UFC: Race War

Who have you got in tonight's heavy weight champion fight? The defending champion is Croatian Stipe Miocic who will be competing against Cameroonian Francis N'Gannou. My prediction? And still

Also: The co-main event is Cormier (American Black) vs Oezdemir (Swiss Looks h'White, but that name is Turkish). Cormier takes that one easily.

MMA is simulated prison rape faggotry. If you like that crap you are most likely a closet case homosexual.

It's going to be rigged. Mark my words.

This. They'll make the nigger win just like that last fight with the irish guy or whatever he was.

All I know is, never bet on the white guy.

*OJ nods*

Miocic was born and raised in Ohio, faggot should be wearing the American flag on his trunks instead of the Croatian one.

He's not a nigger, a spic, or a jew, so why would he?

You'd have to be some demented deviant to get that impression. Europeans have been competing in martial arts like wrestling since time immemorial.

McGregor vs Mayweather?
That didn't need to be rigged, McGregor was a very inexperienced boxer taking on the best of that sport. In a real fight of course McGregor would have won, but that loss was to be expected.

I do not believe the UFC is rigged, because it would end up costing more to keep the secret than the money it would generate.

Miocic has smashed a lot of non-whites, here's his last 5 fights. Arlovski is the only pure white.

JDS- Whitish Brazilian.
Reem - Big nigger.
Werdum - Brazilian
Hunt - Big Samoan.

Overeem is a mulatto, his dad is a jamaican black and his mother a dutch white woman, but he was born in Britbongistan.

I know, but a higher functioning negro is still a negro.

Any good places to stream this?
My money's on N'Gannou. Don't want the nigger to win but I'm a realist.


Have a very competent ad blocker.

Can't disagree on that one.

For those that didn't see it, NGannou recently fought the Reem and absolutely destroyed him. Skip to 4:05 to see the final exchange.

NGannou is a scary dude, but I think Stipe will find a way to win.

Can we not compare whites to blacks in combat sports? the year is current and having the best weapons and tactics is way more important than being some nigger with fast twitch muscles who can throw an over hand punch.

If Miocic fight smart and tire the larger nigger he may have a better chance to win, he just can't stand and trade punches or else he will be KTFO easily by the gorilla.

Why not ? TJ Dillashaw of the BW is far better than any nig in his weight class. Chris Weidman, GSP, Luke Rockhold, MMA is full of world class white fighters.


I cannot get past this "sign up" bullshit pop-up.
What blockers are you guys using?

Yeah, whites do very well in MMA. Also the fast twitch blacks tend to gas out very quickly if they can't land a knockout in the first round.

How about you turn off the talamudvision and fucking sort yourself out instead?

Remember, sportsball is a tool of the jews to help you release your tribal agression and not direct it towards them.

Implying we buy PPV instead of using streams.

Athletic competition is very much a part of our culture.

Whites do better then blacks in mma overall and currently a white boxer Vasyl Lomachenko is being mentioned as the greatest boxer of all time.

Haven't you heard? Runner McTapper only fights the absolute best and he has never lost a fight. He's also always at least 6 gasillion weight classes under his opponent, just to make it fair for them.

UFC is rigged, waste of time.
everything after UFC10 is bullshit anyway ;^)


This also.

I have to hand it to the slavs, they're good at fighting.

UFC isn't rigged. Like someone else said, it would be too much effort/impossible to keep secret. Dana also gets very obviously mad when there are boring matches

fucking cuck

I don't follow sports, but if he's a Croat (that is, he has Croat blood) what the hell is wrong with him wearing the flag?

Would be nice to at least see a reason every time a thread is anchored


It's definitely a genetic thing. I used to work as a teacher in a middle school (private, thank god) that hosted some Russian kids as part of an exchange program one year. One thing I noticed watching them play with our kids, is how much bigger the slavic kids were. Not necessarily by height or weight, but much larger hands, longer legs and more muscle development. It was noticeable with the girls as well.

It's been a general observation of mine that Anglo/Celtic populations are much less athletic than Germanic and Slavic populations.



It also has a lot to do with a less cushy lifestyle too. Coddled American kids are driven everywhere, whereas those Russians are walking and biking; I doubt it's illegal in Russia for children to be playing outside of there yard.

Instead of?

That temporary though, those avars from Dagestan will soon obliterate everyone in front of them, Khabib Nurmagomedov is a good example.

not in boxing, those guys are generally wrestlers.

ah yes, ethnic russians are pretty damn good at boxing.

