Bank is going to foreclose the house in 16 days

Any advice for a soon to be homeless Holla Forumsack?

I'll buy your house goy for a few thousand shekels
and sell it for a few hundred thousand heheh

how homeless, do you have a car? Do you have any extra funds whatsoever? For curiosity sake what lead to this?

Do you have a job? Family? Do you live alone? What options do you have? Where are you located?

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If youre not willing to talk we cant help you. If you dont want to be open and honest about such a serious issue, fuck off.

You need to give us more infos user. How much money is owed and how much are they offering?
What is the situation that led to this?

Yes I have a car. Just a couple hundred, I had a gf that stole most of my savings and also bad budgeting.

It's a slow night, tell us what's going on

-What’s the value of the house?
-How much do you owe on it?
-What’s the monthly payment?
-What’s the highest offer you’ve received?
-How much is your car worth?
-How much do you make or are you a jobless nigger?

Van life OP, last resort if you know you're going to be fucked.

OP is shilling, this doesn't happen in Trump's America.


Do you know how much all that shit would cost?

Van life can be pretty comfy. The wife and I did it for two years. I'd advise substituting one solar panel for one more roof vent tbh, ideally over the bed. You can't really hang out on the porch so the more fresh air the better.

The day before they finalize the foreclosure, burn it to the ground.


Look, even fucking NEETs can live in with small budget, you can never be a hobo if you have even a little decency for your own life. You don't want to live as a fucking pig. Get a job and don't buy unnecessary things, if you're overweight fat faggot it's a good chance to diet the fuck down don't use shampoo, just water, don't fuck with your facial hair.

You can get a job anywhere, if you think you can't you are deluded. It's just what kind of job do you want. You can cut out the internet and any entertainment, it'll be a reboot for your brain. There are people constantly in worse situation, your biggest mistake may be that you think you "muh dont deserve this" "i only deserve gud things in life". I lived with my grandmother since I was 10. I started working part time job since I was 14 and after I became 16 I could finally had a full time job to support my grandma, who died happy a year later knowing I can take care of myself. I never even had a childhood and I'm not some spoiled brat that I need one. When I couldn't afford food for myself I could have give up. When I didn't had clothes and was always tired I could have given up. Now I have a family with 4 kids a dog and an abortion.

Or you can always go with the best option. Get some mountain climbing boots a backpack and some cash, and go out in the wild for the best experience. You can become the ruler of your own destiny. You can go around the world, you can steal boats and cars and explore.


So you are still alive. Kind of reassuring not all of us old fags are gone.

A girlfriend should absolutely not have access to your bank account. That is a privilege granted to and earned by a wife, and even that is up for debate. This was your first mistake

Considering that savings are savings and don't go to mortgage payments, I genuinely want to know how you managed to fuck up bad enough to get foreclosed on. You either had to have bought a house that was beyond your means (Stupid), or you could afford it, but bought a bunch of shit that you didn't need (which you should be able to sell, unless you blew it all on non-physical shit like porn or micropayments on a game or something). This is, of course, assuming that you at least don't fail at speaking English, and "bad budgeting" includes unforeseen payments like medical bills or car repair.

Also, where the fuck do you live that you can get kicked out of your house in the middle of winter? That's illegal in most of the US. That's probably what your lawyers want to talk to you about.

OP, just how long did you ignore this problem, hoping it would go away?

Maybe common law marriage.

If you file for bankruptcy it will stop the foreclosure for a few more months while the bankruptcy is sorted out. You don't have to go through with the bankruptcy, just file a Chapter 13, it takes longer. It could be cheap to do if you use a discount lawyer.

I assume the value of your mortgage(s) is above or near the value of the property, otherwise you would have sold it.

Once you file bankruptcy, it will be easier to negotiate with the bank to do a short-sale (less than full payoff) to avoid a foreclosure on your credit report. But it's a shitton of work, and every other nigger has a foreclosure on their record now.

My advice is to take it on the chin as a learning experience - don't get shitty mortgages in the future and don't buy until you have at least 30% as a down payment. Don't buy a property because some idiot real estate agent assures you property value is going to go up - sales people are con artists.

File the bankruptcy and drag it out as long as you can. Save your money and start renting again.

Avoid TrippLite at all costs unless you're a pseudo-NEET looking for a UPS for your gayman cumpooter.

All the best, user.

What state are you in? I've got friends across the country, if you're in the right state I might be able to get you some temporary lodging, possibly even with Holla Forumsfags

Eastern Euro fag here.

Due to really really bad experiences in my life up to my late 20s, I have bad habbits that are a money sink: gambling and alcohol. Its a struggle i've been with for years and I try to live by with it.
I own an appartment through inheritance but my grandmother is living there just so she would have a place to live with the low pension she gets. Not only that but I jewed out 2 banks and that has me on a list that limits any and all financial help I can get from any private institutions and even government one for atleast 4 more years. I've always lived on breadcrumbs due to those reasons and its even harder for my mental state to get myself out of it as much as I try to be as NatSoc as I can.

Now with that said, I can say that your situation isn't that bad and I will give you an idea that worked for me: Go to another state and/or country and look for a seasonal job that includes accommodation. It can be in any field, even if its a job you hate, but it will help you get started again. I have done this many times but alas, my bad habbits have stopped me from making the best of everything so I can be a very respectable man. But know that if someone with shit problems and also bad budgetting/habbits can keep himself going, you can as well.

Hope you get things going again OP.


Brother, I wish I could give you a hug. It's people like you that are salt of the earth (no… not Holla Forums salt, but the true kind). God Bless you user. I'm not OP but just shitposting about until I came across your story. You're a good kid user, if you're still a kid. But well done man, i'm proud of you even though it's just some user faggot on the internet, I want you to know that you're a good person and you're going to be fine. It's going to be okay. I felt that you needed to hear that because I understand what you've gone through.

Godbless and Godspeed user.


Amazing how men let women do this horrible shit to them, steal their money bust out their car windows slash their tires and they never once think press charges on the cunt and force her to behave like a fucking adult for once. Id stand by and laugh if a bitter ex took a bat to my car. Congrats cunt you broke it you bought it.

Uh…. what?

Do not talk to any of the lawyers who sent you mail, they're hyenas who literally work for the banks and their only job is to get you to move out while getting a check by the banks for negotiating the worst possible deal possible. I am not joking. This is standard practice.

If you do what has suggested you have to keep in mind that you'ŕe screwed for several years and corporate america will put on you on corporate no-business lists, that means no credit cards, no loans, no corporate jobs, etc. This stuff will follow you even if you leave the country. Not trying to dissuade you, just letting you know what corporate kikes do to bad goyim.

if only we could all strive to be more like you

you seem like a hard worker, so, i think you can work to free yourself from your vices holding you back
you deserve to be free user, dont enslave yourself