CA to fine employers $10,000 for assisting ICE raids


>The state’s top cop issued a warning to California employers Thursday that businesses face legal repercussions, including fines up to $10,000, if they assist federal immigration authorities with a potential widespread immigration crackdown.
>“It’s important, given these rumors that are out there, to let people know – more specifically today, employers – that if they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office,” state Attorney General Xavier Becerra said at a news conference. “We will prosecute those who violate the law.” but not the illegals who broke the law coming into the state of CA :^)

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Any time Trump wants to send SF to SF to fuck shit up is a good time for me.

great states right case to jam up CAs collective asshole. hopefully when it gets instantly repealed all the niggers burn down their own houses again

Is working at ICE comfy? Would they ever make me deport whites?

this tbh

(((Xavier Becerra)))
The fucking nerve, how about you deport him back to where he belongs?

These people need to be in cells now. Just send in the FBI to arrest everyone in state government. Governor, AG, all of them go to prison for obstruction of Justice, corruption charges, abuse of authority and aiding and abetting criminal fugitives.

I can't take this shit. Examples must be made.

Alright, who's going to be the patriotic employer with enough cash and balls to call these fuckers on this shit? Because I would love to see that case go federal and watched CA get reamed.

Thread already exists
Though this is likely a bait-and-switch. They know they don't have the ability to stand up to the federal government, but they also know the republicucks won't line them up against the wall for it. That means the next time the libshits get into power there will be the precedent that federal authority beats state authority and any objection can be met with mass arrests of opposing officials. There's a lot you can say against the libshit leadership, but the one thing they have over the republicucks is that they aren't spineless, when they have power they will use everything they can to destroy their enemies.


sorry, I realized this after I baked mine. I put some effort into mine so the other must have popped up as I was in the process of making this one
I'm inclined to side with states nearly 100% of the time on these general types of issues, but in this case, the federal government has clear constitutional authority to regulate and enforce immigration, and this supercedes the desires of the state. Republicucks are cryptocohens and radical centrists who are frothing at the mouth to cuck whenever they can for good goy points. until we can wrest the moral authority from the (((progs))) and back into the hands of trads, this will be an ongoing struggle for sure.


ICE does go after whites but generally they would be highly degenerate whites that are actively engaged in fraud rings, conspiracies, prostitution, human trafficking, etc. You're not going to come across a lot of white illegals who are doing the same shit as central Americans, like filling up the jails & emergency rooms, forming giant communities, working illegally, etc. You have to be pretty shameless to just to go some other country and squat there as long as possible without any legal status, a lot of whites aren't cut out for that. I mean sure they're out there scattered here & there but just plain numerically speaking there are enormous communities of spics doing this shit so they're naturally targeted more easily.

This is going to get ugly, real fucking ugly. State politicians telling state businesses, law enforcement and (basically) citizens that it can't assist the feds thus making the feds out to be the enemy. The feds are going to roll in hard and take zero prisoners and something is going to kick off and it will chain react which then will cause the massive population of red leaners who live out of the cities to step in to aid the feds.

Shit is a tinderbox in CA.

Heads are gonna roll tbh.


I agree, no joke, I know the area and have watched the tensions rising over stupid shit like BBQ sauce the past week. It is going to turn into an engagement/could do so very easily given how the state politicians are practically egging that shit on to resist.

Lads is it possible for Trump to put sanctions on a state or cut all federal funding to it? Perhaps Trump should sell the shitty parts of Commiefornia to Mexico and use the funds to pay for the wall.

yeah, that'll never hold up

My decoder ring is fucking broken and I'm tired of my morality being weaponized.

So, is telling the Federal Government to fuck off and die good or bad? Because libs are always salty about the War of Northern Aggression. What side of this upcoming battle is the Confederacy.

Pls help.

Honestly the POTUS has some very broad allowances when it comes to matters of national security. Very broad really. However, most of them include military related responses. If a states government is breaking off from existing federal law, refuses to adhere to it, and defiantly acts against it/instructs citizens in state to do so than the POTUS is well within his authority to treat those individuals as enemy combatants to the oath they took and the country. They would/and are in direct violation of their oath and, due to that, can be treated as rogue elements.

