay assblasted tho.

Such a battle never occured against the Aztecs (the Spaniards actually suffered great losses, e.g. the massacre of Tenochtitlan when Cortes sacrificied a large bulk of his men during his escape). You're probably thinking of the Battle of Cajamarca in Peru, against the Inka, who never thought of the conquistadors as "white gods". In fact, Inka royalty was described as racially white by contemporaneous authors, sometimes even whiter than the Spanish, who in the south had already undergone 400 years of miscegenation with Arabs and Berbers at that point.

I DID happen you moron. Cortes conquered Aztec Empire with 300 men, and its a historical fact. And Inka's were fucking Asiatic mongrels, while Spain was still 90% racially white, as was its Castillian rulling Elite.

Why can't you Anglos accept that Spain was the FIRST and most influential colonial power in history?

Insults make you appear weak.

Yes. That wasn't your original claim, though: you claimed that "[…] they fought off hundreds of aztecs trying to kill them in a battle that lasted hours without a suffering a single casualty." Which is simply not true. There never was such a battle in Mexico, at least none documented. The overwhelming majority of Mexicas and other Mesoamericans died as a result of diseases, the rest got killed in relatively small-scale skirmishes (a result of the fractured politics at that time - many natives hated their Aztec ovedrlords with a passion and gladly helped the Spaniards).

You know nothing about South American history and anthropology, and probably never even read one of the cronistas like Poma de Ayala.

I don't hold the 400 years of Religion of Cuck™ against the Southern Spaniards, in fact I share Hitler's opinion regarding their fighting spirit. But let's not kid ourselves; an average Spaniard from e.g. Murcia is very different from one from Asturias. Same as in Italy. All full Europeans in my book.

I'm a Kraut.

This, at least, is true.

So you are German, you people can clain that Inkas are 'white', that Nips are honorary aryans. And yet Slavic people are somehow not white acording to you, and they are somehow Untermensch. (Nevermind that half of your nation from Oder to Elbe is populated with descendents of those untermensch and that Germany was forget into unified nation and military power by Balto-Slavic Prussians.

I will never fucking understand your people's twisted logic.

I'm not of that opinion, and many people I consider redpilled aren't, either. Don't fall for D&C games: to Poles and Greeks they play the song of the ebil kraut, while to us they play the one about lazy and thieving Eastern and Southern Europeans. You (and yes, many bluepilled Germans as well) need to recognize this bullshit for what it is. In fact, in the younger generation most nationalists have a high regard for the East. Much collaboration, e.g. in the music biz.

Are you German?


Older people (i.e. 60+) sometimes still harbor disdain or resentment for Poles, but anyone with a bit of historical knowledge and familiarity with the country nowadays has generally a good opinion of Poland. Admiration for the progress made, for the pride of heritage. Poland as well as Ukraine are actually well known in Black/Pagan/NSBM Metal circles and I have quite a few friends who regularly pilger to festivals e.g. near Krakau. It's a bit strange that we, as neighbours, have to ressort to English as a means of communication, but the relations a usually very good. I hate the EU with the passion, but the European spirit as such is definitely growing among young nationalists (saw quite a few French as well, and Finns).

Yes, from all sides. But let's not forget that there were many periods of peaceful living as well, Germans and Poles living side by side without hatred. I definitely see the young generations coming together. English, internet culture, Bologna university system… it's not so clear-cut anymore, and the common enemy helps.

Is that really a fucking Holla Forums pol mod tho?

white networking doesn't work in the modern age because (((governments))) can shut it down with ease.

kill yourself


Ehm, no. True numbers here

Crime is mostly stable, some crimes increased, other decreased, all are WAY lower than 10 years ago

Hi you piece of shit ami!

Do you seriously think the Germans should have positive attitudes toward your disgusting kike incubator and its murderous ZOGbots?

After all you did your best the last hundred years to harm us, murder us!

We know exactly who is behind this invasion, you scum!

I hope your new Mexican compatriots skin you alive!

