I found an infograph in another thread here and wondered how true this is. Looking for sources, I stumbled across these two links


Which took me to this interactive page for looking at how certain demographics responded to certain political questions.!/vizhome/PresidentialPolling-Fall2016/PresidentialPolling2016

As you can see at first glance, we have an advantage among the general population of high school students. Also note that many people in Generation Z are disillusioned and pessimistic about the country and its future. This is good for our cause, since they will be looking to new ideas to believe in.

But that's just the beginning. Use the filters on the left to see even more promising information. Filter it to show only whites. (Pics related). Whites in Generation Z HATE the leftism that's infesting their entire lives.

By the time these white kids get into their early and mid 20's, we're going to see a lot more National Socialists popping up. The numbers don't lie.

A storm is coming. Heil Hitler!

Other urls found in this thread:!oEs1SZyK!tknauOXqiMZp92QHmAA7ZDhW28fYhWGk9dFoviPdO2g

You could have asked there you sliding faggot. get OUT



The next Hitler will be from generation Z

>Mfw remoralization
Interesting times ahead lads.

Keep reading and memeing comrades,the Youth will need leaders soon.

gen z will put us in camps and that's ok


>(((first post)))

Who would've thunk?

We had a thread about this earlier in the week that's still on the catalog. It's not enough that the next generation is going to be redpilled to some extent, it's our job to see what's working and caused that and go even further. Although this is encouraging it's important to realize that this did not happen randomly, and this does not mean our job is over.

One thing us older generations don't realize is how hard the Gen Z kids meme. They literally spout memes at each other in class, and this isn't seen as awkward or losery at all. In fact, you're funny and cool if you are up on the new memes and are meming along without anybody getting it yet. You're ahead of the curve, doing things before they're cool. My friend worked with a bunch of white high school kids the past year and this is what he has to say.

Naturally they will become more right wing as our memes are just better. Not only cause those who have stuff figured out without a brain full of cognitive dissonance flock to our side, but because our ideas are much easier to pack into meme form. Keep making memes that point out obvious truths. Highschool kids that haven't been (((educated))) at a university for four years are seeing them, and they're agreeing with them.

That actually kind of surprises me. My friends, who are voting age, tend to speak disparagingly about Trump whenever he's brought up and I heard in my former high school that many were really shocked by his win. I voted for him btw
Tho a lot of them disliked Hillary. I guess a large chunk of my generation are just secretly harboring pro-Trump sentiment, makes me kind of hopeful that we can undo the damage done by millennials. I should ask more about their personal politics.

It takes jews 50 years to do what we did in 3, and all we did was shitpost.
Tomorrow the World

I think the media and the general populace is fucking retarded in this respect. Nobody but what, 13% or so, of the country identifies as republican. Most have conservative beliefs, they don't identify with it. People are basically looking for a radical leader at this point. Nobody gives a shit about the "rights" shitty party or shitty ideology (conservatism) including most of those people who vote for or supported Trump.

Your basic bitch bill mitchell, alex jones, and mike thernovich types don't get this pushing false memes to their audience of boomers.

Checking these criminally unchecked dubs


Most of the available evidence says that Gen Z are basically moderate republicans. The political scientist that sponsored one of the studies said that they're fiscally more conservative, and more liberal on social issues. Frankly the whole "gen z are based Holla Forumsacks in waiting" is wishful thinking. Every generation has its dissidents and intelligent whites willing to criticize koshercuck orthodoxy, but I don't see any reason to think Gen Z has a greater share of such people.

Conservatism is basically a losing battle, anyway. They're trying to "conserve" a failed ideology, and I think more and more white people are seeing that.

I believe this hypothesis.

No kidding, it's an exercise in holding back the (supposedly) inevitable. It's been defined that way ever since Edmund Burke; conservatives try to hold on to what they have, while progressives literally MAKE PROGRESS in taking their shit and cucking them. Just by adopting the title "conservative" you're tacitly admitting that the other side is correct.

That is a nice quality right there, where do I find the whole thing?

user. Share with us what that amount of pride feels like.

Audacious Epigone did a good analysts of the polling from that beaner foundation.

It is legit stuff. Massive national sample size. This was his extrapolated electoral map of the high schoolers

Absolutely honorary.

That's because we haven't seen the 3rd and final market collapse and following worldwide dollar flooding back to us hyperinflation yet. Just wait. When these kids reach their early 20's and their mothers and sisters are selling themselves to eat to jewish carpetbaggers, we will have our Gen. Zyklon.

The backlash to all the anti white sentiment in the media and all over every university campus is going to create the most nationalistic generation born in decades


Go post demoralization shit somewhere else

Check'ed btw

Just to add that I was a moderate republican/neo-cohen in my teens because I didn't know better. With time you move further to the right as economic and social conditions deteriorate. GenZ is already ours. They just don't know it yet.

Daily reminder there is an active effort to demoralize Holla Forums and the black pill shills always try to shut down or derail discussion on gen z, because they are overwhelmingly right wing.