You'd have an easier time of getting a job with ICE if you'd first learn a simple lesson: ICE doesn't deport. They arrest and detain. The court deports - or not, depending on the case.

thats not really how it works in a federal republic and would be an over-stepping of constitutional authority by the feds
This is possible and it's used as leverage by the federal govt all the time. Iirc not that long ago some major university like Berkely was trying to pull some kikery and the feds said "ok, but we won't provide any federal grants anymore" and shut it down. This is a threat used all the time, though its effectiveness scales with how much the state depends on the feds.

They certainly ARE a rouge state. They are completely acting in defiance of American law.

Yeah and part of me thinks this is part of the "he's craaaaazy" plan. Act in such a way, force him to handle it, then use your media control to claim he did something to harm the country.

Can you imagine the fucking outcry from CNN or those groups if he had them arrested? I mean, seriously… can you even remotely imagine the fuckery that would ensue.

I can certainly imagine the salt that would come from it.

I mean, seriously, we're talking biblical level shit being lost by them and they would stir the retards up and it would be pandemonium.

What he needs to do is send in the real life splinter cell guy who is out there somewhere and let him clean the shit up.

First of all, it depends on what the feds are trying to do, who is telling them to fuck off, and why. If you look to the constitution, the federal government is basically in control of borders, national defense, and mediating trade disputes between states. That's honestly about it (though the power-grabbing feds have turned this into "we have control of 100 miles in from every border, we have total authority to spy on and manipulate you, we have total control over all physical objects produced in states"). With respect to things like muh marijuana policy, the feds can get fucked bc they really have no authority to regulate it. With respect to things like borders and illegals, they do have clear constitutional authority to regulate it.
think constitutional or not-constitutional since that's ultimately the basis for judgment of whether it's allowed or not

This is fucking awesome
Time to head west and reclaim some land fellers, the shitskins have forgotten some lessons.

This is fucking mutiny. They deserve to be thoroughly wrecked at this point.

How long do we have to wait for Trump to actually do something about fucking subversive commiefornia before we're allowed to call out him out on it?
Surely, he's not gonna let these fucks cuck him, right?

It's cute that you think a civic nationalist is going to do something about this.

He's figured those jews out and is immune to Hollywood. I think the revelation bummed him out, but he's reveling in it now. Boy, he's gon' do it. I hope California line-steps and gets fucked all up.

It's possible for the POTUS to enact martial law in the state, arrest
and send in the military to maintain order while new government representatives are elected. This is 100% legal and within the power of the executive. It won't happen, nor will mass deportations happen, nor will the arrest of even a few happen. Because "the courts" say so.


Are you forgetting that the kike media are already crying bloody murder over anything Trump said or didn't say?
They just spent days throwing around the word shithole for no good reason.
I think it only a matter of time until they descend into obscurity and are rendered impotent.
At that point Trump can start executing order 88 on all those commie faggots and traitors without any threat from the (((media)) influenced masses.

Yes please.

Maybe Russian mobsters and hookers.

So this means states like alaska, montana, wyoming, texas, etc. can just tell the BATFE to fuck off then and fine people for cooperating with them now, right? I mean state's rights and all…

I unfortunately know more about California than I would ever want to. This will end in murder. People are going to die over this little pissing contest.

As a commiefornian I can say that please let this shithole state serve as a warning for the rest in the union. There was no vote on this, or any of the other kiked measures passed at the beginning of this year in regards to illegal immigrants.
The cities have officially taken over the state. Not only that, but they are actively and proudly pumping criminals in to our rural areas claiming they are separating the criminals from their familiar elements by relocating them to smaller towns. At the same time they are requiring our rural areas to "redistrict" their local voting for city councils and mayors to include minority neighborhoods within them.
In short they are trying to "progressiform" the last spots of local resistance within the state. We are hitting critical levels here. Local governments have tried to fight, but continually lose due to legal battles that threaten to bankrupt the towns.
At this point it is mainly the city kikes and blue haired faggots that caused this that are running from their diversity problems to other states, only to so it again and spreading it like a virus. With the changes in rural areas a white exodus of those that attempted to resist may be in the future assuming a boiling point isn't reached or the federal government doesn't shut this shit down.
We are the initial test. Learn what they are doing to us and be prepared for when they try it with your neck of the woods.

