French Leftists Complain Their Children Cannot Succeed in ‘Diverse’ Paris District Schools

French Leftists Complain Their Children Cannot Succeed in ‘Diverse’ Paris District Schools

Leftist parents living in the heavily-migrant populated 18th arrondissement of Paris are finding themselves conflicted, as they want “diversity” yet complain that the schools in their “diverse” district are failing.

And their kids will be too stupid to raise to elite levels, while white kids in the countryside will have premium unBLACKED education. The cycle continues onward.

What's the French for "nigger"?



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Leftist are the weakest link in our race. They are almost jew-tier in their treachery. They need to be culled.


Wall them in with their pets and then napalm the entire area after the rape riots. Rebuild and start again.


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Could careless. The lefts stupidity knows no end. At least in Europe due to space they're forced to live with their consequences. I only feel sorry for the children who have to suffer from their irresponsibility.

The french are white niggers. the French Revolution was the start of the degenerate left. Being french and nigger is one and the same.

Being 56% and nigger is one and the same thing. :^)

Darwin's theory is still holding strong. At least the leftists are not having kids and self-sabotaging with shit like this. Next we need to totally end the handouts and gibs, even to whites. We don't need to subsidise an underclass of drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals. Those who have the strength to conquer and carry on their lineage will rise to the challenge, and those who don't can simply die out over the generations. If they turn to crime, kill them or send them to some barren land to die.

leftists should just be removed like all the rest tbh. Foreigners I just want to remove since they're destructive, but it doesn't give such a deep rooted feeling of disgust as traitors who give me the feeling of a dsgusting disease existing in my midst. I hate this trash because (as stated in OP's post) they'll fucking move their kids to the good schools, but in their double think keep the same beliefs. As a consequence, they will just destroy yet another place.
If there is one thing I wish a government would force (for lulz/reality) is to only allow you to move/send your kid to school to places within a certain vicinity. That way, you'd be truly invested in your surroundings and you/your children would have to suffer through the consequences/impact of your actions. I can tell you it'd fix the tune of people who aren't of a rich enough lineage to already live in an upscaled/closed off neighborhood.


I say don't let them escape. When these fucks start migrating to whiter districts, they need to be terrorized relentlessly. Their kids need to be beaten in school, the parents houses's burned down, their workplaces trashed. They can't be allowed to continue the cycle of white flight.

The parents that complain will be denounced as racists. Certain other groups will leave using muh racism as a pretext. They will justify their departure by saying the "racists" ruined a perfectly good diverse school.


Pure cohencidence.

Pure cohencidence

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the french have this thing more so than most other whites where they fill their place up with soo many niggers the niggers actually manage to take over and kill all the french
Haiti is the only example of niggers taking over with a violent revolution and whites losing militarily, and it was a french colony
the day of the rope happened in haiti and frenchies actually lost lmao

And the cycle repeats.

what excuse do blacks in france have?

Yep, Australia is yet another example of innate White industry that occurs when Europeans are left unmolested by sub-humans. White superiority is unquestionable.

the woman in that video is a jew and will extort the cab company for money based on her greivance
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Ad infinitum.

Typical leftists. Vote one way at the ballot box, vote another way with their feet. "Diversity is so important! But OH GOD I can't let my kid go to an Africanized school. I'll gladly take a two hour commute so I don't have to live in a place I feel unsafe!"

"Minorities" eat up functioning cities and shit out little Africas. Then they move on to the next city.

And sadly, the left won't learn any kind of lesson from it. These cities remain incredibly leftist even as they slowly decline into shit. They will come up with INSANE sounding excuses too. Racism, declining industry, underfunded schools, racism, etc. Literally anything so it's someone else's fault

For many years, leftist couples have moved from the expensive centre of Paris to the heavily-migrant populated district, and now that they have children they have found the “mixed” schools in the areas to be substandard.

What exactly did you not understand in the article?
The whites affected, living in poor neighborhoods among the invader hordes are poor, the poorest of the white people driven out of their traditional living quarters because rich kikes and arabs buy all the properties hiking up the rent.
They are not “leftist who choose to do this because they like nigger”, as (((Kikebart))) tries to suggest.
It is not “their action” but that of limousine-liberals, socialist who all, without exception, live in the better upscale, white neighbor hoods. Of course the children of the “liberal left” nomenklatura does send their children to exclusive elite schools, went to exclusive universities, from were they get immediately plush government and state industry jobs.

It’s your fault not being able to acquire enough funds, millions, to buy you out of this kike made quagmire.

Your such an ignorant retard.

Of course they will and it will not be discussed who is responsible for the violence and low standard of education.

Nobody will leave, because they are poor. Being poor is the reason for them being in that shit hole.