Hop on the crypto-bandwagon while we can, and watch the jew, and his paper money crumble.

Yep, every person who says Hillary was bad but never explictly says Trump is bad is right leaning but afraid to say so

Being on the left or the right of politics has nothing to do with identity, gender, free speech. This is all cultural and I for one welcome our new Generation Zykon.


The live greedy lives. They will do anything to make a buck. Sure, they'll try to screw over their enemies in the process, but they love money more than they love their fellow vipers.

It's a pattern that's repeated over a hundred times already. The only difference this time is the scale.

Sure but its too big for Holla Forums so I'll give you this mega link. Sorry for the late reply!oEs1SZyK!tknauOXqiMZp92QHmAA7ZDhW28fYhWGk9dFoviPdO2g

tfw, next to kikes, niggresses are the worst shitholers in the world.

And probably "write in" and "choose not to vote" are mostly Bernie bros.

My brother is gen z and I heard him complaining about a nigger on his track team getting the relay team DQed in a race because he threw the baton. When I asked why the nog threw the baton, my brother responded "because he's black and retarded." Made my day.

They teach them to attack whites for being white. It seems a sense of justice is innate.

I think Gen Z is a mixed bag.
It's strange because I hear them talk about things like water fluoridation casually.
I've even heard white genocide tossed around from time to time.
But I'm not sure if they understand the link yet, (((who))) is behind all of this. I suppose time will tell.

Sounds pretty based to me. A move to Libertarianism rather than one of the two wings of kike-authoritarianism is desirable.

Mmm… nah.

The first step is understanding there's a problem. They will find the cause in due time. The patterns will reveal themselves.

Many Holla Forumsacks have been through the libertarian stage of the redpill. They see our corrupt jew-controlled governments and take away that big government is the problem and not the (((people))) in control of them. All it takes is one tiny connection and they're ready to move to the next stage.

This, there are many Holla Forums anons that evolved from their Libertarian leanings.

Can affirm, I was pretty much an anarchist in my teens. More of a frustration at knowing something was wrong, but being unable to put my finger on it.

Have another gen z whitepill.

Same. The moment I started taking Holla Forums seriously it was like a spell had been lifted.

That pic
Zero self awareness

How many of those little pecker heads are lurking around my neighborhood I wonder?

What happens when there is a large number of youth that are radical right and are being denied power at all levels?

What happens when those youth are low time preference and have been forced to teach themselves due to the uselessness of the system?

We all know what happens. It's gonna be great.

I have a lot of faith in the younger generation. I was able to explain to one the other day about why Hitler wasn't bad at all and actually the good guy and he had absolutely no pavlovian knee-jerk reaction. He heard me out and said he'd look more into the jewish question, ww2, etc. Wonderful times are ahead.
end blogpost

Click on that interactive map. Include all races, and set "voting plans" to "Yes." Filter by only men. Then filter by only women. Then you realise that we need to repeat the 19th Amendment ASAP and put all the cunts on leash.


This just happened in Ohio, they had names like Coon and Knee Grow on the back of their basket ball jerseys.


In a few years lads; Gen Z will be here, and the teachers and their parents can't even compete.


Meant for:

Polite sage for doublepost


You know what's funny? Not even blacks want them. Blacks specifically want the whitest woman they can get, even when they're obese/ugly.

That's good news. But the battle isn't won yet. One generation is still a minority of voters. We need to keep converting them year after year. In a world that is increasingly hostile and censorious in reaction to this.

If we're to live in a civilized world with any amount of order in it, eventually low IQ and aggression will be bred out systematically (Both linked to melanin). The people in that picture if they breed will be 50% black and white. Possibly also with health conditions due to the women blacks get are usually of the lower quality. That aside, the resulting mulatto will always instinctively seek out to reproduce with better specimens with lower levels a melanin. If successful, their offspring will be 75% white and 25% black… Given the choice, I suspect most blacks would choose to have a genomic race-change to become white or asian to 1: benefit their offspring's prospects 2: to have offspring that are easier to raise and less likely to engage in degenerate behavior.

I don't think you understand conservatism. Conservatism isn't by necessity an ideology, it's inherently linked to a certain way of thinking. There are neuro-structural differences between conservatives and liberals and it has to do with r/k strategies that have evolved in humanity. In a nutshell it's the difference between missing lunch and becoming lunch.

As mentioned, you're right, most right-leaning people don't care about ideology, they care about results. Actually I could agree with you depending on what your definitions are. I think you should read a little more about neo-reaction, the dark enlightenment, and organicism. Conservative thinking has continued to have a very diversified evolution over the years. Why do you think the whole "alt-right" started? It's people with innate conservative instincts that were fed up with it's then current state of the forms it had taken.

