SJW Genealogist Doxxes Public Figures With Their Dead Relatives

Anons, this is Jennifer Mendelsohn, a very busy SJW.


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Stop the presses, America has been made by immigrants.

No, because Victor, Hector, Gildo, Guiseppe, Esther and Clotilde each traveled and immigrated out of their own right with valid papers and the consent of the USA.

Second, the fact that the USA was created, build by immigrants doesn’t prevent the people of the USA from ending of immigration, selective or for all.

Does she speak English? Which letter in the word “acquitted” does she not understand? No forgery happened!


Hey goyim, your ancestors were immigrants too. Why don't you let these poor third-world immigrants into your country? They're just the same as your immigrant ancestors from Europe.
clevertitletk @g

SJW feminists NEED immigrants. Western men have wised up to their games and they need fresh meat to feed on.
The manly response is to throw the invaders back into the sea.

BALTIMORE MD 21209-4217

Send her some love, anons

Fucking judens, man.

This woman's twitter: Lookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatmelookatme…

maybe Noah can invite her to #OpenBordersForIsrael

send her this image, this is your dead relatives:

such oppression.
her house takes up 4 times as much space as the other lots on the street.

such a diverse neighborhood she chooses to live in.

Ask her on twitter if she believes on nonjewish, nonwhite mass immigration for Israel and the abolishment of anti-miscegenation laws that prevent Jews and gentiles from getting married inside Israels borders.

See if the cunt actually answers and post and archive it. Goad her into making a mistake.

for those following she lives about 7 minutes from Josh Hershkovitz. What a diverse, vibrant neighborhood!

i'm sure she's been there (can someone archive her entire feed?)

(archiving all her posts on these sites is appreciated too)

Found the newfag.

someone needs to tell Jennifer that hoop earrings are appropriation unless you are a latina



this is just like the fallacy that if you werent blonde and blue eyed in natsoc germany you were sent to DAH GAYUSSCHAIMBAHS OY VEY

Legal immigration is judaism, too.

this cunt gets off on destroying families


Enjoy Jen talking about her dead relatives and a bunch of other shit. She comes on the stage at 1:02. What a POS.

No one's going to do anything about it.
All these kikes, no one does anything.
Rather die than live in this kike world.
Hard not to call for their murder.

cumskins btfo

I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss BTFO

I thought it said gynocologist when I saw the picture of a kike cunt.

What she is doing isn't genealogy. It's meant to harm and intimidate. It's doxxing and she is very foolish to dabble in it. I get that she is from a large, talented family. I get that she is the runt of the litter. Girls with Daddy issues shouldn't throw stones at other people's Daddy's.


So Ashkenazi Jews aren't jews at all?

Meet the Soysteins

ashkenazi jews are jews as much a sephardic and mizrahim.

She looks like an even more kiked Laci Green

One of those "boys" will be on hormone brainwashing therapy by seventeen, check'em

Goyim, I…

This is so backwards it's laughable. White men keep giving into feminists and not telling them to get back in the kitchen. They're so desparate for men who will put them in their place that they're trying to bring in muds who will auction them off naked in chains. Their desire for men who don't put up with their bullshit is so strong that they'll destroy western civilization just to get it. Meanwhile white men cuck themselves even harder to try and placate them, which just makes their demands even more unreasonable. Cucks never stop to think about this and just go along with their (((equality))) brainwashing program. Make white men great again and the (((problems))) all go away.

That genealogist is a tranny.

Why don't we just dox her and blackmail her back? If what she is doing isn't legal, then our actions would be excusable.

Hey this gives me an idea.

All those examples on her article seem to be of Italians, so Europeans. So inherently better than spics. So fuck her and her kike methods.

Just looking at her should have been enough but it's nice that they can't help themselves with the "hellow fellow white people" "i'm jewish" shit.

propertyshark dump:
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Nice satan.

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