Release The Memo #2


A Bombshell House Intelligence report exposing extensive FISA abuse could lead to the removal of senior government officials

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Twitter is giving notice they're controlling trends.

it's anudda shoah


Casey Owen Neistat and Paul Logan took money from arabs from dubai to promote muslim agendas

Bump, sticky please.

This is enormous, and the Republicans know how damning it is to the Democrats. I expect that Trump will allow this shitstorm to dominate the news cycle for a few days and then, possibly tonight or tomorrow night to ensure an early start for (((them))) as he so often has done, send out a Tweet or hold a presser or just release the memo himself.

Basically the contents state that Obama spied not just on Trump, but the whole RNC and millions of normal Americans, which we already know from the FISA court rebuke that Obama earned.

Twitter has already deployed decoy hashtags and sent out email to people who tweet about this. Faceberg's on lockdown, I wouldn't be surprised if Youtube is censoring too. Cybre Phrenology is real, this is another big battle which proves it.


So did Boogie.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump drops it out in the open during or after this shutdown "crisis". Takes away the media ball to play with, in trying to blame evil Drumpf for shutting down the government. Instead showcase Democrat sedition for everyone to see.

Jesus christ these kikes don't know anything else nowadays but to call everything they don't like antisemitic. On the surface, what the fuck is antisemitic about a memo showing massive government spying?

I mean, WE all know why it is antisemitic, but fuck. Them saying this is just an admission of guilt

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


is this actually real? source?



weren't you banned

Yep, he's obviously even more clued in than we are and he'll do what he does at his own pace. Defusing the shutdown with this memo could be a real killer combo, and as it unravels toward fall the DNC will be weeping openly.

The shills are still pretty thin on the ground here, it's amazing to see that, other than spreading their discord on Leddit and such, they aren't here with a new message other than the tired blackpills that "nothing will happen go to sleep" which is their stock in trade. This means they're still formulating a strategy. The more intelligent ones are probably unpacking their safes and taking the next flight to Tel Aviv or Religion of Cuck™abad or wherever these faggots go, I heard Tasmania was actually one of their main bolt-holes and after Qatar closed for business I expect to see it more in the news.

The blogpost it refers to is real, so probably

Hitler kept his gran pappy prisoner for a long time until they paid a huge ransom, never forget.

I don't believe Hitler was a Rothschild.

dear god it's worse than I thought

Rock-a-bye Adolf, in the tree-tops
When the wind blows, the ovens heat up
Doth ovens heat up, the kikes become ash
So up will go Adolf, Fifth Reich and all


Kikes on suicide watch now.

Shareblue's deployed every Amazon Turk available, double the shekels per post. Sound the alarms! The Russian Trolls are spreading a hash tag in support of half of Congress!

>This menstruating clown in a bowtie is one of the heirs to a dynastic (((Illuminati))) shadow oligarchy
It's all so tiresome.

>This menstruating clown in a bowtie is one of the heirs to a dynastic (((Illuminati))) shadow oligarchy

That works in our favor, you know

Hitler's mistake there was not getting the ransom and killing them all.


I'm just saying that the current day Rothschilds have no nerve. They could have ridden out Trump on a decades-long time scale.

It makes me think they are weaker than people think, maybe times have been hard for them too, relatively speaking. Also I suspect there are schemes which have to happen on specific time frames, maybe they are more important to their goals than we think.

Exciting times, anons, and even if we're hounded away into the darker reaches of the Internet, we'll prevail.

I don't get the logic chaim.

Hitler kept Rothschild a prisoner and released him when a record ransom was paid, didn't you read The Raven Of Zurich?

Fucking newfags or bots in here, I swear.

The best part is how everyone makes a field day of the merest hint of a Trump scandal, but don't raise so much as a peep over all this. How do they explain that dissonance if they wished to be seen as logically consistent?

>implying (((they))) strive for logical consistency
They don't care about any of that user, best to keep the goyim on the back foot. They rely on quantity over quality, it's core tenet of shilling these days.

Let's enjoy their sweet silence before their world comes crashing down.


Most of their voters are low IQ shitskins and white guilt cucks. These people don't even understand logical consistency let alone want it from their politicians.




No, times have been too good for the Rothschilds. Good times breed weak rats just like they breed weak men.

it's real, many people have posted it/about it tonight on twitter

t. twitter faggot

So how are we going to ensure that the information leads to results when it gets released? If this memo is even a fraction of what we are all expecting we should be able to organize at least a few lynch mobs before normalfaggots glaze over and forget about it.

So Hitler through all of his triumphs, all that he went through, everything he said was all a trick, he was just a Rothschild who tore everything down and built it back up Jew free, expelled many Jews sent them to camps, never relented about them and their power in America and Britain, or in the USSR. And purposely wanted Rothschild controlled Britain declare war on him. He was in their hands the entire time right.

Ahh, but Trump who was born a billionaire, has worked with them his whole life, was in TV for a long time no doubt lots of Jews there, his favorite child is married to one, and his son in law in his cabinet from day one, his original campaign staff has been decimated and its full of Jews now, he has an unconditional Israel support from day one, continues to fulfill Rothschild bank planting/resource extracting plan by rattling sabers with Iran, Syria, and North Korea, trying to incite conflicts, which is directly the opposite of what he talked about in his campaign etc etc

But Trump is secretly trying to topple all of this down right, and Hitler was the REAL Rothschild.

That's not at all what they implied retard. Stop samefagging.

It's up to the DOJ to make it go somewhere.

It really isn't. It's up to the masses to put pressure on the DOJ or do something else entirely.

The masses will just forget about it unless the DOJ starts chopping off heads, the same way they forgot about Fast and Furious and all the rest of King Nigger's many, many acts of treason. When corruption goes unpunished it becomes a routine fact of life that normalfags shrug at.

Can't ban on this website (successfully at least), I don't think he's gonna stop tho, he's in other boards too. Can't blame him, the mods here are cunts

That's kind of exactly my point.

Thats what that other user implied, faggot.

I do feel that because of technology, no matter how hard they try to like it up, will always allow ways to beat them. Frankly, I think their end will come faster than people expect.

Talking bad about the mods? That’s a bannin’.

You release wile the hype is up, if it takes too long to release the hype go's down and it will be our job to hype it again just at the right time befor it releases

First time I've heard that, but thinking about it, it wouldn't surprise me.

He's good at ripping the left to shreds. Perfect guy to run a controlled opposition that picks up support and diverts attention from the actions of Jews.


welp, so much for that.

They need years to figure us out and deploy effective strategies. Also we can watch their moves in real time and adapt. Think of the effort it must take on their part to counter a campaign.

I like how you picked out tweets pushing the fictional story of NSDAP-Rothschild collaboration that is straight out of postwar British propaganda. Almost like you're an undercover Qfag.



Because all these people care about is seeming right. Look how apeshit they went when Hillary didn't win. They act like brainwashed cultists. Attacking Trump at every turn as they were programmed to do. They don't want to be shown they are wrong or they've been attacking someone by following lies. That means they were wrong the entire time and their minds might finally break.

Then he's in for a shock because poi niggers only know lime, pineapple, fruit punch, and mango.

I'm hearing that the entire House has now seen the memo. 1) Is this true? 2) If so, great: at least half of those fuckers are guilty and now have time to make plans.

Well pretty much every young Jew who goes on their Israel trip is recruited and given an Israeli passport aren't they?

Fucking cunts.


Government shutdown is perfectly timed, the guilty will scramble and try all kinds of shennangans but it will paralyze the bureaucracy which is the real root of deep state power.

It's brilliant.

I wonder if any of them are checking their accounts and seeing a freeze dey do not no de wey. Is there anyone left loyal enough to start limiting the options for these fucks to escape?

Is there an estimate for how long they predict it will be shut down?

The longer the better, can you imagine the damage to the left if the art subsidies stop flowing?

I give it a week before EBT's out in Cali.

And in that moment, shamed, humiliated, and denied his flavour of choice, kang nigger decided that whitey must be destroyed.

Can you believe this though?

"Antisemite" still has some mind control power. It keeps the NPCs from looking too closely at anything truthful.

Government shutdown is a meme. 83% of fed employees considered 'vital' will still be working, and you can bet your ass the other 17% will end up getting paid for their time off.

Wew. I'd never seen that. No wonder Trump is determined to end this nigger and his entire legacy.

The only thing I know is that reservist don't drill during a shutdown, so they get a month off. Other than that, I have no idea what it really truly does.


Yeah, it's personal. I love it, this is the best reality show of all time.


"His" obviously refers to David Rothschild's grandfather based on the context established by the preceeding greentext

Is that the jam echelon list?

Outdated list that's been out for a long time. Doesn't change the magnitude in my opinion.

God this gets my dick hard.

Tweet the shit out of this. The democrats have doubled down instead of cutting their losses. Let's not let this hail mary work.

I genuinely hope every leftist cuck commits suicide or tries to start a civil war so they can be gunned down like the filth they are.


It doesn't matter what is exposed if action isn't taken upon the guilty you might as well do nothing.

Here's your (((You))), Oy gevalt!

Legalfag here again. Nothing will happen to Kang Nigger because he will simply invoke the bullshit sections in the fucking PATRIOT Act regarding "need to know" activities. Furthermore he can declare that he thought his shitty wiretapping and surveillance was fucking "reasonable" and done "in good faith" with the information supplied to him by the U.S. intelligence community.

Any judge will easily side with Emperor Nigger on the "reasonable" and "good faith" intent of his obviously fucked up surveillance. Why? Because there are only several judges in the entire United States with the legal ability to see portions of Kang Nigger's "need to know" information – which doesn't simply mean the fuckhead judge must have the proper security clearance, but the judge has the proper security clearance and the, get this, approval of the agency that classified said intelligence upon which Kang Nigger made his decision as "need to know."

As much as I'd like to see Kang Nigger in prison, it simply won't happen. The trial would take forever and most if it couldn't be divulged to the public because of the bullshit "sensitive" information used in litigation.

For fuck's sake, I love Holla Forums but Kang Nigger will never see a second in jail. He is CIA through and through, I said that last thread.

My favorite word: Stanley

Several of the congress critters said that the memo blows any sort of "good faith" argument out of the water.

You're probably right, but if literally "Obama told us to spy on his political enemies" there's a 10% chance something real will happen.

We know many of the criteria used to mark accounts as MUH RUSSIA, as you'd expect they're ridiculously broad :

> The most prominent group to make this designation was founded by neocons like (((Bill Kristol))), though twitter probably has its own task force. (((Kristol's))) group, however, was open about some of the criteria they use to find Russian bots, which work like this:
… which is of course the intent. Blatant suppression of white political speech, under the cover of a hoax witch hunt against a white / Christian country, all run by kikes.

tfw the Rothschilds have spies who have already revealed the contents of the memo before Americans are allowed to see it.

tbh no need to remove the looseness of the standards. We just need to take it over. It's already begun. King Poopoo of Roosyah has spoken in praise of Lenin, and of Communism, and still has his card.

