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If they reach even a modicum of success, they will sell out, be sued to death or accidented. Jewgle meanwhile doesn't ever have to be profitable. Daily reminder that there is no peaceful solution to the jewish problem.


(((content creators)))
these people are all cancer to begin with.

fuck youtube though, and good, this just alienates even more lemmings from the platform and turns it into even more of a cesspit. it's not like any actual quality content was ever monetized to begin with. all the quality content is continually censored off anyway.

Hmmm… now I wonder…. was the jake logan thing a false flag?

Daily reminder to use ublock origin.
Fuck jewgle

You have to be realistic. There is useful content on youtube, such as learning material on various topics. We really do need to get that sort of creators off the platform and into something different. Lemmings will follow creators.


just made pic related the other day… the fuck…

This shit is more cucked than h ttps://

nobody cares faggot

Works well, never had a problem with it, never had to watch a YouTube ad.

if you don't have this installed then kiketube literally runs 3-5 minute long unskippable ads on before 2 minute long videos. some people actually sit and watch these apparently.

I've been running No Script and Adblock Latitude for ages now. What does Ublock Origin do that these others don't do?


It's much lighter and more efficient. The overhead of scanning pages for blocklist matches is reduced to the point that it saves you more CPU time on not decoding blocked shit than it uses itself. The browser feels noticeably snappier thanks to that.
It also used to catch more ads and trackers than Adblock back when I switched years ago, though I don't know how they compare today.
If you're extra autistic, advanced mode lets you easily override blocking of specific content types on a per-domain basis, making it feasible to use much more aggressive default blocking settings and manually fix up any website that breaks.

pretty sure that just transfers revenue from one set of jews to a different set. Better to just destroy the revenue.

Scared pro-Google Jew detected. Google's paid out billions in ad refunds because of Ad Nauseam. It's an extremely effective tool at poisoning their revenue stream, the best yet.

How are they celebrities when they have less than 1000 subscribers?

OY vey you're bleeding us dry with content NOT created by us!

Pretty sure the clicks get the ad accounts suspended until they can figure out just what the hell is going on and what clicks they are legally required to pay for. Stay mad jew.

All you fags should be running ABP, Ublock, anything really to stop them getting any sort of advertising shekles, and make sure your friends, family do so too.

Ditto, I also use another add on to block pop ups. And my android devices are rooted and have adaway.

Haven't seen enough details to be sold on adnauseam. Only the general claim of it costing jewgle extra shekels. Primary motivator of getting these add ons is cleaning up the browsing experience from all the advert pollution.

A lot of youtubers now use crypto scams to get money, they are exiting the platform

It works. Seriously though, the other ad block services all started to get kikey with allowing ads in, even those NOT allowed.
Personally, I use ublock, noscript, and adblock. I tripple wrap my shit and utilize the hosts file to stop fuckery even further. As soon as one starts getting too kikey that the others don't pick up the slack, it gets bumped for something new someone else made because they were fed up with the bullshit until they get a whif of shekels and the circle of life repeats.

You were warned, but you did not listen to the nerds.

It auto-clicks ads and spoils Google's carefully maintained profile of its users, the true product which it offers to advertisers. Eventually the search history and browsing habits reveal a very unique footprint to Google and it tailors the ads it will sell its real customers, businesses, claiming that they can target these advertisements toward people who will then buy their product.

If you ruin the information which allows them to target these ads, you ruin their whole model and suddenly businesses, who pay PER CLICK, are noticing that each click they are billed for is giving them less revenue.

I have installed it on many people's computers and run it in a VM over a fresh proxy when I go to bed at night with some scripts which click on the most expensive ads, such as class action lawyers, dentists, etc. many of which cost the business hundreds or even $$$THOUSANDS$$$ per click.

Yes some ambulance chasers will pay $4000 per click if it's likely enough to let them at those billions of precious asbestos shekels.

Tfw you’re kvetching so hard about muh nazis that you throw away millions in potential revenue to try and starve them out, only to have them use super chat, t-shirt sales or put 10 second video ads about chairs in and make even more money than before, while using mirrors and other platforms to get out the uncensored content you so desperately wanted to ban. 🤑

They're doing it so they can get rid of all the clickbait garbage channels with no viewer interaction that have flooded the site for years.

Thank heavens these heavily watched videos will remain though.

I look forward to Pewdiepie being demonetized.

Also, has anyone looked into the source/how it runs? All of these adblocker seem to have some way of making money either added on when they catch a whiff of that ad money, or planned from the beginning.

The biggest offender I see shilled all over the internet is Brave. It bills itself as a secure non-Google browser that’s anti-ad, but really they just want to replace all internet ads with “good ads” from their own network.

If and when they have the audacity to try that, some big shit will be going down

Didn’t that happen already?

