Christian Miscegenation

I got sick of seeing ugly subhuman nigger faces in what I wanted to be pure, white, christian women.

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Fuck off! Only niggers are brave enough to declare a ban on Religion of Cuck™. Western countries should learn from Angola.

tfw enforced race mixing

That may be simply because they fucked up the matching. If you ask for a blonde and they give you a brunette (who matches other criteria) you may still go with it. But matching with someone of the wrong race is pretty much as bad as matching with someone of the wrong sex, even if it's a 100% match otherwise that one detail is a deal-breaker for anyone.

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muh atheism

Why would you pull that quote out of context like that, user?

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Atheism is for cynical losers who are too pretentious to be humble in front of God.

That image doesn’t work anymore. Dawkins supports Christianity, even if he isn’t one.




That picture is fake - there are japanese embassies in muslim countries and muslim leaders do visit Japan…

Your God is dead the moment the Vatican disowned all those saints who were canonized for being killed by Jews, and the Protestants lost their way when sects were allowed to practice (and were not killed for heresy) when they started using the Scofield Bible. Your faith is kiked and dead.

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God isn't the vatican and the Vatican is currently infiltrated by (((globalists)))
You want an actual example of Christianity, look at Poland. Hell, even the US is in christian areas far more likely to help each other, while the (((globalist))) wants you to be crammed into a tiny shithole inside an apartment building where you barely have enough room, money or time to actually live.


How honest of you to quote that passage from a 1922 speech out of context - Hitler was responding to a leader of political christianity who said that "my feelings as a christian give me a duty to fight anti-semitism" and then, in the german text, Hitler said that, if one was a christian, his feelings should point at not being cheated - and that german christians should not allow themselves to be cheated by Juden.

And he imprisoned and executed thousands of priests during Kirchenkampf. And the symbolism of the reich was "pagan", and the party was filled with them, and they planned to replace christianity after the war… Try harder shill.

Hell with you:

>"By virtue of an inherent law, these riches belong to him who conquers them. The great migrations set out from the East. With us begins the ebb, from West to East. That's in accordance with the laws of nature. By means of struggle, the élites are continually renewed. The law of selection justifies this incessant struggle, by allowing the survival of the fittest. Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure."

I could quote more, but that's enough.

Yeah, I don't like them. Pagans are such easy conversion targets for Muslims and Mormons.

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Christians are easy conversion targets for globalists. They even do missions hand-in-hand with them, to import their christian "brothers" from Africa into Europe and do hallelujah singouts in their cardbox protestant churches to welcome them…

Oh and if that's the imageboard, imagine how cucked their talks in an actual church are…

Holla Forumstards will tell you paganism is the only way out of /christiancucking/. I think interpreting bestiality as including other races solves the problem.

I actually think that is how it was suppose to be interpreted.

you can't do that with miscegenation.

Racism is very Christian. Why do you think God split up Babylon? Miscegenation is unholy.

Congratulations - you stepped upon Positive Christianity. You don't get to go to the Dachau barracks with all the fag priests!

It's not me saying it isn't…

Guess so. The funny thing is… throughout all of christian history it always considered people outside of their race as barbaric/animalistic. This new (((christcucking))) has played off the words in the bible by (((translating))) humans as one race…the HUMAN RACE ™

The anti christian D&C shills are in full force tonight


Cuckchan is for you.

Or maybe, all this infighting is very useful for the upcoming alien invasion second coming of Christ.

Don't mess with (((Christians))) okay? Pagans are brainlets who haven't read enough (((theory))).


someone discovered charmap



Yes. Natsoc germany had pagan elements. We know. That's also not to mention the many aryan pagan ideas injected into christianity.

wrong pic.


is pic(5) the saint of little dog houses?

Yeah, nah, bro.
I'm German, I live in Germany.
My grandparents were 1488. I am 1488.
I know what I'm talking about, and reality agrees with me,too.

Take a look at our statue of liberty for example.

(Someone on /christian/ said that Hitler admired Jesus as a warrior, it was great chutzpah and I had a good laugh. The mods were livid though hahahahaha)

And even today pagan traditions are not only observed but reserached and people long to rediscover the things that have been lost to Christianity.
And I'm not lying to you either, you know, just to be an Anti Christian DC Shill.

I'm just being an honest actual German here, believe it or not.



He's the saint of looking like a damn kike, square (because countryball memes are real) halo, included.

Especially in southern Germany, Perchta and Krampus are still super strong, and Perchta is speculated to be older than even Wotan and the gang, so much for "forgetting about things"

And despite the alleged "conquest of Christianity where everyone adopted Christianity etc" the opposite is the case, but I have shit to do so I'm not gonna write an essay here.
You just gotta take my word on it, or not.

After all, again, reality speaks for me, it's just me posting for fun and to spread knowledge about how paganism is and had been the core of the west.
From using nautical knots to this day (witches seling wind in knotted strings, each knot = a certain amount of it) to wedding customs like Polterabend, etc.
And naked figureheads on ships, not actually installed anymore but still very much part of what we think of in "cliche" shipmaking when wood is involved.

This includes the inclusion of ash wood, which is connected to water and has been part of wooden ships way into the modern (where ships out of wood were still produced).


You stick to Wikipedia and stuff, it simply means absolutely nothing to me, because I live in reality, not on wikipedia or table talks or anything like that.

Ok, but there are a few points to be said with that:
On Noah's Ark, are you telling me a black man and a fat black woman were kept in the stables? (Honestly, the Noah story itself makes a lot of things become unbelievable in the Bible. Could a flood occur? Yes. A lot of religions speak of it, however, only Noah is saved? No. Otherwise, how would blacks, chinese, the "giant" goliath, etc. come into existence. Hell, we would all be related to Noah then).
Also, I don't know if any are legit, but if there ever was someone who wasn't lying when he claimed to do miracles in God's name, was he a race realist?
Lastly, and I've stated this on /r9k/, if blacks/etc. fall under human (ever), then they are capable of worshipping God. If they're capable of worshipping God and are worthy of him, why wouldn't they be worthy of you and your daughter?
That is why, yes, not treating them as human would be the only way to reconcile the religion. However, because they're bipedal (and due to mixing in the U.S. such that 60~ -> 80~ IQ) and sufficiently humanoid, good luck getting people to not treat them as human, for complex ideas such as brain composition, genetics, etc. are not things your average normalfag will be willing to care about.

Eh that is a church, hosting a national flag. If the priest refused to do it, he would have been executed.

Positive christianity was an op to control the many protestant churches, and prepare for the coming replacement of christianity after the war. That came together with Kirchenkampf and the persecution of political christianity.

