Crown the king of fake news (Jews)


Catalog before posting.

Nice try kike

Says the kike

And reported. Thanks for playing.

If it’s a duplicate then post the link bub

this whole thread is yids

Checked, I haven't seen a dupe yet, so you're good. Fuckin kikes are hitting this hard, definitely seems like a good idea to do now!




Nice work, user. Also, charge your phone, faggot.



Bumping for potential

They'll just remove it from the results since it's too on the nose. Plus the current administration is too kiked to ever name the jew. Even if a billion people screamed "It's the Jews! We all know it!" in unison at the Trump administration they'll either ignore it or apologize for it.



May Potus award the Fake Jews a gold star.

Why not write something that means the same but is less likely to be deleted? For example (((facebook))) or (((google)))

>You can't vote without connecting to (((google)))
How is this allowed?

Checked. If a billion people publicly named the Jew, out of our race, we would be virtually assured victory.