Liberal Have Their Memo Narrative: IT"S THE RUSSIANS!

Holy shit these "people" need to have their heads examined. I think all that soy rotted their minds.

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They're calling a government document a "conspiracy theory"? Really?

Life must be easy when you can just dismiss any evidence contrary to your position as Russian bots.

What conspiracy are they peddling with the Russians funding GOP through the NRA? Is there any evidence of this?


It's the new racism/patriarchy/priviledge

Well you can't call a document racist.

What did you think would happen? Obviously they're not going to waver in their faith, the only question is what narrative they would cook up. Turns out they're not applying much creativity.

When your definition of being well-informed is scrolling Facebook, we have to be realistic of our expactations for them. We are not exactly dealing with Mensa candidates here.

midnight ausposting right now. could someone explain to me what they think us those diabolical Russians are up to and why?

Yeah, that's total bollocks. If there was any chance the memo was fabricated, democraps would've spoken up by now. Instead, there's radio silence and trying to ignore it.

yes you can

russians ate my homework

winners write history, losers write conspiracy theories

what we do every night
take over the world

Weed, tobacco, soy, alcohol, crappy food, no exercise, daily or more masturbation and poor sleep is the kind of lifestyle these people live. Their brains are mush. Watching them cry in echo chambers is funny at best, but more often it's just painful to the soul. I don't like being reminded of these soulless husks, degenerate, complacent, obedient, thoughtless upvote bots. Their opinions are nothing but salt on the wind.

Half of the shit they are saying has some semblance of credibility if you said it about the Rothschilds and their puppets (dark money, etc.). The real lesson to be learned here is the power of the kike teaching his slaves to blame others for the kike's behavior, because that is what is actually going on here.

I suppose it was inevitable they would get even less in touch with reality, though, considering anyone not a fucking communist is pretty much banned off Twatter and has been for months now. I'm not even sure how someone could be this dumb, but it's the reason for mass graves.

They are absolutely disgusting.

Fuck. Im 4/8 on your list of degenerate activities. I need to sort my shit out

Just remember user, these things are not called degenerate because we're a bunch of pearl-clutching puritans. They're degenerate because they stop you generating things- manifesting what you want in the world. Family, wealth, ideas, results are much easier to generate when you stop being a degenerate. The money you can spend on these things alone is enough to hold you back significantly.

It's a long staircase out of hell. Just take it one step at a time and don't feel too bad for not being at the top yet.

Cheers bud

This. To me it has seemed like they're just trying to copy us because our tactics have dominated social media to such a degree that all they can hope to do is try to give everything a retarded left spin and these people eat it up because they need an narrative that emotionally is less upsetting than ours.

It's important to remember that these true believers zealots are a highly vocal, but actually not that large, fraction of the left. Plenty of left leaning centrists see this for the totally unhinged, reality-denying hysterics that it is. Also the shill's WowItsFuckingNothing.jpg narrative implodes hilariously the second Obongo admin officials start being prosecuted, which seems inevitable now (although many big names will weasel their way out of jail.)

The faggot war mongers show their true colors again!


It's not just their general war-mongering tendencies though. MUH RUSSIA is mostly being driven by ethnic hatred of on the part of kikes whose families were rightfully expelled from there, e.g. (((Max Boot.))) Without that anti-white consideration it would have made more sense to pick China for their "zomg they hacked our election" conspiracy hoax, since they really do hack / spy / meddle with the US constantly.

Their stubbornness amazes me. Is it really that personally important to them to stop Trump? I would think a smart communist may learn to adapt and survive to fight another day. I’m sure some that are self aware might, so watch for them. But others, like everyone at CNN seem content and self satisfied to walk into a jail cell with Obama, who obviously cares much less about them than vice versa. True blindness. Zero introspection. True goyim I gotta admit…

oracleofbacon dot Org
The Dems just use this to plug in connections to Putin.
Vladimir Putin has a Julian Assange number of 2. Find a different link
Vladimir Putin was in "Frontline" (1983) {Putin's Way (#33.2)} with Raney Aronson was in "Frontline" (1983) {Wikisecrets (#29.13)} with Julian Assange

They just arbitrarily decide that a trending hashtag or whatever is MUH RUSSIA then work backwards from that false assumption to "discover" vast Kremlin conspiracies. It's the most blatant circular logic imaginable, but once it's been dressed up with lots of fancy analytics and endorsed by shill thinktanks with official-sounding names (which are actually just a bunch of random kikes), it starts to look like evidence to the partisans who want to believe it. E.g. this bullshit that (((Matthew Gertz))) just tweeted.

