Knocked up NZ PM

Unmarried lefty New Zealand Prime Minster knocked up..

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IVF treatment for the year leading up to the election.

She's going to keep being PM, though. Making all women who struggle with pregnancy and being forced back to work 2 weeks after birth like lame ducks.
All NWO family destroying agenda 101
fuck her

Horsefaced trashboat i love horses too fuck this bitch

bump for being stuck on an island surrounded by fucking retards that voted for a literal communist & member of antifa

Are you seriously dumb?

It means Winnie is going to be PM for 6 to 18 weeks. Fantastic stuff, and he already dominates all decisions made by the party.

She is just a generic Trudeau imitating blairite. She even worked as a communications advisor for Blair, we have zero to fear. She will govern by polling, not by policy. That falls to Winnie and New Zealand First.

Yeah but they're both jews right? Forget trusting them, just start finding out where the bunkers are located. NZ is where a lot are fleeing to.

Shes not a communist, her policies are pretty decent compared to EU governments.

Get out roastie

>It's not really anal rape, I've been saving my margerine packets for the occasion

Fuck I hope her pregnancy goes terribly, massive red pilling opportunity. Imagine if she was off work all the time, had months off from the job etc. Every bloke out there is going to be thinking (if they're not already) that we shouldn't have females in positions of responsibility/power.

you may get your wish. she looks well past prime childbearing age.

Neither are jews you dipshit.

I know Winnie personally, he more than once purchased me a beer. Dude is fantastic, very capable. Probably the best foreign minister we have had in decades.

Why/How did Winnie's NZ First get a coalition with Labor? Wouldn't they both be at each other's neck? if the NZ's labor is anything like the one in Australia that is

Here's hoping for that genetic lottery makes her baby win autism or down syndrome.

You'd think, but Winnie played the cards he was dealt perfectly here. The real shitshow is that it was even necessary because so many retards voted for Labour.

mfw one of my best mates took that photo on the left.

Nice to see it still circulating.

my fucking country

So is New Zealand pretty much Australia's Canada? That's the vibe I get sometimes.

If I read correctly she is taking 6 months off. Which is fucking laughable anyhow….the people elect you so you can fuck off for 6 months.

Women have no sense of duty and that is why they shouldn't run for office.

Srs dude? Can't do better than that?

Thanks, filtered.

Yeah, and the violent natives are too busy being drunk to cause real problems so that is a non-starter.

Hahaha, are you blind? "Jacinda" (drag queen name) is a fucking man in drag.
There is no baby.

The elite gender inversion agenda is real.

It's ok guys, he isn't a satanist, he isn't trying to be a living avatar of Baphomet by becoming an androgyne.

A man trying to act feminine. And his "boyfriend's" name is GAYFORD.
Can't make this shit up.

Out of sheer curiousity, what do you think of Tiki Taane?

I have no opinion, because I don't know anything about him.

He was/is part of the effort to glorify American nigger "culture" among our niggers so that they start causing even more problems than they used to. It's a pity he didn't have an "accident" while in custody back when they arrested him for it.

She'll do the right thing and resign to take care of her child right?

You mean he's not

you are aware him and labour lied about reducing immigration and instead increased it right? hes a con artist

Trannies can't get pregnant.


So either she had an unplanned pregnancy, which is fucking stupid, or wanted to do it while being PM because fuck New Zealand.

What better example of CY+3 than a bastard being born in office?

More like the other way around. Australia is way worse. They aren't even allowed guns. We get guns and alcohol here.

Can you please tripfag so I know how to properly filter your autistic posts about every woman secretly being a man.

I wonder if this practice would net more Chads or numales or what.

Yep. Australia is full of New Zealanders who come here for work because their country is shit. Also it's cold, the natives smell funny and sheep fucking is a sport

No shit Sherlock. Arden will do the Michael Obama trick and fake a pregnancy and then buy some orphan to her baby

autism is super intelligent, down syndrome is not. try not being a (((Freudian))) kike next time.

We're a welfare state / agrarian labor colony cum chink retirement village. I'm fairly certain our benevolent (((masters))) would be quite happy if we all up & fucked off to Australia tbh.
The only part of your post I disagree with is "cold". It's 35°c today, & my balls are sticking to my leg.