Here's from Brett recently:

"The Right has, for years, gone along with this plan because since the French Revolution, there has been nothing “hip” or “new” about conservatism, which at its heart states that we need the traditional order of the ancients: strong culture, a society of honor, monarchism, hierarchy, a pervasive faith, and a dedication toward the transcendentals such as “the good, the beautiful, and the true."

Even nihilists, who don't "believe" anything, are prone to accept these things. The acceptance comes because they're simply more preferable. People want to live in a healthy civilization. They aren't just going to "go out of style" anytime soon shlomo. Good luck reinventing nature, I know you're all hard at work at it though. Not even synthetic biology or transhumanism is going to subvert the natural inclination towards certain principles such as order or the propensity to seek out excellence. Go ahead and hard-wire us all into degenerates, tell me how all that turns out. I'm sure that in itself would be entertaining, but eventually things sort themselves out one way or another.

Goodest of goyim

I really want to believe that one is true.

53% of "Asian boys" are happas who don't know they're not white.

I maintain that Gamergate was the single most significant redpilling event of this generation.

1. Holy shit, you fucking newfag, read a goddamn book. This one, specifically. Just pirate it: the PDF should be somewhere on >>>/pdf/ or >>>/pdfs/
2. These physical and chemical diffrences are medically proven. Lurk fucking more.

yeah but I moved leftward af economically. got more reactionary on a social level though and it keeps getting worse.

Cleaned up version of Earthchan Nothing Beyond Reach here:

I mean
I'm sorry. I should not be trying to use 8ch on an 800mhz computer.

i've been here since dorner at 13. we will fix the future, user.


There's no fooling you kids.

Not really, no:

Yes. Let's not forget how we all got here. I was going about my business, working, playing an occasional game. Gamergate happened. Mass censorship across what I had assumed was a free internet that put free speech first. Come on, even 4chan buckled and cucked out. Then listening to NPR (I was such a faggot) and hearing them misrepresent and outright lie about it. With such a fucking smug, punchable framing of the event. I remember thinking, "what the fuck is going on? If they lie about this what else do they lie about." … and down the rabbit hole I went.

It's a good template. Find clear evidence of the manipulation and lies that you can present impartially and gently to a bluepilled faggot. Get them asking questions. Nignogs kneeling at the football games is another good example.


to them it's literally an honor to have a white girlfriend.

Even black women try to look more white by lightening their skin, straightening their hair, and so on.

Can confirm. memeing is a staple of gen z

Checked, Kek'd and Samsies.

Gen Z has even picked up Eurobeat, at least here. Mr. Rodgers's Neighborhood.

Seems nice. Although we need them to go full Race realism. It will come soon though, I think.

I remember you from the last Gen Z thread! Glad you're still here, bro


Shotgun posting some of my old memes for the Zs in this thread

You do realise the government will probably criminalise crypto/attack the infrastructure etc?

The US has deposed governments over threats to the dollar, you think they're just going to sit back and let crypto fuck things up?

Here's some Ajit Pai.

Knee Grow. In case anyone you know still likes football.

Here are some vector ready versions of Holla Forums graphics in case you guys want to make stickers or patches or something.

That poor raifu, so much disrespect going on in that picture.


Here's one for that bastard Snoop Dogg. In case any of your friends still listen to rap.

And here's the other one which simply swaps the places of Trump and that savage who ripped off Ice Cube trying to be all topical and shit.

It's weird, but decades of self hatred, blubber and failure just melted away, the moment I became alt-right.

Trump's administration brought chocolate milk back to schools, so you at least have something to wash those unpalatable meals down. Instead of undrinkable skim milk, which was a brilliant idea from the kid-hating Michelle Obama.

Most Gen Z like Klingons and Terran Empire more the faggoty federation in discovery =
Is this a good sigh or bad? Mind you Holla Forums Klingons were reimagined to be Donald trump supporters in STD.

Alt-right? Remember that many of the entities using that name are subversives. Avoid TRS and Spencer in particular because Charlottesville proved that they have no problem leading their men into a massacre.

Give them Macross, which is like Star Trek but way better.

It’s not just the Klingons and Terran republic. It’s the first order to. It’s the only thing young kids like about the sequel trilogy. The left propaganda is backfiring by making fascism look cool and fun. It starship troopers all over again.

Mussolini had swag.


Yeah, just avoid self-identifying with that gay ass label altogether.

I know a kid who actually said Trump is going to build the wall. And he was excited by the idea of it. As soon as both of his parents heard that they attacked him with questions, "well what good will that do?" "Do you really mean that?"

Basically they pressured him into retracting his statement, but I could tell he did not actually believe them. This kid is like 7 years old. It blew my mind.

Aye! the shitskin aim to be white,but dey not know dey whey. Dey aim to imitate da wey, but they not know.
The way is white

One good way to do just that is to show that their fringe ideas have an actual huge following. Remember that most people of conservative ideals feel out of place in this society because the (((media))) tells them they're alone and a minority in a sea of degeneracy, whereas we fully know that there's plenty of us all around the globe, isolated. Use shoops or photos with captions of the actual (or inflated) numbers of the supporters of various conservative ideas and see them suddenly back in action.

