Right Flight

Advice on moving to USA please.

>Government is (((mafia)))-tier nanny state

I've always wanted to live in America and as I get older I'm finding more and more reason to do so. My partner is an American from New England so I think it would be quite easy to emigrate. As a gardener (a qualified plantsman, not a no-english tier lawn mower) I can make a living wherever there are rich-ish people with gardens. I plan to raise a family on a smallholding of 5-10 acres and maybe also grow my business into a luxury landscaping/garden design business employing people.

Just wanted to ask my American cousins on here which states/counties would be good to live in and raise a family on a smallholding. Ideally we would like

>good demographics you know what I mean

Is Northern/Rural California a good idea? Or somewhere in the Pacific North West- is Oregon quite free? We live in Scotland now so I think the climate there would be quite similar. Any other advice appreciated.

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Move to New Hampshire if you can get into the country


New Hampshire, obviously.

But what's this "partner" shit. You mean your business partner or your faggot lover?


low cost of living, high standard of living, very beautiful country side, well ran state government, 95% white, you'll help keep it pushing right instead of educated lib shits with no racial experience continuing to drift it left. it's an awesome state while even the right/conservative parts of CA are shitholes because of all the bean folk.

This is why I'm asking, I need a redpilled insider's perspective. Why is it obvious?

My partner is the woman I love and live with, but I won't marry because the state has destroyed marriage to the point where it's effectively signing my balls away.

Thanks I will look into it.

Lots of whites from the UK are moving to Australia. Its pretty hard to get here though, I think you need at least 60k in the bank and proof enough you wont be a welfare leach.

insane cost of living plus chinks are literally buying everything of value because the Govt is selling out it's people

the northern areas of california are fairly rural and white, however the state govt here is so fucked that it wouldn't be worth moving here if you wanted to escape that sorta thing.

Pacific Northwest. Avoid the big/university cities and you'll be fine.


Will you suck my dick please

Yeah I thought about Aus or NZ but they're too susceptible to mass immigration or invasion by China in the next 100 years. Also they're similarly cucked/degenerate. My hope is kindled by the American freedom of speech, constitution and gun laws. And the fact it will probably convert into a fascist empire within the next century, after the civil war is won.

I do prefer a West coast to an East coast. I've never lived more than 40 miles from the sea.

It's the third-whitest state sandwiched between #1 and #2. Easy to have guns legally. No income tax, no sales tax, and depending on where you live, reasonably low property taxes:


You can buy big pieces of land for relatively cheap (compared to the rest of US), land with flowing water not desert. Near enough to Boston if you want rich people with gardens, far enough away if you want to be in (somewhat) remote wilderness. Oceanfront areas if you need Atlantic access, international border if you think going to Canada would help.

And the secret sauce: the freestaters are taking over the state government, and though they may be personally offensive, they are less likely to make firearms and free-association illegal than anywhere else in the US.

Oregons is a massive blue state. But generally outside of places like Portland and Salem the Dems tend to be old school dems that'd rather talk to you about your politics rather than screech like a dick riding harpy faggot. So if you don't mind that then yes, Oregon would be good. (Seafood is great too).

All niggers must fucking hang. (don't be scared user).

We call that a "common-law wife." "Partner" means poop-dick/carpet-muncher.

And I don't see how you're going to get legal permission to stay without getting married on paper.

German here. Considering illegal immigration. Good idea or nah? I'm quite desperate tbh.

We don't deport whites user.

Only sub-humans need worry.

Yes! The faster your lands are barren for colonisation, the better.

Jesus, man, spoiler this shit.
is that what a slav rapebaby looks like?


If your English is good enough to get by and you live in a city so you don't need to drive, that's one thing; But one brush with the law could derail your life.

Can you elaborate? Would I just get deported or land in prison or something like that?

I'm self employed so atleast I wouldn't have to scramble for a job and potentially get my employer scrutinized for hiring an illegal.

