Shit is happening

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The opposite, in fact.

Shameless self kike free

We have a thread already, though.

That was the meme thread not the actual happening, though.

Fucking Mitch McConnell was a superstar tonight though, while Schumer came off as a weaselly Jew trying to claim the dog ate his homework.

This is getting slid

Btw the last government shutdown cost the US government $1,500,000,000 a day ($24 billion divided by 16 days). That's going to be $1,500,000,000 a day loss over the demands for 800,000 non-citizens.

To put into further perspective, there are 9 million American children whose health care is now in jeopardy in favor of 800,000 illegal immigrants.

The cunts couldn't even give them 30 days. They shouldn't get 30 before Trump's gallows.

These fucking traitorous liberals shit down the gov't and kick back pat themselves on the back and continue to get money while blocking 1.3 million other govt employees from being paid all because they believe in magic dirt but no borders, all whilst the largest fucking scandal in D.C. is erupting without a mention at all. Alphabets, if you don't do your jobs well do it for you, it's getting down to the wire here.

Does McCain ever stop cucking?


It would be a sight to behold out at the mall. A line of people on both sides watching as Trump has the bastards led to their doom. Leave them dangling in the wind as a warning for the next batch.

The left don't care about a few million starving white devils.

Do we get to deduct 1/365.25 of our annual taxes for each day the government isn't providing services?

Given this, why bother trying to make a deal with the democrats then? Can't they be steam-rolled and ignored on shit? I thought the filibuster was dead.

And if the admin is willing to take advantage of this he can put a full stop to the fed portion of gibs which will cause all kinds of havoc with state funds etc. and the chimpouts in the lib hives can begin in earnest.

Ok so now what? I hope there will be riots by the commies in some way so we can go red hunting, but I doubt that will happen.

Services will be shutdown among other things

Any lists? I'm still not sure the implications of this.

I'm still getting mine. I might just have to go buy a new fun with the next check. kek.


Didn't mean to sage. :^)

Fairly certain he's dead and they just make excuses for him now

Rolling for full shutdown. Do it you spineless worthless faggots for once in your miserable political existence give us a permanent shutdown!

Take my neetbux I'm ready.



In the US Senate, there is a majority (51 votes or 50 plus the Vice President) and a supermajority (60 votes or 60 plus the Vice President). Any bill that increases the deficit after a period of 10 years requires a supermajority in order to pass. So any US budget needs a supermajority to pass. The supermajority rule in the Senate is why the recent tax cuts for the middle class aren't (yet) permanent. By making tax cuts for individuals expire in less than ten years, they were able to pass the entire tax package with only a simple majority. Congress can then just vote to extend the tax cuts every 8 years or so until they get the supermajority required to make them permanent.

The Democrats are banking on the civic illiteracy of their voting base to pin the blame on Republicans for political gain. Since many people don't know about the majority/supermajority shit in the Senate. Republicans are hoping the left's refusal to vote for the temporary extension (the one that failed in the Senate 50-29) means their opponents will take the blame. Ultimately, it will come down to whichever side's voters flinch first. I think it's a fight the Democrats will lose. Republican Congressmen are framing this as being tough on illegals, a willingness to stand for their principles, and accusing the other side of shafting military families; it's something their base will appreciate in an election year.


We haven't made enough progress on that base.


most of the shit that gets shut down is totally ancillary. sometimes certain functions (eg. certain subsidy payments) are late due to the minimal bureaucratic staff, but that's about it

Sarcasm or not that's apt
Nogs rely on public healthcare so they're fucked

Is it happening?

These Reddit tier memes need to go back. They're such low effort pieces of shit that aren't funny. You'd be better having just green texted that faggot.

The ironic part is that the democrats care more about DACA funding than CHIP which they and king nigger promoted. Especially that this provided insurance to the legal immigrant children.
Maybe this part can be used against them especially their image.

Are you really fucking saying that a bunch of government "worker" parasites not getting their fat paychecks for doing almost nothing is a good thing? You're a fucking retard mate, neck yourself

bad thing* I'm tired



Why are you so mad, are you another government worshiping normalfag drone? This place has a concerning number of those lately

Trump's admin is already ahead of that narrative and has no problem pushing it in. Vid related.

Make it a permanent shutdown, rolling for nukes.

Unless something has changed since 2013, the USDA still has no reserves to fund SNAP (food stamps/EBT cards) in a shutdown. The USDA has already stopped updating their website ( ).

The solvent States will pull money from somewhere to keep the black kids from getting angry. But Illinois and NJ are essentially bankrupt. This could lead to the mother of all chimpouts when Jamal and his momma go to they Walmarts and aint no damn money on that EBT shit to buy them Doritos and shit.

It's like watching them tie their own nooses in real time. Shutting down the government for the express benefit of criminal aliens is about as terrible PR as it can get. Not even their propaganda apparatus can spin them out of this one, not when their own party is divided between loud, demanding wetbacks and an increasingly alienated middle class voter base.

But its the middle of winter.

Don't forget we have living in the street in progressive commeformia

We're still likely to be treated to an exceptionally rare and comfy winter chimpout. I just hope we get nice livestreams, preferably from Chicago as they deserve it so much.

Who's ready for the comfy happening of our times?



I doubt that will make a difference when niggers, who are accustomed to hour plus police response times on misdemeanors and some felonies, are also starving.

Tbh though most states, even bankrupt ones can probably pull something together for a few weeks as even the jewiest of politicians know what is coming. SNAP is not the full picture of food assistance in the united states. If I recall, states themselves provide almost half the funding out right for food assistance/welfare at a state/local level through different programs.

I'm not saying its not going to happen, I hope to god it will, but I think it will be limited to areas that are already so shitty their reputation couldn't get any worse (Detroit, Chiraq, camden ect ect)

When can we seriously start killing these people

The democrats are so disgusting. Trump was naively kind and gave them a 6 month delay on DACA. Instead of trying to make a proper deal they chose to sabotage the entire country until they get what they want. But better yet, they want to blame it on Trump. The GOP may be the ruling party, but it's obvious that the democrats caused this shutdown. They caused a shutdown over 800,000 Mexican illegals. Why have they never shut down the government to do what they think will help actual Americans? These slimey kikes are attempting to sabotage the economy (a shut down costs about 1.5 billion a day) thinking they can negate the fact that the DOW has gone up 7,000 points since Trump took office a year ago. We need to stop playing fair, stop playing by the rules, and stop treating our people's enemies as anything other than a pest to be exterminated.

Really? What did McConnel do? I'll give credit where it's due, and he certainly has a lot of responsibility in this issue, however, he's a notorious neoconservative.

It's 3.6 million now. Funny how we only learn the true number when traitors are on the verge of giving them citizenship.

I'm sure it was just a simple miscalculation!


Don't be heartless, user. Surely we can afford to give amnesty to 10 million Mexicans. Those 20 million new citizens would do all the jobs Americans won't. How could you ever pass up a chance for 30 million more taxpaying citizens?


its like a meme that writes itself, but its not funny and needs to go back to mexico



I wonder when nogs will start rioting when they dont get their gibs

not a mod in the world on cuckchan

gov shuts down mods disappear..

What just one pissed off black teen can do when her EBT card doesn't work:

I'd say that Chicaco starts to burn one week after the cards stop working.

really makes you think

They blame Republicans when they know they want to support illegal immigrants over citizens. Literally trying to kill the country.

I’d feed McConnell to those dogs after they had their share of Schumer.

He's right though, It's not funny at all.
It just points out something that is extremely obvious without having any humor attached to it.
It is indeed, reddit-tier. That is to say, it might make a completely retarded drone think about something for once in their miserable little existence but they will just move on and forget.
It doesn't resonate at all.

Honestly this whole thing looks like a bunch of nothing.
The only relevant thing is that Trump and Republicans are actually using good framing and punching back for once.
Dems look like they will be taking the blame for this even with the MSM/Social media shilling for them.

These people don't even know what the president does

take my power

Chimpango turns into a jungle.
All the place needs is a white Rambo with M60

go read CAD




I'm ready for Planet of the Apes in 3D

75% of Americans can't name the 3 branches of government.

universal suffrage was such a huge fucking mistake.

so we haven't won yet

It really amazes me how uninformed the general populace is. I think it is because I came from intellectual household with intellectual habits and went to a decent public school in an nice suburb. Later I found out where I lived had a lot of meth labs hiding out in it. Is it really bad education system or no one paid attention in school?

ok can someone explain to me how the government shutting down costs any money

isnt that the fucking point of shutting it down in the first place

Anyone who knows anything about the democucks can predict what they'll do with 100% accuracy. If you're surprised by their behavior then you really haven't been paying attention to the way they work at all. This was all a setup by the Trump administration and the dems fell for it hook, line, and sinker every step of the way. Yes, it's obvious they shutdown the government and fucked over some Americans over for muh illegal beaners.Now they're REALLY going to be fucked in the midterms.

Just as expected. The best part is, they didn't even want a shutdown. It was all a bluff. They actually thought Trump and the GOP would cave in and hand them DACA amnesty on a silver platter. They're so used to republicans being spineless controlled opposition it never occurred to them their bluff would be called, and the democrats would be allowed to royally fuck up. No last minute deals. No deferring the vote for later. They made an empty thread to shut down the government and Trump stood back and let them actually do it to their own horror.

Naive? Hah.

I went to school in the ghetto. I had an agriculture class in 11th grade. Turns out it's the "Easy A Science class" for niggers. We had a total of 3 assignments all year, spent every day watching The Price is Right on the TV, and the final exam was 5 questions long, finishing with the question "What color is the teacher's shirt." The teacher that was in fact a gym teacher who had picked up a spare period. He sold snacks out of a little black market setup he had set up.

The following year the class average in my Marine Biology class was 4% because the teacher, also a gym teacher, would 'lose' the assignments of the few of us that did work.

It's honestly both.

Had the same thing at our school back in the 90s. Once asked why the P.E. "teacher" was trying to teach real classes when he wasn't a real teacher and was suspended.

