NYT: A Modest Immigration Proposal: Ban Jews


>Most of these people, like my great-uncle, were deeply misguided idealists who otherwise led quiet and decent lives. A tiny handful of others — including atomic spies (((Julius Rosenberg))), (((David Greenglass))), (((Harry Gold))) and (((Morton Sobell))) — betrayed America’s most important military secrets to Stalinist Russia and did incalculable damage to the country and the world.
>Here’s a thought experiment: Would the United States have been better off if it had banned Jewish immigration sometime in the late 19th century, so that the immigrant parents of (((Rosenberg))) and (((Sobell))) had never set foot here? The question is worth asking, because so many of the same arguments made against African, Latin-American and Muslim immigrants today might have easily been applied to Jews just over a century ago.

Kikes are giving up the game now, freely admitting everything we accused them of that was, a week ago "anti-semitic" to even think about.

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i'll try comparing jews to illegal immigrants that's a good trick

the lack of introspection is mind boggeling

What? What is this? What am I to understand by this move..?

I don't even know what the fuck this move was

The kikes are kracking

Incredible, right from sniffing their own collective asshole to victimhood. It's half of the jewish experience in 30 words. And when he says "our" he means "your".

The fucking nerve of these kikes. They were hardly shadowy, those neocon jews were constantly on TV and in print laying it out. Good, I hope something so obvious becomes another "anti-semitic canard".

>Here’s a thought experiment: Would the United States have been better off if it had banned Jewish immigration sometime in the late 19th century, so that the immigrant parents of (((Rosenberg))) and (((Sobell))) had never set foot here? The question is worth asking

Asked and answered a long time ago. Articles like this mean every major city has been niggerfied beyond repair and China is ready to accept them in droves.

goodbye Kikebook

goodbye Einstein the fraud

goodbye cuck porn

goodbye money to taliban/muslim brotherhood/etc.

I think all of those would be pretty great if they didn't happen because of the jews.

This. What was the author thinking writing this?

(((Somebody))) didn't think this through.

Like based Rubashkin.

t. actual Italian

You really think shit like facebook is compareable to what einstein has achieved?

I'd say they're worth about the same.

This jew needs a few examples (as if the ones he cited weren't enough) to kickstart the old lentil?


Kek. The entire article is predicated on the assumption of the following response from the reader: Ban jews? Preposterous!
If this isn't an example of delusional jewish chutzpah, then I don't know what is. There isn't a time in recent memory when public sentiment toward the jew has been worse, not since the fall of Hitler; organised jewry is becoming increasingly shrill about it. Yet in struts this brazen kike with an open admission - practically bragging - of jewish communist subversion, of jewish involvement in every American war, of jewish organised crime. His conclusion? That despite all this, the jew is the 'model minority', to whom all other minorities should aspire to emulate, and to whom the US owes an unending depth of gratitude for the breadth of its contributions; I mean, whatever would you have done without us, goyim! Talk about miscalculation.
Never interrupt an enemy whilst he is making a mistake.

Holy shit, more of this please.


They act like it is too late to rectify the mistake.


Did… Did the kikes just out themselves?

It's no big deal goy, it happened so long ago, and the people have clearly been ok with jews since then yada yada yada. Look, you even saved us from ourselves with Hitler. This is evidence that what we say is right.

There is article an often read in American colleges called a A Modest Proposal, in which the author Jonathan Swift suggest the Kingdom of Ireland should legalize cannibalism for a variety economic, social, and political reasons. The proposal is not serious, it was written to satirize the English rulers treatment and view of the Irish.

The objective of this article is to satirize Trump, mostly through hyperbole like what is done in A Modest Proposal. To us this proposal makes perfect sense, but the real point of this article is to inoculate normies againist facts about Jews by portraying those facts as ridiculous satire. It does show that the Jews are worried, but do not think they are outing themselves, because of the article when you come to an NYT reader with similar facts Jews they will have been trained to reject them. Furthermore, the reason it is interesting to see reactions to reading A Modest Proposal is because it tries to slowly get the reader to see the reasons for an immoral activity, cannibalism. This means that if the NYT reader of this article has also read the original A Modest Proposal they are being subtly nudged to consider banning Jewish immigration and cannibalism to equally morally reprehensible, even if the facts would support such an action. Something I notice about this article is that it makes no mention of Jewish propensity for pedophilia, scat porn, and killing children. In my humble opinion, making readers of this article aware of such “anti-sematic canards” might just break the spell this article is trying to put them under.

