YouTube just wiped subscription feed listings for anyone that doesn't meet their new monetization requirements.


Example A (without Mark Dice and PewDiePie who do meet the threshold)
Example B (WITH Mark Dice and PewDiePie who do meet the threshold)
Threshold is 1000 subscriptions or 4000 hours.
This affects every video listing in subscription feeds for smaller channels anytime before three hours ago. Tested and confirmed.

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what is this? what's wiped here?
does this mean if a channel doesn't meet the threshold then nobody can see who they subscribe to? or does this mean if you have a kiketube account, new videos from feeds that don't meet the threshold will not show up in your subscriptions?

i don't don't have a kiketube account

I was wondering why half my subscriptions disappeared, they disabled notifications too.

Any smaller channel that posted a video before three hours ago won't have their videos show up in anyone's subscription feed.

Threshold is 1000 subscriptions or 4000 hours, in line with the new monetization requirements.

Doens't seem to be permanent delisting, since videos posted by smaller channels after three hours ago do show up in the feed. Just not the ones posted before three hours ago.

To clarify, 400 hours as in total viewer watch time for the channel. Forgot to specify.

that's more significant than the demonitization i think. that's going to trigger people even harder. now even if a lemming subscribes to your shit channel they won't see when you post anything new, which makes it harder to get additional views, unless the lemming actually actively searches for your channel. for these idiots that subscribe to 500 channels, they will never actively go to each individual channel and check for new videos.

The only reason I noticed was because I was trying to check a recorded live stream from last night I didn't finish watching and all I saw was infinite Mark Dice and PewDiePie videos for anything beyond three hours ago. Took me a few minutes to poke around to figure out what they did to change the system. That's the best estimation I have so far.

I deleted my subs recently. I knew I didn't like how things were going, but I didn't know why. Doubtless, they were censoring them.


If it's centralized, it's censored.

Once the notification (((bug))) became common knowledge, I did this and I haven't missed a single upload. Still, this is pretty bad, and very clearly part of Google's effort to only allow carefully curated content on the site.

It doesn't seem to matter if you have the bell on or not, and I'm subscribed to 115 channels. Nothing smaller than channels that end up on top trending (the big names that get a lot of ad money already, so YouTube can control them) even show up.

youtube might as well be netflix with shorter videos now.

except netflix has a large amount of okay content and fewer ads.

YouTube is now an Ad feed with videos.





Most of my subscriptions don’t even show up on my front page when they upload a new video. And then the notification in the sidebar doesn’t go away even when you DO go to their page. Kikes don’t give a shit about the functionality of the site.

luckily humble waterfilter salesman is not affected by these issues.

though i don't think he get's advertising revenue from kiketube anymore, he went on for weeks when they booted him off that threatening lawsuits etc. He did one of his 48 hours fundraising shows and never sued google.

Think again. Where the hell is his channel in the search filter?

that's a good point. I saw him pop up when I searched but it was in the middle of the results and probably only because there's a live stream.

i don't know who the fuck this ron gibson guy is. he claims it's an official channel and part of the "Alex Jones' FreeSpeechSystems youtube network"

maybe jones has 30 extra youtube accounts to spam kiketube with.

Ron Gibson is a front-channel for InfoWars/Alex Jones that posts all the daily shows. I'm guessing they used a cut-out in case they start word filtering/shadowbanning Alex's channel.

YouTube is always kiking around with Alex Jones' channel. They bury his official channel way far down on the page, and often pad it with lots of anti-Alex Jones propaganda clips from late night tv shows. Fucking kikes can't help themselves.

when was Holla Forums user base replaced with normalfags?

What is youtube actually?

Scroll down a little bit more and you'll see it.



My Jewtube feed seems normal to me. Maybe they've implemented this shit only in US so far, but not in Europe.

Whilst I do not dispute the relevance of this and believe it thread worthy, I am however at a loss with the fact that so many here have alphabet accounts. Why?

Truly checks out.

Wasn't jewtube exposed for employing leftists and MSM employees to rig the starting page and the scripts? "Project Veritas" has a video on it - twitter-tier levels of kike-fuckery. They also partner up with the "ADL"… We need to solve that "social-media" problem…

Truth checked.

This isn’t about ad revenue from Alphabets perspective, ad revenue was merely the tool utilised to manipulate the product (content makers) into complying with Alphabets grander vision. Profitability has never been a priority for YouTube post acquisition.

Consider the following. The company that pioneered online advertising owns YouTube. It took an Internet of flat fee banner ads and under utilised referral bounties to an Internet where advertisers bid against each other in real time per click, countless clicks per second. It created a market place that generated it at times triple figure earnings for a singe referral. Pinpointed deadly accurate, never before had advertising been so scientific in its approach.

They had a provable and highly profitable advertising infrastructure, with some tweaks it could have been converted over to YouTube. Instead of Coca Cola paying a fraction of a penny to display an advertisement on a niche video businesses in that niche (localised if possible) should have been bidding against each other to display their ads. Such flexibility would have not only allowed for gigantic profits but would have also avoided the add fallout.