Try 102K euro per acre where i live in this western shithole. Farmer bought up land for their pensions; nobody is buying. Banks are no longer allowed to loan to other farmers or starters to buy the land due to risk mitigation policies. Government (taxpayer) now has to buy the land at insane prices to ensure the banks get their money back and the farmers can retire as well as ensuring GDP agriculture output does not drop like a brick. So the government is then going to LEASE the land to young people who want to become farmers. The average age of farmers in my region is 48 years old.

Meanwhile in reality, mass exodus of young people from our region to either the cities for work or eastern europe for cheap living.

Move to Michigan. The lakes are much better than the ocean, the demographics are great in the northern half, and there are lots of landscaping and snow removal jobs.

I thought the brain disease known as feminism was strong in Australia? Also a no funs zone, the whole reason the UK is so fucked is because the gummerment has no impotus to listen to the public because they have all the guns. If we were armed this shit would have been sorted already.

So just leave because things are bad? Great example you're setting there, faggot. You think US is any different? Many of our people have been reduced to materialism, hedonism and apathy. All our nations are being attacked and flooded with invaders whose mission is to replace us, by any means. You can run and stick your head in the sand elsewhere but it will come to you eventually.

Yes the UK is in a dire situation, what white nation isn't? Predatory government that is against its own people, massive usury and debt ensuring subsequent generations will have less than the previous. Laws that bind us but let the invaders flourish, blind eye by the media to their crimes. Our demographics are rapidly changing, we're not having kids because of feminism destroying the economy and prosperity for everyone.

So go ahead and run away. Turn your back on your people (though you say you're Nordic so perhaps you implied you're not even a Brit to begin with) and jump from one frying pan into another.

city dash data dot com
all demographics

good luck

Its about the same level as the US, we're not as bad as western Europe and our strict immigration at least keeps a lot of shit skins out except the "merit based" poos. Melbourne is basically the California of Australia so most of the nutty leftist stuff comes from there.

long island

you could pay some user from Holla Forums 1000$ and marry him or his sister/cousin whatever and when you find some girl you want to marry for real, divorce and marry her

tbh you're going to have to choose. "fun" places attract shit people. That's just how it is.

My strong suspicion is op is a troll. He seems intelligent, yet hasn't done any research toward his goal?! And asks the question here?! I have reported it as a troll post.

States like Cali, Oregon, Washington have higher taxes, and Dem leaders, but the views are always gorgeous. If you're okay with the "beach" being the great lakes, then the Michigan area is an option too. If your partner is in the New England area (and you mean partner as in lover, etc) it'd be better to just marry them and go live there while you get yourself acclimated. If you want weather similar to England, aim for somewhere around Pennsylvania. If you want a warmer area to be able to tend to different crops, go south east.

TBH once you get "in" to the United States, moving anywhere is not difficult at all, so you should focus on getting in first.

Problem is so many of them are leftists. Maybe it's just the ones I've come across, but I think I've yet to meet one who recognizes what's going on in the UK for what it is.

It has really accelerated, yeah, especially since the media really got behind it.

Don't trip in your skirt, faggot.

>Government is (((mafia)))-tier nanny state
That's true for the US as well, although there are still some parts where land is cheap.

That's pretty much the only thing that your move will improve.

Take a look at New England

New Hampshire and Wisconsin have some of least restrictive laws and lowest taxes, especially in rural areas.

Northern states, the colder the better. Vermont, Maine, NH, Wisconsin, etc.
New England has lots of people with british ancestry. Some germans, some french-canadians and some irish, not much else. Look it up.

I second this, OP. Massachusetts native here, New Hampshire is the white mans heaven.

Don't fall for the "le assachusetts is a nice place to live" meme, its kiked as bad as California and the job economy is spiraling down the drain due to taxes.

Running from your country makes you the same as the totally refugees from syria.

No and No

I own 200 acres of farm land in California. All the good fertile land you are after in Cali is not for sale, and no one is really going to be selling right now. Land in California is just worth way too much, you can practically grow any crop successfully here. Way north Cali you may be able to find some land but it will be very remote with no utilities. I honestly would not recommend you move here. Head further north to Oregon or Idaho. Both states are beautiful and much more free.