This is indeed highly likely. However, exposing massive corruption by Obama would absolutely delionize him in the eyes of millions whose soft heads have been filled with propaganda about his "great" presidency. Moving five, ten, twenty, whatever million people in our direction is incredibly important if we are to ever be able to do something about these crimes since the public will isn't there yet.

The only way I see that happening is if the idea to regulate de-facto social media monopolies as public utilities gets off the ground. It's a good policy, but has some baggage in that its main advocate so far has been Steve "Crashing My Reputation With No Survivors" Bannon.

It would still be a massive blow, even if kang isn't going ot jail. All libfags who praised him will choke on shit while obongo getting a free pass will be a perfect opportunity to deliver redpills on the corruption in the justice system. So far Trump has barely roasted the justice system, i guess he might waiting for something like this to destroy peoples trust in it, like he did with the media. Once the trust is broken it can be reformed, and once reformed, that's when the true witchhunt can begin.

That is how it normally works however this time around Trump must only retweet the hashtag for it to stick.
Depending on how he words it, Trump might even get the dems to sperg out over it, he has become very good at it thus making sure it can't simply be memoryholed by the kike media.

Need text sauce?
We could automate shitposting in datamining threads using a custom dictionary of those words.

Literally every programmer is on the list

After posting thought I was sperging after just waking up, but it turns out that old keyscore data is pretty well memoryholed, so text preferable source would be appreciated user.

The first step is requiring interoperability of socials :^)

It has the word "software" on the list.

pastebin. xxx/raw/7nJkGerv

obviously, xxx = kom, spelled correctly.

Digits say Obama gets raped in prison showers by aryan brotherhood

so my guess is, that blog is a new hall of fame? who here got on it now?

Unless it reveals the truth that Obama had Scalia assassinated to preserve affirmative action, it is no bombshell and the propaganda machine will just minimize everything in it. Nothing will happen, again.

No taking Hitler digits please, Mr. Jew.

This can be backward used nicely,most are common words-It's a shit list if it has 90% of people on it


That would be spun as an end-justifies-the-means positive. The left is truly fucked up.

So did "racist", "Nazi" and "bigot", until the J-Left massively overused them.
Now even T_D tier normies understand that they actually mean "white".

Thank (you)!
You're doing God's work!

I'm not so certain he's the good guy here.

Reviewing list, terms in image are not in the list.
I'll do what I can. Thanks again..user.

to wit: (image related)

My jimmies have a slight rustling too, but will deal with it. :^)

aha. best of luck!

We need to put on our socks and trick niggers and morons to push for the release of the memo. Once it has momentum your average "Daquan real nigga" will rant "Yo u bes releaps dat shit! Why u hidin shit from a nigga?! You acting like bitch been caught actin reckless an won gibs meh her cellie ya feel me? #releaps the memo!"

Remember, every single fucking accusation they throw at anyone is proof that they are doing that which they are accusing others of.

Some oc to confuse nogs online.

6/10 would not meme again. Nigger-tier spelling.

Thread 1 archive:

hes going to reference it using archaic wording in one more further example of "hey idiots I am using archaic words for a reason you morons should start searching for the original roots to words, its vital to all of this"

I'm thinking "#Unhand The Bruit!"

Mostly it saves money. Colossal amounts are wasted on actively harmful bullshit, like the State Department pushing rapefugees and faggotry into other nations. Anything that's actually useful will be designated as "vital" by the executive and stay running. Obongo spitefully went out of his way to close public parks and memorials during the last shutdown but there was no real need to do that, it was just about creating bad optics that could be blamed on the GOP.

There was an EBT stoppage last time, but allegedly that was just a coincidence goy:

for (you)
t. meme general

Sorry for the spelling i was in my ebonics mode.

Why not take it to the max?



It's almost as though having an incredibly powerful and totally unaccountable spy agency is a bad idea

Spelling fixed.

A bit wordy but i like it

When the NSA are accidentally deleting backups DeGauss-ing hard drives you know the shit is about to hit the fan.


Better. You still lose readability of your main message.
There is no clear reason it is slanted across his chest.
It would be clearer if level, and slightly below your quote at a little smaller than you currently have.

if you want to reach out to them you have to think like a nigger.

And wew… Was looking for more material to make a couple more of these

Hashtags don't matter if Trump is righteous then pick up the sword of justice and punish the guilty. If not then you might as well do nothing.

shit. misspelled his name. 1 sec

The klan kept memos too.
Do it for muh babies.
#release the memo

will never be read/10
See image

We are not liars. Our weapon is


Mexican crap is like this. It looks like authentic Mexican copy.

Ok maybe you guys are not getting this
Nogs dont need it explained
They wont get it anyway. All they need to know is somethings being kept from them. Just tie that into a subconscious sense of black pride or identity and they will spread it.

CIA agents:

Looks great but that blue text on the bottom left is virtually unreadable.

OK, then put it in Mehico lingua & font esse.
Go balls deep or not at all.

Now this i was just goofin around


It is not wrong to shoot those who seek to kill you. This is the principle of self-defense.

And those who seek to rob you, they may expect nothing like the truth. They are not brothers.


It's good :)


stolen dubs
Is this your first day on the job?
You seriously imply we lie like our enemy?
I've never seen such a panic level shitshow of shilling from you guys in all the previous meme wars.
The memo is coming out glow nigger. DOTR soon!

Unbelievable. This is why people who fuck up in such position should be put in jail, doesn't matter if deliberately or not they should be held responsible and punished with at least 20 years or publicly commit sudoku on live TV, otherwise motherfuckers will always "accidently" fuck up and play dumb.

I didn't believe it when I saw the tweet, so I had to look it up and make the archive. glow niggers will delete anything in this panic

They should be dragged out into the street and torched just like their hard drives.

< jail
Execution is the just punishment, of course by the legitimate courts, not vigilantes.

On advise of user

You outed yourself.
CIA uses Operation Mockingbird to LIE & spread propaganda
We do not LIE here. We are not CIA.
You outed yourself glow nigger. Now go write up that report about how you fucked up, your boss will ask you for it later.

Great improvement user!
For future memes read up on use of white space in designs. You will find it a ace card to use.

The god Emperor can be swayed by a Twitter storm

As I said
The CIA lie
We are not CIA
We never lie

You could recast those memes as the following TRUTHFULLY:
"Critical info affecting black voters is in the secret memo. #ReleaseTheMemo"


Don't be a fool!

Warfare involves "lying" to the ENEMY. Only an IDIOT tells his enemy the truth (except so as to include a lie).


When reality has been so ridiculously warped due to kike deception can you rightly say what is a lie? You think the kikes aren't organizing for specific police to kill niggers in outrageous fashion to use against us?

Your misguided morality will be the end of us.

We must trust this truth, this fact: It is but by the means of warfare, that our generals laid plans, and deceived the enemy, with numerous lies and devices, that we even may today breath, and there were innumerable cases of these devices.


Where the FUCK do you glow niggers think you are?

How are wars waged?

only footage I could find of what I wanted

And that quote relates to dealing with real humans "whites" - not idiots (communist faggot non-whites).

It makes you wonder if "Stanley" refers to something not yet revealed…

So to be clear, you should always tell the truth to humans, to whites. But to animals, niggers, muslims, the kikes, they may be deceived.

However, one should not deceive through one's own voice, but through sockpuppets.

it is where you must go.

We do not become kikes to defeat kikes. Lurk moar and find out how we bake bread in our Truth ovens.

You're over-applying this principle through the power of autism.
One must be truthful when trying to move somebody towards your position, so yes good memes that do that always have a kernel of truth. But here the goal is simply to spread confusion in enemy ranks (dumb niggers who will never, ever vote for anyone other Dems aka the Gibsmedat Party) and make them do dumb shit, so falsehoods and mischaracterisation are key. It's black propaganda, no pun intended.

< niggers are people, and aren't your enemies
< kikes are to be told the truth, so you can win them to Jesus

Most of all, they are our enemies, and are to be treated as such. Who would not lie to a criminal, to save the life of his own son?! A CUCKED KIKE-LOVER!

Digits require checking

All double digits must be checked in the name of the God Emperor.

mods confirmed soft af


Checked! Yes true, only a cuck would need to lie to a criminal.
I'd be shoving that fucker in the back of a Truth >>>/oven/

< fails to check
Oh, it seems you got around to checking your own bot-given "dubs".

< I would never lie to a criminal to save my own son.


lel, I like that this one could theoretically be true

That is quite anomalous…

Checking those truth dubs
There is more power in truth than lies. The truth of warfare is "fuck you I'll level your shithole lands and salt the earth" - the entire idea of the brand new emotion. It's the one past anger tire frustration determination and dedication. There is no name for it yet , but it's there. It burns nice too
Be truthful

My doggo's name is Stanley.

Your pup is a secret agent spy my man

Niggers are too stupid for the truth, and the commies are traitorous scum who deserve the rope, not redemption. This is not some fucking goybook game this is war, you fucking cianigger.

I ain't cia anything faggot
What the hell are you doing talking to niggers lefties and commies all day user? Those asshats would know truth if it smacked them right between the eyes.
Truth is for the ones on your side.
Don't be talking to trash user




Rate my propoganda.

Interesting analysis, tl;dr = big names will be jailed but not anytime soon :

Found the jew.

I guess I better not use adobe to create eight engineering documents that talks about stanley tools or going fishing and heaven forbid the badger that chased us for our fish is mentioned. You have to know the ABCs to live a proper life per Dr. Bronner otherwise you will get burned and your canines will think you smell like sin.
THE FUCK? they watching for the pedo watchers?

Only just noticed that firefox screenshot fucked the order up somehow

Goebbels is correct that propaganda towars your own people should always be truthful. YOUR people. Enemies aren't your people. Being benelovent or merciful towards them will only hurt yourself and your people. Kikes only still exist in the west because they have always been expelled instead killed, that mercy is biting us now, never forget that.

Reported for not wanting every jew on earth dead.

This is all theater. Every time something comes out they say "tune in next week" then check to see if enough people have resubscribed to their slavery. Jullian Assenge is the biggest fucking faggot pussy on the planet, supposedly had information about crimes, stuff that could free countless people, but he announced that he would rather save his reputation than help people, and would only release shit if he was threatened. And that's who you worship? Are you people really that fucking dumb? Do you think that actual movements to help the planet get air time? Why would a media that felt threatened spend 247 promoting their enemy? OMG Trump is gonna kill us! Let's give him free advertising so he can recruit more redneck retards!

If you don't know that president's are puppets, left and right is divide and conquer, and there is a system to keep you fucking retards high on "leaks" and gossip, then you need to lurk for like ten years.

Trump has spent the last year getting slapped around by the Democrats, this shut down shows how much of a cuck they really think he is. I don't see that changing, he'll talk big on twitter but be too much of a bitch to ever fight back and Dems like Schumer know that, they can see Don's balls in Ivanka's purse.

This is what the Dotard gets for letting Democrat Jared Kushner and Ivanka run his presidency.