They've given him shit. He's still up.

Gun channels got hit hard. Some HEMA/swords guys got hit hard too. The autistic mousetrap guy was forced to stop upping kill traps to his main account (he'll eventually get banned - this much is obvious).

the same way anyone in a porn scene is a porn "star."

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

They're cancelling RED?

How many fans do you have waving their arms outside your basement window?

Oyyy veyyyy da advuhtiesuhs!


Relevant Holla Forums thread on the subject here >>>Holla Forums777548 Read it. Also, keep in mind that the maintainer of Palemoon decided to be a fag so to use AdNauseam with PM you have to go to about:config and change a value that checks a blocklist of harmful plugins.


The butthurt hebe still at it?

Solution: Block all of their ads and tip content creators that you like via Brave browser.

Wtf I hate pol now :^)

Does this do anything other than blocking ads? I have it installed but I have no idea what it does.

>yfw (((jewtube))) is starting to feel the effects of that NN repeal some time ago
It's slow and gradual but they WILL get what's coming to them.

it's almost as funny as the time they forced wikileaks, Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack and others to use bitcoin for donations, and accidentally making them millionaires in the process

Kids and boomers are the ones watching the ads. Kids are too young and stupid to know better and boomers minds are so warped by decades of years of jewish TV and media that they liked ads

How is the article real if retards don't read it?

it's like the kikes want to completely destroy the platform.

How would someone with under 1000 subs even make any shekels in the first place?

This is what it's always been about: centralizing the internet. I knew youtube was fucked back when Vevo was first introduced. The sheer concept of a corporation (that does nothing but aggregate mainstream artists) having a fucking youtube channel was completely alien to me at the time. Then when advertising came to be a thing, that to me was the final nail in the coffin. I knew it wouldn't be long before Kikecorps Inc. totally took the platform over.

Burn Baby Burn!

DTUBE and steemit

He's being promoted by YT like crazy user, and the only vid I watched of his was a webm here. Check out the main page while not signed in.

Remember when nobody got paid to make YouTube videos?

Obviously, I take issue with the censorship we have had to deal with from the kikes at Google. But I think it is worth reminding everyone, or pointing out to you genzee fags, that people actually used to make videos on YouTube for fun, like as a hobby.

YouTube was basically a xanga for videos, instead of a blog. Hence the word vlog. This idea that anyone makes money by posting their fucking vlogs is still insane to me.

Everyone was pissed as hell when it leaked around 2008 or 2009ish that some (((select people))) were actually making money off YouTube. Yet now it is completely normalized.

I'm sorry, I still view YouTube as a hobbyist video hosting site, not a fucking employer of video producers. Demonetize everyone. Either people can ebeg (who cares), or they can host their own content and utilize ads or paywalls on their own terms.

You can't put genie back into bottle. if there are millions views, there would be demand for commercializing of these views.

I encountered these for the first time recently. But even then I could skip the ad just by refreshing the browser.

I am still staggered by the amount of ads this thing blocks on jewtube alone. I was watching a couple of hour-long documentaries and the number went up from about 20 to well over 500. And I'm even using it on outdated versions of (((firefox))) to avoid getting all the bullshit of integrated whitelists in adblockers.

dead ceo's and cfo's can't run jewgle

This is what I want, actually. I don't want Google to think I'm a human being.

Small shit channels that cannot reach those metrics do not even make any considerable amount of money anyways. This is the most stupidest whining.

I used it before the last firefox update… you know, the one they just forced on us while they stopped supporting some handy add-ons in the process.

So, I switched to PaleMoon… (interested in IceCat but can't into tarballs real good).
Still able to use NoScript and ABL.
On the non-security front, I even found an old version of DownThemAll that works.

Anyway, no ads on jewtube… at all.
And, using the Anti-Adblock Killer script with Greasemonkey, I don't have to disable ABL anywhere.

Am much happier than I ever was with firefox.

Same. Youtube was never a place where you gained employment as anything other than IT or some other computer job. Youtube was never designed with the thought of paying people for videos. It was just something for people to upload their shitty videos of their kids being kids or highschoolers fighting each other.

Its nice to earn some money for your hobby but people getting paid obscene amounts is just retarded. We already know from previous acts that Youtube wants OUT of paying people money. They dont want to pay people fucking anything. They are constantly pulling shit to tell people. But the other person is right, the genie is out of the bottle now. People are accustomed to getting money for their shit videos. Now I hate using this word but ill say it. Entitlement. Thats what people are accustomed to is getting paid for their videos. When you file your taxes you file it as self employment, not Youtube.

