A Bombshell House Intelligence report exposing extensive FISA abuse could lead to the removal of senior government officials

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First. Also requesting sticky.


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Please sticky

Wikileaks offering million dollar reward. Twitter blowing up right now.



This is it, the first enormous bombshell. Pretty soon the report will come out one way or another, certainly the four page memo will, and the shit will hit the fan.

Remember last year when the FISA court took Obama to task saying that potentially "up to" 5% of the US had been unmasked by Obama? Remember earlier when all US Internet traffic was mysteriously routed through China for an hour? Maybe this was all a plan to just create a dragnet and watch whoever was on Obama's list?

What if Trump's entrapment with the fake Russia stuff was just a turbo version of what was done to the whole USA?

Keep a close, close eye on this.

Wait wut

King Niggers getting the rope

The hilarious thing about that is that it's not irony because it's what you would expect.


I want to believe.

Thank You Jesus

I hope this is the happening I've been kept alive to see.


I'd say this is bombshell #2. Pic related was #1 The logistics guy would have a lot of interesting data and logs to build a good case against those he associated with.

Congress found out that Obama wiretapped everybody with any power, probably even them. Remember when Pelosi and that other guy had their meeting about FISA what, about nine months ago and they emerged white as ghosts, their voices quivering?

Think earlier when former DCI Brennan gave his testimony and they asked him if there was a US Ambassador involved in the unmasking?

We've known this shit probably since within days of Trump learning about it from Mike Rodgers. Hivemind is always right about this stuff, it's just finally filtering down to the more uninformed, slower people like members of Congress.

I am ready for this

FISA was always Constitutionally dubious. Now we know it has been abused and Constitutional rights violated. The key was that the whole process was secret, so no one would have standing to sue. The FBI used to be very careful with FISA, knowing that abusing the tool would cause them to lose it.

Now information sourced from FISA has entered a criminal investigation—-in direct violation of due process.


That guy's going to sing like a bird, some comfortable rich faggot who has, all of a sudden, the entire weight of the DOJ pressing down on him.

Fuck off you piece of shit.


Well the whole issue is more that they've been spying on US persons with basically no oversight, or an exploitable friendly oversight in the case of the Ambassador who it's safe to assume did the bulk of the unmasking.

More broadly, when Snowden's info started coming out it was easy to see how inevitable breaches of the 4th Amendment would become simply because if he, some kid working at some contractor, could get what he wanted, anybody above his pay grade probably could too.

The actual probably is the capability for spying and worse that's built into the system from the CPU level all the way to Washington. East Germans could never have dreamed about such a tool.

Is that an original moonman?

Number 4 trending on Twitter, yet has exponentially more tweets than 1-3….

I'll believe it when I see it, all it is right more tough talk.

Is public head chopping making a big comback?

The beauty of it is that it could serve as the only actual contribution to the health of the country kang nigger ever made, if he gets the whole mechanism he used to commit crimes unmade we'd be better off.

The best part of that guy is he's rich and all but nowhere near rich enough to not cooperate.

Checkin dubs but never forget..
1) twiiter numbers are absolutely manipulated faggotry
2)twitter is pure retard mode
3)repub and democrat are two ends of the same snake
4)no matter what Hitler is Love, Hitler is Life

Watch as liberals start loving the idea spying on American citizens.

Fucking hell…

Num 5=


I’m not contesting anything you’ve said. My god is chaos, and chaos is coming to town

Where'd you get this from? A bombshell story in the making.

Calm before storm? Sticky this already.

It was one of the sealed indictments, unsealed a few days ago, it's been all over the place.




It's one of the stickies, was last Friday.

I am making sure I meet my personal requirement of 2,000 rounds for side arm and ar-15. Buying rice and beans. I am not saying shit is going to hit the fan. But anyone who isn't a complete faggot knows this level of insidious corruption warrants action. This is undeniable treason at the highest levels. There are enough American's who refuse to dishonor there ancestors if there is no response adequate to return honor to the republic. Really violence is not the most appropriate first response. The realization that the republic has fallen. Playing a long game. Being wise and formless would likely be more prudent. However, being prepared is crucial.

Don't let this post honey pot you. Don't respond. Just try to be your best.



From cuckchan, and just stupid enough to work if anyones got any sock puppets.

Haha not this time Drumphies!


Look what's Trending

That's actually what civil libertarians would push if they were smarter. Consider how much people respond to free speech vs Trumpian censorship.

Some more


Man, I'm bored of waiting.

I used to live in that guys district.. Hes a huge fucking neocon cuck… For him to say that… WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW

Holy shit. My mom came into my room to bring me a list of hashtags and I literally screamed at her and hit the list of hashtags out of her hand. She started laughing and citing Fusion GPS testimony at me and I slammed the door on her. I’m so distressed right now I don’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to do that to my mom but I’m literally in shock from the trending hashtags tonight. I feel like I’m going to explode. Why the fucking fuck is #ReleaseTheMemo trending? This can’t be happening. I’m having a fucking breakdown. I don’t want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I want Mueller to indict the president and fix this broken country. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I thought the special counsel investigation was going well in DC??? This is so fucked.

Not spaghetti?


Where is the big meme in charge on this matter? I know he's an old man who needs his rest but now would be the perfect time for a presidential shitpost, wouldn't it?

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a good day in the salt mines.

He might already be asleep. His early morning tweets get good traction though.

More importantly:

They will not go quietly. There is atleast 18 fucking billion dollars floating around through their front companies right now ready, willing and able to put weapons into the hands of every spic and nigger that wants to kill whitey.

And then there are the bolsheviks whom have been primed for faggot revolution attempt.

When this shit goes kinetic ya'll best be ready for it to go really fucking kinetic. Maybe it wont, maybe it will, but plan for the worst. If we aint in this to win this theres no point in even trying, and I dont intend to lose.

How does this implicate ubangu? This seems to just get alphabet agency goons in trouble. Also Bush's department goons wiretapped also and he never went down.

Any of these Senators or Representatives have the legal right and authority to publicly release this without even being questioned by standing before Congress and reading it aloud.

These elected officials need to find their balls and actually utilize the power they have been given.
All it takes is one single Patriot to put his Nation above his position.

That really refers to immunity from civil arrest. That makes it hard to sue sitting members of Parliament and Congress.

Pure coincidence

It might not. Kang nigger was pretty slippery.
Even if there's no direct damning evidence to use legally, he's still going to get fucked in the court of public opinion if this memo contains what these congressmen are alluding to.

As /k/ put it years ago, everyone wants to do operator stuff until it comes time to operate. Fuck if something does happen it'll be the second civil conflict I've been in and god damn do I ever have an itchy finger.

Don't forget to archive any tampering of this.

Exposing Twitter's corrupt mishandling of the hashtag only helps undermine their own platform as a "reputable" source of free speech.

On the heels of the Project Veritas twitter tapes that could have some impact.




oh fug

The lügenpresse are doing their best to ignore this, awaiting orders from above on how to spin it?

That would make sense.
If they screech too much about it being nothing now people will just be more curious.
They're probably hoping it doesn't get released so they can memory-hole it.

You're the one spinning drumphy

Holy fuck that level of delusion

Are these people even fit for labor camps?

Making popcorn

Jesus Christ these people

I seriously wonder how Reddit sustains a community with such a low level of discourse.

Attach the #release the memo to the other top trenders so every one sees them and to fuck with twitter's ability to mess with the top trenders.

States (and the District of Columbia) would have no jurisdiction so any proceedings would be handled by the Federal Government.
So who would have authority over a member of Congress in such a case? The Judicial Branch, who in this case would be implicated in the statements? The Executive Branch, of whom it would only take the magic wand of Trump to halt any potential action?
Sure Congress itself could technically "stop" the person from entering into record the information, but seriously who the fuck would be willing to lead such a movement at that point and who would follow? You're liable to have an old-fashioned brawl break out in the Senate if someone tries.
I just can't see a way for anyone to realistically stop a Senator or Representative from taking matters into their own hands over this.

Is it finally, finally time?


He's a massive shill for israel. Openly promoted racial mixing, shits on Greeks. He's pure garbage who gets pushed here for one isolated interview.

Come on now, they're normalfags. Normalfags can only have discourse that is in direct relation to their immediate surroundings. If they had creativity and intellect, they wouldn't be normalfags.

I really hope the Mueller is /ourguy/ theory is true just to see their heads explode.

In reference to pic related, I agree with Gorka and I think Obamagate is the right term to call this shitshow. Kang Nigger needs his name attached to this as much as possible to avoid him trying toweasel his way iut if it.

You should cite some sources. AIPAC has donated to every single member of Congress and Steve King is one of the minimal recipients. His information on the Greeks was likely bullshit, but he got it from Greeks and it was anti-Turkish.

Watching these people deteriorate into deranged lunatics in real time is a mix between smug schadenfreude and abject terror. These things are living among us.

True. They just seem like Oblivion NPCs talking about mudcrabs.

All I wanted was a Pepsi.

*weasel his way out of it
Sorry getting tired but this is all too juicy to sleep.

The sources are Steve King's own mouth.
What? He shit on Greeks as not being White and he did because they aren't down with israel and it's an easy way for zionist-compliant Anglo Protestants in the US to throw shade.



I'm a faggot for pointing this out myself, but a faggot who was right.>>11165519


Right, he went off the deep end on Greeks, tried to imply the statues were all of blonde blue eyed peeps and he didn't see any in Greece.

In an interview where he challenged the "nation of immigrants" narrative he recited what a Greek guide told him.

Other people have said the same thing before him. This may be wrong, but it is somewhat compelling.

Even in current year +3, people like this surprise me. It reads like some posts made by /cow/ to stir up the sceptic community on plebbit.

He's never going to live that down.

You got a post all ready to go for his support of Geert Wilders?

don't call it obamagate, keep it neutral so that counter propaganda can't spin it as "da ebil raycis alt-right just attacking king nigger again!"

I don't have that, but I could probably I find it. Really I was just pointing out that the anti-King comments were factually groundless.


Keep it that way.

Don't vote, we get it.
God damn, fucking one thread without some bullshit off topic derail nonsensical who gives a fuck.

I don't know about 1488D underwater chess, but Trump has never been one to leave anything to chance. The entire government and (((media apparatus))) was against him and he still got elected. Compared to that, influencing one random faggot is nothing.

