Have you heard of ancient Finns?

They have resided in Finland have spoken Finish since the last age.

Presumably, they ruled the whole northern hemisphere.

I've also heard stories of them founding many of the European kingdoms, like Norway, Sweden and Russia.

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Proto European is the label you are looking for. Their word for kin was blood and the word for a nation of people soil.


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This is the 100th anniversary year of the Finnish Civil War, and I know there will be plenty of propaganda about how the Reds were good boys who dindu nuffin.

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In was in 1918 though.

Is there a historical basis for the Finno-Korean Hyperwar?

I'm willing to read sources about this but this sounds highly unlikely. Meds were the first to emerge as European superpowers, following by Germanics after they sacked Rome. Vikings would be mostly looters and glorified pirates during the Middle Ages

From where many pf the moder maternal lineages stem from

rus or russia on rosland where russia stems from

nor or norr stems from

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Source: Encyclopedia Britannica.

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