A lot of white kids have retreated to internet gaming as their parents wrap them in cotton wool and the kids are told white people are to blame for everything at school. These online games give these kids a place to release their frustrations and offer ample opportunities for indoctrination.

Do you remember JAG? I wonder if kids these days have the attention span to watch it all. I used to just watch it for the sake of seeing a fighter jet here and there. I think if I'd have to look at it now, it'd probably just depress me since the law worked back in those days.

I'd agree to this, that's what I've been doing though, some pro-Trump attitudes leak in once in a while when I argue since the election. I know some who are entirely brainwashed by the left but there are a lot of the ones I know criticize Trump but then praise some other aspects of him or what he's done. We'd also just sit around joke about Hillary, the news and the left overall and were laughing about Oprah's possible run for President, we thought of her as being "self-absorbed." I'd say we're mostly scared of being singled out by the Millennials but it's gonna be our time in a few years to flourish and I'm very hopeful for a counterculture, something like what happened in the 60s but right-leaning.

Kek, this is true. Do you have the image where fruitcake Spencer openly states that his Alt-Right logo is based off the Depeche Mode logo? That would go well here.

user, when they are ready, voting will not be needed any more.

If you belive in Hitler, you are a National Socialist. Stop identifying with the ecelebs and the Jewish rats who call themselves, "-alt-right".

who is speaking in the Not Laughing clip?

Why the fuck are the uruk hai in star trek?

What are you doing, user?

……exactly what are they using to "bleach" their skin?

It's highly possible that in New York, either NYC was too big to worry about for this, inner city NY children can't read, or left leaning students were skipping on the day that this questionnaire was handed out. Any are plausible, but the point of this post is that I highly doubt NY would ever flip.

That's all well and good, but a beard is more becoming of a man. Just don't trim it like a hipster soyboy.

Beards are fine too, honestly. Just don't cover yourself in tattoos like a nigger/spic gangbanger.

What are they trying to say with that pic? That the 20th percentile of blacks is the same as the mean of whites? That isn't something to brag about and sounds like something a racist would bring up…



Too late

I was with my 16 year old sister one time, and we were bored. I said, "Let's watch something fun"
She replied, "Jews being gassed?"
I said "Sure, but I've never found any videos, not even a picture"
She paused a moment, and then said "Woah!? Really? Maybe it's all a lie"

feels good man, he's already a massive shitposters, he annoys my uncle by playing Horst Wessel Lied on repeat. Gen Z is gonna be fucking lit.

This is what needs to be shown to all the faggots who are okay with millions of white babies getting aborted by their anti-white marxist parents.

Now look at it by race. Not good.

The issue is that "all races are equal" propaganda starts in preschool, and anti-white propaganda happens as early as the second grade. How do we get memes to them before they start school?

Nobody implied the other races wouldn't vote in their own interests… The point of the thread is that Gen Z are the first generation of whites in 70 years to actually care about their own interest.

Why is it not in the interests of Asians and Indians to vote for Trump? They're high IQ and don't need gibs.

You just made my week lad.
I'm gonna go out and conquer now.

nigger Gen Z here, I just wanted to say thanks to Holla Forums for helping me connect the dots between the Jews. I was "redpilled" back at 2012(by finding subliminal messages in movies and music and All Wars are Bankers' Wars with help from my dad), and respect Hitler even more since I learned about him in my History class. Also, I attempt to redpill the school through Newspaper. I'm thinking about writing an article on RFID chips and the idea of convince > humanity.

sage for blogposting

Well, I did find this. Depeche Mode called him a cunt, too. Not that they're any less gay than Spencer.
For comparison, Marco Ceramicola never called us cunts. Holla Forums is cooler than the alt-right, and our electronic music sure as shit has a lot more pep to it.

Because they have their own countries and race to be loyal to

do it, do all of it


Gamergate was perfectly timed too, that just when it would of died Trump declared and momentum shifted
Too bad we couldn't shift the momementum after Trump won into something substantial

Redpill as many white people as you can, Holla Forums. Even if you are only able to turn one person in your entire life, that one person might turn 500, or 50, or 5,000 - they might be the next Hitler. Never be afraid to make a change simply because it is a small change. Never hesitate to strike a blow simply because it is a small blow.

Sieg Heil.

The Spaghetti Wizard Marco basically took the Shadilay thing and ran with it.

You underestimate the impact of Trump.

Yes, Trump is a civnat. But - every time a liberal flips their shit and cries about what an ebil nazi is, their child believes them. It never occurs to children not to. The child then thinks "If they're so mean, why aren't they being stopped? Maybe they're not so mean after all. Or maybe my parents are wrong."

This is obviously very much in our favor.

All you're saying is that liberals are ignorant of political ideology

I still want one of those Magic Frog coffee mugs.