Just a reminder re: oven meme for when this thing gets moving finally (for fuck's sake–talk is cheap, people, let's do this). Ovens are highly inefficient for processing a vast quantity of bodies (and this is part of what makes the holocaust story so ludicrous). Ovens may be helpful in smaller areas lacking suitable space and earth for a mass burial of proper depth, and in places like certain civilian areas where you could underground obstacles digging and possible affect things like power, gas, and particularly water lines. So, the size of the overall parcel, the nature of the area nearby and related stuff underground might dictate some other far less efficient method than mass burials, but generally, mass burials and concomitant planning are paramount. I say why hide the war crimes anyway trying to burn the evidence when the kikes can just point to a couple crematoria later and say zomg six gorillion. It would be nice to have a few nice ovens, but like I said, those are probably a luxury, and the practical considerations must be paramount.

Assange is good people. He's up against unbelievable resistance. Shit that you and I can't imagine as non-stateless persons/non-enemies of the state. Give him time.

Good concept. Poor font. Poor spelling (why does In start with a capital letter in the middle of a sentence?). Space out last line and increase size of greater impact. The background image is fighting with the text. One or the other is dominate. e.g. make the background faded slightly, use drop shadow, or a background under the text, etc.

has potential/10

My point was, since you missed it brainlet, don't turn into a kike to defeat a kike - you're bound to lose.

What part of "in oven" do you brainlets not get?
my IQ may have dropped below 150 arguing with (you) cuckchan brainlets


I've always thought it would be helpful to create a hashtag or similar informational campaign pointing whites to the graphic violence in South Africa. Whites in the US and Europe often don't even know exactly what happened there. Some graphic pics of dead white South Africans, and then maybe also include something like a reference to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe or German Southwest Africa. Something like that. People just need to understand that history will repeat itself for whites in the US, UK, and Europe.

And I meant to say, a campaign specifically referring to South Africa with text and images, since that's a brutal, eye-opening example of where a lot of recent, graphic evidence of where things are going for whites generally. May work alongside the it's ok to be white effort. Just throwing out ideas.

Go lick your bloody tampon Torfag

Yeah, it doesn't work that well…

That guy is a CIA agent. They are really salty over their own tools (of deception) being used to promote causes that benefit the White Man.

Efficiency is important, but on the other hand making the Holocoaster a reality would be really funny.

Possible variation:

Probably the optimal way to process bodies on an industrial scale is a livestock shredder. A human sized body can be shredded in a minute or less, so 10 machines running 24/7 could turn 6 million bodies into paste in a year.

Pic related

So long as the bodies are not contaminated they could be fed to pigs or fish. Even if they were just composted it would be nearly impossible with modern technology to figure out what happened to them.



This is correct.

The memo is indeed prepping the apathetic public by slowly redpilling it instead of saying "everybody is treasonous." But the deep state niggers who constantly run psy ops are now trying the old deflection routine, eg, "it's just one party (Dems)" or "it's just one or two agencies" or "it's just a few people at the agencies."

The reality is, it is truly the whole motherfucking goddamn system. It's completely corrupt and sold out out to enemies, including selling nuclear for a dirty bomb along with highly classified National Geospatial (satellite) and Navy intel for a decade to deliver that nuke on our heads. As we know from Fukushima, the fallout from something like a simple big nuke leak is very hard to predict, and what this massive treasonous syndicate did is up the likelihood of a random dirty bomb or tactical nuke, for example, being dumped on us to about 99%. That's truly what they did, and the deep state directly assisted doing it to line their pockets, and they all–all of them–need to hang.

Everything you see from Trump is information/mass panic control. Everything you see from deep state is psychological operations. You can see this also just with news items coming out about Bradley Manning suddenly after the Lambert indictment, the degree to which you get thousands of comments overnight on news articles deep state wants you to see to get them to trend, and even occasional deep state trolls on pol.

It's really astonishing that they may actually get away with this because the public is so fucking apathetic and ignorant and weak that they will just accept it. People aren't even aware of the 2013 NDAA that legalized Project Mockingbird, aka domestic deep state propaganda efforts, so the public doesn't even know how manipulated it is.

It's sad. All of it. But in my view, Hitler's basic view is correct. Any people unwilling to struggle to survive, or unfit to survive due to weakness, cowardice, or intellectual softness/ignorance, doesn't deserve to survive.

I believe war has to happen. There is no other way. If that doesn't happen, rule of law and the founders' vision will never be restored, and whites in the US will go the way of the dodo. That's just the truth. You'll find you agree with me the more you investigate this if you don't agree already.

Good idea user. Even South American comparisons - 1940s vs now - would work too.
Kalergi mixing plan has essentially taken place there already. Many parallels.


You are a paid shill, and you will prove it by replying to this post.

That's a good idea. I'd be concerned about contamination. And sucking down all that power may be bad in certain circumstances where energy is at a premium.

I think a lot of it is really just depends on the exact circumstances, including the resources available like power and the ability to ensure that bodies wouldn't end up poisoning water/food supply for any reason, because there could be pretty significant backfire there, particularly among the population suddenly seeing it doesn't have decent drinking water or has to eat poisonous meat. Stuff like that hits close to home and can hurt the popular willingness to continue war/liquidation efforts.

Thanks. I was thinking specifically for the simple meme purpose, the graphic photos of dead farmers etc. in South Africa might be good.

It's hard to explain in meme form something like a decades-long, gradual transformation into a total hellhole, but I think the end stage violence where things finally completely turn and whites are getting slaughtered at home, such as in South Africa now, are very effective visually to make the point. I think it's incredible how unaware people are of what's happening there, so it may also be effective material to get the point across that "ok, this stuff is horrific, but clearly I've been lied to and deceived this long by mass media ignoring this, so what else don't I know." Media brainwashing redpilling. Just a thought, and Holla Forums is better at this than I am. The "it's ok to be white" campaign seemed milquetoast to me, but it was effective, so maybe I'm too far out on the fury spectrum now to see how to understand where whites stand now and how to gradually bring them over.

I, personally, think war is absolutely necessary and whites will have to brutally slaughter all kikes and shitskins to preserve ourselves, but that's probably not the prevailing view in the general public. Given the effectiveness of Holla Forums's memes, you folks seem to have a better sense of what works and what doesn't given the general public's stance on things than I do.

If dubs obama gets raped by other niggers then lynched by the aryan brotherhood.


As a guy who did some brief time in a jail, I can tell you rapes are highly unusual and a myth. Anybody who does that is immediately marked for major problems. Women's jails/prisons apparently sometimes have guards raping inmates, but even that is frowned upon by the system. But at least in the men's jail where I briefly stayed, which is actually the most violent jail in the nation in terms of overal violent incidents, rape was absolutely not a thing.

The real risk in jail is violence. Even then, for a guy like Obama, he would very likely be highly, highly protected, if not by staff, then certainly by the many nigger and spic inmates who would worship him. Status matters on the inside in a big way.

That's why even jail isn't the way, and particularly not some club fed. If you could GUARANTEE these people all ended up in a city or state lockup, it might be ok, but they won't.

They have to be shot. We have to have war. There is no other way.

Well, Lot of effort to shred those kikes and shitskins alive. It's probably much more efficient to toss them into trucks and gas them with carbon monoxide, and then have large meat grinder/shredders (assuming power isn't at a huge premium, which it might be) if we want to use the remains to feed fish or animals. Otherwise, I'd say gassing and just tossing into carefully lined pits well outside any civilian areas (and that's really important for water supply–this cannot be understated) along with whatever chemicals you need to lay on top to reduce stench and aid decomposition, etc. I'm sure there are some experts out there, like guys who work in hospitals disposing bodies or as coroners or in funeral homes, etc., who would have the technical know how for the proper pit lining and chemicals.

There obviously doesn't have to be just one technique for disposal, because it all depends on circumstances/resources/etc.

That's a MGTOW image.

Your fallacy: appeal to authority


Have a look at the stages of civilizations, you may find that useful too - if you haven't already

Pump those "disruptive solids" into methane bioreactor!
Skim the grease and oils to make diesel!
Use treated waste for fertilizer!


You don't have to believe me. It doesn't matter. But no, really, I was actually in the most violent jail in the United States for a short time and faggots were universally reviled and marked for real violence. Maybe it's different elsewhere. The real risk, at least where I was, was what they call a slicing or cut up, where they just slash your face to make a permanent scar. Real violence was what was terrifying there. Not rape at all. Again (a) you don't have to believe me, so spare me your fifth grade "logical fallacy" identifier ability as this is anonymous internet and (b) it may be different elsewhere.

Congratulations on your elementary school level ability to identify "appeal to authority" as a logical fallacy. You must be studying for the LSAT. I highly recommend you take on lots of debt and go into shitlaw and then kill yourself because you live in hell.

That's pretty amazing.

200% yes
We can build them big enough

Checked, & Shadiley.

Correct. Elections can't work. Too many systems are broken. The fourth turning is here. System after system fails, before our eyes, and everyone says, "everything's fine!" Just this year a massive nuclear "oopsie" put us close to nuclear war (if Poopoo thought NK had indeed struck they might preempt an anticipated/speculative counterstrike by the US). And just this year we found out that every (Intel) CPU indeed did have a backdoor (others are doubtless present). And now the shredders are whirring at the NSA. What institution hasn't been revealed corrupt and incompetent?

It depends on the jail. Is it a county jail where most people are just serving a month or two? Yeah not much rape going on there. Is a prison full of people serving decades of time and the inmates pretty accept that they will never see a real woman again? Much more rape and faggotry going on there.

Hey kill yourself ass faggot and learn to spell

And I didn't mean that offensively, actually. But I was actually surprised at the degree to which faggots, and hilariously, jews, were hated. Where I was, it was all about projecting a very tough image but getting along with people, because the real danger was getting permanently injured/scarred or killed through violence.

Maybe if I were a smaller guy or more effeminate, I might have had a different experience, and it's possible that it's different elsewhere. I was in a notoriously violent jail. And as I said, the WOMEN's facility there was specifically known for guards raping female inmates.

Many county jails are ROUGH. Example:

The CIA is on a campaign to try to subliminally implant thoughts of suicide in members of the WN movement. Here is yet another example:


No jail instead execution for high reason.

I agree. When you have the watchmen of the watchmen completely corrupted as well, what's the end of the line? DIA/JCS sending Marines to bust down doors at some point?

Look at the the House IG. Theoretically, that's the end of the line accountability-wise, but look how horrifically criminal and corrupt Grafenstine was for so many years. The damage is complete. Up and down and side to side.

This simply cannot fix itself. It will take we the people. There is no other way. And whites have a very powerful interest right now, because we are going to be annihilated as a people if this country continues as is.

You dumb dense mongrel
Your odor and phosphorescence permeates the internet

I agree with this. Mass executions by hook or crook are the only way now.


If we starve them first we can reduce body weight by 50% before gassing and solid waste shredding and disposal

Not sure why this person told you to kill self. Your post was correct.

This is truly an amazing time to be alive!

It's the CIA. They're all over.