This. They were trapped into a lose-lose situation.
Once at the point of no return, they could only either shut it down and piss off normalfags and risk a potential EBT chimping shitshow, yet not shutting it down would piss off their base show weakness for pussying out before Republicans and highly damage their "we fight corrupt drumpf to the bitter end" narrative.
Trump is forcing them to play the same tune they had at the election period and gives them no option to step back, all they can do is double down and fuck up in the process.

Anyone who graduated high school had to pass a course on government. Later, most people just forgot the basics because it wasn't important to them. Yet they all think they're qualified to vote. Voting should require a license issued after passing a comprehensive civics test every 5 years.

Only white men should be allowed to vote.

Too corruptable, the ones who control that test would control the votes. Votes should be based on merits, for example you've paid a certain amount of taxes or served the military/police/firefighters for a certain amount of time. Only those who give merits to society should have a say in it. Qualifications ain't shit if you can't deliver results.


Forgot that. It's early.

take to twitter. tell everyone that if they support the democrats in any way, this shutdown is THEIR FAULT and if children die it is THEIR FAULT.

I know it's not good memetics (they'll probably double down and move further left), but it'll feel great.

He gave a great fucking speech, wiped the floor with the Democrats, and kept it short and simple. McConnell made it real fucking obvious whose fault the shutdown is, while Schumer followed with a whiny and condescending speech blaming it all on Trump. Neo-con or not, when somebody gives an epic speech like that, they deserve applause for it.

It's not ironic, it is purely logical that they would focus more on immiration matters.
CHIP may be a vote winner
DACA is a VOTER winner
The more immigrants that stay here, the more children that will grow up to vote democrat
The more immigrants that get sent back, the higher the ratio of conservative voters mow and in the future.
Immigration is really the ONLY issue that matters, everything else pales into insignificance.

Maybe the residual effect of Trump using his sphincter as a boot sleeve has given jellyfish man something resembling a spine.

The government still has to pay judges, active military, and certain programs. In theory, the tax income would cover enough programs and departments to have limited services to not have the government default due to lack of funds. Remember, a government can create more debt that is bought by the central bank, then sold by the bank, and some how this is allowed as the balance sheet shows the government has more money, even though it has only debt.

To answer your question, all of those programs that are shutdown would need to be repaid for the lack of funds. If the government would have to shut down completely, that would be a state of defaulting on the debt itself. The shutdown only slows the cash flow out.

There's a lot of different ways it costs money, and they all add up quickly. Here's a few examples.

And those are just a few examples of ways the government loses money during even a partial shutdown. Picture this:

Now multiply that by every department, every office, every project, every program, in every state, and you can see how it would spiral out of control very quickly.

You realize that the majority of property owners are (((white))), right?

Please shut down til the 1st, oh please great kek of Holla Forums


two equivalent statements

Most states, or those I'm aware of do not just fill up all of those gibmedat cards on the first anymore. This is due to it causing a run on grocery stores and the like. Now it's you get assigned a drop date during the month and the money shows up on said date for jamal and shaqueesha's litter to raid the local markets.

I used to work for a state processing cases, and yeah before you ask the amount of welfare abuse is huge. I hope they do riot. It'd be great.

Not a burger here:

So now that DACA has expired does that mean ICE can deport them?

How much can Trump fund or do using Executive Orders with the government shutdown?

People being dead has never stopped the dems from counting their vote, it must be something worse.


It's a fluid situation. As of a few days ago DACA renewal was resumed. New applicants, as of January, are not being processed.

I can't see clear, concise, guidelines, but I believe this means that anyone getting a renewal now, while the courts are fighting Trump, will get 3 years more. Then it's all over. It may be 2 years, though. It's changed back and forth, so I'm not sure. There definitely is no clarity here.

What I believe has happened is it's really just been at the discretion of the office (because what judge is going to interfere, and who would bring a case, anyway?)

Leftypol go home.

Good, let it stay shut down

Word on the street is he donated his burial plot to a negroid.
eternal cuckoldry


It has a nice and tight ring to it.
Just a matter of time before Trump tweets about it now.

Riots over gibs would wake up a lot of normies. They'd ask, why are they rioting?

The winter is good timing, as the negro doesn't like to be cold and would burn buildings around where they're looting in order to keep warm. More questions from the normies.

and this time there's no nigger in the WH to make it some petty mess
you'd think politicians would try harder to avoid this


Yeah McConnel did decently there, on the DOTR we'll let him move him back a couple of places in the line for this.

time for ancap paradise

I have a very hard time believing even a third of that number is for white children.

While keeping #SchumerShutdown from trending.

Twitter is 100% controlled. We ought not be concerned with it.

They really took the bait a little bit too hard in this case.

Wow, that's some retarded logic you got there, maybe if a lot of businesses would stop working, it would save them a lot of money! you fucking retard.

Sounds like you went to a better school than I. Did you have a civics course separate from other classes? Civics was rolled into US History in my high school, where it was just another thing to memorize for the test and wasn't given any special attention. We didn't even study the full founding documents. Just the "key parts" and some bare-bones history leading up to their writings.

It was a strange experience watching this knowing exactly how it was going to play out as the events were actually occurring. Cryin' Chuck actually came out of his meeting with Trump thinking the guy was trying his best to avert a shutdown. How blind do you have to be? From where I was sitting it was blatantly obvious Trump was walking the tightrope, wanting to cause the shutdown but at the same time be seen as out in front trying to stop it. He had to rail against the shutdown but not quite so much as to actually cause it not to happen. Trump could've averted this if he'd really wanted to.

The most amusing thing is that Trump is choosing to not actually shut things down like the Nigger had done, which will further draw a distinction and make it clear Obongo went out of his way to hurt the people when he didn't have to, and for purely political reasons. Smart. Further, Trump has now made the conversation about supporting the military vs. supporting illegal beaners. The military wasn't even a part of the conversation a week ago. The Dems still think they can ignore Trump, many of them still genuinely believe he's an idiot and keep getting run under as a result. This is still amusing to watch a year in.

Also I don't think anyone noticed but McCuck didn't show up for the vote due to "cancer" again.

Businesses fund themselves, government agencies are CIAniggers in suits sitting on 6 figure gibmedats siphoning money from citizens. The short term struggle is a better alternative than continuing to extend budgets and throwing money into wasteful agencies.

But sure, instead of axing useless offices lets keep them around so when the government can't pay them someone else has to. Brilliant!

And right after Twitter being exposed as a commie hellhole which does everything that it denied in the past, it still tries to double it all down and continue with their manipulation.

Malone: [talking privately in a church] You said you wanted to get Capone. Do you really wanna get him? You see what I'm saying is, what are you prepared to do?

surprised they weren't more subtle in the fucking immediate aftermath of the exposé. shades of Nov 9th 2016 lugenpresse.


teacher's unions and "no child left behind"

This place sure is moving slow with the government being shut down, far fewer shills most notably. Really makes you think.

Kill yourself.

(^: shalom goy, my shilling services are paid by private citizens.

this, fuck the fed.

Government user here. Joke's on them, with my bank I still get paid up to 90 days of government being shut down.
Have fun you glorious faggots.

Hah I fucking knew it.
Twittercucks must be in agony right now, they can ban and delete literally millions of dissenting users but there is one guy that they just can't ever silence and he just undid all their work with two lines of text.

Oh, please. I can't believe that on Holla Forums of all places I'd hear the retarded "hurr why doesn't the parasite care about the host?" argument.
You cannot accuse a Jew of treason due to its very nature. It is not and will not be loyal to anyone but its degenerate tribe, no matter how many oaths it swears and how many times it "proves" its loyalty. When the time is right, you will feel a knife slipping inbetween your ribs. There is no reason for kikes to care about Americans, because they are not Americans and the only thing they care about is sucking out as much blood out of America as possible while their shabbos goy puppets cheer.
The only cure for kikery is a bullet.

They aren't loyal to their own kind either.

I can eat ramen for longer than the DACAfags can hold out, this I'm sure of.
t. GS

Kikes rarely jew each other when there are gentiles around.

Nothing of value was shut down

It doesn't. It's just a talking point to keep the goyim in line.

You can't stop a retard from being retarded through education. How often do you think people have already failed to teach niggers in africa simple things like farming?

Time for Trump to do that rally where he tells us to get our guns and make history.

wat a kike


Fucking Aye, bring it on.

They truly do believe their own propaganda so much that they're rendered blundering sheep wandering towards a meat grinder, all while mocking it.

My questions:
A) which parts of the gov are shut down (ie cia, fbi, federal)
B) can ICE operate during the partial shutdown, especially in CA
C) could this distract people enough to get the treason shit investigated behind the scenes?
D)with the CIA literally being tricked by a 15 year old anglo should the CIA be investigated for competency and disolved if they are literally retarded?

they chose a harder battle when there was a far easier one to them where they impose daca at the state level for their key states, which would have been harder for trump to overturn. The democrats blinked long ago

Literally nothing important gets shut down.

Democrats don't really get the difference between state and federal laws. If they did there would be a lot more sympathy over the civil war.

Indeed. But its their haste and greed that will be their downfall this time, they should have slow boiled the frog but they cranked up the heat in a rush.

He did alright for him, but why the fuck did he go first on the floor? He let kike Schumer go last and so that is what the majority of people will remember. His rebuttal afterwards was half-hearted in my opinion.

schumer said in 2013 that a government shutdown would solve nothing and cause chaos when the Republicans did it, but this time around despite his constant obstruction throughout this administration it would seem it is still somehow the Republican's fault. Even though they do not have a super majority in the senate and need Dem votes as well. Fucking smug kike.

Go suck kike cock somewhere else.

Any time, you pathetic fucking coward. Stop calling people FBI for telling you to do something you should have done 60 years ago.

Even with all the other shit going on this is still the funniest story of the week.

Yea, they could flip stuff on that level, not fed. much like registering felons to vote in VA.