If you are willing to work your ass off with landscaping and really establish your self at it that is a great path to making your first million. You will have control over your workload too which is such an important thing to have. Honestly it’s good you are interested in landscaping that’s a really solid career path in America.


If you get deported it will probably include prohibition from entering again possibly forever. It might make more sense to have two "vacation" homes, one in the US, and move back and forth often enough to be a permanent (but legal) tourist.

convenient access to Detroit.

Ignore this likely Illinois troll.

Thatś no longer true In the age of weather warfare. The future won't be like the past and California may turn into a man-made desert. Buy cheap land with high groundwater levels and accessible water reservoirs nearby.

Being a tourist and having a second home in the US doesn't allow you to legally work here. The black market is still small, so OP would have to work really shitty jobs.

how is asking for opinions from people whose opinion you trust not research?

The way I view it if you are only considering moving east coast or Pacific Northwest, (two completely different areas) these are the only states you should consider.

East Coast
Personally know very little about the east coast, only been to Vermont.
-Vermont. 95%+ white. Beautiful state, homesteading (which is what it sounds like you want to do) is very supported. It’s also a very pro gun state.
-Maine 95% + white. Maine is also very lowly populated for a state of its size which is a good thing.

Pacific Northwest

-Oregon. You want to avoid Portland. You want to look for places in Southern Oregon. It’s very rural there and lowly populated. You could reasonably find some acres to live on there. Southern Oregon has a very pro freedom culture there. Tons of outdoor stuff to do. That area of Oregon is also trying to separate into its own state. If you want to be closer to a city, Eugene and Salem are not bad.

-California. Avoid like the plague. Even if you go to crescent city or something very far north there still is a strong gun culture pro freedom culture but it’s not worth it. Cali charges state taxes which they will literally use your money to help pay for more jungle goblins to move here illegally. Fuck my state.

-Washington. Beautiful, but avoid. It’s too far gone like California.

Just stick to East Washington

The US has guaranteed freedom of speech.
In the UK people have gone to prison for hurting peoples feeligns on twitter.

Its admirable to stay in your home country and fix things. But its very difficult when your not even allowed to talk about the problems let alone fix things.
At least in the US you can complain about how you are being shat on from a great height.

Thought long and hard when I left California about where I would go. Considered Oregon, North Idaho, Carolinas, Arizona, and Texas.

Texas seems to just be unbeatable, so that's what I chose. Sea nearby. Caribbean a short flight away. Rains, no water problems. Demographics stable, border wall being built.

Low cost of living and no state income tax…

Farmers in Cali have such a lock on water rights though. The farming lobby in California is massive and probably the largest in the country. As completely beyond cucked California is on practically everything when it comes to water regulations they have practically none because farmers have so successfully lobbied and gotten their way. Huge reason California keeps having severe droughts is because farmers can take as much water as the want for practically free. That and LA which should have never even existed pulls all the water from the state to house probably the worst examples of humans beings in the planet. If LA got nuked it would be such a huge positive for not just America but the world.

Ok. Well she's my wife in all senses but their laws. Some countries allow partner immigration for people who have co-habited for more than 3 years or so, hopefully the states anons are suggesting have something like that. You can always do shit like get a work visa for 2 years and then re-apply until you've been living and working in the country for more than 5 years.

What would you have told a Russian in 1918? That's the direction this country's going in, and the government has all the guns. Not to mention 80% of the population completely support everything going on, any resistance is "omg the government are ebil capitalists, we need communism now!". There is no point fighting 'for my people'. See the OP pics. I descend from Viking settlers, my people are right-thinking Europeans, wherever they are in the world. We have a better chance if we consolidate.

Yes. You can say 'I believe in gun rights' without everyone around you thinking you're a nutter and ostracising you. You have freedom of speech and guns. You have no idea how placated and reliant on the state British people have become. Imagine living in LA, except that's your entire country. Right-wingers here are too rare; neocon tier, or cuckchan tier redpilled at best. I don't know a single person I would call redpilled apart from my brother.

This is the start of my research. Better to get some easy suggestions from redpilled people than start by trawling through and comparing data on every state. Especially when most articles on emigration start with "20 most liberal places to live in Diversica!" or words to that effect.

