Redpilling normies by gore. Is this successful tactic? Im about to drop cartel beheadings on one leftie forum

Redpilling normies by gore. Is this successful tactic? Im about to drop cartel beheadings on one leftie forum.

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Should you care? At worst you ruin some commies' day.

normies don't care what happens to spic in mexico even if you tell them people are dying so they can have their weed

you should make OC gore of yourself


Most of them will close the video/page instantly but you might get someone curious enough to watch the whole thing.


It's a stupid tactic. You're far more likely to get unsuspecting normies with something like pic related.

Sage because this should be in QTDDTOT… Unless you're sliding, which is also possible.

That image has never redpilled anyone.

Only if you drop the worst stuff.

That's damn brutal


Spics 4 u

Ive successfully posted images like that on cargo cult and it gets them reading enough, worked on me.

Make videoblends. For example have the video start with a clip of shit like rick and morty which suddenly switches to vid related coupled with a lefty platitude like "regardless of our differences we are all the same" or "in diversity lies beauty and strength" or something. A nigger gore rick-roll, basically.

Jesus spoiler that shit.

Only with animals. Decades of Hollywood has conditioned us to treat human suffering with nowhere near the same sympathy and empathy.

Good point. Use animal gore. There just happens to be plenty of footage featuring niggers, chinks, spics, and other subhumans brutalizing animals.

Don't know if that's a spic, but it's definitely a kike.

for gore to work as a redpill, you have to clearly explain the motivations and goals of the participants before you show what happens in the gore images
example: "in the next pic, we will see a local drug warboss trying to harden a rookie by making him do the work, reinforce his position in the eyes of his other employees as the locally meanest badass, sending a message to his competitors that the border should be one street further this way, and getting rid of somedude who was a pain in the ass of the local lawfuly elected mayor who was rented as today's corrupt official, all to keep control of the land where he makes an X$millions profit per month by circulating drugs"
and then you show the crappy movie of a screaming guy being dismembered and having the skin of his face peeled off

explained like that, normies can't help but keep looking, and the message they get is whatever analysis you write afterwards, because their morbid curiosity pushes them to try to make sense of what they see

if you stay composed, write in a normie-friendly tone and don't yell catchphrases that normies are conditioned to reject (like GTKRWN or other racist insults) they will arrive at these insults themselves in their own heads, and will be redpilled bigly


She got attacked by a pitbull. The video below that one, that´s brutal.


Dont forget to include footage of the yearly Jewish ceremony of slitting chickens throats then throwing them in the trash. I remember seeing a goodvideo about that where a youngish couple saved one and nursed it back to health. People eat things like that right up.

Aren’t you the same yid who tries to always SHUT IT DOWN with goreposting?

People already know who you are because you like to do it on namefag forums.

Are you the same schizo poster?

This is a Bureau-approved tip.