He's trying to instruct the spelling of Shadilay as ShadilEy
It's an obvious pony fucker tactic to try and subvert memetic power by INTENTIONALLY misspelling sacred words
Shadilay every day
The sound of frogs in the quiet rain

Good point, although starving means keeping them in an enclosed area requiring everything that goes into a basic concentration camp.

I suppose it's a tradeoff between the resources necessary to construct holding pens and have guards on site v. all the savings from the reduction of mass. Have to run the numbers.

lurk for 2 more years, you fucking redditor.

I like your poetry. I do think that if someone makes a very important point that matters, they shouldn't be senselessly dumped on to create discord. Especially since deep state is, in fact, out in force specifically trying to sow discord/ divde and conquer, distract and divert to non-threatening topics (like, let's start an idiotic argument about spelling when the whole fucking system has to be burned down! that'll keep em busy!), etc. So, maybe cut out the silly arguments over topics that don't relate to burning down the whole fucking thing. Just a polite suggestion.

Have you noticed that Assange and Snowden have been silent on Meltdown and Spectre?

Duly noted. Not reeeeing due to your politeness
Spelling matters to a grammar Nazi
Tbh it seems like a glow in the dark tactic to spell certain words wrong. I notice that shit as I'm sure most here do. It's important
Their posts may have some truth in them but it's tainted with subversion and should be avoided
Sage for off topic

The CIA reaaaaally doesn't want this memo to get out.

I want this memo out. It will force the turning and it's great

What if trump just reads straight from it during the state of the Union Speech and that is how its contents are revealed to the public. No interruption, no media spin, just pure unadulterated info from the President of the United States.

Normies is less typing than normalfag you Jewish dunce.

Well fuck yeah man , I'll have a coke then!

Different user here
I prefer normie over "normalfags" as "normalfag" implies (by literal meaning)) that homos are normal.

Very well. Have I told you about the time back when the CIA still existed, and would haunt the forums?


Anything we say about the memo is speculation anyway until it is released. If confusing some dumb niggers with false claims serves the greater purpose of having the memo released and the real truth come out, I don't see a problem with that.

Maybe Snowden, Assange, et al don't have evidence showing deep state used those, and deep state knows they don't. This could be why they deny. They'll deny unless they definitely know of evidence in the hands of a third party like Assange proving they abused any technique. I think that's the general policy with respect to all spycraft.

As a normie, I assume deep state has been using those exploits and have been using them forever to the absolute maximum possible abusive level of horror and evil imaginable. Seriously. Always assume the worst and multiply by 1000, and you may be close to the truth.

Lol America. All of this shit–all of it–has to go down in flames and all traitors have to be shot.

It mentions the final solution starting at 4:45.

There is a 100% chance that Trump will release it sometime in the next few months. I am hoping he does it this week to further embarrass the DNC and fifth column traitors.

Why? What kind of shitty platitude is that? You're basically implying you can't treat your own people and enemies differently. Why shouldn't i be the literal devil when dealing with my enemies? The only people who deserve my morality are my own people, no one else. Kikes are not even people, they're parasites and that's how they must be dealt with.

I'm not usually for that whole 'enemy of my enemy' schtick, but in this case

I'd not noticed my own glow, thanks (((user)))

(splinters that nigger shit into a thousand pieces and scatters to the winds)

JFK, I hope, will get justice. He was a democrat, obviously, but that was back when democrat truly represented white working men in the northeast.

Jack Kennedy was a true patriot who told the deep state to go fuck itself, and they decided to blow his head off. It's unforgivable what they did, and they've only gained power for the last 50 years. And here we are today.

They always comment on such things :^)

Assange's most recent comment is about Amazon Alexa in Germany. Snowden's is a RT on the NSA's shredding of Stellar Wind.

Half the battle for deep state niggers online is stoking fear that everybody is a deep state nigger.

I say, ignore that shit completely. Stoking fear of government itself is a powerful tactic.

And in fact, for any real deepstate niggers here, look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you want to do the right thing or keep being evil. I encourage you to do the right thing. Nobody will judge you because you got sucked into the bullshit. It's critical to be a true patriot now.


That's an agent. They take everything and then ask "how can I use this". They just lob the grenades. They're here to influence, not to be right. Just observe & learn. Of course you know better. But they'll never admit that, of course. Again, watch and learn. They are clumsy ninjas leaving the place shrewn with their weapons. Pick them up, dust them off, repurpose them to your own use.

Regardless of who it is, if they do not have fundamentals in line, then they are a malignancy.

White nationalism, White interests, White unity.

No clue. On the Assange/Snowden issues, if you think about what they both have done until now, they've blown up a system and put stuff into the minds of civilians that is basically idiotic suicide for deep state to let out there, so I don't think they were (originally) a psy op. Snowden, right now, might be, and Assange I really think is still authentic, but when you keep in mind the immense pressure applied to them, stuff that's unimaginable for normies, it's very possible they've turned since. Even then, the amount of good they did originally, they still deserve credit for. They are actually heroes, no matter who they work for or what they do now. So, take anything they do or don't do recently with a grain of salt, and don't apply whatever conclusion from recent actions back to the original merit of what they did.

A lot of people in their positions would have killed themselves under the insane pressure they've been facing, so if they've flipped (again, Snowden more likely than Assange, by far) it would be forgivable for the original good they did.

This is true.

Definitely true. The way to win is to adopt effective tactics against evil fuckers. Learning from your enemies is important. The only people who deserve honest treatment and fair dealing are white. Fuck over and eventually kill everyone else, period. It's war and has to be taken seriously or whites lose.

Vault 8, being released by Wikileaks, has only had 1 release thus far. It seems as if Assange has put a hold on releases until after he gets out (he's now an Ecuadorian citizen, and trying to be a diplomat, but the UK is in defiance of international law (which is lulzy, given their arrogance toward the US, when it comes to matters of international law)).

We should go back over the Nuremberg trials and Holohoax literature, pick out all the most ridiculous claims, and wherever possible implement them for real. It's like double jeopardy - the white race has already been convicted and paid it's dues for this shit that never happened, they can't convict us again for the same crime.

The day will come when Kikes are robo-masturbated to death.

Post your face when you realized they sent it to President Trump as well

Re-tweeted "White Genocide"

What even is appropriate information?


Intelligence services have always spied on the "nomenklatura" or politically powerful. The fact that it's illegal doesn't mean it's not being done.

As a legalfag, do you know how much shit a legalfag would have to go through in order to unmask one illegal surveillance operation? I've learned that the (((law))) only applies to people who can dodge it.

I wish the fucking memo was released and niggers started hiding. I'm sick of the degeneracy and all the transexual/faggot shit that was pushed down our throats in the last stage of the Kang Nigger administration.

But CIA keeps moving the world Left on the dialectic. World government and all that "post national" shit that will basically be neo-feudalism. Putin has niggers in the EU butthurt because the SVR's field operations and influence ops are making that kike dyke Merkel speed up the timeline on the EU shit, which causes EU instability. Fuck her.

Release the memo. Jail Kang Nigger. Gas the kikes, race war now.

Checked and 100% correct. Prep for SHTF, have many kids, and let the soyfags in San Francisco see for themselves what they've cucked into. We don't need to save every white, just the ones that want to live on. Cucks are a fucking waste of energy, believe me.

(((appropriate information)))

They look jealous that they can't read.

He can't either, the book's upside down.


Okay, serious conjecture then: What could possibly be in the memo that the public would be surprised or even annoyed about?

1) Obama used Glow-in-the-darks to rig the election? Didn't work, no one will believe it or care.
2) Obama and the Klintons are all beneficiaries of massive amounts of public funds laundered into their bank accounts? Again - not news.

What could be in there that anyone would give a shit about at this point? If it is not the political assassinations, it won't do shit.

I love black on black violence, its so god damn efficient.

That's funny. Useful and timely–definitely a good use of Twitter and the reason everybody should check Twitter but never sign up.

Then they slip in "appropriate." That's code for we watch you.

Always read Twitter. It's today's Common Sense. But never, ever sign up. Preaching to choir, but this has to be repeated over and over. Read it but don't sign up. Read it but don't sign up.

they believe their opinions are the only ones seen, in fact they bet everything on our inability to spread information. too bad for them that that's our specialty.

Check Twitter but don't sign up (you know this, I'm sure, but it has to be repeated on here–Twitter's important…to read)

And pol has to stay functional. Very important.

And I truly hate (((their))) arrogance. All of them, including their Silicon Valley tools.

Luckily, they can keep being arrogant. Let them. This is war, and an arrogant enemy makes mistakes.


So by Feb. 15?

So almost 20 days until release. Is the gov shtudown even going to last as long?

Apparently welfare will get hit hard if this thing can last until late September, which is when some sort of funding block is sent out. :^)

No he cant. The president does not have dictatorial authority over congress. its the other way around in fact as the executive branch is there only to enforce current laws that are set by congress.

Most important, Republicans have to rally to his aid. He can't be seen smiting his foes, especially in this case, because it pertains to Obama's abuses of power.

Way too fucking long IMO. Also it's working days.

The plus after the 19 worries me.

Well, this slowly turns up the pressure :^)))))))))))))

Another democrat, deep state scandal that will be obfuscated and delayed until it falls down the memory hole.

Sec. 3.1. Authority for Declassification
(b) Information shall be declassified or downgraded by:
(3) a supervisory official of either the originator or his or her successor in function, if the supervisory official has original classification authority

The President is the supervisory official for the entire executive branch. He has original classification authority and can do whatever the fuck he wants with any classified information.

I will give Kek my left eye if such a thing happens.

That definitely seems to be the plan in Congress, 19 days is an eternity in normalfag minds.
Also this
It's wishful thinking but it would be fucking brilliant if Trump just declassified and released it Monday. Just take over the whole weekly news cycle instead of the shutdown.

He can't declassify it. It will be seen as an attack by him personally. It has to crystalize organically. :^) Plus, any Democrat could just read it into the record, and exercise their immunity. Republicans cannot, because it would be seen as a transgression, whereas the faggots, the Communists, the evil-doers, are expected to be the transgressors, for their supporters, the HIV-riddled homo whores and other garbage are themselves transgressors and rapists and cannibals and torturers and every vile thing.

The only good thing about it is it will be hanging over the heads, waiting to drop at any moment. Could be bait or a bargaining chip for negotiations. I could see them dropping it just before the state of the union address, but we'll see I guess.

If this is truly as damaging as people are saying and the process for releasing it is already started, look for a (((terrorist attack))) or some other false flag very soon to draw attention away. It happens like clockwork.

Kek never demands sacrifices like that. Just tendies and shitposting.

always spell check, user
but needs work

I disagree with this
dramatic effect
and it woks with the cuck audience, who we will (hopefully) turn into useful idiots.

My problem is the "knowledge is power" bullshit.
that's jump the shark and just to much, IMHO.

I get what you are going for… it's a fairly good idea…

But that quote doesn't ring the way you should want it to.


