Maine town manager under fire for promoting white separatism, criticizing Religion of Cuck™

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Kike free first post.

Much of Maine and most of NH are really nice places. Good to see this area's got some people speaking their minds.

This. Makes me wish I lived there so I could vote for the guy.

Commies and shitskins sticking their noses into things from a long way away, aren't they?

No surprise whatsoever. - the aryan answer to BLACKED


Checked. I'm in a fairly liberal state, so I don't see to many of these types of folk sadly.

Weirdness of politics abounds in Maine. At one point the KKK was getting 1/3+ of the vote in near every county, ten years later and it has disappeared entirely.
Our senators are usually red but always vote blue.
Our governor is an unintentional shitposter.
We've got the highest percentage of registered independents.

Iswear the trees do something to us. That this guy hasn't been gallowed is just another oddity. Though I guess that's what you get when you mix Protestant French and Ulster Scots.

We're doing what we can here in Maine.

Todays womens march in Augusta

Hardly any different from the consumerist pussy-hat wearing whales. None of those fuckers even look fit.

Ah, 4chan. At least you're funny, little bud.

They must all have very supportive husbands to take care of their children while they march.


Fuck y'all, that's hilarious.

I got a good laugh from it. Bless their hearts.

He is a town manager it is an appointed by the mayor and commission kind of position.

It's not even a real church. I went to one for a humanities class paper. It is a kum by ya type of place where people talk about feel good stuff and hug afterwards and have cookies

Didn't Russia admit it was a farce of the cold war?

Like pottery.

UU is basically progressivism as a religion, but prog is already effectively a religion so it's redundant. In practice it's a social club for cucks posing as a religion for tax purposes.

A lie, everyone is, race is real. While plebs think of racist=evil hateful, so shouldn't do a "I am racist" racist=see races, race exists bit, shouldn't put out a lie unprompted either, as everyone knows "I'm not a racist" is bullshit, so it's a lose lose situation, so say nothing unless asked and then explain "racism."

and supremacist is in the same boat, as anyone who is a race realist isn't thinking they're the same as low IQ shitskins.


And Checked? Yes.
They refuse to mainstream 8ch. It's Afraid.

Kek mit uns. Hail Victory.

I hope that community gets its shit kicked in for the cancer it spreads and condones.

t. former UU

Not far off.

nice guy

Aren't they appropriating Christian culture with this nonsense? I'd like to see them fly a picture of mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker with a rainbow flag behind him.

portland maine not portland oregen dumbass
portland press herald is the biggest newspaper in the state I think

I think there is something about the place making it all preternaturally normal, meaning we have to be independent instead of picking a side, or else we are not normal enough

They're both rags and I hope to besiege Portland in the coming war.

The only correct answer is to say that both the terms rayciss and supremist are anti-white SLURS, and nothing else. I would also refuse to pronounce them like the enemy. Give the scum nothing.

I am glad that the guy in question is pushing the Overton Window and making an attempt at contradicting the enemy narrative. We need more of those, and we need to put a consultant (oldfag user) connected to each one.


I see. Well then I'd be only to happy to let the Mayor know how much I approve of his choice come the next election.

Not even promoting white supremacy or genocide, but for promoting white separatism.

Because the idea of white people LEAVING to form their own communities is such a dangerous idea.

They hate us and want to destroy our whiteness, and at the same time they don't want us to leave and form our own communities

Maine is the purest part of America too.

please dont tear it up to much, it obviously needs a purge but I like the atmosphere there from the brick buildings and whatnot, some historical sites too like the longfellow house

I didnt know this, it dosnt seem like it with all the somali and whatnot

Never could stand over 2 minutes of Murdoch. Shit was absolutely grating on the ears and the aesthetics were shit.

Version of this w/o the shitty thick line?

Kike-on-stick fags btfo

Good luck, Maine.

The only reason that so many of these places have even a token shitskin population is because urban liberals and government agencies import them to show how diverse and accepting they are and because there are only a handful and not wanting brown people around your children makes you literally Hitler the population doesn't really mind at first. It's easy to ignore a bare handful of even niggers from nigger africa when your interaction with them is limited to waiting behind them in line at the gas station on the way out of town or when one of them is taking your order at a fast food place.

Also has the highest percentage of people who think diversity is their greatest strength

Yes, it's a tragic fact. The areas least exposed to diversity are the least opposed to it. It's only once they get diversed they wake up. And then it's too late. Good to see some of their leaders aren't drunk on koolaid though.

