Niggers in South Africa are using jammers so white farmers can't call the police

This is 100% proof these attacks are government-orchestrated. How else would these niggers get military equipment from?

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Already a thread kike.


What are White South African's response? I never hear of them killing attackers, they're always slaughtered.

WTF is wrong with you?

I hate the honey pot shill.

Why would you want the police to show up then?

Pretty sure it's kikes who are blaming it on the niggers

there ought to be a way to convince them that the machines have demons in them which will make their penis fall off or something.

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They shoot back. The guy in this video sleeps with his hand on a pistol. His girlfriend, who sleeps in a different room, heard the intruders first and opened fire.

South African military is corrupt to the bone.

I'm not a nigger, what is your excuse?

How do you build one of these things? Disrupting cell-service would be a ton of fun at some of these left-wing rallies.

Bing bong.

They need better and more cameras, motion sensing that sets off once detecting intruders coming towards the house before they get there, landscaping the property to slow down invaders, same for hardening and rearranging the home. Me? I'd wouldn't be just interested in thwarting them, I want to set a trap to be able to kill them, and have this happen the majority if not all of every time the niggers try to attack Whites.

I wouldn‘t call it corruption if a nigger helps another nigger kill white people

Obviously they are being (((trained))) they couldn't have come up with this themselves.

You can buy those on the interwebs for $10k or so. Not that is matters,because of COURSE the government backs white genocide. Have you missed the last 100 years in Africa?

You should be aware of how hellaciously illegal they are, user. We're talking 30 years in pound-you-in-the-ass Federal lockup not-fucking-around. The government takes them extremely seriously, for what I suppose are obvious reasons.

I knew a guy who would fuck around with a homemade one occasionally. We'd sit in a local mall, hit the power, and watch the mass confusion as every ongoing phonecall within line of sight dropped.

Should we import the boers since we're exporting the basketball americans back to Afrika? Seems like a shame to burn such a beautiful continent down though.

This comes up a lot on Holla Forums. I, like most white burgers on here would love to have white boers take refuge in our country. The ones on Holla Forums usually say they don;t want to leave their homeland (the logic and practicality of that is an optional discussion), or that it's very difficult to move out of SA. The only way I could think of making it easier would be to set up a pipeline similar to how leftists and churches import shitskins; set up NGO's and lobbying groups exclusively for the advocacy of Boer peoples, raise funds for boer immigrants to get jobs and housing once in America, arrange transportation, pay for lawyers for their overstayed (oops!) visas, ect. We don;t have the resources of the shitskin lobby, and it would be quite costly, but most things in life that are worth having are costly. Plus we would have to deal with the metric shitton of leftist and kike screeching about how boers don;t deserve any attention, das wayciss, blah blah blah.

Cats really are fucking worthless.

If the government is behind this, why don't they just not dispatch police even if the call comes in?

So how does one counteract an attack like that out of curiousity? 4 antennas would lead me to believe it would lead me to believe it blocks 4(?) ranges of frequencies(?)

Probably because the police isnt in on this scheme. Only the mercs and high level gov guys know about it so nothing leaks.

They couldn't invent a fucking wheel by themselves.


so bug government buildings and individuals and find out everything.

Buy a microwave oven, remove door, block/short-circuit door limit switches, point open end towards enemy, turn it on.

Nah someone just needs to set up an American to South African dating app that will be a thinly veiled green card marriage system. Plenty of fucking Holla Forums losers are available for that purpose. Most of us are never getting married anyway.

What's the cat going to do? Its not a fucking lion, it doesn't want to get shot by Babooniggerdoo jones.

Given that they're not married, degenerate, that's for the best. Hell, they probably shouldn't be living together, but I'm personally a fan of apartment sharing for a week or so at a time so that you can begin to understand how you and your girlfriend play off each other in a domestic setting before you get engaged.

There's a crazy guy that rides the chicago red line and uses a cell phone jammer bc he thinks noone should be on their cell phones. He's been doing it on and off for years. Thing is- he's mentally ill, so he gets away with it.

Honestly I think we are much better off helping them to get the fake African citizenships to live somewhere safe. There is a lot of white Africans and expats in Africa so find the new homes and jobs shouldn't be hard for the white refugees.

He is right in some ways.

It can be both ways.

I think this is in a gated community not a farm. They don't need cameras or necessarily defenses (they were unarmed until they stole a knife from the kitchen.) Just alarms or maybe a dog. If she hadn't woken up they'd be dead. They probably want to avoid killing the intruders because then they might get charged with murder or some shit (that's probably what the cameras are for. Proving self defense was necessary.)


ehh white people there are just getting tested like blacks out here in america did with crack/drugs/gang-culture in the 80s. they're trying to find out who the real motherfuckers are in a time of need and crisis.

a crazy guy? there's a bunch of us, pal.