It’s not. It has nothing to do with it.

the shutdown wont do anything about it

i would say the shutdown is a good thing when you consider that the niggers may run out of gibs

I am trying to think of ways Trump could start using these two events, either seperately or together.

Are there any emergency powers given to the president in the event of a government shut down?

Take with trillions of grains of salt. A Q-LARP fag on the donald has posted this. Is this old? If real, it proves that Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC.

A huge grain of sand. No date?

And also that MS-13 was used to do it, which gives casus bells for martial law to arrest and deport all illegals.

All of my reddit accounts are banned for naming the jew, so I couldn’t ask.

This looks gay as AIDS.

Fake and gay

All the better to expose its links to Q-LARP, then.

Definite fake. Seth provided the DNC emails, not the Podesta emails. Bogus.



You dumb faggots are doing it all wrong.

fag: denizen of a chan
fagfag: homosexual denizen of a chan
normalfag: does not exist

They are releasing it. In a couple weeks after they can redact it.

Yes same. I'm just used to normie as normalfag doesn't roll off the tongue as easily.


Let me guess what is not counting upward during a "government shut down?" Congressional work days. So the shut down could be about rats scurrying for cover and needing more time to do it. Hopefully someone just leaks the document - if that many congressmen have seen it, plenty of flunkies have too.

It won't be forgotten.

Fuck, guess ill commit suicide now.

Why are you saying kike things that kikes should do, but Whites should not do?

Yup. When a "former" CIAnigger started claiming the memo would be released yesterday night it was obvious it wouldn't be released anytime soon. The CIA's strategy regarding the memo seems to be "claim the memo will be nothing" and "claim the memo is explosive and will drop immediately, disappointing everyone when it doesn't drop immediately". They want everyone waiting for it to be utterly burned out and "over it" by the time it actually releases.

It's highly likely that whatever gets released to the goyim will be extremely redacted to protect kike interests.

In that event, hopefully another Seth Rich steps up and leaks the uncensored document.

Yesterday was when it was to be released to congress.

I hate that down low faggot, commie nigger so much.

The CIAnigger was claiming it would be released publicly yesterday, user.

Assange is dead (or in the CIA custody)
Snowden is out of the loop. This is guy is walking museum in the year 2018.

Trump's going to be rather ticked if Assange has been killed or captured.

Snowden does comment on current affairs. It's possible he's been forced to sell out. Never forget he was the one who blew everything wide open. He deserves credit for what he did. Anybody trying to say otherwise and diminish basically a revolutionary act is a deep state nigger or a moron.

yeah, this is normal. they just build up let down build up let down

confuse distract divert d&c sow discord

instill total exhaustion so when it's released, nobody remembers the original problem or is even paying attention to the news

remember the shit with black sites. that was fucking insane. oh, you don't? well, it happened.

what about the investigation into using a fake informant claiming WMDs to generate a massive war in iraq? remember that? no?

how about the weapons shipments going to syrian jihadist from the US and mossad? remember that? no?

yeah. well, this new one, they'll do the same fuckin shit. remember what jack kennedy said about scattering to the wind. there was a reason he said that then and it's the same now…they better not heart attack trump is all i have to say

There is no Snowden, there is only (((Greenwald))) who is apparently the sole person to have everything Snowden took.

He's an anti-Drumpher :/

despite fake memo, they did use ms-13. the murder was simple to solve. who was ultimately behind it, however, and who approved of it or let it go forward and why and all the related questions…bit more complicated


if trump would just give these leaker/journo niggers amnesty, like snowden, assanges, drake, greenwalds, etc., they'd be his best friend for life no matter what. stop worrying about the spics and tell the deep state to fuck itself and amnesty the whistleblower/leakers and those who publish them

as it stands, anyway, assange is already friend of trump, because assange knows ALL the dirt about the clintons/the mega treason syndicate.

If he actually knew a goddamn thing about Hillary, he would have posted it publicly already. Either he knows nothing (and is lying if he has ever said he does) or he knows something and is working for Hillary, et. al. to cover it up.


I don’t know what emotion your kike media screenshot is supposed to represent.


But what would be best would be for everyone to call for it to be released and then the kikes go into uber shut it down mode and then the second it looks like it wont go through "oops it was leaked by John Miller"

the fisa-memo_ line looks out of place, the whole thing looks like an amateurish shoop. That takes some balls though using a federal seal like htat is jailtime.

"That guy could go to jail!" sounds like a mafioso threatening a small shop owner–sowing fear and intimidation to maintain control of a neighborhood.

The good news is the missile alert activated a emergency automatic protocol to have the backup copy in Hawaii transferred over to CONUS.

don't spread lies faggot, either back that up or GTFO

Depending on when the wipe happened it doesn't mean shit anyway.

This must be pretty big judging from all the shilling on 4/pol/. Go look at their catalog there are only 2 or 3 real threads left.

When the fuck is anything going to happen on this. I really don't give a shit about the government shutdown but I want to read this fucking memo.


Non-rhyming, nearly incoherent, but well intentioned dubs poem.

Surely this is a (((pure coincidence))) right guys?

It's a fake, don't dox the guy, he hardly knew that using a federal seal is illegal. There is also a second page with David Brock threatening a leaker and John Podesta saying he would make an example of any leakers. The outline of the "reconstructed" memo is Q posts. It's factual information but it is not the memo in question that Nunes compiled.

They were very angry that he created a fake memo but in my opinion it will just bring more attention to the matter. Just hope the glowfags don't pull some shit over the federal seal technicality.

Where is Trey Goudy on this memo?
Overseas burger user here and I haven't been able to see everyone who is talking about this issue.
Has he made any public statements?
His is the only opinion I really care about.

Yeah they were pissing me off too.
This is how it actually works.
Thanks for setting it straight.

Sadly, never happening with the planned us presence in the region


He's pretty metal.

Trey is not on the intelligence committee, and, being on the judiciary committee, may actually prefer not publicizing the memo if it constitutes evidence of crimes, as that could hinder prosecution.

Fake, but pretty much all the information in it is true.

Giving the enemy more time to prepare also hinders prosecution. Dropping information in the public sphere always works for good more than sitting on it.

hardcore little bastard.

all kidding aside…
Our kids actually grow up in this shit.
not literally, but figuratively.
now, think back to the hard times/good times bit, and then what the future will look like.

Not sure exactly what you mean user, but I misunderstood something another user said and I feel kinda retarded about that.

Eternal blueballs, its all so tiresome.


*yawn* Anyone else sleepy? Let's get some shut eye and come back in 19 days. I'm sure the memo will be there is 199 days. That's right. 1999 days.

Republicans better get to it before everything gets wiped
FIVE MONTHS Worth of Peter Strzok Text Messages GO MISSING – FBI Cites Mystery “Glitch”

It is fake. An user created it based on this Q post, which is thought to be an outline of the memo.

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/21/18 (Sun) 13:06:20 No.47
Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?
1 of 22.
#Memo shifts narrative.
#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.
#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.
#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].
#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).
[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]
Hussein [8]
Install rogue_ops
Leak C-intel/Mil assets
Cut funding to Mil
Command away from generals
Launch 'good guy' takedown (internal remove) - Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)
SAP sell-off
Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)
Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)
Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)
Blind-eye NK [nuke build]
[Clas-1, 2, 3]
Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]
Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]
Stage SC [AS [187]]
U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]
KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)
[CLAS 1-99]
HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]
Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL
KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]
Open borders
Revise Constitution
Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)
Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)
Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]
Limit/remove funding of MIL
Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]
Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59
Pure EVIL.
Narrative intercept [4am].
Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.
Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].
Shutdown Primary Reasons.
Weaken military assets.
Inc illegal votes.
Black voters abandoning.
"Keep them starved"
"Keep them blind"
"Keep them stupid"
HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].
The Great Awakening.
Fight, Fight, Fight.

Reported. Kill yourself. Your LARPer is kikery.

Oh, shit. I saw this on the front page and didn’t see the context. Glad I caught your other post before reporting. Thanks for the clarification, man.

I feel like everyday news comes out and I'm like "WE FUCKING GOT THEM NOW!" But nothing EVER happens. W T F, am I right or what?

Please lurk two years before posting.


Fuck you.


In a world where righteousness still thrived that would only translate as proof of guilt. This is of no use to them though. The nature of memetics dictate that the truth can not be erased.

he's right. You need to lurk you insufferable newfaggot.

Lurking is a fucking necessity. YOU HAVE TO LEARN.

WW comes up in a lot of shit, not just Q stuff… But I have never seen a satisfactory explanation of who it could be.

Not WHO, Scope. WorldWide

Of course you’re right. Anyone who tries to get people to actually do anything to fix our problems gets called FBI, because this is a controlled opposition website.

He said nothing remotely like that. Either reply to his point or don’t reply at all.

So organic. kek


Don’t reply at all.

Confusion. Gast. Overall wtf did i just read emotion.

You may be retarded.

They are. The past 2 years have made that abundantly clear

stanley is one of the highest names in european oligarchy

he can't release it himself, that could be construed as obstruction. It has to be done by vote.

Court papers showing systematic and on-going violations of the law [by the FBI and their contractors using unauthorized disclosures of raw intelligence on Americans

Byron York: Congress seeks answers after FBI claims texts missing in Trump-Russia probe

More texts turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team

Systematic violations of the law….sounds about right. So, how about the overall goal of this FISA abuse–stopping an outsider like Trump from coming in and exposing the worst treason of all time? Maybe the reason for that lawlessness is worth looking at in terms of considering systematic violations of the law. Selling highly classified information for decades (along with uranium and plutonium) to enemy states, including governments directly affiliated with 9/11 groups, like Pakistan who definitely would love to detonate a dirty bomb in a big city? Is that a systematic violation? Because everything that went into that over a decade or more involved hundreds or even thousands of deep state niggers, Congresscritters, and misc scum throughout our government at various levels. Not just FBI there. It's just about everybody. All treasonous pieces of shit.

FISA abuses here are the tip of the tip of the iceberg, but somehow this information that was common knowledge for the attentive maybe a year ago is JUST now becoming common knowledge, so it seems this is being minimized and sort of pinned on the FBI. This FISA memo isn't shit in the grand scheme of this treason. Again, whole fucking government. The whole thing.

This is going to take serious action by we the people in one form or other. I'd say it might be time to think about a white nation. All the nigger and spic useful idiots immune from criticism due to diversity narrative and placed in high positions resulted in this situation. A lot of those niggers and spics are still there. They cannot be trusted with such immense responsibilities as upholding the constitution or even identifying very complex treason schemes like this one being committed. They literally aren't smart enough. And a lot of the shitskins put in by kike overlords to critical government positions hate whites and do everything with their undeserved government authority obtained by AA to destroy whites. We have to break from this rotten, evil system. I vote white ethnostate.

The people constantly saying lurk more are trying to discourage participation on this site. Holla Forums is an important site. It's world-changing. The constant drumbeat accusing everyone of being a deep state nigger, or telling people to lurk (ie, never post/discourage participation and interest) or "everybody who posts anything useful that promotes unity and taking action" is shill bullshit designed to discourage interest and participation on this important site. Disregard these fuckers and push hard. This is an important time.