In that quartiers there are no Hollywood limousine liberal drama queens.
It is too dangerous, not even the police dares to enter without massive backup.

Fingers crossed for work of fiction.

GLR used to tell this story.

Fuck that's funny.

Don't most Lefties live in white neighborhoods?

Leftists, everyone.


Yes. Lefties usually lean left because they like the sound of it all. They like the idea of diversity as they won't have to deal with it. Champagne socialists is a term for a reason.

Pretty sure theres a term that wont come up in a google search easily, comparable to schwarz in Germany, but black in French is Noir.

Oh and this is nothing, just wait until the black kids tell ISIS who the children of the police chiefs and mayor and politicians are in those schools, so they can go and kidnap, torture them to death like they did in South Africa.

Nigger is just a corruption of the spanish word negro. Simply means black.

Don't forget Climate Change, earthquakes, drought. Totally not their fault goyim.

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Russia hackers seems to be a go-to umbrella response for years to come at least. I cant remember what I saved it under but one of those shitty fire hazard anarchist clubs burned down in California and they blamed it on Russian hackers.

Im sure more immigration will fix that! Don't stop France, you can be the next America! Everyone wants to be just like America! ;^)

Sounds like those reds will be getting red pilled.

"Russian hackers are making minorities poor! Stop hacking the minorities!"


There is only one solution, France needs to import more “talent and foreign experts”.

I got the feeling from the OP that some leftyparents moved to the shithole parts of town to be closer to muh diversité.

Paris is heavily NIMBYed. They won't allow new construction or higher/denser buildings. The population keeps growing but the housing supply doesn't. Middle class people get kicked out of the city and have to go live in the cheaper diverse areas. You can guess who is profiting from this.

Why is "diverse" in quotes?

Because everybody knows that diversity is just a codeword for shithole.

more votes for le pen



Rural people would have no nepotistic connections. They would be fucked over so hard.

How is it danger when proportion of serfs and knightly class was even higher in Europe all the time?

Because, you disgusting newfaggot, european serfs and squires weren't niggers.

No, that was Christianity.


Been smart makes oppressed class even more dangerous.

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Yeah, but they'll sacrifice other children to their cause.


So move out of Paris

Kikebart wrote about an article in the communist Liberation, were the author explains that because of gentrification, they could no longer afford the rent in traditional living quarters in Paris, had to move to the suburbs.

Don’t believe a single lefty is that stupid to move from the core of Paris into the banlieue because of diversity. It is dangerous and long train ride from work and the attractions of the city. There is not even decent traditional French live style in the quarter with bar or cafe because muslim.

All white people there, french and European immigrants live there because they can not afford more expensive living quarter; and Paris is very, very expensive, New York level expensive. But the wages are not on New York level for most ordinary worker. Normal people can not make savings, to grow out of that mess, because of the high cost of living and taxes. They can’t move either because France is centralized and the best jobs are in and around Paris. Most people in the banlieue don’t have highly sought professions and good education anyway.

The banlieue is were the welfare housings were build. Initially it were the place were the deported Parisians after the bulldozing and renovation of core Paris in 19th Century landed. After the second world war and end of colonialism masses of imported arabs and nigger were dumped in the welfare blocks there beginning in the 1970’s or so. With the new inhabitants new customs took over, like ritualized gang rape. The situation is now out of control in many places, euphemistically called “sensitive place” on government maps.

The original article scolds parent who don’t want to sacrifice their children on the altar of diversity and send them somewhere else to school. An option not everyone has, is costly, affords some cheating because pupils are assigned to schools in their living quarter. So the parent resort to falsely registering their children in other quarters under the address of relatives, friends. Something, BTW, that is happening now in Germany too.

Of course if you are rich, you can send your children in private schools. Only the rich don’t live in the banlieue and were they live even the public schools are decent, who are BTW all paid by the French central state everywhere.

Maybe the serfs just werent' as poorly treated as (((historians))) claim. Maybe it was just a more strict form of the hierarchy that was seen all over Europe.

Even the average leftist isn't stupid enough to deliberately send his kids to a school full of niggers. These parents must be some sort of new, even more degenerate Left.

I really want to know how battle-ready french men are. The ones in Paris might well be lost or outnumbered by niggers and faggots, those on the country however might capable of saving France.

Or they were smart enough to not chimp out and grab everything they wanted just because they could take it.


Being a descendent of the French Settlers and taking a keen interest in the Huguenots and movements prior to them, I felt a tad offended at first, until I realised you're absolutely fucking right. Those fucking frogs are the reason my forefathers fled and their uppity attitudes equate them to the swedes. Paris is a shithole.

Thanks for the Frog on the spot reporting. Very informative.

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