Very unassuming guy with what looks like an average physique, yet he somehow has an ungodly amount of strength. I don't see anyone beating him any time soon, which unfortunately means we'll have a Muslim UFC champion.

is one of the most successful mouthpieces in pushing jewish multiculturalism, yes.

an anchor isnt enough

nu/pol/ is full of beta soyboys.


White brits do the best in the Olympics compared to other European countries. Australians are well known for being athletic. I think you're talking crap.

Whites win!

Are they actually ethnically British? Or of more pure Germanic descent?

Well all talk of ridiculous kosher distraction aside, it was nice to see Stipe fucking murderize that ape. Completely outclassed him. Loved the spectacle, especially since every media outlet has been drooling over Ngannou for months now, legions of faggy white cucks talking about what a stronk apefrican warrior he is

Fuck, forgot to sage. You may gas me.

HAHAHAHA that was glorious to watch. The white man used skill and tactic and the African hype train was derailed big league. Beautiful to watch.

This too. Don't worry about the sage though, it's an anchored thread.

No problem. As you said, skill and tactics won the day, and the big dope was gassed by the second round. Loads of blacks are bitching on twitter right now saying Ngannou was ROBBED lololol

I knew he was done in the second round, when he just dropped to his knees. There was no energy left to defend the take down and had the round continued for 5-10 seconds more, he'd have been choked out. Ngannou will be back, he's going to be a problem for a lot of fighters, but the UFC pushed their "great black hope" far too quickly. He's basically a one-round fighter.

The only thing robbed was the cuck hype train.

Yes, he was a "1 in million athlete" - Joe Rogan, Hardest puncher every recorded and was favorite to win in betting odds and got completely embarrassed.

Oh Ngannou will definitely be around to terrorize the division for a while, few fighters have the skill to keep someone like him at bay and neutralize that power so effectively… at least right now, the HW division is looking old and past its time.

Kek did you see the post-fight interview? Granted I can't understand much of what Stone Cold Stipe says, but it seemed like he called Rogaine out for cucking so hard to Francis these last few months.

For sure. The fight scene (especially in media) is riddled with "analysis gurus" and "commentators" who fucking salivate whenever some hip new groid emerges on the scene. I remember back when Macgregor was gearing up to fight Mayweather (farce as that was) some little faggot in Deadspin wrote a book long OPed that was nothing but bitching about the "waycism" of mcgregor fans, and how much white people love it when a white fighter beats a black fighter. The irony of it is that people like him are likely the types who grew up in majority white schools and were the loser/dweeb outcasts who got picked on by white chads. Now to feel better about themselves they seek to lose themselves in the identity of another race, and cheer them on against whites as vicarious revenge for their miserable childhoods.

fuck forgot to post this gem i saw on twatter

The fun has already started on yidtube. Niggers will be salty for months.

HW has always been kinda stale, there just isnt that many big men that fight compared to the littler guys. Thats why you've still got Mark Hunt and Werdum who are old Pride fighters in the top 5 UFC HWs.

Lol nice. Looks like they'll have to go back to the drawing board with their conquering african prince

I think that's pure sarcasm. Woodley says everything is racist, so these reddit cucks are just pushing that meme.

It's a sorry state. Now that NGannou has been demolished, I think the cucks will try rekindle their hype for Cain "Brown Pride" (literally tattooed on his chest) Velasquez, as he's rumored to be coming back.

I was mainly looking at one of the guys username. "Francis NIGGanou's White Master"

Cain has looked like shit since the ped testing got more strict.

Kek, I missed that. I also mistook that for reddit, but I see that it's youtube.

True. Same with the Reem. If you saw him fight in Japan, he was a complete monster.

Yeh I saw Reems roid run in k1 and Dream.

Trump curse strikes again. The monkey talked shit yesterday and today he gets rekted!!! No gastank what's so ever.

Didn't know about that, wow. The Gorilla is elevated to the top of his sport, given every opportunity, yet still wants to run his mouth.

Also if memory serves, Stipe went with Dana to the RNC for Dana's pro Trump speech.

cowboy is also pro trump

Stupid nog was crying about slavery in Liberia and saying "fuck racism" like it had anything to do with whites, its niggers enslaving niggers.

Nice. Tim Kennedy is a good dude too.

niggers will never recover from this.

That's some nice salt.

He did not kno de way

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