LARP until proven otherwise. Screams of “RELEASE THE MEMO” will make the whole right wing look like fools if it turns out to be as anti-climactic as Rachel Maddow hyping Trump’s tax returns, for instance. Cool your jets folks

The purpose of Holla Forums is to derail with whatever emotional copypasta to ensure that no real news or ideas reach anyone.

Fixed it for you. Just die in the sand one more time, goyim. Then we promise, cross our hearts and hope to die, that we'll do something about the problems we created for you here. Just die one more time.

They're not people. They are the enemy


I had forgotten about that little career killer.

This is it.

oh shit now there's a song I haven't heard in a long ass time

Many are kin, they just have never been allowed to look at each and their peoples' accomplishments with pride. What did it take for you to begin to question all the bullshit? Some never get the chance.

Quick rundown.

#1 trend worldwide on (((Twitter))) now.



holy shit lol
woooah its got the RUSSIANS and right wingers scared!
how exactly do they figure that? Is that bong resin shorting out their braincells or something?

His argument is shit. No one should trust conclusions based on classified information because the way by which the decision was made is unknown. That's like saying "I made a decision based on things I can't tell you, but believe me it's a good decision."
Link mr i was just trying to show my family tentacle hentai posted ultimately points to a 'research' paper. Here's the summary below:
require subjective judgments and intuition, can be made with more confidence when anchored by agreed-upon facts and reliable data. Yet in national political and civil discourse, disagreement over facts appears to be greater than ever. Opinions are crowding out and overwhelming facts in the media, and Americans are placing less faith in
institutions that were once trusted sources of information. This shift away from facts and data in political debate and policy decisions has
far-reaching implications: It erodes civil discourse; weakens key institutions; and imposes economic, diplomatic, and cultural costs.
done to counter it. Although this report is only a first cut at these issues, it presents a working definition of what we are calling “Truth Decay,”2 identifies possible causes and consequences, and proposes a strategy to tackle remaining questions—a research agenda—through
which we hope to engage a broader community in understanding and responding to the challenge that Truth Decay poses.
Truth Decay. We provide a working definition of Truth Decay, explore four related trends in detail, and examine their possible causes (or drivers) and consequences. We also consider whether Truth Decay is a
new phenomenon or one that has existed at other points in U.S. history, focusing on three specific eras. Finally, we map out four potential
streams of research intended to improve the understanding of Truth Decay and identify potential responses.
Each element influences—and is influenced by—the others. These interactions create a web that increases both the complexity of Truth Decay and the challenge of identifying and implementing workable solutions.
It's late and I've been drinking, but I haven't seen any consideration in this paper that the lack of trust is because the people dispensing 'facts' are lying. It runs on the assumption that the 'truth-tellers' are actually telling the truth and not that they've been rejected by the people because they've lied too many times like the boy who cried wolf.

Is it even trending?

goddammit, I fucked up the formatting copypasting it from the paper

WTF is he even trying to argue? Goddamn, that poor liberal fuck has completely lost his Goddamned liberal shitstained mind.
"Cuz if I said it said something and something was something would that make something something Hillary won the popular vote, time to show my kids some tentacle porn…"

Scott Adams predicts it's ambiguous enough that the left won't see it for what the Representatives claim it is. He might be wrong on this one.

I think he means, #ObamaTavistock

It's #1 on U.S. and worldwide trends on (((Twitter))).

Top bantz.

Unironically, today is the day when the senate is supposed to pass a spending bill, but Schumer is threatening a shut down unless some pro-DACA bill is implemented. And possibly that he might use this opportunity to silence everyone about releasing the memo, if they don't want the shut down.
Because, wouldn't the memo be released during the temporary government shut down?

The House has to vote on releasing it, which could still happen during a shutdown

It is oddly fitting for clown world.

Is there any word on if they'd have to votes to get it released?

*have the votes to

God finally something fun, been having such a shit time on imageboards lately.

The deep state will get to one of them. Gauranteed. It's 51/49 so they just need to flip or scare one guy.

Wouldn't want anything to happen to your kids over some memo, would you, senator?


Oh fug :D :DD

Not an argument

Please god just let the document leak and let it contain even modest dirt on the lefts subversion of the west

Just let it happen. Come on.

The Democrats are expected to block the bill the house passed today, so it's likely we're headed for a shutdown
Pic is best part

Sorry for the mobile link and no archive. I'm being a lazy fuck.

Obama could hold a press conference and admit to everything, expose everything, and spell everything out and they still would think that it was Trump forcing him to do so.

Yea, right. I wouldn't stick my head in the sand if they had solid evidence Trump or his team worked with Russia to win the election. On the other hand, Hillary and crew stole the nomination from Bernie and had some shady pakistanis doing IT work for them. Typical two-faced inbred jew talk.

Someone already archived it a few hours ago.

Dubs of truth. You're right about that.

Why hasn't Trump had this bitch murdered yet?

What kind of a failure do you need to be to have worse counter arguments than shills? I mean it barely makes any sense, it's like he is a living bot.

Depends, he's one of the biggest narcissistic egoist who sees himself as being always right and all-knowing. I'd doubt that he'd ever admit of his own mistakes.

Well to be fair jews are soulless like bots.

Because some people would look better being hanged before a crowd instead of being bumped off in silence

ecchiwald is what happens when jews accidentally jew themselves. They go insane, since the nonsense argumentation style they normally use as an immune system turns into full blown AIDS.

Wasn't this fag's dossier loaded with memes some wonderful user fed to him? Why is this shit still going around?

Its time Kurt.

Remember when Nunes flipped the fuck out when we first received this info? He took it straight to the President and the Dems tried to bring him up on ethics charges.

Now we know why he reacted the way he did. Everyone who has seen this info is saying it's far worse than Watergate.

It's the house, and not even the entire house. You shoudn't pretend to have answers if you don't have a basic understanding of the situation.

I have work in the morning but I'm rocking gaily in my chair like a kid the night before Christmas. I know the fastest way to get to the presents is to go to sleep BUT I JUST CAN'T.

kek. how far we've fallen.



False Flag incoming. No clue where or by whom, but if this thing gains any traction there will be some kind of huge "event" to direct the media away from it. Especially if anyone in Obama's DOJ is implicated or even Obama himself which is highly likely.

this is definitely a possibility. something with Israel and Iran or North Korea or a domestic USA event. There's no limit to what the kikes will do to keep their game going

Is this cuck saying that Trump is involved in this?

Wrong side there yank

Saying he's the target of the bullshit part, hence the #alwayshillary bit


Steve King isn't a cuck.

Yeah we're just making memes that Trump is somehow on the bad end to get retarded shitlibs to support the hashtag.

Going to be interesting to see all the time lines for when these faggots called for this shocking memo to be released, when all the distracting other criminal shit spills out to then say


oy this is kurt's stepson's mother and Kurt just had anuddah shoah after he saw this Japanime girl I'm calling the cyber police to backtrace your IP!

Every such event is buried with a shooting or some kind of gruesome shit.

the irony being 20 people were shot in 2 days in chicago, not mentioned by those propagating a diversity agenda, but 4 wounded 1 dead in a single attack will become the cover up cover story for these fucking rags.

Anyone else noticing the lack of shills? Democrats must be panicked


It's so beautiful.

Heil'd, you're unironically right user.

I think that's Madame Tussaud's

All the other ones are advertisements of one kind or another, hence their taking precedence.

Dropping this MOAB on Obama, day after FakeNews awards (they all missed the story), on anniversary of his inauguration, right before women's March.

That IS the fucking shit post of the century.



Yeah, they always stop posting and regroup for a few hours when there's a big happening.

Whats with alwayshillary shit then?


I think they'll wait for something else to happen and shill it heavily.

So I've just been sitting here for the past x minutes, glancing at this thread, almost in a daze, at my utter fucking astonishment that anyone out there believes Obama will ever spend a minute in jail for anything. Same goes for Hillary. Whatever hope I had left for mankind just died another little death today.

That is all.

Disregard I misread the tweet
Polite sage

Here's your (((you)))

Always treasure these quiet moments. That eerie silence is the sound of jew panic.

Wait a second, isnt this and some former CIA guy the idiots that believed some anons shit posting was an actual intelligence document?

Some website asks for dirt on trump

Carry on you fucking LARP'ers

I agree with this. But even if it really is a happening, I think most of it will quietly happen behind the back. Trump's Administration has made it repeatedly clear about not liking the telegraph.

It really only took you two posts to reveal yourself? Man, must be hard finding quality shills these days.

Poat too soon

Some website asks for dirt on trump
user makes up story about trump with russian hookers
this is Russia's insurance on him
posts to website & then to a former CIAnigger for extra luls
gets sent to this steele for checking authenticity
says it real, gives to press
press say they have the bombshell on trump
its anons story
tells everone show us the screenshots
sides in orbit, msm made a fool of and we kek at them
within 6-8 hours all mention of this ever happening wiped clean from the net

They would rather die than work. Useless eaters.


>Reddit: That radical nazi altright, they were screaming about the corruption for the last year, and now it's damning evidence.


You got dubs so you can have two (You)'s, Mr. Shill. I'm sorry that things aren't working out for you and yours, but you gotta admit you've all got it coming.

Not tired of winning.


Well, it would be nice, but there's just one big problem. The judges that keep blocking and fucking everything up.

And what's his excuse for the Byzantine depictions?

nothing will happen unless you make it happen

Nothing will ever "Happen" unless we all make it so.. SAGE

If (((they))) try to suppress this, one of the good representatives had better leak it.

Holy shit

yfw we're Section 9


Radio silence over at jew york times about this. The fear is palpable.

(both checked)
I fucking hope and pray this also implicates the fucking lugenpresse. They should've had their lying mouths shut a long time ago. If there's any clear times to implicate and drag their asses into court, let it be through the coming releases.

*any clear ties

To reveal what about myself? That you're Infowar quality tinfoil hatters? I'm don't doubt for a second that Obama and the Clintons are guilty of multiple heinous crimes but to think that anyone of their profile is going to spend a second in jail in the ' Current Year' or what ever the new larp seak is, is delusional. As I said carry on and good day. I said said good day.


While I'd tend to agree with you, if you did want to imprison people from the opposing party and didn't have bipartisan support you'd do it by making the evidence public and getting the people to demand it.

You may get your wish user.