She is an extreme leftist. Get your fucking head out of your arse mate.

You don't really understand evolution and heritability do you?

I still maintain that this retard has never been within five feet of a woman in his life, somehow including his own mother.

You are completely full of it. They already decreased it. Immigration can only be set every 6 months or so after a specific parliamentary process. Please kill yourself.


This "pregnancy" is a psyop. The only question is how they'll roll with it, i.e their objectives.
It could be that they'll stage an abortion. This will probably have the effect of massively increasing the abortion rate amongst White women in NZ, along the lines of "if it's ok for the PM, then it's ok! career comes first!"
Second option, "women can do everything", which means they fake the pregnancy to term then report it "died in labour", surrogacy, or simply give him a stolen child.
In option 2 watch out for Moonbump deployment. The early moonbumps were foam and easy to spot (as happened with Beyonce and the 'squashed baby bump' incident), newer ones are available in silicone but a limited number of sizes.
So barring bespoke prosthetic, the tell tale will be a baby bump which does not grow gradually, but makes quantum leaps in size/does not affect posture in the same way as a heavy baby-filled uterus/is not treated with the proper care.
The Moonbump company:
tl;dr "baby bumps" mean nothing.

I think the psyop is "communist roastie gets up the stick" and "New Zealand - laughing stock" tbqhwy fam

Even if she, and Michelle Obama are men, it's a totally distraction and irrelevant thing to focus on since there's never going to be any concrete evidence - just conspiratorial grainy zoomed in photos of their Adams apples or fingers or crotch lumps which most people will dismiss as not being evidence.

You basically make us look like insane people when you push the "x politician is really a tranny" meme.

Even if it's true and it all came out the media would just spin it as "Tranny forced to pretend in order to progress her career" and leftists will think it's a positive David vs Goliath story.

Honestly, you people are like the useful idiots who claim 9/11 was a hologram plane. You sound so unhinged you make normies avoid real redpills because they're associated with YOU.

Do women really pretend to be pregnant so people won't know that they are barren?

Shit bro, I tell women I'm sterile in case they want some of that guilt-free Jenny Craig dick public service & all that


No, it's one of the most important issues Whites face, because the kikes and their enablers (you) are using conditioning and other black psychology to twist the sexuality of our young.
A young man grows up integrating example after example of what, he is told, are "beautiful women" from the big screen, the TV, magazines and even computer games. Through conditioning he starts to become aroused by male features, soon he is gay, transgender or otherwise mindfucked. This directly reduces White birthrates.
The abundance of male biological traits is concrete evidence. Apologist shills like yourself will answer that "some women have that". In reality no woman has all male traits, but if we pretend that they do, it still doesn't explain why nearly every on-screen woman has an abundance of these supposedly rare masculine traits.
What makes the trans agenda so difficult for some men to accept, is the secret fact that they've been or still are "in love" with one or more of these monsters, even masturbating over their images. Cognitive dissonance naturally follows.
And here we get an example of why e-celeb shills always link diversions like "holographic planes", "flat earth", "milk is an opiate", "the moon is 2d" in the same videos as right-wing stuff - YOU are the well-poisoner.
tl;dr the kikes are using trannies to turn young men gay, and make young women starve themselves in an attempt to achieve physiques which are biologically impossible for healthy women to have. Very low levels of body fat on women cause infertility, which further reduces the White birth rate. The constant inability to achieve "the look" also causes our women to develop emotional problems and feelings of inferiority.
Your plans are transparent, kike.

Not only that. They also wear a Moonbump when intending to adopt, then go through a pretend pregnancy, literally convincing themselves that the baby they're going to receive is their own. Apparently it helps them to bond, as well as hiding the fact from friends and family.

Was she having orgies or something?

If you check out the clients, you see that transmen are some of their main customers.

14 year old transsexual, according to the trannyposting faggot


kinda goes hand in hand with cocaine use

Fake pregnancies have been a thing in Hollywood for decades, because the kikes have been using male "sex kittens" for decades.
Image related, kike baby thief stole babies to supply the "stars."
You think this stopped? Wake the fuck up.