All shills must hang.

We have done it before. It's time to do it again. All those traitors need to be executed.

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

I think he's waiting on a deal with Justice Dept. Hope Trump gives him one.

That's the sauce of sauces, my friend.

Let's get the show on the road.

So, casus belli?

What if Adams or Hancock posted the Declaration of Independence on Twitter and were immediately marked as …French? bots and were sent a warning instructing them that they were actually the tools of French spambots and not to post French spam again. What would they do

Bitch on reddit. kek

The founders & settlers would have already.

Storm Twitter's headquarters.

They are. Their ability to manipulate interest rates and control liquidity has been hamstrung by energy producers circumventing their scheme with cryptocurrency. I expect energy companies to quietly start backing nationalistic political groups soon, assuming they aren't already.

To clarify by "soon" I mean within the next 5 years or so.

I'm sure this unfortunate event has a reasonable explanation.

someone screencap all of these for proof. I did my part


Shoo with your redditspacing and boomertongue you kike faggot
You will see the oven soon!

Here is a common CIA agent in action. This particular CIA agent is female:

this is a common shill d&c

report and hide all d&c

The founders had the one benefit that we do not. Where we can communicate instantaneously and insta btfo of the kikes they had the ability of everyone knowing everyone else in the community so new recruits could be screened on the basis of "hey jim this guy says hes from lancaster you ever see him at church?"

they are weaker. and they are stupider. Their deceit is see through to anyone who knows to look and this isnt the 16-1800's the commoner has ready access the the thoughts of brilliant minds. all we need is for bad goys to keep being heros.

You'll want the screencap deleted once nothing happens, though.

You have a time machine nigger? It IS happening.

What's happening?

Everything you're kvetching in opposition to, moshe.

So nothing is happening. Got it. Oh, the shutdown is off and they're going to vote for DACA amnesty in a month.


Go back to 4chan and wait for your kike nip master to reenable the pretty pictures.

Just get a $25 filter, inline, for your home. tbh get two, one for hot, the other for cold. They're plenty good enough. (if you're going to go to an extreme, you need to start filtering air, wearing masks, and such, which isn't permissible in our society.

It's perfectly legal even though (((people))) would whine about it.

Those are gonna be shit. Whole house filtration / RO / etc is the way to go.

That's when the worst the Government had were cannons, muskets, and swords. How do you resist a Government that can literally vaporize you, your house, your family, your village, and your county all with the push of one button?


Fuck off Agent Smith. Go delete text messages implicating your bosses, your incitements won't work here.

Oy vey, the goyim will avoid fluoride and pharmaceuticals in the water with filters, better kvetch.

Stop worrying about the memo. You wouldn't understand it if it were released anyway, peasants.

Nice work!

I read that and thought, doesn't everyone know this already? That's the only way this COULD work out and explains why the strategic patience.

Execute all agents and leaders involved. If no one claims responsibility execute all the leaders for sedition.

Holy shit they are now filling out the government and bypassing the Democrat blockage on some positions now.

This is huge. Nobody is objecting. They all bent the knee to Trump.

Pic related. Of course, the real situation is there are many, many, factors. So the usefulness of the expensive (read: diminishing returns per $$$buck$$$) water filter is greatly diminished.

Also, the air filter performs way better than that, but I wanted to avoid that dispute.

H8ers gonna H8. Rotaries gonna rotate.

The jew fears the eurobeat

spinning dorito engines overheat like ovens. This is why the jews fear the samurai.

Really makes you think…

That woman gives me a stiffy.


This Q hoax keeps picking up steam…

Shut it, butt pirate, or serve up.

I found it on cuckchan, dont have a source yet but Im looking for whatever I can. Assume its fake for now, I should have stated that earlier, I was phoneposting in public like a faggot and didnt have time to write it out.

Wasnt trying to Q post, honest. I aint no kike.

twitter really does not like this #ReleaseTheMemo nonsense. probably means they are implicated in it as well.

I've gotcha man, I was just noting the oddities, especially the redaction.


you don't you die well like a man in defense of his family and the future of his genetics. they'll kill us all one day why not take the day head on.

This reads like it was written by a high-school drop out.


Wisemen's committee?

The catalog message says "Cloudflare seems to be having some minor outages today. If a page fails to load, just refresh your browser and it should work."

That is a (((man)))

If he so much as mentions it, they will probably accuse him of trying to interfere with the Mueller investigation.

What is this shit i am seeing about “Secret Society” found in FBI texts?

Related pic

Can you imagine how damning those "missing" emails must be? Fucking WEW

Lots of texts messages, files, and surveillance tapes going missing these days. “WE’RE SORRY” as they rub their nipples

here toy go
memo leak

1. Retard.
2. No. That’s from last year.


this show is sorely underrated. it's brilliance.

even without a conviction, the trial would be worth it for all the discovery and testimony.

certainly enough evidence..


That's a meme for wankers.

Is this real life or a Tex Murphy adventure game?

Alex Jones says he has the memo and that hes leaking it. I guess the jews figure this is the best way to handle it, since anything released by Jones can simply be dismissed as a "conspiracy theory".

fucking filterman. He is honestly more damaging than anything that there is no other explanation than he is a CIA disinfo agent.

"I've got Family in the FBI"

yeah most likely 10/10 a COINTELPRO cunt or something just like it.

Bill Cooper called him controlled opposition from day one for whatever that's worth and considering he died right after AJ's rise in viewership post 9/11 I'm more inclined to take his word on it.

Bill cooper is responsible for sending me on the path I currently am on. Behold a Pale Horse was eye opening.

Put up today

Its 99 pages long, and heavily redacted. I would have uploaded it to /pdf/, but its 25mb in size.
Jones is such a fucking kike. I wish the clintons would suicide him, but we all know who he is working for so that will never happen.

So why'd I see it on Scribd a few days ago? This isn't the memo.
nm, jones is a fag, as usual. Old release.

this memo was originally reported on by Sara Carter at Circa News back in May.

Thank christ, because I thought the senators had said it was concise and laid out the plan in plain language, and I just skimmed through 99 pages of heavily redacted legal jargon

is AJ retarded? am I retarded for even asking?

He works for the CIA, was married to a jew, and has never, EVER named jews, ever.

Yeah Cooper was the real fucking deal, as real as it gets because he fucking died for it. My $.02 at least and Behold a Pale Horse should be standard reading for everyone. Lots of copy cats out there trying to spin off of Cooper's material so for that reason alone it's worth reading to know who is just rehashing his stuff with a bullshit twist and who is doing their own homework.

the only thing that glazed me over in behold a pale horse was all of the UFO stuff, but even he walked that back later on saying he fell for some disinfo.

This is what it boils down to. The declassification would have exposed the (((parasite))), this is an act of desperation.

You're right! The perfidy!

here's a little update. notice the two new bullet points.

Oh well. Twitter always was a CIA-kike op.

Oh the perfidy!

That's been their tactic for over a century

The UFO "invasion" is definitely a ploy to trigger something for the NWO, it has been obviously hinted at for too many decades not to be, however, that's why they spin all the many narratives for it and release a bunch of dis-info every generation from some whack job "chosen one" a high ranking official for some reason needed to confide in for the "good of the citizenry".

this goes back a very long time - for example, Abraham Lincoln didn't actually exist…

I can't wait until the "Muh Russia" narrative falls apart.

It fell apart a year ago. This is kikes spamming the same disproven shit every day, like they do here about everything.

Are we sure the Jones document is the same document Sara Carter released in May? I can't seem to find a link that helps to confirm that they're the same document.

halfway down there is a "Read Here" button


Meanwhile, the FBI admits there was no Russian collusion. Again.

What the fuck are you doing user?

Shhh it's ok, tíocfaidh ar lá and all that

whole thing's rotten, top to bottom and side to side. trump is exposing stuff, but just opening the doors means we the people have to decide what kind of government we want going forward. not even clear whatever this shitty republic is now can work. if we can brexit for whites only and restore the 1789 constitution along with the 1791 bill of rights and NO more from there, we can rebuild maybe. we have to make it LEGALLY EXPLICIT that it's ONLY those of European origin allowed in. period. no exceptions. otherwise we're fucked and will repeat the same mistakes that got us to this point

half chan is shilling the jones memo from May 2017 like its the real thing





In all seriousness, Trump's stocked up on Irish. We're takin it back

To be fair, cuck chan's being SHILLED as if the memo is the real thing.

There's an actual thread up there though:

I know disinfo doesn't have to be subtle, but even so I think that's a little too on the nose.

this is solid

If only they fucking knew lol.

Best way is to just round them up in an open field with no food or shelter and make sure no one goes in or out except fresh jews. It takes a little longer but it's very efficient, just ask Eisenhower.

The only issue you might run into is all the urine and feces they're gonna be putting out plus the bodies will breed tons and tons of disease but i figure you can just bulldoze the field periodically and mix all the jew bits and feces with the earth then wait ten or so years and you'll have some amazingly fertile soil.

Thought it was Podesta from the thumbnail.

found this on jewtube

All they do is project 24/7.


I'm not ready for this world.


Sen. Ron Johnson: “A NUMBER OF HIGH LEVEL FBI OFFICIALS” Were Attending Secret Offsite Anti-Trump Meetings


"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

You take the advice of men far wiser and smarter than most of this board and bite the bullet to exhaust literally every option that isn't open warfare. Anyone who believes gunning down Brits was anywhere close to the USA's first option just doesn't know their own history.

can't shake the feeling that it's still missing something


A picture of your micro perhaps? :DD

That asymmetrical power situation just ensure you have to put up with infinite tyranny, then, by your logic, because you can never fight back.

This is why action may be necessary when we have our guy in the white house.

that guy next to him is about to crack up

This is right, but arguably, even in civil war, it may still not end up going to comple nuclear apocalypse, mainly because it would be total self-destruction (not saying not possible). Still, by the logic of nuclear weapons, that means any government with nukes can have permanent absolute tyranny. I think you have to be willing to fight guerrilla war and bleed out the other side. Maybe that is the step short of outright total war leading to nukes. Hard to say.

I do think it's smart to consider taking action while our guy is in the white house. There is simply no way we'll get Donald Trump ever again, and this situation is so tyrannical, treasonous, evil, corrupt, blackmailed, you name it, that it's structurally rotten. The institutions cannot be fixed by one guy, and they will just maximize the second he's gone.

And I suspect they'll either oust him before the end of the first term somehow or rig the 2020 election. I think we're in a rapidly closing window of opportunity to get a white nation, and we need guys in the military and in civilian militias now. The key would be leverage for negotiation for a brexit. Have to have military force to back it up. Just the threat of serious war is good for negotiation.

Clock does seem to be ticking, though, especially due to the nuke issue and however they will grab power right after Trump is gone, and he may be gone sooner than we think. Anybody who tries to either blackpill you saying no hope but ALSO those who say, "winning" is trying to get you to ignore reality that the system is incredibly screwed up that one man can't fix it and time is a factor for whites to take action if we want to have any kind of future.