No he doesn't.

The problem is people in Maine haven't seen diversity enough to know what shit it would be.

The people backing New Albion are people who have been elsewhere and trying to prevent the shit from coming north.

I'm a Maine boy living inside that thicc-assed red line right now. As if I needed another reason to move back home. Too bad there's no jobs.


"Wow, shockingly racist." -ACLU, 1/5 Stars


unfortunately live in that area. have few friends because of it.

this guy is going to go down as a hero. The reactions are bulletproof redpills.

I started watching Hold back the night every morning when I woke up during my work out.

When it got the show shoahed I started watching out of support. Aesthetics do suck, but they have gotten better over time and so has the content. Plus, perfect recruitment tool. And besides all that - I always get a kekle out of people here hating on shitposting.

Got any screenshots of that? Could use some keks


That's frightening. The white Americans are literally being driven to the extinction by racemixing them out of exist.

Don't call it that. The rainbow is a promise from God that he would never flood the earth again. The next time it'll rain fire. It's a symbol of God that the faggots and their (((company))) have stolen. It's time we start calling them for what they are. Sodomites committing sodomy…

zombie apocalypse

Those arnt inclusive enough to trans and black people you bigot.

This guy is definitely a Holla Forumsack

Unitarian universalist is just explicitly progressivism as a religion. All of the left in the USA follows this religion, even if they don't go to the churches.

Maine seems sort of like a piece of the south in the north (without the niggers).

Well, it's nickname is the South of the North.

We actually have a lot of niggers in southern Maine, African immigrants to be precise. Portland shitlibs import them by the plane-full for the fee-fees. Also to destroy the white race. They actually moved the welfare office across town so it would be closer to the airport for newly arrived muds.

Mostly Somalian and a smattering of Iraqi families. The Somalians are just about reviled entirely, even by their richer kin who spearheaded the movement. I have yet to hear any of the lower class ones speak in complete english, no matter how long they've been here.
Oh right, in the news, first 'Somali' police officer, a woman from Kenya, was arrested recently. Didn't bother looking it up at the time after hearing it over the radio.

Footage of Kirsten Alex Daley, who spoke at the women's march in Augusta Maine, spitting on Kekistani refugees.

The second clip is the result of too much soy.

Wow, never knew that. I just got that feeling.

Hold Back the Night is the shit.

Portland could use you more. Our entire state goes blue because of Portland (thankfully the faggots couldn't decide on a "moderate" liberal or an insane ecoterrorist the last two elections and split the vote, so LePage was able to get in office and at least split the electoral votes by population instead of all-for-nothing and we were able to give 1/4 of them to Trump as a result.) We only have 1.3m people in the whole state, Holla Forums could really make a difference to maintain the demographics.

Also the cold weather helps. Minorities can't tolerate the cold for more than a season.

It's literally "the way life should be." People aren't supposed to be divided and the population of Maine has been damned near homogeneous since it was founded. The divide&conquer tactics used on the rest of the country don't work for shit up here because the culture is so fundamentally different we just sit back and ponder how retarded the rest of the country is no matter what they're doing and the wilderness means lots of pondering time. Cities are the source of 99% of degeneracy and while the most populated city in Maine is liberal, they aren't the raging vitriolic liberals in the rest of the US, they still accept reason and try to avoid their own brainwashing more than anything.

What do you do? It's bad like when Obama was in office, there's jobs now.

not bad*

There's a reason Maine is the setting for a lot of old horror.

As others have stated, the problem is Federal dollars importing refugees all over the state, and the Catholic Charities and Unitarians taking muh gibs.

What this guy said fits what every Mainer north of Augusta thinks. But everyone wants to be nice.

I'm a welder and mechanic, looking to get into IT once my body's shot.

this guy is most likely a kike and controlled op.
yes, maine is a nice place and as someone who moved here a few years ago from socal let me tell you, I have NEVER met so many self-hating, marxist whites in my life. I thought whites from CA were fucking retarded but I have found a whole new level of retard in the north east. these people need to be woken up.

pls stop


That's a Polish name, not Yiddish.

White people do not see the cliff that they are walking on.

Tom is being interviewed in an hour on True Capitalist Radio tonight after the economic hour.–episode-535

Ghost interviews Jackman, Maine's city manager Tom Kawczynski, who's come under fire by mainstream media outlets for statements he made about preserving European Heritage in New England. Ghost gives Mr. Kawczynski the forum to articulate his perspective, and questions him about his independent political, economic and racial views.