Gaslighting Techniques

Looking for some simple methods of gaslighting to destabilize Leftists on campus. Postering efforts have been successful as always in mining salt, but what other ways can people covertly gaslight en masse without expending too much manpower or funding?

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Leaflets, not associating with non-white groups, being heterosexual, dressing well, bathing everyday, wearing European, American and Australian brand clothing, getting a degree in STEM, avoiding controversy, not trusting non-Whites, identification of those whom might target you before it occurs, not engaging in small talk with jokesters.

Most importantly, if you have an Android phone, get rid of it. Google is notorious with leaking conversations to local Jews for people attending college. Stay safe.

Say bye bye to imageboards then

You’re catching on.

To schlomo, last chance to give up the book. How about you pay up already.

Not sure if that is a wise idea. Handing them out obviously exposes oneself, and leaving them in piles doesn't usually garner attention usually. Is there another method of distribution?


That would require giving the faggot leftist jews in apple money. Or even worse, going to a flip phone.

You don’t want to know the story, but trust me on this. Apple is far more secure if you practice proper posed with your WiFi, Bluetooth, and run a good VPN.

By default Android is compromised through Google Voice. Unless you’re jail broken and running a custom ROM of Android, it’s compromised by default.

Not posed, opsec

Just leave a note that says 'Nigger' in a prominent place. You can call it an art project if you get caught. Just make sure you're enrolled in some bullshit art class first.

I'd think of something, but give me time.

for example, tell them the reason they support open borders is because their "male allies" can't fight and its a natural urge for women to be masochists.

the best way to fuck up Google voice (which I rarely use) is specifically ask it contradictory questions or make statements. the AI gets confused and locks up.

I remember people were putting little notes and things into random library books that would be discovered years later by people. That particular idea is a little too long of a burn time to work, but still was interesting. Maybe nigger crime statistics could be more defensible than simply giving the Leftists ammo to preach on.

That sounds good for conversations.

find a real shithole of a leftist and pretend to be interested in their shit. And when you have them distracted stuff gnatzi pamphlets in their bag so that they will start falling out when they start walking.

also, the whole point of gaslighting is to make them go insane and destroy themselves.

heres something you could do. Buy a bunch of bandanas or colored fabric. Place curious looking pieces, maybe 2-3 colors of cloth.. each time tied in a different way, in various spots where leftists frequently walk. Change where are, make it seem like a pattern but a different spot every time. Once people are wondering 'what the fucks with the colored bandanas' start a rumor that it is a secret way that the nazis communicate with each other the way that the knots are tied and the colors of the fabric are a form of encryption and nazis use them to signal that they have doxed another leftist and the knots and colors can be read by a nazi so they all know the dox when they see it.

Put up posters blasting one group that has the logo of another group that you will join. Get them to eat each other. If you are seen it helps sell it if you are known.

Do this at your own risk. It will work but you may only be able to do it once.

Botnet wise android with google shit is worse than apple. Root your phone, and if you cant do that because your phone isnt supported get disable any google apps and switch to alternative ones.

remind them they are on the wrong side of history.

and call them all the words… racist, nazi, misogynist, homophobe.. combine them with communist

racist communist

nazi communist

… doesn't matter if it's not true or does not make sense to you. they will chimp out when they hear their triggering words.

the less sense it makes to you, the better

but if you want something "safe", fill the campus with Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard quotes. If cucks cry about it, call them antisemites.

>b-b-but I can't live without my smartphone to do all my thinking for me
So pathetic.

if you are this new you shouldn't be here
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What is wrong with this picture?

Do the chinese have their own OS yet? android is cancer
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Pay someone else to distribute them.

I’m not blue. I am White.

My car is not blue either.

I wouldn't wish this even on the jews and neither would you if you actually experienced it.
Being unable to trust your own mind is hell user, and never goes away.

you will be the first to be shot you fucking cuck

I'm starting to sense a pattern.

The lefties real weakness is their tendencies to attack their own.

Sow paranoia in their ranks. Leave a note or email (use proper opsec you faggot) that vaguely warns of a mole in their ranks or efforts to try to infiltrate.

Research the different subgroups of lefties that hate each other. For instance: TERFs are radical feminists that exclude trans women Trans Exclusionary something Feminist. Pit them against LGBTQAA2BBQWTF Groups report them as a hate group.
Get the Maoists to hate on the anarchists etc. Work from the shadows and be a social commando blowing the bridges of social cohesion.

Good luck user

Get some simple electronic thing that looks like something sinister like a raw exposed nickle sized chip with a red light place under their car but kinda obvious they will freakout thinking it is some tracking devise.

Tell them to "beware of white cars" … They will begin to see this common ass color everywhere.

is this gaslighting?

Why would you compare yourself to a Jew, user? They are roaches, their feelings do not matter.

Your best approach is to simply state that they're out of touch.

Most media outlets, including the social variety, have cultivated the image of the left as being cool and in sync with the pulse of the nation, whatever nation it is that they're part of. Throw them for a loop by pointing out otherwise, which puts them on the defense game because now you're the one leveling accusations.

Gaslighting is to convince someone that their experience isn't real, that it's all in their head. It requires some kind of trust. In the political sense it's like when your professor tells you that the gender binary is a social construct, and because you're still a normie who trusts people like that, you think your experiences to the contrary must be wrong.

It doesn't really apply if you're telling the truth, or just spreading disinfo.

What is called art post WWII and the rhetoric around that is a canonical example of social gaslighting.

Example: Identify local, leftist activists. Pick one and make fake social media accounts in their name. Use those social media accounts to harass and harangue right leaning identities. Whip up online actions to target aforementioned activist with threats, accusations and release addresses and workplaces. I'm pretty sure this would be enough to send some people insane and send a warning to others who consider joining lefty activist groups.

Reminder that everyone with half a brain knows exactly who you are, that you stand out among everyone else and its obvious youre trying to control everyone else through hijacking narratives and trying to position yourself as a leader. You have stated you defend the alt-right, identitarians etc, and this is how you do it.

Report this guy for reporting Holla Forumsacks who dont follow the Jewish agenda. If you think:

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Im sure everyone should have seen the guy who comes into Spencer threads and Enoch threads etc telling Holla Forumsacks to "change your vector of attack, this ones stale" calling them david brock and share blue etc.
Pic related shows him saying he is alt-right.

search for "psyop pdf"
The info isn't exactly hidden, it's just that very few put in the effort to find it.


You have to think like a Jew and be willing to sacrifice yourself for the tribe.
1) Form and lead left wing group yourself.
2) Slowly push them further and further over the edge into violent acts.
3) Miraculously escape when the ZOG comes to crush you.
4) Push normies further right with your despicable acts.

Mossad / KGB tier work.

That was one of my ideas too, especially against the professors that indoctrinate their students. If they come to believe that one of their close-knit students is actually a mole, they'll either attack their own or withhold their full indoctrination tactics - either is useful. Thanks.

Inflicting someone with gang stalking paranoia basically? I think that might be illegal tampering with the car-plant. I personally don't think that is either scalable or useful for political efforts, though I'm sure that can be effective gaslighting on a vulnerable mind.

Interesting, so perhaps what I'd be looking for isn't gaslighting really but just effective means of getting the Leftists to devour themselves. I don't know what you'd call that then.

Excellent, thank you for that!