It's going to be a series of bad days to be a kike, kike. I called you a kike.

image related

I certainly wonder though, if you went onto talk show radio and drew attention to it, how much of a bind would that put kikes in? Calling attention to shit here seems to put them in a bind, especially with the shillposting. But calling up Sean Hannity for instance and telling him something like "Now this would be the perfect time for the (((deepstate))) and corrupt media to have a false flag event that will hurt innocent lives all in a final gambit to distract the public eye from what's going to come and be released". I'm sure you'd be able to hear (((them))) squirm

this here not only is a nice 9/11 redpill, it also teaches how to make termite and termite steel cutters

better be something substantial, getting tired of this "almost news" shit where no one relevant goes to jail.

you know, if we could just get some admission that false flags and hoaxes have been committed within the last two decades then maybe just maybe the (((government))) might not do them ?!?!!?!?

Cmon, illegal spying ? FISA ? These (((cia niggers))) have been using loopholes to spy on everybody carte blanche since at least 911. Honestly man these faggots at the (((NSA))) couldn't even help spying on "love interests"

I would bet it's so bad people wouldn't even believe the kind of shit these rich assholes get up to being hooked into the IC. Betting on who knows what, stalking who knows where.

Popped in to cuck/pol/ for the time in ages to see what they were saying about this. What a shitshow - there really is no going back.

Sorry bongie, nothing will ever hit anything…. normies still being stroked.. kek

Repeat after me… NOTHING. Will. HAPPEN

The whole point of all of this bullshit is to keep the people on the edge of their seats.. nothing more, nothing less… it's all a Shoah to keep the WE THE PEOPLE at bay.. (((they))) know we want action

filtered tbh


We can only hope.

Your kind is famous for projection.

masha masheena

Wishful thinking.
The Jewdiciary is an extension of the establishment for quite a while now, and openly ignores the written law.

The left can’t come up with a funny Trump nickname to save their lives, meanwhile some user on cuckchan with MS Paint did a better job ironically.

looks like a genuine happening is finally on the menu boys. Time to get our sauces ready cause the entree of the year is about to hit our plates.

With you 100 - but there are some labyrinths our founding fathers established that are so abstruse even they can't fully get control over it. Hence: Trump won.

Alright. I've read through the thread and auxiliary information and I still don't fully understand the full implications of this memo. From what I understand, this memo shows evidence of surveillance by the Obama administration, not only on Trump but citizens at large. Is there anything else I am missing?

Not for much longer.

checked for new word of the day

I lol’d

What it likely entails is a few of the following points:

1) Acknowledgement that the dossier is fake
2) Acknowledgement that the dossier was the primary determinant in obtaining a FISA court warrant
3) Finding out the FBI paid Fusion GPS for the dossier, knowing it's fake

If people don't go to jail, then it'll be a travesty.


Top kek

I don't know if it's healthy or not but this is exactly how I view people now.

already attempted and thwarted one. but yes expect more.

lol. Real reason is not mentioned. Public is not allowed to have facts for discussion, public is only allowed to feed on propaganda. THIS IS THE LAW OF THE LAND.

Fucking hell when did reddit become the king of comedy

You do not have to break links. Just cap it and archive. Nice dubs though.


Love how I swear I was just showing my family tentacle porn exists guy thinks he can talk himself out of anything, trying to now talk this down with lunacy. I doubt the politicians in office who saw the report and were on Hannity with big kool aid smiles on lost their minds and went into a manic happy delusional state. In other words, Kurt is one big shit talk retard.

How would Kurt the Perv even know what's up, he's some degenerate everyone probably makes fun of behind his back. Yea, Nunes is doing this and a few others so they can look like idiots if it's a big nothing burger, right, to attack the FBI, mmm hmmm Kurt, and if it turns out to be nonsense Kurt, then what when it backfires on them Kurt? He doesn't even have believable excuses, would make no sense if this were nothing to go all out and demand it be released, for fucks sake, they already tried to stop its release, why would they have bothered and what was mentioned adds up, I mean you can expect the democrats did this, it's basically a known fact, they've done even worse, like stealing the nomination from decrepit Bernie.

I remember when this used to get radio play, classic stuff.


Don't look at the truth goy! Truth doesn't exist! Ov vey trust only the feelings we tell you to feel!

This looks terribly unofficial.

of course the Republicans will be good goys and go through all the proper channels to release it (if they release it at all) whereas that Jew Schiff would have leaked it by now if it benefited the Dems. RELEASE THE MEMO YOU DUMB BASTARDS!

ayyy, lmao remember hearing this all the time on the radio, really brings back memories of dialing into a friends multi line BBS with a 1200baud modem, was a hit with almost everyone on there.

You know nothing goy, I know what you believe and don't believe dumb goys, don't think, let big daddy government and Eichenwold do the thinking, you're not capable of thinking at my superior levels. I know why Nunes is doing this see, nevermind the other people in power who tried to stop it from seeing the light of day, pay no attention goy.
This fuckin faggot really rubs me the wrong way, he really thinks he can think and talk his way out of anything, dirty schmuck.

Circular kike logic, typical of their tactics

If it's anything really fuckin damaging, like Obama going level 3 defcon chimpin out and Hillary most likely orchestrated whoever did what, they need to build up suspense, can't believe what's in there and wildest imagination can't imagine, keep doing this for a few days or weeks to get everyone not shutting the fuck up what it could possibly contain, then when it hits peak hype drop it on the public.

It's a whole bunch of shit, typical two-faced bullshit tactics and talking in circles, when you break it down though it's pure nonsense. The degenerate doesn't even know what's in the fuckin document and is blowing it off as a nothing burg.






"Don't look at it", "It doesn't exist" and "It never would've helped you anyway" is pretty much every Kike argument summed up in three sentences.

I genuinely never know when its just a retard or one of our people making them look retarded.

"talking points" is their latest weapon I've noticed

Abstruse is a perfectly cromulent word.

At this point who even knows? Regardless it's funny as all fuck and they're pretty adept at making themselves look retarded

Of course their not going to spend any time in prison, mr. dubsman.

Traitors get the firing squad.

People have been running 24 hour ops for as long as I can remember to get shitlibs amped up and be stupid, most of the incredibly hyperbolic blogs and websites are secretly owned by shitlords. I have known several of these people IRL

wtf is "Russian collusion" anyways? sage for off-topic

Come on now user. If you put a dead nigger in a cell, surely he's gonna stink up the jailhouse. :^)

Modern day modern era +1 memetic butterfly warfare feels good user
Shadilay every day

Desperate flailing to deflect. Because people voted for Trump it must mean Russia interfered because big scary Putin respects him. That's what I've gathered from that shitshow anyway. Basically retards can't fathom why a state went red so it must have been collusion, right?
I've been trapped in a factory job with niggers and that's all they say. Over and over. Can't wait to see their reactions.

Every time something gets hyped, it ends up being some highly nuanced nothingburger. I really hope it isn't the case, but if it were really this damning, someone would have leaked it.

Please no dubs.

checked for keks lad

"Explosive", "Shocking" And "Alarming" FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, "End Mueller Investigation"

Meme responsibly user!
Shitposter-in-Chief could end up wearing an eye patch like Snake after a failed assassination attempt with memes like that in circulation!
Remember our memes create our reality. We need more HRC locked up memes tbh.


Dear Satan,
I'm getting deja vu. You said the same about Trump becoming President.

He'd look so badass with one so why not both memes?

Lads I'm serving in my city today and there's one of these fucking ridiculous woman's marches going on I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep my power level down. Do I just smile and say "fisa abuse" whenever some cunt wears a pussy hat at my tables, or do I tell them the pink hats are non inclusive and gender binary

I'm glad that if nothing less comes of all (((this))) we will still have blood on our hands via memes

Casually slip it into conversation. Talk about something innocuous like coffee and just throw it in and keep talking like you never said it.

my twitter is on lock down but could you please remind this kike what's going to happen to him unbelievably soon?

Ask and it shall be given,
Download and it shall be saved unto you.

Half are paid shills


No, user. There are idiots. MILLIONS of them.

how unsurprising that you get dubs when you sit in your poorly air conditioned room in Tel Aviv. gas yourself, your reign is over.

Until we bring back the camps this will never stop.

Well then we're gonna need a helluva lot of gas

True. God emperor level badass :^)

I remember how they originally claimed that Russia hacked the election. Have (((they))) ever even gone into detail about what "Russian interference" and "collusion" is supposed to mean? I swear I've heard (((them))) reference Russia posting fucking memes on Facebook. I can't make sense of it, and it seems they're just literally repeating "Russia" over and over. Do I live under a rock and am missing something?

Jesus Kurt even CTR does better arguments. This. This is your brain on tentacle porn folks.

They project to get in front of their own transgressions and to gaslight people when the truth comes out

i'll check em, and for good measure

Checked. No they didn't. They blocked any efforts Trump made to investigate voting irregularities when he called their bluff. Trump called off the investigation because it was burning money and getting nowhere. Or he got evidence to rope them.

Trips of truth

They ALL hang and then I'll have a coke

I miss those piss story memes that were going around here when that shit came out. The level of shitposting that came about during the election has made the last three years the happiest time of my life.


I feel ya

user "So guys, is your march is about releasing the memo to help Mueller?"
Dumbfucks "What memo?"
user "Oh I don't know, I heard people were trying to get it trending on Twitter."

And it is only January


This guy gets it.



Gas is reserved for kikes, user; to gas our own people would be beneath us. The vast majority of liberals are just misguided lemmings. They're still our people. Most have little conviction behind what they 'believe', they just parrot it because they think that's what everyone else believes. They are conformists and will switch to whichever narrative appears most authoritative, forgetting that they ever believed any different. We should reserve our wrath for the fraction that are hardcore Marxists, those that have consciously allied themselves with the jew.

there won't be camps this time mate

Fair enough but those few Marxists should get the helicopter then


same mate, it's been a fucking amazing time with all of you.



in a way it may end up playing into their hands. Did you see the senate hearing or whatever it was on social media ? It was non-stop kvetching about "terrorism" (ie the goyim know and are posting about it online) and how they're going to have to hand over the keys to all social media and censor the shit out of it now because of it

this is exactly the kind of 'fake news' they will talk about. Unless actual damage gets done to the (((deep state))) they will always be able to pretend that the (you) are the problem instead of (((them)))



This part is damning. Did Holla Forums anons really create the piss dossier fantasy and fed it to Wilson? From there it somehow made it to Steele/Fusion GPS?


What part of crash the plane with no survivors do you not understand?