I really want to believe but

I really want to believe but

Embed related; I guess this has come up as a complaint among commies again recently this guy is my favorite dumb leftist, btw.

Couldn't watch enough of the other vid to know if it was in the same vein as the vox vid referenced here, listening to it made my head hurt. Of course, the typical lugenpresse video/article, utterly lacking in creativity when searching for a cultural topic to screech about, tends to follow lemming-like with whatever is being pushed out. Soon we'll see movies about this topic.

I seriously wonder what keeps this and transgenderism separated in their minds.


good news op, that means we have more bitcoin donations for the one true movement to look forward to

Exactly. Kike shills must be too new to remember dank Doompauls and how they defined proto-Holla Forums.

Asia is a land of chaos.

my sister is 13 and has 5 – count them, FIVE transgender friends

a lot of american WOMEN who want to seem intelligent and morally superior use british english spellings of words to signal their superiority (colour, favourite, etc)

it's not an immediate redflag. checking the account history would give you a better idea for it.

You are a terrible brother.

25 now, you're here forever

its colour not color

They will have seen Trump lose to a female monkey, hundreds of chimpouts, their parents become junkies after another market correction wipes out their college/retirement savings, China announce Israel is their greatest ally, what it's like to flip hundreds of burgers per day for $50 after taxes and the inside of a jail cell with dreamers jamal, juan, and ahmed.

Fug, and this is on top of the fact that people get more conservative as they get older.
Although I am skeptical, due to the biased source. They could be trying to fear-monger or something.

Also the asian voting is quite strange. With every other group, the boys are ~15% more pro-Trump than the girls. But with Asians, look at that MASSIVE discrepancy between the boys and girls.

Could be a symptom of that r/asianmasculinity shit where there's apparently a massive rift between the male and female gooks. IDK.

feels goodman. I'm 25, but I started browsing Holla Forums back in 2006, so it's like I was "ahead of the curve" and share more in common with the younger generation in terms of spending my formative years shitposting on places on the internet with absolute free speech, lots of taboo-breaking, inflammatory troll humor, etc. Breaking down those barriers and taboos that prevented previous generations from seeing the truth.

I believe the correct approach is to have a kempt look, regardless of length. The volume has to be cared for and properly groomed or else it looks bad.

As far as military application grows, moustaches and general facial hair are typically reserved for officers and a clean shaven look is befitting of noncoms and lower ranking personnel.

one of the best memes for this is pic related

living my best life

Bump this thread right to the first page

And they will never know why they keep losing

That's because the yids weren't like this just a few years ago either. The mask came off about 2012, this is your reaction. Enjoy.

Leafs use British spelling too.

It's was God's will. Many Toronto and Bay Area people familiar with both Valkenburger personally and how to cut through and neutralize media.


It does reveal their hand quite a bit. That little Freudian slip essentially reveals that she knows what the kids are saying are true, or true in part, but you have to suppress those beliefs if you want to not face social consequences for espousing them. Another case in point of how the left doesn't care for truth, but conformity along with the rest of the flow.

I'm from the future.

Wake up before you can't.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

You seem like an upstanding young man. We'll kill you first so you don't have to witness the suffering of your family.

Something has to be done about white females, not as a whole per se, of course, but in general. This shit is fucking unacceptable. No doubt the school staff is populated by these busybody airheads as well.

Oh yeah, there was another one that was unfortunately fake. It had the "blond women in wheat fields" folder mentioned, if anyone has it.

Maybe if you didn't try and raise your son to be a tranny he wouldn't have gone 1488 on your stupid fat ass.

Don't give up now Chaim
the more you struggle
the better it feels

Expect the (((media))) to try pushing (((mental illness))) more:

Fun camps, like Shillary proposed.

… there are teachers here, my friend…

That's a good idea for an article user. God bless your journey.

I had a very similar experience when I asked a boy why did Hitler hate the jews, he had no idea so I explained to him about the Wiemar Republic and all of the bad shit they did. It really changed his mind


Probably not a coincidence that asian men in gen Z would have voted Trump.

Holy fucking shit I can't believe how awesome that uniform shirt is.


Congrats. Your math skills demonstrate that you're not black. Your conditioning indicates that you aren't Asian. Your inability to see the genius of this meme indicates that you are a recent arrival here.

Welcome to /pol, brainwashed white person. Lurk a couple more years more before posting again. Alternately, Reddit is three doors down on the left, just past TRS & 4chan.

Baby foreskins.