I mean I believe ICE has just as much authority as the ATF has, so logically yes, the same goes with the BLM, if the feds take no serious action it would certainly show them to be weak and ineffective and only willing to target the right with its harsh and pointless laws the ATF regulates.

So you are saying, we just need to cull these bastards before they commiefornia the rest of the union?
polite sage for double post

I am saying that this happened too quickly and they have too many systems in place for this not to have been carefully planned.
State circumvents voting in regards to sanctuary laws (which go beyond a state wide sanctuary declaration and businesses. Rules came in to place for educators, government employees and even landlords as well). At the same time they have been bussing, quite literally, criminals from the cities to rural areas with directions to report to the probation officers there. Turning small white communities within the state in to larger areas with increased violent crime. Then the changes to local governments to make sure the criminal minorities are "represented" on a local level.
It is working, sadly, at least for the moment. I can only imagine that such a "success" will be attempted elsewhere.
As for prevention? I have no clue. Just remain aware.

Deputize Bakersfield, the Central Valley, and anyone north of Redding. Shit will get sorted quick. Trust me, we've had it with these assholes.


The Mojave desert and areas of the Inland Empire as well. San Bernardino/Desert Hot Springs are fucking war zones and Palm Springs is a liberal faggot paradise but there are plenty of us in the surrounding areas that would love to wall them off and watch them starve. Sad thing is we are losing those areas quick. Watched Hemet die once they began the initial criminal relocation programs, and my neck of the woods is darker than ever before, but enough of us recognize it and see the outcome.

The Post.

How many ISIS fighters could they overcome in an urban setting?

It would be a shame if some tech saavy Holla Forumsack set up a secure drop box to report to ICE

All of them

Does mossad want to be top or bottom?

Shasta Lake and Yreka?

Yeah for the most part. Think of CA this way. Take SF, Oakland/Berkeley, LA, and a couple places in the central valley. Everywhere else is loaded with gun carrying, truck driving, don't like liberals/stay out of this town types.

This is going to crack many up I'm sure but the biggest current group that is standing up and ready (that I have seen around) to bust heads and help escort those people out are the fucking Bloods and Crypts. They want them out so they can eat the business area but, still, it's kind of amusing to watch them turn on the state and stand with the CA hicks.

Hitler, man. Calm down.


According to pics related California is hands-fucking-down the largest recipient of federal shekels. Any supposed beef they have with the feds is pure posturing; they'd be absolutely destitute without the rest of the country constantly paying into their coffers.

It's disgusting how far they go to hold onto their cheap labor class. Please, let this start the happening so we can get to mass-removing.

Couple things I can't get out of my mind though:

1) This CA issue which we all knew was coming

2) Random release of intel the same day CA makes statement to resist the feds/prosecute businesses - Las Vegas shooter information is dumped about ISIS crossing border and being connected to event

3) John Podesta has disappeared and many (granted) typical big mouths are railing on but many are discussing that on social media

4) FISA corruption paperwork reviewed and now multiple news groups are calling for heads, prison and so on.

5) Just to add a random sidenote - former colleague still stationed at Pearl brings up massive net tracking currently taking place within the harbor. This is not normal (at all)

6) Michigan event last night (likely me conspirafagging here but have to bring it up) which coincides with something I was discussing with another former colleague about a year ago about target capable satellite sonic weaponry.

Anyhow, lot of shit in one day going on.

We even have precedent for doing all of this in how the 14th amendment was passed.


How can people that aren't illegals stand to live in CA anymore. They are the most cucked stretch of land on earth at this point. Can you be fined in the UK, Germany, or Sweden for calling the cops on muds? No.

This is literally insurrection and if they pass the bill the US army needs to raise the the liberal shitholes infesting that state to the ground.

We don't deal with them. CA is extremely expensive and those dips all dwell around the literal feces infested sidewalks of the same areas.

You know what the fucking crazy part is that it's not even the illegals who cause all the issues. The majority of them keep their head down… constantly… no, it's these goober "grass root" connected non profit dildo fests that capitalize off them and create flash goober mobs in the cities.

Is redding in the clear from liberals or has it been claimed?

Very hick controlled. All that area up north is majority Red. That is Jefferson territory.

I feel very happy knowing this, thanks user.

The big would be prize for the liberals in terms of trying to seat assholes in power positions and change the entire leadership is the Napa area for obvious reasons. Multi billion dollar area.

