Jewtube is flagging random German music as offensive h?v=awrM-F4z3T0

As you can see, anons, Jewtube is now flagging anything even remotely German and military related as offensive. Like this World War 1 music.

Just in case it doesn't work in embed for (((some reason))), here's the direct link.

But more importantly, since we all know Jewtube is fucked already, how can we exploit this?

Simple. This is an automatic, report-based system. So what do we want to report? Which leftist faggot channel should we report-bomb first?

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Kike-free first post.

Also, you're going to have to open that link in a seperate tab for it to show the block.

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what the fuck, since when is youtube bluepilled?

No matter how many fucking times Germany apologizes for the Holocaust and lets refugees outbreed indigenous Germans, it's still offensive for some retarded reason. Unbelievable.

Reported for not even trying.

German is the best version.

We should pick a closely related form of music then start mass flagging videos to mess up their machine-learning algorithm.

There is nothing more disgusting to me than the kikes and leftyshits trying to destroy and obscure history. If we don't kill them all, and soon, who knows how much history will be buried. Normie whites who still think this is all some kind of joke and that all that needs to happen is that we should just convince everyone to vote republican deserve the rope too.

As an EECS grad, I agree with this. Machine learning algorithms sound complicated and esoteric, and they can be highly accurate at tasks they are given (such as determining whether or not a given video expresses "approved" ideas), but they're highly vulnerable to malicious tampering with the data they're using to learn.

It's probable that youtube is using user flagging data for offensive content to train their machine learning algorithm. In other words, they feed videos flagged as offensive into the algorithm to extract data points so it will be able to flag such videos automatically in the future. Given the mass quantities of data required to train a machine learning algorithm, I highly doubt this input data is manually screened to any large extent. If we flagged a lot of bluepilled videos as offensive, it would mess up the algorithm.

The only issue is automated filtering of "good" and "bad" reports. Google might not be able to manually filter the reported videos, but they could do automated filtering by ignoring reports made with in the referrer field (or with an empty referrer field, as most normalfaggots don't disable sending referrer data), or a large number of reports from the same IP address. They could also add a cookie to your browser for each report, to filter out people making many reports from different IP addresses. They could even ignore reports where the user agent field is less common (such as Firefox on Linux), as chan users are less likely than average to use Windows 10 and Google. Needless to say, they could also filter reports from ungood youtube accounts, if you have one.

So if you're going to screw with the machine learning algorithm, make sure to look up the video through a regular search engine instead of going there directly from Holla Forums, have the referrer field enabled, have your user-agent set to some common value, either don't log into a youtube account or log into a series of fake accounts, and change your IP address frequently through VPNs, proxies, Tor, etc. This way it will be difficult to filter "good" reports from bad reports.

On second thought, don't use Tor. It's easy to identify Tor exit relays, and they could just ignore all reports coming from a Tor IP.

Also, clear all cookies from YouTube after each report. Leave any others intact, as a bunch of reports coming from users with no cookies at all (most people have a bunch from login sessions and the like) would be suspicious.

This is a great idea.
It needs to be coordinated with others.
Maybe Holla Forums or /g/ would be willing to help, and maybe even some of the old 'gamergate' crowd (though obviously not all of them).
But to do this effectively, we need numbers, and leadership.

But user, if you "kill them all" they will bury history even more, thinking that everything they said about you is true. As long as jews are guiders in this world for masses, no matter if you kill them, they will still remain martyrs and teachers for many degenerates.
And no, the conflict won't be jew vs whites, it will be puppet whites vs you. So in any resolve of the conflict the jew will win.

any germanons wanna screencap a bunch of picrelated?


Pretty song :)


Youtube and Twitter and the CIA and the NSA and the FBI all lie all the time about literally everything. Literally nothing is true that they say. When they speak one truth they tell you five lies.


This is only going to get worse. Nobody will stand up for themselves

Here's what is seen in the UK (via brit).

How do I download this video? hooktube can't do it…


youtube-dl https'':''//


They flagged this yet?

They don't like the idea of the Antarctic Jewish Nazi master race either apparently.

this seems to work still

The original name of the song being remixed is "Grun ist unser fallschirm"

Well, not your introduction to it soon after you are born, at the very least.

Basshunter is Swedish.

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& then it hangs…


No, it works for me.
Judging from that guy's subs and the views, the caps must have been taken some time ago.

I couldn't find the second one.
You should post links next time.

horrifuk this is hilarious. They're like a French WBC band

(kiketube embed)

Interestingly, I can't embed hooktube if kiketube has already been embeded. Autism strikes again.


defeatism is not tolerated her weakfag
we can not be disarmed now, face the reality

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Reminder that the latest Call of Duty game was set in WW2