Not shocked at all.

It would be a shame if someone edited the article to include those things and screenshot it and posted it everywhere

That's the only thing they like more than lying, twisting the truth to the point it is unrecognizable to anyone not paying attention.

This isn't subtle or even obvious satire. The message is clearly stated and laid out. It's just incredibly unusual and shocking to see liberals actually acknowledge antisemitic arguments.

And they only do this because they think antisemitism is widely considered nonsense. So comparing modern political arguments to antisemitic arguments is a sure way to disprove them. I really doubt the author has enough open mindedness to actually consider the arguments, or even that his readers might.

The comparison is also obviously absurd. Say what you will about jewish conspiracies or whatever. But jews were still basically western and basically white genetically. Importing a bunch of sub 90 IQ brown people with corrupt cultures is not even remotely equivalent.

But the author can't acknowledge this argument, if they are even aware of it. Because it would mean giving attention to race realism. It's also because cuckservatives are too fucking weak to actually make such arguments. And end up implicitly accepting 90% of liberal premises, making them look like idiots.

The kikes are starting to feel the noose tighten. Shouldn't have gotten so arrogant. But you can't help yourselves, can you? Hopefully this time is the last.

Hes a bigger fraud than you trying to fit in here you fucking kike.

The way that song has paid off in spite of (((Cohen's))) intent to merely mock us with the truth kek

Is this guy just a Jew who's conscious of his people's wrong doings or is he just retarded?

Agreed. They do this all the time, twist shit around so that even when leaning on the truth, they do it confident that the goyim consuming it will still side with the mind tricks of supporting them.
A fine example is that Borat video.



Never noticed him doing the 666 at the end before. This song is to show other jews how incredibly easily the goyim are lead to hate the jew. And how invisible they are to us. Nobody even booed and nobody shouted you are a jew. It's almost as if the goyim don't like being thought of as cash cows and are more aware of it than they thought. oy vey

The only meaningful comments in the thread.

What did he mean by this?

say what you will
jewish conspiracies or whatever
jews are white
jews have higher iq's than brown people
jews culture isn't built on corruption


ha someone should reply calling him an anti-semite
Everyone knows that national socialism combined with international zionism was the most murderous ideology of the 20th century. It caused the murderous deaths of 6 million jews. And when you apply the fingernail multiplier that equates to something like 666 million gentiles.

Speaking of that…

Because they don't want an audit of the reparations because it would expose the shoah business and ultimately shut it down. It got so out of hand with the numbers claiming to have survived multiple murderous death camps it exposed them in multiple ways. Greed. It's one of the many reasons we all find ourselves in the current situation. Teetering between a real holocaust and international martial law.

Beyond the allusion in the title the article makes absolutely no pretense at satire whatsoever. To even the most casual of examinations comparing eating Irish children to enforcing immigration policy is nonsensical. NYT readers are already beyond the point of no return, this article is merely preaching to the choir, but the author in a fit of standard jewish narcissism decided to handwave - not even defend - nearly a century of jewish perfidy.


Nigger, steal a fucking map and learn where semites come from.

Who cares where they came from 3000 years ago? They've been living among and interbreeding with European populations for millennia. They are genetically closest to Italians, pic related.

If you squint, the brown cluster is a chess knight.


Your wife's son isn't white, and you still love him.

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To follow up on this jews aren't white because they do everything in their power to avoid being white. They are jewish first, last and always. They only adopt the mantle of whiteness when they are advocating against white interests. If jews legitimately dropped their supremacist religion, tried to assimilate and weren't as "Edward Alsworth Ross, the famous progressive sociologist from the University of Wisconsin, called Jews 'moral cripples' whose 'tribal spirit intensified by social isolation prompts them to rush to the rescue of the caught rascal of their own race.' "

Basically if they didn't do all the bullshit jews do they wouldn't be considered jews. Fat chance.

Doesn't matter how many white women they steal and breed with, they are still jews and a genetic aberration. Like those pastaniggers with nigger blood coursing through their veins.
The shills always act like there is no difference and we can't see one. The fuck we can't. Even without the physical characteristics, their behaviors are far from white.