Might be a man, but one photo isn't enough to tell. Not everyone who uses the Moonbump is a tranny but trannies are a large sector of their customer base.
Not only to conceal an adoption, but simply to enjoy the attention and special treatment which real pregnant women receive.
The trans mind is very, very sick.

t. Chang the chink

t. Manu the Maori

Three boatloads of asylum seekers headed to New Zealand: Australia

Lol, the situation is mostly over in Syria and these paki looking shits want to go on holidays to the furthest white place on the planet.

They're Sri Lankan. There's literally no reason for them to be coning here but their country is a shithole & they want our gibs.

If this is who I think it is, I really need to get that member list and some help with the regional group thing.

You can fucking neck yourself, nigger. This guy's doing far more for us than you seem to realise.

i feel for you, bro. Fucking idiots, bleating like sheep to the cues from stuff and tv one.
And Winnie sold us out too. what fucking hope is there? he's now pro TPP. fuck him.

if she really is pregnant, and its not one big mummer show. I fully expect her to have the best pregnancy ever and be back to work in a week, with women everywhere gushing over how incredible she is and how it proves that women can do anything, twice, whilst balancing babies.

i read 6 weeks. let's hope that changes. Before winnie went TPP, i was quite looking forward to him running the show.

He was nice the times i've met him. Good dude. Sings well, the stuff he does at festivals is mindful and conscious.

checked and bha ha ha ha ha

They've done it to fuck over women who are really having babies, so that they can force them back to work after a day

i hope their boats fucking sink. fucking muslim slime. sorry for the bad language.

Fucking filtered.

Hope it's black for the lulz

On one hand it's good becouse women need leader women that actually give birth.
On other side. FUCK. Women are filled with hormones during pregnancy and are even more dependent on men. Which will probably advise her to sell the country to China.

Why aren't there any more pic related? Imagine no WW1.

CNN set up a theme park?


I didn't read your comment, so I had no context. I saw the thumbnail and instantly thought "tranny or kim kardashian." Then I read your comment and got the context. Didn't watch the video. Are my senses sharp enough to detect a tranny? I like to think they are.

Autism means IQ lower than 70. High functioning autism means IQ equal or higher than 70.

According to who?

Can someone with teeth like that suck a dick properly? srs question

tooth to lip ratio is way off

This is peak female leadership - reneging your duty to your constituents, so that you can have unprotected sex.

My wife is proof that even with a terrible pregnancy, you can be back to work in a week. She also says that it sucks big time. Would probably be less terrible for the PM since she has the money to have someone else take care of the baby while she sleeps and works.

Should business be forced to pay for a women when she get's knocked up on her own time?

why isn't anybody talking about this?


At least she'll think about the future generation of kids now, unlike the barren Merkel.

Probably a nigger

most people have figured out these people aren't the ones that actually make any of the decisions

kill yourself

Absolutely disgusting the amount of Neo Liberal cunts shitting on Winston in this thread. Get fucked and get the fuck out of here you globalist shill cunts.

It's more like Australia's Austria.

Even as a joke, nah. NZ is rightful British land and everyone that says otherwise can get fucked.

Agreed. New Zealand in New Britannia. This land cannot be given up. It is the last strong hold besides Britannia herself. The AGE OF MEN IS NOT OVER. THE AGE OF THE ORC SHALL NOT COME.

Victory of Valhalla

I'd rather flood the waikato with chink blood than cede a gram of dirt to those bugpeople.

Eyebrow ridges, rough skin, loads of makeup, deep set eyes, adam's apple, nose job. We have ourselves a tranny folks.

Aaaand I'm a fucking idiot for leaving my board trip in.

Well we better start having kids and deporting non-whites then.

Of our population aged under 29 Years old, we are 58% white. And that was according to the 2013 census.

It's not that bloody low already is it? I can't find that specific statistic you mentioned but it says for under 18s, Europeans were 71% of the population in 2013 on wikipedia.

I managed to navigate the site and ended up double checking. Under 29s are 69.9% European as of 2013.

Literal communist and antifa?

She's socialist but far from being a commie and where the fuck did you get that she is an antifa member from?

Fear mongering of house prices due to immigrants.