In a word
Everything about it has since been memory holed, but I was crying with laughter when the "Russian dossier!!!" first came out in the news.

If its true how is it damaging? A site known for trolling, trolled once again? and some dumb idiot believed it?

thats a kek in my book user.

Well fuck. I have no idea what's supposed to be in the memo…

Good things come to those who wait, user

The funniest memory hole is the video of Megyn Kelly yelling "I'm a man" on live TV.

pretty sure i've got caps in my archive. i'll post anything I find

I admire your optimism but i'm of the opinion that if you're relying on info from places like Fox news or a rando poster from /greatawakening for a true happening you're setting yourself up to be burned.

i'm getting too old for that shit

helicopters are definitely on the menu

There is 2 options.
>They used illegal 702 about searches targeting anti-trump (((journalists))) thinking they would be able to intercept any dirt on Trump and use it for their own dossier. The anons LARP was so convincing that it ended up in the Steele Dossier and gave us all a dogwhistle to know it was a complete farce.
My personal opinion is #2 is most likely what happened because I haven't seen any connections between Rick Wilson and anybody related to Fusion GPS.


I really hope something happens. But I'm tired of getting blue-balled

It can't be anti-Trump - otherwise it would have already leaked.

I think No.1 is the case more likely. I read Fusion GPS was just some tiny no cred company for (((intelligence))). What I think happened is that Rick Wilson and John McCain used Fusion GPS/Steele as a cover for the LARP they were fed to give it some cred to the FBI, and their friends in the upper echelon of FBI further helped them with the cause and used it for FOIA requests to tap Trump. This makes the most sense to me.

He´s not the first black president. He´s the last one.

a more fitting way to publicly feature Mueller

i think what is so shocking about the memo that is going to come out is that they were spying on Trump for almost 2 years before they got the FISA warrant. It all goes back to that FISC memo detailing FISA abuses that was declassified back in April and Sara Carter reported on it in May.

I'm also not ruling out the possibility that Fusion GPS is in fact a (((CIA))) front.



Wait. My tism got the best of me. "Tapping" works. fug

It's both at the same time

The Pelosi special™

Love that song

Rick Wilson, as usual, is also sperging out. There is no fucking doubt in my mind the birth of the Russian dossier was the user's larp and that Steele was just a front to deliver credibility to the report.

Forgot pic.

You aren’t paying attention if you have blue balls buddy.

When they realize that Mueller wont come up with shit, it's going to be the left saying shit like this:
In their minds, Trump without a shadow of a doubt colluded with Russia to rig the election, they'll either think Mueller was incompetent or working with Putin.

this guy is a certified idiot.

Remember this?

tbh someone should just bring up his child porn crimes they let him go for because of his (((race))). he actually attempted to pay a little boy to remove his clothes on webcam, then claimed he was doing an investigation as his defense.


You know what the best part about this image is?
When Mueller is forced to go on TV and say, “There was no collusion; there was no illegal activity; all of this was a sham,” this liberal, and millions like him, will INSTANTLY turn against Mueller and demand his execution for treason against the United States.


It seems to be spreading…



The fire is rising


youknow something? in all my years listening to 9/11 stuff, this is the first time i've ever seen that video of the molten metal coming out of the building. before i always assumed that the jet fuel heated the beams up high enough for them to bend and become unstable, causing the collapse.
before this, i thought the political motives and evidence were the strongest arguments. i never thought the beams actually melted.

It's a meme, it's a joke, and it's the God's honest truth: jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

But most of the public are very low-IQ. Millions of idiots. MILLIONS OF THEM. MILLIONS.


its still killing it? I don't twatter, but I figured they would have buried this by now


…er, memo…

I don't twitt either

they're censoring it as hard as they can

The REAL enemies of the nation will not vote to release the doc.
They will either vote to secretize it, or they will simply not vote in favor.

THAT'S the list of name that needs to be made very public and very promoted across social media.
Let EVERYONE know who is in favor of violating our Constitution.

Checked. Whites are better at EVERYTHING we do.

that will just bring about the Streisand effect. These kikes will never learn.


You only have to soften it to knock it out of shape. Magicians do this all the time. They are called blacksmiths.

knocking it out of shape and having a 110 story building collapse perfectly into its footprint are 2 completely different things.

Soon as the memo is released that fucker is getting spammed with it delivered by smug waifu.


Not when you look at architectural design and load tolerances. All the parts need to be working and rigid in the correct way or it all comes tumbling down. The outer facade is just that. Not at all structurally sound therefore it did nothing to assist in retaining shape but everything in assisting gravity in deformation.
The jews did it but they did it efficiently. They created a fucking blast furnace in the center.

if you are going to post shit, at least post a large enough version that can be read.

otherwise, just fuck off.

jet fuel can't melt steel beams

where r u

Jesus Christ.
What a godawful cuck-caphony of angst and childishness.

Oy vey, you shouldn't release the memo! Think of the people that died for that! Think of the children, racist! H-how about making a deal, eh? We won't force a shut down and you won't release the memo, agreed?

It was a kike.

Sorry grabbed it off twatter, here's the original.


You spelled "collusion" wrong.

found here

sage for off topic

The center of that building was rebar concrete foundation. They are overbuilt on purpose. And all that shit about "muh free fall speed" is a red herring. If indeed it was hot enough to melt the steel through the concrete it would have fallen in stages, sloppily, and likely mostly to one side.

It was pure bovinery on part of the world that a regular building demolition with explosives wired all up and down the foundation columns was performed in front of them and they did not recognize it for what it was. I mean its michael Jackson "this white kids are mine" tier ridiculous. Reference my post in

it fucking wasn't built to spec, user

Obongo and Soros

we are kind of getting off topic here. We have all studied hours of 9/11, lets focus on when we think the memo will be released to the public.
I'm thinking Monday after a weekend of the government being shut down and nobody giving a shit, the dems will roll over and agree to fund the government. Then they get hit with the memo and nobody will give a fuck how many congressniggers boycott the state of the union because half of them will be boycotting because they are locked up in gitmo for being treasonous kikes.

Cheeeeeeecked, spot on recommendation

First post and time here, need to know how to find Q's thread. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Filtered for being a retard. Join the other mongoloids in the oven.

literally kill yourself

Lurk at least two more years first

Eat shit, then a bullet. Fast track to Q namefag.

This is a larp-free board. Neck yourself.

I've always wanted an excuse to buy a Mateba…




the kid is a good shit poster.

The amount of fuel burned, even in a worst-case scenario, with all the fuel and all the secondary fires concentrated at a single point, would not have weakened the steel to the point of collapse.

And, in truth, most of the fuel was burned up in a few minutes after the initial crash, as it was all released immediately when the planes disintegrated. The fires that were burning after the crash were all secondary fires, furniture, carpeting, etc….and certainly could not burn hot enough to even weaken the steel, no matter how long they burned.

And this doesn not take into consideration the insanity of the idea that all those girders could weaken and fail uniformly, crashing directly down into their own footprint, which had NEVER in the history of high-rise collapses occurred without controlled demolition. NEVER.
But it supposedly happened 3 times in the same incident on the same day?

Yea, no.

It's almost as if he knew all along about what would happen.

neck yourself m8

It's not even possible. You can't just dump out a bunch of fuel and get a fire hot enough to melt steel. It's incredibly hard to get steel to melt. If all people had to do to get steel to melt is just dump out a bunch of fuel then people would melt steel in their back yards, but it doesn't work. It's a big fucking scam on people who can't into science.


The only lesbian that I'd accept to fuck.

But you could weaken the steel so it has 5% of the load bearing strength that it had when cold. Which is the load they expected it to support when they designed the building all the way back in the 1960s.

We need to keep taps on politicians who leave the country

No. You require forge conditions. You cannot achieve forge conditions without a bellows. jet fuel is not a hot burning fuel.

Keep lying to yourself. Remain ignorant, nigger.

No, all three buildings were built to withstand the impact and subsequent fires caused by jumbo-jets crashing into them, it was a prerequisite to building them in the first place.
Not to mention that, unlike current structures, the steel in those buildings were wrapped in asbestos.

But we're off topic now, and need to quit. You are a fed shill or a dupe, and everyone following this argument knows this by now.
I won't respond further.

Don't bother, the retards are stuck on stupid. We have actual folks studying this shit with science and not waving chicken wings at it but they refuse to accept it. They're just disinfo jews continuing to push a false narrative to make the truth look just as ridiculous so they can point to one little blade of grass out of place and whisper, "see it's not the jews, it is completely unrealistic oy!"

The nervous cuckold says as he's cradles his mongrel grandchild, while holding his wife's hand as she's getting pounded out.

Apparently she's a kike. Pic related.


Checked & shadiley!

All we know for certain is that (((they))) dont want you to know whats in it.



tfw kikes did 911

These fuckers finally ready to listen? kek

No, user, this is just the beginning

I understand that building code corruption is a thing but you're ignorant of basic physics here. For the building to even exist as it did for that much time, to hold it's height amidst the wind forces it encountered at that height, it was a feat of engineering and required a minimum of strength that makes your claim impossible. And once "failed due to fire", it's still impossible to have it fall that way, straight on down.

It followed the pattern of a building destroyed at every floor level by explosives, something you can see a zillion times on YouTube. Building collapses, another thing you can Google or YouTube, look completely different. All that other shit about thermite, mini nukes, bloviating about free fall speeds, it's all red herring bullshit to keep you arguing about horseshit.


However, aluminum melts at a much lower temperature :^)

But I'm not saying it wasn't taken down. You're right, it looked exactly like a demo.

I know everyone on the internet claims to be an engineer but I actually am an engineer.
I wont keep going on about it because I dont feel strongly about the issue either way. If it turned out that jews did it I wouldnt care but Im not starting at that conclusion and trying to fit the evidence around it like many people do.

You ARE saying it was taken down, and why do you post two things that contradict, neither of which really answer me? Calling botspam. Defenestrate thyself, glow worm.

Nope. He owns this one.

THIS is the key I think.

It looks like a controlled demolition that you see on TV all the time. So people jump to that conclusion.
Like how everyone expects a shotgun to send people flying ten feet in the iar because thats what they saw on TV.

But other buildings have suffered similar collapses without explosives. Its called a palisade collapse. Where one floor falls on the one below and that floor cant take the dynamic impact so it falls on the one below etc etc.
A hotel in Spain collapsed like that.