They're not exactly the creative types, considering they're still trying decades old tactics tweaked for a post-internet environment. Their fatal flaw is that all their posts always comply to a mixture of these elements: Character assassination, buzzwords and deflection. That's because the real goal for shills is to stop people into investigating the subject further, maintain an offensive position and getting their targets to parrot their shallow talking points.

By post-internet I mean beyond the point where internet becomes publicly accessible.

The "Russians" are the Chabad Lubavitch messianic jews who won the election.

Yet Holla Forums is still officially a Young Conservative Club

Breibart 2.0

I dont think that is quite true.
Conservatives hate Trump but Holla Forums likes him for the most part.

The jews really hate him!


Do they really think twatter bots aren't overwhelmingly on their team? Is there no acknowledgement of the successful swindling done by the democratic party?

I agree that the jewish issue needs to be solved. Have been missing the National Socialist aspect of this board. I'm no basic bitch neocon.

Are you fucking retarded? Conservatives love trump. keep lying to yourself thinking you voted for an underdog, underground counter culture meme if that what helps you sleep at night but he got 63million votes. More votes than any conservative candidate in US history.

first i've heard of it, but i know the NRA doesnt have much money, and trump didnt use that much money to campaign. so the argument seems pretty weak.

The Russians already control our government because of drumpf, so they can create these fake classified memos.

Liberals are going insane at this point. They have taken the Russian bullshit as dogma already and will deny any evidence to the contrary. Russian collusion is their base truth, the context which they use to evaluate all other facts.

The ones in the house do, the few in the Senate don't.


Remember, when this happens, they are all of the devil.

No they dont they prefer a dyed in the wool right wing candidate.
Not one who has been members of the Democrats and Republicans during his lifetime.

Why do you think they fought against him so hard? Because they like him? That makes no sense.

Beautiful. Another step toward #DeclareMartialLaw and #LetsKillTheseCommies


Top Kek they're losing their minds right now.

you have some real fucking warped definition of what a conservative is.

Awwww, look at that.

I am using the popular definition. Which puts Trump in the center.
Hes been a member of both the republican and democrat parties from time to time as I have already mentioned.

A good example is the whole transgender issue. That was building up to be a big thing until Trump said he doesnt care what bathroom Catlyn Jenner would use in Trump tower.
The whole never Trump movement came about because he is relatively neutral on a lot of contentious left - right issues that conservatives feel very strongly about.
Analysis of the news cycle during the election found that most left wing news coverage from CNN etc was 95 - 97% negative against Trump. Fox news, the major conservative outlet was 60% negative towards trump in the same period.

The shittiest slide thread I've seen in a while.

its zealotry

Is it really that personally important to them to stop Trump?
imagine staking your whole existence wherein there is no god. Imagine being so a fucking moron that you stake your eternity on some fucking poorly fleshed out lies. Imagine you committed significant trespasses in the service of those poorly fleshed out lies. Imagine if you knew you adopted a false reality that was so fucking wrong that theres no way to come back to the 'normal reality' without killing yourself.

They are approaching that point. You can sense it in their words and affect. They know they are being btfo. And they know that them being btfo is not some grand injustice but something that had to happen because they are evil. The tears that are in store for us in the great year of the Earth Dog are going to be amazing. Salt the Earth Dog

Thats because God's Grace is the Spark of Creation, which only whites can have.

Have a bump.

You end up being constantly disappointed because reality never matches your expectations. It isn't fun.

There are dozens of threads in the catalog that are at best reddit tier. Let me guess, you've been hear since the day before Trump got elected and that makes you Holla Forums.

Its pretty funny, so many oldfags give these newfaggot homos advice. Lurk for 2 years. It is a requirement for a reason. And yet, newfaggots never do and then they wonder why they still only see shit from a reddit perspective.

Huh. It's like those twat-ers think we forget that Democrat Hillary made a uranium ore deal with Russia and that Democrat Obama was caught on an open mic telling Medvedev he'll have more flexibility after the election.

Some people are in bed with Russia but it's not the GOP.


GTFO of here.



Oh (((you))).

Trump is an inexperienced politician. But like most Republican politicians on a personal level he probably doesn't give a fuck about what toilet trannies use. Difference is they know it's a contentious with their voter base so pander to them. trump saw bigger issues to talk about. But when it can to enacting policy trump actually reversed obama era laws in relation to trannie toilets and aligned with republican party ideology. And that was just 1 month into his presidency.
trump isn't center, there are just a lot of things he just doesn't care about or thought about. When it comes to actual policy enacting he always goes with conservative values.

Putin controls the American President but can't take out a few faggot reporters.

Liberals don't even believe their own lies, they don't do anything you or I might resemble as cognition. They just make mouth noises that they think might get them more of what they want, which in this cases, is more polluted genes; more foreign rapists; and higher taxes. Trouble is the worst liberals act the easy it is to fall for republican song and dance. Genocide is the only answer, and any answer other than genocide just means we're that much weaker when we're finally prepared to fight.