Basically left side got 40% right side got 40% and nzfirst had 20% so they got to be the decider, and the left gave winston more power so he worked with them.

numbers arent correct of course

(s)he's attended multiple Antifa-type rallies, & according to Kikepedia;
She played the 'reduce immigration' fiddle,
And the shit icing on our collective rape-cake:
>In early 2008, she was elected as the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth,[6] a role which saw her spend time in several countries, including Jordan, Israel, Algeria and China.[15]
So yeah, we're fucked m8.

Here she fantasies about being Justin Trudeau's wife. https://

Here she addresses her comrades: https://

Reminder that NZ has two globalist parties run by kikes and funded by usury which they will never reign in because not only do they not understand it they are complicit in it anyway.
We will become boers and our nation will become third world. The time is now to spread red pill to the youth. Truth about the media and financial system, truth about holohoax, race and IQ, diversity being white genocide and so on.

I'm with you holmes. It's gonna be a shitshow. We've already got half the debt of Venezuela, but only a fifth of the population to carry it.. People aren't realizing just how fucked we really are.


nice fish mouth

maybe lovecraft was right after all and there is a race of ancient fish people

I thought NZ is white
how are you gonna become a minority?

Yeah brother we can start to turn the tide we just gotta work hard as fuck.

Mass immigration, breeding rates of non whites.

Isnt it really difficult to migrate to NZ?
Or are we talking about illegals?

Logic fail. She is in favor of progressive forced redistribution, government schooling, government daycare, government healthcare, etc. etc. There is not one issue where she does not take the position that a) the government should be in charge and b) should wage class warfare against the 'patriarchy' in every sector of society. The day of the bog can't come soon enough.

Can you get me a source on that? It'd be good to redpill friends and family with it.

Yep she just wanted votes, she wants more niggers in, although she seems to hate chinks.

South Island is white but in the North there are tons of Chinks, Indians, Maori and Islanders, not many niggers or muslims thankfully.

I live in a rich neighbourhood so I only see chinks and Indians, and quite frankly chinks are good immigrants for the most part.

Only seen 8 black people in my neighbour my entire life that I can remember.

It's not, it is a bit harder now but if you have the qualifications it is pretty easy, problem is the fucking Maori and Islanders breed like rabbits and Jacinda is making it easier, I have a Maori neighbour across my house, he has 7 kids and I've never seen the wife, they're loud and annoying as fuck too and like to fuck with the neighbour's dog

It's literally copypasta from Jacinda's wikipedia page.
pic unrelated but interesting. This country has some serious fucking problems that need addressing

but no one seemed to notice, until now. nice larp


checked. NZ is not in good shape

I just had a realization chaps.. What do all of these globalist cuck politicians have in common? They're all childless. They have nothing invested in the future of the nations they represent, it's why they're chosen for these roles most likely. Jacinda may just realize doing (((their))) bidding is not in the best interest of the child biology is now screaming at her to protect at all costs.
This may just be a good thing.

not sure about this study but i know quite a few studies would count people temporarily living with friends or in state housing as homeless

It's me or she looks like a female version of Goebbels?

Wtf are you talking about. They all have kids - but their kids are fucking weirdos.

speaking of leftists, i think some mathematician just blew up their whole fucking theory and ideology in a single thread

Successful takeover by (((certain elements ))). Basically the whites kiwis are as cucked as Swedes (mostly) and crave mudslime, poo and chink investment to drive their welfare state and constant 2007 style real estate (((investments))) to keep the economy moving.

Shit is bad.

Constant molestation and watching siblings be sacrificed. I'd feel sympathy - but baby rats grow up to become bigger rats. Fire and sword for the lot of em.

Human interests and perversions truly make us a magnificent race.

Science has gone too far.

nah we hate indians/chinks despite them being 10x better then niggers/maori/islanders

we have this white guilt for maori despite them being treated better then normal citizens aside from the retards who blew their free money in a few months

islanders idk cause theyre poor useless fuckers but are good at rugby

and niggers/sand niggers cause muh refugees




I quite like him tbh.
Tangaroa I think is also anti drug use?
I think he's a good guy

Well that's fucking depressing, what flavour wogs are you infested with?

She is so fucking ugly.