Natural born shitposter, like his father.

I recall this clearly, was still frequenting multiple chans at the time. This was true, I genuinely don't understand the route prosecutors are taking with this because it makes no sense.

I misunderstood what you were saying. I believe that they couldn't have taken down the building, if it had been up to snuff. My suspicion is the bolts were aluminum.

Kikes are creative at cutting corners. Consider the famous case of the kike who patented using cardboard instead of rebar, in concrete construction. He was patenting what he had already done in countless buildings.

Go seek the water filter man's videos for the secret Q location, or about it or lurk 2 more years

If someone told you they had information which would take down the biggest guy in the world and you published it and pushed it only to later learn it all came from some random faggot on the internet, what would you do?
Lie your fucking ass off about the source at all levels seems to be the general answer.

ITT I find the memes about papercrete construction were true all along

That is a good point.
Skyscrapers in China have literally fallen over due to costcutting and bad workmanship.
Next time when someone says that the Juice were responsible for 9/11 I will agree with them but not for the reason that they think.

How did this get detailed into a full on steel beams thread?

This is a key point.
The FBI and DOJ already know the "golden shower" dossier came from an user on half-chan, Steele might have known it too, but just didn't care, because he was getting paid to dig up dirt on Trump, and this was part of all he could find.
Hildabeast and company probably saw it as fake, but also didn't care, because they see their dupes as incredibly stupid herd animals who will believe everything their feels tell them to (and Hilly is not wrong in this).

But when it comes to the forefront that the FBI & DOJ have been investigating a President based on a 4-Chan troll, how does that make THEM look?

They want this buried, but for the love of all that's holy, they can't figure out how to get out from under this.

Really makes you think.

the kikes want to derail this. #releasethememo is already hidden from worldwide trends on twitter despite everybody still going crazy over it. Kikes are gonna kike


We're just chatting, while waiting for habbenings to habben.

There's little to be done at this point. Clearly, the memo is overwhelmingly in Trump's favor. Meanwhile, it hasn't been leaked at all. So we just don't know. They're saying worse than Nixon, so my guess is that Obama put people on the shit list and made it hard/impossible for them to get jobs.


CNN has confirmed the debunked memo has been charged with sexual misconduct. A source familiar with yearbooks has claimed 3 young women have came forward with accusations of misconduct. The memo also is a cisgenered racist who colluded with Russia to be fit for office. The memo is subverting democracy two scoops at a time with a temperament dossier. The whole world is laughing at the memo behind it's back while it eats well done steak and diet coke. Tax returns.

He used the fucking IRS as his personal army


Christ its so obvious too, I mean read the fuckin thing. These people are so fucking stupid I can't believe they have been running the world.


carry on. sorry for calling you a kike


Worldwide trends become irrelevant when the hashtag is in everyone's feed.

What is relevant is the censorship they are pulling to attempt to obfuscate it.

And it would probably be a good thing if we stopped doing their thinking for them.
It's impossible to win a war by uplifting your enemies, we need to be careful what we meme and all that.

Daily reminder, Barack Obama was a CIA agent:


So did Nixon, though. It has to be worse than Nixon…

How does a guy who works intelligence for a living source a Twitter/cuckchan claim through a random political pundit and include it in the dossier with zero corroborating evidence. I'm always amazed by the absurdity of this stuff.


Serously though, one of the glorious red-pill potentials of this is that it exposes how the lugenpresse has been collaborating with a corrupt administration. It may mention nothing about the media coverage, but all but the most brainwashed people will surely be able to see the connection between the all-out propaganda assault on Trump, and the deep state fabricating narratives for them to run with.

These people have Zero respect for the democratic will of the people.

I remember that. When they were haranged by the press, they looked like they just saw a ghost. There are three questions I see here:
Did their dirt get swept up?
Did they think this would destroy the demonrat party?
Will they worm their way out of trouble?

I know some one in a lettered agency. The US intellegence agencies have been sweeping up all satelite, radio, telephone, or any electromagnetic spectrum since the 70's. They were only able to process the data algorithmically since the 90's. The spying is all encompassing, total and complete. The only thing that invokes this Icarus system is the wanted focus of some agent or hitting the appropriate meta data(queue up Deus Ex theme, weird how this game is so accurate in where things are going, including transgenics like CRISPER and the elite chasing immortality). The elites want a Deus Ex style dystopia with total awareness and unlimited power over us.

That being said, there is a real need for FISA courts. Deep cover spies are very real and FISA and data snooping allow us to fight our enemies. The real question is how do we keep this rabid dog on a leash. My only solution is to reduce its need by legalizing US companies to retaliate, with documented proof and then approval, against foreign nations and enemies. But then, maybe corporations may try to seize power? It's all fucked, but make no mistake, our enemies are constantly engaged in covert warfare on our home soil.

Some of the shit hes told me gives me fucking nightmares. Dirty bombs, loose nukes, biowarfare. This shit has happened on home soil, but the all seeing five eyes has stopped it because all data is visible to them.

Well, sorry for conflicted post, but the threat is real and the risk from the solution seems to lead to all encompassing tyranny. Whatever the, stack guns and ammo, and foods with long shelf lives, like beans, rice, quinoa, amaranth, teff. Get anti-biotics and anti-septics, and hygene products. Also learn a trade. If you can build shit or maintain and repair it, no one will slaughter you.

I think they will do as many false flags and arm leftist terrorists to force a settlement with the government. If Trump grabs as many leaders as possible right now he can completely avert this. No one with that much power walks away without being forced to.

The only thing I'm looking forward to is kicking the chair out from under these kikes feet while the noose is around their necks.

I believe the root cause of their desperation is far worse than even we can imagine.

i honestly believe this memo will reveal the castle coup that has been going on since the election. Nunes has the bank records of Fusion, so he knows which kikes were paid, when, and how much. Its going to get /comfy/. A redpill suppository for the world.

A business preventing themselves doing business.
I think you know how this ends for (((them))) user.

Not the fucking point. You don't wait for the fucking jew to place himself into the oven quietly you have to give him a push.

You make a good point but holy fuck you just gave me eye cancer.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." - Napoleon



Far worse, and that's just the stuff we know about and a lot of it we knew about during King Nigger's reign at that


oh snap thats more confirmation

< suits
Worse than gore.

that studio floor needs a clean, and why is the congressman wearing eyeshadow?
sage for off topic

Expect BLM funding and antifa funding to return full swing. This cold civil war is going to go hot soon. I hope you’re prepared to fight for yours and your peoples lives.

Also was in Atlanta for work, mingling with a software consultant at a bar, bunch of kikes come up order drinks then I overheard them talking about Tavistock. Not quite sure what the specifics are, but expect a Tavistock psyop attackto be ran against us.

I was thinking of exactly that part of the book during whole comey flip flopping the democrats did. Good reference user.


Yep. We're moving toward our next chimpout, orchestrated by Haifa.

>t. Quartlow

I wonder if he was the reason why the police/feds raided newsweek yesterday

I wonder if it was looking for Kurt Kikenwald's loli collection


And of course, there's going to be a massive cohencidence regarding the ethnicity of many of the people involved. This is perfect timing along with the emerging trend of people daring to name the Jew.

I wonder if Paul Ryan is gonna get caught up in this, could be good for Nehlen.

Ryan is looking too calm cool and collected right now. I really think the dems kept this spying shit in house thats why they are so mortified to even talk about it. If it had enough ammo to take down the republican speaker of the house they would have an opportunity to spin it. It honestly sounds like this memo will kill the DNC.

Bizarre how it all works… the FBI believes it because it's coming from an ex MI6 operative compiling information from his 'sources,' the MI6 guy uses it because it's coming from a Republican pundit and what he believes to be the pundit's sources in Republican political circles, and the pundit uses it because he's a #NeverTrump cuckservative who is likely to believe the nonsensical claim to begin with and has a big enough ego that he thinks someone with such bombshell information on Trump would choose a shitty talking head most people have never heard of to be the one to reveal it.

The ride never ends

Trump said it best, they have experience, BAD EXPERIENCE. He also blasted them on constantly making bad deals and praising them as great deals.

Typical two faced talking in circles verbal JEWdo, that's all you're hearing from the clowns on the left on this, oh it's nothing, that's why it wasn't released yet.

The memo is going to be built up and then released, the dems and media will try to downplay the hype buildup.

Remember, it was all bought and paid for using a mixture of DoJ, FBI, and Clinton Foundation monies.
That's why FusionGPS is trying to stop the subpoena into their finances - also involves Tony Podesta and Paul Manafort and their lobbying activities in Ukraine.

Believe me or not, I couldn’t believe it myself. I had to do a double take when I heard “tavistock” come from their mouths.

Hell I’ll even tell you what bar, the W Hotel in Midtown.


Twitter has censored both #ReleaseTheMemo and #Obamagate

The shills have said a lot of similar things over the past four years.

Am I the only one getting weirded out by Adam Schiff's eyes?

Atlantaon here. What did they look like?

Legalfag here, not to demoralize, but nothing will happen. Legally speaking, a former president can invoke national security laws or PATRIOT Act need to know sections to avoid legal incrimination.

Kang Nigger can not only use aforementioned sections of USA PATRIOT Act to protect himself, but if he operated "in good faith" under "reasonable" terms, to protect the country's national security, he would likely walk away scot-free. Therefore, Obummer's imprisonment or hope thereof, is highly unlikely. Such a case would be without precedent and would take at least ten years for a resolution.

Literally, in the Millennial sense, nothing will happen. Also, if you're too stupid to realize Barack Obama was recruited by CIA, since CIA always chooses its own for president, even Trump (believe it, CIA knows that left and right must be balanced for a slow dialectical move to the Left) then you're a vagina.

Yes. And in the built up, everyone is going to see how desperately the Dems try to suppress it. They'll basically be admitting their own complicity by doing so. All part of the plan I think.


Case in point.

Unless Obama also spied on, threatened, and otherwise harmed Democrats. If he did (betcha he did), then they will be united against him.


I am. The look like that woman in California's eyes…


Obama can definitely be indicted for the shit he did while working for the CIA in Afghanistan.

How likely is it for Drumfhy to accidentally North Korea (according to CNN) in the next few days?
I can't really think of any other "convincing" false flags (((they))) could pull off right now for the purpose of shutting it down.

They are certainly backed into a corner now. They may try to go down swinging. They'll be desperate if that's the case.

If you release the memo liberals win.