Rfid chips allow you to be tracked everywhere, and allow you to be singled out for mental illness and disease at whim. Also attacks and orders, see vid for implications

Haha, nice. I've been here since 2016, when Trump won. I'm Russian (currently 17), and when he won EVERYONE was screaming, they had to stop the lessons and hold an assembly, saying that Trump was racist. Literally no one bought their shit. Everyone is my class is racist or sexist in some way, and a 30% of the class browses this very board. Some other 40% browse the Russian equivalent. Everyone in the younger classes is retarded and we sometimes show them dank memes from here. I am currently trying to help as much as I can, translating threads and reposting them for all to see. Seriously, we got your back. That's why the SJW's are scared of us, because we fucking hate them.

nu trek a shit.
the movies and STD.

macross is kinda of different from star trek though. its more a space opera (id liken it to a better version of star wars, with more "horrors of war" and duality of civvie/military life lessons in it, and less generic hero-story) than it is an episodic series about exploration. although there is the whole first arc where they are returning to earth from the outer rim.

you know out of all the space shows/series, this is the one ive somehow missed. should i read the book first or can i just watch the show? if its as good as people say it is, id hate to ruin it for myself if the show sucks

sage for unrelated

yes they fucking do. thats EXACTLY what 13 year olds do. they find something that will piss people off and then they do it. i used to say nigger more often when i was that age than i do now.

fucking retarded helicopter parents. if you tell a kid not to do something, he will do it.

What would that be?

Read the Starship Troopers book - the movie is alright but the director, being a degenerate liberal, tries to take the piss out of duty and courage by making it look like dumb rah rah shit. The book isn't too long and the philosophy is in easy chunks.

My school has a holohoax studies class. I didn't even find out until today.

Saved and improved. Kek.

Mirin', my district cut 60% of those classes to buy more useless niggertech and pay the dindu teachers more, naturally we have a holohoax class as well.

I suggest ready the book first. The movie is pretty different but still good nonetheless. The special effects are very good for the time

Wish my school had so many language classes. All we had was spic

>Meanwhile red/blackpilled teacher hates teaching History thats been (((omitted))) finally catches a break and is enjoying the shitshow in the classroom

I can dream right

We never asked for this.

The Media attacked first.
Long before Gamergate began, they slandered gaming, devs, gamers, as sexists, racists, bigots.
To keep us in line.
Keep us shut out while they promoted publishers shitty games, took bribes, and traded sex for favors.
It was one small corner, a little vertical slice of the same corrupt hierarchy of the global establishment that the Media helps to support.
Then there was one little scandal. One thread in the rotting mould.
A few fed up Gamers started to pull.

And the Media went ALL IN to protect it.

They lied. They censored. They declared gamers dead.
They called in the MSM for a six month long worldwide propaganda-op.
CNN. NYT. Colbert. The fucking UN. ISIS beheadings got less coverage.
And everybody saw everything.
It was all out in the open. World's first live streamed scandal.
You just had to click the links, read the tweets, watch the videos.
You could sit at your desk and prove the entire global media machine was 100% proof positive full of shit.
If you were a gamer, you had to.

No gamer will buy the hysteria. They've seen it all before. They know the score.
The louder the media roared, the harder we dug in.
We proved those bastards wrong. We exposed all the lies, the shilling, the networks, the tactics.
The MSM was already losing credibility.
But by fucking with video games, they've created a corps of informed, expierienced, pissed-off resistance at the very heart of the web.
Now every devious trick the MSM tries – anywhere – a dozen cadres of GG vets can call it out from ten miles off.
Their propaganda is failing, their influence is fading, their narratives are falling to pieces.
And they have no-one to blame but themselves.

You try to turn the Internet against video games, the Internet's gonna turn back on YOU.

It's been more than 3 years since GamerGate. We've made it a long way, haven't we?


2ch but .hk

Oh yeah, I checked that site, but it seemed very focused on regional politics, but I might be wrong since I can't speak jack shit of russian, lol

Good, positive memes will forever destroy any blackpill and degenerate faggot tier shit that gets pushed by the left.

Yeah we aren't a fascist collective, I keep hearing we're "more conservative" but I can't compare it to much else than Millenials and Baby Boomers. Being "more conservative" than them isn't saying much and the education system still indoctrinates with marxist shit and does a hell of a lot of damage. That said people I knew growing up were pretty open to discussion about conspiracy theory stuff, 9/11 made the rounds back in the day and I've gotten the ball rolling on Jews far easier than I would have thought. There's been some weird occasions though because it's a shift to conservatism in a generation that's fairly diverse. For instance I casually mentioned the transfer agreement to an asian guy I know and in a year and a half he's openly denying the holocaust and no one has a big issue with this, he didn't get ostracised or anything of the sort. They aren't following his example (yet) but they don't particularly care if he denies it because at a base level I don't think anyone from my generation gives a shit about the holocaust at all. This conversation came up in the presence of a part-jew and he apparently had no idea what the holocaust was. I have trouble believing that, his mates didn't believe him either because apparently he's made jokes about it and shared memes about it before but he insisted that he didn't know what it was. It's been really weird growing up with these people.

Hitler wouldn't have personally allowed women into military positions, let alone be officers. Why do you like to post unrepresentative pictures?


We're not going anywhere.

I am proof of this.

The younger nonwhite guys are weird. Mainly the non-african, non-jewish mixed ones and east asians. They can be surprisingly easy to get along with on these issues. Latent tribal loyalties are still dangerous, but I dunno. It's like they can also sense that something is badly fucked up with this social order.