Interesting as I sat right in the middle of the fires a few months ago and, this is not BS either and I can prove this with a video from my phone if I ever decide to put it on YT, five different fires all erupted around the valley at around the same time. I'm not talking fifty or so yards away here. I am talking North Napa, South Napa, etc. Miles away. They all erupted at the same time and it all took place two days after Napa rejected pot shops from out of town.

After the fires swept through and ravaged the Berryessa area the state immediately swooped in and land grabbed huge chunks. From multiple areas as well.

Then, all of a sudden, these, I don't even know what to call them, those little houses? You know those little tiny one bedroom house retard things? Anyhow, those things then started being offered to farm hands and hundreds of homeless people from under the sun from out of town.

These are devious fucks here. I wish the chans would knock into some of these state issues but I know it has more important fish to fry but the shit in this state… fuck… corruption out the ass.

Now that is interesting.

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dysnomias efforts might be a giant distraction so help us but watch out! be careful! (((they))) want us to miss something!


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If you fags can get >>7777777 by tonight I will give the board to someone else.

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dysnomias efforts might be a giant distraction so help us but watch out! be careful! (((they))) want us to miss something!


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dysnomias efforts might be a giant distraction so help us but watch out! be careful! (((they))) want us to miss something!


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If you fags can get >>7777777 by tonight I will give the board to someone else.

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dysnomias efforts might be a giant distraction so help us but watch out! be careful! (((they))) want us to miss something!


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dysnomias efforts might be a giant distraction so help us but watch out! be careful! (((they))) want us to miss something!


9 Oct - 1:16 AM is the time of the video and as I sit on my second story it gives a very good view of both sides. South area (Berryessa/Silverado) has three fires approximately, hard to be positive but around, five miles apart. Opposite side, Browns Valley and Redwood Rd kicked out. Fire height all very similar about (appox) four stories tall. Nothing out of control at all. I should note it was a windy night which is very weird for the area. Extremely windy in fact. Like Wyoming level. Still though, not enough to push sparks across the entire city, no chance.

An hour later those fires were ravenous and completely ate the entire areas up. This particular area I am in is fine because the river and other rocks pretty much assure it blocks the fires so it gave me a good view for a few hours. However, about twenty or so minutes in the smoke was so dense even a video wouldn't have caught shit.

But yeah, they all erupted within.. literally… minutes of one another. In fact they all appeared to erupt at the exact same moment but I only stepped outside after they sparked so can't say for certain. Either way, very close in timing.

Post the fucking video please and thank you.

One other thing as I realize the boards probably didn't get to speak to any locals. The emergency broadcast system was not "working" and residents were forced to depend on cell until that went down for a week or old CB. There was absolutely zero local coordination, none. The coordination swooped in after Trump declared disaster zone and set agencies and stations from (in many cases) out of state. Lot of Nevada, lot of Arizona. That isn't to say state emergency didn't do anything because they busted their ass but I am talking about coordination and state leadership, none (at all).

I will post the video tomorrow as I have to first download it and, to be perfectly honest with you, I am downloading Doom as I heard it's a great game and since my net is shit I don't want to slow that down. Tomorrow, you have my word.

Well, based on that, they really are biting the shit out of the hand that feeds them. Astounding, they have no shame apparently, fuckin niggers.

Ah yeah, can't forget this one either, 4:17 AM - Internet is still up - Local services in Napa declare containment will be bypassed and the focus will be lives. At that point if ten choppers flew in from Travis and the others it could have been completely contained as it didn't hit the vineyards yet but they said "fuck it" to containment VERY quickly.

Same in Santa Rosa which fucking caught fire the next day….

Same with Sonoma the day after…..

Same with Novato the day after….

Day after day just one new area erupted and one new area was fucking burned down. Santa Rosa got it real bad. But no aircraft dropping water/containment liquid despite Travis AFB being 30 miles away…

I think you mean raze, but yes, they should, but will they? Probably not, more than likely some fed is gonna just flick their balls a little and call it good.

ISIS would be fucked


This is why we filter torpedos.

Checked. ISIS better stay out of the pool at the YMCA.