I fucking hate Youtube but I hate people who bitch and cry about their "job". When someone shouts nigger in one of their games while they are recording they will shout things like "You are messing with my job" ect ect. Fuck them for being worthless shits. Youtube is going to kill themselves by taking away the benefit that grew this shitty company into a gigantic behemoth for video sharing. The only thing that would make youtube better is if they take away paying people and let it be about videos made by people who just enjoy making videos. Content will be better as a result. Then they can take people who have popular series and turn it into some side thing like they are doing with youtube red.

But on the flipside, I want it to just die.

I still remember the threads where kikes got assmad of Holla Forums using adnauseam
It's based on ublock origin, so it can stop pubetube adds good.

so is adnauseum still a thing?

Checked. To me the best content was always the shitty things that people put together like the jew-hunting darth vader webms on Holla Forums. YT was a place to dump silly things like that along with the occasional educational video like hellstorm, not a cunt opening boxes or a retard fake-screaming at a video game. It wasn't about getting views or shekels, people did what they did because it was fun or it was something they were passionate about. In the future I'd say it should be taken as a prime example of a cautionary tale, something generally good mutating into a monster that must be destroyed.

Yes as long you don't use shitty browser and disable google related shit

If they rarely make videos or doing it as a hobby and youtube is extra income. Animation channels, up-and-coming content creators and regular joes are the most affected by this change. Youtube has essentially taken the "you" out of youtube because they are doing bandage work to ignore the core problem of their site.

Their lack of communication with their users making secret or grand sweeping changes without their input, the automation of their site that has driven ad companies away because their ads appear on terrorist videos or puts suicide videos as top trending because it came from a certain content creator, and censorship and total video manipulation of those who deserved to be viewed or earn money. People are tired of youtube's fuckups and everyone getting punished for it, except youtube. Whether it's amazon or another company with as big of a pull as youtube, once it launches and has just as good of a user interface and working monetary system, youtube is fucking done. Nobody likes youtube anymore and are looking for any way to end any attachment to them if they can.

Enjoy your data still getting uploaded every 30 minutes.
Ban Jewgle out of your life you fucking faggots

Protip: use the Umatrix extension

There's a good reason for this.

Bot channels.

I'm using an older version of Firefox and all my plugins work fine, but I think I'll eventually have to switch when they'll retroactively force people to follow their idiotic business model.

1. Stop using Chrome, start using firefox forks
2. Stop using Google search, start using ixquick or searx and
2. Use hooktube and use one of these add-ons
3. Stop using Gmail, start using ProtonMail (paid) (don't use
4. Learn to use alternative Android phone firmware
5. Get F-droid, or at the very least, download apks from other places.
6. Stop using Google docs, start using etherpad and clones and and and and and (for the /leftyshills/)

Seems like Pale Moon is just Firefox 27.9
Not sure if there are any other differences.

Anyway, I've gotten a lot of this notification when I've gone looking for add-ons that I used to use.

We should make a shortlist of all the necessary privacy-and-security add-ons for all the major firefox-clones.


You should stop using Firecucks, Mozilla is fully pozzed and donates money to antifa linked companies, they also work with Soros.

Palemoon is a good alternative but requires some effort to set up with addons. If you're looking for FF without the quantum shit and want an easy transition, then try waterfox.

I'd also recommend ditching the web altogether and just using an RSS feed + mpv (which internally uses youtube-dl)

Baby steps, newfag.

They require 4000 hours viewed content because the bandwidth requirements would murder the botnets.

That is really minimalistic.
Quote from installgentoowiki "it was discovered via a Freedom of Information Act request that the seizure of the hard disk was due to an international order from the United States."
a.k.a getting /fucko/'d by multiple countries.

In security it's all or nothing. Whether I get in from the front, the back, or the side, as long as I get in, that's all that matters. Note, I wasn't hyperbolizing either. See Holla Forums with regards to the HDD backdoors + the obvious Intel & AMD backdoors. As for the OS backdoors, well, those should just be obvious from all the telemetry.

Here's what I use/have used that hasn't been mentioned ITT:
Clean Links
HTTPS Everywhere
Self-Destructing Cookies

Happy with PaleMoon so far… did find out that it's maintained by a fucking furry that calls itself Moonchild though.
May give your recommendation a try. Thanks.

Oh, I thought it was or.

That was a couple years ago when it was still operating out of Germany. Now it's running out of Romania.

Meanwhile uBlock Origin exists. best combinated with uMatrix
Please normalfag, lurk some time before posting. And visit >>>Holla Forums occasionally

This doesn't mention the fact that Firefox is also reporting back to the mothership

Palemoon is managed by a furfag that WANTS' to disable use of 'unverified' extensions


Most of his userbase would leave though.

The author went full firecuck and disabled 'unverified' extensions by default

Yes, use uBlock and uMatrix. Block all ads everywhere, and filter the scripts you run like crazy to avoid bullshit marketing services and gay JavaScript hacks.