Muh nigga. That image just hits me in the feels. All they need is to see the jew.

It was significant I was redpilled before gamergate, but when that shitstorm hit it finally hit the subculture that I was apart of, massive as fuck, had been abused before since Clinton, Liberman, and Thompson in the 90's with Mortal Kombat II in arcades.

They fucked with us before, but we were too young to vote in the 90's. We suspected we were targeted because corporate TV hated games and gamers for fucking years and all we did was defend defend defend.

When gamergate hit, we mobilized in a way that surprised even me how much political clout gamers had. I even think gamers finally had revenge on Hillary after her striking first blood. In a way, that zog quin, sharkeesian's hitting the hive helped give Trump the election. It coming from 4chan which even once Colbert commented was as retarded as hitting a bee hive with a stick was icing on the cake.

They fucked with us for way to long, and we rose and stood up, and we pushed back. They seemed strong till we showed them what happens when you fuck with us. Now even the US military has rose up and started kicking all sorts of deep state ass.

All because a bunch of whores from clinton to quinn kept fucking with the sleeping giant.

No need to simply talk about Gen-Z visiting Holla Forums, some of us are already here

I'm 16 and have been lurking here for about two years now. I can somewhat confirm what people are saying about us. It's kind of hard to get a very good estimate at percentages for my specific situation (high school in a fairly rich neighborhood in Canada filled with Chinks, Arabs, and their ilk), but i can tell you that the majority of whites at my school are most likely either right wing or right leaning. As of yet, I haven't run into any other full fledged National Socialists (as far as i know anyways), but there are a few good people who have somewhat of a grasp on the (((problem))).

The other thing i can confirm is the thing about us making jokes about kikes. They don't seem to be in that same sort of protected (((bubble))) that they seem to be with millenials and boomers and their ilk, and we constantly crack jokes about them. If National Socialism is going to gain widespread traction with any (living) generation, it will be us (Gen-Z)

I apologize for this post sounding robotic or whatnot, this is my first time making a proper post on Holla Forums as a whole. I've only been lurking these past two or so years and i want to contribute to investigation, discussion and our movement as a whole as much as i can.
P.S, sorry for the blogpost.


learn history before you meme


Is that they support the most:




Definitely the book. While the movie is still really enjoyable, it tries to make fun of the book's military and nationalistic themes, among others.. The director hated the source material and said it was fascist as does pretty much anyone to the left does, so that's a good enough sign that its a worthwhile read with important themes.

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

Number one: In 1945 corporations paid 50 percent of Federal taxes. Now they pay about 5 percent. Number two: In 1900 90 percent of Americans were self-employed; now it's about two percent.

Starship Toroopers was a book that gave me religion. Read the expository monologues by History and Moral Philosophy teachers in the book for an idealized fascist ideology.

The story is that Robert Heinlein wrote Stranger In a Strange Land for cash, and then he was annoyed when a bunch of fucking hippies started showing up at his house to meditate and shit. To make them go away, Heinlein wrote the most right-wing book he was capable of, and then he dedicated it to America's drill sergeants, kek.

In 1900, 90 percent of those "self-employed" Americans were family farmers who lived in the grip of the (((money lender))) and the (((railroad trust))). It was not a better life than being a modern customer service rep.


Every study ever done.


You can control the truth so much. The jews know this and thus want to erase everything and spin it their way.

Same. Holla Forums really helped me to get my shit together again and start giving a fuck again. Also helped me to pull through school and all the bullshit that was being thrown around and stand up when I needed to even when treats where being thrown around. Even in the darkest hours you faggots cheered me up one way and another, I don't care about what the eternal kikery and their normalfags say about the chans in general. To me Holla Forums is the harsh truth and care and I'm glad another generation sees it as such.

Before Gamergate I was where Sargon is now.


Back when bronies made their debut, I sorta began to open my eyes to sick fuckery. Then came cultural marxism in 2012, of which we now know as 'social justice' and I was desperate for a solution to cleanse them once and for all. The moment gamergate struck, I was relieved to see that there finally was an organized resistance against the bolshevik in sheep's clothing.

Gamergate was a blessing, but damn those faggots for driving it into "Muh PR".

Everything after that was rather quick and gradual—I never expected to learn that jews were behind communism of all things, nor did I ever believe that they behaved like a race. All bets were off when Trump started running for presidency, though.

Did he really?

The current state of affairs is the culmination of so much stuff.

The creation and subsequent destruction of /new/
The creation of Holla Forums after /new/s teachings spread across the boards.
Moots never ending hatred of Holla Forums
The raids
Internet hate machine
Project Chanology

And so on all the way up to Gamergate.
I think what Gamergate did was help our message spread. It forced a lot of people to come here.

from my copy

Holla Forums really is a unique place on the internet—no other place has brought me to self-repair so efficiently and so fast other than now. I've actually began to drop more and more junk food and sought out more physical exercise as a result of /fit/ memes and self help threads on here. It also sorta helped me get back into drawfagging a bit more.

