Batshit Insane Liberals Are Review Bombing Trump Hotel's Yelp


These people are pretty fucked in the head.

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Get the fuck in here faggots.

Do I work in the Trump tower?
Their PR battles are theirs.

pull that stick out of your ass fagit

this entire thread are your posting style is /r/the_donald tier shit. you need to go back.


I am going to have to agree with OP, these people are batshit insane.



At least Yelp had the sense to shut it down :^) instead of pulling some horseshit like Twitter did last night.

checked. I was wrong they didn't shut it down they just put up a warning. You can still view and review after reading it.

I unironically want to put this little faggot in the hospital.

I am objectively better than him in every conceivable way. His ideology makes him less than human, he is a pitiful half-man and honestly, I believe his family deserves to be tortured while he is forced to watch… all because of his political beliefs

btw the hotel is very nice. You guys should check out the pics on the yelp page. They even have a mini clothesline of bacon to ward off the sand niggers.

more food

It does look quite nice.
Too rich for me though.


Google's such a dear.

Well, they better put those fake reviews in the 'reviews not recommended' section, at the very least, when it is clear that their purpose has nothing to do with actually reviewing the business legitimately. I've been flagged there for just giving an excellent review for a very good restaurant that I would frequent.



Does the TV at the bar at least show the gorilla channel?

Surely this only weakens whatever argument they thought they had, right?

Mar-a-Lago is even worse.




Is that wojack?


He certainly seems sad enough to be him.


Certainly to us and normal people, which pretty much excludes the entirety of the left.


Why do they keep mentioning chocolate cake?


Yelp's Youtube ad is literally just a kike sipping a martini.

I seriously don't understand what liberals gain from this. Leaving a negative review isn't going to get the president impeached or anything. It is just a way to give themselves a feeling of purpose or am I missing the point completely here?

I'm sure the guy who is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is absolutely terrified
resignation any minute now

Why am I not fucking surprised

I was about to praise lefties for coming up with something like this, but.. isn't that a bit of a sad display? Where the fuck is the banter? Where is the fun? Is this the extend of their shitposting? This isn't even worth a counter raid. Pitiful, Pic related was right it seems.

They want to hurt people. communists have two operating principles, and only these:
1. theft/mooching for a living
2. defiling (Sodomizing of everything, degrading everything)

knowing these two principles, nothing a commie does will surprise you. Nothing.

She apparently tried to meet people in Sydney, but, I suppose, failed.

What did they do?

Pretty low energy, it's pretty much the normal course of pathetic.


Not the best example on my part because it isn't a one-to-one analogy, but Twitter posted a disclaimer stating that posts with the #releasethememo tag were Russian bots, not millions of pissed off people, and were blocking them. Second pinned thread on the topic right now.

Imagine your life having so little purpose that the only weapon you have, as an adult, is to lash out with your real name with a fake yelp review so you can feel like you have some control over your life.

I don't care what happens, this is the most glorious timeline, ever. Watching liberals just sitting on the floor pissing all over themselves. Every day is like Christmas.

ahh so its a lawsuit they want

If you really autistically analyze it they only have 1 operating principle: reduce everything to zero. They are the cult of abolitionism, the religion of death and decay.

An image search shows that that is literally someone's sexual art on soap. Tried a few engines but google's image search turned it up on the first page with "hair on soap"


They're CIAnigger/Google lapdogs who's personal identity is used as a leash. A legitimately anonymous agent would potentially be able to work against them.


This is a pretty meme worthy photo… too bad the resolution is so low.

Welcome to liberal ideology

Agreed, could be one of those pics you use when you see a ape looking nigger, or an ugly ass leftist.

None of these losers could afford to stay there let alone have a $20 cocktail at the bar. It's a magnificent hotel. Had a bunch there, $150 a head. Worth it.

Kekd and saved

They are so pathetic I almost feel bad about giving them the rope

I feel bad about giving the rope them.

they are slaves to moloch
worshippers of death and destruction
they strive to reduce everything to nothing

Typical Zersetzung.

I wonder how these people's employers would feel after finding out they leave deranged false reviews on Yelp :^)

zersetzung is practiced by the state. When the goyim do it we call it terrorism.


They'd probably get a bonus courtesy of NGO.


faggots, do you need to sleep outside for a few weeks to see what these commies are trying to destroy?

There is a left slang word: Optics

Vlad the Impaler was an expert in optics.

I don't think you caught my joke.

oh shit. sorry user.

The left are so goddamn asshurt, they are litterally exausting their last efforts down to petty downvotes on a rewiev site.
All this smug, and I have no face to express it effectively.