-==Using the Left to Burn Itself to the Ground: New Strategy Idea==-

The recent witch hunt going on in (((Hollywood))) due to Weinstein has been very fun to watch, since we get to see the left attacking itself in a fit of hysteria. In reality this was meant for us, these indoctrinated young people were intended to go after us and incite a witch hunt against conservatives and progressive enemies so watching it backfire is doubly gratifying due to this.

HOWEVER we are missing a real strategic opportunity here due to just how amusing it has all been. There is still an hysteric atmosphere in (((Hollywood))) and we should be fanning those flames to create a forest fire for the left. What I mean is, rather than being content in merely watching the motion picture industry burn itself to the ground, we should seek to coax along some fires in related leftist institutions. Put some fuel out there where the left has some real power still, and let them burn it all down for us.

We know that universities are leftist bastions. We also know that there are plenty of cases of male professors having inappropriate relationships with their female students. It seems really odd then, doesn't it, that all these young women aren't coming forward pointing fingers at the professors they slept with for that 4.0 GPA.
Similarly, public schools are rife with sexual abuse and it would be very unfortunate if some diversity hires got swept up in this firestorm…
How about the PORN industry of all things?
We could fan the flames in the comic book industry, and similar areas where feminists and commies have taken root. The point is to give the women in these industries the courage to come forward and point fingers at their exploiters.

In other words, use the current fire in (((Hollywood))) to our advantage. Cleansing fire, that's the way.
It's IMPORTANT that we don't false flag or draw attention to ourselves. Our role in this should only be visible as agents who are empowering women to come forward and speak. If the (((Media))) gets wind of us, they'll try to paint the sexual exploitation as one big hoax and bury it under the rug. Similarly, as tempting as it is we MUST NOT ATTACK THE MEDIA - not yet. If the media perceives it is under attack they'll give this the whole GamerGate treatment and construct an alternative history to bury what is happening. The media must burn, but only at the time when it is powerless to put out the flames.

So what does Holla Forums think? Right Wing Rape Report Squads?

good job on being an important ideas guy OP

how about you give an example of having done what you suggest others to do first before making a thread with failed red text

are you sliding something?

Shills are up late tonight

Sluts having to fuck to get a role in movies is not the same as sluts willfully sleeping with the professor. You can get a good grade without sucking duck. You can't get a role in movies without it.

>The recent witch hunt going on in (((Hollywood))) due to Weinstein has been very fun to watch, since we get to see the left attacking itself in a fit of hysteria.
If you want to interpret what the kikes feed you via your zogbox at normie superficial levels of insight then yes. Otherwise you should realize that the "Weinstein thing" is nothing more than a psyop intended to bolster the "rape can happen anywhere, no woman is safe, we need more laws" feminist narrative.
tl;dr Weinstein is a willing actor in a kike psyop intended to form the basis for new draconian workplace laws, enjoy getting hauled before HR because a female colleague "thinks he might have looked at me funny".

You know this does have meme potential.
Hit parents with it, rapey professor memes will undoubtedly shift their fucking powerbase to nothing.
Have a bump, we need more people to see this.
"Which professor's fucking your college kid fpr grades?"

That you are blue pilled.
There is no left and right, there's people who believe the marxist lies and there's people who believe the zionist lies.
This Hollywood thing is an all an act *SHOCK*
It is one of their many divide and conquer and diversionary tactics.
Always two sides.
Men v women
old v young
white v non-white
rich v poor
straight vs homosexual
good v evil

Make a situation, make everyone pick a side, make trouble, create division.
They just re-run this using their media. Always have done.
In the 60's they called this one "the battle of the sexes" just as they unleashed the pill, free love, feminism, and no fault divorce.

It is right for us to bring such social progress to the kikes themselves, in Yidsrael, that they might enjoy aplenty that which they foisted upon the world.

I honestly don't think they care, they would be happy to live that way, they still have their breeding programs to ensure the purity of their tribe, and they occupy all the positions of power.
I believe the number of resources they are having to use to keep all of the various lies they tell covered up are becoming stretched. They are in a race to get the global power structure visible before people round them up and make the holocaust real.
The best thing you can do is point them out at every opportunity. Their reaction to that makes things worse. No other race minds being simply identified and needs to make laws against it.

Sure they do. Haaretz demands the US take in all the various niggers - otherwise they're totally racist.

But they do not demand the same for themselves.

Yes, they care. Yes, we can win.

I don't care that it's affecting leftists, most of them are probably willing actors in it all. It's really designed to fully cuck men and remove the last semblance of masculinity left in the population. In the thread we had the other day they are making some sort of charity out of this whole thing and using it to target blue collar workplaces or some shit.


It's quite possible to push them over the brink. Their homos can be pushed into torture and cannibalism. They already have an interest, and just need a bit of a push.

Arent you guys aware? Jewish men in israel live in constant fear of their overlords. Imagine the bossiest jewish woman you can imagine, now imagine shes the quiet one.
Welcome to tel aviv.
Men get the shit kicked out of them and the police arrest the guy and then he has to go to prison. Meanwhile arab and black men cuck the shit out of them daily.

You halfwit relativist. There is such a thing as good and evil.

perhaps I should have elaborated and said they paint one side as good and the other as evil and make you pick as part of their propaganda. But I thought it would be obvious that is what I meant, to all but a halfwit anyway.