In this case, the shutdown fallout isn't going to land where it did in the pre-Trump era. Dems miscalculated.

that's unintentionally helpful

It is also very revealing. (speculation) Apparently Brennan had himself exempted from spying, leading to his identity being the weak link in the whole system.

better than (((Drudge)) ). Live tweets from POTUS, Dilbertman, James Woods in sidebar



I be guuuuud

going back to sleep.

Meant to put

I called this myself at the time, despite the efforts of the shills and blackpills. I think we can now be reasonably certain that Trump is on our side, even if he isn't Hitler.

My school had a PE teacher who used to teach Bio/Chem. His wife divorced him at some point, but instead of an heroing, he got /fit/ and ended up marrying a young, cute former student of his

He wasted a lot of his time on me back then. I wish I could've taken his tutelage seriously at the time

The longer this goes on, the worse it gets for Israel Firsters like Schumer.

Hey faggot, military and emergency services w govt don't get paid, they're worth a hell of a lot more than these fucking children in the senate that still get their 200k for not doing their goddamned jobs over some invading beans

Not surprised one bit at the level democrats will stoop to just because they want to disagree with Trump. I am very surprised that when watching c span, i still let my anger come out to the point where I am yelling at the TV.

Then it's important that they actually fucking do something about the election fraud this year. The Don wants a peaceful solution, but that's not going to happen if they nigger rig it like they did with Alabama. Literal fucking nigger rigging, that was. Nothing figurative about it.

source? im not sure what you're talking about



It's important to us your twatter accounts to flood it with posts pointing out that the Dems are choosing illegals over Americans, and to get into comments sections on news sites doing the same. We can suppress Dem voter turnout in november if we hit this hard enough.

A British 15 year old pretended to be the head of the CIA and gained access to intelligence operations in the middle east.

For once, unions aren’t the problem. Tax dollars going to private charter schools without any oversight are the problem.

He must have felt like a pretty big guy.

It's probably a lie, covering up a UK operation.

They should have signed whatever Trump wanted at the last moment. Trump has 62,979,879 actual voters on his side while democrats have votes from dead dogs and cats.

Meanwhile shitlibs are admitting on twitter about out of state voting/funding for Doug jones and how it won't happen again because he voted yes on this bill, liberals on twitter just admitting to voter fraud


We already have them on video for that shit. Literally old news.

Checked and keked

The fucks made sure their shekels were protected. Always have. There would never be a government shut down if any of those assholes stood to lose benefits or pay for a single second. At the very least their security details should be furloughed. But no, they put protections into law which keeps them in power.

Stay mad, CIA.

Woke up today. Saw this. Today will be a good day.

Talmudic, Sharia, and Cuck?


Unions are very much part of the problem. They helped push the common core nonsense and more "grading days", "conference days" etc. which takes even more time away from actually giving the kids an education all while dressing it up as a good thing for the teachers who have larger and larger workloads because the libshit (((educators))) hopping onto the bandwagon are ruining kids before they get them. The jews are fucking everywhere.

I love reading things like this. Women don't understand, unlike them men can easily upgrade, all it takes is a little work. Thanks for the smile user, glad he managed.

And now it's back in the public eye because of this shutdown jesus I don't undersrabd posts like this, clearly new evidence of voter fraud need to be addressed and compiled whenever it is apparent in order to nuild the case against it. Dismissing any new talk of it as "old news" does what exactly?

1. Blow your fucking brains out.
2. That’s it.

Yes, and of course that's bullshit, but all that matters is what the average person believes, and right now the average person seems to be buying the media narrative that it's the GOP's fault based on reading comments sections of various news sites and twatter.

tge average person thinks a man calling themself a woman is sane and can't name the three branches of govt or their own senator, fuck the average person who listens and believes but doesn't think

Well the average person's vote counts for as much as yours. If we don't make efforts to influence the narrative, we lose.

It is should be saved and remembered but it is useless until Trump decides to move against it.
Before that point a few tweets are meaningless especiallly compared to a video of the same self incrimination.

DOTR when?

You mean based on reading comments of various Liberal strongholds. Of course you're going to see that. Try reading comments from channels and websites from the other side. Plenty of normals are also seeing through the bullshits.

emotional children are surprised that trump didnt immediately started wailing on the tree after being handed an incredibly dull axe

How? Weren't the demokikes literally threatening to cause the shut down intentionally if they didn't get DACA amnesty?

Eagerly awaiting the impending chimp outs.

Sadly user it's January 20th, although it's a warm Jan day today, it's still cold. Niggers can't even into cold.

pick one, Scarborough

Also, I thought government is supposed to be this hugely positive force in the Democratic conception thereof, but loik how they'll use it to horse trade whenever the opportunity arises to undermine white demographics.

they really have nothing to counter this with.

Jump to 14:03:30, that'w where the final statements begin. McConnell speaks, then Schumer speaks, then McConnell gives a rebuttal. If anyone hasn't seen what a slimy weasel Schumer is on the floor, this is a great intro. Credit to McConnell for the rebuttal, but he's still a corrupt piece of shit.


Sometimes I like Holla Forums too much


Just pretend to agree.

"TRUMP IS KILLING SENIOR CITIZENS! Call Congress, demand they #ReleaseTheMemo! All will be revealed! #TrumpShutdown

Make no mistake, this isn't about DACA. This memo is the BIG one. The shot heard round the world in the war against the (((deep state))) and (((international jew)))

Broken shills are funnier than broken bots.


if you say it enough times it'll be true

Sebastian loves the cock
Shoop user request , you know what to do



absolutely organic

Someone needs to report that bot for spam. kek



That's a man LOL

Remember when we believed Twitter would actually try to eliminate bad behavior in a fair way?

I just love this man and his ability to cause so much butthurt with two lines of text

What's funny about this situation is that the republicans won points in 2013 for shutting down the government, and the dems lost points in 2018 for doing the same.

Can someone without smug or irony explain to me, a non-US citizen, what is going on please?

america has a cap on how much money it can borrow. it frequently hits that cap and then both parties start playing political games trying to ransom through pet projects or else they wont agree approve more borrowing

This is it boys, grab your funs.
He just gave them notice.

also literally nothing is shutdown anyway. all things considered "essential" are exempted. this includes the military and police, despite claims that it hurts the military, it doesn't.

the only thing that get's shutdown is parks and the IRS (to process refunds). Incoming immigration services are also shutdown. The border patrol and ICE are considered law enforcement and not shut down.

It does in that they can't get their budget EXPANDED as Trump wanted. They are stuck working with the Obama era decimation.

Isn't the President the one who gets to classify what is essential and not?

Honestly, this is a good opportunity for Long Kniving the Republicans. Think about it. If we didn't have cucks like Paul Ryan, John McTumorbrain, or Lindsday Grahmnesty, we wouldn't even have this shutdown. Republicans have the majority in every field. Democrats are in shambles and will fall apart over time as individual races in-fight for power. The republicans are to blame, but not for the reasons the left claims.

With the non-presidental elections coming up, we SHOULD be focusing on ejecting the cucks who hold back walls and deportations. Get republicans closer to /ourguy/ levels or at least friendly to the agenda. If Trump is wise, this is what he'd set up for.

honestly anons, this seems like exactly the kind of plan that they would try and pull. they need something HUGE and soon. the pitchforks and torches are closing in all around them and they know it. likely, a lot of them are already under surveillance, so they cant organize and fund like they usually would for a major false flag. so they are left with one option. force a race riot through turning off gibs.

we cant let them successfully shill this nonsense to normies. the ONLY reason that the government is shutting down is because the democrats are acting like fucking children. normies need to see clear evidence of the truth behind this situation

probably, and it's true active duty paychecks get delayed while the government shutdown happens. obviously none of them can quit though, that's why you sign a contract. they'll all get paid eventually.

A lot less of those than on the dem side. They go first. We're not rushing them to the front of the line to go with a (((convenient))) savior speaking out the side of his mouth so the jews can keep their power. We know who the traitors currently are, they know we know who they are, we can handle those.
One fight at a time. Step forward, lower the wall, repel. Push. Set. Repel. The edge of the cliff is very close.

This is the worst thing about that faggotry. The shutdown will end on Monday, anyway.

Always kill the traitor before the enemy, Jim Jam.


what the fuck are you on about with fucking Q?

dont be a faggot. i was just looking at all the possibilities for this shutdown. shutdowns occasionally do last longer than 11 days as it would take in this circumstance to cause a disruption of EBT for a major city like chicago. we already have seen evidence that the media is trying to politicize this and make it seem like the GOPs fault.

combine all this with the fact that we have all been suspicious of an upcoming false flag due to all the small happenings going on right now.

its a fucking theory. im not a fuckking boomer who jacks off to QLARP. im just putting a few things that are currently happening together and extrapolating.

Mil still has to go to work, but don't get paid till the budget is cleared.

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last
Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
For some California grass





kek dat meme is enjoyable.

Th be always right. The curse of Holla Forums.

Gibs riots start on the first of the month then right? If so, that would mean we have 11 days until the Chicago Police scanners go crazy. Can't wait.

Yes, let's leave the other side in power while we remove a couple traitors that we can keep an eye on.
Traitors only come first when we're negotiating at the end of a barrel. We aren't there yet kiddo.

Hello nu/pol/

Agreed, jews always come first because they control the traitors and their thinking.

What happened? Ran out of maddow memes?

Just tell me who to shoot.

dam son

guess I need to run out and un nogunz

Hello hebe.


Learningchode is having a sperg meltdown over all this shit. He doesn't know which way to shill. It's worse than when Trump released his own taxes.

Not sure what's going on anymore…

The gnomes are fighting back against demonic magick? Must be tired of waiting for the based vikings to get the party started.

Isnt't that something Holla Forums should know?

t. eurofag


The shills are going all fucking out trying to slide the memo. They're even trying to create fake ops that (((appeal))) to the right. They are terrified if they are going to this length. How long before they start shoving jews into the ovens just to keep the memo from being released?
Bound to be a lot of incoming false flags.