Even the Deutsche Christians were opposed by the Confessing Church, with all the cucked priests who refused to bow down to Hitler, many of whom were executed. They played a part in propping up militant groups like "The White Rose", in the middle of the war, effectively siding with the Rothschilds and the Soviets over the Europeans.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

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Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


Muslims are unironically a lot more tolerant of other religions than Christianity. Anyone familiar with Evola and the traditionalist school should know this. Shame the newfags would rather die than read a book.

That's odd…

Ah right one little thing.
What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter what you think because Christianity is superflous and nobody would miss it, making even positive Christianity completely irrelevant.
But again, you think what you think. Doesn't matter, well time to do work.


fuck, ciao

considering thats what the soviets did…that would have only happened if they were marxist.
no objections to this

Now, I'm not the brightest person (nor the most well-read), however I'm pretty sure muslims and hindus don't get along (well, Sikhs, but maybe hindus as well?). After all, weren't there som religious conquests/battles of northern/Western India at some point in time. Also, isn't there still some tension between Pakistan and India (well, wouldn't the existence of Pakistan itself represent something?)

You're using tolerance in the wrong way. While it would be nice to see people have more of the faggoty love and respect each other way; I'm saying it in the sense that Religion of Cuck™ recognizes spiritual truth in other religions. Whereas most Christians think anything other than their specific denomination is satanism.


Reminded me of this story for some reason. Half tempted to do thisßler

Some examples of executed priests…

Sure, I guess… That would have been weird.

Religion of Cuck™ and Judaism doesn't grasp well with the concepts of 'war against powers and principalities'. That's why it sucks, and becomes a hub for pedophile degenerates and rapist.

You know it's an achievement when you get caught licking a naked man's armpit by your underage wife. God bless those Ishmaelites and their 'chosen'…

I don't read the biblical translation literally. Start reading every scripture in metaphors..its an eye opener.

on your second point. Blacks (and many other races) cannot into christianity. The concept of christ is too complex. They cannot begin to understand scripture that was written at an IQ level higher than theirs. Just think; the verbal vocabulary of blacks is absolutely terrible. Even historic/ethno linguistics know african tribes that have an abysmal vocabulary range. So if you ever wonder why ebonics is a thing, or why blacks cannot into scripture. now you know.

This is a good point. There has been a lot of conflict between Muslim and Vedic societies in history. However, I would consider this the result of political maneuvering rather than actual religious disagreements. Using the same logic one might be tempted to say whites hate white people, because they always undermine each other when one is on the verge of ushering in a golden-age. One could also say that men and women hate each other because every couple argues. One might be tempted to generalize the terrorism problem in the Muslim world and use it to degrade the entire religion, however, it is important to note that over 90% of all radical muslim terrorists come from the modernist Salafi sect. The point I'm trying to make is that just because people fight does not mean that they have an intrinsic need to destroy each other.

fucking kek

Could you go into more detail?

Hi, I'm Simon of Cyrene.

we wuz jesuz n shit

God didn't split up Babylon, the Persians did.

Oh don't get me wrong. they sure (((worship))) the bible and complex metaphors (creation story, noah's ark) go right over their head. They default into biblical literalism.

Their comprehension of text is a joke.


Christians were being put forth by God not to fight other men, but to lead humanity in the fight against metaphysical forces (most importantly dark matter/energy). If extraterrestrial life is coming to our planet, we'll be the ones to face them while the rest are hiding in jungles like savages. That's because salvation is not with them.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
~Ephesians 6:12~

Mate it's the story of the time that a herder dealt with a flood that effected HIS entire world, not the entire world and he would of build a raft to keep his lifestock safe


I mean I could post examples of executed germans. That doesn't mean germans were against natsoc germany. The fact is their opposition to the regime in a time that communism/marxism is right on the border of germany is the ultimate result in execution.

Totally, I get it. Dark world translates to currently corrupt material space, and heavenly realm translates to negative space. Collide them and you get nothingness (which is symbolized by the marriage of Christ and New Jerusalem).

Ah, yes that is true. But then again, several of them, the cucked priests, were explicitly against NatSoc Germany, they were either associated with political christianity (political opponents of the Third Reich - the party of Angela Merkel today) or cucked clergy, who had a long emnity with the NSDAP, making personal attacks against Third Reich officials and so on - when they took power, they had to make a deal with the catholic church because of how afraid they were of being wiped out… (done by catholics primarily, not even actual kikes)

I agree, even (((scholars))) and scholars agree that too literal of an interpretation may be bad. Nevertheless, so many Christians (U.S.) interpret it literally. Good luck changing that without seeming like a heretic. In particular, the phrase that "The Bible is God's word" implicitly lends more credability towards interpreting it literally as opposed to metaphorically (especially in the OT which, at least attempts to, mimics an actually history book. I.e., it lists geneologies, migrations, etc.)
As for the capable, I agree. Hell, bring up the image where they nail a fucking cat to a cross. Any group will merge a new religion with their old one in order to reconcile their beliefs. This isn't as difficult with whites since white's aren't really too barbaric (and if they ever were, time has shown that they are capable of change due to empathy). However, Africans have to merge it with voodoo & shit (implicitly gruesome and disgusting). So, yes, they're not capable of true Christianity. But, again, how does one determine whether or not the faggot speaks truth when he says "God has told me to go and spread the word of the Lord to Africa" (and he would have some backing since the Bible tells of spreading the word to the nations of the world. The NT church at minimum spreads it to Asia. This would encompass Arabs, Europeans, and some tribes of upper Asia and India.)

You say that, but I'd doubt that one due to a different reason (i.e. there is reference to a great flood in other religious texts, I believe even the Epic of Gilgamesh). Nevertheless, that would just fall under an interpretation. In particular, it would be a "teaches common sense" interpretation. However, people who are of a religion don't want that. They want a text which seems existential.

Look, if that's your personal view (and you're a person capable of dealing with exceptions while remaining pragmatic about certain goals) that's fine. Nevertheless, most people on this board would agree to just being completely anti-muslim/anti-arab (only pro-Indo-European and hoping for the best for some Asians).

Do you really think Christianity is the only religion with any spirituality? You know there is a hadith where mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker comes back from campaign and says "We have returned from fighting the lesser Jihad, now to fight the greater Jihad" which is clearly speaking of fighting a spiritual battle. Surely you know that Christianity isn't the only dualistic religion? It's funny how Christians will attack anything esoteric, yet try to use their own esoteric elements as proof of the superiority of their religion.
All I am saying; corruption is everywhere and that includes the church. That doesn't mean the christians are brainwashed by it like they are today.
pic related

That's a reasonable view. I also support removing Asiatics from our white nations. I'm mostly speaking on a religious level, but it would also be nice to encourage cooperation between the non-jew'd Arabs and Western National Socialism. I think there's a great partnership to be made with the Shia, and it's frustrating to see so many people willing to throw that out the window with little reasoning.

"The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years). We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Bani-al-Harith bin Khazraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became all right, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, "Best wishes and Allah's Blessing and a good luck." Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah's Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age."