How is moving somewhere better "running away"? There's no war to fight here. This country belongs to the nu-aristocrats, as do the minds of the population. Maybe I'll come back far in the future. Reminder all of your ancestors "ran away" from Europe by this definition.


Thanks, most likely places for further research would seem to be South Oregon and NH.

I was basing it heavily on gun rights, and o believe all of Washington just got rid of private sales. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

If you are thinking South Oregon, look at a town called Cave Junction. Very small town and really close to the Cali border. The town is beautiful and surrounded by wooded mountains, and you are also extremely close to 5 different and really important American rivers. You could find some really sweet undeveloped land there.

Sweet, thanks for the tip. Sounds just like where I'm living now.

irish american much?


Well said.
To the hybrid bong:
Have you and your good lady discussed having children? I wouldn't object to you leaving but for the love of this country that provides you with a relative safety get her to drop a child or two (3 will do). Unlike the other other user I won't call you a faggot for having dreams and aspirations but think about starting a family for fucks sake before she becomes baron. Cheers.

Yeah that's kind of why I need advice on moving to a free country.

Very interesting.
My immediate ancestors died fighting voluntarily, under German command, in an attempt to defend Europe. I'm not gonna piss all over that legacy by running away, just because a lot of people my country is now stumbling in the (((fog)))

That's just fucking ridiculous and you know it.
I'm a father to two boys and we won't fucking run.
This our home. This our fight.
What's stopping you from going back home to Norway? Apologies if I've already skipped your explanation.

Sounds like we would be lucky to have you. Have you ever wanted to legally own a grenade launcher, or, basically any gun for that matter? You should look into Tarrant County in Northern Texas.

Midwest is god-tier. Go to Montana.


the whole planet and universe belongs to whites so no one can 'run away', your duties and responsibilities to your race never end once you become aware of them
so yes, move to a place where you can have as many children as you can and mohomo can't just walk in and rape them and then sue you for not rimming his arsehole while he murdered your wife
a place where it is legal to own guns, sure why not
it is a pain to illegally acquire guns, and not something you want to be wondering about when starting a family

Come to Texas and help us slaughter the mexicans and build the wall.

Come to florida, were notorious for our gun and knife laws, we have fantastic beaches, no big cities in the gulf, but tons of richfags. Destin is primo for contractors, theres no shortage of jobs.

We also have a fair deal of euro grocers and restaurants, so you dont miss anything.

Yeah, emotion is not an argument. You can stay and 'fight' if you want, with no weapons, no free speech and probably more than 90% of the population against you. Let me know how that goes, if they give you internet in the reeducation camps. I'm going to join and support what I see as the best bastion of freedom there is left. My people have always migrated and settled new places, what part of the concept of "Britain" is it that you think I should be so attached to?

I'm not from Norway, my family have lived in Britain since they settled here from Scandinavia in the 900's.

This. I'm trying to maximise my freedom, security and reproductive potential. America is obviously the best place for this.

I like Florida but not sure I want to get hurricaned. Also I'd miss snow


Hurricanes are only threatening to niggers, but i understand the snow thing.

It makes more sense for like minded people to join together and live in the same state/country. There’s no point in staying and fighting an unwinable battle. You regroup, recover and then reconquer.
Any red pilled person living in the UK that is even remotely thinking of moving to America should absolutely do it. We could use the help.


Yeah waste your life in jail for tweeting a mean word that’ll show them. Fuck moving to a 90% + white state and buying guns and land to raise a heathy red pilled white family on. For fucksake that’s just basic common sense and basic tactics. Whites are more successful unified then splintered and wasting away in a nanny state hellhole like the UK. Do you even have any idea the time it would take to fix from the inside by staying and “fighting?”

I would keep these maps in mind also. MA is expensive, but still very white and slowly increasing standard of living in the central and western part of the state. I would still recommend ME or living NH and working in MA for the higher income. You could also try one of the more inland or southern state, but you might realistically help flip NH or ME during elections.

Okeedoke, reported now.



Reported for kike propaganda.

