The word "racist" is fucking bullshit and should be deleted from everyone's vocabulary, it's the modern day term for "witch", and "anti-racists" are the modern day witch hunters. Apparently it's ok to hate other people, mistreat them, kill them, bully them, etc. and it's not that big of a deal "oh that guy's just being a cunt" but if we decide it's "racist" instead of merely misanthropic or motivated by desperation or greed or whatever then it's a huge fucking deal and we have to make a special category of crimes called "hatecrime" because if you just merely assault and verbally abuse someone then that's one thing but if you happen to call them a "nigger" then your sentence is going to be like a hundred times more harsh. In truth there is no such thing as "racism", there is misanthropy, there is edginess, there is a lot of different things but "racism" is a boogieman invented very recently to be applied to everyone and everything in order to silence and persecute people the government hates (which happens to be white males because jews feel most threatened by them as they are their greatest competition, so they throw everything they got at turning everybody, the white women, white men themselves, non-whites, absolutely everyone against white males. The end result is what you see today; cuckolds failing to breed, being emasculated, hiding in their parents basements playing VR games because the government and the prevailing neoliberal marxist culture of today discriminated against them through the education system and through affirmative action until white males gave up and went into hiding. Now you assholes have the audacity to hunt us down online and continue your crusade against us, calling everything we do "racist", and trying to stop people from having fun. You know that all humor is "offensive" if you look at it from the right angle? All humor after all is usually about people's misfortune and pain and suffering. If you limit humor only to what won't offend someone, then guess what you have? No humor at all – or in the case of what we see today we have very predictable so called "humor" of comedians who repeatedly shit on easy targets like white males and Christians, the only targets they're allowed to go after because they don't fight back. Say something about non-whites, women, muslims, etc. and there's people like you to shit on them. Btw I have an accent and don't fucking care if people imitate and don't think it's "racist" or "bad" when they do it and have fun. What I do have a problem with is censorship, freedom of speech is absolutely necessary for people to have interactions with each other and grow as people and come to understand and love one another, but when you say "no shut up you are a racist and a bad person" and worse yet take it the extra step by demanding every company, government, admin, etc. bans and silences anyone who engages in wrongthink and wrongaction then you stop any dialog from ever happening and you know what you get in the end?

A civil war… and that's what is happening now in America. Because you assholes have to control everyone through the intervention of government in its various forms instead of letting people sort things out on a personal level. In an ideal world if someone is very rude to someone else, then that person would end up losing a potential friend, or they would have an argument but eventually make up, or whatever; it would be solved between them… but in this world no you have to get the man fired from his job, put in prison, have his accounts taken down, etc. which just creates a downward spiral of deepening hatred that is going to turn into something real. Memes like Ugandan Knuckles I believe can actually heal and bring together the world by letting us laugh and have fun. Censorship on the other hand is going to lead us to massive bloodshed, property damage, and social unrest. So think about this all again next time you slander someone as "racist", you are like someone shouting "heresy" or "blasphemy", and we have enough wars already over religion. Now we're going to have a race war. Oh and you know what is to blame for wars over religion? It's not religion itself. It's people who think that one particular stance on religion must be forced to the point that others must be deprived of their livelihoods and persecuted in various ways until finally you get a big fucking war out of it. Soviet Russia and other communist nations killed everyone who was religious because they did not respect freedom. Various other nations in the past killed other people of other religions because they were part of the wrong denomination or because they were part of the wrong religion, such as the wars between different denominations of Christianity, or the wars between pagans and Christians, or the various wars you see today around the world between different religious groups. What all these wars have in common is people not respecting the freedom of others. The freedom to think and act and to "offend". You know what tolerance means if you are actually tolerant today? It means to tolerate the asshole in the group, to forgive him, to maybe be an asshole yourself - but not take it further. When you silence and shun and censor then you are not practising tolerance, you taking things to another level of escalation. What is worse for you? That someone call you something mean or that you get fired from your job? So who is more in the wrong? The person who said something mean or the person who banned them from a community? The person who said something mean or the person who caused them to lose their job? The person who said something mean or the antifa who just bashed his skull in leaving him injured for life or dead? You see you might think you hold the moral highground but really you don't, white males aren't out committing all the crimes, white males (except the neoliberal cuck ones) aren't engaging in systematic discrimination through a program called "affirmative action", and it's not the policies of those on the far-right that has transformed many non-white nations in Subsahara Africa and around the world into the shitholes they've become today, because they sure did not have anywhere near the violence, rape, drug abuse, cannibalism, starvation, and other shit going on when the "evil racist colonialists" were in power. I hope you start to see now just what this whole "racist" thing really is about and never use that word "racist" again, but if you do still want to use it, then you should because it's free speech; but if cause someone to be banned, ostracized, fired, shunned, and mistreated as keeps happening to white males online and in the real world then don't be surprised when one day there's finally backlash and you lose the chance to solve everything through dialog and humor and are left only with bullets as an option.


