The Garrote

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Let's get real. We need to kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them

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It's great to see how discouraged you are FBI

You know, suicide is always an option

you first agent Smith
lead the way


Was it Trotsky who said "We Jews must lead our own opposition?"

Ok. Lead the way Jews and kill yourselves and kill other Jews. We will follow you in this fight

This is just sad, FBI. Why not become one of us? At least you would be winning then.

which type of jew to kill is the real question

totally not a government agent, kek

Might is right user. We will continue red pilling, but be prepared to exact justice on our enemies when the time comes.

Those who are afraid to do so are beholden to laws and morals that they had no say in creating. They are literally a slave class, who will be easily defeated when the 'laws' and 'rules' change.

you do you
time they die…

We really don't. Once reality finally sets in, and you can tell its starting to, for the common tier leftist pleb, many of them will have significant mental breakdowns. The antifa type gaydeludedfairies .. oops I meant 'revolutionaries'.. will ultimately suicide by cop and/or bubba.

Are you some kind of Trump loving newfag? We're talking about real targets here, not 'leftists'.

ok mr. 'we'
i am going to kill jews

Thanks federal officer.

youre welcome ffs


If only there was a way you could have shared this information to us yourself…

No one look this shit up
It's probably just obscure enough to look you up

I'm right on it FBI-kun!

>What is fentanyl (some indian just posted a fucking one pot STP for fentanyl)

What is with the shills lately? Are they panicking over those my border my choice meatspace event?

And I forgot to sage

But seriously, these glow in the dark fucks forget that if we really wanted to fuck with them its as simple as knocking down a couple powerlines on a hot night in a melanin enriched community.

The fact we don't even need to think about using their own attack dogs and containment zones against them to redpill the normies and win the "hearts and minds" shows how fucking desperate these chucklefucks really are.

Seriously have you ever even thought of how disruptive a fucking commercial grade microwave can be with the screen punched out? You take the normies circus and they would chimp out hard

Hey FBI, whatcha doin?

We're winning the culture war handily. Why would we resort to a less effective and less ethical method?

[Spoiler]The garrote is an awesome weapon though[/Spoiler]

Goddamnit I always fuck up formatting. Eternal newfag.

…I can't triforce either.



looks good for cutting some 12 gauge granular clay with

Skip the stuff about his relations with his family if you dont want to hear it, almost the entire book is story after story of people being offed.

glow in the dark

kek, yeah whatever you say "Fellow evil neo-nazi" *Wink wink*

This guy gets it.

Why kill someone? It’s more consistent to see if they can create rather than to destroy.
Karmic Entropic Killer

Existing to reverse degeneration.

Nobody likes a namefag, fag.