Gas The Hook Noses Pedophiles
So some user on endchan found this while searching around. Jews and pedophilia go hand in hand. Does that mean that murdering pedos and nazis does as well? Someone click on this because I'm too much of a pansy to get on a list.

Other urls found in this thread:

nah im not clicking that sorry


I refuse to click it as well so that is fine. I am hoping someone who is more brave than I would. I don't wanna get on a legitimate list just for researching pizzagate, but if another user will that would be neat-o.
Bring back screenshots!

Archive of the link.

Just look at that favicon

fuck off kike

Jesus christ almighty

Archive of the site's frontpage.

Two of the site's headlines:

Are you surprised?

Do I even want to know?
When can we gas these kikes?

Might want to start checking into the usernames here. Slvrpuns got a page on ED.

And here is a wikifur page for a Red Rodent.

Among others

It looks like they have done our job for us. Thank god.

This is only tangentially related, but there’s a film coming about about a kike who experimented on children by separating them from their birth parents and twin siblings.

Checked, holy shit. That's ridiculous… Kikes stop at nothing to advance their false sciences.


Boychat has been around since the 90's, and was popularized with the early rise of NAMbLA, when they were still prominate enough to be mae into a South Park. I'e studied them extensively since it co-incided with my studies of the "Anicent" Internet. Boychat and BoyWiki both went Darknet earlier in the ecade, I believe 2014. Seems BoyChat is back to clear-net.

Kinda sad how Nu-Holla Forums doesn't know our enemy's elder-groups especially on a site like Holla Forums with a thriving "MAP" community

Majority of """""nazis""""" are pedos. We really need a clensing.

Now there's a surprise.

Twin experiments are a staple for testing the interaction of genes and the environment. There really isn't any other way to do it.

You could go ahead and not do it. Test on animals, you psychopathic motherfucker. But then again, that’s what the jew thought he was doing.

When will this kike field be gassed?

Animal models only go so far in predicting human traits. Besides, without twin studies, we wouldn't know that even things like empathy have a genetic basis. Two parallel twin studies of white twins separated with one raised by a black family and the other by a white family showed both had about the same capacity for empathy. Meanwhile black twins separated one raised by a white family and the other by a black family showed the same capacity for empathy as each other but much lower than the white kids.
No one was stolen at birth or forced into it if that's what you're worried about. The studies were done by finding twins that were in that situation rather than putting twins in that situation (probably because it's quicker).

Back when we still had lolbergs here, the main argument they'd make for their semitic philosophy was that it would abolish the age of consent.

That Spielberg thread proves true.
Can't even see a corporate shitpost without getting a boner. Fucking kill them all.

The way people understand consent is BS anyway.

fucking kikes