Kikes, then they were joined by a few others that were clearly shabbos goyim. But the initial group was 5 kikes


Also a legalfag chiming in to say yes, that's true re memo alone, but the memo is laying the groundwork. Remember it's not the only piece of evidence. The public has to be primed for the overall insanity to be revealed. You can't just tell people, hey, the whole government's treasonous. You have to release damning evidence bit by bit to warm them up to the idea without causing either side to try to start a war.


So very true, but this is the big one. What Obama did, I believe also struck Democrats. They're gonna be mad as hell.

I agree with . The level of treason and concomitant abuse of surveillance here was astonishing. This is part of the information drip Trump is using to get what is basically destabilizing information out to the nation (eg, your entire government, essentially, is treasonous, it has been for a long time, it has deliberately put you in danger, and it spies on everyone in the meantime while it commits treason, including a challenger candidate–essentially, we live in an authoritarian state with immense power that actively harms its own people. Can't just say that. Have to drip it out, media coverage or not, because the truth does get out. And Trump is dismantling media as well to soften resistance to real information.

He has it

Who are you referring to as "he"?

Hahahaha, yeah sure, that's why he was forced to go through the FISA court. Let's see KIng Nigger try to protect himself if the shit hits the fan.

oooh it seems this could be correct.


>first black kike mix president

Twitter works for the bad guys. The shadow govt/rogue intel/bad guys in Congress. Never sign up for Twitter. Ever. They fully work with the feds.

Just a disclaimer and warning here for anyone even considering that, not that anyone on Pol would. Check Twitter but never sign up.

Lmao, french fecal warfare

Crossing my fingers that the memo links to canadian politicians as well, Id love to see ontario forcibly cleaned out.

I can't…

inb4 "oh sorry guys, I meant 'tick tock' until someone leaks it lmao sorry I hyped you all up to watch my show"

Disappointing low donations on the wikileaks btc donation address though

Not to mention how they have lit been facilitating isis there, running their recruitment, propaganda etc infrastructure since before it's fucking inception


Yeah. The domestic enemies list is getting really long. Unclear how a good chunk of America doesn't seem to get the degree of treason and the concentration of domestic enemies we're facing. Civil wars have been fought over far less.

Yeah, we have this thing called "evidence" that says it wasn't in "good faith" or "reasonable." It will be nice to finally rid our legal system of you kike fuckers.

Doesn't he do this about as often as the rest of the media tells people that Trump is finished and already on his way to a prison cell?

The "person in a lettered agency" he mentioned at the beginning.

God I hope so. Nothing funnier than watching retards try and fight.


I think he pulls this over small things to get people to watch his show.
I really do hope he isn't just whoring around for viewers now, and that he will present this today.

He tends to drag it out too. Let's hope he really has it and will drop it today

To be fair, you're still being tricked by this kike because you are assuming the statute the kike mentions is the only one to hang the kang. It doesn't matter whether that particular statute is used or not, as there is a mound of other evidence showing years of treason. It's all out there and plenty of applicable law. Like, don't sell nukes and classified info to enemies. The memo here is PR. It's part of the drip drip to get the public warmed up for the most fucked up reality they've ever heard. FISA abuse was cover for the ultimate treason, essentially, and the memo is just another piece getting public ready.

You're presuming way to much on my behalf. There was nothing else to add when he can be shut down with a few words. I'm not wasting extra effort on the kikes just for them to stick their heads back up their asses and claim they can't hear me.
Run along son.

Twitter is now restricting and banning accounts posting on the #ReleaseTheDocuments Hashtag
They are going to Streisand it. Mark my words.

yeah, we did it. there were threads on 4/pol/ basically concocting the main events of the dossier. The entire thing was a chan meme which is why it reeks of a chan meme.

yep, #releasethememo didn't show up in the drop box when i fired a nice sarcastic tweet off at Comey. There was #releasethe, but no #releasethedocuments


What would you give to see the following politicians hung in the public square for their treason?
- Obama
- Pelosi
- Clinton
- Clinton
- Clinton
- Schumer
- McConnell
- Kikenwald (sp?)

It'll work this time you meddling goyim!
nervously rubbing hands

Sorry legalfag; surveying the members of the SCotUS, Federal judges(FISA Court), Congress, State level politicians, Religious leaders, their staffs and families while also willfully and knowingly violating those groups' 4th amd rights after being advised not to by FISA lawyers is not "reasonable". Trust me, seriously take a fucking screenshot of this goddamn, print it out and get it framed. Obama turned the key on the global surveillance system then drove it like he stole it, because he and Rahm literally did.

$1500-$2500 per ticket to watch it live
$150 to watch it on payperview
$1,488,000 to be the one to drop the floor out from under them

Also fuck Sotomayor, traitorous bitch.

I forgot the name of the guy who called us all anime masturbators for a moment. That's Rick Wilson, right? If so, add him to the list.

Maybe they can use Comey reasoning, intent wasn't there, mmm hmmm. Intent wasn't there goys, nothing to see here, move along.

yea Rick Wilson. And I'll have him know I have only masturbated to anime a few times and not in years. That guy was way off base.

Me too user. It's not an exclusive thing. Sometimes it just happens. Like when you accidentally touch another man's dick with your boner.

Looking right now and I just see identical narratives of muh russian-backed twitter bots are the reason for it….
Come on now, msmbiciles can't keep resorting to that every time and expect it to work!

When he goes to jail, will King Nigger miss Michael's dick, or will there be plenty of benevolent rape-niggers willing to fill the void?


I mean, I don't doubt that specific part about kang nigger, but come on man.


"Like when you accidentally touch another man's dick with your boner."




His mother was a CIA handler and his Indonesian step father was one of her assets.

You mean like a government shutdown?

Wasn't his mother also jewish?



Dude sounds like a 70s porn star, why should anons trust him?

I'll believe it when I see it. No sense getting blueballed by nobodies on twitter.

This man is perfectly trustworthy, don't you fellow nazis agree? So this all but confirms it isn't going down today, the CIA is trying to dash expectations and demoralize

I was not aware


post yfw the left openly cannibalizes itself with no survivors

The issue is (((some))), but not all, lawyers like the lawyer you were responding to would prefer to lie than admit there are tough concepts that go deeper than their own self-interest, like when there is a very important duty to put one's nation above kikey law manipulation. This is something Perkins Coie and Simpson Thacher, among other kike firms implicated in the nukes/classified info for donations scheme and subsequent cover up and virtually all the lawyers for the deep state treasonous syndicate involved here, simply refuse to admit and are perfect examples of why people hate lawyers.

That said, law and laywers, in an of themseves, are the huwhitest of huwhite concepts. Look at what the framers of the Constitution did for a living. Nearly all were English lawyers and they created a brilliant legal system that's been run into the ground by kikes assuming lawyer form. They are always loyal only to the kikes and simply good at manipulating words and therefore particularly skilled at law, but again, it's not a knock on law, which is white, but a knock on the many kike practitioners who abuse even good legal systems like ours once was.

Let me also note that sometimes, in order to keep the rule of law in place, you have to have massive bloodshed. The framers who were lawyers accounted for this, and it may be the case here. But that situation is still due to kikery and abuse of the law, not due to the concept of principled law and good, principled lawyers who respect law and the principles behind the law. It's the filthy, dishonest lawyers, who are overwhelmingly kikes or shabbos goys paid by kikes. Just want to differentiate the importance of rule of law v. kikery/practitioners/those who created this situation.

I'm will to bet his buck does get a ton of sex. His jewish princess relishes the black cock inside her whilst laughing as he fumbles with his small circumcised penis.


From his twitter bio:

They're not even trying anymore, grasping on the ridiculous, these are signs of desperation. I guess the russian bots planted the FISA memo too somehow maybe possibly. It would be great if politicians were held accountable. Wouldn't be surprised if they score brownie points with Soros and the globalists when they stick to their narrative, maybe that's why they tweet ridiculous things, gotta get that cash one way or another.

pic: walkiking normally

either way

This is the problem with state-level surveillance, how do you make sure it isn't abused? We've seen first hand with Reality Winner how higher-ups get "brilliant" young people to do their bidding. Somehow I think that there is no way to leash FISA in a way which will completely prevent abuse, especially when the media is complicit and people who try to blow the whistle are killed.

Maybe. But they're also scrambling for cover by finding a certain thing to blame like "Democrats." Yes, Democrats had a lot of people in the massive treasonous syndicate.

But deep state folks like this guy know damn well know the treason is pervasive through all parties and that deep state is really just its own illegal party pulling the strings. And even within that already illegal string-pulling group, there's a very powerful criminal/rogue element that was running this massive treasonous scheme and keeping everyone else in deep state and elsewhere in govt aligned. This thing goes deep and wide, and any attempt to make it a partisan issue or otherwise pin the blame on aything other than "the whole fucking system is fucked so burn it the fuck down" is misdirection. They're all traitors–all of them–and the whole thing is fucking fucked from start to finish, up and down, and side to side. Rule of law must be restored by any means necessary, and thousands must be brought to justice, or we're done as a democracy/republic.

Checked, & SHADILEY!

Kikes don't want us talking about their impending genocide.

thats embarassing on the Reps part. How much do you want to bet that kike hasn't even read the memo despite being one of 435 people with actual access to it. I'm honestly ready for the purge.

I'll believe it when I fucking see it. He's just hopping on the hype train. I'm so fucking tired of these media fuckwads blue-balling us every single time. If he had anything, he would have released it already.

Yeah, right. Peddle your CIA=heroes bullshit somewhere else.

I have not seen this amount of salt and absolute fear from libtards on social media since the election.

Rolling for trips of truth.

In a different world lefties would applaud this news busting merry prankster type stuff. Of course they lack introspection so they can't see how this is both hilarious and effective.

I guarantee it's another nothingburger.

I bet this is a ploy by GOPe to get Trump supporters to look like crazy conspiracy theorists when the memo has nothing.

Hannity doesn't have the specifics, taking the word of politicians who again themselves can't go into detail because it's classified.

Yea, sure. All these politicians want it to come out and say it's huge, right, it'll be a nothing burger.


it is a little funny perculiar that 'tick tock' is Hannity code for 'haha I tricked the goyim' and it's now also something based king Qanon is saying

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the President have the authority to declassify any document? Why can't Trump just release it himself if it's such a big fucking deal?