I second this, avoid Houston, FT. Worth, Dallas, big cities with bad traffic and niggers. Austin is more white leftists but it's not that bad, unless you don't like a high price of living and even worse traffic. Avoid big cities in general if you come to the US, unless you have some mass fliering planned.

Also we have great gun laws.


Could you try moving to finland? I'm sure there are better alternatives to moving across an ocean.

Ignore the shills.

UK is lost, but doesn’t mean it can’t be retaken. That won’t happen through holdouts risking jail for sending a tweet. You do more harm staying in UK and giving them your taxes, they still depend on working class whites mindlessly slaving away to make sure the nanny state all gets funded. UK would need to seriously collapse before it can be retaken, the sooner it all falls apart there the better.


I'd rather not be between Russia and the EU, and moving across an ocean is quite easy. Much easier than learning Finnish, anyway.

Thankyou. My autism makes me need to see them refuted, but it gets tedious.

This. The plan is long term. Raise a big family in a safer place. Who knows what the world will look like in 100 years? I want my grandkids to have a good base. I believe the UK will fall under its own weight fairly soon, so any effort fighting it is wasted regardless of where I am. Maybe one day me or my descendants will stand where I was born and say "we have returned". But it's more important to make sure we survive and thrive as a people in a strong place than to stay scattered for the sake of nostalgia about muh lands and fizzle out.

Stay the fuck where you came from. You have strong ancestral ties to UK. Not the USA.

I doubt that very much. And even if co-habiting were enough for legal residence then that residence would come with all the strings attached that you think you're avoiding without a state-recognized marriage. Immigration is up to Washington, not the states (CA sanctuary statehood notwithstanding).

Confirm for yourself but my guess is your best option is a marriage-license along with a carefully-drafted prenup.

I doubt that. Work visa requires a sponsoring employer, which you lack if you're self-employed. You might be able to incorporate your business and have that corporation be your sponsor, the legal fees would make staying put relatively more advantageous.

My free advice is to pay a lawyer for an airtight prenuptual agreement and be officially married at least until you get citizenship. Other than that you'd need to be employed by a US company or student and those are worse for getting citizenship.


Same here it’s hard for me not to calll them out.

Exactly. We need to be thinking big picture, and long term. It’s more important for you to raise a family that can thrive and truly have the best shot at a good life. Also, traveling to new lands is literally built into your blood.

What about central/eastern europe? Possibly no immigration complications, legal gun ownership, dirt-cheap realestate, whiter than USA, minimal societal POZ.

Good job on that reading comprehension.


I wonder why this is getting shilled. I guess they don't want us to consolidate. Stay divided and conquered.

And the solution is obviously to let them keep it, while taking other peoples soil for yourself.

Oregon user here. Feel free to ask me questions. There's a good amount of beaners in Portland and it's suburbs, but Portland is still the whitest big city in America. There's also almost zero niggers in Oregon, thankfully. I personally wouldn't live in Portland. It's filled with homeless people, degenerates, and leftists. It's also soyboy central. You can't walk around without spotting a pack of soyboys. There's a lot of nice small rural towns and areas to live in though. Oregon has a beautiful countryside and amazing forests. Again, feel free to ask me anything about Oregon.

I personally would suggest living somewhere in the Midwest if you want to live in a more rural area. The Midwest is the whitest area in America due to its weather. The winters are typically very cold and the summers are typically very hot if you can handle that. But places in Eastern Iowa such as Bettendorf, Davenport. And Eldridge are extremely nice, small, and very white. They're perfect for raising a family.

Anyways user, good luck finding someplace to live. Let's hope we can one day retake our countries from (((them))),

Contemplate the following:
1. Save Britain
2. Norway
3. Stop being an insufferable flagrant homosexual

Everyone needs to.go back.
Salvadorans go back, Mexicans go back homosexual Camel sheppards go BACK


Leaving your country in it's time of need should be punished with death

reported for flagrant hompsexuality, slide and betrayal of homeland.

Notice the thread subject:


Your only Schlomo/soymaster is, we're not running.
We're coming for you

Disregard this, this is bait or advise from someone who lives in some yuppie bubble. Landscaping is an oversaturated market ran by hardworking men of low intelligence. Which are a dime a dozen.