Hey, your jewish overlords are already discussing how much time you have left. Some say 10 years, other are optimistic you will last another 20-30 years. My experience teaches me that collapse come fast and suddenly. I’m looking forward to see your country in Chinese TV, burning from coast to coast.

funny because even aziz here is saying these migrants are shit-tier. atleast he was running from an actual conflict when he applied for asylum. half these cunts coming over now are coming because their countries are economic sinkholes. there is no oppression other than that which is self imposed by their own countrymens inability to work.

the apologetic tone of this article is sickening, but expected from the swedish caliphate. the whole article attempts to sidestep the fact that this massive increase in gang violence and violent assault/rape is directly correlated with the increase in "refugees". it tries to shift the blame to the swedes for not being accommodating enough to these fucks. like they deserve any of it in the first place.

when you invite someone into your house and they spit on the floor, steal everything valuable, rape your wife, start maxing out your credit cards, sell your kids drugs, and then start shooting at the other fucks that are trying to sell your kids drugs, you kick them the fuck out. but this is sweden. so instead of that, they simply invite more and tell them to bring all of their cousins too.

my heart goes out to you swedish anons who have to deal with this shit on a day to day. i remember thinking that it was strange that sweden was trying to, from my perspective, create a welfare culture in their own country. the fact that these politicians STILL fail to see that this has gone awry is concerning. if you thought this generation of migrants was rough, wait until you see their kids. second generation diaspora of ANY kind grow up with the most severe of identity crises possible (they dont feel at home/accepted in their native countries and cultures, and they certainly dont fit into the swedish one. BAD fucking combo there). mark my fucking words, this shit sucks now, but wait until you see what is next.

soon sweden will rival america in violent crime per capita. and at that point, ethnic swedes will probably be a minority in their own country due to the cuck culture and programming that the average swede is put through. we can only hope that sweden finds its way out of this hole soon, before the next generation rears its ugly head.

Let's just go ahead and pretend that zogbots originated in Brooklyn rather than, say, the shtetls and villages of eastern Europe. Easiest to blame the hapless victims in the New World for the many ills inflicted upon it by the Old World. Right, user?

Interesting that you mention 100 years, too. In the early 20th Century neither the USA nor Canada had any appreciable military to speak of. Indeed, the US Military was considered a bit of a joke during skirmishes with Pancho Villa circa 1916. Woefully undermanned and ill-equipped. Then the European powers and the zogbots recently arrived from Europe drew the US into WWI.

It's always another excuse with the Germans, isn't it? Mein lebensraum. Mein kaiser. Mein Alsace Lorraine, etc. 3 massive continental conflicts between 1870 and 1945, and an endless string of excuses for the failures, defeats, and resulting wreckage.

Nice gratitude for the Marshall Plan, btw, which gave your shithole a high standard of living so the grownups could concentrate on bigger concerns ("you did your best . . . to harm us, murder us!"). Enjoy your Chinese TV.

What are the pilgrims?
What is Purtanism?

Cromwell was well paid by the kikes, to slaughter “papists”. In return he allowed the kikes back into England.
So shaboos goy were there already at the begin of the USA.

Ahhh, poor little America was drawn into WWI by nasty Europeans.

Not the USA financing and equipping England and France so they can continue to attack Germany. England and France were already bankrupt in 1915 and would have had to seek peace if not for the generous help of the “neutral” USA, prolonging the war and costing the life's of millions of white peoples.
Then in 1917 when France and England were on the border of breaking down Italy and Russia already broken, the USA decided to safe their debtors with their intervention “to make the world safe for democracy”.
With the end of the war England and France were still not able to repay their debts to the USA, so was decided that Germany, which had not foreign debts, should repay the allies debts.

The so benevolent USA couldn’t stand seeing the resulting misery, rape and hunger in Germany, charitable the USA offered credit to Germany so Germany could pay England and France, so both could repay their war debts.
At every stage the oh so charitable US collected interest.

