The moment Holla Forums was right again

Afghan boy kills ex-girlfriend, a German

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When is Holla Forums ever wrong?

Is this legit? Because this is usually what it takes to open the door on this topic. After that you flood and inundate conversations with redpills about shitskins and rapefugees. It's no wonder AFD is still growing.

Was just checking the Hongcouver body count blog (kind of a guilty pleasure of mine) and saw the headline "The moment pro-migrant politicians feared" and thought of you guys.

Read for yourself how well leaf multiculti works:


She should've (instinctively) known better, but you have to remember that the german media bombards german citizens with (fake news) stories and movies about how great mudskins are.The german state-run lugenpress makes CNN look like a serious news organization. Everything they do is geared towards destroying the aryan race and enticing german girls to racemix with subhumans. An german girl with a subhuman boyfriend is like a fag cat.

It never ends with these mods

this has been happening for years
see link for linked reports in german


How far has the West fallen that it openly invites subhumans in their 20s and 30s to come ravage its teenagers…

They just have to raise taxes for more programs. It did wonders for Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit.

And take on more debt.

Go with Ahmed, wind up dead

I have a hard time blaming Germany for any of the problems everyone else is facing. I mean you fight against the world, take devastating losses, then get massively propagandized and indoctrinated to the point the youth attacks their elders a generation later by the "Allies", and held down by the two greatest evils in history physically and ideologically (Russia-Communism/America-Liberalism). Left alone they probably would have continued the fight and this wouldn't have happened. What's the rest of the Wests excuse when you think about it?

Oh yes, the jews that should have been destroyed by the same nation we crushed. The mental fuckery is their grandest achievement yet.

I'm glad Europeans are getting raped hardcore. America might learn something and knock this darky immigration invasion.

Honestly, Europe is full fucking soyboy cuck faggots. Why even post this other than to start a meme campaign to wake the US.(OUT!)


I'm totally okay with you setting your family on fire

I do wonder if she got to third base with the shitskin. If she pulled back before then, then her instincts aren't THAT bad. It's still disgusting, but no point sullying her memory if she was sharp enough despite everything to pull back before she got fucked (literally)

I hope America wakes first. In fact, I hope redpilled folk everywhere make a competition to see who uncucks first. Whoever wins gets eternal bragging rights on mongolian cinema posting sites. You'll get to shitpost how those krauts are all faggots if you uncuck first! You might get to hate on those filthy burgers and their foreign bases forever!

I'd make that the official reward for Holla Forumsacks. If you uncuck your country first, you get endless bragging rights. No D&C bans for shitting on the ones that uncuck after. It'd be a nice incentive I'd say.

since when do ethnic germans look like this?

What a bunch of racists. In Akbar's culture it's perfectly normal to gut a whore, and as the pics show she wore no veil and was therefore a whore. The town should be thankful for this opportunity to learn about better cultures.

She is ugly, now has exotic boyfriend, who is even more ugly then her.
Her parents are lefties. Parents allow the relationship to continue, let him stay at their home, so he can dick heir daughter. Later the father complains that he “always was suspicious” about the goat-fuckers real age.
Those low level leftist are willing to sacrifice their own, only children on the altar of diversity moloch. Higher level socialist, like the mayor of their town, organize meetings between underage girls and foreign sub-humans.
There is another case, girl still alive, promoted by (((German state TV))) children canal. 14 year old German girl meet double her age jihady at socialist party charity were mother and daughter do volunteer work to help rapefugges. Parents and TV are enthusiastic about the underage girl getting fucked by a foreign invader open declaring on facebook that he want to make Germany 1slamic and get rid of the Germans.
Parents complain to the local supporting press about the “hater”, expressing their disgust of the parents whoring out their daughter.