There is no way to make millions in landscaping unless you have inherited the wealth for the equipment you would need to land large scale contracts.

It doesn't matter how well you establish yourself. Those with wealth will grab the top jobs. And those who cheat and utilize hordes of illegals will eat up the shit jobs. If you come over here with experience but little to no capital, expect to make a lower middle-class income for quite some time. A truck or two with a couple fancy wide riding lawnmowers and a few gas weed whips isn't going to make you a quick million or whatever.

You are going to need to own a fleet of excavating machinery to get anywhere, and that's going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and if you rent them, you won't win bids, so good luck.

Nothing against this line of work, just the idea that you will become a millionaire in short order by working hard at landscaping is utterly ridiculous.

That is your problem right there.

You better hide

What you actually meant is left flight.
Finally you are beginning to understand.

Next time try not to be so obvious.
Nigger the only one who's going to do running is you


gullible faggots who genuinely replied to this thread:
-right flight

Intriguing how this has attracted so many shills and now a bot.

Thanks user. I'm long past wanting to live near a city. I'd ideally be looking for land on the outskirts of a small town, in forested/hilly areas and within reach of the beach. My main questions would be about the climate, being a grower. And are there many rich households in/around the smaller towns? I wouldn't want to live in the Midwest just because I belong near the sea. Thanks for the suggestion though.

It's the same thing here. My USP is my plants expertise. I'm really more of a gardener and garden designer than a hard landscaper. The place I trained has "Royal" in the name which in my experience normal Americans love and would associate with class. My business model is becoming a trusted specialist gardener/designer for wealthy estates. I don't need to make millions, just supplementary income for the smallholding I plan to set up.

Second everything said in this post. It is very tough living in the northern US. Not to try to discourage you; it can be done, but you'll face huge disadvantages if you try to do it the right way. Most successful landscapers are crooks and traitors to their country(men) in my experience.

I swear to you brothers some of you are blind deaf and stupid.
Update your fucking shilldar

user we are literally one supreme court justice away from the entire bill of rights being stripped away. With Trump we MIGHT have staved it off for a decade or so but as soon as the dems can pack the court we will have our gun rights stripped down to muh hunting rifles and they will uphold every "hate speech" law a kike can come up with. Honestly the UK is still way more huwhite % wise. I've lived all over the US and 20 years ago there were dozens of nice places to settle down and build a family. Now that I just had my first kid and am looking to buy a house in one of the few remaining all white areas I am terrified of the area being invaded by shitskins. Obama literally targeted white areas for shitskin invasion and they were quite effective. My hometown which was 99% white 10 years ago is now filled with pajeets, chinks and niggers.

Oops, your kikery was exposed. Kill yourself.

In the past shills just annoyed me, or were nothing. But now I understand why people find you funny.

And eveyone going to America is the way to make things better, right?
If it gone now, dose that mean Germany, France, Italy are also gone, as they are in the same situation. Should we all move to the US?

Realistically, we are in good shape for judges in the future. It’s likely RBG will finally die during one of trump’s terms and he has already gotten to appoint more federal judges than any previous president or something like that. Just fingers crossed she takes a dirt nap soon and it’ll be stacked right wing for decades.

Doesn’t have to be America, just any highly white controlled area with access to guns and a good economy is where we should focus on building families and growing. Could be Poland, Czechoslovakia, or the fucking State of Jefferson. My only arguement was it makes more sense for likeminded whites to unify in areas with higher levels of economic and personal freedom than to suffer and help support a cucked state such as the UK.

The highest percentage of whites per shitskin IS in Europe including west Europe including The British Isles.

The claim that its lost is a deceitful one, your trying to perpetuate that claim in the hope it demoralizes and blinds our people of the fact Europe ia still ours. Fighting here would we would have overwhelming superiority.
The only think that will change that is white flight, the same thing you dirtiy scoundrels peddle.
I belive in my people, to do the right thing.

Then just call her your woman. Partner is fucking gay.