Chaffetz Confirms its about more than the memo:
It's not just the "insurance policy" it's so much more.

I'm a faggot. Here's the image

Trump directly addressing the "insurance policy" and missing texts:

So Feinstein and Schiff are asking Zuckerberg and Dorsey about Russian bots.

We know it's fake, they know it's fake. They might be making new ACTUAL Russian accounts to conflate the numbers after asking Facebook/Twitter.

Of course, Daily Beast for some reason already had an insider who debunked this.

But Dems are doing their OWN #releasethememo (2.0) as a counter-strategy and it is back on trending. Maybe they will amplify it with their own bots from Russia.


Its has the kikes shaking in their yarmulkes thats for damn sure. I hope Trump allows the release completely unredacted. They better provide some of the supporting docs as well to make it harder for the kikes to pull their typical tricks.

You realize that the media doesn't have to report on it, right? They don't have to say anything. Between Fox, NBC, CNN, ABC, and CBS, that's 100% of news. If a Congressman wants to read the memo in the chamber, CSPAN will carry it (but hell, if it's ACTUALLY bad for jews, they might not), but no one watches CSPAN and the clip of the speech wouldn't be repeated 24 hours a day like every single other media story is on the regular channels. That just leaves the Internet, but while the alternative news viewership here is high, it still has zero power. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites will simply drop the memo file from their databases any time it's attempted to be uploaded. The accounts doing so will be banned. Google won't index it's release, or any website where it's being discussed, for that matter.

They don't have to fight it. They have enough control to just ignore it.

they have been kvetching like fuck over "fake news" AKA the truth since the presidential race

I hear that

Obongo is a crime Boss.


all the more reason to

DOJ found them


Is it classified to protect the nation or corrupt individuals? Trump should release it if later.

is this real?
it was being spammed when 4chan images broke

Since we have no real way of knowing, the best thing to do until confirmation is to ask:
Yes. And if Rice asked Mi6 to keep "surveillance" going in the US because Trump is considered a compromising entity, then there is no way BO knew nothing about it.

King Nigger is going to be dragged in front of the people, and the left is going to eat shit.

time to check on the BOB
I live in seattle area and i bet there are riots

If you look at the date on the memo, its from November 17, 2016, which is the exact day that Admiral Rodgers went to Trump Tower unannounced and without permission. The next day, 11/18/2016 Trump abruptly moved the transition team to New Jersey.

also on line 3 is says:
Problem is, he is a former MI6 agent and his name is Christopher David Steele. They wouldn't have made that mistake.

I am not familiar with what GCHQ top secret memos look like, but I have a feeling in this situation they more than likely wouldn't have left a paper trail. I mean they are approving surveilance on the president elect of the united states. Just for OPSEC reason I don't believe this would have been actually written down.

This is definitely fake IMO.

The sad shit about all this is that the methods they used to build this massive treasonous network could have been used to build a pro-american agency to wrangle distruptive solids into following the laws of the land.

A lot of the methods were existing spycraft, anyway, and they held it all together with massive blackmail. Hundreds of high-level oversight officials and congressmen, among others. All either directly treasonous or silent owing to blackmail when they had a duty to speak.

Re the apparently fake GCHQ memo, NSA certainly may have been using GCHQ to spy just as an attempt to pretend the law matters by using a clearly bogus color of law argument. It's all bullshit since no explanation matters. Whether NSA or GCHQ did the spying really does't matter, because it was at the treasonous syndicate's behest using their people at NSA. That's why DoD took control of NSA.

The bottom line is that the treason is across the board.

Everything is classified always. The idea is protect shadow government from any accountability forever. Look at the JFK files.

It's clown world. (Volkskrant, Dutch newspaper) (Reuters)

This story came out yesterday and it's been shilled unilaterally across Dutch legacy media the last 24 hours.

Hacking narrative shows no sign of being abandoned, so watch for this angle. Interesting time of release too.


day after the state of the Union.

u sure


Kill yourself
ZOG will not arrest ZOG.



It is undergoing declassification and will be presented to the public as many media reports are saying.

They had better release it soon. The Dems are releasing their ginned up memo on Monday and you know the media will treat that as gospel truth, and if the Nunes memo contradicts it, it will be called a lie.

The media doesn't matter any more. They can shout and scream and then the Republican memo hits and the shit will hit the fan with or without them.

Why worry about things you can't change? By the way I think the DNC already leaked a synopsis of their memo to the press, showing how seriously they take their own classification process.

When it comes out that the deep state is plotting to assassinate Trump it's go time, no popcorn, sit right down in your seats because the main feature has been bumped ahead of the coming attractions.

The FBI has plotted to kill Trump. This is now a fact.

And? No, fucking seriously, and? He’s not going to do a goddamn thing about it. He doesn’t fucking care. He’s a civic nationalist. He cares about his image. He cares about the “optics”. He cares about the appearance on the media of the big bad man sending children off to their death back in their homeland. He cares about not being remembered as a “dictator” for prosecuting Hillary, et. al. and clearing the government out of the previous adminstration’s hires. This is soft Q-LARPing.

Let me introduce you, you cuck bag, to what's called reality. The Nazis are dead and conflating all pro-white people with Nazis is a dead tactic. It only outs you as a full retard shill.

It’s not LARPing, shlomo. Go back home.

Stay mad, Jew, TOR is a great aid against cyber phrenology.

Go back home.



Popcorn thing has to stop for sure.

None of this is entertainment to anyone who pays attention or gives a fuck.

Trump is exposing serious shit systematically for now, but he seems to be going after the whole thing quietly but using conventional means, and especially given the Lambert indictment–he wouldn't do that unless he was planning a big conventional mass takedown.

A massive, powerful criminal syndicate in government isn't going to sit down and get fucked up the ass, however.

There is a RUMOR, and I emphasize TOTALLY UNFOUNDED RUMOR, that at one point Comey had a meeting in NZ discussing JFK option. UNPROVEN. But just the possibility that evidence for such goings-on among deep state folks in various agencies MIGHT, in fact, suggest popcorn should be put aside. IF THOSE WACKY CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE TRUE, AND I AM NOT SAYING THEY ARE.

Saying you reported somebody is a bannable offense.

Also, no, there are no actual Nazis on Holla Forums, they are all shills, you can ask them about it and it becomes clear that they haven't and clue about the Volkisch movement, they don't even know that Hitler pal'd around with BASED niggers in Africa, etc. In short they are Jewish caricatures of Nazis, devoid of any actual knowledge of National Socialist history or policies. They're too faggoty to go out in public lest they get doxxed so they hang around here trying to make everybody into, well, not a real Nazi, but some Jewish approximation of one.

Saying you reported somebody is a bannable offense.

Also, no, there are no actual Nazis on Holla Forums, they are all shills, you can ask them about it and it becomes clear that they haven't and clue about the Volkisch movement, they don't even know that Hitler pal'd around with BASED niggers in Africa, etc. In short they are Jewish caricatures of Nazis, devoid of any actual knowledge of National Socialist history or policies. They're too faggoty to go out in public lest they get doxxed so they hang around here trying to make everybody into, well, not a real Nazi, but some Jewish approximation of one.


Reminder this thread is about how Obama is going to jail for spying, and how the memo is coming out which will send him there and BTFO the Muh Russia narrative. You're a kike for trying to make this about TOR posting.

Hey everybody, point and laugh at the kike for failing.

Reported for ban evasion. Reported for being from cuckchan. Reported for spamming proven false bullshit. Kill yourself, redditor.

oh we've got ourselves a rare roasted roach here, don't we?

wave to the anons, roach. blow them kisses. you've been outed as a shill

Reported for ban evasion. Reported for being from cuckchan. Reported for spamming proven false bullshit. Kill yourself, redditor.


Reported for ban evasion. Reported for being from cuckchan. Reported for spamming proven false bullshit. Kill yourself, redditor.

shut the fuck up

Cry more, you stupid fucking bitch.


You don't need to tell us what you are.

Memo's getting released and it's making our Jewish shill friends sweaty.

What's the date on that, anyway?


It was going to be released in nineteen days as of Tuesday, but the DNC's chicanery almost guarantees that that will be sped up.

My feeling is that Trump himself will release it on the same day as his SOTU address.

It'd be nice if he read it in the address, but that's asking to be shot by a congressman.

Should have gotten that thing removed, John.



We must acquire this memo at all costs, and then post it everywhere
Around two hours earlier he bizarrely tweeted: 'Form Submission 1649'.

hey kike, you just unintentionally deconstructed decades of false narratives presented by your tribe so please keep repeating those emotionally charged statements. your arrogance will be your downfall and one can always count on a kike to be arrogant. your people are starting to lose and the future looks white and beautiful.

Whites can't win until there's war, period.

The mods allow blatantly pro deep state nigger blatant blackpiller blatant divide and conquer tactics.

It's a CIA board. The CIA is controlled by the kikes, for the purpose of killing all whites. Apparently that's supposed to be "secret". It's obvious.

The biggest thing being slid right now is that the largest air force test ever is taking place. The CIA doesn't want people buying zoom cameras like the P900 and aiming it at the skies, in that area.

The Air force informs there will be GPS outages as well:


The U.S. Air Force kicks off its largest three-week premier air-to-air combat training exercise, Red Flag 18-1, beginning Jan. 26 and will conclude Feb. 16.

Base officials want to remind Southern Nevada residents will notice increased military aircraft activity due to aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, twice-a-day to participate in training exercises on the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“We’re trying a few new and different things with Red Flag 18-1,” said Col Michael Mathes, 414th Combat Training Squadron commander. “It’s the largest Red Flag ever with the largest number of participants, highlighting the balance of training efficiency with mission effectiveness.”

While Red Flag occurs in multiple iterations annually, each one has a unique training purpose – 18-1 is no exception.

“Red Flag 18-1 primarily is a strike package focused training venue that we integrate at a command and control level in support of joint task force operations,” said Mathes. “It’s a lot of words to say that we integrate every capability we can into strike operations that are flown out of Nellis Air Force Base.”

The training offered during Red Flag has prepared armed forces for future engagements.

“Red Flag remains a great mix of heritage and future potential,” said Mathes. “We are very proud of our heritage with the way that red flag had improved survivability and readiness over the years. We look forward as we continue to grow readiness through integrated training as well as improving training efficiency.”

The exercise typically involves a variety of attack, fighter and bomber aircraft as well as participants from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Air Force.

Global report.

This is interesting.

CIA agent:

Kill yourself, redditor. Global report.

I didn't know his twitter was so entertaining.

Youd be surprised. Much like reddit it can be ok, its always the jews that own it that make it shit

=The ✡New York Times✡ is creating a narrative that Trump HAS to stick to a ✡script✡ in his address

He should just cancel it. White people don't want to hear how many of Israel's enemies are left to fight and niggers don't want to hear about jobs. Most are still too traumatized by the cotton picking days to go back to work.

Why do you think he’d care what white people think, though? It IS a script, and they have to follow it.

What are you, poor?

