Trump endorses Woman's March?

What did he mean by this?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Women are retarded and he's talking down to them like all gentlemen are trained to do.

Well that'll piss them off.

This is what grandmaster level shitposting looks like.

Should've mentioned something about the roasties needing some exercise

That it is telling when a woman would rather be out making a scene and has the time to do so rather than working, they have succeeded. So go out there darling, protest your success.

This guy is just awesome.

The amount of introspection that the average woman can handle is around the same level as a Jack Russell Terrier.
Hats off to the madman though, salt stocks are sure to fall with this newly discovered mine.




I can never get enough.

There's a thread about reddit on the catalog and I'm supposed to believe the meme isn't accurate kek.

What an absolute fucking shitlord.



Really moshe? That's the play?

Try again

And a nigger. Filter and move on folks this one lost his handler.

nupol everyone

I won't stop until your ((("epic maymay"))) is extinguished, turbonigger.

Uh oh, it's going to have a tantrum.

1488D chess of course

I have no need to spam. The weak willed reddit cuck I was arguing with already showed he has no thick skin which makes him an outsider. Nupol is real.

Now I gotta clean my monitor…

Daily reminder to report butthurt female kikes such as 97edef and ba5b5c. But not before pointing and laughing

Daily reminder Holla Forums is essentially 4/pol/ 2.0 at this point. All newfags and normies need to kill themselves immediately.

wow, that… that meme is fucking awful.

Not an easy task when the comprise most of the board.

Kinda takes the wind outta their "FFUCK DRUMBLPF" sails.

I know. This board is kill

I dunno, I have borderline personality disorder and one of the few dudes to have it. sucks that trannies can own guns but I can't.

Remember the Family Guy Ivanka graphic? Whoever's making those is way off the mark on what entertains Holla Forums.

My only regret is that neither the history nor literature boards ever got popular. I would've spent much more time there than here.

It shows because what you replied has nothing to do with what I said. Maybe you're answering yourself.

israel is based and so is feminism!


Wrong. It's fucking magic. We either need better quality shills or newfaggots need to fucking listen to advice and FUCKING LURK because I cant fucking tell the difference at this point.


Totally organic and real conversation

Okay, that has to be satire.

SHARIAblue must be stopped. The entire board must be filled with natural and organic pro-Trump conversation.

I just don't know anymore.


Your meme sucks.

exactly, right now it's filled with anti-Trump libtard shills. we need to fill it with pro-Trump natural Americans!

fucking shills.

Imagine being a member of a conniving race that for some reason everyone always ends up hating. Wonder where they'll have to run after pulling their shit on the entire globe.

Trump supports Israel and so should we. We need it to contain the jews.

You seriously need to step up your maymaying, l2code.


remember also how shit of a people they must be that they push out hate speech laws because people hate them so much
GOT TO BE PRETTY EVIL VIAL SHIT OF A CREATURE FOR SUCH THINGS seriously Holla Forums is not the only peoples who Know what going on and what has been going on in all recorded history of this planet

Looks like classic bait.

Yes user. The quality of the threads and posts on 8/pol/ are excellent. Ask any newfag and T_D poster and they will certainly agree

Fuckin KYS faggot. No one likes you, anywhere.

fuck off that's how we redpill normies

All talk of jews = instant ban. Literally anything. You’re a fucking retard.

Trump supports Israel and so should we. They are redpilled and pro-America unlike you shariablue shills.



Seriously, KYS

This is why you should immediately KYS


One wonders if they will fail this hard at suicide.


Why? Mods will take my side, unlike you anti-American shitposters.
If we don't allow israel to exist jews will keep being subversive.

Read the protocols - they function by being rootless diasporam, give them a place to go and they'll contain themselves.

Trump is also right about them needing to pay their way. They don't even have nukes ffs

In that order. Reported.

Why havent you killed yourself yet? Chop chop, you gigantic faggot


They function by continuing to breathe.

Theres no escaping them user.


Reported. The holocaust did not happen, but it will.

The holocaust didn't happen because it wasn't realistic. Hitler knew this.

Fucking anti-American LARP. Lurk for two years!!


Reported. The holocaust did not happen, but it will.

Cock-sucker said it was reddit. There was no implication.

keep repeating yourself. mods will take my side, shareblue.

stop pretending you belong here. this is a pro-Trump pro-MAGA board.


I denounce jews, I don't denounce Israel. Neither does MY President!


Global report. Prove you are not a paid shill by typing the following phrase: There are no good jews.

shitty meme, isn't even trump or kek related. loser!

Incoming gas.

lol i dont think so. if kushner is so bad why'd the man himself let his daughter marry him?

reported for being anti-Trump.

lol ebin, i don't have any lice, hanz

Global report. You have proven you are paid to post here.

So are you, SHARIAblue

It's learningkike.

Global report. You have proven you are paid to post here. You have violated US federal law.


I agree.

TLDR; Indeed it does. If you want her to physically stay in the kitchen making sandwiches and keep her mentally occupied wondering what lingerie she should wear while delivering said sandwich, tell her to get outside and enjoy herself.

If your woman ever asks you for advice she is doing it to hear herself speak, don't bust a nut trying to actually help her.

Young anons take heed, your woman doesn't want you to be too happy, older men will know what I mean, so make sure you laugh loudly at least a couple of times a day and don't explain why, she most likely wouldn't appreciate the humour anyway.

case in point: there is a clip of a dude punching an attractive white female ropehead (antifa, I think) right between the fucking eyes, a fantastic punch. Now, the dude really shouldn't have thrown it but the more I see of these liberal skanks the more I find less reason to condemn a man punching a female.


We're going to read about his suicide when he hears the memo contains pics of the kang nigger sucking on michaels cock along with the kenyan birf certificate.



You'll never pass as a Holla Forumsack no matter how hard you try, my good buttflustered man

If you understand what the women's rights movement has done to transfer of wealth from men to women [who are more likely to spent frivolously on consumer goods, more likely to support the state, more likely to support foreign intervention in pursuit of nebulous and ill-defined "ideals"] you would understand perfectly well why Trump supports it.

fuck off shariablue, reported.


It's not about being a shill. It's about disenfranchising people who don't further your goals.

reported for spam, SHARIAblue anti-american L O S E R



Stop engaging with the self-admitted paid shill. Report all posts.



Trump doesn't care if it is "against him". He cares about the dynamic it creates in society.

Helen Keller would be able to see your nose Chaim

wtf im a HILL SHILL now

Wow tough luck





Once again that kike projection rears its hook nosed face.

ebin, fuck off anti-trump anti-american LOSER

Don't get mad at me for your own ineptitude and failure to blend in with the local fauna, Shareblue. You'll never improve as a person if you always blame others for your own shortcomings

Stop that.

sorry just wanted to help you BTFO shariablue. you do it by repeating the same thing until they stop responding

Thanks fam but if you repeat something somebody else said then Shariablue will just go "hurr ur samefagging".

This isn't funny anymore!

Dubs confirm BillieJoefaggot reeeeeeeeeeeing as hard as these kike shill ITT.


Shabbat's over already?



Is this guy (and by extension GD) even relevant anymore?

This is the presidential equivalent of your mom getting into Pokemon cards. He made their march instantly uncool.

That's it, really. It's a subtle shitpost. I had to take some time to figure it out too. It's pretty sneaky.

Probably a Holla Forumstard's burner