It's actually pretty frightening how he says the EXACT same stuf we do

This could be from today and it would exactly fit with someone who browses Holla Forums. It honestly is amazing that our message stayed the exact same all those times.

Do you think he might post here?

PS: He even took the fucking neckpill, holy shit.

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Fucking kill yourself you subhuman nigger.
You stupid piece of shit.

who asked for this wordfilter?

dang! wonder where he is now.

Me too. He is quite sympathic.


This is a fucking play and every single person minus the audience is an actor. It's the same garbage as Dr. Phil & the Jerry Springer show. OP has an IQ of 70.

Where do retards like you come from? You don't even realize what you're doing.

They fucked up by having this kid on instead of some larping faggot. They had realised this by the second episode and wouldn't let him speak again. Instead they had that teary cunt. I wish he asked her whether she has a book coming out.

Also funny how the kikes only invited him to their house because they assumed he would turn them down.

top kek

Yeah, that was hilarious.

Its funny because they are literally doing exactly what he knows they are going to do. Every single one of those people in the audience were jewish and you could see in their faces, they werent angry so much at what he was saying but they he didnt fall for their bs.

I honestly like the guy. No homo, but he wasn't your typical skinhead degenerate.

Are you really this dense you damn morons?

This SHOW is the same STAGED garbage as Judge Judy.
Did you see the part where it says "Raymond is BACKSTAGE"?
Did you notice the TCM logo? Time Warner Classic MOVIES?
Did you notice the ACTRESS Ricky Lake?
Did you notice the sign that says RICKY LAKE SHOW?
It is a damn SHOW, It was recorded in a STUDIO where they can FILM whatever they want to and then it was distributed on CABLE, which is completely unregulated.
The coin-operated ACTOR PLAYS a Nazi.

And they still fucked it up,because they ignored the most important thing ,the Why
They never ask why so many different people come to believe what they believe in the first place-and even better how people switch from their "born religion" into something they choose
Anyone who is even a little redpilled might think ,"So I am not the only one , and this was recorded X years ago"no matter if it's acted or not

Everyone understands the Riki Lake setup, you prodigious faggot. In this case, however, I believe the kid was genuine.

Because it's the truth. When you tell the truth, you don't have to change your story. The only thing I find honestly amazing is that now the (((left))) openly admits to everything we've been accusing them of for decades.

Before the message board IRL posting kept the spirit alive, even if by the looks of it this looks staged. Notice the jew isn't laughing as much back then, the jew won't even makeup a WN to put on TV or radio anymore.

Yes. And as long as we tell the truth, we will keep winning the hearts of thinking humans over.

Richard Spencer
Pew Die Pie
Tommy Robinson

The board is owned and modded by nonwhites.

OP is full retard and should be permabanned

Here's a random actress from the Ricki Lake show who appeared in hundreds of movies and tv productions and appeared as "herself" in 79 shows. They're following a script and it is staged from beginning to end.

The entire reason this show exists is to spread the well known and easily debunked line that white people do this because they didnt have anything going on in their life, and that they needed to feel a part of something.
News flash, white genocide would end up with everyone who doesnt care about it being executed in any other time, or any other country. They are the evil ones, they are sick and twisted and make excuses for the annihilation and extermination of all whites.

Oh and, OP is probably a kike spreading that propaganda line intentionally, given he clearly is a newfag who needs to lurk and doesnt even know how to embed or stop earlobe spacing.

BTW that Jewess said she read the entire talmud. Orthodox Jews who sway back and forth reading it 24/7 might read the entire thing, no one else does. Normally rabbis etc dont, its a massive compilation of books. That was a lie, and the shows obviously set up for her to tell those lies etc. I cant find the meme but some guy actually was a talmudic scholar you could say, made a huge post about it. Any Jew who says they have read the entire talmud is almost certainly lying.

This is staged. The girl doesn't look Jewish. But it was funny how he began to play the violine when the "Ph.D" began to whine.

The mother might be like 1/4 if that, the daughter almost certainly is not Jewish. Probably not even the same family.
The "son" reminds me of Troy Kell, despite probably just being an actor too.

it takes balls to go on a show like that and say those things. all throughout history weve been fighting thru adverse times for the right cause. hell, most of our innovators we're hated before they were loved


Interesting to see the transgender host use the same old tactics. It fellates itself on a hoity toity message of anti-hatred because refuting what the ebil nazi with the based suspenders says is impossible. I wish he brought up how the jews control the printing of money and whom it goes to. But the comment would be neutralized by questioning his sources and sending him on a trip to meet Krugman at the NY TImes.

Thats just a 90s dyke, trannies werent that big back then. Ricky Lake was the type of bullshit they broadcast to people who didnt have any cable package or anything, if you had a TV, you could absorb that anti-white propaganda through the antenna.
Dont forget to sage your post.

BTW someone is spreading this video in a lot of places, its gone up over 300 views in like 30 minutes. The OP IS a shill.

Reported for muh plebbit spacing derailment.

fat kike faggot

It's godtier honestly.

The only filter I don't like is Religion of Cuckā„¢ because it regularly makes posts completely illegible and fucks up links. Everything else is perfect. I wish gate was still filtered though.

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There's that purple again.


All those girls in the audience were wet.