Do you honestly think that the world’s largest and smartest player in advertising just fumbled and lost clients like Coca Cola by accident? This was wall all a plan to create the YouTube they wanted. Which was a replacement of legacy media with an unfathomable market share. Profit will be made down the road but the platform must first be optimized.

Thanks styx.

Checking more truth that came in trips



Random Compilations

Unreal Engine 4


Except no, cuz AmazonTube. You can't maintain power without money.




Sub feeds showing only Verified channels isn't anything new; you just have to unsub and resub every channel to get them to show up again. It's a pain in the ass but it happening maybe once a year is the price one pays for using Jewtube.

there's been a ton of competitor site's popping up. nobody uses them.

so you be sayin' you want to watch youtube videos but not on youtube…

amazon is just as bad as google


That's just false. Dailymotion's been around forever like Youtube but calling it a competitor is a fucking joke. Video streaming sites like Metacafe, Vimeo, Veoh, and, to a lesser extent, Twitch hold only a fraction of the "market share" of what YT has. Plus, you know, Google.

Good. At least amazon has provided a useful service to me the past ten years, unlike goulag and faceberg. Here's hoping they pre-empt all the censorship BS and declare that american content will be protected by the first amendment. I'm afraid Amazon will not be the one to make this profitable though, given that google was incapable of doing it. Amazon still isn't making any money.

Because nobody can compete with someone with the kind of marketshare jewtube. It's like walmart, they're more than happy to operate at a loss, not only does this kill any real competition, but it's also an ideological thing. If you want to take them down, you're either going to have a small nitch site, which works for 14/88 stuff but the normal people who want the big shekels will never come there, which means the viewers won't bother going there, so it ends up being like twenty people and the company closes shop.

If you want a serious competitor you'd have to run it like a porn site, with paid subscriptions and regular dividends for contributors, which the core market for this stuff will never accept when they can just sell their data and get it for "free" instead.

Two words: "network effect"
The biggest site derives most of its value from being the biggest, not from any other quality it possesses.

Yeah they will only let you get as popular as they want. They own the delivery system for apps. So you will never see freedom of speechtube on, play, smart tvs, amazon, i-suck or anything like that.
And they can control the price and speed of your bandwidth. Are you a jew doing jew stuff? No, well forget it then.


Steemit and Dtube

Amazon produced the Man in the High Castle.
Even if subversive… it shows a glorious future.

What are you talking about? What's dailymotion, megavideo, vimeo or any other Jewish streaming service?

How to bypass the censor filter on YouTube subscriptions feed:


Example RSS Link:

Multiple RSS Combiner:

There are tons that pop up, have some minor success, and then die like VidMe

There's also BitChute which uses web torrents bitchute.com/

And then there's DTube, as a part of the Steemit blockchain social media d.tube/

You also have:

The problem isn't the lack of options, the problem is the lack of audience reach, which is a paradox. You can't get users to watch without content, and you can't get content without users to watch. Solve this problem and you'll be a billionaire.



Fake news. OP is a faggot.

Whores deserve view loss. All the people losing ad revenue that make real content, and these whores rake in the dough because beta cuck faggots want to hear whispering.

Ron's there to spread the content. The IW crew on their main three show channels will post segments on a topic and the full show, while Ron posts the full shows, full shows in "audio with static image" format, and hourly splits with a comfy outro song. They do have a ton of accounts. One for each of the three shows (Alex, David Knight/Real News, Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone/War Room), a few for former employees/reporters from when they still worked there, some generically named channels for their other reporters that do reports but don't do shows like Jon Bowne. Just generally spreading the content around.

Is YouTube trying to fucking kill their platform? Because they've sure as fuck done a good job at it so far.

Jewgle loses money on it each year. It wouldn't surprise me if it was intentional.

I used VidMe for all of two days, when I found out that I was relegated to their fucking ghetto for not being Youtube famous, and couldn't even upload shit in 480i.

"C.O.G."? What the hell is that supposed to be? What a joke.

You need capital to keep a business going, ads are the only way internet companies offering a free service can survive. Advertisement is jewish in nature. There you go.

COG is a kosher replacement term for ZOG.

bump for exposure

Checked and bumped. We need to get Minds & Gab to allow video uploading.

Then what does the "C" stand for?

Who gives a fuck about yet another jew website?

It's a shame because this says that YouTube doesn't expect us to care about smaller Right leaning channels. They probably expect us to kill our own channels, because a lot of people just use the subscription feed and home page when navigating YouTube these days. I'm personally going to take the time and effort to visit the channels I follow manually - but this is getting fucking ridiculous.


Couldn't they create a model that utilized our processors to solve hashes to make up for the loss in profitability in that model? It would make going to a website that doesn't sell our data pointless, but if crypto doesn't crash and burn it could lay out the foundation for a real YouTube competitor.