It's a sign

They get paid. It's on the books. The only way they won't get paid if if there is no longer a government or military.
They don't have much to spend their money on while serving so it doesn't affect them as much as one would think. The tag chasers have it a bit rougher because they need to buy food etc. for they keeds at the PX but it's still dirt fucking cheap.

Does anyone have the webm of that busty girl buying lobster on her EBT bucks and feeding it to her dog?

Wew lads.

Check out the hand signs that Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade flash while Trump is talking.

If Trump declassifies it, then it's released. Nothing can stop this.

The night of gibsmedat is upon us all

Work local, think Global :^)


Blessed be these digits in the name of the Emperor.

Every time there's a government shutdown people scream and gnash their teeth and act like it's the first time it has ever happened. This is literally the 19th time it's happened since 1976.

Kraut here, so let me get this straight. The dems want a full government shutdown, because their "dreamer" plan didn't get through and Kang Obongos healthcare plan failed? But wouldn't that be kinda stupid, since dems are the ones who want more government control? While republicans with Trump aim for less government control? Or am I missing something here?

Ok that is the military covered but the rest?
Can Trump declare the EPA non-essential and let it rot while ICE gets a +8 to its Morale Points for the duration of the shutdown?

They're throwing an autistic shitfit because they didn't get their (((way))) on (((immigration))), basically.

plz anons?

The longest government shutdown in US history happened under Obama's administration because the Republican's were crying about their special needs. It can go either way. Dems/Repubs … doesn't matter. They're all whiny babies.

So nearly every 2.5 years the government has a shutdown, good ammo

Dems are opposing a bill that needs a supermajority to pass, the bill has to do with the Governments ability to loan more money. The bill itself has nothing the dems oppose they just wanted to threaten Trump and the republicunts with a shutdown (by not giving the necessary votes).
Trump called their bluff his wall grew 10 feet that day and let this plane crash with no survivors.
From what I can tell, getting caught in their own trap was not part of their plan.

False. #1 was under Clinton: 21 days. Obama: 18 days.

If anyone has the webm with the DK64 music now would be the time to share it.

I'll collect that check.

What's next, Niburu hitting Earth is also Trump's fault? Because this is the next level of "It's Bush's fault" or "Thanks, Obama"

The FISA memo, how dose all this affect its release?
We know the dems are terrified of that happening

Well, time to get comfy, I guess. It sure looks like you're right. The dems won't compromise, and this thing plays out well for Republicans.

"Thanks, Obama" was largely a preemptive effort to delegitimize any criticism towards him. It was said more times ironically, and from the same shitheads who promoted him, than sincerely.


Remember pic related? It IS his fucking fault. He can order the cooks to make them smaller, the greedy nigger.

You cannot make this stuff up.

And it's all just because they want to protect their illegal alien slave labor force in rich, liberal states like California. They don't actually give a fuck about Hispanics. they just need that cheap slave labor.

I'm not seeing any pro-Democrat angle here either. What's their spin?

The entire economy of wealthy, over privileged states like California is based entirely on their reliance for cheap, illegal slave labor.

These people are paid slave wages and treated as such. And if they dare to complain they get deported.

Democrats literally wanted to make sure that Hollywood celebrities continue to have hispanic nannies to raise their rotten kids. To have mexican gardeners mowing their lawns. And to have every type of hispanic making food for their fat, overfed asses.

You literally cannot make this shit up.

They don't need to try anymore.



So close…

Republicans are live now informing the public of the damage Schumer's kosher shutdown is doing to hungry children.


Is this good for the pro-Trump camp? Can he exploit this? I know how he could, but Trump always does what I don't expect him to do.

It's funny, he tried to be reasonable about DACA and the Democrats and traitors in the government wouldn't budge. We need that supermajority vote on this AND the tax plan. If the republicans push on and win here, they will dominate 2018. If not, they're fucked because people will blame Trump for the shutdown.

CNN played some angry black cunt at some Soros rally instead of that news conference, they are officially in shut it down mode. They know this makes the Dems look bad.

And he had THREE cookies.

the fin barely noticed that the sauna was getting hotter, but now he noticed the door is locked

He played reasonable precisely so all blame would be out of his court. No one who didn't already hate him is going to be convinced this was his fault.

I think a lot of it has to do with the libshits believing their own propaganda about Trump being an idiot who's easily manipulated by his aids - be it Miller or Kelly or whoever. They really thought they could pilpul Trump on immigration.


Kek. That was purely a bait and switch trick. He knew they wouldn't budge, but because of that he looks excellent and can say that he tried to negotiate a deal.
Trump looks benevolent.
Democrats look like democrats.

This has nothing to do with that.

Why are these jews talking about children on the stream now? Whats the next step?

Hang all neets!!

jew first.


fuck off shill

Trump has yet again trolled the women’s march

You have no fucking idea what you’re saying. There is no limit. There is no ceiling. There are no restrictions.

Businesses with ~ $1-2 trillion per year in losses would, in fact, save money by shutting down. Back to grade school math for you, Mordechai.


/saltleft/ pls. kick the little beanshits out of the country you care about little johnny yt so much.

Fucking kek that tweet is gold.

now would you look at that

King Shitposter


A couple of years ago they were laughing at how they thought that no republican would ever win an election again.

Quality gets


It make be a good start


No shit. It's a fun little "lol cia incompetent btfo" story, but not really one that comes off as genuine.



Rolling for Gibsmedatterung

Does this affect the DMV? I need to renew my license.

Stay strong, Schumer. No wall. Only love revolutions.


Dmv is funded at the state level.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vented to fellow lawmakers and media on Saturday about the difficulty in negotiating with President Donald Trump, who Schumer said came close multiple times to cutting bipartisan deals to avert a government shutdown, only to abruptly back out hours later.

"Negotiating with President Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O," Schumer said in a speech on the Senate floor. "It's next to impossible."

Lawmakers have been locked in a standoff over government funding, to which Democrats have vowed to attach measures that would codify protections for the young unauthorized immigrants currently shielded from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The government officially shut down at midnight on Saturday after the Senate failed to pass a funding bill late Friday night.

"He's turned blowing up bipartisan agreements into an art form," Schumer said Saturday afternoon. "The president can't take yes for an answer. Twice in this long debate, President Trump walked away from partisan deals to solve all of the issues before us."
'Spinning our wheels'

Schumer was referring to a bipartisan deal on immigration measures spearheaded by Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican. The lawmakers said Trump had expressed enthusiasm and amenability to the bill before suddenly changing his mind in just two hours.

The lawmakers have accused White House staff members, such as chief of staff John Kelly and policy adviser Stephen Miller, of hijacking the negotiations by pushing hardline immigration view upon the president, making bipartisan compromises impossible.

"Tuesday we had a president that I was proud to golf with, call my friend, who understood that immigration had to be bipartisan, you had to have border security," Graham said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. "But he also understood that you had to do it with compassion. I don't know where that guy went. I want him back."

A nearly identical situation occurred Friday, Schumer said, after he met with Trump at the White House over cheeseburgers and hashed out a tentative agreement that included Trump's long-promised wall along the US-Mexico border and the full amount of defense funding requested by the Pentagon.

Even those measures were not enough to appease the hardline conservative faction of the Republican party, Schumer said. Trump called back hours later proposing different terms.

"They called back again, 'Well, we're going to need this, this, this in addition,'" Schumer said. "Things they knew were far, far right and off the table."

Schumer is not the first lawmaker to publicly express frustration with Trump's wavering views — even Republican leaders have called him out.

"I'm looking for something that President Trump supports, and he's not yet indicated what measure he's willing to sign," Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday. "As soon as we figure out what he is for, then I would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels."

Many crippled people and the mentally handicap couldn't get any government assistance, yet these able bodied people can get free shit and live better than hard working Americans. Such a broken system.


Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
9 Prospect Park W #10B
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1741
(718) 622-4222 - Landline
(718) 965-5400 - Landline
(315) 423-5067 - Landline
(516) 965-5400 - Wireless
(718) 375-2575 - Landline
(718) 627-9700 - Landline
(917) 375-1229 - Wireless

Kek is with us in this very thread…

Sounds like Trump is jewing the jew.

I wonder what the end result of all this would be?

Playing them at their only game will only get you so far though. You have to break out of that mold if you want to succeed long-term.

How fucking dare they remind the President of his key campaign promises. The fucking audacity of the goyim to not let millions of spics breed, murder and steal their whole life in America.


The rat bastard even had posters with the blame trump hashtag ready to go before hand. They had no fucking intention of passing fuck all with that memo hanging there. Trump could have sucked their cocks on national tv and they would have done the same thing.

So what exactly comes out of all of this and what happens after the shutdown?

Media campaign against republicans.
Republicans lose 2018. Is this your first shutdown? This identical shit has happened for the last 30 years.


I want to fucking hang this cunt. Surely he's a kike.

Plebbit Salt

That's the beauty of Jello: it can fit any mold when you're making it.


Jews gonna jew. I wonder when the next aid payment to Israel is.


Even worse, the kike wasted taxpayer money to print the fucking posters with a black background with more real-estate than Oprah. We could have had a whole f35 for that amount of ink.


There was no civics course of any kind in my high school. People did not want it because they didn't want their kids to waste time attending classes that wouldn't be used to get into a good college. They don't think these types of classes have any value. Shame really, since knowing more about the system may help in preventing it from totally fucking you. Oh well. May good things comes to those who do care enough to read on their own.

when the weather be freezy, chimpin ain't easy

Shit's never happening because half the federal jobs are staffed by nignogs


Schumer stole it. Question is when does Israel deal with their rogue yid.

do not freeze me bruddah

4/5 feddies are lazy fuckers just collecting a second pension after doing 20 in the military. The entire federal workforce relies on contractors to get shit done, but they end up the worse paid and have zero job security.