SOURCE: (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234)

A perfectly christian response:

Matthew 18:6 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


This thread is a shitshow

Yes, and this is where those (((translations))) come in handy. This is a big issue; people most do their own due diligence and not rely on a (((pastor))) to tell you what God told him.


A shame that these words were never put into place

The greater Jihad has never been about fighting 'a spiritual battle'. It's about establishing a world domination. Same thing with the Hebrews.

Hadith isn't infallible. There are others which state that she was in puberty at the time she had sex with mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker. Also your Gospel quote doesn't even repudiate that. In that same Hadith she goes on to say that she never once spoke badly about her husband, so it's not "offending" one of these little ones even if it were true.

It's kind of funny that you're sperging out so hard because of my post complaining that Christians always sperg out for no reason.

More importantly, the problems Christianity is concerned with solving aren't relevant to blacks yet and may never be. They're as like animals in their comprehension of good and evil as in their capacity for reasoning. In a very real sense they aren't human, and concepts like sin and repentance are as applicable to them as they are to chimps.

Not him, but it isn't the only one, just the most complete.


Are you literally 'but what if the child consent though'? Because sperging would be the appropriate response.

I'll never get why the issue (with kids, drunks, & women) is defined as consent. All these people can consent (consent being defined as having the will to accept X). The true issue is understanding what X is.
It's akin to signing a contract without reading the contract. The reason why it should be defined as bad for the child is because they do not completely understand it. It's akin to me having you sign a contract without being able to read. In addition, even if there wouldn't be any obvious ill effects from such acts with a child, if sex has such a large effect on adult women, it more than likely has one on someone whose hormones aren't even stable yet. Thus, without even getting into the morality of taking advantage of another's ignorance, it can be deemed wrong biologically due to its effects on their growth.

I'm curious as to why you'd think that. Is there something unique about Christianity that you think gives it its superiority? (other than an argument which is tantamount to saying "it's the greatest because it's the only true one" please)

I'm not saying that at all. I am saying that Aisha was of a more proper age when she consummated the marriage. Please read my posts more carefully before responding you illiterate turbonigger.

See, this is why Christianity lasted this long, but for all the wrong reasons. If you take the bible literally, it is almost as nonsensical and self-incriminating as the talmud and why reading it used to be limited to the priests. Christians throughout the centuries have used their interpretation as a justification for what's "said" in the book, but in reality what it says is literally different. This is its greatest indication that it does not function on its own and why the religion is I'm sorry to say, a farce.

Remember Subjectivity? It's a tool jews popularized in the 20th century to uproot factual basis of a rading material - but Subjectivity as a basis is what was used by christians to perpetuate the half-life of their religion. In case you need a reminder, Subjectivity means that the work you're reading is only as good as your interpretation of it, and the meaning of the work is dictated by the reader and not the author; therefore, there's no wrong or right answer. Want Fifty Shades to be an allegory for women's oppression? Go ahead. Want LOTR to be an allegory for rejecting capitalism? Go ahead. Were Frodo and Sam in a homosexual relationship? It's all valid as long as it's your interpretation. This applies to "bible study" because this is essentially where Subjectivity was popularized. You get what you want out of it because you wanted to find meaning in it.

Whites are typically smart people and usually mean well. If instructed to find good meanings, life lessons, wisdom, and virtue in a book, they will find it. This delusion is called "biblical interpretation." Because the book is supposed to contain good meanings, life lessons, wisdom, and virtues, a white person will actively search for such a basis in the text, interpret it as they see fit, and ignore all other contradictory information. The reality is that the goodness found in the work came from the white person, not the work itself.

The sad truth is that this has been the de facto use of the bible for centuries. Whites have deluded themselves into thinking that taking it literally is the wrong way to look at it because otherwise the book is jewish drivel and plagiarized stories. They can't see this level of delusion when they're in a reading class with a modern teacher and the assignment is to "interpret" a story the class is reading and look for "symbolism." It's the exact same thing.

If all else this just means that if you give a white person a blank book, he will find what he needs in himself. If you give a blank book to a jew, he will use it to plagiarize and lie. If you give a blank book to a shitskin, he will use it in the knockout game.

All one race! The human race, goy!

not him. but it's very simple. every religion has an IQ threshold based on the complexity of the concepts. Christianity is definitely not the most intelligent religion. It is however the most complex out of all the other abrahamic religions (due to the influence of aryan beliefs in such as the trinity).

Some Muslim apologists have recently claimed that Aisha was actually older than nine lunar years at time of the consummation of her marriage to Prophet muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker. They have attempted to explain that Aisha was in fact not nine-years-old as the Sahih hadiths of her own testimony claim, but some other ages derived from misquotations, indirect sources, fuzzy dating techniques and slander. These dubious research techniques have led to several conflicting ages to be proposed for Aisha at the time of consummation, including 12, 14, 15, 17, 18 and 21 years.

An article (link provided) analyzes every single argument put forward by these apologists, and provides additional information on the origins and history of the "Aisha was older" apologetic arguments, and the only logical purpose behind making them.

On closer inspection of these polemics you will discover that the various claims can be broadly categorized into these categories; unjustified slanders against Hisham ibn Urwah and the Iraqi narrators, the use of non-sahih information to refute otherwise sahih hadiths, the use of secondary and indirect sources in preference of direct testimonies, the use of ‘imprecise’ dating in preference to specific dates and statements of age, the use of misquoted references and erroneous information, the use of incorrect logic, and personal opinion.

Aisha was nine lunar years old at the time her marriage to the Religion of Cuck™ic prophet was consummated and there is simply no valid evidence that suggests otherwise. The majority of Muslims today, including both scholars and the general Muslim population, agree. This has been the mainstream Muslim understanding throughout Religion of Cuck™'s 1,400 year history, and many of these honest Muslims take offense to these lies propagated by Muslim apologists who are embarrassed by their own prophet's actions.

This is a false argument based on the conflation of two different things. Life expectancy, which refers to the average length of life from birth, lowered in the past by very high rates of infant mortality. And the average lifespan, which looks at how long people lived once they had passed the infant stage.

So, when apologists claim,"people lived shorter life spans," it does not mean people in the past lived an accelerated life cycle. It means that more of them died as children than do today.

For example, if a society had a life expectancy of 35 years, this does not mean that a person of 35 years was considered to be old. If they managed to live past their childhood years, they still had a very good chance of continuing on to that society's average lifespan, which could have been 60 or 70 years of age. What it does mean, is that so many children died at birth, or at 5, or at 11 years of age that it brought the average life expectancy down.

A nine year old girl in 7th century Arabia would absolutely not "be comparable to a 20 year old today." She would still be just a nine year old girl.

Additionally, muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker lived to the age of 63 years, Aisha to 66, Asma bint Abu Bakr to 100, Khadijah to 64 and Abu Bakr to 61. Do these seem like shorter lives?