Who the fuck are you defining as "we"? There is a tiny minority of vaguely redpilled people in Europe. Who is going to fight? There's probably less than 200 Brits on 8/pol/. The mainstream right wing in Britain are scared of guns, pro gay marriage and pro diversity. And they're still demonised by all media as evil right-wingers. Groups like National Action are banned as terrorists for having illegal opinions, and that's that. No chance of a political party forming to counter the cultural Marxism. A violent revolution would be stamped out. The system has to fail before it can be rebuilt, and it will fail under its own weight. No need to fight it, and as it's not a safe environment to raise children, no need to stay. We can come back and clean up in 50 years when it's collapsed.

I do call her my woman. I was specifying her as my partner.

Make sure you consider the demographics (both white/non-white and which white nationalities, you should consider more British areas like New England and Appalachia), the gun laws (and self-defense laws; Castle Law is the right to defend yourself in your home, Stand Your Ground Law is the right to defend yourself in public), and the economy. I would have to say Kentucky or Tennessee, tbh.
Of course not, the entire territorial extent of California is subject to California's laws. It's absolute cancer.
Some say it's not bad, but the gun laws are poised to be kiked soon (or maybe I'm thinking of Washington?). Personally, I say fuck the Pacific Northwest, it's a meme, there's urban metropolises that determine the politics like Seattle, Portland, Salem, etc.

Best states to live in would be New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, the Dakotas, and Appalachia in general.

Meet a German-American girl online and get married. Then you'll be a citizen. Don't be a nigger.

Also, it is my understanding that the general sentiment among German nationalists is that 'you can leave, but if you come back, we'll put you to a wall'. Why not just move to former East Germany, like Saxony?

Fuck no, it's garbage, bunch of Clinton loverers, every time I go to MA I see nothing but muds and even the whites there tend to be libshits (no offense to based Massfags but this is my honest opinion based on experience). I knew this one guy from Massachusetts (of Dutch descent) that dated and impregnated a hideous negress.

t. RI (sucks too but not quite as bad as MA)

I do hear good things about the water in Michigan

Yeah, they're mistaken if they think the USA is a based right-wing paradise just because Trump won. It's not, and it's getting worse. I don't think Trump will get reelected unless he does something extreme, which is what I hope for.

See the point I made about northern California. You don't want to live within the boundaries of a pozzed state, even a relatively nice part of it, because you'll still be equally subject to the laws.

There's not many Germans, but there's lots of Italians. German-Americans are moreso in the Midwest, not New England.

Really? That's pleasant to read. I'm rather fond of Texas, if it wasn't for all the beaners I'd consider moving there. The sheer size of the place would absolutely blow my mind since I'm so used to the opposite. I like the accent too.

I care deeply about preserving the indigenous British population, but plenty of Americans have British ancestry too. A plurality of whites, in fact. We do speak English for a reason, you know.

Italians are pretty right-wing, especially in the north. There's lots of niggers now, since the rapefugee crisis, but I'm fairly sure they're getting very angry about it. The same can't be said to the same extent of Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

How is this even possible after all the shit that's happened? Literally millions of moslems and niggers flooding in in a couple years, mass-rapes in the streets, weekly terrorist attacks, pakistani rape gangs, albanian kidnapping/drug gangs, etc. Meanwhile in America, "too many illegals, niggers kneeling during football, gay wedding cakes" and people are pissed?

Anti-immigrant sentiment is there and rising. But it's generally Sargon-of-Akkad tier 'fix the symptoms not the cause', civic nationalist level. They are angry about a lot of things, but won't (or can't) do anything, thinking they'll have a choice in the next election. Look at National Action. They basically paraded around waving flags and said some anti-muslim stuff, then got listed as a terror organisation. They could have become a political party, but no, the government has decided their opinions are illegal and so they've made peaceful change impossible. There won't be an uprising either as it would be unarmed, unpopular and very few in number. We are brainwashed on the level of Germany and Sweden.

Fuck your defeatist attitude.

I'm not defeated. My people aren't defeated. But the nation that was England was defeated before WW2. No point staying here. I'll come and claim it back one day, or my children will.

Same goes for everyone bitching about their country abandoning it in it's hour of need.