Nice subtle D&C, kike.

Nothing subtle about it. You have White Italians then you have the nigger offspring in the south. Eat shit monkeyboy.

That sicilian mafia? Yea, makes more sense now doesn't it?

You two are right, they do not technically use satire as a device. The point I was trying to make is that the facts are presented in such ways as make the reader assume that they must be satirical or wrong somehow. Note this sentence: >"And it’s worth acknowledging there are often kernels of anecdotal or statistical truth for nearly every ethnic stereotype." So again, the Jews are not outing themselves. This article is not an admission of the facts, instead it is an attempt inoculate the reader against them.

It isn't satire it is absurdity. They are constantly reducing arguments to the absurd to shut it down. Reductio ad absurdum. If they can make your arguments appear absurd they do not have to answer for them in their minds.

So yes, you admit to D&C. Reported.

Get better FST charts.

So yes, you admit to being a nigger. Reported.
Fuck off cunt. You aren't white.


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Advantage of what situation? Getting an STD? Having a kiked offspring?

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i have failed. and my reaction to be mistaken for jewish made her and her friends really awkward around me. and she looked a bit offended.
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Tbh user, I'd probably react like that too. Quite bad for diplomacy, surely.

it got really quiet after that.

God damn kike, you do understand that human genetics are super easily manipulated by their society. Contrary to what your Frankfurt tier tabula rasa skeptics tell you, human genetics is a reality, and it is very heavily influenced by their society. Now look at the jews, who lived in small xenophobic enclaves of authoritarian rabbis who selected for hyper linguistically talented and crafty jews. They also rarely mixed with goyim, whoring out their women once in a while to bring new genes but that’s it. So this pack of rats sat in their pits for hundreds of years breeding literal rat men infiltrators and you want to say that they’re white? Just look at Jewish genetic diseases for proof of what I am saying.

Alt-kike faggots like you need to die.


If you have to use two posts to get it all out that should tell you something, you goddamn nu-Holla Forums dipshit.


I have no idea why you think I disagree with you. But at the end of the day I'd rather live in Israel than Nigeria.

These are almost unreadable. Also it's not FST, it's just PCA, and I think my graphs are fine at that.

Cliff's notes are for kikes and niggers


Remove the Holla Forums mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?


Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

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White Networking

White Nationalists are the cause of "White Genocide".

This seems like a good place to post this story about how a bunch of orthodox jews in England attacked a meter maid and swore he tried to kill them with his motorcycle all to get out of a parking ticket. The police actually believed them and arrested the meter maid. He was only saved from prison due to there being a recording.


how hard is it to stop reading when you've had enough?

you really think americans can't benefit from equations formulated in other countries?

Yeah exept for the Norwegian immigrants. What subversive commie mafia Norwegian-Americans are known?

But no achievements!

How about German immigrants?

Of course they won't allow comments

That's not how the numbers work. We don't know the actual crime number and for what you're saying to be true, the total criminals in Jew York would have to be equal to the entire population of the city, and by the logic of 64% of kikes being criminals, the gentiles would have a 112% crime rate which is only possible if people outside are coming to the city to fuck shit up and inflate the numbers.

The real shocker is that they admit that an entire quarter of a US city was filled with these rats for a good part of the last century. Also, this is the total crime rate which includes niggers nigging. I wonder how the white collar, mob type crimes, and rape/pedophilia look in Jew York at the time period? I'm willing to bet its upwards of two thirds of them being kikes.

TFW I'm basically an Early European Farmer

Iranian? Not so much.

The others? IQ.

The fact that everyone can reliably tell a Jew from a white is proof enough that they aren't white. Are they mongrels? Yes. Are they white? Not at fucking all.

They are not white in looks.
They are not white in behavior.
They are not white in attitude.
They are not white by choice.
They are not white by genetics.
They are not white.

You'd be killed either way. Who am I kidding? You're a kike. Israel would be fine for you.

if they're from Sicily they're niggers. if not, then they're definitely white.

Criminally Unchecked

Checked / Kek'd

You people are retarded. It said they commit 16% of the crime. NOT that 16% of them are criminals, which would be absurdly high. Instead they were about half as likely to commit a crime as the general population (or rather get caught.)

hurr durr diversity is our strength !!!!!11!!1

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