Even today in developed countries, someone who reaches the age of 60 is considered old, and rarely do people reach the age of 100. If you knew your daughter would die like Aisha at 66, would that make it okay for her to have sex at the age of 9 with a 54 year old man?

LINKS: wikiReligion of Cuck™.net/wiki/Aishas_Age_of_Consummation

wikiReligion of Cuck™.net/wiki/Responses_to_Apologetics_-_muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker_and_Aisha

wtf im a cruz missile for muslims now. Shut the fuck up. Disregard this shill, he's trying to paint his mudslime buddies in a better light.

It describes the core problem of our existence (alienation from God as a result of our consciousness of ourselves as individual beings) and its solution (repentance enabled by Jesus Christ's sacrifice, which allows us to return to communion with God while retaining individual identity). Buddhism also sort of recognizes this problem, but it cannot achieve the complete solution because the problem is bilateral and requires an act of mercy from God (in the form of Christ's life, work, death, and resurrection) as well as repentance from us.
Most religions contain truth. My pre-Christian pagan ancestors weren't crazy, they were describing the world they experienced as best they could, and the things they experienced were real, they just weren't the whole of reality.

But user, clearly those classification of species/etc. are just man made concepts. They'll capable of not being "correct" and are no different from an interpretation. Oh, genetics? Well, if I'm 99% the same as a banana, how important are those genetic things really?


Are you talking to yourself again?

Yes. Every religion is literally false. BUT It is metaphorically true. For example. The bible specifies to not eat filth (shit/feces) or god will punish you. Is this literally true? No. Metaphorically? Yes.

This allowed for a society (without knowing about microbes and bacteria at this time) to tell you something that was TRUE without knowing the facts.

Partly. But some scriptures are not just the ideas of the reader inserting a methaphor (such as the 10 commandments). Its an analysis by the writer of how things work and how life is then and now. This is useful because when you look trans culturally you see re-occurring themes in every religion. This is what you should build your society off of; these pillars of foundation found throughout every civilization.

there is nothing inherently morally wrong with miscegenation

I think you're giving too little weight to the possibility that religious people, even (perhaps especially!) intelligent religious people, actually believe the central metaphysical and historical claims of their religion.

And you're getting christians you stupid faggot. Your missionaries went to Afrika and converted large amounts of the voodoos to be our shithole jew cult. You stupid cunts did the same thing to south amerika and mexico. So don't cry to pol because you had the raging need to race mix and let everyone be a part of your pyramid scheme bullshit

Objectively false.


I like that we kind find agreement in man's quest to attain "apotheosis" while retaining personal identity. The main disagreement would be over God's need to consciously help us. From a different theological perspective one would argue that there is an innate divine nature within man, and that his own personal experiences are enough to achieve "enlightenment." While Christianity believes that God consciously acts to redeem men. I would argue in favor of the former view on the grounds that Carl Jung's work shows that the spiritual = unconscious. (this formula can also be reversed to say that the unconscious is the doorway to the spiritual) What I'm getting at is that God is unconscious while man is both conscious and unconscious. This might sound unrelated, but it leads to a very important conclusion. The creation of man was God's attempt to gain consciousness. He suffered the material world, so that he may gain the ultimate reward. This aryan archetypal concept of "winning by losing" is key here. Christ's greatest victory was being crucified and redeeming man in the process. Wotan's greatest victory was getting crucified and receiving the runes after his Resurrection. God's victory was when he was temporarily made "lower than the angels." This concept is also stealthily purposed within Religion of Cuck™. There is a hadith where Allah states "I was a hidden treasure and I wanted to be known, so I created man, and made myself known to him, so that he may know me." The key thing to note here is that man's main purpose is to "know God" which by its nature prevents any type of destruction of the self.

I think that this is also the solution to the common question "what happens to the native Americans who died and never knew of Jesus, Moses, or any of the Prophets?" By recognizing the a man's salvation and deliverance come within, one can begin to see the incredible depth of God's plan.

Apologies if my post is unclear. I had to cover a lot of complex topics in case there are lurkers who don't study religion as autistically as I do. (if you want to read more then please check out Miguel Serrano's "Apparition of the 'I'" on /pdfs/)

Hi McConnel.

When geographical and cultural borders exist? You're partly right. But the problem is that people have the ability to travel and understand anything anywhere in the world faster than ever. When it's limited, you can ensure that cultures and peoples remain separate and continue naturally, but now, things blend sloppily together into an incoherent mess. Back then people's ethnicity only changed as fast as they could travel, if they mixed, it would even out before they'd find another varied ethnicity.

in your dreams, faggot





After that we can debate religion over and over and over. Pointless conversation, this.

Fuck off, retards, it was racial. People and Fatherland.

OP on top of sounding like a retard you can't figure out how the matching algorithm works also comes across as a whiny little bitch.

Whoa there, nice idea. Give me 10 minutes and i'll go do that. Guarantee'd.
Seriously go look for them, you won't find any.

What? You don't want the best for your children? You'll force someone into existence, and not them the courtesy of at least making sure they get to be white? Fucking kill yourself, you scum.

I don't have any problems with Christianity, but I do with modern or Normalfag depictions and concepts/ideas of Jesus.

I couldn't care what religion a person follows if it keeps them an upstanding civilized moral person and doesn't use it as a crutch to avoid critical thinking. But I do think religious unity is important too.

"Hi McConnel" I have no idea what esoteric inside joke or rhetorical waste that is, but the fact that the previous poster was advocating for Muslims and their "religion of piss" speaks volume, especially when I'd find more genial undertones in a country with Christian backgrounds than one with a Muslim background. And not to mention the disparity of an average intelligence level between a Mudslime and white, Christians. Answer me this, faggot, who would you rather open borders to, a hoard of Muslims migrants who intend to rape your women, suck the teat of government welfare until it's dry, and release sexual tension via sodomizing little boys in pools or someone of a Christian background who have moral high ground instilled within them and can differ from what's right or wrong generally speaking. I get it, you think Christianity is cucked to hell and back, and you're definitely not wrong in that regard, but to say that the religion of piss and its followers are far better than most followers of a pacifist religion is fucking ignorance.
Pics related; d@c.

Either they start categorizing anti-white stuff as hate speech and crack down on it immediately or that shit needs to go FAST

I don't think we disagree too much here, actually. We're made in the image of God, and while Christians would describe the process you're talking about as the Holy Spirit working within us, I don't think we're describing different processes.