I know for a fact this will not only be a nothingburger, but CNN and other mainstream outlets will call it "Nothingburger" by Monday. Go ahead and screenshot this.

Why is Business Insider so kiked? I've noticed this before.

What makes you think he won't release them? You're talking in circles, try that on someone else.

Wait. Qanon is Hannity?


We'll see, won't we?

Gaetz has been one of the few out front and ballsy standing up to these evil fuckers. His statement is here:

Gaetz is the opposite of a bullshitter on this topic.




Funniest thing about the useful idiots on the left is how they don't realize the massive extent of the treason, nor the extent to which they've been played by Mueller. Mueller is a white hat. He's digging up everything systematically to annihilate these fucking nigger traitor pieces of shit (like Manafort's ledger), and these useful idiots are too stupid to see it.


Gaetz is a shithead, and a Chet. Christ fuck that bloody douche.

Hi, CIA. Working hard or hardly working?

Socialists are retarded. They can't analyze.

He may be a douche, but he's not wrong on this issue, and he was one of the first to stand up against these scumbags. He's certainly not GOPe.

They're just dishonest kikes.

Dishonest kikes run the leftist show. Anyone lower down is dishonest and vying for power or simply a useful idiot (likely mostly the latter). This principal goes back to early communism.

So does that make him a CIAdoublenigger?

I love how they just chuck this out there to scare the Boomers.

You seem like you're getting hotheaded over the fact that you know this is a 100% all BS Nothingburger.

I want to see you make this same post as they lead Obama to the gallows.


He's scum.

That forms the basis of Twitter's censorship. They train the system to "detect Russians," and then nuke middle America with the system so trained.

I want to see that too, brother.

It's hilarious how the CIA agent looks at the nigger like "god you fucking idiot".

these people honestly believe that everybody who wants to see this memo is a russian bot. We are exceeding levels of retardation that should not be possible in CY +3. This needs to end in a purge the likes of which we have never seen before in the United States.

That made me laugh much harder than it should of

The stakes are so high for them given extreme, widespread treason. The incentives in place for them, and what they've done so far endlessly swearing black is white and night is day, means they'll probably deny, minimize, and deflect until the very last second when they realize they're definitely getting hanged, and then they'll try to mobilize shitskins and useful idiots for an actual war rather than all go down.

Kennedy already knew this.


Yup. No surprise they're prepping the public to hear news of a heart attack, e.g., "buh buh Trump's heart isn't healthy, no matter what his doctor says…" It's a psy op preparing the public for when deep state poisons Trump by injection or otherwise and causes a heart attack. The fact we've allowed this shadow govt to run things is shameless and revolting and shits all over the founders. It has to stop.


Heh, when the first Muh Russia nonsense dropped in the late fall of 2016 I switched my pro-Trump troll account's handle to cyrillic and later I find out from the fusion testimony that they counted anybody with cyrillic in their handle as a Russian.

I sit patiently waiting for my summons to Congress so I can testify that I knew it was BS and did it to troll (((them.)))

Left turning into fringe conspiracy theorists. What a time.

A typical CIA post:

The apathy among the public has to stop to stop this undemocratic, unconstitutional shadow govt. The public truly must engage now. It needed to engage long ago, but of all times, it must engage now. This has to be a turning point or we're truly done.

They've been kiked since years ago. CIA used them to say they never said Iraq had nukes, and that it was just Bush/Chenney lying.

Yep, perhaps the reason the Nov 6th insurgency was stopped was not because the soyboys and pussy hats (and MS-13) were afraid of being arrested, but because they knew they were more fucked than they were letting on and wanted a firecracker in their pocket for later.

I still suspect Google will deploy its own army of killbots on the same day as well. Hope everybody's got their HERF guns primed in case we need to zap some computers.

By way of check, please accept these original frame check ems for making me laugh so hard user.


They will expose themselves, in grand style.

These shadow government apologists must die painful deaths in the upcoming civil war.

Aside from the idea of doxing yourself it would be fucking epic to have everyone reply with their us passports.

Stay salty LARPjew

Every single leftist regardless of context or motive deserves to have a power drill run through his belly. Their women should simply be beaten, savagely, until they repent their ridiculous ideas, but the men, and all children raised under the auspices of leftism, should be killed.

I am a firm believer that political ideology is heritable. If we kill all leftists, we will eventually extinguish that gene as surely as if we were to kill all blonde people we would eventually extinguish that gene. Let's start with their nigger president and his criminal friends, then let's establish a fascist state, designed to weed out criminal leftists. Leftism is, after all, treason. It should be considered high treason.

This is right. Apologists have to be liquidated along with the perps. We're at a point where it's no longer an option. We either fix this with whatever means is necessary (probably mass executions, seriously), or the republic is irrevocably done and rule of law will never be restored.

Russians or terrorists.

The children can be saved. Many a Holla Forumsack is testament to that. Agreed on the rest though. Leftist women should be property of a right wing man for hte rest of their lives.

These men need to be cloned and brought back at the end just to point and laugh at them.

Well, the white ones anyhow.

It's the inverse of the 8ch hivemind. They exclusively source their opinions from what their fellow "redditors" have said in an attempt to seem intelligent and mainstream. Most lack the capacity to use inductive/deductive reasoning, so it's like one gigantic vacuum of opinions.

It just shows how out of touch they are and who their true masters are.

Do any of them remember the years and years not too long ago when Putin and Bush Jr. were best pals? When we were achieving cooperation with Russia until it put certain (((interests))) in weaker positions?

Remember the rumors about Brennan? That's coming back into the news actually.

Media Matters is running scared on this one :^)

Mean to respond to
And yes, "terrorists" is easily thrown around, also. There are real terrorists, like the ones to whom Huma Abedin helped pass nuclear weapons material and classified information, but "terrorist" and "Russian" are usually code for "look anywhere else for an enemy except right here in your own govt, which is where the truly dangerous enemies really are."

It ain't even organic either. They have to moderate their comment pool so heavily that it feels like it's a damn pool with too much chlorine in it.

And Patton and Eisenhower.

don't say nigger, if you live in the hood take a hick and let the white lefties deal with nogs, they deserve a clear look into the reality they helped to create but are not aware of

I want to believe, but something better fucking happen with this.

Glen Greenwald (i know) highlights four ways for the republicans to release the memo if they actually want to. Why dont they just do it if it's so serious?

If this doesnt happen soon, Im going to have trouble believing in these stories much longer.


That's an interesting narrative being shilled. The way they're writing the scenario out step by step, like a script, so that even if liberals have no arguments they can just appeal to fate. It reminds me of how people appeal to God's perfect justice only in their darkest hour. What's interesting is that by using this tactic they are outright admitting that they are losing. It allows the lemmings to just block out anything which contradicts their preconceived view of politics without reason. True, they would have likely done this anyways, but this proves that not only do they know they are fucked, but that they don't even trust their own goodest goyim to mentally gymnastic their way out of this. Remember, the dems know what's in the memo. Hundreds of their representatives have read it, and it's obvious that they'll leak anything because they know they'll get away with it. So not only do they know what the memo contains, they know it will hurt them, they know that even their loyal followers will question the DNC narrative if they find out what the memo contains.


You're missing one. Add stein to your name and you get a free pass to release whatever the fuck you want without any dirty fucking goyim telling you otherwise.

They start out with an idea and then fit their own reality around it.

So I see the answer is, you're hardly working :^)

undercover nigger detected

Then this is good litmus test for Hannity's credibility after he cucked during the Seth Rich/Kim Dotfuckingnothing ordeal. If (((Media Matters) is quiet and Hannity doesn't come through this time, then he can be written off forever and ever as a bullshitter. I believe he'll come through.


Heh, they've done this since Trump opened his campaign in 2015. I have a buddy who isn't a channer and is a normie and a libtard, and he was all over the same narrative that the shills push here even. I was shocked, turns out he got it all from Reddit, which CTR claimed in some document or another was one of the places they controlled the narrative in.

Namefagging cancer sites are much more easily controlled, we all know this. But the fact that my normie friend was so clued in with the current shillop narrative allows us to divine that this same narrative, which no doubt will be on NPR later today too, comes from one single place on high, from the pyramidion penthouse of Satan let us say, and filters down the pyramid to the media, web sites, the normies eventually. This is why they're so fucked, like a buisiness or warship that is too large it takes forever for any course change to filter down and they can be outmanuvered. If Mueller really turns out to be our guy most normies will be on board with it even if the media frantically starts screaming that he isn't for a couple days. The hoi palloi is already confused and distrustful about the media's ever shifting narrative, changing it so suddenly won't work out well.

This whole portrayal of narratives trick only works well if you portray them consistently, so the audience can feel that their opinions are validated and thus get a dopamine release for being so smart, gleefully joining with public opinion as usual. They fucked it up, I blame affirmative action hiring policies.

Their logic circuits are installed backwards

i was typing fast, therefore some typos

Typical CIA post:

Buck Sexton? more like Butt-Sexton

It’s up in the air. If hannity is feeling brave enough to do what is right then victory is truly on the horizon

Good job. Can you say, GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW?

It's the top story on Media Matters.


Able to bake next wholesome bread without faggot ingredients
Able to include related image
Previous experience with baking white whole wheat bread
Competent at handling ovens of all types


This thread has slowed to a crawl and it's 100 posts away from the limit. There's no need for a new one yet.

Ahhhh nigger he baboon !!!

the glow nigger ran out of cat pictures


Well, maybe he used to be. Seems to be becoming more and more common as of late.

I’ve been at this a long time. My relationship with my family was destroyed, completely destroyed. After Trump started his campaign they slowly started realizing I was right about everything. And now I’m eating a mom cooked dinner and browsing the shitstorm edition internet in between conversations about “the importance of bringing back public executions and how it may be unsavory but there is no other way.. the crimes are too severe for anything less than death”

And I’ve seen plenty of anons giving the same anecdotes. The plebs are awakening.

He has cucked quite a bit on funs.

Oh shit nvm. PETER King is the cuck

So…. where’s the evidence for these claims? Russian bots Can they prove it? That’s a bold claim to make without evidence considering literally anyone anywhere can create dozens of twitter accounts and automate it

So leave it till the last minute like a nigger?
This thread has updates every time I come back to look at it. 100 is enough to work out who will be baking without a dozen wasted threads because sperglords rushed to bake when it was left to late.

Sorry, I should have spoilered. Anything else involving a traitor posing with a noose would be suitable too.

