I know it's Vice… But… Scientists found a frozen piece of WOOLEYMAMMOTH trunk back in 2013, frozen, in the permafrost. They intend to use the DNA from this find to GeoEngineer a WOOLEYMAMMOTH. We're about to have living breathing prehistoric creatures walking among us in Siberia within a few years time.. Due to permafrost thawing..

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Old news but interesting nonetheless.

Im wondering though, how will they breed mammoths if ones DNA is only extracted?

use an elephant egg maybe

Also it is now possible to engineer embryonic stem cells from regular stem cells, at least in humans.

Surely, there will be no long term consequences of bringing back long-extinct species :^)

Same way they give tomatoes the ability to endure frost. Take the traits they specifically Want from the DNA of mammoth and cross it with an elephant…

Please link the paper.


I mean as long as they are reintroduced into an environment just like where they lived, like lets say northern Canada or Alaska, there shouldn't be any problems.

You have to go back

The plan is to have them roam the Siberian plains. They will graze on the grass exposing the topsoil making it easier for the permafrost to stay cool. The problem is when it melts it creates methane in mass quantities and causes sinkholes


Why do people allow these things to live?

Why do people allow these things to live?


Why did you feel the need to post the same thing twice?

Why did you feel the need to post the same thing twice?

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I kinda want these introduced in North America. We don't have enough megafauna for my liking.

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They don't make good wall trophies.

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I'd assume it tasted like shit because it was petrified for tens of thousands of years.

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They make great tree decorations, though.