This goy gets it.
This is how you get syncretism (religions combined to form a new one), such as Voodoo, which is a combination of West African Juju and Catholicism, or the Cargo Cults, or the Mushroom cults of the South Americas. This amalgamation is in many cases the only way that missionaries can get savages to embrace the desert religion, by adapting it to fit around their pre-existing beliefs of animal spirits, ancestors etc.
but exactly the same thing happened in Europe
Why do you think we have "Christmas" (Yule), Easter and all the other "Christian" holidays falling on the dates of, and in many cases, still incorporating, the elements of pagan ritual?
The final conclusion is that, in most cases, the imposition of Christianity is unwelcome and must be sweetened by carrying over elements from the aboriginal faith.

>, jesus-smacks-shit-out-of-(((bankers)))
Oh, yeah, it's not like ((( Christian Monarchs ))) made Rotschild and co what they are today.
Also, pic related, some really distraught jews in the face of our new savior ;^)
Notice the lack of smiles and instead their sheer horror as they protest their greatest enemy

Also, thinley veiled D&C thread


So what are your thoughts on other religions containing the necessary tools for salvation, but not necessarily guaranteeing it?

Doesn't have to have anything to do with morals, although the things created by miscegenation usually have a lesser capability of them.

A reason why the Nuremberg laws are shit.
Zero tolerance or go home.

Why are you bringing up that you are "only 1% nonwhite"? You're identifying with your nonwhite taint, aren't you?

If you are even aware enough of your genetic ruination that you have the urge to make a case for tolerance then you're already 100% too nonwhite to play.

There's enough actual whites left, the black death didn't wipe us out, we'll be fine without based kikes and niggers, too.

That Leviticus post is brainlet as fuck.
On the exact same page of the KJV (also- "alien" is not the same as "stranger")
Leviticus 20:2 - Whosoever he be of the children of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth ANY of his seed to Moloch, he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land will stone him with stones.

Lev. 19:19 - Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shall not sow thy field with mingled seed

If they're naturally psychic, how can they not see Jamal leaving them with the baby?

Don't worry, jews are the exception.

Neither shall they take for their wives a widow, nor her that is put away: but they shall take maidens of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow that had a priest before.

Ezekiel 44:22

It seems that for mutts and mongrels Christianity is the only link connecting them to Europe. Paganism is so abhorrent to them as it threatens to cut their lifeline to the White Race.

I'm merely even answering this for "timewasting arguments sake".
Since, again, Christianity does not matter.
I, mean, for a Child that is one day old, one more day seems like it's entire lifetime.

So no wonder jews are so impressed by 2000 years of Christianity, but in the grand scheme of things it's not even a blip on the radar and it has been degrading even in it's first milennium if "conquest".

Eventually, the posters on 8³²¹chan won't even have to deal with this short period of asinine teachings that is Christianity anymore.

But even in the future the "spirituality" of the old gods will remain in the souls of the people.
A thunderclap in the skies and, presto, another god figure that rolls bowling pins or has a really big fidget spinner that must have fallen down.

Paganism = unkillable.
Christianity = oh, man, another minute has passed, sigh, time for another new denomination because white people are stubborn and have to try and fix problems but in this case they're unfixable cause they're kiked at the core


I see the shilling cycle has rolled over. I should start keeping track and see if there's a pattern.

How long until the d&c claims Europeans were savages until Christianity "saved" them?


Just in case nobody noticed,


What am I watching here?

I can give you a head start.

That's the pattern I follow.
I'm not being secretive or whatever about this.

Whenever I post on /christian/ , for example
I actually warn people that I will start posting if they don't stop with the bullshit.

Of course, because they think they can ban me there they start to talk shit.
Doesn't usually take an hour until everybody who tried to play it cool at first is crying because I have laughed and taunted them with "Try choopping down more trees to banish me" t, but the mods also start screeching autistically.
I love seeing the smug quips at first.
Then the bible verses.
Then the kvetching if I don't have anything better to do.
Then silence.
Then projection. HahahahahhhaHAAHAHAHAHAHA.

All just because they want to hang out with a jew, now that their foreskin has gone and they have internalized spiritual communism, intead of going on an adventure in the afterlife with me.

I mean, there's so many worlds to explore and so many things to fight.
But some people just don't think big enough.

lol, to be fair I think that's not forced. There are not many people using the service so the engine will automatically fill the default search slots with non-whites



It's a ritual to both drive away and recognize Perchta (aka Hulda/ Frau Holle although things got a bit murky there thanks to the Church) and her underlings.

Either plain old misshaped demons or classic Krampus like ones.

Winter is a dark time in Europe.
People have not forgotten, even if a lot of this is now spectacle/show.
Check out this video for a Krampus run.

By the way, pentagrams just mean enlightenment, among other things.

They used to be put on "Christmas" trees, because a lot of Germanics believe that humans were created from trees/wood.
And the "Christmas" (not Christian at all) tree represents humanity, and the star up top our task to become enlightened and elevated.

Discussing religion with Christians is actually quite predicable.

It really is simple.
If you're non European, simply shut your mouth instead of talking against European faith matters.

Then you won't have to deal with my autism and spergings.
It's so easy to not having to cry yourself to sleep .
Simply embrace your American deficiences, and most of pro Christians are Americans, and realize that you know jack diddly squat, and you'll be happy.

If not, then I'll have to laugh at your lack of foreskin while you live on a jewish prison island where all you get to eat is flavors of Christianity (you know, with circumcisions and everything) nobody in actual Europe would be caught dead with.

America has nothing pertaining to the Christian faith and could be eradicated by Aliens until nothing is left and Christianity would be unchanged, aside from some American faggoty flavors being gone, like Mormonism and so forth.

But nothing of actual importance.
That's why the "Christian world" does not give a shit about what "American Holy Men" think, and still focus on the Vatican and co.

To me, Americans who run their mouthes against European native faiths while using Christianity as any sort of argument are like mangy raccons who have just pulled some bag of shit ouf a trash can and trying to convey to me that it's prime grade steak, or something.

It's fucking ridiculous.

They can, but they suppress it internally. It's internalized racism to predict that deadbeat dads are 99% black.

Yeah, that's it in a nutshell.

I love their mental gymnastics, though.
One of my favorite angles is:

Pagans don't have a true faith, they don't even have scripture.
Nothing (allegedly) is left of pagan stuff and Europe was conquered by Christianity.

Just, let that sink in.

I'll translate it anyway:
You, someone who has no scripture, no nothing, nothing to go on and who still believes in the old gods…

…has less faith than someone who just downloaded the 20GB Christian book torrent another user has posted in some other thread.

There are literal instructions on youtube on how to do a proper self crossing gesture.
You know, for dummies.
And they have oodles of ((( books ))) with ((( instructions ))).
And that translates to genuine faith.

While people who "run on nothing" yet still are so unshakable in their beliefs that it makes the superior Christians so red faced with anger…have no faith at all.

I like such instances because it really shows off the reality inversion and "giving jewish fantasies more credit and weight" than they deserve.