Because he is white and has white family members who will have a tough time when POTUS Tyrone gets into office along with Chancellor Hassim in Germany, President Donkey Kong in France, and PM Dikembe in England.

It doesn’t matter. There is no white racial solidarity today, nor has there been since the 1940s.
He’s a boomer. He will be dead. He doesn’t give a fuck about what happens when he dies.
The children of billionaires? I doubt it. Again: he doesn’t care. His people don’t matter. He will be dead before they begin to suffer. His children are provided for; that is the extent of his thinking and much further than most boomers even give a shit about. He isn’t an ethnonationalist and never has been.

the lugenpresse and (((dems))) are panicking hard about this. From rushing out their own (((memo))) to friday spurging hard on making a narrative and making up shit about Trump trying to get Mueller removed.
Expect uptick of shilling/shills and the lugenpresse to be squirming in their seats hard as they try and fight the inevitable

This thing is a tiny aspect of the coverup component of MASSIVE TREASON involving selling highly enriched weapons-grade uranium and plutonium to enemies, including to elements of the Pakistani government who ally with rogue 9/11 groups (literal terrorists who are rogue and can't discuss like a state actor–no red phone).

They were also taking every bit of classified intel for over a decade and selling it by putting it in unsecure email and selling the passwords to the emails. All responsible officials/Congressmen/Senators etc. were all covered by a blackmail scheme through CIA/Awan.

This thing is MASSIVE. The fact that they do not release a simple memo about simple abuse of a law that is a known, shitty, unconstitutional law anyway, that only relates because this particular abuse was designed to subvert the democratic process, which is serious

But still, THIS little memo takes THIS LONG to get out? The TINIEST piece of evidence?

The nuclear and classified info sales scheme was going on for over a decade. it is extremely serious treason…do you think any of the info about this massive treason will EVER get out? This fucking memo that barely scratches the surface of just the coverup is somehow made into a big deal. It's nothing, and they're dragging this out, too to act like it's a big give when they release it…

You're being played. All of this will be memoryholed. Most insane treason of all time selling nukes and classified intel to enemies. Whole government is blackmailed, essentially, and therefore cannot fix itself. And they act like releasing this tiny fucking minor memo explaining how they subverted an election with surveillance is a MAJOR thing that takes forever to release and will be a BIG WIN once you have it.

You're being totally played. The giant underlying treason will be totally memoryholed. We are headed to complete totalitarianism

No matter how little, its always worth ANY leak. You are understimating Holla Forumss investigative prowess. Dont be a black pill fag and support our will.
Any lead is always welcome; have faith and praise kek.
Pic not related, just a deity worth honoring.

The leak doesn't matter. No one will be executed. No one will be imprisoned. No one will be fired. It isn't going to happen. Nothing which upsets the two party system can be allowed to happen, ever. You're either retarded or a shill for believing otherwise. The only thing that will ever save us is the guns in our hands, but you get called FBI for saying that here, so nothing will ever happen, legitimately. Either prove me wrong or go back to sucking kike cock as the promise of the ZOG arresting the ZOG. Fun fact: you can't prove me wrong.

I'm not blackpilling, because I am saying complete change of government is required.

I am telling you they are controlling the narrative by delaying this. it is very deliberate. Remember, when they wanted something done, like when Feinstein declassified the Fusion statements, she declassified it and got it to the public like greased lightning.

The use of the word "leak" to refer to something the public has a right to know shows the general lack of comprehension of how representative democracy works and suggests you are working for those trying to hide.




That's right.

That's right, and I'm saying the underlying treason is so serious, and the way they've filled this country with third world hostile 85 IQ brown shit enemies to destroy whites, and all the surveillance and subversion of democracy…guns are necessary.

Use of the word "lead" I should say. It's not a lead when the entire fucking thing is treasonous it's a republic. We have a right to know. Our government doesn't get to feed us little leads here and there. THEY ANSWER TO THE PEOPLE.

You are buying into the bullshit. You're being played. The underlying treason is horrific and is 1776-worthy. It is beyond the pale now.

The rumor is Comey met with some people in NZ to discuss a JFK option.

Donald Trump will lead whites to a new era.

I fully support genocide.

I hope Donald Trump leads it.

Right after he burns down you deep state shill kikes, spics, and niggers. Liquidate you fuckers.

I will personally hang every D&C fuck shill piece of shit.

And anyone who remotely criticizes Trump or whites in any way should be tracked and murdered.

I think Trump should've lifted more in his early days, Also, whites have many flaws. Please track and murder me.

t. You're biggest fan

Fuck you, you deep state fuck.

What the fuck is wrong with mods? Every single post this asshole f765fa has is anti-solidarity, d&c, deep state state shill bullshit.

Kill this faggot:

Who the fuck do you shills think you are?

Whites are uniting. We will kill every single piece of traitorous shit like you, f765fa

Whites will unite and form their own country.

Mods, ban this fucking piece of shit f765fa

Get out

Deep state out in force doing d&c

Mods what the fuck


You know who has flaws? The armies of shit that need to be liquidated.

And you. You personally.

Die immediately

I've been trying to, but I forgot how.

lol why do you think this guy is a shill? you are hysterical. the argument that whites have no solidarity is not a fucking shill its mostly true. There is barely any race consciousness in whites at this time in history. You can't be a fucking bitch and pretend its not true then say 'whites are uniting'. If we had solidarity we would already be united you fucking moron.

We can't ignore the horror of our reality that the kikes won ww2 and we are living in their world fighting an uphill battle. We can't be cucks who hide from the truth and just ban people who force us to look at things hard. Passing this test and saving our people will mean looking these hard truths in the face and conquering them.

Blow your fucking brains out, you goddamn autistic kike.
Never happened.
Never happened.
Exact opposite is true.

No, he won’t be doing any of those things, you LARPing sack of shit. Go back to reddit and never come here again.

The tactics like "go back to reddit" "lurk fifty years" "ur not original pol!" are just discouraging participation on pol which is an important site to mobilize white unity

Whites who care should focus on unifying and ignore any attempts to discourage participation. Whites need to unify and pol is important for that

Nobody gives a shit where people come from. I welcome redditors and anyone else who is 1488 and motivated.

You were banned for a reason, redditor. Go the fuck away and never come back.

Using this word makes you a retard. Reductionism and elitism are exclusive.


Imagine having that much self-awareness.


So have they released this damn memo yet?

No, and it's giving me more blue balls than a Smurf has.
I'm wondering if we're getting Babushka kiked tbh.
Call me when the bitch is swinging at the end of rope.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stepped down

1. Source or don't say words.
2. Why? The memo won't endanger him in any way.

Apparently Trump bullied him into quitting

The dream is collapsing

I am copy pasting what tor above wrote as you piecee of shit glow worm niggers are clearly swamping the thread to bury white unity as usual

"The tactics like "go back to reddit" "lurk fifty years" "ur not original pol!" are just discouraging participation on pol which is an important site to mobilize white unity

Whites who care should focus on unifying and ignore any attempts to discourage participation. Whites need to unify and pol is important for that

Nobody gives a shit where people come from. I welcome redditors and anyone else who is 1488 and motivated."

Yes. Correct. That is correct.

Hm. Since McCabe did in fact step down, it seems you are in fact a dot gov glow in the dark.

People–note that this person is defending McCabe. This same person b3a9ed also discouraged white unity and uses 'ur a redditor' divide and conquer in this very thread. This is instructive. They seemed to have slipped up here and outted themselves.

What in god's name are you smoking, you cocksucking REDDITOR?
Go back to reddit. We don't want you here, you fucking civnat.

No, because he said the memo won't harm McCabe. It will most definitely harm McCabe.

You fucked up and slipped up. It's ok.

Did you know that even though a piece of legislation enables dot gov trolling, the constitutional right to freedom of association and political speech exists?

Why do you think it's legal to deliberately disrupt protected First Amendment activity? Why are you trying to do COINTELPRO all over again, except this time against the right/whites?

Damn you figured me out.

They're right. Go back to reddit.

The instant responses are telling and chilling.

The first amendment isn't autistic spam or redditor material. It's the first amendment. It matters. You folks seem to have lost sight of what America means. What exactly are you protecting if you try to stop a president or oust him, or if you deliberately attempt to suppress political speech?

The issue here with your shilling is that Americans have a right to exercise constitutionally protected First Amendment guaranteed political speech and free association. These rights trump any statutory language in NDAA 2013.

It's the height of arrogance to believe KGB tactics to control public political discourse and even stop a president or oust him somehow mean you stand for the United States. What do you even stand for now?

You don't have freedom of speech here, you fucking redditor.

This shit is unbelievable. No, it's not "muh freeze peech]. It's my First Amendment free fucking political speech that is the most important right Americans have

Fuck you

It is the United States of America you piece of trash.

Everyone here, bar none, hates you and wants you to go back to your cocksucking website.

This nigga look like ghetto Morpheus tryna sell some blue-pill-flavored lean.

Like an bad odor it returns.
You know you could make your own board and shit up that instead of shitting in every thread of this one, right?

Honest question here: Are you the brownpill guy?
I find both of you funny, and I'd laugh my ass off if it was the same person.
I commend your efforts, futile as they might be. Unparalleled autism like that is truly a majestic sight.

fuck you kikes shilling up the board. go back to reddit, tumblr, or faggot-town where you came from.

McCabe out, heads are already starting to roll. I'd blow a load in my shorts, if the Don reads that shit tonight at the SOTU

No punishment.

^ days are fucked up. thanks for catch user

I'll have blue balls till the hanging schedule is announced, but yeah, fuck newfags that don't lurk.

Finn here. When is the State of the Union supposed to happen? Can't find shit on Google.

9PM est 1/30/2018


fuck off this is Holla Forums you stupid burger








Yeah you lied fucker>>11202945

It the counter memo you stupid nigger. I think theyre releasing the real one.

DOJ and FBI under investigation, I think they said they will release it!

its out, and they stopped the dems from releasing a counter-memo
it will be released in 5 days unless trump explicitly says no to the memo

he just got tricked by schiff's high verbal IQ. are you seeing this "unvetted and irresponsible majority memo" vs. the "democrat principled accurate, and responsibly released memo that the republicans are literally trying to shoah right now."

the counter memo was written by fucking schiff

So whats going on? Is the memeo getting released then?

We will be able to ski down the salt slopes this will create.

Damage limitation.
We know they will try to swing this as a "Repub memo".

they definitely already did when i watched their press release a little while ago

and according to this guy, there was damn good reason for doing so.

like pottery user. Pottery.

Would be nice if such easy evidence existed but that document is not only in the wrong format but the DOJ doesn't use Investigation codes like "Investigation 1 of 22" but rather long alphanumeric id codes which can be used to identify the entire casegroup.

Decent enough for shilling normies but it's better to bomb them with the truth. Any lies will only undermine our ability to convince the normies in the future.


checking in to check out the future of his meme character
schiffhead confirmed

Ain't got photoshop at my work PC or I'd do it, but someone run this through it and use the blur tool to mix the borders of his face with the background turd.