They are insinuating that WE are Russian bots

Ted Kaczynski was undoubtedly correct.


It’s called chutzpah

being this new.

Bull fucking shit.

There are Russian bots underneath your bed right now, user.

It’s a bit of a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario. If no counter espionage snooping is done it’s basically idkfa for the kikes. But if you allow snooping it will be abused eventually, which amounts to idkfa for the kikes.

Only solution to that is no secrets, all info public, but then that gives the kikes idkfa.

reds under the bed?
McCarthy was right!

rolling for ultimate domino collapse of the status quo

I see. It's probably still a very good test of Hannity's credibility because several Congressmen have said this document is something the American people must see. This means Hannity has a rock solid public interest justification to broadcast the information that should trump any kikey reason Media Matters uses to attack Hannity's advertising, which means Fox really can't justify caving. If Hannity fails to deliver, it's because he truly doesn't have anything and should be discredited in the future. So, it's still a good test to see who Hannity truly is.

I don't trust anyone and assume everyone in the media is running psy ops for any number of reasons like working on behalf of the massive treasonous syndicate, or they're simply self-advancing assholes with no regard for the consequences of a buildup/letdown that reduces credibility of a very important public interest concern in the eyes of the public just because some asshole in the media didn't deliver. We're in an idiotic media brainwashing world with a giant group of treasonous murderous criminal fuckers running the government doing everything they can to destroy the people. That's why it's good to test out alleged trustworthy media types to see if they're actually on our side or not.

This, the feeling on the ground is very different from the narrative portrayed by Reddit and the lying fake news. That gulf will widen as the shills double down yet again, you know they will.

The two pillars which sustained them, public opinion and control of the government, have been removed, and that unsupported beam is cracking.


very slight hijack here but why can’t we have green bold text similar to

Not because he's ever been /ourguy/ by any stretch. Look at his actions. It seems Trump read him the riot act. Mueller was a salesman for the criminal treason syndicate, so he's in on it. Trump probably flipped him right off the bat. That's my nutty conspiracy theory. But his actions, mainly by going after Manafort's ledger, which essentially points to ALL the bad guys worldwide, speak volumes, so there's that.

Bullshit indeed. He is implicated in at least uranium one, which is a serious fucking crime. I think if anything he may have been offered immunity for cooperation… But, more likely, he is being allowed to try to dig up muh Russia dirt and shit like this fisa report is going to be used to ensnare all of them.


Now if only we could get these insufferable newfaggots to understand how memetics works we can get back to doing Gods Work.

Yes, read my post just above. I think he got flip fucked by Trump day one. Mueller is guilty as sin, and his actions are very clever to appear to go after muh Russia, but they actually serve as the perfect basis to nail the criminal treason syndicate to the wall, person by person, bit by bit.




So it's been a full 24 hour news cycle on this so far and it's still a complete nothingburger. Why are we still talking about this?


everyone here needs to read this

"Do it yourself" - God

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"


You don’t get it…. “prove it” is an alinsky tactic. Use it against them. They make outrageous claims, demand evidence and call them blowhards when they can’t cough any up. Oh and “some intelligence agency or researcher says so” isn’t evidence it’s hearsay

Ben Shapiro and Greg Gutfeld both say it's a nothingburger. These guys are pretty based and usually hit things right on the mark.


Lol Shapiro is worried about his coethnics

Try again, brochakas.

sup Greg

>implying getting repubs the half way decent ones like King get off their asses to do something at all isn't part of the plan


He's worried he won't be sucking on his sister's kike tits after too long.

Khazar milkers, uuuuuuuuuuuuh


I was wondering about this :^) The kikes are against it, left, right, center. All the kikes are afraid of the memo.

>(((Ben Shapiro)))

Filter + repot lads.

But… why are you saging. It's important info. All the kikes are against the release of the memo, AND Trump :^)

As someone mentioned, Trump can't release it, because that would look like retaliation.

They are a lie, full of holocaust ash and banknotes.

Accident. I've gotten used to adding sage when I report because the thread sliding has gone up a lot recently.

I have autism. Don't bully me.

Shapiro was and still is a never-trumper. Im sure he knows his neocon idols could be implicated in this as well. What a fucking rat. Even by kike standards, his duplicity and malignant nature is just astonishing.
Shapiro despises Trump, despite Trump going out of his way to suck Israel's dick. That doesnt matter, because Trump committed the greatest sin in Shapiro's eyes, by endorsing policies that are tacitly pro white. That makes him Shapiro's greatest enemy, more so than any leftist. That tells you everything you need to know about him and other (((pundits)))

I think they were being sarcastic

I dunno user, I'd hit it and quit it.

okies, hun

Hit yourself and quit yourself you degenerate manlet.

He's Mossad.

Hitler watches us. America has to right the wrong we perpetrated by helping kikes destroy him by manifesting his will. Just taking down a hundred or a thousand deep state traitors isn't enough. We have to manifest Hitler's vision given America's demographic and political situation, or our society will be rotten forever. Hitler may choose to show himself if begin taking the right steps.


This might be somewhat off topic, but it seems Roaches have finally begun their rumored offensive on Afrin Turds.
While the topic of Afrin is far too complicated for the MSM to suddenly present to the goyim in a digestible manner without "What is Aleppo"-tier fuckups, Obama's YPG-financing antics and King Roaches screeching have created a diplomatic quagmire that I believe the US cannot solve without losing the game one way or the other.

They've backed out of supporting the YPG there even though the rest of the DNFS is recieving US weapons, training and personnel to "fight ISIS", so now the eastern cantons are reinforcing Afrin through SAA-held territory in Aleppo cs and were recently holding talks on wether or not to concede some border territory to the SAA to deter the Roach.
This enrages the McCain but on the other hand King Roaches hatred of Turds has severely impacted relations with the US, to the point of them threatening to close Incirlik and other american bases on their soil.
While one may think the Roach would be edging towards the Syria-Iran-Russia camp, neither Assad nor Putin want to concede any territory to rebels, especially not to former HTS fleeing Idlib to get paid by the Roach.
As such, the Syrian government have threatened to open fire on any Roach aircraft entering Syrian airspace.

Bottom line:
If the US supports the Afrin Kurds, Turkey will in all likelihood leave NATO and join the Iranian camp in some fashion.
If the US doesn't support the Afrin Kurds, they'll seek diplomatic relations with Assad.

What will the MSM make of this?

Reported, nigger.

If trump did it unilaterally the kikes and faggots would have ammo to get the plebs on their side. It has to be executed perfectly.

(((slightly))) yes.

Back to half, faggot.


How about the US needs to get its fucking nigger asses and glow in the dark nigger asses and all other US bullshit the fuck out of syria immediately because we are fueling the fires of war indefinitely for fun while hundreds of thousands of real people suffer and die? Fuck everyone and fuck you. Fuck all deep state fucks who play with lives by arming and funding all sides. Disgusting.

Now get out of this important thread.

No reason not to call the Democrats, too.

Indeed, America has some horrible karma coming its way, i'am surprised it hasant been hit by a giant meteor yet. But still, all these disasters in such a short span must be freaking people out, fires, floods, tornados, earthquackes, and now a few reports of some meteors here and there. I would be worried. And that is just the natural, if you count what the government is planing for the future i starts to look like a literal nightmare, no privacy, no rights, no property.

Do that too.

10 of them have already publicly committed.

Want to know how I know you're not from round here?

It's as horrifying as it gets.

Hitler believed you do not have a right to survive if you don't struggle.

If we struggle for our survival and fight to manifest Hitler's vision, he will guide us.

Oh my

A lot of people on that committee, Republicans and Democrats both, are perpetually blackmailed by the Awans/CIA who were helping run nukes and classified information to Al Queda terrorist affiliates. Thirteen years of every email (to and from) and every file from every Democratic Caucus member, including those in the intelligence committee, isn't a joke. That's a big reason this situation has been fucked for so long.

I love how the shills continue to push AMERICA as the problem when it's the kikes. Always has been always will be. They run the system we are all beholden to. Just like you eurofuckingcunts are stuck suckling the goat off mudslime cocks because the powers that be are fucking holding your head under water. Cowardly little shits.

Someone help me read these fucking signatures.
Can't really tell with the rest of them without knowing their names in the first place.


two week ban on cuckchan for (((doxing calling to raid))) cause I was posting

Office of the Speaker
Phone: (202) 225-0600

Congressional & District Offices
Washington D.C. Office

1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3031
Fax: (202) 225-3393
Janesville Office

20 South Main Street, Suite 10
Janesville, WI 53545
Phone: (608) 752-4050
Fax: (608) 752-4711
Kenosha Office

5031 7th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone: (262) 654-1901
Fax: (262) 654-2156
Racine Office

216 6th Street
Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 637-0510
Fax: (262) 637-5689>>11167999

Women are so accustomed to bossing everyone around. How lulzy.

Millennial mods. They're retards.


I kinda sorta believe Buck. As far as I'm aware he doesn't have a reputation for throwing out half-cocked bullshit

They back to signing with kikels?

I was using America as a synonym for kikes. If you read the post was responding to, ( ), I pointed out correctly that America wrongly helped the kikes. America has always been the problem because it's long been run by kikes. America is simply the same as kikes.

Europe is getting woke as we speak to the Mozzie problem and is nearing war in some places. They are very familiar with kikery as well.

Whites need to unify. No Euro or America trashing. I'm America and trashing America for being run by kikes and for helping the kikes destroy Hitler, and I'm 100% correct saying this.


they're not retards. they're Holla Forums

lol jesus christ

wait, sorry. you're right. those are synonyms. i meant they're acting that way on purpose

Twitter is sending this email out to people tonight. Their terror must be off the charts

Best female comedian, really avant garde.

Then you're just poisoning the well and establishing ill will for no other reason to to apply some edge to your butter knife?
Again like any of us had a motherfucking choice in the matter when you're being told what to fucking do?

Agreed. I keep watching it.

the ole' "you're perpetuating russian propaganda" chilling effect

which is weird considering it has originated from GOP lawmakerskis

Fucking hell this reeks of desperation. You'd think kikes would learn that this only fuels interest, them actively demonizing and censoring just lends it actual credibility. But of course kikes are shit with creative IQ, so double down.

tbh Twitter has turned into a giant lolcow.

But is your first post a jew free first post?

He deserves another seizure for that post.

CSIS was caught spying on a journalist investigating U1, if that counts.