So sorry, for defending ourselves when attacked, you piece of war mongering imperialist heap of shit who’s end may come quick!

Oh thank you for robbing us trillions, to give us credit, we payed back every penny.

You gave shit, you robbing and backward kikehive.

Your intention was to genocide us, just because of your fear of the Soviets, you had to suspend your plans. Nonetheless you ZOGbots made sure that Germany is utterly destroyed in the event of a military conflict in Europe, so nice.

Then all your plans did go bust when the Soviets decided to no longer play this silly dangerous game. That irritated and made the ZOGbots quite confused all their careful preparations all for naught!

So it had to be Plan-B, flooding the continent with nigger and mudslimes, and some generous doses of pocking the Russian bear.

I hope this Sweedish nightmare wakes up the entire world. I have been hearing for many years all about how the nordics love immigrants and one gets treated like a god by their women. Pretty much everyone here knows that and I live in a top tier shithole country. Now imagine what people say in Africa, Colombia, Haiti, Venezuela. Keep doing it and civilization will be over before the century ends.

Your get exemplifies how close you are to the truth. Here, contemplate this:
In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it,’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it,’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it,’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’ So tell me—who lives and who dies?

It's accelerationist but, in places like Commiefornia that are already so close to being lost, it almost must be done…

The state is already locked down ammo heading into the state. Retailers online everywhere reported that sales to the the soon to be banned from online ammo buying state were up by hundreds of percent, something like 230+ with some counties over 460% over previous years. The state will choke up ammo supplies and have lists of all the "bad" people who buy "too much". This is the preludes to the Maoist interdictions…

Found the newfag.


There was a law passed a few years ago in sweden that allowed the military to attack civilians i heard, don't quote me on that though

In contrast to Spain‘s empire?

I‘ve heard you guys were calling for, had big demonstrations for more immigration?
In reality your country is already flooded with niggers and moros and sudacas.
10-20 years ago it was safe to go out at night in Spain, get drunk and come back in the early morning. No longer advisable in former “movida” Madrid or Barcelona.

We wuz kangz!
Yeah, shit to play the camarero for Swedish tourist?
I’ve seen the demonstrations of the “indignados”, were they complained to be left out of plush government jobs, asking if the government would think they should work as waiters. Hell, that would be beneath them!

Arrogant, envious, suffering from an inferiority complex. During the “boom” your government claimed that Spain’s economy is going to overtake Germany’s “sick, old weak” one.

He is obviously a ZOG bot, formally stationed in their German colony.

Well, except those that got robbed, burglarized by them. The Polish consul is boasting that it is the fault of the Germans if they are getting robbed by Poles, should they care better for stuff!

The problem with mudslims like Hanif is, they are police now and most probably work for criminal gangs and/or |slamic terrorist and subversion groups.
It is the height of foolishness to think a arab, albanian or negro feels allegiance to Sweden. First and foremost they feel allegiance to their family, clan, people and race. One has to be quite naive to believe their protestation to the contrary. Observable facts speak for themselves.
And no, none of the shitskins in Sweden are “refugees” they all did come as colonists. There is and was simply no military conflict on their borders for 70 years. A refuge flees to the next safe place, not around half the world for the gibs.

(((Johan Runer, archaeologist)))
Is this him?

She didn't say it's "the patriarchy," she said the migrants come from patriarchal cultures. Which they do.

"hellbent on annhilating our bloodline" this is scary truth. when you learn of two seedlines, it all makes since. there are children of light and children of darkness. the 501c3 gov't controlled church won't tell these truths.

Wait, this guy seems like the only whistleblower. Nevermind.


Funny thing. The grey squirrels have done such a number on the more skittish/peaceful red squirrels that selective pressure is making the surviving red squirrels more aggressive. Food for thought.

I wonder why? It perplexes me. Really makes you think.

He warned us.

Want to do something about this? You can mine Monero for the Nordic Resistance Movement!

What is it with leftists and the destruction of history? I don't like the vikings (except the aesthetics), but God damn it. History is holy.