My step dad was in ww2, made a pension of the federal fire department, the state water commission, and more. The great depression turned everyone into kikes and their kids learned how to fuck the system, as did their kids, etc. Each generation being trained to be more jewy.
I used to call him a jew for pension hopping like that and he just smiled and replied, "I'm Catholic."
Some systems are set up to pay dependents and survivors so it is a generational drain on the coffers. Take california. They are so fucked with each group of monkeys they retire and the next group signing on and getting theirs is is unsustainable even without the illegals being a drain.

Federal workers are incredibly lazy, can confirm. Contractors usually have the higher pay though, because we are actually able to be held accountable. Job security is scant though, it is true.

Took me a second, and I voted for the guy. I don't want to imagine how badly he must be running circles around Liberals from their point of view.

It's a race to the bottom then, with everyone trying to scam the system better than the last. Eventually, everyone will be sucking on the tit of a dead State.

Never forget that humour and truth are our most powerfull weapons.

Where I am at, the only well paid contractors are the lead positions. They purposely hire kids out of college and recently separated military in order to underpay them. Most have no clue how badly they are being ripped off.

I don't recall a lot of complaining, if any, from the military during the Obama shutdown. The military is used to getting jerked around.

I feel like I'm in that position, but I'm working behind the scenes to get certifications and clearances so that I can branch out before long. I was medically disqualified from medical service so this was the only way to get into federal fields that are in no danger of being outsourced by pajeets and kebabs.

The Fed will sustain monkey production until whites are gone.

military* service, not medical

Dems and Neocons alike don't give a fuck about the big government/small government dichotomy their parties are supposed to be predicated on. When Dems are in power, Neocons are budget hawks. When Republicans are in power, everything the government does (aside from gibs) is fascism in the mind of Democrats (who suddenly support states' rights over the federal government).


The fed doesn't pay state pensions.

A lot of people have woken up to the fact that it does no one any good to act like a jew. We may still get out of this yet. There are a lot of people racing to the surface as well.


The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. They're entirely dependent on their media complex telling outright lies to make the Republicans sound unreasonable when they're the ones objectively voting to keep the ship afloat and Democrats are the ones poking holes in its sides. They're relying on mis-information campaigns and feminine emotional hysteria. Anyone with a cursory understanding of the US federal government, even people who don't agree with Republicans at all will see through it and understand a little bit how saturated the mass media is with lies.

It's intrinsically designed to make you dependent while fooling you into thinking you're the one gaming the system.

Back when I was in school and that bullshit came out, I astutely observed that "no child left behind means that no child gets ahead." Needless to say, none of the NPCs paid that much attention.

Blaxit 100% and then nuke apefrica.

Dear Gods I thought you were on about the piss story…

Of all the things ever to exist, the only one I do not doubt is the existence of dumb whores.

It's good to see that none of the kike shills will ever be banned for "harassment" even though that's literally all they fucking do.


Agree and amplify is a bretty gud argument tactic, as the President shows. Many people are unable to suddenly come up with a new attack angle. You don't have to be lying to make it work either. You just need more ingenuity and points of view than the other guy.

i love this guy

Yup. And all that bullshit "wealth" means nothing when they just move the goals and change the rules to make sure they continue to pull out ahead. Look at how stupid people are with money and the insane amounts of shekels being thrown around. It's just mind boggling. Well unfortunately for them you can only keep that charade going on so long before people really start to notice the disparity and we're back at wondering just what the caloric content of a jew is.
The bleeding heart libs won't drop a dime of their own to spread the wealth like good little commies because they know that would render it worthless.

It controls everything.

We're no longer at the stage where the government is held together by currency, the government is held together by the belief of the people it governs that it's restricted by currency.

kek'd and checked the libs solved the world's problems

This is what happens when you attempt to actually teach a newfag how things work in the real world without the shit topping. OUT

Since it's the military that is going to be affected by this I don't expect this to turn out how the Dems expect it.

The memo is coming.

he had a website after the election where people could make recommendations about which agencies to get rid of. it was all just a place for people to vent, he's shown no inclination to do anything of the sort.

this shutdown is the same circus it always is, as real as the official unemployment numbers. someday people will look back and laugh like it's pravda, and pretend they never believed it.

trump had a website after the election where people could make recommendations about which agencies to get rid of. it was all just a place for people to vent, he's shown no inclination to do anything of the sort.

this shutdown is the same circus it always is, as real as the official unemployment numbers. someday people will look back and laugh like it's pravda, and pretend they never believed it.

No, it's not the cheap labor, it's the votes. The more gibs-tier scumbags they can let in, the more votes they can buy with gibs.

What does it mean?

One off :(

< he won't shut down anything
lel you kike-loving CIA agents ain't worth shit.

slow board.

Id be worried if I were you, chaim… Not only is it happening but some of the goyim are starting to remember that one thing you pieces of serpents are truly guilty of.


You just had to be a faggot about it, didn't you?

I'm not the OP though.

One off :(

you are on a fucking roll lad best get to memeing

How many are getting deported in the A-Guac-alypse? (((media))) keeps saying it's 800,000, but I've heard the number 3.6 million thrown around recently too. What's the real number?

Six gorillion.

Why can't we just take over a desert in africa and make a giant prison there and ship all the black prisoners there? Or something.

Just beach retiring cargo ships on african shores. Not our problem.

Africa is a prison. Just ship them home.

Can puerto ricans vote in the next 4 year term if they move to Florida? I'm afraid we might lose that whole state after the hurricane. based panhandle can only hold the line so long.

Anyone think this will affect the 2018 midterms? I don't remember what happened during the last shutdown, if it affected midterms.

Translation: This SOB is far smarter, wiser, and craftier than I. I can't make any progress manipulating convincing him of my (((positions))).

According to the shutdown update briefing a couple of hours ago, the White House claims 690,000. And it sounds like from the briefing that the 3.6 million is from an attempt to redefine who qualifies for Dreamer status as a part of Democrat (((negotiations))).

I wouldn't be surprised if that number made up 80% of California's population, and an ICE raid would make some areas a deserted ghost town/suburb/shithole

Their mistake was thinking this was a negotiation.

I'll check to that. Ghost State California.

There are a shit ton in Washington too with all the farming.


That's math mixed with game theory, user. TPIR is actually educational.

Let it burn. Government needs to get out of the way so that citizens can start rebuilding.

What a fucked world we live in where illegals get more support from the government than it does to the people protecting it.

But it's ok because at least congressmen and the senators still get paid, gotta make sure we keep the country running goy! How can we do that without our shekels?


I've had family who worked for gov. I remember shutdowns. They're all smoke but no bang (or some metaphor that actually works). Seriously, is everyone here a kid who just started paying attention?

You're a CIA agent.

you'll get paid, and if you don't the base will probably go into shutdown essential only mode and you'll get time off to get drunk in the barracks assuming your not essential.

How does it make you feel that welfare checks are guaranteed to go out, through September, anyway?

If he had handed them this with no real benefit (AKA Wall) ostensibly as an act of good will, then they would have simply tried to shove him further back the next go around (still with no Wall). Trump would be a fool capitulate to this Jewish-style attempted manipulation.

It is a retard move but they have to do it. Their owners will suicide them and replace them if they do not.

how could think think of letting tarquesha her 6 brothers and sisters and her poor single mother starve?

You can always take that route, choadly.



Government shutdowns are like a date with Bill Cosby. You fall asleep one night and wake up to some nigger fucking you in the ass.

Another reason why government employees shouldn't be on salary, The paycheck isn't changed, it just delayed until the next month when they haven't worked at all during the shutdown. If that happened we would actually save money.

You seem to think that The Great Chicago Chimpout of 2018 where the city literally burns down around a libshit stronghold would be a bad thing for Trump user.

It truly hurts.

Hello, Washington user.

Where's your sentry user?

my wireless just went out

thanks Drumph

my wireless just went out

From what I understand we get backpay on our next payday once the government starts running again. We'll still pull duty but we won't be getting paid.

Im honestly not 100% sure how it'll be, this is my first gov shutdown being in the military so I'll just have to wait and see.

Guess more lives are going to be saved. Feels good to be American

Just imagine the reduction in crimes if they all go out. Glorious.

Those are 'Taxpayer Phones' thank you. Obama didn't provide them, we did.

We needed a juicy chimpout to bring back some of the fun. We've had a pretty slow season.

military here. We'll get our next paycheck, but not any more until this gets resolved. Certain non-crucial things will be delayed and we'll fix our time tables afterwards. Other than that, things will be operating normally. We'll be just a little more disgruntled if our pay stops coming, but we'll carry on. It's what we're trained to do. We'll get back payed when things get back online. Hope to see chimp outs in the mean time and I pray to Kek that we get a race war out of this instead of pay being resumed.

A fight worth fighting instead of wasting time, lives, and money in the desert would be grand. No amount of bombs will make these shitholes any less of a shithole, and these sandniggers are nothing more than an annoyance if they can be kept to their shitholes rather than just letting them keep on entering our countries.
These kikes and good goyim politicians are disgusting.
I’m fine going without a paycheck for a bit if it leads into some real changes we need back home.

Rumor has it Obama is still shadow president.



tfw moonman is a banana seeking to avenge his fellow bananas.

It would be funny if nothing else.

Alright, now you're filtered.

Can trump's Secret Service arrest the Dem's who're responsible for this mess?

Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry. Subsection 1324(a)(3).

Harboring – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who – knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

Encouraging/Inducing – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv) makes it an offense for any person who – encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.

Conspiracy/Aiding or Abetting – Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(v) expressly makes it an offense to engage in a conspiracy to commit or aid or abet the commission of the foregoing offenses.


AKA "Catch and Release"? Wasn't the guy who blasted all the faggots in Orlando part of the ICE teams dropping the beanshits off all over the country after apprehending them?

And how much does it cost the federal government to stay open? $24 billion was probably the cost for every single federal building's maintenance (which is also severely bloated) or caring for federal parks, not paying nigger paychecks. But since you like Bitch McConnell no wonder you're a retard.

Holy shit my sides.