I am not going to walk around with a microwave at the next protest

no one suggested any faggot shit, homos are the biggest drain on the white race. start injecting testosterone and fuck a woman like a man queer, you have a choice not to be a useless degenerate

I don't believe you understand what's being discussed. suggested getting South Africans through the immigration system through a green card scam. That means sham marriages with foreigners. Because when a foreigner marries a citizen, they become a citizen. Since Holla Forums is overwhelmingly male, this would require a lot of gay marriages. With Africans. To abuse the immigration system. I was commenting on the irony of this situation.


Pretty underwhelming. It might fry nearby phones (and the people carrying them.) But it won't jam them because microwaves are a different frequency than cell phone radios. I think.

yes i understand, gay marriage is not a real marriage and no one would ever even consider such a faggoty thing. you are obviously a faggot

no one said gay anything except you, faggot

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No reason not to go gay - that would actually be less risky for the American, as divorce courts are not going to treat gay marriages as unfairly as heteros. It is not like you will be fucking them either way.

Just create the fake citizenship because Africans wouldn't tell the difference between real and fake passports.

So what fucking good IS it in the home?
And why the fuck don't you have dogs instead if you live in an area prone to invasive niggerdom?

As you say, what the fuck is a cat going to do, let alone three of them?

Nice to see that the Zulu "empire" still hasn't evolved past a cattle-based society. Putting a fucking side in the ground and having some patience isn't that hard. Why can't niggers into farming? Their history is just a long series of chimpouts until some Dutch guy finds a diamond and Europe moves in.

Wouldn't calling the police in sa just be calling in nigger reinforcements for the murder mob?

but boer women are hot as fuck.

Fuking joj. The amount of radiation those things put out is extremely fucking not good for you.

What good is your dog other than leaving unburied shit everywhere?

Has anyone identified the model of the jammer? Is it of foreign production?

Why don't white people just get out of South Africa? We don't belong there and the Dutch colonizing that shit hole was a huge mistake. I understand how expensive it is to move, but I don't think many of us would be opposed if Donald Trump made a immigration deal for all the white people in south africa to become permanent residents here.

Its easier said than done.

There was at least one example of a white family trying to flee South Africa to Canada and their asylum application got denied because they were white.
The immigration officials told them that their claim was denied because it was based on 'right wing propaganda'.

Because it's their country.

These are EXTREMELY illegal and very easy to detect.
If you're even so much as caught with one you'll be vanned whether or not it works.

So why didn't the family apply for citizenship for the United States? Canada is already a far gone shit hole and I would only imagine that the US would be more welcoming to white refugees.

Because Jan van Riebeeck wanted to colonize there? Fuck that, let the niggers have Africa and their own little shitty country so when they die off from disease MAYBE white people can go colonize it. Besides as a tourist attraction for hunting/wildlife I don't see a reason to live in South Africa.

I think a big part of the problem was they were dirt poor. Just as poor as the niggers who were persecuting them.
You need a decent career lined up, or money in the bank to emigrate to the US legally.

If they were rich they could have afforded the fences and security measures needed to keep themselves safe anyway.

No. Because Boers have lived there for several centuries by now, built the country from the ground up and feel homely there.

That's because you're not a Boer. Boers however feel very differently about it.

That only makes it more enticing to do.

Ever want to see how much of a fucking double standard there is in the media when it comes to a nation that has whites as a minority?
Look up and lefty outlet's response to farm attacks.

He's got that good of an aim in darkness huh?
Wakes you up in time to get your own gun, at least, if he didn't rip the guy apart for you


fuck them like you would fuck a man queer? sounds pretty faggy

Try again. There's a video on Youtube from the Bush War where they interview a white farmer in the sticks. Guy has a pack of Ridgebacks he lets loose on the property at night. He can't release them during the day because they are so well trained to go after darkies he says they would rip the nog farm workers to shreds.

Cats are good for keeping pests like mice away form your home. That's it.

This Q&A video where he says you should always shoot to kill and never have a gun merely to intimidate people just gives us a peek at the mentality white south africans have to have to survive.

Confirmed for non-white.

Because dogs suck dick.

Maybe one of them snores.

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Injecting T fucks with your endocrine system, and often leaves you worse off than you started. Just change your diet and lifestyle to optimize for T-production, no injections.

Lets say the US' borders were opened totally and billions of subhumans flooded the country to the point it was only 5% white. Would you just up and leave, saying 'whelp guess there's nothing to be done about it'?

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