Oh you get 1500€ per month in middle of Molenbeek? Hamburg? Frankfurt
Good but you're not welcome back

I won't say I hate people who leave their country for money. But once you leave you aren't welcome back.
No such thing under the sun as being free on the motherland your forefathers fought for and gave you custody of to preserve to the new generation

We welcome you to Tejas.

Imho you want to be somewhere

1) South / South West / Appalachia: East Texas, Texas Panhandle, Texas Hill Country, Oklahoma, Florida (panhandle), Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arizona

>Government is (((mafia)))-tier nanny state
Texas State Senate is by far and away the most protective of your rights. they meet every other year for ~4 months. Most states listed above will be similarly beneficial in terms of your rights.

Kill Kikes. Kill Nigs.

Guns. See above, 'Free Speech''

Texas house prices are rising because of massive emigration from within the US to Texas, as lefty shitholes destroy the country - but this is mostly only occurring around big cities. Moreover, Texas and the American Southwest are the only places you will really be able to live "Off-Grid"

Must be south. Sorry California / Oregon do not have this. neither will up along the Eastern Seaboard. This will almost always conflict with nearby big cities criteria

See above. This is gong to be more or less a case by case basis.

I think you are probably S. O. L here. Maybe Flordia would be the Exception. Texas has a coast but it will be 6+ hours to the beautiful parts of that coast from anyplace you want to live plus the farther south you get the browner it gets The upshot is Texas has beautiful springs, rivers and lakes. Florida has a few of the worlds most pure water springs as well, but there are a lot fewer than Texas provides.

Other non poz'd states with no state income tax include Florida, Wyoming and Texas. Gun laws follow this pretty closely.

Also, this is why I left other southern states out of this list (Alabama, Missippi, Louisana, all full of nigs) Sorry to my other Deep Southern / Cajun polacks - but you know its true

2) Northern California / Orgeon - Extraordinarily Beautiful Unfortunately this conflicts with the following criteria:

Maybe far out West, but still conflicting with the following:

Just 1 large city, so you are either nearby it, or you are…

Sorry, see above.

You actually get this one - worth it? hell no.





>Government is (((mafia)))-tier nanny state


Sorry. Oregon might be okay IDK



Hope that helps

t. Proud White American.

I want to say: But I also Don't want you to be permanently banned from the US - and I would like to see you in a position where you can grow and thrive, (ie live forthright and honestly with no fear of the government and in concert with the nation's laws)

Best plan if you are serious is to go to Canada, get citizenship there then immigrate here. It's easy as shit to get Canadian citizenship, and easy as fuck to get US citizenship if you are a Canadian citizenship. The process just takes a little longer.

The question is are you willing to get through pic related to get to pic related?


I saw some anons mentioning different states. I'm already in the US and was thinking of moving. I considered NH but after the very cold winter we've had so far I'm rethinking it. Maybe TN, somewhere down south but not too far down.

And why the fuck is this thread bumplocked?

I would recommend Washington state to you; it has very defined seasons - cold/rainy winters and sunny/warm summers.

There is no state income tax in Washington either. Oregon is fairly bad when it comes to taxes.

You aren't far away from Canada if you want to visit, and Oregon can be a short drive too.

I would stay away from Seattle suburbs as many people are moving there, so the increase in cost of living has risen greatly.

I recommend a little north of Vancouver, WA, but a little south of Tacoma, WA. You will be in between Portland, Oregon and Seattle. So, if you do want have access to a large city without having to live in one, it's only a 1-2 hour drive.

I've lived in Oregon and Washington my whole life and the NW is a great place to live.

Dude, come to Kentucky. It's south but not too south. Just avoid the major cities, too many niggers and crime. I live in the country, and it's based as fuck. I welcome all pollacks to move here.

partner denotes equal status
you are her superior so cannot be her partner
words have power to shape behaviour
be careful you don't end up cucked because she sees herself as your equal

Eat shit faggot.
Unless you're a kike, of course.

Sure. Alaska might be your thing.
All the lower 48 too costly for the rainforest.
Canada is Religion of Cuck™ stronkhold.