Antifa possible manslaughter

Bandana clad commie arrested at Mike Cernovich's "Night for Freedom" event. Possible manslaughter at the 6:09 mark

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Is that your video?

If it was he'd be retarded to own it here.

Nah, not mine. Found it on twitter

I hope we never have to start killing leftists. Killing is bad and people shouldn't be killed for their ideals. A civil war would be terrible and I would hate to be forced into a self defense situation in which I kill a leftist traitor.

user destroying the left is an honor & privilege. You can't kill what's already dead…

To generate state revenue, the game commision should sell a 1000 dollar stamp for a hunting license to allow the extermination of this animal. I see zero issues with this.

And police protect these faggots from getting their heads smashed in and instead of usually arresting the agitators and beating their heads in for us they usually do it to those dealing with this gutter trash.

It would make for a pretty good book, right guys? I mean Hunter was alright.

You can do it for free. Just make there be no penalty for it.

This. The reason why these fags are allowed to walk the streets at all are the cops keeping us from getting at them.

These two angry little fellers sure didn't seem to like that camera, came all the way over to put their angry faces into it and everything. Wonder who they are and what they're so angry about?

in a hypothetical self defense situation

Got a name? Police report? Hospital report? Statement from a friend or family?

I can't wait until the whole MSM, Congress, Attorney General, all come out to call this terrorism no, it won't even make local news I bet.

I second these states, and commit them to public record.


so who died and how?


An old man died. He was sucker punched and his head fell on a concrete curb and he died.

Funny how they're charging him with manslaughter when they are charging James Fields with murder, even though there is so much evidence that backs up it being either accidental or self-defense.

When I was young and read about the revolution in China and the Nazi Party taking over Germany, it always baffled me as to how blood relatives could turn each other in over political beliefs. This past 5 years has answered that question for me. My own sister is a marxist, radical feminist who has forced my nephews to be fag and has driven one gay through her insane ramblings and coaching. Those boys are undernourished and small for their size. I would gladly tie and pull the rope that hangs her from a lamp-post.


Vega.n not fag lol

i think i should have antifa patches handy to slap on my coat in the event i ever have to defend myself
This was recorded before the event. If there was a way to get videos off of perishit without just screen recording it and all that I'd try it. All this shit over a thernovich thing that apparently didn't even allow MAGA hats on-premises. Note how the police do nothing but stand there while the pantyfa screech, but shut down the counter "LOCK THEM UP" chants immediately.


Anyone associated with Mike Cernovich deserves to be killed

Let it be a redpill to them, capitulating won't save you. If you give them an inch, they take a mile.

They literally think Cernovich is fascist, might as well go full fash.

use streamlink

it's the youtube-dl of livestreams, it supports all kinds of sites and formats like youtube-dl does. you can use it in place of youtube-dl also for kiketube livestreams and regular videos, and regular videos on other sites, but it's really meant for livestreams, not static videos.

if youtube-dl doesn't work on a static site (youtube-dl works on other site's besides youtube,, try streamlink on it.

Antifa have the protection, and assistance, of the State. From police funneling UTR people into antifa at C-ville, to antifa/bamn coincidentally getting LEO-only flash grenades and using them I don't remember the exact event this was though.





Good, it was filmed by a heeb.

what do they mean by this.

Same difference.
Polite sage for offtopic.

nothing of value was lost

The answer to 1984 is 1488

E-celeb cancer PJW cucks out out Jewing the Jew controlled “AltRight” and “Far Right.” Thernobitch and Posobiec also cried about ebil naht-zees at their stupid Jew party.

Checked. Traitors are the first to go on DOTR. Thernobitch is a white nigger. Literally flashed pics of $16,000 cash he brought for the hotel sec. deposit at his Jew party.

Funny, doesn't the TRS use that term?


Got what exactly? They all lack their dicks, brains and their testosterone.

Well user if they said this on the spot, it's ofc do not necessary stick. They will figure this later you know

Oh and muscle mass to boot. Every antifa faggot has this borderline gay body language too.

Kike Cernobitch is pretty clever. To promote himself he mentions something that happened at his event instead of outright shilling. Mike I know you're reading this faggot.

Sorry I ruined your cucked kosher party.

Crisis actors don't like having their faces filmed. It limits their future employment possibilities, the agency might want them to play an "alt-right" next time, and that's difficult when they've been filmed in "Antifa" regalia.


This man gets it.
The entire thing was likely staged, with police and govt cooperation. By showing that Antifa are "after" him and that people are being "killed" at his events, it raises his credibility as a genuine threat to the left, the "real thing", (((/ourguy/))).
To the woke it is transparent.


Cool can we kill commies yet? I mean come on, this guy just murdered someone, and not even an arrest?

There is no justice in America. This is NYC so the antifascist will probably get off in 2 or 3 years on probation with community service.

I'm just waiting for it to all fall apart.

If it's anything like Cantwell, they just get a ton of dropped charges and a paid bail instead.

If you don't control them, then they will control you. Those people don't deserve your altruism and mercy.

Law enforcement isn't your friend. The reason why liberals take issue with them is because they unable to choose the sentence of right-wingers. Seems like an exaggeration, but they're pissed because the law serves as a double edged sword; whatever they do to others is what will be done to them. Since they're manipulative narcissists, they can't handle balance or karma.

>using (((discord)))

This is GLP-tier.

A small amount of "news" on this, from the one call-in on today's sunday Alex Jones show it's called "gathering info from sources" before you screech over not using some other ececleb source"faggots, the big theory is Bradley Manning is behind the location being revealed to the public and pantyfa showing up to attack.

Damn how old is that?
Those posters are from a long time ago

That screenshot doesn't show his username

==An antifa hit an old man and his head hit the curb and when he was taken to the hospital the guy who called 911 said he was in cardiac arrest (explains the cops saying possible manslaughter) but the hospital confirmed later that the man is Ok.
The antifa who did this got ass fucked with charges==

fucked up red text


Except we aren't talking about "everything", we are talking about a tiny group of paid shills known as e-celebs, whose incomes rely on audience manipulation and government agents (often the same people) whose work is based on lies.
Yes, the Spencer "attack", the Baked Alaska "blinding", the Lauren Southern "piss splash", and now this "possible, maybe, perhaps manslaughter", it's staged bullshit, but kids raised to believe everything they see on a kike-owned screen will lap it up as usual.