That's some true dedication right there.

Not midwest, but my mom was a history major and my dad was into all of that medieval fantasy shit by, so we had a lot of Brit writings in the house and used a lot of Brit spellings. I have to imagine it's more common than you think.

I still use grey instinctively unless auto-correct says not to.

Jews behave like a race because they are one, all to their own. Every so often they subvert money and marry into a rich goy family, same story all through middle ages europe, thats how we end up with all these "my fellow white people" kikes.

Hell why do you think zuckerberg married that chink? We also see in hollywood the mulatto jews. And to these rats being a jew come first always, unless youre black and a jew then they disown you which is hipocritical but to jews thats not a concern as their race mixed brethren beat the white man for them.

Bless these dubs. Thank you my Führer, one day well get them back for you.

I said that I never expected to learn that they essentially are one after gamergate, but I'm glad you recapped it.

They also have to marry out beause their blood is cursed. Read: genes are fucked to high hell due to inbreeding. If they dont get goy blood every so often into the system, the genetic dieseases will kill them off.

It's not a conspiracy. The younger generation is organically attracted to what's subversive. Jewish subversion became so dominant and ingrained that it's now subversive to subvert Jewish subversion.
A generation ago we would have been satanists and metalheads. Now, we're National Socialists because Satanism is just another 'new age' religion and people treat saying nigger like you've blasphemed God.

GG was a huge stepping stone to connecting the dots for tons of people back to kikes and NS. It was inevitable when they saw kikes kiking it up six gorillion percent. I hadn't been NS for that long when GG happened, but I did what I could to help it along. Thanks to the oldfags and the oldoldfags, we got a lot of great shit done (I know there's probably some originalfags still around. Good job, you niggerfaggots.).

Same, except 24. I left 4chan during the boxxy wars cuz it went to shit. I went back after that kid posted on /r9k/ before shooting up his school in Oregon.
Then I found out about GG and kept asking "Where does all this SJW bullshit come from"

Then I learned about cultural marxism, and the JQ. Within 2 weeks I was watching TGSNT, then hellstorm.

You are 100% right.
NYC is a foreign city. There are just a few pockets of White people, and most of them are commies.

Exactly, ashkenazis kikes are full of genetic diseases, a good example is that Ozzy Osbourne son (his wife is a kikess) diagnosed with MS, a typical kike disease,


Crap. Now I'm hungry.

< browser history
Yeah, it's time we taught them about "private browsing"

Count me in too. And to think I shilled for that masonic republican-libertarian presidential candidate knowing something was wrong with open borders and all the feminist cunts, emasculated soyboys, shitskins and even a jew or two* I hob-knobbed with during the process. Makes me shudder now.

Live and learn is a pain that can only be healed by helping raise the Fourth Reich. Hail GenZ!


Kids reaching their teens always kick against the establishment. Unlike even us, who had our childhood or even teens in the Bush years, they see SJW's as "the establishment", and are thus encouraged to dig deeper and find out who is behind it all. Of course, our memes help them along, and every time somebody powerful and middle-aged kvetches against it, that only makes those memes even cooler and more attractive.

I can confirm. I'm 19. Tho not American but European. However, many of our youth become far-left as much as we become far-right.
Still, they don't stand chance.Our young commies are weak special snowflakes, they'll be crushed.

A due punishment from God, indeed. The Christkillers are doomed, most of them won't even repent.
Unfortunately, we could said the same of us westerners. Many of our peoples are deceived so much, He must be filled with utmost anger. And rightly so.

I'm not going to say my age but, one of my teachers actively talks about how its great that the US is going to be a "minority-majority" nation by 2050. It fucking sucks that you can't say shit about it despite every single piece of evidence supporting that it would destroy us. but whatever i can't say anything or I risk failing the class I just hope my generation helps turn this cluster fuck around because i'm fucking tired of keeping my mouth shut.

Been there done that. It's mostly larp and misunderstood nationalism unless you are talking about the SJW type of far-left.

I'm talking about actual antifas/commies, but most of them are SJW cringe tier.
The latter won't oppose the slightest resistance, they're weak in spirit, motive and body.
Pure concentrate of soy, I see many of them everyday at college.

You would love Zimbabwe, which is what happens to libertarians who dont unite and remove the problem. You and your family get raped on your land, and then your neighbors, and then your neighbors neighbors, all by the same gang of 10 niggers. You lose.

To be fair Rhodesia was a global pariah denied by everyone from America to the Soviet Union and they still formed militias.

you'll be able to speak up and still appear hiveminded while dispensing subtle redpills and exposing teacher's bullshit to the class.

Oh no i still speak up and drop very very subtle redpills but its dangerous business because the teacher actually starts to fucking fidget and twitch when you say something contradictary to what she believes in