Anyone got that picture where Brendan Fraser is thanking Trump for unfucking his shit?

actually, I'm on NEETbucks but I'm gonna have a job regardless. that's the fucked up thing Bernouts don't understand. real communism work was mandatory.

Thanks user. She's vile though, sadly.

What she does is hilarious, and her cowtits are great, but her throat needs to be clogged.

Here you go

Thanks user. Kek, that was a good one.

Just like Gadhafi. And they didn't like Gadhafi either. This kind of thing reveals just how malicious the left is.

Remember how Obama trafficked illegal migrant children to their illegal migrant parents?


While it should have gone in the other direction – all the way back over the border – I'm much more concerned with how Obama directed ICE to literally spread the mudshit disease to practically every corner of the country by this operation.

I was so proud to read that article.

Don't forget plenty of ammo, and rope for the survivors.

Let me show u de wey bruddah

Compile all the evidence you can send them t9 everyone you can. Post them on/r/the_donald to get the exposure

It's funny how the government being shutdown overshadowed the Women's March.

My first thought when I heard that as well. Trump spent so long in (((Jew York))) he ended up picking up and mastering every one of their tactics himself. Schumer actually thought he was making progress in that meeting, but Trump was just baiting him along to give him false hope that he was about to cuck.

Thanks mods

If this shit actually lasts past Monday (it won’t), we should make it cyclical.


Yeah, nah

Just shut the fuck up and get out, you useless cocksucker. Reddit is more your speed. Your post had absolutely no point.

We can then all move to California, out vote the commies and make it into a white paradise

Try again, schlomo

So your post had no point. Got it.


It's a shill tactic. Ever since everything Q related was shoah'd off the board, everything gets called MUH Q in an attempt to shit up and shut down topics.

Learn how to link to posts.

Who had 50?

recucklicans. 60 was needed for it to pass. lrn

Not my fault OP sucks cock.

I think the salt flows caused their joints to rust up.

Bad for marching tbh :^)


In '18, Don released this.

wew lad
How long is this shutdown expected to last?

Until either March 5th (DACA expiration) or Dems realize that continuing to double down on political suicide is a bad move.

Trumpcucks will still try to justify not voting for Bernie.


Don't cry for Bernie. That lucky son of a bitch got himself a 5.6L V10.

lel, the trumpcancer shutting shit down

Hey, it's not like he lost anything significant, but we did. Even if he wouldn't have done much to demolish the system, his victory would be symbolic.

Who gives a fuck about socialism when you can have torque?

Global report. No one cares.


You clearly do Trumpcuck.

Sanders isn't even jewish, fuck off

what I'm saying is that Obama violated that law by doing so.

Lol so Trump forced schumer to eat a cheeseburger? Fucking hilarious

Sorry for feeding the shills, Holla Forums. I just wanted an excuse to repost these.

He's clearly jewish. Sanders is a common jewish name. Nice car though.

Into filter you go, gommie scum

Except he's not and you worthless 'muh jooz' Holla Forumsyps won't ever be able to prove he is.

Ofc he did. But the little beanshits are insignificant numerically to the literally millions of fully grown illegal men he intentionally dispersed across the whole nation illegally. They are now a scourge everywhere not just the traditional border regions. By design under Obama ofc, all according to plan.

Nigger, you are completely retarded. You are staggeringly stupid.

Ignore the kike lad, all you will get from conversing with it is frustration as it becomes more and more intentionally obtuse




Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, you intellectual deserts will look for any fucking excuse to single someone out, you even purity spiral at eachother, so just fuck off and die. The world would be better off with you bourgeoisie enabling scum dead

You are laughably amateurish at this. Probably should consider a career switch tbh.



The absolute state of leftypol.

I'll stop soon. It's just this one's lack of sophistication makes it too much fun to mess with.

But can Jerusalem Post be edited by anyone?

Yeah nobody cares for your trumpenfuhrer's fake news Holla Forumsyp.

The absolute state of trumpcucks, still lying to themselves that trump is gonna gas all of those you hate huh? You lost, just admit it. You got swindled by your 'superior' white saviour.

They always do. It'd be really odd if they didn't honestly.

Fuck off, Kike.

Trump is one of us.

Completely broken.



Cry more about your soy fetishes in Holla Forums and /sudo/, bitch.

Have a starter pack

Checking these holy trips for dead niggers

The 90s smug seems to have a bigger impact, but those seems to be very rare to find a quality one.

The first strike in the Gibspocalypse will come from these black teen girls. If the shutdown lasts through the first week in Feb and we have rolling cutoffs of EBT cards, these youths will rip apart Walmarts etc, followed-up by their teen baby-daddies who will swoop in for the free flat screens and other electronics that they don't know how to use.

And because it's winter, they'll burn the stores to keep warm.



Did they release the papers? No! They shut down.

Better burn down the goverment rather than releasing the memo
Judges are affected by this as well, no?

Media managed to manipulate the mass majority into hating trump, they believe russia narrative and what not. They did it by a shitton of trump news to get the majority bored out by this and than they planted the false accusations. Everything else is hold on a low flame by the media and the deep state and as soon something damaging is coming up they start to block. This is what you see right now with the shut down, this is why the shills keep flooding all channels. The mass majority is their power, they know how to keep knowledge on a low level. If you want to kill this cancer you have to kill their information flow! Burn down what they use to inform the people, power shut down, internet shut down, social media shut down, and so on.

Or at least, that is what the media told you

FWIW my plebbit is shadowbanned as of a couple days ago. Only used for T_D and within there I cannot get any visibility, so I created and tested on a throwaway and it seems no one can see me.

I prefer lurking, rarely post on any platform but I spend hours reading many to keep tabs on everything ever since the Podesta Emails dropped. I'm sure my digital fingerprint reflects this and my fervent attempts to redpill. Plebbit was the only place that hadn't shadowbanned my content, until now.

I know the kickback I'll get for posting this, but my point is if they're even starting to censor T_D from itself, I think it's finally happening.

I must admit I never really figured out where sanders stood.
While he obviously was a kike he ran against hilldog and didn't seem to get from what I remember any of them superkike bucks. So while a being a kike, sanders challenged (until he cucked out) the system under kikes and only ever mqanaged to get going because of donations by the goyim.
So what was his purpose in the scheme of the big kikes? Did he even have one or did he just show up and talk about democratic socialism?

The entitlement mindset of public servants is almost as bad as that of welfare niggers. They live off taxpayer money, contribute nothing to society and if you even begin to suggest that their make-believe jobs are superfluous and obsolete, they turn their guns on you.

Sanders is a cuck, lolberg and a jew.
There you go.

Not all digits are checked equally

I got as much I just never understood why he made life so much difficult for clinton and her owners if he was a kike too.


Bernie Sanders has a 40 year history of promoting socialism, welfarism, LGBT faggotry and unionism. He's very consistent, so the reason whycan't figure him out is probably because these views are internally inconsistent and contradictory. vid related.

You sound troubled. Are you okay?

As came out in the DNC leaks, he was always semi-controlled opposition. It was understood that his "fight to the convention" was really a road to a concession early in the campaign and they kept to that understanding, hence the cuckoldry with the "enough about the emails" shit.

My take on it (informed by various leaks) is he put up a show and built up a warchest so that he'd be able to rip off ideologically leftist Democrats/unions and give Hillary most of it (and take a payout for himself). That way she would only be liable to her kike donors (who knew all along she would be the candidate, so they wanted her, not their co-ethnic (whose reputation/position relies on not being a shill for big business), to owe them) and the Democrats had what they had wrongly envisioned to be their ideal opposition candidate, the "pied piper" candidate Donald Trump who they thought would be an easy victory over because of his positions, which were farther right than all his competition. They thought he would alienate the political center and they were also reaping the less expected benefit of having the party establishment fight him the rest of the way. They thought 2016 would be a stroll across the finish line, with Hillary only being liable for continuing Obongo's legacy.

Of course, they were totally wrong about Trump and even the primary show-campaign was doing too good at a job of demonstrating Hillary's weaknesses as a candidate and Sanders took advantage to try to milk Hillary and the DNC for more money when he finally conceded. Hillary's campaign was likely sitting on the story about the Sanders bank fraud scandal that they likely used to hold Sanders over a barrel and basically attempt to dictate the flow of his campaign to create this scheme in the first place.

I always saw him as having the weaker position within the DNC while enjoying the moral highground over hilldog.
I suppose Sander's vulnerabilty to blackmail and threats wholy depends on what type of kike he is. If he is not a total degenerate the DNC can or the kikes could control him through his kids and grandkids. If he is a degenerate he would have already sold them personally to billy C and co.




legislative judicial executive
make sure to post it in spoilers so anons can actually learn

did he have white kids?

I look forward to this

Hi /a/.


I randomly numbered the smugs in my smug anime girls folder between 1 and 1000 to make it seem like I have more smugs than I actually do.


Naruto is not a 90s anime.


OK, i am not a economicfag, but why do governments get so much debt? and what happens if a even bigger debt is accumulated?

Doesn't the government need to be shutdown, for the members to be available for their arrestening, on account of members in session being immune to arrest while actually in session?

There's really nothing economic about it. It's just kikes being kikes and then blaming it on others like always.

Short answer is it's the kikes, it's not supposed to be this way. Here go watch this cartoon at stop being such a noeconomics pleb. You like cartoons right? Off you go.


Like this guy said, start with this cartoon:

Then if you want more move on to (embed related)

Whoops, forgot embed

Personally I'd recommend user move on to this one second and that later.

- Ernest Hemingway, "Notes on the Next War: a Serious Topical Letter"
published in Esquire magazine, September 1935

Nice Heh trips.


Technically a parasite that doesn't care about its host isn't a parasite it's a parasitoid.

I'm loving every second of this

Can confirm



Thank you for the quality smugs user. I'm pretty new so most of my smugs are homemade.



The shill meltdown is getting good. Even the lefty aussfags are unable to handle the bants. What a day.

the fire rises

Kek is real.

I have been doing this for 3 years now and I've lost count on how many times I've seen my custom file names being posted.

This would make a great horror movie.