Well there is >>>/poltech/ but nobody cared. And >>>Holla Forums will delete threads that are tied to Holla Forums.

It's not named jewtube for nothing after all.

Check >>>Holla Forums849131

What kind of autistic fuck posts on Holla Forums and uses, run your own mail server properly or use protonmail or something.

This give me a big ol' boner.


you guys know noscript injects malware right?
this was noted on Holla Forums like half a year ago

Despite how youtube gets worse every other day no one has yet to find a good alternative. I think the jews are aware of this and I also say this because of how haughty they constantly are.

They glow in the dark.

Wasn't it that there was a malware that noscript let through, but umatrix blocked? I.e., it wasn't noscript itself that injected malware, it just didn't actually block the script. (please clarify so that I can know whether or not to remove noscript).

Remove noscript. Use uMatrix.

I use ublock origin on desktop, brave for mobile, coupled with adaway adblocker reborn and youtube adaway with xposed.
Adnauseum appears to have the same lists but lets things through.
Also minminguard for app annoyances, I fight (((ads))) on all fronts.



That doesn't answer my question. I use both.

pretty sure the word was that it was injecting malware by itself

That's a weird thing to do, torfag. You sound like a cianigger. Tor browser's implementation of noscript leaves Appearances > Allow Scripts Globally (dangerous) checked by default last time I checked. Also, link below. You're glowing brighter by the minute.


He's coming for you CIA nigger.

Yeah this. The internet used to be fun around 10 years ago. Now it's all about attention seeking, fame and trying to squeeze money out of people.

Exactly. They've been fucking up the website for quite a while now. Bad decision after bad decision. Google as a company since 2012 has really gone downhill.

How many Shawn Woods fans we got around here? Color me unsurprised that jewtube doesn't like to see drowning rats.

A lot of those promoted content creators is simply LARPing faggots
Looks at 99% of those carpenter / workshop fags, not a dent och scratch in the workbench or tools = prop

Terry Davis is clearly just Daniel Day Lewis playing a character.

Dont support the jews. Upload to www dot freedomsafespace dot com

Biggest thing in this article. You know what they're talking about right? Here they're specifically calling out the demented pedo content that has flooded youtube, and that the kikes seem to be protecting them.

bad name
3 long 5 evry1

I was upset that I didn't get to see that rat get shot in the head with the .22.

Honestly, I wish other video sites could get more popular since I am sick of youtube. But the real problem everyone here forgets, is that even if people moved, no one will switch to the alt site because of the eternal problem and reason why no alt sites for anything ever work: People get too comfy with one site they like, and will almost never leave it because why bother when you have what you need here already? Sure, their favorite content makers may change sites, but within a week by some (((coincidence))), they will either come back because no one followed them there, or some new guy out of nowhere will give them the content they want to watch and they'll just stick around. And even if by some miracle an alt site or two gets massive and competitive for videos, it'll die because of the same reason that youtube was bought out by google years ago (aka certain (((companies))) suing them for all they're worth and decades worth of court fees because MUH IPS or other stupid shit), and it will die off because copyright and IP laws have gone to full shit because Disney fucked everything up forever due to them having an eternal fear of MUH MICKEY MOUSE going into public domain.


defeatism shill

As of today, for me, my subscription feed is a wasteland. I follow a bunch of small channels (firearms, electronics) and a few bigger ones, and only like SIX channels show up now; mostly those with millions of subscribers, with few exceptions. Ross Scott's (Freeman's Mind, Ross' Game Dungeon) videos don't show up for me, but he has been very vocal in criticizing Google, Youtube, EA, and other companies known to engage in fuckery.

Literally who?

Yeah I've just been going down my list of subbed channels once a week since I don't get notifications for like 90% of them anymore. I think the way it works is that it prioritizes users who submit content daily, but as soon as they don't it drops them like a hot rock.

You knows (((who))) that means

PaleMoon is more stable and faster. Less clutter.
Also, less jewed IIRC

A link should be established between leftists who enable muslim rapists in the UK while going after people for "hate speech" and what Jewtube is doing. Its leftists, for pedos, attacking racists to keep their pedo shit going. Anti-racism is pedophilia.

Seems to be the case, as I'm now only getting videos from frequent uploaders, it seems. Basically, people who don't need to work for a living. I also seem to be getting notifications hours after the event, and the notification alerts are always invisible if my monitors were off or in power saving mode when they had come through.

Use Waterfox. Pale Moon still phones home to ANTIFAlla.

YouTube videos will not load with uMatrix, FYI. You can download everything but meh, that's just autism. I like a good balance between user friendly and anti-kike.

pale moon runs on a different engine
i recall it also has a compatibility mode for old plugins unlike firefox quantum

False. You just have to allow media and scripts. After you become familiar with uMatrix, you will know what should remain blocked, by sight.