Is this a new "thing"?

Why is this allowed?
Censorship and regulation are a really slippery slope. Welcome to 1984. And (((they))) can map your home with wifi signals… Uprising when?

Why do you watch their propaganda? its as bad as Western corporate news.

RT in a nutshell:

Now show me the one for BBC, CBC, Irish, Australian, German, Italian state medias etc

Anyone remember when 5+ years ago it was pretty much consensus that RT is CIA? Really makes you think

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that has nothing to do with what I said?

Whatever, just keep hoping things will change… They won't. Soon your web histories will be used against you..
it's coming faggots. Better organize…
Really makes yah think.

America doesnt condemn uprisings, they condone it right in the declaration of independence.

Sounds good

"don't mind us, we're just helping occupy Syria to (((fight isis)))"

i don't see it. they must be selectively inserting it.


I don't see it either. But why are you crying over it? Did you not know RT was funded by Russia? Or did you already know but your REEEing because you didn't want normies to become woke to the propaganda? Personally I'm not a lemming that needs to be told what to think by any government.
BBC isn't state run. It's funded by licence fee UK citizens pay for owning a TV. And the BBC is shit anyway, is that news to you? Don't watch it. Simple

seems to me, OP selectively inserted it with photoshop
say what you want about google, but at least they know how to insert an icon at the right resolution

It's literally a screenshot.. I've never seen that before. This all cuz of Trumps FAKENEWS shit…

the jig is up, fuck off

I watch news to see what events are transpiring around the world. I use all different outlets.. I don't watch news for the opinion

Stop lying faggot. Next time actually put in effort.

It's in response to >>MuhRussia" shit.. that's giving them reason to even attempt this

Go look

Oh shit, sure got me.

Licence fees

Your tax dollars at work, goy!

What bugs me is that they call RT a propaganda outlet just because it's government funded, but then turn around and say BBC and NPR are bastions of truth despite the same problem

Uh, that was never the case 5 years ago or at any time…

Really makes you think…


when the day of the rope comes, you mobile fags will be among the first to go


Maybe not goy, we mobiles leave home quite often ..
My chance of reking you are 100x greater than the opposite

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Eat shit. There's a KEY difference, the US military have been waging wars to advance ZOG, Putin's military actions have been thwarting ZOG.

How can you say America is NOT a warmongering nation ?? TOPKEK

Russia and US buzz each others jets over the Baltics all the time.. Maybe we're secretly friends tho.
No just relaying fact. I'm not your typical Holla Forums ack



< centralized services are engaging in censorship
< keeps using centralized services

I use a combination of things. I'm dynamic, the current situations are always fluid.. DTube is a decent alternative as far as I can tell. Considering I've never ordered anything online, I don't use self checkouts at brick and mortar stores, and I have a White GF, and 2 white children who aren't mentally ill. I'm 29. Be like me Holla Forums. I don't contribute to my own demise… you all can't seem to figure out who to boycott and who not too boycott. You all grew up TOO comfy… you need hardship. Hopefully it comes soon so I can thrive… (already do) but thrive even more in a world full of SoyBoy CUCKS, who never leave the computer… 1488

We dont need any pretenses to fuck up any shitskin nation, and the military tried to prevent it but the commiekikes cockblocked them.

this. But the deceit that has been laid down is so thick that we cant base whos one what side merely by who they attack.

Of course not. Hypocrisy is one of the main tenets of the left.

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Yes it does. You asked a fucking question and he answered why. Retard, back to half.