That's what I've been thinking since midway through the primary. Sanders was there to kike redditors out of their parents' money and prevent them from disengaging from politics after 8 years of neoliberalism and the promise of 8 more. They had bet on redditors being spineless enough to go along with it, but a combination of complacency, the incompetence of the aging spinsters staffing Hillary's campaign, and our unprecedented success in encouraging the goony feminist sects of the left to attack the "Berniebros" made just enough of a difference.

It's worth noting that Trump's election utterly broke the reddit left, and that I don't expect them to second guess their masters again. Redditors' will to live is fundamentally dependent on the fundamental premise of endless, inevitable 'progress' saving them from the possibility of having to live with the mistakes they've made, and the rise of nationalism puts a tombstone over that narrative. That said, the 2020 primary will give us plenty of opportunities to prove me wrong on this.

Someone care to explain what is going on in burgerland?
Some law didn't get passed in congress and now all leftists say "lol drumpf xdd"?

Senate has to sign off on something allowing us to take out more money to keep paying gov't employees and providing gov't services.
-Feeds kids, welfare, pays soldiers etc.

Chuck Schumer says that if 10,000,000 illegal immigrants aren't allowed to become citizens by the time this vote rolls around the Democrats will fail to fund and the gov't will shut down.

Trump calls their bluff, they were really hoping he wouldn't. Democrats have 49 seats in senate, Republicans the majority with 51. To pass this resolution you need 60 votes. 5 Dem voted Republican, 3 or so Repubs voted Dem and McCain mysteriously missed the vote.

Gov't shuts down, Schumer gets on stage and talks about how this is all the Republicans fault, especially Trump because he wouldn't take their deal.

TL;DR : "It's not our fault we killed the hostages. We made a very simple demand for a helicopter and six million dollars!"

Dem: Amnesty for spics or no budget.
Rep: No.
Dem: No budget.
Gov: Shut down.

White schools have them, at nigger and beaner schools the focus is on making sure you can run a cash register, and blaming whitey ofc.




kek is with this thread, strong memetic energy

Kek indeed. There can be no lukewarm spirituality on Holla Forums any longer. Kekism must be restored to the forefront.

No one will be fired. No one will be arrested. No one will be executed for treason. Martial law will not be declared. Absolutely nothing will be done by anyone in the Trump administration.

New California*

damn i didn't even notice



Ep. 4 is the best


>fake investigations, absolute controlled opposition that blatantly exists to steer people's attention away from real discoveries

Well if you guys haven't stated your mission anywhere, it is pretty clear already. Why directly halt discussion when you can fuck us over covertly, right? Let me give you a hint: everyone is onto your shit, and reality is still real. Any user that you are fucking over here, is just going to start engaging in the real world (to the detriment of your jewish masters).

lel, I was trying to figure out what you were saying about (((schwartz)))

Ha so funny! Upboat!!!!1!


Cancer can't know it's cancer. That's how cancer spreads. Remember this, anons.

Trips > "muh nu-Holla Forums" shills.

Numerological superstition is for talmudic agents and jews. Be careful what culture you bear, anons.

One of these pictures is National Socialism. One of them isn't. Are you able to discern, or have you lost those mental faculties?

shut the fuck up shill, "numerological superstition" as you put it has been a part of chan culture literally since its inception. Fuck off back to reddit or whatever shithole you frequent, you can have plenty of non-"numerological superstition" as you busy yourself raising your wife's son. Fucking disgusting. Remove yourself.


Checked and keked

>Nigger doesn't know about GETS
Fuck off, you do not belong here

That’s code for “I can’t prove you wrong, because you’re not.”


I'll save a rope for you, shill.

Prove something will happen. It’s your claim. You have to back it up. We’ll wait for you not to answer, just as we’ve waited these last few decades. Republicans will give DACA amnesty sometime on Monday night, or if not then, within two weeks of Monday. They will cuck to their jewish masters, just as they have done every. single. time. since 1945. Prove history wrong. Actually do something about this. Oh, but that’s “FBI”, so obviously you’d never do anything like that.
Global report. Thanks for admitting that everything he said is correct and that you have no refutation to a single point of it.

Any chance for a chimpout?

It's cold, but we can hope.

Call me when they shut down EBT and foreign aid. Then we can get the party started.

It's really amusing to see JIDF trying to take the fun and chaotic trollsy nature by saying "Goy! Yes, you there, goy! Control the presidents, just change everything about chan culture which pol is a happy product of!" Woo hoo!"

Absolutely not. You are the problem. Digits and memetics go hand in hand, try as you disgusting hooknosed kike shills might but they are ours and we're going to keep on enjoying them both for the 14/88 and just for the fucking lulz.

Oh, and just because I know you kikes can't stand any sort of camaraderie behind any faith or group -

Praise Kek.

Anyway, kindly die in a fire just as you claim your ancestors did, maybe a holocoaster for added shillthrills. Dubs.

Go to where you belong

These are mutually exclusive.

I live in deeply rural MS; here and most surrounding areas, when Trump mentions military they all sperg about Mattis and the lack of respect for our troops. Support won't be too hard to herd down here.

screencap of shill

nu-Holla Forums is the most embarrassing attempt at shilling I've seen in a long time




you don't have to censor names here user

I dislike their adoption of white names.

We're finally about to get the EBT blackout chimpout after all these years?

thanks user

heh, that niggress was a little buttflustered. surely there will be incredible mountains of salt if the shitdems don't bend the knee to Trump soon.

we can hope

What glorious gets

Troll level: Trump


This and the possibility of food stamp riots makes everything so much better

Topkek. Please someone verify this message.

It’s… already verified.

I can smell the salt already

Truly the emperor of shitposting.

If only that hacker "4chan" could come to our aid here in our time of need.

This is a good division point, make it known to the niggers that the Dems don't give a fuck about them, they are old and busted. The Spics are the new Dem hotness. EBT will be down as long as it takes in order for the beaners to get gibs.

The best part about this is what's to be up and coming. The niggers getting their gibs removed is just a side effect at this point. And yes, pointing out that the dems care more about illegals than the niggers themselves is a great fractioning point that needs to be exploited.

Black-Hispanic is a preexisting cleavage. Such are exploited by GCHQ, the NSA, the CIA, FSB.

The US military has contingency plans to deploy the national guard to protect Walmart stores and the department of homeland security has several partnerships with walmart and they will be protected just as well as federal buildings by the police and the national guard. Mom&pop stores may burn to the ground, but not Walmart.

Bare in mind, those very people aren't getting paid for their work while the shutdown is ongoing. They could very well fight off the EBT looters in order to loot it themselves.

who put this there? nice post

wtf did I just watch?
Did that spaghettinigger just kill that motorcycle faggot?

It looks like the moped guy wanted some giggles from the bicycle guy, but bicycle guy lit his moped on fire with a firework then chased him down with a roman candle.

I saw a yale study that put it at 28.5 million "undocumented" immigrants


The post you replied to is DACA dreamers, not just the entire illegals. That number is more than 40m.

I don't know if I should laugh or puke

I don't think you have any right to speak to us about digits or memetics. You never even lurked. This newfaggotry is the reason I no longer even mention digits or kek.

I don't know anything about dat EBT, do they get funds added at a certain time of the week like a paycheck?

well I oppose "birthright citizenship" for the children of non-citizens illegally residing in US territory so it'd go up to 70 million or even higher




okay buddy, okay

you tell yourself what you need to and I'm going to continue on being everything you despise, white, tall, attractive, capable, intelligent

and I'll space how I damn well please, never used reddit but spaces are a means of expression and punctuation and I intend fully to use them, sorry schlomo :^)

anyway yeah stop derailing the thread with your shit, let's hope for some fucking chimpouts, we haven't had a good live streamed chimpening in a few months now! Starving nogs, utterly assblasted libshits, what the fuck more could you ask for?

Praise Kek









Why are cartoon girls looking like that all the time?


first day on the Internet friend? Holla Forums may not be the best first stop tbh. >>>/a/
Regardless, lurk her two years first before posting again. Thanks.


That recording will be in the national archives until they're gone. kek


I was thinking about this earlier today. The "non-essential" parts of the government would just about all be the gibs so the main people getting fucked over by the shutdown are democrat voters in democrat towns in democrat states. If they're going to riot, they'll burn down their own cities and if they're going to complain to an official they'll be going to their democrat electorates. All the pressure from the people is going to be slamming up stream towards the blue team.
Man this is great.

how long does it take for these animals to start starving to death? a month?

touché. all the smug anime waifus laughing at you ofc.

You made a spelling error, not a grammar error. It may be mistaken for a grammar error, but that would be wrong.

I don't know how they wouldn't see this coming, their whole platform is predicated on dependance on the government, shutting down the government works for "conservatives" because conservatism is about how we don't need parts of the government, but this is suicide for the modern democratic party

There's a pretty clear correlation I think user. Just check out the gibsmedat hotspot map itt.

Nope. You turned my spelling error directly into a grammar error. Checkmate Atheists.

I'm not an atheist. Checkmate Niggers.


Dems can't commit suicide when they're not the ones holding the gun.

Why won't drumpf think of all the starving niggers 50 miles out into the Pacific Ocean?

No doubt they're going to complain, sheboons are the ones that ask for the manger for the most minor things, I could guarantee every democrat electorate will full of voicemail and email complaints. The question is will they riot or will the cold whether will keep them indoors.

If they do actually riot it'll be the first organic one in decades and the first one in even longer that kikes wouldn't be able to use effectively as a propaganda front.


Do all the the gibs go out at the first of the month? If so I hope it stays shutdown till after that. Let the nigs see how much democrats really have their backs

Depends on the type of gib and state. Some space them out so it doesn't hit the state coffers all at once at the beginning of the month. They like to sit on their funds and make interest just like jews.

Post some variety of this on all of your nigger accounts.

It's warming up nicely in Florida right now, can't wait.

This one deserves a screencap

Dick Durbin is now Complicit Dick.