One of many reasons why Christianity really is spiritual communism and every white person today should follow the example of Europe that has revised the faith so many times and ultimately has begun kicking it away, instead of clinging to that kind of trash.

But, boy, is ((( Jesus ))) strong in their hearts.
They swallowed the marketing wank hook line and sinker, but I'm running out of time again, or I'd be elaborating how reality and "marketing" of "God" diverge so heavily.

You know, all knowing, but can still be surprised by virtue of "judging people" etc, pp.
You know, the stuff they want to handwave away because it's "babby tier" because they have to do it, because it literally tugs away the rug underneath their feet, etc.

modern christianity is anti-white, they believe whites and non-whites are 'equal in the eyes of the lord'

Holla Forums values whiteness as the desired trait, /christian/ values christianity, it's that simple.. some percentage of people on that board are compatible with Holla Forums, but if you browse it you will see people use the word "racism" all the time, they call us "race-worshippers" (even the mods, who are cucktholics)

there's two threads on /christian/ rn "when did you grow out of /pol" and "racism is not christian" smdh cy+3.. they are against niggers getting abortions, they think it's just as bad as a white woman aborting her baby

good effort

The only Christians with a shred of decency, they believe niggers are burned sinners and that whites should have lots of babies, hence why Utah's birthrate is so high

They dedicate their lives to trying to get a favorable afterlife and they don't care about the real Earth, they are selfish fags

and how many christians interpret the bible to prohibit race-mixing? you're doing mental gymnastics

the general consensus is that the bible is neutral on race-mixing, and some will even say "as a christian, I cannot oppose it"

go on the board /christian/ and see for yourself what they think, they don't care about the white race, they care about jesus

You're forgetting Orthodoxy, i.e. true Christianity.


Could you have at least tried to not come off as a total sperg?

more or less on point, they still do Christmas and Easter like the Catholics though but observe passover and some other early Christian days.

Is that quote real?

If so, make an MLK-Jr-attributed meme out of it.


>a "White American hindu" jumps into a religious debate to implicitly promote the Religion of Cuck™ and other non-White ideologies, and defend child abuse.
So which are you, a leftykike or an actual jew?

try harder next time.

You're not christian if you have to date through a 'christian' dating website.

Us Christians pick our mates in church. The church we go to has our own ethnicity. Dating sites BTFO'd.

Why is this shit forced everywhere?

They were antifa a couple thousand years ago, user. What do you expect? Maybe one of these days the rest of you will get a clue.

Corrupt, filthy, vile churches are explicitly against you maintaining your race. They accept all sorts of garbage their own book tells them not to at this point, and they are generally inferior and immoral. I will never get how some anons try and retain their cognitive dissonance on the subject this hard.

hello, jew!

Pagans and atheists are all complete faggots. Christ will judge you and you will burn forever in hell.

You shit on religion and reveal yourselves to be Jewish.

There is nothing more Jewish than worshiping a Yid on a stick. You compare religion of your forefathers to a degenerate atheism. Semitic crap has completely eroded your brain. There is more to spirituality than simply following rabbi Yeshua's teaching. The only good parts of Christianity were taken from European folk religions. Everything else is just concentrated Semitic shit.

and there is nothing more gay than being a pagan. Jesus will judge you.

How new are you? Kalergi plan, prophecy. The Jews want and need a mongrelized world to rule so they can keep control.

Why should any White man follow the teachings of a Jewish rabbi when he can be free worshiping his own Gods? Gods which guided and protected his Race for thousands of years. Gods that aren't tainted by Jewish drivel, but came from the European spirit. Be free White man.

I think Hitler would probably feel the same way about niggers today as he did about the red army, given they both raped millions of white girls and women, ages 8-80.

Christianity is currently the most anti-white religion in the world. It gives more money to shitskins than anyone else, pushes for immigration, pacifies whites and turns them into nigger-loving cuckolds, etc.


this fag never heard of a vpn lol

it's more like kikes v. goyim

funny thing is i posted this on (((((4chan))))) and they all thought i was from iceland lol - still a few dummies here tho

Are you supposed to be the kike?
Honestly can you niggers quit arguing about religion as long as it benefits whites you can believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I care.

how's that tolerance working out for you?

It would work better if I were in charge of my country but I'm not.

Say, did Jesuses Foreskin get resurrected, too?
Or is it gone forever?
Did it gain eternal life with his sacrifice or is still in hell or something?

Also, after a lifetime of training, do you think there's anything left of Jesus anyway?

After all, catholics eat his body all the time, and once they die they can meat the real deal.

I'd be running, if I were Yeshua.
A horde of blood drinking, flesh eating Catholics licking their chops at your sight.


this post is from the talmud

Yawn. Reported for intl.

Which version? Greek? KJV?

Pfft, get lost, philosemitic worm.
Go to your jew ruled containment board.
Go back to >>>/christian/

Segregation! You devil worshiper.

even that cartoon image portray the jewish yahwe in the likeness of the norse god odin
because jewish likenesses are repulsive tbh

Jesus will judge you too, faggot.


Thanks user. I grow weary of the TL;DR newfaggotry, this was a great thorough response

Large parts of (((Table Talks))) are known to be fraudulent.
Bormann was obviously trying to twist things to his own purposes.

Do your research!

"And the founder of Christianity made no secret indeed of his estimation of the Jewish people. When he found it necessary, he drove those enemies of the human race out of the temple, because then as always, they used religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests. At the time Christ was nailed to the cross for his attitude toward the Jews, whereas our modern Christians entered party politics, and when elections are being held, they debase themselves and beg for Jewish power, and Jewish votes. They even enter into political intrigues with the Atheistic Jewish parties against the interests of their own Christian nation."

- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Page 11

"My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Saviour as a fighter; it points to the Man who once in loneliness, surrounded by few followers, recognised these Jews for what they were, and summoned men to fight against them, and who, God's truth was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter, in boundless love as a Christian and as a man, I read through the passage that tells us how the Lord at last rose in his might and seized the scourge to drive out of the temple the brood of vipers and adders. Today, after 2000 years, with deepest emotion, I recognise more profoundly than ever before, the fact that it was for this that he had to shed his blood upon the cross."

Adolf Hitler, April 12, 1922

"Right up through college and into grad school, I thought that Hitler was just Pagan. I thought that that's what his ideology was all about, and that was the dominant Christian point of view after the war. He was not that way, and that's not how the Orthodox church saw him; that's not how most Catholics saw him, at the time. He just lost the war. Had he won, we'd be singing a very different tune today."

- Dr. M. R. Johnson


Not to counter-signal the Pagans, but Hitler even said this:

"We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else–in any case, something which has nothing to do with us."

- Adolf Hitler, 1938, Nuremberg

Yawn. Reported for intl. No one believes your kike lies.


