Google must be stopped

Ok I'm livid.
Im chatting up this nice girl who has been brainwashed against having children by the cultural Marxist Jews. I am making some Headway when I search beautiful white mothers on an image search on Google and was horrified by what I found.

This propaganda has gone too far all I wanted to do was find some beautiful women holding a baby in a wheat field or something pure but I get nigglet mongrels

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Google american inventors & lurk more

Because your search was stupid and redundant. "Beautiful Mothers" assumes whiteness, so by adding "white" the AI thinks you are looking for something where the whiteness is peculiar.
Use a different search engine.

Jewgle is evil. There is no question about it.

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I'll give it a bump.

Fuck (((Google))) and their shit algorithms.


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Requesting Arian mothers propaganda

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If a noob unredpilled guy shows his shock at google and you lot just attack him he will not see you as brothers.

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Now that I got that off my chest you should listen to this user . If you search "mother" or "family" mostly white families will propagate. If you specifically enter "white" or "american" anywhere in the search then you will see fuckery.

This could be for two reasons:
1) Google is run by kikes
2) White is always implied and by specifying white in the search term you will only find pictures with keywords from sources that are talking about or kvetching about race. For example:
>African American Family
>White mother and black father

Pics related you insufferable cunt.

Have you considered these might be the tags used for the pictures?
Websites like shitrest get hits by placing almost every possible tag they can into an image and pray jewgle images picks it up. It's like in the older days of Youtube where people put tags in the descriptions and it was a real shit show.
We've had these threads millions of times over the past year. White couple, American inventor, you dumb niggers are either trying to bog down new discussions with this old shit or you're too stupid to post here.

For the future, QTDDTOD is better for this kind of thing than making a new thread. You can find it in the catalog.

Based Yandex

Take out "white," and use Yandex.

it's probably a mix of both, but this is likely. jewgle can only do so much when the image content is always changing, image analysis only goes so far and it's not good enough to know what an image actually is in the wild without some framework surrounding it.

it's basing what the image is on the images file name, the content on the page, and heavily on the meta tags surrounding the image that are supposed to be there for SEO, which describe the image. If you type in "white" without google having to fuck with anything, it's going to pull up images with that in the meta tag, and it's going to be heavily biased on pages that already are kvetching about race.

They say they're anti-racist, but what they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

it's probably also taking the site's internal rank into account when it displays the images, and we all know they're going to rank race mixing and general leftist garbage site's highly. the image data has to be there in the first place though.

This is interesting. You put in 'white mother' or 'beautiful white family' and you get a bunch of race mixing propaganda. But you put in beautiful family, and you get a bunch of whites. If you include the descriptor 'white', (((they))) try to demoralize you. By not including shitskins with the plain old 'beautiful' descriptor they can go, 'Oy vey, look at this stunning display of racism!'.

not a valid argument when google censors the algo when it interprets black people as gorillas or promotes "bad" sources. once you've admitted to tweaking your algorithm to give social results, then it becomes a political choice to NOT tweak your algorithm in situations where the output is obviously not correct by human standards
friendly reminder google spends hundreds of millions of dollars to fight SEO tricks; yet the medievalpoc tumblr, which is propaganda about medieval europe being full of blacks, somehow remains proeminently featured

didn't notice this in pic related before, same picture


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Stop being such a salty little assblasted bitch and refer to this user's advice for next time:
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google "beautiful white families", and see what you get.
they take the "american" to mean "african american".