I wish Trump listened to us sometimes, here we have a thread of people who know how to deal with this constitutionally and he won't do anything. What's the worst than can happen? Will the media demonize him? lol

Holla Forums is the red phone

Makes sense the majority of CA wanting to break away from the cities. They fucked them up with importing all these savages and now to keep the locals happy they will spread them out to the other areas. As much as I don't want any kinds of civil war in the US as I have friends there I would be quite worried about. I'm starting to wonder if there is no other way to change things.

TBH that needs to happen in most states.

he's being bogged down with bullshit to keep him from being fully effectual.

This is pretty serious however. CA really fucked up on this one.


Its time for the Holla Forumsice to step it up

Keep in mind these are the same people that believe Religion of Cuck™ is a religion of peace that's pro feminist, and that Dindu nuffins sincerely did not do anything wrong.

In Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals he specifically enjoins leftists to find the moral principles right wingers espouse and use them to D&C.

Don't be a stickler for principles being turned against your race. In this conflict, "What's good for my Volk" is your first principle.

Yeah. If illegals are allowed to vote on a federal level, then federal policies have to be enforced to protect the federation. It's just common sense, you don't pay taxes, you don't get to vote for a president that would give you welfare.

Surely this is unenforceable?

I've met one white illegal in texas, cool bro from Ireland. Been here for near 25 years. Had some fucked troubles when his then wife screwed him over way back before he could complete anything, normal stuff we talk about here when the law shafts you. So considering such he just went under the radar and has been chilling doing side jobs forever under the table. When an wetback doesn't cut it for one reason or another hes the go to fella on just about anything. Hes got zero interest in ever going back and his main desire to be legal is so he doesn't have to worry about losing an vehicle while driving around, then he could buy something somewhat nice, wants an RV. Guy laughs about if hes ever going to get deported hes set for life back home since his lifestyle has forced him to cut down to little more than bare bones existence while making money hand over fist, he called it forced retirement if it ever comes down.

Funny enough he loves doing his odd jobs here, more interesting than the same shit day after day for years in an soul sucking job. And he gets to shit on real illegals 24/7. Immigration shows up nobody is asking him for shit while puta gotta run boy run!

Whatever happened to the dam that was about to break?
Let's pray for heavy storms.

Ice should drop off all immigrants caught in any state in SF along with instructions to milk that cities local programs for every tax dollar they can get.

San Fag has never cared about illegal immigration because no shitskin can really afford to live there. If ICE makes sure they stay I think San Fag would change their tune.

I don't understand why people don't take the law into their own hands. Report illegals, when the bill shows up, go to court with 1000 armed men and tell the judge to fuck off. Cops show up? Liquidate them and their leaders. Fuck Brown and his laws.

Because you’re FBI for suggesting that.

I swear to God, only California would have laws as fucking retarded as they are now. I'm actually embarrassed to have to admit to being born there now. Democrats are so protective of their precious beloved illegal beaners. What the fuck kind of Clown World timeline did I end up in?

You are a coward. Prove me wrong.

Yeah, you’re FBI. Only the FBI or CIA would suggest that Holla Forumsacks actually follow US law and behave like the Founding Fathers did. Physical action against fake laws is not possible. How dare you think you could do anything to stop the jews.

I'm pretty sure rebelling against the crown (regardless of what perceived casus belli the founding fathers felt they had) was illegal with respect to their law system (after all, what King/Parlament makes it legal to overthrow its government?)

Don't let memes be dreams user.

We need the spies to collect the information and tell to the yanks outside of CA to report them to the ICE.

It's still an amazing timeline user.

The party is just getting started user. Stay the course, it's coming.

The moment California tries to enforce this law by fining a business, that business will sue with the free assistance of one of dozens of conservative legal groups. It will go directly to federal court and California will lose per the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution.

This is purely a gesture to the lunatics and wetbacks who vote Democrat. California knows this won't hold up in federal court.

This will lead to civil war if this man isn't arrested soon.

$20,000 federal fine for anyone who fines an individual illegally.

Governor Brown? I agree completely.

There is no way state legislature can legally punish you for following federal law. Can any legal anons confirm this? Like we all need to remember that Judges and Judiciary - especially of the activist variety often jump way ahead of what their actual position entails. Like how would they even catch these Employers? The Feds aren't going to tell them who they are - it would require so much evidence that won't even exist.