I'm sorry about your foreskin, though, but you'll get to hang out with a jew for all eternity, so that's cool.

don't worry you won't end up doing that, you'll just be in Hel, getting acid dripped into your eyes because you followed a volcano demon

Most christians are miscegenating cuckolds by their own admission. According to this thread they seem awfully smug about it too. Absolutely disgusting.

Yawn. Reported for intl. Four years, queer.

Get some fucking oxygen into your brain you knuckledragging spiritual nigger kike cuckold so you don't have to yawn every goddamn minute.

Or maybe you're just an actual jew and winded after posting a few times.
Wouldn't be surprised, since your bantz are even worse than your stamina.

And the speech you quoted, as I've said before, you did so out of context. Hitler was responding to a leader of political christianity who said that "his feelings as a Christian prevented him from being an anti-semite". And then, in the german text, Hitler said that, if one was a christian, his feelings should point at not being cheated, at opposing jews - and that german christians should not allow themselves to be cheated by Juden.

We need to redpill people, there is no place for "christian identity" shills, who put "denomination" above race and constantly berates our ancestors and go against the NatSoc because of their fanatical jewish worship. And, if you look at christian discussions even on imageboards, you'll see they are even closer to globalists than to our ideas…

And Hitler imprisoned and executed thousands of priests during Kirchenkampf, destroyed political christianity and it's institutions. And the symbolism of the reich was "pagan", and the party was filled with open pagans, and they planned to replace christianity after the war… And to claim the table talks are an adulteration, simply makes no sense because they were collected by Bormann who died in 1945 and had no reason to lie, besides they are also corroborated by other people like Speer and by the general actions of the Reich.

Your last quote was just a warning from him at fellow pagans in the movement who took occult activities above politics - and it's self-contradictory when you look at people like Himmler or Hess and their actions…

Meant for:

For mutts and mongrels being Christian is synonymous to being White. It's the only link connecting them to Europe. Cut it and they are no better than niggers. That perspective terrifies them.

Yawn. Reported for intl.

The majority of "christian identity" shills here do turn out to be non-whites…

This really needs to be made into a webm

No surprises there. After all, most Christians around the world are non-White. /christian/ is full of muds from Spic America.


I believe the board owner, or at least one of the volunteers - that Maldraw guy who spam his retarded work - is Korean…

That is an intresting one - when so many of it's opponents called the NSDAP "pagan" (guess why they would it so much…), Goebbels responded saying "and look at the actions of these so-called pagans - fighting degeneracy, restoring the descency in people". If that is what "paganism" is about, then I'm glad I'm not a part of a church who was silent. Funnily enough, many christian shills tout this as "proof" the NSDAP wasn't pagan (despite all the symbolism and actions)…

See here:

That makes sense. He fantasies about marring a White woman. He obviously couldn't get one under NatSoc regime. Christianity is his only option.

It's 30minutes, best I can do is try and fit it into an audio only thing.

Hitler: "The great founder [Jesus Christ]
of this new creed [Christianity]."
~Mein Kampf - Volume 1 - Chapter 11

Well said.

Christ also said that the end of the world, the final trump, and his return would all happen while that generation was still alive. That generation that he was speaking to 2000 years ago. Christcucks need to gtfo Holla Forums.

There are tons of japanese muslim converts, including one of Japan most important and famous japanese pro-wrestlers, Antonio Inoki.

Aww, the widdle intl faggot has to ban evade to get his paid shilling across.

It seems like all the positive aspects of christianity come from white (pagan, pre-christian) culture and not the other way around.

Though I have no problem with christians if and only if they agree on at least two things:
If a christian doesn't agree on these, he's a christcuck.

If you, more or less, quote things out of context, you can assess that Hitler said that the advent of christianity was regretable and that it destroyed a much freer ancient world (vol. II, chapter V).

Look at the full paragraph:

He is talking about how Judaism was concerned with the material world only, and how Christ was not. He is correct in that regard. And then he criticized political christianity for being politically counter-productive to Germany, aligning with jews and working and against the German people.

You wish queermo. There are more and more people that are sick of christcuckoldry. Address the fact that Christ himself was wrong in the bible. Address the fact that he said the world would end 2000 years ago with the fall of Rome and it didn't. Where is he? Why didn't he come back and take everyone to heaven? Your cult has lived on far too long.

You are one of the most pathetic, neurotic caricature of caricatures that we all had the misfortune to come across.
The "I'm so lame that I'll drain out all your energy" approach is pretty efficient, though.
Not efficient enough, however.
My disgust for worms like you only makes every ounce of your pain you experience all the more sweet.

My ffmpeg skills are not sufficient to pull this off.

Maybe you don't need religion not to do something as disgusting as race-mixing. One who would require "scripture" not to indulge in bestiality, has an utterly jewish mentality.

Reminds me of a writing by Heinrich Himmler, "Voice of our Ancestors":

>"And to such men the commandments from Sinai were offered as guiding lights for their lives! Can one understand why these men laughed when they heard those commandments, which demanded that they not commit acts they never would have dreamed of committing? Cannot one understand the unspeakable contempt with which these noble men regarded those who promised them a reward in heaven for abstaining from doing things which, according to their own nature, were beneath the dignity even of animals?"

Positive christianity can be endorsed if it follows through, as you said 1. Kikes are irredeemably evil and the sons of satan. But, when you look at history, the most they did was "pray the jew stop being so sinful", they turned the people, kids, murdered by jews in their blood rituals as saints, but did nothing to exterminate such diabolical people, at most they expelled them, to other christian countries who were glad to welcome them, "court jews" and what not, despite their history tracing back to Egypt - it's almost like glorifying a group of foreigners raping your people, and even then, such mentions of saints like Willian of Norwich were removed in the 20th century when jews took over, even the mentions of these saints are now met with an "apology for anti-semitism" by church texts. This infuriates me.

Christian position on faggotry was good too, before cucking out, it was one of the positive aspects of it, but then again, priests and monks were notorious homossexuals and commited acts like pedophilia and what not…

More evidence for you.
Check it:


wtf I love intl now
A christian will never worship his own gods. He lives a life of servitude to a semitic entity.

But that is pointing very little to christian doctrine. Our ancestors had knowledge of God before (((benevolent jews™))) showed them the "true way", which also hints to the purpose of christianity and it's subjugation of Europe in accordance with the "shadowy elites" behind it - they deliberately tried to destroy every trace of the ancient world (to the point where we have to go to ruined places like Pompei to find it's remains) to destroy our traditions and keep knowledge that was widespread then, restricted to their own circles and elites, which weren't and still aren't european. Thus the popes wear "saturn hats" and decorated Rome with Obelysks, believing something much different than what they preach to their flock of sheep.

I will also point out that the Germans had always acted in accordance to that, without christianity. See here: and also:

I don't want Germany to disappear. It seems like the only feasible way to revive the race, is to revive the Germans.

muh atheism caused a complete degeneration of our culture. Now we are letting in muzzies in the name of tolerance.