The only people who are victims of unjust and systematic racial discrimination today are whites and the primary agents of this discrimination are white cuckolds and jews.

Everything else is either A) justified or B) not systematic but the inconsequential actions of random individuals and having little impact on the functioning of society as a whole.

Oh funny thing btw, that whole "back to the bus you niggers" thing, that was a government policy enacted by the left, just like the ku klux klan was a democrat thing (and targeted lots of whites but they never mention that and act like they only targeted blacks and that they would ever target their vigilante justice at the "angels" that are niggers is so horrible and that they must have done it because they are niggers and no possible other reasons even though the klan had black members and black supporters), and Hillary Clinton herself is a huge misanthrope who hates everyone but who gets acceptance on the left because the only virtue they recognize is "equality" which btw is NOT A VIRTUE. Equality is death, nothingness, the void… it is the reduction of everything to nothing. It is the undoing of the universe, life, and being; all that god has created. Equality is fucking evil.

Discrimination is a neutral term. "Discriminating tastes" and "I like the red headset over the blue one" and so on are examples of discrimination. Discrimination is a necessary part of life.

…but in practical use this word "racist" means "a white fucking male" or "anyone I don't like and who stands up to my anti-white bullshit" since they call based blacks and spics and anyone else who stands up for the white male patriarchy a racist too. So my comparison of "racist" to "heretic" or "blasphemer" is a valid comparison. Also I am well aware of the proper definition of heresy and blasphemy as I study theology but historically it became an overused word that was applied liberally to everyone and anyone that stood in the way of the powerful and people who were accused of it weren't merely corrected and shown the way to Christ but were tortured and put to death, both of which I don't think are inherently wrong things to do to someone, but which I believe became completely unjustified in many points in history and became part of tyrannies that resulted in many wrongthinkers being put to death. Today the powers that be call their enemies "racists" instead of "blasphemers" as it's the new word that you can merely accuse someone of and it turns everyone against you - all supported by the powers of (((government))) and (((business))) and (((admins))).

The only realistic solution to actually end all this shit is: separation of the races and killing the cucks.

Hello, I see you are new here. Yeah, shit sucks. I didn't read most of what you wrote but I gather you are half retarded and beginning to see what is obvious. Whenever you feel like you are finished blogposting like a newfaggot, maybe lurk two years.

Also, Holla Forums is a board of peace. Maybe cool it with the suggestion of killing whites around here, FBI.

(((Trotsky))) popularized the word by associating it with National Socialism. He was literally the first jew to tarnish the German Idealogy by associating with racism leaving a steping stone for future Left propaganda.

preaching to the choir.

No.. what we need to ban is giving a shit. Anyone who would capitulate their beliefs because someone calls them mean deserves to be first in line to the ropes.

Completely fucking wrong I was on Holla Forums and then /n/ and then /new/ and then Holla Forums. I've been here from the very start, newfag.

Actually read it all. Also it's obvious to you and it's preaching to the choir but I wrote this comment for someone who it wasn't obvious with and then after writing it I felt like it would make for a good thread on here so I started it as a thread.