I suspect you are one that doesn't believe in a God or devil but wants to tell me there is such a thing as good and evil.

I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

You just missed the point about making our enemies burn themselves down.

That's why friendly fire would go a long way towards weakening their long-term plans.

I see a lot of blackpills in this thread.


Julius Evola and Nietzsche are more opposed in principle than Communists and Capitalists.

We could meme about who killed Heather?

Bullshit. Attack them -from the right- for instigating an anti-male witch hunt. Like clockwork they will turn against it and go at it even harder.

looks like there are some already

A couple of "I was sexually assaulted by x but I am afraid to come out about it by myself because y has anyone else been raped by x?" posts on cucknet sites should suffice.

I think this is fertile meme soil. Redirect their planned attack on blue collar workplaces to the colleges. It could work.

College student here, can confirm there is an endless supply of older white male (and black, hispanic, pajeet, etc) professors who use their positions to a) push lefty shit and b) fuck as many young girls as possible

You could simultaneously start pushing this to the right leaning males of that age that the professors are cucking them and making it harder to get laid/find a partner

This is a very good suggestion. Where do middle aged fathers pursue the interwebs these days?
Its not fucking Faceberg right?


Exactly. I was in a university recently and was watching one of the professors talk to his females students and it seemed almost creepy how friendly he was to them compared to the male students.

We need to draw attention to this while the media frenzy for rape cases is high. We could really sink some (((universities))) with this.

Make them eat their own and when they're sick of it, feed them some more.


I think I found your university plaque.



>Using the (((left))) to burn down their own (((institutions))) is really bad for you go-I mean we white ppl. SHUT IT DOWN!

Lots of shills in this thread. I think we have a good idea here lads.

Attacking the media just gives it the excuse it needs to SHUT IT DOWN. We need the media to pour gasoline on the fire for this one, not turn off the spigot.

raped to death, jews pounded her ass that caused compacted poop that turned to sepsis then death.

>acting like (((democrats and republicans))) are not literally the same fucking thing at this point.


Can you get a good grade without telling the professor what they want to hear? If not, then you're whoring yourself for a grade.

The idea ia definitely good, but how do you suggest we go about it, specifically? We need a connection to large numbers of potentially abused women.

I had to suck a duck to graduate.

Now, everyone calls me duck-sucker.

Causing left infighting is internet trolling 104. it is not the first class you take, but it is still an entry level class.

One easy example is using the divide between the feminist and the transgender fagots. There is already trouble brewing there because it is two communities of attention whores fighting for first place at the victim Olympics. This can be fed by stating "how can a transgender understand women, if they never menstruate?" things like that. Stressing the xx/xy chromosome differences is amazingly effective. Someone tried to make that an op here, and it was shoaed. However variations of this done to stress the biological differences and "they do not think like women, they are the enemy" would really divide that community while eroding gender theory.

That is just one example. Most of the left's arguments are on shaky ground and need identity politics to survive. Once you understand this, and gain an understanding of the communities you want to attack; a lot can be done to fuck with them. As such, intersectional feminsim which likes to invade everything and anything is a great means of attack. Not only is it easy to set up sock puppets, but it opens the door to cause fighting between any community it touches, because feminism is toxic cancer.

Sounds like that Arabic phrase you hear a lot in Cod4.

The nigger mods will try to slide this

Rolling for anti-mods dubs

Hitler did nothing wrong, and the holocaust never happened but itnfucking should have.
Heil Hitler! Heil victory!

The niggress knew
Get this out there

Why not break the barriers?
Niggers rape too, you know.

My oh my… that is… very interesting.
Why don’t you swing by my office later on, and show me the… whole… body of work you have

"why don't you swing by my office later, so I can take a long hard look at your body of work"

it would be better (and more realistic) to use an ultra-kike professor
like these random jewgle examples
because niggers aren't believable as university professors

Welcome to the slide thread.

and they all have that Anthony Weiner-looking face.
which is perfect.

Normies will not go "bad goyim" and call them jews, but will be perfectly conditioned to see the "evil white man".

And then press charges.
Kikes being massive perverts doesn't exactly help them

How's this?




fugg D:

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Social media is not my strongpoint which is why I brought it up here rather than go about it on my own.
Rough idea:
If I had to guess, I would assume that twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. have their various groups and cliques. Maybe pose as a concerned woman on faceberg in one of the women's support groups to get some leads (maybe names of particularly egregious colleges) and then infiltrate those colleges' faceberg groups/scout their twitter followers looking for women who seem like victims. Get them to confide in you and motivate them to come out via the MeToo hashtag. Try and create a snowball effect.

This so much. That's part of the reason why this plan could really succeed. Hollyjew and social media have been setting the bar lower and lower for rape, while simultaneously feeding a victim complex. The point of all of this was to motivate women to "cleanse" the workplace and politics of strong white males. It backfired on them and now we need to REALLY FUEL that backfire until nothing remains of them.

Yes but here's the rub. You saw the backlash of what happened with the Poo Aziz whatever-his-last-name-is. It's risky going too strongly at niggers because that gives the left room to throw their female victims under the bus. Same as they did in the Cologne rapes. We need to hit that sweet spot of enough "white" (really just kikes who appear white) men being targeted alongside niggers so that they are baited into taking it.

Shills are sounding really retarded lately. Probably leftypol.

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