Toppest of keks m8

Looks like RWDS is in the weather this week

That's when cuckservatives have been going to bat, let's see how this turns out with Trump in the oval orifice. I'm curious to see how this plays out.


Checked. Kek is calling for our energy.
Lets Get This Going

This should have its own thread. I really hope this is part of some plan to secede from the US, otherwise I’ll just go to bed angry tonight. Question is, would I want this to start a civil war over California or to just let them leave and let shitskins and leftists move there?


How can the government be so incompetent? The last time they did this nothing happened. If this is supposed to be some kind of protest its not working because nobody gives a fuck.

No, they're still getting paid.


Republicans are planning to use the nuclear option and bypass the Democrats in the Senate. The Republicans passing their own bill is the death knell for DACA- Trump can get his wall funding without bargaining it away, and Republicans can pat themselves on the back and firmly place the blame for a government shutdown on the left. When the democratic voters see Schumer and his ilk squandered his chance to make DACA a reality, they'll turn on him.

McConnell said it isn't happening.

Damn it, McConnell

They should just do this. The GOP need to show some balls

Why? If they pass this now, the delay will make it look like the Republicans were bad at governing.

Instead, make the Democrats chimpout and hold the country hostage over illegal monkeys for longer and people will become quite angry at these monkeys for it.

I’d like to think that, but I doubt most people understand the reason for the shutdown and blame republicans. If they knew the truth, it would look really bad for democrats, prioritizing illegals over our own

McConnel will only hurt himself if he cucks out over nuclear option. The dems are shooting themselves in the foot over and over by keep this going, and they're now stuck between a rock and a hard place and unable to do anything. They will have pissed off spics and niggers no matter what.

It's the Democrats making demands so only Trump-haters will blame the Republicans.

Even if it's lose-lose, you might as well no capitulate on monkeys. Happenings are always a good thing.

There's no benefit in taking the Nuclear option this close to the 2018 election.
They'd only spare the Dems from the heat should they win the hill in the elections.

This. Checking normiebook, leftists are frothing at the mouth about the "racist sack of hippo dicks; Drumpf" for shutting down the government and blaming it 100% on Trump. It is obscene that so many people are willing to sabotage their own nation for the sake of millions of invaders who only want to bleed it dry. On top of this, they are depicting the Dems as victims who only want to negotiate. Every day we seem to drift closer and closer to Civil War, and every day it seems more and more like the only real solution to our (((problems))).

This makes NO sense.

That's the point. The longer the shutdown goes on, the more harm it does to controlled opposition cucks like McConnel, as well as ruin the ground the Dems would have for their 2018 election-impeach trump because of their pixie dust "scheme".
Also be on the look out and alert for following false flags to try and divert attention away once the dems realize they can't keep the heat off of their asses for long with being found responsible for the shut down and pissing everyone off.

I'm ready to die.

If you haven't done so already, now would be the time to load your magazines.

all 15 rounds


No funz here, however there is a large Bamboo outcropping near my home, I'm pretty good with my hands and knife. I might be able to build some Vietcong style traps and place them all around my property, or make a bow or some other nogtier tech.

1. Better than nothing.
2. >Having less than 30 mags. Ishygddt

Fuck. Not only did I quote the wrong post, I fucked up the green text.

I had a prophetic dream last night
This is how it goes
Dems & Libshits fund everything to Lugenpresse MSM. Trying to build the narrative that Shutdown is somehow Trump's fault.
Second being. Dems know that gibs keeps nogs and spics pacified. I heard in my dream that they took even more loans to keep plebs pacified.
All this to fish more votes in midterms, attempt to control the congress and impeach Trump.

I'm in new jersey too, all I got is a machete and a bunch of knives. Basically nothing unless I can sneak up on them

Hahahaha, no nigger.
You're like 45% of the population, and even that's probably an over-statement, and if you're not standing as groups with defensible compounds, you're gonna get farm murdered with a quickness.

Seems like they're getting it under control.
LA has certainly improved.

why contain it?

Oh man whats going on right now? Someone pls give me a tl;dr about the past three or so days.
Is the shutdown still under effect? How are the 3rd worlders reacting to the gibs being cut off?

2D tic-tac-toe narrative: Muh compassionate conservatism
3D checkers narrative: Minimize damage done to low-information voters to keep them calm (i.e. not mobilized) for 2018
3.5D Chess narrative: Show how much """better""" a shutdown can be managed than how Obongo did it for when the media tries to build this up as the worst, most irresponsible thing that a government could ever do.

Is there any chance that government shutdown is being forced to cover a transition from USA the corporation, back to USA the republic

Haven't been paying much attention to be honest, but I saw on Faux Jews that there was like some giant march today in Jew York, so I'm guessing the monks and spics are getting pissed.

Oh, wait, nevermind, it seems that was this years Twat Parade (ie "Women's March") event.


meanwhile at


I haven't noticed anything in the (((media))) about nigs losing their gibs which isn't quite surprising. A wide-scale chimp out is the last thing they need right now.

With the looming threat of the memos and other shit to be released? Oh no, they're going to try their damndest to keep it on blackout

Oh I'm shocked, truly!

Won't be any real happening until after the first if they are still shut down. Might catch a few of the late gibs this month if they weren't already scheduled and set to be paid.

The panic will come when all the chimps start calling to check balances and pre-preemptively start screeching as if it would change anything and there won't be anyone live to take calls. Even if there is a balance on their cards, they won't slow down long enough to check it at the store etc. so the panic will set in with the lack of information. They are just aware enough to realize just how stupid they are and if the system breaks they are fucked so it triggers their lower instincts.
This much schadenfreude can't be good for the heart.


Mick Mulvaney bluffed that the GOP is fully expecting this to last until the 30th. Imagine if the month starts and Negros stop getting their EBT?

It depends on SSN:

I'll have to post my social security check to facebook and throw up a wp for the homies. kek

Those were always my favorite Sylvester Cat cartoons.

That's not LA user, it's the Bay. LA is still lit in you're image.

There are outages in LA and long beach still
Check the live map

That's meme worthy material user.

Probably enough bugs and crap in there to sustain them for a while tbh

And these are just the ones that are being reported.

Imagine my shock and amazement that it's mostly the problem-cities along the coasts that are reporting in.

Too much too quickly I'd think, but damn if that isn't a nice thought user.


< watching corruption in real time

< and women want us MGTOW to feel sorry for them when they get the shit beat out of them by a guy who displays violent tendencies, which they hooked up with, knowing this full well.

It even makes sense from the Dems point of view. Spics are less stupid and less uncontrollably violent than niggers. Not to mention that despite the nigger breeding rate they never actually grow as a population because they can't stop killing eachother in the thousands or dying for stupid reasons.
Spics tend to organize and be violent as whole, they also have a chance to actually outbreed evil whity and take over work-related positions.
In other words even as tools for white genocide niggers are too fucking stupid to be of real use anymore.

It’s a libertarian fever dream, baby

Everything about that video is degenerate.


Running away from women isn't the answer. Im not saying go marry some cunt who is trying to make your life hell, but giving up isn't a sustainable plan.

SHTF nears. Then, people will marry for practical reasons. Men and women alike.


so is the Mueller boondoggle also shutdown?

lmao, this is the democrat voter base. this is who is getting hit by this. meanwhile, the rest of america barely knows it's going on.

congrats on pissing off your existing base for a potential future base, demorats!

I know this is a bit off topic but I was thinking about missile attacks, and was wondering if maybe Donald has told China that the republic of the USA will not honor the debt of the corporate USA, and China said if you won't honor the debt then prepare for "hell" here is a small sample, Trump says "do your worst" and "hell" gets shot down shortly after launch, and into the bargain D3, "it's a hit" we just sunk your battle sub, and China goes, "well fuck you, we'll just hit a closer target" and shortly after launch, another dart goes down, Don asks "anything else you wanna say?" China then offers a "So solly boss, vely solly"
And Don as a reasonable guy forgives without forgetting

G8 meme m8-E



The roads! Won’t someone think of the roads?


Can this waste of sperm please play football on a busy highway? I'll even forge signatures from his favorite team on his jersey and throw the ball in the middle of a busy interstate.

EBT is melting down at a ebin rate. Life is good

New bread up since this one is hitting 751 soon and EBT is burning

Jesus, that face. I'm starting to believe that every leftist has fetal alcohol syndrome to one degree or another.

Is Graham asking McConnel to accept DACA?

Don't forget the Omega-3s in the jheri curl juice.

Hopefully this time the shutdown is permanent.


Why couldnt roads be privatized? Why can everything be privatized but pavement on the ground?
What does the government do to keep the roads from sprouting feet, becoming sentient and refusing to be traveled upon?

Lefty memes are pants on head retarded


Something tells me those two posts were facetious.


Ultra-kek. I had to log into tor and change relays 3 times to check this, so I was beaten to it.


There already is with a thread but specific person kvetching really hard to put it down with his autism.

The Senators and Representatives…shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony, and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same….


I know this is a bit off topic but I was thinking about missile attacks, and was wondering if maybe Donald has told China that the republic of the USA will not honor the debt of the corporate USA, and China said if you won't honor the debt then prepare for "hell" here is a small sample, Trump says "do your worst" and "hell" gets shot down shortly after launch, and into the bargain D3, "it's a hit" we just sunk your battle sub, and China goes, "well fuck you, we'll just hit a closer target" and shortly after launch, another dart goes down, Don asks "anything else you wanna say?" China then offers a "So solly boss, vely solly"
And Don as a reasonable guy forgives without forgetting>>11176742

How fucking hard is if for you newfag cunts to google anymore? Jesus fuck and we wonder why this purge is moving so fucking slow. Retards everywhere.

Janda I think

Don't fall for that shit, user.

What purge? No one is being purged.

Nigger, it's looking up the fucking constitution and congressional protections. OUT

Oh, look. It's over on Monday. Just like I said. How about that. AND THEY'RE GOING TO VOTE FOR DACA AMNESTY. Just like I said. Fucking lol.