"dating" site studies are flawed and grossly underestimate the mix rate.
Women don't go to dating sites because no one wants to date them, they go there because they're looking for a provider after having had their fun with chad and jamal.
In short, White men have higher salaries and therefore get matched more often.
Even the most blown out slut typically doesn't want the shame of an Asian husband.
tl;dr dating site surveys have no bearing on the rate of race mixing in the wild and you better believe it is fucking popular. Why do you think every television advert has a nigger "stud" flirting with a White woman while, in the background, an inept White man tries to cook something but can't help but drop it on the floor or burn it in the oven?
No, they fucking love it, because such advertising plays directly into two core female complexes
Women control 90% of domestic spending, so adverts are tailored to female desires, of which buffed niggers are no small part.
I really don't get this reasoning. White women are drooling over niggers and having casual sex with them and you want to deflect that by slinging lame accusations against the (((bad goyim))) try to get you to stop denying reality? Whatever floats your boat, man.
Women understand well the negative consequences of coal burning and will conceal past activity with niggers after they pass the edgy college feminist stage. This is just part of the long term income strategy.

What the fuck, Sweden.

Really how hard is it for a general to go rouge and just coup?

i am 100% sure the men in the army will be up for it, why exactly has the top brass not done this yet or at least made preparations to do so.

Clean the filth both inside and out, traitors first

They would be portrayed as literal Nazis, and rest of the jEU + US will invade.

So the only feasible way would be to do it across many EU countries at roughly the same time?

Could be possible if things continue to go bad (which they will) just at what point does the average joe soldier realize it's time to fight back

Coups are hardly feasible in western countries because western power structures are very decentralized.

In an African country on the other hand, all you need to do as a General attempting a coup is to seize the presidential palace, the president and state TV. That's pretty much it.

Read this: rense.com/general68/prac.htm

And that's without talking into account EU, NATO etc


Thanks, ill give that a read later on.

thanks for explaining, but i still believe if they went about it the right way it could be done without other countries going to war, maybe im just a little too optimistic

Where do you think all the yankee nogs come from?

General? Army?
In Sweden?

B-but, guns are strictly controlled in Sweden!!
H-how is this possible?

>So what is the swedish military going to do?
Talk about their feelings.

OH…and let me add…
Holla Forums was right again.
Holla Forums is always right.

I hope their feminist military is prepared to deal with a million armed, fighting age men with nothing to lose.

The King and the priest die of course because (((money))) removes values.

What is even more depressing about that graph is that the 90% white zones nearly overlap with the heaviest volcanic ash fall zones if Yellowstone erupts. Wind will carry it to the east. Yellowstone has been increasingly active lately.

Yellowstone predicted ash fall

You live in a top tier shithole country? What does that mean? You're from somewhere in the balkans?

Another mudslime?


He was just trying to scrape some of that make up off.

That'd require a lot of heat.
I have to wonder if she's a racist now, I had a relationship with a chick who had some bad physical dealings with niggers early on in her life but she would never, even in private just to me or anyone she knew incite anything racial about them. I always wondered if the negros had raped her too, instead of just being overly blunt to her, it would explain why she acted like a doormat for most things in her life.

It's a sad thing which happened to both of these women but I need to have white children with an able woman and not into seeding scoured pastured.

I had something to say but I’m drawing a blank.

I truly wish Sweden would beg America to send troops in because I would take monumental pride in being set loose upon those fucks and I know my other brethren would just as much.

Please Sweden… please ask the US to help because we are just fucking itching to clear them out and would take great pleasure in doing so.

The fuck user? We have our own problems. Sweden must be a fucking example. When they succumb to bloodshed, then the rest will have no excuses on the dotr.

If I am being completely honest I just feel the real enemy is over there at moment and if we don't handle it soon they will have complete control over those countries which means complete control over both the nuclear arms in those countries and bases/technology. We have to get in there and break that up.