Never suggested merely noted that it's going to happen. I am absolutely convinced it's going to happen and I can do literally nothing and it will still happen. It's "where the winds are blowing".

Yes I know but I want to start a thread on manipulation of the language and the hypocrisies and blindness of the left and the upcoming civil war anyways.

Are you sure? Because I have some old books around that use the term "racist" but in a completely different way as if being a "racist" comparable to being an "evolutionist" or a "vitalist" or something, very neutral and even positive, non-controversial. So did Trotsky actually popularize the word or is he rather the first to popularize the present day negative meaning of the word? Personally I use the word "egalitarian" as an insult and have been doing so since about 2008 I think maybe even earlier and I think one day it will be seen as an insult by everyone and everybody who gets called an egalitarian will instantly be put on the defensive arguing they are not.

It's better to accept racism.
Racist is a discussion ender. Why do you think niggers throw it around so often? Pro tip: Because they aren't intelligent to carry a conversation.
You are the one in control if you eliminate their ability to end the interaction.

So be a racist. Then force whatever faggot is trying to shut you down to swallow hard truths.

Dude read what I wrote. My whole rant was made in the first place against some asshole who is trying to censor VR chat and ban racism from that platform and who was calling people racist. So I wrote this rant to tell him these things.

Read the part where I said The freedom to think and act and to "offend". and gave him a lesson on tolerance and government non-intervention.

I am absolutely against banning the word but would rather people a) recognize its original meaning and B) know what its popular meaning has effectively become because of the way people use it today and C) stop using it of their own accord because it's now a completely bullshit term that has lost all coherence and meaning akin to shouting "blasphemer".

Put another way "anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white". Racist is "anyone who is white and male" or "anyone I don't like and who opposes my neoliberalism" or as Molyneux puts it "a term any leftist shouts who just lost a debate".

It needs to be dropped from the vocabulary but censorship is absolutely not the way to do it. The only reason "racist" has such power is because anyone who gets called it gets attacked in very real ways. We need to:

1) get rid of the category of "hatecrimes" from the legal system
2) have actual freedom of speech
3) pressure corporations like google and others to stop censoring people on their platforms for "hatespeech"
4) reform the hiring practices of companies so you don't have some disgusting jewess there hiring all the non-whites and women she can while firing everyone that might be even suspected of wrongthink

Then anyone can shout racist and it's no big deal.


call them creationists because they believe all men are mystically created equal and it gets under their skins because they are usually fedora tipping retards

Somebody needs to archive this.

The reason people hate racism is because Race is the guy from Johnny Quest and he looks like Mike Pence and that's why people hate it so much

"Know you not that they that run in the race, all run indeed, but one receiveth the prize ? So run that you may obtain. " 1 Corinthians 9:24

'Racist' is the Marxist term for a 'non-Marxist.'

Beware that the word 'racist' is a commielibshit meme. It was invented .

didn't Trotsky invent the term?

Congratulations, you fellas are reaching Pewdiepie levels of awareness. Now lurk longer and then realize that none of OP's novel is novel to anyone here and this shouldn't have been made a thread.

They call themselves 'anti-racist', what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

So, you admit it. You're new.
You made some valid points but this is not your personal tumblr. Next time you want to rant, how about instead you rant to yourself, take each point you want to make and then see if you can come up with a plan to solve each and everyone of those problems. Then formulate an ops and fucking solve it.
Disappointed sage.

It is just a derogatory term used by bigots to describe white people. It is the white N-word.

I'm /new/ not new.

All my points are valid and these threads should be at least beneficial to the actual newfags that come here. If you don't like the thread post in any of the hundred or so other threads in the catalog.

dogshit tier post
Nominated for worst actual attempt at a thread 2018
wall of texting babby's first redpill, what will they think of next

You're fucking new you fucking idiot
If you actually wrote that wall of text for other newfags, you would have at least learned to press the return key or what a paragraph is.
But you're probably just using that as a cover story so you don't look like the colossal fucktard you are.