Holy shit, the Russians are funding Trump (a billionaire) via… Wait for it… The NRA! (The simple-minded lib's favorite boogeyman.)

how can anybody even believe this

This is their key weakness. They are true believers, inside of their own narrative. Maybe they don't even understand the concept of a narrative or how they work anymore.

It's a strength in other ways. For example, they have absolute faith and will believe anything they are told. It's really paramount they be kept out of power.

Thanks for going into that cess pool for us, this was a Twitter campaign which was organized right out in the open on cuck chan and leddit, and they're blaming Russians for it? And implying that it's the people behind it, people who have members of Congress saying it's the worst thing ever, who are freaking out?

Holy shit they are going to go catatonic when it's released, Obama 100x worse than Nixon, their worst fears. I feel this is good, to protect their egos they will disengage from politics and the news en masse. Imagine every soyboy and pussy hat wearing Millennial female just giving up because they can't face the fact that their de/illusion was shattered.


Ok. So release it and prove it's the russkies. Until then pic related.

Many shekels in China, it's not time to burn that bridge yet.

Depends on how, why, and how often do them. Should we ban gambling because some people are degenerate gamblers? Does banning things work? And so on. But in general cutting down on those things is good.

Libtards legitimately believe that the NRA is a powerful entity pulling the strings of the government with guns to their heads and endless money on the level of Soros and the Rothschilds, meanwhile the CIAniggers and deep state are trustworthy. I wish I was kidding.

that third image LMAO


Don't use than line , switch it with jews and it's a double edged sword-Remember that only "we" take the jewish problem seriously

Nixon did nothing wrong

I've seen people who seem legitimately convinced that all of the USA outside of San Fransisco, Seattle, New York and any other lefty hellhole I'm forgetting is just this massive wasteland of hillbillies who kill anything darker than a light caramel candy bar. They also don't understand the concept of population density at all.

accurate. proven time and again, unlike the "muh Russia" boogeyman

Nixon the Commie-killer did virtually nothing wrong, other than try to treat negroes like human beings

Your post has earned a Rabbinical™ seal of approval. You may now go back to playing Destiny.

He even knew better than to listen to the jews but he did it anyway.

Remember that liberals and kikes always project.

One of them said

so much dissonance, that they are hallucinating. They don't realize it's real people. Be hilarious if it was just a few of the retards.

One of them said

so much dissonance, that they are hallucinating. They don't realize it's real people. Be hilarious if it was just a few of the retards.


odd double post. This means hillary will die this year awaiting sentencing.

lmao they still think ol Bob is going to "save" them


pretty fun. Could be a fun tool to fuck with the lefties

The irony is that they do that while they keep bashing Mccarthy who was PROVEN to be right by USSR documents.

It's like looking in a mirror from posting here…

Except…if the mirror was retarded

they are scared of the memo about Obama coming out

first day on the job?

lmao, 600 accounts are behind it all, thank you blue checkmark man Matthew Gertz.

top desperate


what did she mean by this? :^)

It's a poorly programmed bot.

Everthing that goes against, or even worse, EXPOSES (((their))) agenda is a "Conspiracy theory™"
Remember, for libtards if (((TV))) or (((social media))) doesn't talk about it, it means that thing doesn't exists or it never happened.
Never trust what the Tel-Avision says, but also what DOESN'T.


I've been here a while but somehow have not seen this before. Bueno.

So why aren't we spamming everyone who says that with accusations that they sound like those crazy crackpot conspiracy theorists blaming the jews?

>Everthing that goes against, or even worse, EXPOSES (((their))) agenda is a "Conspiracy theory™"
Yes. The term conspiracy theory means evidence of people working together for a common goal with negative connotations on their methods or goals. It has since been used in a satirical sense so often that a conspiracy theorist is associated with someone who is insane regardless of how much evidence they have or how well presented the information is. Why? So now people are free to conspire and can use the truth of what they are as a kill word to stop people from looking into it or doing anything about it.
It goes without saying that the media are the ones that control public opinion on ideas like "conspiracy theorist" and are also by and large lefties so they're very likely

If they're so certain it's bullshit, then why are they so afraid of it being released? :^)

Yes its really getting beyond the joke. As much as I want end their smugness, they've really started to act like brainwashed cultists on the edge lately. If actual proof that the side they picked was full of lies and played them for useful idiots comes out. That their side are the actual criminals and all this Russia stuff is just projection to hide what they are actually doing. These people might start killing themselves as they will have nothing else. To look this stupid and to follow so rabidly will be the end of them.