California AG: Employers who Cooperate With Federal Immigration Raids Will be Prosecuted

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This will backfire spectacularly



You will be prosecuted for following the law.

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I remember leftist faggots always mocking people who wanted States right, "because muh civil war" "you lost, lol". Time for them to get a taste of their own medicine.

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California is finally going to get the justice that it deserves. It'll be hilarious to see the fags, trannies, and soyboys try to rile up the troops nationally as if they're some Neo-Confederacy only to find everybody nervously hiding their laughter as Uncle Sam preps to butt fucks the place until it looks like Saudi Arabia.

Since 1996.


And no one will be arrested. And no one will be tried with treason. And no new elections will be held. Nothing is going to happen. No punishment. No recourse. And they’ll all be reelected.

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We can't wait to burn their cities to the ground. We remember Atlanta and Columbia, and those transplanted yankee scum are just begging for it.

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Does that mean it would be possible to create a law that prohibits niggers from entering all business unless they have a warrant?

Nice false equivalence kike. The feds are still more than capable of coming in and prosecuting on their own. The judges in Cali aren't stopping them from going after weed like they are trying to stop them from ARRESTING LAWBREAKERS.
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Go for door number two. It gives you the best option for appeal.

internally, california is a match away from a racial wildfire within the 3 big cities, outside of the big cities california gets real red real fast.

im on the outskirts of los angeles in one of the valleys surrounding LA where you can be a trump supporter and not get shit. its slowly changing around here where more and more people are more accepting of trump but there still is a good percentage of the fuck drumpf crowd willing to get loud as fuck about how much trump is a racist nazi.

los angeles is a funny place after going through the valleys because of the mountains separating the two areas even though tax-wise they are considered the same in some areas like SFV, los angeles is essentially surrounded by choke points that can easily starve that city land-wise, they still have a harbor to receive goods but if citizens can cut off the freeway choke-points from the valleys into los angeles there would be chaos within 3 days.

when los angels goes it will be a bloodbath and i cant hardly wait

A couple of sticks of dynamite to choke off the water supply would wreck most cities in Southern California. They are not defensible from a military standpoint.

los angeles still has watersheds, the majority of water in califronia goes to the farms. destroying the aqueducts will fuck with the farms more than the left cities.

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rofl, a state law can not prohibit federal law. They can only add to them.

The rule of law doesn’t exist and hasn’t since the 1910s.

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