You're right we do have problems here but none of our problems here require any of our top tier units as all we have to deal with are mutinous faggots, skinny pussy homeless goobers dressed as ninjas and traitorous cucks in teaching positions that parents should be destroying.

I just don't want to see those good white genes in Sweden gone from the world. We could incorporate them/at least the good ones rather than let them fall to the animals. I want said animals hung from a fucking tree.

A black Swedish actor was rejected from an IKEA advert by a UK casting company after being told he 'can't be black for the Greek market'.

'They said they are Jewish, so they can't be racist.
He added: 'They say they want a Swedish actor, and I came here when I was six years old, so I don't know what more I can do to be Swedish,' he said. 'It's 2018, we are living in a multicultural country. So what is a Swedish actor? Is it a white actor?' 

Swedish, white? How preposterous!
In related news:
Jews casting nigger for Sweden and Germany. Quintessential Germanic!

Inefficient and slow. It is WAY WAY WAY faster to mine directly to their address using a CPU or GPU miner, through a pool preferably. Mining using JS is only for normalfags.

But the US military is also niggers, so what good would they do?

This only applies to women who weren't properly brought up by their parents.

Maybe I skimmed over it and missed it, but which teens are carrying rifles? The niggers? You had my hopes up, I thought for a minute Swedish whites had organized self defense squads and were patrolling the no-go areas to make them safe again.
Reminder whats happening in Sweden justifies all methods of resistance in the rest of our white countries, else we end up like them. No one can argue otherwise.

IB4 arrested for giving material aid to a foreign terrorist group

I wonder, at what point will you say it is not fine?

sweden was in the 70s and even early 80s
everything from there was just an escalation to todays migrant importation by government that is otherwise defined as an invasion

no fuk u moishe

When are they gonna call this 'gang' a fucking army?

Go back to 4chan Issac maybe the 15 year olds there will buy your forced memes

And 56% is the majority of 100% you fucking retard

Not allowed to know, or tell?

Could you please fix your shooping job?

What flags are those?

Malmo's on the rampage again.

No, the other 64% of Swedish women are at home, in their hijabs, taking care of their 18 kids at night.

Because you don't have to have Nordic DNA to be a "Swedish woman" anymore.


Here are some photos of the protest with "Child" refugees", yes Swedish media called all of them children as many times as they possibly could, to try to fool people like they have been doing for years. 90% of news in Sweden is fake news.

The "children" had gathered to protest against sandniggers being deported. One "child" sneaked up behind the police officer and stabbed him with a knife.

Communist propaganda journalists figured out her name, called her or visited her.
Made a short interview where they pressured her with questions forged to make her say exactly what they want. Either you are with us or against us kind of questions that a victim are afraid to answer wrong to.

They said "rightwing extremist Nazis" use pictures of her and the event that happened as propaganda against mass immigration of sandniggers. "Don't you think it's disgusting and horrible they use YOU, don't you think???" (Answer yes!) (or (((we))) hang you out as a nazi in all media.)

She answered yes and (((they))) used THIS images as propaganda against the "evil nazis".

Images of a violent muslim sex attack on a woman became anti-nazi propaganda…
Only in Sweden.


This user gets it

I've been stocking up for just this.

thanks israel

La matanza de cholula. 400 spaniards and their allies massacred 5000 natives after learning of a planned ambush against them. Later expecting similar tricks from the cholultecan overlords, the aztecs, misunderstandings led to the matanza del templo mayor were spaniards murdered tons of aztecs without any losses. This second massacre led to the siege of the palace were the spaniards were staying, breaking out of a with a population (at its highest estimates) of hundredes of thousands of indians cost 800 spaniard lives. Being ambushed during their retreat to the coast 500 spaniards defeated tens of thousands of natives at the battle of Otumba. After ressuplyng hundreds of spaniards returned and defeated multiple armies aroundTenochtitlan. Leading tens of thousands of their indian allies they laid siege on the huge city and began their assault. After 93 days Tenochtitlan fell to a handfull of brave spaniards and their vengeful indian allies. The few prisoners the aztecs got their hands on were ritually sacrificed, their hearts taken out and skin flayed to adorn their temples. This is the kind of shit that made other injuns ally the spaniards (a fucking shithole it was/is). Considering most of their troops were lost in a tactically horrible situation (Sieged in the middle of a megalopolis surrounded by moats and cut off from supplies and food), it took less than a thousand spanish lives to conquer an empire of millions.