Dirty commies trying to push for children out of wedlock because of "feminism"

Maybe, depending on what you mean. Salvation is available to us as a result of Christ's actions, and we have to choose whether or not we're going to accept that gift. However, I don't think that means the only people who are saved are people who were Christians in life–Christ's sacrifice was for all people in all times, not merely those who lived after His birth and who heard His story in life.
Other religions can certainly prepare someone to choose salvation once they know it's available, but they can also push people to choose damnation, depending on the religion and the person.

No one is irredeemable, not even Satan himself. At any point he could choose to repent his prideful rebellion and God would welcome him back joyfully as in the parable of the prodigal son. That does not mean we have to trust kikes (even those who claim to convert) or let them in our societies, but we are still called to preach the gospel to them.

How anyone can be a White nationalist and worship a literal Jewish god is so fucking retarded

See, this is the problem with you, mr, Drew LeBaron, (AKA a name so niggerish you thought it was copypasted from a fake profile generator, with matching punctuation and grammar skills). You think that, after doing a whole lot of lurking (and also posting from day 1 like the retard you are), you think you've learned all the right words and information to succeed in all walks of life and spread them liberally wherever you go, expect the whole world to be your echo-chamber and succumb to your autistic needs, then cry oppression for being put in your place after your autistic screeching turns out to be fruitless.

Now, what do I mean by all of the above? I mean that this was a top notch opportunity to act concerned from a tech standpoint, as in directing the site to improve its matching algorithms to get you more people of your choosing, thus actually making it easier for all White people to find fellow Whites on the site. Instead, you wholly missed this opportunity and acted like a sub-90 IQ trailer trash, making the very same tech support that was trying to appease you, ultimately discredit you and turn against you. Since you actually knew that the site's tech support platform wasn't racist from the start, this conversation SHOULD and WOULD have taken a better direction if you had your way to articulate yourself in a manner that doesn't turn people away from you. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamned idiot.

I know you won't read this and that you've learned nothing from this encounter, but I hope others do and try to establish ourselves in future encounters with the purpose to actually win, not babble words and expect the whole world to rally behind us in selflessness. The sad thing is that the rest of the retards ITT also don't understand the problem, and act like an attack on a tech support member is an attack on an entire religion. Fucking sad.

Well, that's false for two reasons: one, it is stated that there is such thing as irredemable sin (i.e. sinning against the holy spirit), and two, if God=Truth, then for anything in revelations (or Hell/etc.) to be true, you'd need the Devil to be incapable of turning good.

That sin is "irredeemable" because it just is rejecting the Holy Spirit's redemptive action within us, which means actively choosing damnation.
Also, that the devil could repent does not mean that he will.

I'd almost call it a matter of semantics. To be predetermined that he wont, could be claimed to be the same as cannot.
Also, one would question if, since God >> Devil (and revelations basically tells what will happen), why the devil wouldn't just repent and get off scott free. Usually some Christian will just rebuttal with "But the Devil is pure evil!!", to which I say he was (in some beliefs) once an angel (at minimum he isn't just some cartoon devil). As a consequence of higher order thought (as well as knowledge beyond that of man), such an existence would determine repenting in exchange for not sufferring in the lake of fire is worth it. (Some then will say, yeah, but if even humans don't repent even if they know they'll go to hell, it's obvious the devil wouldn't repent. To this I'd respond with, yes, but the Devil would know the key thing that plagues many people: whether or not God exists/what is the proper interpretation of God).

I don't think any of us are damned out of ignorance. I think there are people in this world who are so set against beauty, virtue, and goodness that when the truth is revealed to them they will find the thought of God's presence more repellent than Hell and choose damnation.

Cry more you fucking baby

It doesn't even make any sense, if god is all-powerful and loves his creation then why does he have to incarnate himself as a human, calling himself his own son, and get crucified in order to decide that people deserve heaven instead of hell if they worship him instead of getting damned to hell regardless? It's dumb as fuck, and so is the whole "he saved us" meme. He saved us from the wrath of himself by being born and killing himself then coming back to life? WHAT

You know what's even funnier? Bunch of black males are salty as all ever fuck because black women 10-to-1 prefer white men. Black women have even started minor internal campaigns on what to do and how to look to land a white man. Even after that, a good percentage lower standards of the man is white.

I'm 80% sure a good number of pol posters are salty black folk.

You are thinking about things in entirely the wrong way. Salvation is mercy, not something we deserve, and separation from God is the natural consequence of sin, not a punishment He institutes out of anger. God living as Man bridges the distance between us, and His death and resurrection is His triumph over our sin and its consequences.

From hell, a place god created to punish those that don't worship him
Breaking arbitrary rules invented by god
Then he's not all powerful?

How you and I define ignorance must be different. I don't follow Christianity because, although there could be an omnipresent, omnipotent, & omniscient god, who is to say it is the one of the Bible? Due to the interpretive element that presents itself with the Bible, it is difficult to deduce what "the truth" is with respect to it. Thus, even if it's called "the Word of God", all that serves to do is add credability towards every single interpretation which can find some verse or scripture supporting it.
I am knowingly not accepting it, but it is because I have no basis for calling it the Truth. Therefore, I would be damned if it is God's word. However, a human or existence which would know for certain that it is God's word (+ the proper interpretation associated with it), there would be no reason to deny it.
The root of blasphemy is in disbelief (of it being God). Therefore, since the devil would know it is God (as well as his supposed end), there would be no reason for him not to repent. As a consequence, I would claim it's just not allowed for him (assuming the Bible is true).
That is only because they haven't experienced Hell (ignorance). This differs from an angelic entity which would be familliar with it.

He's probably trying to get across that, if you're God, there is no need to go through all those loops/trials. You are God, what you say is done. To have to incarnate, etc. is not necessary. The only reason it could be deemed necessary (if believed true), would be that there are some laws/rules that apply even to God (in a sense, this would, however, contradict omnipotence).


Yeah, the oldest sect does not represent christianity. There wasn't even christianity untill 500 years ago when Jesus, I mean someone came up with the interpretation of jewish tradition I was raised on…

So why is it that the protestants supported Christianity?

Ignore my previous comment. Does anyone know why Protestant Germans, which were mostly concentrated in the north, were much more likely to support the National Socialists?

Polticial catholicism, the party of Angela Merkel today, opposed it


Hitler's Table Talk, not the subverted French translation but the original German makes it clear that Hitler was endorsing a kind of neo-Christian neo-pagan esoterica. This included the "positive Christianity" pushed to laypeople.


Thanks for the heads up OP. That's a shame. In spite of all the shilling against Christianity here, we are typically strongly traditional and racially unmixed. I hope enough complaints will get back to the owner of Christian Mingle to fix this.

(((christian mingle))) was founded and is run by a kike