Don't worry. Rothschild will cut off their food and water after all they kill all the white Christians.

>White women are drooling over niggers and having casual sex with them and you want to deflect that by slinging lame accusations against the (((bad goyim))) try to get you to stop denying reality? Whatever floats your boat, man.
Except they aren't.
White women aren't engaging in mixed-race sex that much at all, by all indications, merely a small subset of them are and the media projects it everywhere.
Its like faggots.
Faggots are only 2% of the population in, for example, the US… Yet you see them projected EVERYWHERE, as though they're as common as Blacks, if not more common, despite the fact that there are like 6x as many Blacks as fags… Of course, a disproportionate amount of fags are niggers, but that's besides the point.

The point is, White women AREN'T drooling all over niggers and shit, the media is merely projecting as hard as they can, because they WANT White women to fawn all over niggers, AND because they want faggots like you to get all BLACKEDpilled and think 90% of White women are chugging nigger cock instead of the reality which is more like at-most 10% of them are doing so (and they alternate between a few specific types of White women no less: gold-digging whores, overweight pigs, impoverished slags, social signaling progressives, self-hating degenerates, etc).


sounds familiar
any more instances?

It's really a shame none of the women who took part in that march a few weeks ago will see this post. They are all rooting for a one term presidency for Trump not realizing this is the future they are inadvertently choosing. You would think weekly BLM riots and Jade Helm would have woken up every single white woman, but obviously not.

Daily Reminder

user, what you have to understand about Western women, Western Whites in general, is that they've been indoctrinated - not far enough to be chugging nigger dick constantly, as some would suggest, mind you, but enough that they genuinely do deeply hate themselves and, for creatures which primarily function on emotional thought (ie women - but also children), that has some serious effects in terms of behavior.
Now, granted, White women in the US at least - not sure about other Western nations - are majority right-wing… But, again, the media would prefer you didn't realize as much, and do everything in their power to change the perception in that regard, for example the Women's March shit with their pink pussy hats… But they've obviously failed, as demonstrated by White women voting majority Trump at every age level.

Also, reality check: Most White women in the West have no idea what the fuck 'Jade Helm' is or was, and the BLM riots are likewise something that's been memory-holed for most… How many normalfag White women do you think even remember that a nigger shot several police officers in Dallas not that long ago? Very few I wager, less than 30%.

The ones who are indoctrinated toward self-hatred want these things because they hate themselves - its the same reason that clade of women tends to be down to fuck niggers: They KNOW niggers are subpar, they KNOW IT AND UNDERSTAND IT INNATELY… AND THATS WHY THEY DO IT - because they hate themselves, and they get off on fucking that which they know is beneath them, they get off on doing something degrading to themselves… Its the same reason, btw, that their soyboy cuck partners tend to want to see them fucked by non-Whites, especially niggers - they all know niggers are just short of animals, and that knowledge in context is exactly what actives their self-hatred-based masochistic fetishism.

"eritrean" is the gold standard for asylum seekers. There was one story of an eritrean dieing in sweden. His body being sent back home for burial, to iran.
The country is a rabbit hole itself.
Draining the population is the only weapon left against it.

all pointless D&C. there are many old grudges that can be brought up. which is exactly what (((they))) want. we all know, or should know, who the (((enemy))) is (and their brown pets). the concept is simple: we fight each other, they win. we, together, fight (((them))), we win. do you want to win, or agitate for more bullshit brother wars and cooperation-destroying animosity? faggots.

wow. when we take back our White countries, we will have to liberate sweden, remove all kebab, and sterilize all the feminists and cucked nu-males. it's the only way, it seems. hopefully enough strong viking stock still exists. what the fuck happened to you, sweden?

yes. Rhodesia and south africa were "in africa," or "belonged to the blacks," or "muh apartheid" so the wantons just brush them off. but sweden is literally the epicenter of Whiteness, and it crashing and burning in a sea of shit-colored flames will be pretty damned undeniable evidence of White genocide to any White who gives the tiniest fuck about White civilization.

sweden doesn't have any nukes. france and the uk do, though.

YOU HAVE TO BE WHITE, var. SWEDISH, DUMB SHIT. my god, swedish is a FUCKING ETHNICITY. God Damn marxists. also, checking those trips

when sweden burns and is enslaved by camel shits, and the world sees the full horror of it, and White Americans have taken back our country, then we can roll in and liberate sweden. sweden dying may just be the colossal redpill we need to save our own country. sad.

Yes, I've read game of thrones too. Here's the full quote.

“In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it,’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it,’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it,’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’ So tell me – who lives and who dies?”

If power lies with the men who carry swords, why do we pretend that kings hold the power? Power, he argues, is ephemeral, a shadow – “power lies where we think it lies.”

Sven Olov Lindholm is spinning in his grave.

Thus to all whites.

And what are you going to do about it, you limp-dicked faggots? Talk about how the day of the rope is coming? Tell me I'll be first/I'll die slow/[insert empty threat here]? This is our world now, white boys. Deal with it.

Or don't. Your only other option is to go batshit so we can push more gun bans on you. Even your boy Trump approves of them now! Sure, it's just bumpstocks that're being banned now, but we'll move on soon enough. 1488d chess, amirite?

And there is nothing you disgusting, pasty little worms can do about it but watch and launch failed propaganda attempts.

Goodbye Europe, hello New Africa. The future has never been so bright.

It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

Keep relishing in your day dreams.


My daydreams are coming true, though.

But whatever helps you live with yourself, cracker.

we fight on all fronts
meme and otherwise

Spoken like a true progressive.

You're goddamn right we are, pasty. And we're going to enjoy every second of it.

MUH POST FROM the last time the Swedish kids got READY TO RUMBLE KEK 😆. ©

You're not even black, lmao.



DEUS VULT it won't be long now

I like Hitler's definition of race, and pertaining to our continent, the Aryan Race.


Lurk two years before posting.

So, this is the piece of shit that brutally murdered Ebba Akerlund. Somebody should nail him to a tree and disembowel him.

Wow sweden you need help fam


You are an idiot because you make up shit like that and expect to not get called out. Do you think you are the only swede on this board? Are you that inbred scanian idiot who gave us problem before? What you posted is not what actually happened. Her older sister doxxed her on facebook from the very beginning by posting those images and calling for witnesses. It was quickly found out that both sisters are "refugees welcome" coalburners that went to an afroarabalbanian night club. Little sis gets touched on her bumbum by a mulatto, responds by hitting him in the face, he hits her back with a bottle, she gets rekt. Idiot reality denying feminist finds out the hard way that the world is not as she think it is. Now she is upset that evil natzees in amerikwaaargh are using images of her to redpill people.


The city's infrastructure doesn't hurt my people, the shitskins invited and pampered by kikes do. You should provide the opportunity of a better life for your people. You won't accomplish anything by destroying the things they've built than to be hated by them like antifa lunatics were for making their lifes harder.
That's a blatant lie and gives me the feeling you are a fucking shill or a least a misguided extremist wannabe revolutionary who got to deep in Holla Forums memes.
The political rabble may be disposable, but any higher ranking politician is not and anyone will hesitate to become the successor of a recently assassinated kike puppet continuing its work.
The kikes are such a minority that every loss hits the tribe hard. Imagine the backlash for them, when such filthy kikess like Spectre would suddenly dissapear. Every successful pogrom was achieved by killing or chasing away the jews, not by demolishing your own goods.

Vikings need to do their job and rape and impregnate these whores before jamal gets to them